Wednesday, December 21, 2022

"Today is The Christmas that We Celebrate on The 25th. It is The Birth of The Sun King... into Another Year of Seasons."

Oh my... Oh my... Oh my... It's a play about cultural implosion... the frightening speed it can reach... falling off a cliff at 32 feet per second... per second... until some limit is reached. I suspect there are few survivors when it reaches maximum velocity. For many people... it is not the fall that kills them... nor the sudden stop... it is the sucking undertow that a large ship of state can create when it goes down into the darkness of its own iniquity. All the lampreys and barnacles... even the people frantically trying to swim beyond the reach of their former reality are... going... under... too.

It's a strange dance now. I am seldom amused by what the media fashions into the news. I tire of it quickly. Surely there are more important things I could be doing instead of watching time-lapse dry rot; and then it just crumbled away... Honestly, I was standing right there and it got more and more transparent... gossamer really... then it dissolved like cobwebs or... morning dew. It was like brushing moonbeams from my eyes and then The Moon was gone.

It fascinates me. They move in collectives of hundreds... and thousands... and hundreds of thousands... and millions... like ants... like schools of fish... they make those faces just like the fish do behind the glass of the aquarium. Sometimes they are tuna and sometimes they are piranha... sometimes they are army ants. You need to be able to see that one coming. People should really pay more attention than they do. It can be the difference between life and death. If you're not paying attention, you're dreaming.

Because The World is falling into disorder... there is a mad scramble for control. Because people are losing control of themselves, the two sides of their nature are fighting. These... the clinically insane... will go to ANY length to see their ambitions materialize. God and The Lords of Destiny... also known as The Lords of Karma... all 24 of them... are happy to accommodate you, For The Purpose of Demonstration.

Have you ever been in a construction zone; a big construction zone where there are many workers scurrying around or engaged in their tasks? There is noise and dust all over sometimes. Clanging and banging. You can picture it. I've been in such places, and... I can tell you... you need to pay attention OR you can get hurt. This same rule applies when The World is in transition.

Of course... if it's your karma then it is your karma, but... you don't have to tempt the fates. They... also... are happy to accommodate you. On the other hand, I could say, “I know when I'm not wanted,” and I have no problem shaking the dust of that city from my sandals. Well... this could apply to anything really... anything at all.

Paying attention does not mean only what you see coming and going around you. It has to do with your inner life... provided you have one. It depends on whether you can hear internally... so that you can take action if need be. Then you can... also... more fully understand what is going on outside you. If you buy into appearances... you are a partner in your own deception. At the same time, you don't go hunting bears in the wilderness without a weapon. Davy Crockett might could do this but... he was another man in another time, and he still had a knife... even if the song says he was only 3 years old.

Whatever is behind the killings in Moscow, Idaho, it is either the government or a new and improved serial killer who is going to hit somewhere else soon, in... either... case. I will give you a scientific perspective on the matter. I have mentioned this before=

When The Avatar descends into manifestation, he clears the subtler planes above this one and drives all darkness down and into form, for the purpose of Judgment. This is what Heaven does about what is said in scripture; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

High places mean... The Buddhic Plane... The Causal Plane... The Mental Plane... The Astral Plane; upper and lower. These are all above The Physical Plane. Evil begins in The Mind. What inspires that evil? It's part of that 'as above, so below' thing.

The Avatar drives all the forces and entities of darkness out of their hidey-holes and box canyons. They wind up here. This accounts for the enormous wave of people gone mad under the lash of Materialism, in these times. They are possessed by the spirits of their lower nature. In Times of Material Darkness, this becomes common. They devolve into Babylon, which is... not just a town... once... somewhere... long ago. It is a state of consciousness where The Carnal Mind preempts the higher reasoning abilities.

This is all part of The Process. The cosmic construction workers ride into a place and they begin constructing it. When it is finished... it operates for a period of time until the purpose of its creation is fulfilled. Then... another construction gang comes in and tears the whole thing down. It might not look like that. It might... instead... look like revolution... or nuclear war... or an earthquake... or a tsunami; we've been getting warnings about Lady Nature putting on her flamenco clothes for a while now. Sooner or later.

Today is The Christmas that we celebrate on the 25th. It is the birth of The Sun King into another year of seasons. When Christ said, “this is my body and this is my blood.” It meant that his spirit picked up the tab for the entire age. He is The Life that lives in us for the extent of the age. A new statement on that account is soon to be made and it will happen all over again, BUT... differently... because The Age of Pisces represents... Sacrifice, and The Age of Aquarius represents... Brotherhood.

Daily... I am stunned by what I see, and the levels of depravity that The World has fallen into. Some force... some inexplicable force... is holding everyone and everything in place. It is... another form of... controlled demolition. How is Europe managing the loss of Russian fuel? Any day now, the provocation that jump-starts The War is going to take place. Only The Grace of God can impede it.

The ILLEGITIMATE... US... government is soliciting migrants from around The World to flock to the southern border. The cartels have a drug railroad that runs through the entire country. The Chinese government is manufacturing tons of Fentanyl at a very... attractive... price, and flooding America with it, and it has the tacit approval of the ILLEGITIMATE... US... government.

The ILLEGITIMATE government is intentionally aligned with the destroyers of the country. Meanwhile... everyone stands around and watches. Sooner or later... “thar she blows!”

Between Fentanyl... and The Killer Vaccines... and all the rest of it... the outlook... according to appearances... is not good. Throw in bad diet... little exercise... except for sexual push-ups, and all the rest of the suicidal- lifestyle- patterns- and- trends; no... it doesn't look good.

