Friday, January 27, 2023

"They Pushed The River and... The River Will Not Be Pushed. When You Push The River... The River Pushes Back."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I should mention that the COVID scam was not only to usher in The Age of The Killer Vaccines. It was also a cover for controlling the results of elections through mail-in balloting AND from the criminal operations of The Demons of Dominion ... to shift the balance of power to The Dark Side; at least as far as appearances go, and... not to forget... to do what has been done many times before... for times beyond memory... steal a whole bunch of money.

(Both sides are dancing shades of gray, serving their masters who put them there, serving themselves, and occasionally serving those they were supposed to serve when it doesn't cost them too much personally.)

This has been in the works for a long time... long before The Gay Marriage Act, and even before BLM was a gleam in the eye of Little Georgie Sorrows.

Materialism has progressed to The Time of The Sociopaths; a predictable stop along the way. As evidence, witness the crocodile swine who own the killing factories that some call hospitals. Who label everything as COVID-related and who milk the national treasury thereby. These are people with no conscience... who trust The Science... because they can manipulate it for their own personal gain.

It's a topsy-turvy world at the moment. Due to slick marketing, those who were behind slavery, and the later forms of slavery that came as slumlord kingdoms... pawn shops... royalty thefts... leaching the soul's beauty from The Music and turning it into an infantile ego-dance and bling-enema called RAP... all manner of other vampirisms, now parade as the liberator. Like Governor Pritzker who's on the Golden Corral watch-list.

What is the possible purpose of Black Queer History? This is yet one more tentacle of The New Communism squid-monster who sits atop The World like a Sherwin-Williams paint can.

Why are the richest men in The World the greatest financiers of The New Communism? Isn't this a contradiction of formats?

One of the biggest in-your-face causes of dissent... around The World... is The Media that decides what we will hear about, and which also tells us whether it is important or not. I'm speaking of The Crass Media that spreads worldwide... like an oil-slick on the human mind. They tell you what's happening. They tell you if it is important or not. They tell you lies that directly... and indirectly... are all about making them money and keeping you in your place.

EVERYTHING is changing now. The workers of iniquity are finding that The Earth is moving beneath their feet. Circumstances have moved out of their control. They only ever imagined it was under their control to begin with. There WAS a balance however... and most everyone was able to get by. Then they decided to make perversity a main street attraction... and to teach it in schools. They decided to enforce population control by killing one group and importing another... much easier-to-control group.

They pushed The River and... The River will not be pushed. When you push The River. The River pushes back. When you bend Normal out of shape, it reacts like a branch... whipping in your face when you are running in The Woods. Why are you running in The Woods? The River is chasing you. So is Tom Sawyer in one of Becky Thatcher's spring dresses... followed by an angry mob of cartoon characters.

People do not understand the changes that occur in The Mind when they let greed... and lust... anger and arrogance... their whole inbred family of shortcomings... stay at the house instead of only visiting on the holidays. They get rowdy and they take over. They throw you out in the street. You got possessed and then dispossessed because... you weren't paying attention OR... you got weak and lazy. Convenience hijacked your will. It was only a dream in The Separated Mind after all.

No cabal. No coalition of psychopathic bankers. No standing army or sitting generals. No political system or Xeroxed religion is going to save anyone from what's coming. No one is going to save you from yourself. If you are relying on yourself, you will discover where that leads to. If you are relying on something other than yourself, you will see what you are led to. I take my marching orders from The Sun.

I am not concerned with any great reset or... replacement... or world war... or disease... old age... or death. I am concerned with The Love-Magic of Light. I am sure there will be dark and bloody trenches in many places round The World. I am sure there will be cities in flames. I have already seen cities in flames. These are not my concern. Neither are pandemics... or digital implants... or magnetic vaccines tuned to specific frequencies. My concern is bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

Temporal kingdoms rise and fall. All manner of social experiments come and go. There is famine and want, and there is plenty. These are each generated by the mindsets of those experiencing them. You must move with care through The World because every move leaves evidence of your passing, and sets off a chain reaction.

I was most fortunate in having madness shown to me in the places where they put people too crazy to be on the street, AND... in my own mind; courtesy of God and psychedelics, I was able to travel to both Heavens and Hells in thought. Now they put the people too crazy to be on the street... in the street.

Everything is completely out of hand. Part of it is the small print in all the new law spinoffs from The Gay Marriage Act. Now... men who only identify as a woman out of fear of the consequences of crime are put into women's prisons where they can have sex with the other prisoners. There is NOTHING sane or rational about this. It's how lawyers make money. Follow The Money.

On the screwball coasts of this country, one can see what The Dark Side has in mind for humanity... in all the places between them. Sane people are leaving these dysfunctional zones. Even crazy people are leaving these zones, hoping to find sanctuary from the conditions they created elsewhere.

The manipulators of humanity think they have Normal on the run, and they are in a frenzy to drive Normal into the sea, BUT... all the while... there is that presence coiled inside their heads that drives them on with an even greater frenzy... under the lashes of Desire and Fear.

At no point have these villains ever been in charge. It has all been for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is a fluid biorhythm of ups and downs. Some are raised up and then they are rolled over on, and then ground under. It is a pointless routine of Stupidity repeating itself again, and again, and again.

♫ I read The News today ♫ (oh boy). With the telescope and microscope feature of my mind, I pulled away and I drew in close. I looked into the mind behind the mind who wrote the news. This was and is not difficult for me because it is all... the... same... mind. I could see what their intentions are for the stories they were telling and... it made me laugh. It made me laugh in a rueful and sorrowful way.

I can do nothing with The World at large. I am a passing player, a walk-on in the endlessly rotating dramedy of life... forever demonstrating the outcome of desire and intention. This is one of those final acts where the denouement weaves all the disparate plot lines together. It is not like art... contrived to some point of contention with reality. It's life itself... demonstrating the difference between dreams and reality... between Truth and Delusion... between time passing... and the eternal moment that everything waterfalls into and out of.

