Tuesday, January 24, 2023

"If You Want The Gifts of The Spirit... There are Angels Who Will Accommodate You... IF... You Accommodate Them."

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They had the idea of spreading viruses. They worked their way up to creating them... and then they started disseminating them. There were probably earlier test runs but AIDS was their first international hit, which they introduced through a particular demographic. That led to COVID. COVID was only a precursor for The Killer Vaccines and their Eugenics agenda, which was their initial intention. Now it's come full circle to AIDS again only it is a much wider demographic now. That is what's happening to the people who keep taking The Killer Vaccines. They are getting AIDS.

I know it's hard to believe that a certain group of Satanically-inclined psychopaths intend to kill off a significant portion of The World. Those they do not kill... they intend to intimidate into voluntary indentured slavery; a more onerous form of their debt slavery. Hard as it is to believe... it's true. The good news is that this complex scenario ONLY applies to those it applies to. FEAR... is something that sucks you in, if... you... let... it.

In what way does Fear or Worry EVER serve your interests? Both of these are actual entities that consume you the same way fire consumes its fuel, except... in this case, you are the fuel. It pays to respect the potential of dangers that exist in manifest life, BUT... aversion AND attraction are both your mortal enemies... unless they are properly channeled... too many desires breed a multitude of misfortunes and are a sure guarantor of poverty.

It is a SIMPLE technique and I promise you... if you employ it... it WILL deliver. It costs you nothing. It is not part of any seminar or intensive. It is a gift of the spirit, which everlastingly... gives because it... is... its... nature. You must ONLY still The Reactive Mind and open The Heart, and you do this by, what I call, casting out thought. It is very difficult at first. There is a reason for this. It takes care of the dilettantes... debutantes and mirror-junkies, as well as the seminar-four-day intensive fireflies.

I make a brief snort of breath and expel the thought-form. Traffic is trying to fly in all day long. You HAVE TO BE the air-traffic controller. Then you control what comes into your head. Thinking is a force. It can be intensified... if your focus is not all over the place; Materialism tends to cause that.

It is a simple thing, but it requires a relentless focus. You have to want it so badly that failure is not on the menu. Then... and only then... you will have it. When you are able to control the thinking process, which is like taking your dog (monkey) to obedience school... you will be in a position to concentrate on and control the flow of thought toward the certitude of manifestation. You will be a magician with palpable results, instead of a magician who sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails... and mostly winds up doing the doggie paddle to nowhere.

I know some things about magic. At another time it was what I did. I am not fond of magic. There is ONLY one real magician and that is God. My preference is for God to perform and for me to be a spectator. It is a characteristic of mortals to screw up. Screwing up in magic is not the same as screwing up in ordinary life. The repercussions can be horrific... depending on what you are after and what the agreements are with the entity that satisfies the desire.

If you want gifts of The Spirit. There are angels to accommodate you IF... you accommodate them.

There is no greater magic than directing the flow of Higher Love. Let's see if we can find an analogy. Ah... one we have used before. An undisciplined mind is like a flashlight. A disciplined mind is like a laser, and... there are concentrations of laser light accessible; depending on whether you are a tyro or an adept.

On the matter of adepts, there is The Lesser Adept... The Adept... and the Exempt Adept. Although... usually only two of them get mentioned. At every stage of awareness, there is a perspective that attends it. On the road to whatever it is that you imagine you are after... there comes a fork in the road. One direction is for self-interest and the other is for selflessness. You are not really selfless. It is just that your imaginary self gets displaced by your real self. You become a conscious window.

Every tradition has an occult aspect. One is advised to not proceed without a guide. If you study The World around you... if you travel a bit... you can see what happens when one has no guidance besides The Call of The Appetites. You can see what happened when troubled people accept rigid codes of behavior in order to color between the lines. It's for the same reason that the mentally ill study psychiatry.

