Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"The Personality is The Separated Mind. It is The Combustion Engine of Fallen Angels. It is A Mask with No Eye Holes."

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It came from beneath the valley of the son of The Killer Vaccines. Spielberg's going to direct and Satan is going to executive produce. Variety says it's going to go direct to 6G cable through the bloodstream of the walking zombies of the inner cities... as they rub up against each other... simulating and stimulating something that bears a riveting similarity... to a distant memory... (“it's almost like Deja-vu all over again”) that... is... now... no more than occasional sparks on the blacktop... from a downed power line... waiting on a thunderstorm.

Pfizer's latest ad is, “Come on down to Motel 86. We'll turn the lights off for you.” It's got that folksy... Indian-burn intimacy that the Gates/Monsanto people like. These days, Mozart would be living off of poisoned Ramen... if he could afford it.

This just in... moments ago... an Air Force Academy football player just dropped dead on his way to school. He was 21 years old. My theory is... he was a big boy, over 300 pounds... played offensive lineman... His heart had to work hard driving all those Spike proteins through his system... until they got to his heart, where... I guess... they bottlenecked, and... congealed.

As brainwashed and fast asleep as all the prisoners of conformity and routine always looked to me, I still can't believe they would become this much stupider in such a short period of time. I thought the drugs would make them smarter, BUT... either they took the wrong drugs... or dumbassedness is written into their DNA. It is as if they are from some other species, born to march through the paddocks... to some factory farm destination... in Same-Old, Same-Old Dystopia-nostalgia, AND... there's no vaccine for that.


When you turn away from God, you go off of his television screen and he can't see you anymore. You get turned into antimatter in The Mirror of Utter Darkness, somewhere on the borderline of The Ring-Pass-Not. You need to be charged by The Light of God to qualify as being alive. This is a perfect example of the transhumanist agenda, “Let's remove all the photons and see what happens!” In a pig's ear” is about to move from idiom to grafted and living fashion accessory.

Somewhere... in the dark underground laboratories of The Rand Corporation, a contemporary Saruman is building new life forms, each one more hideous than the one before. It's Frankenstein's castle on The Island of Dr. Moreau. Somewhere... there was the sound of a starter pistol and all Hell broke loose. I don't know who told who... to tell everyone else... that these things were all okay, BUT... that is what happened.

A new federal law was drafted that stated... it is perfectly okay to rape and murder everything you can catch... as long as (here's the caveat) you are gender-fluid OR gender-confused. You want to know where all this evil... Satanic behavior came from? They passed a bunch of laws under the guise of something else... that was presented as a series of shining moments of an ever greater and more pervasive liberty, and... someone got fooled again.

It's like holocaust denial in the EU. It doesn't matter if you can prove it never happened. It's... against... the... law... to... say... it. It doesn't matter if what you say is true, you can't say it because The People who Rule Over You said you can't say it.

How is it that certain people gained the right to control what you think and speak? There are complicated answers to that, and there are simple answers to that. The simplest answer can be presented in a single word; Materialism. The more the force of Mammon pervades the whole of the planetary psyche, the more The Shadow rises and then crystallizes into visible... palpable form... by way of blood sacrifices... and the despoliation of innocence. The more The Hive Mind can be conditioned to focus on external objects of desire, the easier it is to enslave the consciousness of the... ones... so... mesmerized.

The more the sexual nature is titillated and then bent into perverse forms of expression, the more all of those so affected are transported into a living Hell inside their minds. It is The Penitentiary of The Mind and the... bad... guys... are... in... charge OR... so it is made to appear. It has no effect on me. It has no effect on many of the readers. It has no effect on anyone whose attention is focused on The Indwelling.

Remember the spinning plate that is more like a cone... or a scone that has been pressed down? The closer you are to the center of it... when it is spinning... the more secure you are. The closer you are to the outer edge, the more likely it is that you will be spun off the plate by centrifugal force, into... outer... darkness. How did you get to the edge of the plate? It is the magnetic attractions to the forms of desire that drew you there.

