Tuesday, December 13, 2022

"You Have Heard that Sunlight is The Best Disinfectant? The Sun Will Spiritually Purify You, IF... You... Let... It."

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Mini-Madoff; 'Sleazy' Make-Bank Fraud was arrested in The Bahamas, home of Funny Money International... yesterday... breaking all the traditional mores that USUALLY take a few months to get to The Action Zone. He was going to testify (virtually- I think) before Congress TODAY, so... those about to be implicated in this hog-squeal scene out of Deliverance, went to their rental cops at The Department of W.T.F. is Justice and they put their inside guy in small-boy-pants on ice... for the time being.

In another part of town, there's this guy with the most money in The World; except for The Rothschilds and Sundry... whose fortunes are on The QT. He's got The Midas Touch. USUALLY... when someone is playing both sides of The Street, they are trying to stay ahead of The Curve, around-the-bend of which... anything... AND... who knows what else... can happen... It is there... out of sight because of the curve... where they generally tangle... in order to shift appearances in a Three-Card-Monte kinda way.

He's making himself look like a hero. The question remains, is... he... a... hero? Can he escape the blame that is soon to be heaped upon his fellows? Is that the idea from the giddy-up?

That's the general... usual way of it. Like people changing costumes off-stage to fit the necessities of the scene to come... after which they change their outfits again. I... don't... know... what Elon Musk is up to, BUT... I do know a little about all his trans-humanist sci-fi. He likes wearing that shirt that says... Occupy Mars, BUT... it probably oughta say, Occupy The Human Mind... through an electronically manipulated brain.

In another part of town... there is this guy who was President of The United States, and who got evicted from his post via election fraud. I don't know if Make-Bank Fraud-Boy was doing a black money thing with that election too OR... whether it was mostly Schmuckerberg and Soros, which sounds like a law firm in Hell. I do know that it is eerie how nearly all of the big players come out of the same demon-graphic OR... marry into it.

This former president did a lot of good things, which motivated The Deep State, that PRIMARILY only does bad and worse things, to elbow him out of the way. HOWEVER... there is the matter of The Killer Vaccines... which he was involved with promoting (and taking credit for)... due to the fabricated COVID Scamdemic. I can grant leeway as far as his ignorance might have affected his perspective. I can grant no leeway as far as his still not knowing that these are instruments of monstrous genocide.

On the other hand... The World's richest man is now going to expose Dr. Falsie, AND... who knows what is going to come out of that?

I don't know the truth... the deep truth... about these temporary-in-passing vaudeville acts. I don't know if those are actual pig bladders they are using or if it's something darker. I ONLY know what appearances AND The Intuition tell me. Sometimes appearances are not a lie... BUT, are... instead... road signs on how to get to where they make the shit that flows downhill.

What I do know is that one scene follows another to a specific end that is not always telegraphed in advance. It's probably best to talk to the backstage seamstress. She is the one who sews identifiers into the labels... inside the costumes worn by the players. They say, “Good”... “Evil”... or “Indeterminate.”

I suppose this is meant to indicate that the roles performed by different players are all temporary and that when they take off the costumes... the identifiers no longer apply... until they show up cattle-calling for the same role again. That's not going to satisfy the millions who are out for revenge against those who got their revenge the last time. Everyone gets their cup of blood if they insist on it.

The ground is freezing in Ukraine. Soon... the tanks and other artillery, along with the infantry... are going to be assembling and driving across the whole of the country, leaving a parking lot in their wake. It didn't have to happen this way. They insisted on it. Mostly... everyone gets what they have insisted on. The problem with that... is the changes that occur... between their wanting and their getting... which... affects the desirability of what they wanted. Also... they didn't know what it was that they wanted in the first place.

Everything in the human phase, and everything below the human phase... that is affected by The Human Phase ARE... IS... the fruits of bad parenting. The transmission of flaws through the generational process is an observable-given. In times of Material Darkness... the parenting gets worse and worse according to the relative intensity... of the resident force of Materialism.

We were taught wrong things, and also the tactics of wrong thinking. We pass it on to our offspring... who pass it on to their offspring, and so on... and so on. I was born with innate characteristics passed on by my physical parents. Fortunately for me... I got new parents OR... I had them all the time. It doesn't matter to me which it is, only that it is.

