Monday, January 16, 2023

"As The Demonic is Pushed Out into Form from The Inner Worlds, More and More People are A Habitation of Demons."

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Well... it should be obvious, but... I take nothing for granted these days. As... I... was... saying; it should be obvious what is happening with these documents that keep getting discovered in Biden's garage BY PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR HIM!!! It's got to be a really big garage, BUT... I suspect the basement -given that it's Biden's- is much larger. Larger even than Jame Gumb's basement in the Silence of the Lambs.

It's all about going to war with Ukraine.

Biden's been making incoherent rumbling about running again, so... the people with the money and the magicians have decided... ♫ He'll have to go ♫ Either people are as stupid as these clowns think they are OR... I'm missing something... since I am not one of the people that they think are that stupid. It looks to me like The Emperor is a drag queen that keeps getting mistaken for The Pope.

It's all about going to war with Ukraine. Do you see how the fawning press can turn in a Hong Kong minute if you don't follow orders or... your response time is slow?

Something really screwy is loose if they expect The World at large to buy the boxes of documents that keep appearing. It's starting to look like the people at Facebook are using the drop boxes for midnight delivery again only... they've switched sides... temporarily... in order to make war happen in Ukraine. That's what's really at the bottom of the sudden media turn on Bojack Biden with the low-jacked mind.

As the demonic is pushed out into form from the inner worlds, by the power of The Avatar, more and more people are a habitation of demons.

AND... whaddya know? They're dropping to the ground... all around... from The Killer Vaccines. There are more young sports competitors... as well as... people from all-walks-of-life... American Idol contestants and others. It's murder on a mass scale. They're baaad and they're not just nationwide; to paraphrase ZZ Top.

Everywhere you look... strange days have come upon us. The WEF and The Gates Foundation are burning down food factories and storage depots. Greta Pieface Moonface is going Amazonian in the woods of Germany with her Antifa backup dancers. Are you next?

I could go on and on about all of the weird, diverse... and somehow... connected events, going on in The World these days. Since the dawn of time... someone... or... some collective of someones, has been trying to take over The World. The fake news history of The World has been written by schemers and behavior modification experts... to the end result... of clouding The Hive Mind. For... some... strange... reason... they are NEVER able to take over The World.

Why is it that NO ONE... EVER... has been able to take over the whole world? It is because The Earth is a living presence, and it withdraws from the touch of The Profane, which anyone trying to take over The World would be a member of.

Hint... Tower of Babel... Hint... routine and ritual destructions of culture and countries. Hint... everything is under control.

Why is that? Well now... bad guys you know about. The trappings of The World attract them. Even so... the really bad cats are in the background. It doesn't pay to have any amount of fame if you are in the business of destroying lives on a grand scale. EVEN MORE hidden are... The Good Guys.

You hear about people meeting them here and there. Gurdjieff wrote a book called, “Meetings with Remarkable Men.” Paul Foster Case mentions meeting someone called R who is a member of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order and... who had been alive well beyond the normal span of life. Autobiography of a Yogi is filled with such tales.

We also have the historical records of people like Apollonius of Tyana... Mehmet Karagoz... and there are the alchemists like Thomas Vaughn and Basil Valentine. I'd better stop listing names. I leave out many important ones. However... the most important ones remain unknown to the wider world. Guru Bawa called them a strand of jewels around the neck of God.

I met such a personage. I met more than one, BUT... one was more significant in the impact he had on my life. Shortly after meeting him, my life was radically altered. He was the one who awakened Kundalini in me. Some might think that was a wonderful event. At first... it seemed to be. As long as I could stay above the enchantments of The World... it was a wonderful thing indeed, BUT... should you fall... at some point... and I have been given to believe that nearly all of us do... then it becomes a most unpleasant thing until the ship is righted again.

Apparently... there is a process to be endured. The alchemists have names for each of the stages; calcination... dissolution... separation... conjunction... putrification... distillation... coagulation... but... the simple explanation is... you get broken down to atomic particles and then refurbished... reconstituted... reassembled; destroyed and remade. So... yeah... though it is fun at the beginning, it can get severely painful at various stations of change.

