Thursday, January 19, 2023

"You... No Doubt... are Wondering How... How Did It All Get Like This So Quickly? Has The World Really Lost its Mind?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It becomes more and more clear that the reason people are drawn into cycles of depraved, sexual behavior... and mindsets of gender confusion, is for one of two reasons. They are Possessed or they want attention. In these times one can achieve near-instant celebrity simply by being outrageous in behavior or appearance. It may not be positive celebrity, and it will... likely... not be lasting celebrity, but... it will be celebrity.

On the one hand, you have the ever-growing presence of Legion and his army of sexually-bent nutjobs. On the other hand, you have those who manipulate media to shape and influence opinion. Let's refer to them as Group A and Group B. A does not create B, but it does lead to B though, so... let's have Group A be the opinion makers... the information generators, and the mind shapers, and Group B will be those who are influenced by Group A.

As a preliminary... why don't I suggest that the reader investigate who owns broadcast media, print media, and social media. Look at who owns and runs the entertainment industry... the film studios and the recording industry. Look at who controls and manipulates the flow of information. Then I suggest you study who owns and operates The Central Banks and The Federal Reserve; oh right! The Federal Reserve is The Central Bank.

Consider that those who control the currency flow also control the economy. Please note that the same demographic owns the majority of the larger banks; it used to be every major bank except Bank of America. That may have changed since I last looked.

These same people are the architects and financiers of all the major sexual organizations worldwide. They are also behind all migration efforts... forced and otherwise. They are behind the election thefts and are also the New Age Pirates of Climate Change. They created and head up The WEF. They own most things... seemingly.

When you can print the money, you can also hand it out to whomever you wish. There is no native altruism in money. It explains how whoever got in control of the engines of commerce did it. The Federal Reserve Act is an empowering document for the enslavement of humanity.

They are behind all of the racial dissension and the bizarre curricula in the colleges and universities. They teach the classes. They manufacture and dispense The Killer Vaccines. By extension... they also control the medical industry, and the state of treatment available. They have taken over the religions of The World in many cases. They are always on the sidelines monitoring and directing the flow of Trends and Patterns to a horrific end time for humanity.

All of what I said... and a great deal more... are EASILY proven by cursory investigation. The more you look... the more you find the same members of Group A. They are also a disproportionate number of the members of Group B, on the sexual end, compared to all the other demographics... all of which are much larger than their own.

Many have wondered how it is that Group A got so much power... there being so few of them. The real answer is to be found on the invisible side of The Helix. Each person born into a particular sex of male or female... into a particular color group... into a particular religion... into a particular country... and to a particular set of parents... once again, either male or female; because outside of a laboratory that is the only way it happens.. each and all of these factors are Karmic subsets.

HOWEVER... there is more to what happens on The Other Side than merely being routed from death to rebirth. Conversations are had. Information is exchanged. The members of Group A asked for the opportunity to do good in The World... to serve their fellows. So... God gave them the means. He gave them the keys to The Material World. They promised to do good with them, AND... SOME... OF... THEM... DID.

HOWEVER... in Times of Material Darkness, the forces of Attraction are greatly intensified and people lose their way. Tikkun Olam turned into Ticklish Onan. They promised to fix what they messed up the last times they were here, and God let them, because... as anyone with insight and a metaphysical grasp of history can see... NOTHING is real and EVERYTHING is permitted. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good but The Truth is SELF-evident.

You... no doubt... are wondering how... how did it all get like this so quickly? Has The World lost its mind? IN EVERY AGE... a World Teacher comes. He is a direct extension of The Ineffable. He comes empowered to specific ends... with specific tasks having to do with righting The World... and restoring it to balance. He always comes when The World has fallen into disorder. He comes to reward the righteous and to punish (and INFORM) the evildoers.

Before he arrives on The Manifest Plane, he sweeps out the higher planes of all malefic entities who have ensconced themselves in hidey-holes... where some of them have been for generations. He deals with the principalities and powers; the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. He drives them before him with his light. He drives them down... and out... into here.

Because so many people have lost their way, due to the snares of Materialism, it is not a difficult feat for these disembodied entities to hijack the deluded and... POSSESS them. It is simple work to awaken and inflame hungers and low desires in them and lead them to destruction.

They may think they are manifest in order to pursue their desires and appetites. They are here for the purpose of Judgment. It doesn't come around in any wide sense... most of the time... except when there are wars and plagues, BUT... it does come at particular moments, to... the... surprise... of... all.

All the videos you see at various locations on the internet... of people losing their minds... trashing the stores... attacking people on the streets... appearing on Tik Tok and other mediums. These are The Possessed. These are animatronic zombies... vaccine-magnetized and manipulated from invisible locations OR... otherwise disabled and refurbished for foul purposes and dark appetites. It is not the person engaged in these activities that is doing it. It is the infernal entity that has hijacked their minds through the lure of their appetites.

Sometimes this is an immediate possession, BUT... most of the time it is a gradual affair, AND... without proper guidance one does not notice the slight veering of their path. Like one who is lost in the woods, they wander in circles. These demonic entities celebrate their perversity... under the guise of diversity, which is basically... Divide and Conquer said differently. They exhort the possessed to take Pride in their behavior... in their obesity... in their depravity... in their clown costumes in search of a singularity of self, THAT... DOES... NOT... EXIST.

