Sunday, January 08, 2023

"Does Your Altar Shine with Love and Radiate upon You when You Stand Before It, AND... When You Don't? Mine Does."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Mel Gibson is making a movie about The Rothschilds. It seems like his version of Suicide by Cop is Suicide by Banker. I guess he knows what he's doing. He recently went on about Adrenochrome... Satanic Child Sacrifice, and Hollywood being deep in the darkness of spiritual iniquity. Apocalypto was one of the finest films I ever saw. He's had his run-ins with The Controllers... just like Marlon Brando... Howard Hughes... Charles Lindbergh... Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and... considerable others.

I must... once again... mention Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. They are the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of archetypes dancing profound change into manifestation. Their medium of expression is The Purpose of Demonstration, AND you will be seeing it in progress, as you already do... unless you are blind... terminally stupid, or... part of the problem that is irreversibly being uncovered... and revealed to the Hive Mind as it is shaken from its slumbers.

When the Buffalo Bills football player went down from The Killer Vaccine, in front of tens of millions of fans watching the game on Monday Night Football AND... one of the biggest games of the year, it was a watershed moment in human history.. a tandem dance move between Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening, directed at the hive mindset... AND CERTAIN TO TREMBLE the spider's web of collective dreaming like nothing previous has done. It was an in-your-face statement from The Cosmos.

HE... GOT... THE BOOSTER... ON... DECEMBER 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Lord... we are on the precipice of irrevocable change... soon... nothing will be like it was. As the revealing intensifies... and awakening becomes more and more insistent... there will be nowhere to hide from what you can't unsee. Truth is about to rock your world.

All of my remaining business is with The Sun. The Sun is my daily altar before which I sit and receive The Living Gospel from The Book of Nature. It's in audio-book format that accompanies all the visual prompts that illustrate what can't be said.

The majority of The World lives in a state of perpetual resistance to The Truth. HOWEVER... if you can put aside all resistance and cease to be a hindrance to the cosmic-living-light of The Sun, radiating into the classroom of existence, you might learn a thing or two. The Sun is broadcasting a timeless spiritual message all day long. Bright and shining... obscured by clouds... the message does not change. I am taking courses in this hall of learning where... the single subject... is Ageless Wisdom.

Anyone can talk to God, but... there are protocols in place that cannot be ignored, if... you wish to succeed from your end of the conversation. For decades in this life, I spoke to God. It was a regular thing. Sometimes I screamed at him. Sometimes I was very angry because my wrath had commingled with Stupidity and produced the predictable results. Those days are long... gone... by.

It took many decades... in this life... of speaking to Heaven with no direct response... to get answered back, in... real... time... unless I took some psychedelic, which is why I also took them for decades. Then... a handful of years ago, God appeared in my mind and said... “I'm here. It isn't even winter yet and I'm here.” He was referencing the Yogananda quote that I often use; “If you don't look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

I realize I repeat myself... on purpose.

Probably... by heavenly intent, I was caused to forget it and he went on to explain it to me. After that... from then on... it became an occasional back-and-forth conversation. As more time passed, it happened more often, and now... it is on tap at all times. You have to persist. You must persist until you succeed or... you... will... not... succeed.

Of course... when I say God, I am speaking of one of his step-down transformers; an angel... perhaps... or a member of The Initiatic Brotherhood. It is still God. The angels and elder brothers are all unobstructed mediums for The Divine. If you cloud the issue, The Devil appears. That which dances in the shadows cannot do so in The Light.

Recently... the medium being used by the ineffable was speaking with me, and I mentioned that I hadn't ever really been into any of the carnal attractions, jumping up on all sides... as if they were The Attraction... and they are not, and God said, “I know that is not why you came to me or else I'd have given it to you and you might still be there.”

Yikes! He does that a lot now... comes back at me with razor-sharp statements... filled with implications... that radiate out exponentially from the point that was made... like an echo that won't go away... Or... something drenched in the irony of the human comedy that pierces me with laughter. Heaven is like Disneyland for the soul.

God's sense of humor is not for everyone. Many would not understand why he finds certain things to be funny. For him, it's like watching the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy. Once you get to a certain level of detachment... you will be laughing too.

You get to Heaven simply by going about as if you were present there and behaving as a citizen of Heaven must behave OR... you will walk yourself right out of there. You also get there through an accumulation of selfless acts... realizations brought about by proper meditation... the relentless maintenance of a Love awareness... the acquisition of Wisdom or... the whim of God, who does whatever he wants, whenever he/she/it feels like it. Although... the It Presence... only acts through the dynamics of the male and female aspect in The Manifest. Of itself... It is in perpetual stillness.