They are messing with animal feed. They are feeding chickens chemicals that stop them from laying eggs. They are doing worse than that, and they are doing it in every area they can get away with it in. This is disturbing... is it not? They are on a reckless killing spree for our own good. They... are in for a big surprise.

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M - said...

I've always maintained the Media doesn't tell you HOW to think, it tells you WHAT to think about. Nice to see someone else feels the same way.

Citizen Elle said...

Truly an ineffable task, that you write so prolifically, sharing your heart-based perspective through such harrowing scenery ~ your words resound a love-magic of light in their own right. I’m sitting here, with my heart, and I find that I am without words, as I am so often, following your inspired writings that touch my heart so deeply, so frequently, for sooo long now.
May blessings of joyous wonder shower thee to infinity, my friend.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Easier to control group? Uh, I'm not so sure about that. No, everybody is not La Familia, MS-13, Los Zetas or the other however many gangs/cartels there are, but they are used to a freer lifestyle with not so many stupid government controls, vigilanteism reigns in Brazil from the stories I've read, and if someone is in the 'cuntry' illegally, what makes anyone think they're gonna follow other 'inconvenient' laws. A lot of them are gutsier, a lot of them do NOT look kindly on the nation that's exploited them, and some are out to kick some ass, the Hell with the bubble gum. Those are NOT more easily controlled. They are loose cannons.

Heh-heh. I've been through that family of shortcomings. Got over it in my early 30s. Well, most of it. Noses tend to be kind speciesist, and that's a form of arrogance I suppose. But those times served their purpose, and some actually benefitted from my 'tude, though for all the wrong reasons. But hey! I've learnt most of my lessons almost half a lifetime ago. Most, not all. Or maybe I have? If one of those lessons in developing the opinion that Physical Existence is worth less than a cow patty, which at you can at least use for cookin' fuel (I'll pass.), fertiliser, and hut fixin' in some places.


robert said...

High Visible!

I can do nothing with The World at large. I am a passing player, a walk-on in the endlessly rotating dramedy of life... forever demonstrating the outcome of desire and intention. This is one of those final acts where the denouement weaves all the disparate plot lines together. It is not like art... contrived to some point of contention with reality. It's life itself... demonstrating the difference between dreams and reality... between Truth and Delusion... between time passing... and the eternal moment that everything waterfalls into and out of.

The passages in and out of the moment are of infinite variety yet the moment bathes in mystery that always feels like home, no matter how far we have been away!

May we learn well now the many ways that leads to outer darkness and which way leads home to where we grow

We may all note the contrast that the Sun sustains throughout flaring against the flickering shadow players moving in fits and starts.

It is all about what we can do in eternity, not flinching in futile frenzy

Most en-souled beings have been here and done that enough to see what is unsustainable and what is so wasteful of the flow of love that when it parches into dry heaving breaths, the weak ones take possession of other people's life force to continue to exist.

Who would think that possessing someone elses anything is a stable place to be?
Only those whose minds are rented out and finally foreclosed to any real feeling

Yes, saying what you have shaped into many forms of Verbal Origami...

As the shakedown of the entrenched and flighty shudders into plain sight, we can see a way through chaotic appearances open before us!

We must see with eyes that want to see more love in motion, not crimped visions that want to squint narrowly on a sensory down drain seeking to experience nerve endings!
When our hearts are given space to remember what is harmonious, we know deeply that nothing chaotic is real
The forces which bind reality to show us life, act totally together
The change of pages only appear to be dramatic when we are holding on to the thinnest margin, refusing to read our future

Your workout in wonder conveys glimpses of what is behind the curtain call for colluders in cruelty
Our work is only on our own perception of All-That-Is, to unlimit and free it from dead bindings
To find only transcendent feeling in all the channels of our being
To re-integrate what has been repeatedly shattered over many agonizing ages as we hammer ourselves into ringing vessels

Putting union back together by profound realization that we are really already there, only lying our asses off to ourselves, just to remain irresponsible.

Let those who must learn by demolition clear out the vanities of being vaguely virtuous
We prefer to learn to build the way Nature does, riding waves of change into persistent structures
Layering love into woven wonders that laugh at time while going through it

Putting our hearts and minds back together after long estrangement
This is peace-making beginning at home

From there we can all be here again

One blessing to rule the All!

Vigo Strider said...

LV! It is way out of balance and there will be a correction.
Just back from the park and three does ran right across the center in formation then turned south to avoid some building of some frisbee golf (?) or whatever it is.
I said Thank You God and the sky was the usual masterpiece canvas but Sol was hidden today.
Someone at the Sack-N-Save needed to use loyalty card so I scanned mine so they could have a few pfennings off.
Locally no one is too concerned with the blood libel riots of the children of the elite prattling on about how they are so terribly oppressed while burning it all down.
Carlin was right about more for them and less for us as they want to push the ladder over the cliff while we fall to the valley below.
A mighty unseen force says not so fast and who elected you as part of the arrogance and hubris demonstration.
The Directed Evolution got intercepted before reaching the memory hole and the aggregator had a great compilation of media with sponsorship brought to by IG Farben Pfizer.

Anonymous said...

some egg production facility on the east coast, which is responsible for like 50% of the eggs produced in America, just had a massive fire and burned down yesterday...

the elite clearly don't want us eating eggs, so i guess that reconfirms my will to eat at least 4 eggs daily. Just bought 60 eggs 2 days ago, in fact. God is on our side

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up at Reflections in a Petri Dish=

"The Stars in The Sky Show The Divine Orchestrations of The Purpose of Demonstration and... What is to Come."



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