Group A serves The God of The World in its temporary and ever-changing splendor. The Chosen among them... feast at The High Table, and do not realize that the table is attended by cobwebbed skeletons, and that the food and drink they are ingesting is not the food and drink they think it is. There will be no joy or satisfaction for them because they have evicted The Supreme Enjoyer.

So... we are in times of spiraling chaos and disorder. It is hard to understand how it got the way it did, with the full support of those elected or appointed to serve us. NOW... The Winds of Change have come and just as quickly... perhaps even more quickly... it could all get turned around again. Usually, this is inspired by some great world catastrophe... either natural or ignorantly engineered. I don't know the details, BUT... a major shift is in process, and... THEY know about it too.

Take note of the abdication of the despotic ruler of New Zealand, in concert with the strange behavior of Soros... Schwab and Gates, as well as many another curious and inexplicable happening. Remember that everything happens first in The Mind... and then finds its way out into action and reaction. Those who imagine they rule The World, mostly take no notice of who it is that rules them. In some cases, they are delighted to have the attention of the one they call Satan... or Lucifer.

For some time they entertained themselves with the idea that they... Group A... rule The World. Now... things are happening inside of them over which they have no control. They are in the on-deck circle for The Purpose of Demonstration AND... demonstrate they will.

They do not realize it is the one and only incomprehensible divine who operates and CONTROLS both sides of the equation. When they are compelled to appear before the highest court, they find that the one they served is now The Prosecuting Attorney who knows all there is to know about them. God is The Devil the way the wicked see him. There is ONLY the one all-powerful source of Light and Life, and Desire is the agency of God's Will.

You are about to see a spectacle indeed, and your perspective will be defined by your level of investment. Keep your eyes open, BUT... more importantly... keep your heart and mind open.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Has the world even had a mind since the arrival of the demiurge? It's been a cess pit as far back as history goes. After all, there's nothing new under the sun, is there? If there is no time, and past/present/future are one (They are on the Otherside. I've experienced it. You can access any moment in the illusion of time on the other side of The Veil.)

I don't do MSM, social media, banks, credit cards, wireless anything, allopathic anything, telly, radio, cinema unless it's an oldie on bitchute or somethin', and I even gave up restaurants. I'm feeding the system as little as possible, and I actually cooked my lunch from scratch today.

People in Bank of America are having their money go away at this time. I was with them for a few months once. They were crap, and the worthless POS I tried to close my account with lied and told me I had to close it at the branch I opened it in. Well, I believed him, and drove across the bridge right away and closed my account in Foster City. I have nothing nice to say about that POS institution, and if you're still with them after all the information on how corrupt they are, I can't say I feel for you when they go down. I'm with a credit union. Not perfect, but I refuse to do business with anything that has 'bank' in it's description. The powers that think they are also have nothing to do with The Holey Order of the Septum. And anything that is owned, can be taken or destroyed. Just ask Scarlett O'Hara. (Never saw it.)

The wrong side of history has so much apparent power because WE GAVE IT TO THEM! WE COMPLIED! Well, most of us; anyway.

I've HAD IT with this place. I'm waitin' for The Gate to open for me so I can leave, and I ain't lookin' back. I'm a Schodinger's Nose. Dead/alive. Dead, pretending to be alive, but as dead to the world as I can be. And these days I have decided when life inconveniences me, I'm going to inconvenience it right back. Yes, I can do that, and most would rather not be there when I do.

If I were a wefer, I would NOT make plans. From what I read (between the lines), all has started to come apart at the seams, and I'm enjoying every nano-second of the entropy of this cesspit. Of 'Imrryr' in analogy. Stormbringer and Elric not needed for its real destruction.


Anonymous said...

It does seem as if one can feel it, the ‘IT” being a spectacle that is about to be seen and felt by everyone. How everyone will react is up for grabs. My advice has always been to make piece with God , Whoever that is to you and let the rest unfold because once it starts there is not a whole lot you can do about it unless you are called to do something. I vacillate between Peacefulness and rage, Happy to say the rage is losing ground as I realize from somewhere deep within that it is the possessed , the demons that are wailing and moaning and somehow that realization gives me a sense of pity for them. Kind of like “forgive them Father , they know not what they do’’. Soon enough a choice is will be given and after that it’s anybody’s guess where the ones who have chosen rightly will end up and where the others will go.
Thank you for the sane and calming words that help keep me on a steady path.

0 said...

Dunno if anyone else enjoyed "The Great Dictator" by Chaplin, but this speech sure seems timely.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"When Mammon Opened The Gates of Babylon... The Carnal Tsunami Flooded The World with Foolish Virgins."

M - said...

"Each person born into a particular sex of male or female... into a particular color group... into a particular religion... into a particular country... and to a particular set of parents... once again, either male or female; because outside of a laboratory that is the only way it happens.. each and all of these factors are Karmic subsets."

I feel blessed. Karma has been gentle with me.



Joseph Brenner

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