However... since there is no real sustenance in such desiccated structures, people stray... they live double lives. I do nothing where I care if the whole world sees me. This is because I... and you... and everyone everywhere are ALWAYS under observation. If people had even a remote idea of the unseen audiences they perform in front of, they would be a great deal more careful about what they get up to, and how they get up to it.

People do not understand the costs of certain actions. In some cases you wind up attached to flypaper... or you tread on a glueboard... or you find that spiders come in all manner of deceptive and attractive forms. Life is a minefield and only God knows the way through. I have not the slightest doubt about this... AT ALL. Look at the casualty numbers.

Some say that no one gets out of here alive. That is misleading. Let's use a line from scripture; “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” Immortals are ALWAYS present in The World... but not of it. (grin) Agartha... Shambhala... extra-terrestrials... deathless masters and sages are real. They.. are... real... and... what must you do to come into contact with them? You must be real. There are also shadowlands for those who are not real. YOU... GET... WHAT... YOU... ARE.

Returning to the first paragraph... I get uneasy when Australia and New Zealand cross my mind. It seems like The Powers that Think They Are, think they know something about what's coming, but just because you have a fantasy and a lot of money, does not mean that reality will come and be your live-in whore. Reality does not go every which way and double sideways. Fantasy does that. So... they are most certainly wrong, but... they do have a whole lot of money and the sway it produces.

Australia and New Zealand... in recent times... have been used as a proving ground to test out behavior models, say... if you do this what happens? Okay... let's do this and this too, and see what happens. These places are far away. They are self-contained. Maybe these people who think they know... bought into some of those prophecy lines about The Northern Hemisphere being screwed and The Southern Hemisphere being The Place.

So... those who think they are powerful are looking for places to land, just like a particular demographic is doing in Patagonia... and it's going on in other places. The rich and powerful have been building boltholes for themselves for some time. South America is doing a brisk business in boltholes.

They have never been able to find a bolthole from Death. Death finds its way in, no... matter... what. Very seldom do these boltholes prove to be the answer. Something always interferes and they can never leave until the last minute, and then? It's too late.

They hire people to protect them, and that works. It works until there are no more people you need protecting from. Then... who is going to protect you from your protectors? It is much better to have friends instead of employees. The very best is when you have Invisible Friends. This is not the same as Imaginary Friends.

Still... if you are living in these places OR... maybe most places on Earth, you want to remember that a proving ground is also known as a testing ground. It's going to get dicey because THEY won't stop. Last time, they got The World to go along with their bullshit. I never bought it from the giddy-up and lots of other people were the same. This time... a lot more people know it was bullshit... and worse! It's genocide. The Awakening has progressed some distance since, AND Mr. Apocalypse has been line-dancing with Lady Awakening. It's the reverse of being lulled to sleep.

They won't be able to do it again, and that's where it gets dicey because these are truly desperate characters and they know what happens if they get caught out. The thing is... they are already caught out. This is dawning on them, and that is why they are desperate. They have access to all kinds of information. Unfortunately... it is missing critical portions and so... they are marching to their doom.

I think fondly of my friends down under... keep a weather eye out and trust in The Conductor.

Where the fat cats and dark dabblers miss the point with their selfish ways is... what good is your life if it doesn't put a smile on your face? Why spend your time where you are not having a good time? What is life in the absence of Love? You have to be pretty vain and deluded... not to mention, stupid... to believe The Hollywood Hype. They buy into their own bullshit. That is suicidal. It will cost them more than their life.

Doing for others. Living the selfless... ever-giving perspective... it puts you into a resonance with The Sun. This is what The Sun does... non-stop... radiating warmth and light is one of the hallmarks of immortality. NOTHING is of more value than to... be... useful. You will be needed, and in ever finer services... where Love is The Purpose of Demonstration.