It's a timeless love affair or it is a permanent room at The Heartbreak Hotel, where you are another restless transient who keeps winding up in the same place... over and over again. Heaven AND Hell are to be found here in infinite demonstration. It is a matter of us finding what we are after. Therefore... true success and liberation can only be found in one pursuit, which brings a clear understanding of... everything... else... into The Mind's Eye.

Most of all... stop wanting.

I sit before the altar of The Sun and the Love of Heaven pours through it... shining on and within me. I come to the altar a dozen or more times a day... and it is always the same... unless it is even better, which is part of the progression toward a perfect and perpetual unity of visceral resonance... and which is the inevitable result of coming to the altar of The Sun... so many times... in each and every day until you awaken The Sun in your own heart and love can shine forth.

There before us; should you happen to be there as well... is the constant, shining evidence of God's Love for us, hiding in plain sight; not really hiding, but certainly... routinely missed... as such... by the minds captured in material darkness... that false light glitter of The Dark Splendor... the beckoning skeletal hand that says, “Hello Sailor!” in the universal language of deceit, with the 'come into my parlor” smile with retractable fangs.

Everything feeds here. Everything feeds on something else. You are consumed by that toward which your passion and hunger is directed. Invisible entities dine on us each day, and also when we sleep. You are the one who determines what consumes you. Do you rotate in a circular course, from life to life in the realms of The Carnal Mind... OR... do you ride the endless spiral of ever more refined locations -and states of being- that celebrate the endless expressions of your giving nature?

Does your altar shine and radiate love upon you whenever you sit or stand before it, AND... even when you don't?

Mine does.

Is your altar the source and sustenance of all life on the planet?

Mine is.

Is your altar a living... conscious... entity?

Mine is.

Is your altar the conduit for The Avatars?

Mine is.

Does your altar radiate Love... warmth... boundless positivity and glorious optimism that nothing can dim?

Mine does.

Is your altar a continuum of Divine Luminous Wisdom?

Mine is.

Does your altar contain the means and method for Immortality and God-Consciousness?

Mine does.

Is your altar free and flowing to all... be they as wicked as demons or as pure as saints?

Mine is.

Is your altar free of all cant and dogmatism, and... is its message eternally simple... ever unchanging, and crystal clear?

Mine is.

We... are... Solar Powered, all of our power to express comes from The Sun. To understand your destination, you... must... understand... your... origin.

God's eye and his mercy be upon you in the coming year and ever after.

End Transmission.......

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Asil said...

So much that you write is brilliant and intuitive, but this was like a dazzling shower of sunlight.
Love always and all the best wishes for 2023.

jamesc said...

Glad you are back. We all missed the daily dose of Sun shine!

Anonymous said...

an 18 year old female MMA fighter just died suddenly. So i went to her Instagram page and asked if her death was because of the vaccines and got 100s of likes and angry replies.

The normie NPCs are really freaking out now.

Oh yea another basketball player just collapsed mid-game too. This is happening daily now, sports players dying in mid-game.

The vaxxed realize subconsciously what is happening and that's why they are desperately trying to ignore and deny it.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see if this young football player ,who got a huge second chance at life is going to come out and speak the truth about what happened to him. He has a chance to become a real hero, and put a hole in the dam. He is either going to do that or keep the Satanist happy. One would think that when something this huge happens to you that it would be the biggest wake up call ever. If this doesnt wake him up nothing will and that would be a heartbreaker not only for him but as far as any hope of others waking up seems grim, I was in the company of a nice woman yesterday, i liked her even after she announced she had 5 shots. Two originals ones and 3 boosters. It was the first time since this started that I felt pity for her and hoped she would be ok. Before that I would have thought she was idiot and deserved what she got so maybe I am on the road to being a better person too, I hope so.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"They Deceive Themselves. They Steal from Themselves; Forget Themselves... They are Adrift in a World of Strangers."

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much dear Les for this wonderful message.
May your new year be Blessed from top to bottom.
Much love.

Galvanic Vestibulator said...

Did the feds swoop in to give the feetsball player some special treatment usually only reserved for apparatchiks?
Two steps forward and several back is how it is working for me on the righteous path.
I know that is no excuse and just because it is hard doesn't mean it shouldn't be tried.
This infantile feminized soft weak neurotic society is going to crash and burn hard by design.
William S. Burroughs said it best regarding not being there when the whole shithouse goes up in flames and I don't care what he did in his personal time behind closed doors.

Visible said...

I saw both versions of Utopia. I liked the UK version far more.

Visible said...

But both of them were deranged and nihilistic; been there... did not do that... got the comic book.



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