My mood is excellent! It's probably the dozens of sunlight cocktails I have every day, and... as I look out my window... THE BAR IS OPEN! The bar is open all day long,, and I can drink until the cows come home... even if they never do, and... all... that... happens... is... I fall more and more deeply in love with the bartender who has the face of an angel. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but even in a cross-eyed myopia, I can see the radiance and splendor overflow the sky. It is not amazing to me that I can see this. What amazes me is that so many others cannot.

I think a switch needs to be thrown because I never had these experiences when psychedelics were not involved. Now I can. The states of consciousness that psychedelics provide is part of a greater bandwidth. It's always been there. We just didn't see it because of MATERIALISM. Yogis and mystics have long known about stimulating centers through internal action.

Heaven is a massive landscape... filled with toys that do not break. Heaven is something you carry with you wherever you go; the same as Hell. In Times of Material Darkness, a greater percentage of us travel like Hermit crabs... with stolen and ill-fitting shells. Our prison cell contains us wherever we are, if... we... are... so... disposed. Either you are a captive of The Darkness or you are a dancer in The Light. You would know.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, listening to the inner voice does come in handy. Me and my psychic twin needed a word that went beyond the meaning of the term 'infuriated', and something came to me. Schnizzled. The extremest version of anger one can feel. And now that I put it, here, will it be in the next rendition of Merriam-Webster or Cambridge, or Oxford???

Another excellent post on the place I wish to leave behind. Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

your posts keep me going. thank you so much. i was up at the central coast in SLO where i was needed for awhile and all i can say is thank you for your amazing clarity which helps all who read you.

Kazz said...

Vis ~ Today is The Christmas that we celebrate on the 25th. It is the birth of The Sun King into another year of seasons. When Christ said, “this is my body and this is my blood.”'

'"Jesus was the name of the man and it was the only appropriate name for this kind of a man. The word means Saviour, and Jesus was in more senses than one a saviour.

The word Christ means "the anointed one," and then it is an official title. It means, The Master of Love. When we say "Jesus the Christ" we refer to the man and to his office; just as we do when we say Edward, the King, or Lincoln, the President. Edward was not always King, and Lincoln was not always President, and Jesus was not always Christ. Jesus won his Christship by a strenuous life, and in the Aquarian Gospel, chapter 65, we have a record of the events of his christing, or receiving the degree Christ. Here is where he was coronated by the highest earth authorities as the Christ-King; properly speaking, 'The Master of Love'; and after this was done he entered at once upon his Judean and Galilean ministry.

"We recognise the facts that Jesus was man and that Christ was God, so that in very truth Jesus the Christ was the God-man of the ages."

The Nazarene's Testimony. Jesus himself made the matter clear. Once when he was speaking to a congregation in Bethany the people called him King and he stood forth and said:

"'I am not sent to sit upon a throne to rule as Cæsar rules; and you may tell the ruler of the Jews that I am not a claimant for his throne.

"'Men call me Christ, and God has recognised the name; but Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal Love, and Love is King.

"'This Jesus is but man who has been fitted by temptations overcome, by trials multiform, to be the temple through which the Christ can manifest to men.

"'Then hear, you men of Israel, hear I Look not upon the flesh; it is not king. Look to the Christ within who shall be formed in every one of you, as he is formed in me.

"'When you have purified your hearts by faith, the king will enter in and you will see his face.'"--Aquarian Gospel 68:10-14.
p. 10

Surely this question has been answered. Jesus was man; Christ was Divine Love-the Love of God, and after thirty years of strenuous life the man had made his body fit to be the temple of the holy breath and Love took full possession, and John well said when he declared:

"'And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.’"

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Radiance and splendor that fills the sky... that's how I would feel last year when I would sit in the sun for at least an hour a day and looking up at the sky, it would feel like the whole world became a heaven, radiance and splendor.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Merry Christmas Viz!! Abundant blessings!

brian boru said...

Happy Christmas to you and all the best for the New Year. Someone just told me that Mr Burke is to be released before Christmas, although I can't confirm it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Without It... The Experience is Empty OR Lacking Somehow. Hell is The Absence of Love and The Cathedral of Fear."

Anonymous said...

pierre said
foreword: I don't know.
The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus
a good book, from a journo forensic perspective
then again I found him falling the new Litmus Test, promoting covid and the jab.

and then again again, direct connection is the real proof. ( caveat, I don't have, unless I do)

another good read
or worst still, ignored completely - Fulton J Sheen read out a poem about that one, jesus 2 on the sidewalk totally ignored Monty Python whistler/shaw skit, only once thing worse than being crucified... and that is not being crucified... very witty.

best description in detail I have come across how The Usualy Suspect (I suspect ) Illuminati get their dupes and slaves into the ropeathon.
starting half way on the Illuninism chapters
got thru another great book E Michael Jones (Catholic or bust , to which I am increasingly inclining) The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.
yes I heard you, cat stevens/yusaf islam's I wish, I wish, sometimes I think I just don't know enough... still as a hobby, keeps me out of too much trouble.. trouble, trouble (another of his songs)..

Mary(sic) Christmas Vis, I lurk therefore I appreciate.

TotoFromOz said...

"All the lampreys and barnacles... even the people frantically trying to swim beyond the reach of their former reality are... going... under... too."...what a magnificent way to describe it. Your way of saying stuff, along with your clear channel to the Ineffable, is what's constantly brought & keeps me around for something like 12...15 years now.

TotoFromOz said... he goes again..."My mood is excellent! It's probably the dozens of sunlight cocktails I have every day, and... as I look out my window... THE BAR IS OPEN!" Good stuff Viz & Merry Christmas to you :)



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