It's the removal and transformation of everything that blocks The Light.

Well... life is growth... yes? Growth AND decay. You die when you lose your ability to change and adapt. The Divine Mother is doing you a favor with Death... if you think about it. People get fixed= Fixation. I don't know if that has anything to do with, “fixation of the volatile,” but... connections exist between EVERYTHING. This is why the object is... should be... coming into harmony with all of life. You are not The Policeman unless you turn yourself into one.

Keep in mind... terms may vary. Pseudo-intellectuals love to argue about all of this. They're not concerned about accomplishing any of it, and I can assure you, they don't... but argue? They'll argue like a magpie with hemorrhoids. ♫ you can't sit down! You can't sit down! ♫ Even though sitting down is the largest part of the problem for the magpie's ailment. See the irony?

To simplify the matter. It's all about The Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury... or The Mind brought to a state of suspension and why frogs sit motionless in the moonlight. Others turn to The Sun.

Greta Pieface Moonface is a hydra visage of the WEF. There is a composition playing and it acts upon the minds of those who have given themselves over to The Sway. All of those famous and powerful people... almost without exception... most especially in these times... they work for The Conductor who holds them in thrall with promises of tasty delights from The World's confectionery shops. Remember... this is all happening in The Mind, and at no time does the hand leave the sleeve.

In The Divided World, The Divine Force has two faces. These faces differ in presentation. In one hand it carries a sword... an axe... to free you from life's snares. In the other hand... it carries a net that traps you in the snares; “lead us not into temptation BUT... deliver us from Evil.” It's something to think about; note the masthead.

Of course... speaking about Pseudo-intellectuals, they like to operate from the exalted plane of Advaita. They love to argue about non-duality where (irony alert) once again... a true understanding of the meaning would make argument impossible, cause... there wouldn't be any separation between those arguing; subject... object... etc.

I understand that my understanding is limited. Against the vast backdrop of The Wisdom of God, I am less than anything that is still not too small to see. I am too small to see and one of the reasons I am less visible. It sometimes feels presumptuous for me to say anything at all, but... I don't have any say in the matter.

My point is... I may not be entitled to speak about... It... whatever It is, BUT... I am permitted to talk around It. It is our hope that something useful will be suggested without pointing directly at it. Even though it seems still and stationary... maybe it's a trick of The Light, but... it always seems to be moving. It's hard to get a fix on it. (grin)

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On Cold Mountain lives a naked insect
Its body is white and its head is black.
In its arm it carries a couple of books,
One "The Way" and the other "The Power."
At home it doesn't bother with kettle or stove,
On a journey it takes along no clothes,
But always it carries the sword of True Wisdom
To cut down the thieves of senseless desire.

Man, living in the dust,
Is like a bug trapped in a bowl.
All day he scrabbles round and round,
But never escapes from the bowl that holds him.
The immortals are beyond his reach,
His cravings have no end,
While months and years flow by like a river
Until, in an instant, he has grown old.

With mind as lofty as the mountain peak,
And self-righteous look (“Me bow to others?"),
He announces he will lecture on the Vedic canon,
Having mastered all the writings of the Three Religions.*
In his heart there is no trace of shame,
Though he breaks the commandments andignores the holy laws.
My sermons are for men of superior understanding


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There comes a time when being here is nothing but a waste of everything. Continued slavery is all that's left. I wait until that final chord is cut. So does my psychic twin. What's left to want? Can't have my Akashic Library Card here, and everything else might as well be a cow patty.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

unseen said...

Being too small to see is a feature and not a bug.
How they call you names when you don't play their games of the lame.
In the world but not of it.
You can tell when a place has evil just by the vibes and how the people act there.
Bankster wars always happen when the printing presses overheat.
They (wink, nudge) weren't kidding about leaving the FUSA a hollowed out welfare colony.

Visible said...

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