Thursday, December 08, 2022

"The Next Stage of The Great Incest is Upon Us as The Dark Serpents make The Land of Atavistia Tremble in Situ."

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They're going for a big squeeze this winter. They've been pressing with ever-greater intensity since they orchestrated 9/11. COVID... another fabrication... was dunned up for a further intensification, and then... to introduce The Killer Vaccines. The Killer Vaccines are now in a competition... with all previous historical accounts... with the intention of becoming the biggest mass murder event of all time. They are hot on the way to bypassing their previous record-holding numbers... in the murders of tens of millions in Soviet Russia.

The next stage of The Great Incest is upon us as The Dark Serpents make The Land of Atavistia Tremble in Situ around The World. They come into The Hive Mind like a poisonous cloud.... dancing the unholy dark fire of legendary perversions... into town and country everywhere. Where they are not immediately present, they are electronically present.

We always knew The Land Down Under was in for it because it was the... mind's-eye... bolthole... for all freedom lovers when Push and Shove came into town on The Depravity Train. It was the place we all thought we would run off to when it got unlivable where we were. I dreamed of Otago Forest many times. Technically, I guess only Australia is The Land Down under, but... for the sake of literary economy... we'll consolidate.

It seems that The Land Down Under is now really down under. The heads of state are persecuting Christians and elevating the Muslim culture because of the way the mean old Christians are discriminating against the LGBTQAD-NAUSEUM collective. It's common knowledge that fundie Islam is many... many... many... many... many times more opposed... and violently so... to the sexual low-kinks crowd. IT MAKES NO SENSE, and... it's not supposed to.

I've nothing against Christians or Muslims. I have studied in both faiths. I studied Islam because Sufism is a genuine path to The Kingdom of God. I got that directly from a representative of the same. I cannot say the same about the fundamentalist churches of either one. I stay away from Cash Register Religions.

Here's the thing, Evil has always been around. Most of the time it is kept in check... confined to certain sections of town... monitored and controlled, and The Good Angels act as a sanitation service, and also keep their eyes open for souls ready to migrate toward a better state of being... by learning how to act like a better person. Now though... uh-huh... Evil is trying to organize in a wide alliance... the whole sexual perversity thing is supposed to act as a unifier of uncommon interests.

They intend for something REALLY big and a greased-skid to absolute control, in... the... near... term. In other words, they want to play God. Now... this might actually be possible for them to pull off if... as they maintain... there is no God OR... as the case may be for some of them; maybe there is a God but he is cold and distant and doesn't much care what goes on down here. Neither of these are true. God is VERY... DEFINITELY... REAL.

God-intending souls are guided and led by the higher angels of their own nature. It is all one but it is woven into a mosaic... paisley prints of complementary colors moving from shade to shade... from light to brighter... living colors that are the mood of the location. There is an emotional weather climate and you have a great deal to do with the weather than comes to you.

The look of The World as it is portrayed in today's news is grim indeed... at every level; in the local sense, and at a wider reach. The Idea... according to those seeking to manipulate our perception of reality... is to get us to be complicit in the future they are trying to shape for us. Despite appearances... Evil has no power to act any more than Good does without permission to do so. I don't care what it looks like to you. Believe what you like. I KNOW that God is in The Driver's Seat, just as I know that I am also in the car.

I have no reason to want to be here. This... the appearances of the moment... are not my cup of tea. I PREFER... in a big way... to be where everything is music. Fortunately... I can also do that here, BUT... it takes focus, heh-heh. HOWEVER... I am here... sort of... AND... if I am here... I am here for a reason. Now... whether I know... exactly and comprehensively why... why I am here is not the deeper issue. Whatever my reason is... for being here... and your reason is... for being here, that is not the big concern. The big concern is how we carry ourselves, whatever... the... circumstances.

People go from bad to good all the time. People also go from good to bad too... all the time. If you are wondering how it got so colossally screwed up, it's not just The Evil Genii or The Usual Suspects. It's not exclusively this or that entirely. It is also The Generations that have shown up in these times, with their characteristic... collective interests... agendas... virtues... and flaws.

A movie... a book... they all have characters and all of the characters are involved in the plot... the storyline. There are various wind-ups... false trails... climaxes... anticlimaxes... denouements and morals present or lacking. The stories of yesterday are not the stories of today, and yet... they are.

Despite what anyone may be telling you, no one knows what's going to happen... when or where... good or bad. These are variables that will be specific to the personalities that dialed them up. However... you... look... at... it, you are on The Playing Fields of Mortality until that changes... and THAT doesn't happen very often here, so... you are on borrowed time.