God help us in our hour of need! Oh blessed Lord of The Indwelling, be you Christ or Ishvara, Krishna or Gautama... the singular one... cloaked in his own mystery; by whatever name you are called... it is God personified, so... that... we... can... know... him, as a clear mirror image of our highest possibilities.

It is impersonal love that dissolves the mystery by... revealing the truth. It is the everlasting self... contained within the deception of the personality. Once The Personality is FIXED... it can be held steady... so that The Light of God may shine through. You see this in ALL realized people, where The Self is enthroned upon the heart... where the regent has been restored to the throne. The Personality is The Separated Mind. It is the combustion engine of fallen angels. It is a mask with no eye holes.

When the veils upon your eyes are removed by Lady Awakening, you must take care with what you say and do.

Even those whose greatest attraction is control of The Material Plane, are not all evil by design or intention. They are only acting according to their nature. In simpler times... they would not be so inflamed with insatiable hungers. In their worldview, all that they do is justified. They got the keys to the candy store, and they are damn well going to decide who gets the candy. If you don't care about the candy... ah! Then you are no longer on their TV screen.

As Lao Tzu said; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” Look!!! The World is The World is The World. There are ALWAYS going to be good guys and bad guys. Next time... it may be someone else. The roles could be reversed.

As Christianity is remolded according to The Aquarian Age... a great deal is going to change and... The Usual Suspects are going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new worlds of form... stamped out by a new template, and vibrationally regulated by reconstituted archetypes... to the end of whatever the lesson is; AND??? Everyone will have to re-adjust... again.

Seek The Tone ALREADY on The Dial that most harmonizes with your own and all will be well.

Darling... Santa's not going to be in this movie. He's not real.


Heh heh... just kidding. Of course, Santa's real and he doesn't appear only on Christmas. In certain cases he shows up every day.

Why... then... does he show up so rarely to most people?

It is selfish behavior. Selfish behavior drives away Cosmic Santa. On the other hand... selfless behavior attracts him. In times of Material Darkness, he becomes invisible to most people. The Sun transforms into Cosmic Santa along a specific bandwidth. This is why people take magic mushrooms. These are the same bandwidth as far as palpable resonance occurs, BUT... as I have learned... it's best to be able to generate those states at will through... austerities... and... Love... of... The... Divine.

The chemistry for any state of mind... or state of being... is present within us. The question; is how to locate and activate it? That is the key to bringing it about.

Purification can bring these states about as well because all sorts of luminous entities will visit you. You are either making yourself dirtier or you are being made clean. Don't fight The Divine Mother.

There have been countless alchemists over the centuries. Only a few of them have had any success. It is easy to find people who can talk about what they can't do... as if they really were able to. In order to succeed at alchemy, you HAVE TO meet The Alchemist.

He's the same guy that knows all the other secrets too.

Everything you need to know is in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. I prefer the BOTA translation. Yeah... it's all there, BUT... interpreting it? You have to meet the guy who's already gone through The Operation of The Sun. We are all able to have such a meeting... if we are willing to be prepared for the challenge, and... have been properly schooled... and if we are willing to pay the costs. A big part of the cost is letting go of the things that hold you back. You would think it would be easy to cut them loose... these shortcomings.

Each of them represents a wound that was experienced through some process of attraction and/or attachment. Sometimes the thorn is still present. It takes a skilled hand to remove them, even more so to heal the wound. My position is to put yourself in the hands of the expert. That way you can't go wrong, and otherwise... you can't do it anyway... not by yourself.

Should you encounter a real teacher. He would understand your entire Karma-schematic. He could play you like a violin or sing through you like Orpheus. You ONLY get so far on your own because of The Separated Mind. Some things are ONLY accomplished in Unity. The active part of Unity is Love. Love is a force. The point is to get un-separated. Love completes the connection. After that, it all sorta takes care of itself. Your job is letting it happen.