The beauty of finding your real parents is that you get to free the previous generations, the ancestors that preceded you... and who stuck you with all their bad programming.

The Sun is my father and The Moon is my mother or had been... unbeknownst to me... until now. If you're not coming back, that's it... as The Moon goes, BUT... The Way of The Moon is pretty much Pro-Forma in The World of Form... on The Plane of Materialization, through the process of coming and going... here.

In order for The Sun to EFFECTIVELY be your parent, you MUST assume the posture of an unknowing child, and be emptied of false information. If you don't, the information that is then transmitted from The Sun will... not... be... properly... processed.

I had to overcome the vices and weaknesses of my physical parents, AND... that was no easy task. It is not easy for the most of us. I would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of my invisible friends, who burned up my garbage with celestial fire... also known as Kundalini, and... also known as The Fire of Heaven... most-excellently exemplified by The Sun.

You have heard that sunlight is the greatest disinfectant? The Sun will... spiritually... purify you, IF you know how to permit it. In Islam... they have this terribly misunderstood term called Jihad. Once again, this is probably an invention of The Priest-Class, along with pederasty in some cases, usury in some cases, and other less than delightful things; ♫ these are a few of our ugliest things ♫ Jihad... IN REALITY... is the process of having that spiritual fire cleanse us WITHIN. It is not about slaughtering unbelievers and converting them by the sword externally... OR worse.

Bad parenting is the origin of lifetimes of misery. Right-this-minute, Social Media is trying to play Mommy and Daddy in the minds of those in the state of terminally-arrested-development. You cannot learn something if you have already accepted a meaning for it, that blocks the truth of it from appearing in your mind, BUT... that's what The Awakening is all about. Those who are relentlessly seeking to manipulate humanity know ahead of time... in the short term... what is coming. They knew about The Awakening and that is why they came up with Woke.

They know that the scales are being adjusted. They know that the hammer is going to come down, BUT... they ONLY believe in what they can see... and even what they see... they are seeing wrong. They plot and scheme for generations to bring about the conditions they seek, which is the enforced servitude of all who survive their holocausts, BUT... they... do... not... see... The Glorious Light of God which knits together ALL time and events into The Purpose of Demonstration for HIS... OWN... ENTERTAINMENT.

If you don't get with the program, you are the food of the giant who grinds your bones to make his bread. I prefer another outcome. Each of us is given ample time to make our choices. It's probably a good idea to get it right in the first place. Even if you don't, I can assure you that further opportunities to get... it... right... do appear.

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Anonymous said...

I think I am finally speechless!!!! The human rights commissioner in MA is in need of an exorcist. I am NOT saying this in jest. Where does all that hatred come from and what must it be like to be consumed in that fiery hell in your mind? God help her and I mean it.
The links are mind blowing. How did we get here? Things are happening so fast now I cannot keep up . With the twitter dumps happening I actually forgot about mini Madoff. I guess the mind can only absorb so much craziness each day. Anyway mini M in jail. But of course we all know what a set up that is. EVERYONE knows but the PTB do it any way . A big Fork You to everyone. I don't know if there will be a big enough awakening for the people to finally take a meaningful and course changing stand. I can only pray it will be so.
Thanks for your insightful posts in an insane world. I look forward to reading them. They give me a kind of balance in this topsy turvy world.
PEACE to you and all who come here.

Visible said...

Feel free. Useful information is useful information.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I trust both trump and musk about as much I trust I can throw the building I live in.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Beware My Friends of Seeking Truth. You May Not Like What You find Out About The World and About Yourself."

M - said...

If I have mentioned this before, please forgive my repetition. I get an extremely visceral reaction from Musk - not a good one. I trust my instinct. He's nothing more than another Narcissistic Sociopath. Period.

Visible said...

I think an argument could be made that he is the anti-Christ. I'm not saying he is, but I expect whoever is to also be urbane... and charming... and appear to be on the right side of the issues. Then again... this is not my department and whoever may be the anti-Christ will have no effect on me, regardless. I don't concern myself with shadows. They only work where people believe in them OR... want... something... from... them. In these times of Material Blindness there is a great deal of both.

I learn a lot about a man by the kind of women he associates with, and vice versa the other way round. Yes... Jesus was accepting of all, BUT he had strong commentary in certain cases and called them for what they were.



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