Now... it could be that you are indeed already immortal, BUT... if you don't know that as... a... living... presence... you will continue to forget having been here again... and again... and again. There are deeper issues at work in life but they do not interest many people. Often... those who give the impression of looking the hardest are looking in all the wrong directions. As long as you are looking for the key or the answer in outer realms, you... will... be... going... the... wrong... way.

The indications on The Virtual Telegraph are not good unless bad is your preferred outcome; keeping in mind that Good and Bad are relative and subjective. We've got a whole lot of retarded Crowleyites running around believing that Magic is anything they say it is. Even if that were true, what... is... your... point? Yeah... you can force your will on The World for a time. Plenty of people have done so. I don't know where they are now, but I've read about their efforts.

You can force your will on The World for a time, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. That includes everything you think... and say, and do... anyway... from the git-go. It is what is happening right now, no matter where you are this moment or where you will be tomorrow. You are living in The Purpose of Demonstration ALL... THE... TIME! You can change The Demonstration. You can even change the purpose of it. That's all a matter of personal choice.

Everything that is twisted and screwed up here is due to The Personality. Everything undesirable comes out of The Personality. In some few cases... (we are hoping for more in times to come...) there are those who have learned to step aside and allow The Impersonal Self to express THROUGH The Personality. The Impersonal Self controls all personalities... whether they like it or not. I won't have anything further to say about that... at the moment.

Just what is it that steps aside to let The Impersonal Self flow through The Personality? Oh right, I wasn't going to talk anymore about that.

The World is trembling in the imminence of great change. While everyone is looking outward toward what is happening at a distance and in the near field, they are missing what is taking place on The Inside. It is on The Inside that The Outside depends. What is controlling everything is on The Inside. It has been on The Inside since this all first began. Because it is present and REAL, you can make contact. I know this for a fact.

There seems to be a great deal to worry about, and more of it every day. In many cases there is a great deal to worry about depending on one's focus. On the other hand... there is nothing at all to worry about depending on whose hands you leave the matter in.

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Visible said...

I am sorry to hear about that. A few years ago, I had several years of physical misfortunes; much of it my fault. It's all clear sailing now (for the moment (grin)). Of course, I am sailing much more attentively these days as well. May it be so for you. I know how bad back problems can be, not from my own experience but from others around me.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actually, there's a lot of good news if you know where to look. BlackRock and Vanguard are broke, the banking system and their 4 quadrillion derivatives are gonna die, lot's of stories on this era goin' out and it's gonna be messy. But hey. Lower rent and less traffic afterward. Fewer idiots, too; and the weirdest thing happened of late, and I have nothing to do with it.

Carthage, NC was the first hit in Moore County with the shot transformers, and my 'incubator' who I really can't stand is living there at the expense of her latest host who as far as I know is about 87. Think he was workin' in real estate. Don't know if he's retired, but probably gets a nice pension from the Air Force, too; having been an officer. Lieutenant Colonel last I heard, but that was 40 years ago. I cut them off that long ago. Just so weird. I wouldn't wanna take a whole county down for one bitch to the nth degree, but I still had to laugh. Wonder if it was a sign?

If I'm still un-nuked in January or what ever, I will find out. Me thinks the next 3-6 months are gonna be a ride of a lifetime from what I've been reading and listening to. I'm a crappy prognosticator.

Anonymous said...

My wishful thinking fantasy for the day.
Russia releases marine Paul Whelen with a message saying we are releasing this man to show you what a fool you have running your country. We offered the fool a prisoner swap and he opted for the release a druggie, black, tranny,American hating person instead of a (real) man who actually loved and served his country. We are doing this to show the American people that your own regime is betraying you. Your own regime is trying to sabotage your country and giving you the middle finger in broad daylight. We are glad they are committing suicide , its to our benefit, but we could not resist the opportunity to show you how utterly absurd your government has become. So here is Whelan along with our compliments showing you what a piece of shit your president is. Merry Christmas America. LOL

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Sun is A Constant and Living Example of What We Might Become IF... We... Turn... Our Hearts and Mind to It."

Eurasian United War Union said...

CERN is in Switzerland like Davos.
In New Zealand, the minister prime, that's a man baby!
Australia was gone when they fell for the false flags but there is an outback.
Merlin is still in the Land Of Dreams and the Lady of the Lake has the SWORD.
A tip of the hat to all those authors who sat in with the Fabian Socialists and had a twinge of conscience.

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell."

Aldous Huxley



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