Love is warmth. Light is Wisdom (if it is turned on). In union... they produce Truth. You have a choice. You can be Johnny Appleseed from Zippity-Do-Dah-Land Or... you can be anything else you see in examples all around you. You can toss the seeds of Love... Beauty... Harmony and Virtue OR... well... see; that's that Free Will thing. I had to let that go. I looked around one day and saw that it wasn't even there. I must have dreamed it or something.

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This is The 2nd Meditation from The Way to The Kingdom

The following exercises are given for the development of mental power within yourself.

“Seat yourself in a chair, in your own room if possible,
or in one in which you will be undisturbed.

Take a positive position, sitting upright, but comfortably,
so that you will be as unconscious of your body as possible.

Now close your eyes and try to visualize the room
as a mental room, or one within your mind in which
you are going to fill full of and confine the
mental qualities of Discrimination, Strength,
the Power to Concentrate, and Truth,
for your future and continuous use.

Then try to realize that you are actually a center
of God's consciousness, for in His consciousness
we all live, move and have our being; and that this
mind which you call your mind is a center or focal
point of His Mind-—just as the consciousness of
each cell of your body is a center or focal point of
your mind—and that therefore deep within your
mind there must be always present and ever available
God's Love, Intelligence and Power; in fact,
all that God Is in His Consciousness.

Now try to "see" this Consciousness—the Holy
Love or Spirit of God—pouring forth from deep
within and flowing through and radiating from you
to all other centers of His Consciousness as a brilliant
White Light; which Light in very truth is the
Spiritual Self to one who has the inner sight, for It
is the Light which lighteth every man that cometh
into the world.

Therefore realize that you are that
Light, and that your mind being a part of God's
Mind, you can consciously and actually call forth
from within that Mind—if motivated and accompanied
only by unselfish Love—any needed quality,
for in It of course exist all God qualities.

Therefore "see" your Light ever shining and going
thus before you, lighting fully your path
and making everything so clear that no possible
shadow can intrude to deceive or hinder your perfect
spiritual sight and hence your fullest understanding.
This gives true Discrimination.

Likewise, to your right see this Light radiating
and pouring forth from you into the mental atmosphere
of that part of your room as the Strength of
Divine Mind, ever ready to support and sustain you
in any need, and to enable you to do anything you
wish to do.

While on your left see the great Light of Truth
likewise flowing forth to fill that part of your mentality,
so that whenever you need to know anything,
no matter what, it is ever ready to flood your consciousness
and to make all clear to you.

And then back of you, see this great Light from
within pouring forth and filling that part of your
mentality with the Power to concentrate and focus it,
whenever you want to direct your mind upon
any given idea or to any desired end.

Just see this Light as a mighty Power ever back
of you, waiting to pour through your consciousness
(as through a funnel) in which is held the idea you
wish clearly to understand or the picture that you
wish to outmanifest—whenever you call upon this
Power to direct the Light of Divine Mind upon it.

See your intellect or visioning faculty
(located in the front of your mind back of center of forehead)
serving as a lens to focus the Light and reflect the
perfect picture in the outer realms of consciousness
or of physical manifestation.

Just as the light pours through the small lens of
a magic lantern, when you turn on the electric
power, and throws the picture on the plate upon
the screen, so will this Power, when you thus consciously
direct it with intense purpose, cause the
Light, Life and Substance of Divine Mind to pour
into and through the idea or picture you are holding
in your mind and will outmanifest it either as a
perfect knowing or as the fulfillment of your desire.

Study this last carefully and prove it,
for it can be used to acquire any needed wisdom, power or
ability, or to create and make manifest any righteous
thing or condition. But be very sure you have
the approval of your Higher Self of that which you
wish manifested; for it should never be attempted
unless inspired by a loving desire to help someone
or to fit yourself for the Father's use.

This rounds out your mentality, filling it full of
those qualities that you want ever available for use.
Any other qualities can be similarly brought forth
and made available.

The practice of actually calling
forth these qualities from within you and "seeing"
them surrounding you and filling your mental room,
thereby creates an aura that will always surround and protect you.