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Cold Mountain excerpts=

“In the beginning, He parted heaven and earth
And set man down to live in the middle.
He belched forth fog to bewilder us,
And sent the wind to wake us up.
When He's kind, He gives us wealth and honor,
And when He's mean, it's trouble and want.
Listen, you fellows banging around down here
Everything depends on the Man Upstairs

Would you know a simile for life and death?
Compare them then to water and ice.
Water binds together to become ice;
Ice melts and turns back into water.
What has died must live again,
What has been born shall return to death.
Water and ice do no harm to each other;
Life and death are both of them good

Men these days search for a way through the clouds,
But the cloud way is dark and without sign.
The mountains are high and often steep and rocky
In the broadest valleys the sun seldom shines.
Green crests before you and behind,
White clouds to east and west
Do you want to know where the cloud way lies?
There it is, in the midst of the Void!”


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Could it be called slum clearance? Nostrils to the sky!

Missing Munich said...


so nice to see your posts again.

"The closer you are to the center of it... when it is spinning... the more secure you are. The closer you are to the outer edge, the more likely it is that you will be spun off the plate by centrifugal force, into... outer... darkness. How did you get to the edge of the plate? It is the magnetic attractions to the forms of desire that drew you there."
Could not agree more.
Just a short mention from the frontline of this here healthcare system. The truth is sprouting and I could not be happier (not for the victims of this psy-op obviously, but for those of us who were/still are ostracized for not following protocols). One can still not speak openly about it, but the cases speak for themselves. I just wish more people had the courage to speak truth. It's sad to see the eyes of the duped, once they realize what was done to them. Lots of angry people out there, lots of frustration and capitulating. It's heartbreaking. Just my 2 cents on that.
Otherwise I'm always looking forward to your musings and explanations, please keep them coming!

Much love to all, may 2023 be the year of eye-opening events and sprouting truths!

Missing Munich

Anonymous said...

With regard to the last link you posted on gab(stupid is an art form), I have to say that performance far outclassed anything the crew from the TV/movie franchise 'Jackass' has produced. Sublime.


Oba said...

Wow. Good string of words cohering into something that hints at some decent thing. Wow. Seriously. Ow.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Fat and Sleek as Seals and Just as Musically Gifted. It's a Chorus of Joan Rivers Clones Clapping Their Flippers."

robert said...

Thank you Visible for your pyrotechnical prose poems!

Burning away the crusties holding our sleepy eyes closed!

When you turn away from God, you go off of his television screen and he can't see you anymore.

Bursts of hyperbole, poetically licensed, aside, any limitation on the One must be clarified for any who might be paying too much attention.

We in our limited consciousness have the power to darken our minds and remodel our mental prisons with more walls of paper.

However, since all creation is mindstuff of the most conscious One, it is not possible for any mental construction of the partial to be out of Consciousness of the whole.

We may hide but the Seeker can always see.

The heart connection of the willful anti-life gang may become super attenuated
The Spirit may be estranged like a neglected lover
The inner dialog may be silent or drowned out by repeated mantras of maddening design

No darkness is impenetrable by the invisible light of Consciousness
In the end, there is no darkness, only shades of gray being dissipated or intensified into brighter being.

Our minds in training to be mindful of others can use all the firm limits against the depredations of the idea of limitation we can remember.

We are rebounded back from going down the drain into the flow of love

Even the dead and the wishful thinking of dark matter is visible to the Mind in which it is created.

There is nowhere to go unless the Will of the One does the house cleaning, sweeping out the mental cobwebs of matter squeezed into desiccated rinds devoid of spirit.

To get that dark requires eons and gang reinforcement surfing on waves of human misery.

Perhaps Visible is warning those mis-creating miscreants about the consequences of conspiring to be out of sight and mind of the One?

We never mind the warning intended for those out of The Mind!

We bathe our spirits in the flow of love
Shed our temporary personalties for known character
We tie ourselves to the mast of the only ship that floats
We detune from the siren song of doom and gloom
We learn to sing the softest song to our heart of hearts
We find our way out of our amazed selves into the light of boundless joy of living



Joseph Brenner

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