For it will be of such high
vibration, because of the brilliancy of its Light and
the Power of Love radiating from it, that none of
the forces of darkness can penetrate or even approach.

The powers of Discrimination and Truth
thus built into your aura will instantly detect any
inimical or inharmonious vibrations
and enable youto know how to deal with them.
This practice also will gradually, if you do it
faithfully day after day, make you conscious of
the mighty Power you are, and of the wonderful instrument
you have in this mind of yours,
as you learn to make it obey your slightest command.

This is what is meant above where it said that these
exercises are for the development of mental power
within yourself; they are that you may not only
develop power, but that you may become Power,
may learn to know Who you are and of What you
are a part. But always remember that Power and
Knowledge avail nothing, unless Love inspires and directs their use."


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Aversion can be a damn good thang. Me thinks I channelled mine well. I can't stand crotch droppings. Never could after I found out what the infernal things were all about, and made sure that I'd never be cursed with one of those abominations at 19, thank you Planned Parenthood. I have also become averse to being social considering most of my problems resulted from PEOPLE, hence I have become isolationistic barring a very small group (My nose-poo, my mechanic, and my psychic twin who I will finally meet on the Otherside.) of entities. And I only see my mechanic when I need car work, so. . . The remainder of my sojourn in the cess pit is quite a bit easier for that. HEY! I'M DEAD, ONLY PRETENDIN' TO BE ALIVE. I CAN DO THAT! I SEE THIS AS A PRISON, AND WHY SHOULD A PRISONER OF THIS SHOITE-HOLE WHO'S WAITING FOR UNCONDITIONAL PAROLE PLAY THE STUPID MORTAL FLOTSAM GAMES THAT DO NOTHING BUT DISTRACT ME FROM WHAT I WANNA DO?

I like my time. It's a commodity. I want as much of it to be discretionary as possible. I don't want to waste it on pointless time vampires and worse than worthless liabilities. Schrodingers Noses have better things to do, like learn stuff. . .on-line of course.

Metaphysical practitioning can be a bit not so good at time. I've had a sorta like Monkey's Paw incident in my life a long, long time ago, and it still blows me away. I did a ritual asking for my super to be promoted to manager. Well, it happened. After my manager did an Ernest Hemingway. And my super was the one to find ex-manager with head blown off via shotgun. I think I'll stop now on the subject.

New Zealand. Heard the filthy rich are buyin' bunkers down there. Great place to be when a 12.6 hits, wouldn't ya say? (Muahahahahahaha) Don't know if it's real, but this is a post on STA-rising.site:

by Gnosine @, Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 12:50 (3 hours, 52 minutes ago) @ Morgan

something that makes money irrelevant...natural disaster in the u.s., is my theory, based on solar polar fields reversing in a few months, low sun spot count, and entering into the "bolides" portion of our galaxy with the "green" comet being the "kachina"."

Well, it's something to look forward to, provided it happens.

Hire people to protect them. Tell it to Julius Caesar and Caligula, and the list goes on. . .


Who needs chemical drugs with posts like this?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The More Materialism Gets its Hooks into Humanity, The More Humanity Goes Mad and Starves in The Midst of Plenty."

Strider NES said...

If one can isolate the mass, allow no free thinking, no free exchange, no outside corrective, and can hypnotize the group daily with noises, with press and radio and television, with fear and pseudo-enthusiasms, any delusion can be instilled. People will begin to accept the most primitive and inappropriate acts… Delusions, carefully implanted, are difficult to correct. Reasoning no longer has value… If one reasons with a totalitarian who has been impregnated with official clichés, he will sooner or later withdraw into his fortress of collective totalitarian thinking. The mass delusion that gives him his feelings of belonging, of greatness, of omnipotence, is dearer to him than his personal awareness and understanding.

(Joost A. M. Meerloo, The Rape of the Mind, 1956)



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