Wednesday, February 01, 2023

"I Am More Understanding of The Messages from Heaven, Since The Lullaby of Love has put The Demons to Sleep."

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People lose their way. That's the best perspective for me. It's better than hating, despising, or fearing them. It's better than any of the other windows of judgment that I could be watching them from. It's not necessary to be in an adversarial state of exchange with anyone.

If they've lost their way, and you can help them find it... that's a good thing. If you can't help them... you can bless them with the prayer that they find someone to help them... that they find their way. If this is all you ever get up to, you won't lack for anything... ever. Because you are freely giving a gift of inestimable value with no strings attached.

We live in Sticky Wicket World. Everything is adhesive to whatever it magnetizes. This goes for your attention as well, and that is why porn is such a problem; why any addiction becomes an addiction. Life is Suffering, due to the attention wars of your attractive nature. If you like it... that's a problem. If you don't like it... that's a problem.

For holding this true and enduring perspective one is maligned for not caring. It's best to hold your tongue on certain things, lest it be misinterpreted by those who have no clue... and zero interest.

Of course... you care. You care beyond measure because that is how God is... and you want to be like God; in the smallest and most unassuming manner. However... The World... The Carnal Mind... and The Craving Heart do... not... understand the meaning of any of this, as they go about The World behaving like beasts.

There is a Supernal Realm and an Infernal Realm. If you are constant in your residence in the former... you have no problem with the latter. One can command all the evil in The World simply by being in line with Heaven.

People do not understand what it is that they call evil. Look at the standards that are set... or once were in place. Then look how humanity behaves when it is deceived about the purpose of its true nature. There is a constant war between Light and Darkness. It is a war in which Light... true light... wins every battle, but it continues to exist because people are attracted to both sides depending on where they might find that which they think they desire.

Quit your evil nature and you will stop seeing evil. This is why I prefer to see people as having lost their way. Who am I to be deciding that? WE ALL DO THIS every minute of the day. The World is a continuous showcase... of the demonstrations of Good Judgment... and Bad Judgment... judged as one... or the other... depending on the point of view.

The playing fields of The World are testing grounds, to see what we are made of. Of course... it is always some version of this. It's more intense at this time. How are we doing? Not so good huh? If appearances are any indication.

It just so happens that there are many... many good people... far and wide, BUT... the focus of The Media is not on them, except when virtue signaling comes into play, and... they have their reward. You remember that Biblical phrase... “many are called but few are chosen?”

The pressure of the moment is quite high. People are crumbling. Those numbers are increasing. Holding strong in times like these is a sure ticket to an exponential return... exemplified in the opportunity for a quantum leap in consciousness. Degree of Difficulty has a commensurate effect on the value of the reward. Turn away the instruments of The Mind from the playground of the senses and you will... come into a higher order of knowing.

The World is a magic show. It holds the populace enthralled with the dancing... shapeshifting patterns that appear on The Mindscreen. It is a world of shadows... promises of pleasure and the excitement of danger calls the fools to their follies. I have a great recall of it. I have been there and done that. By good fortune... grace... or some inexplicable thing, I found my way out.

One doesn't have to travel any material distance to get to The Higher Mind. It is sitting there above The Carnal Mind... where few people pay attention to it. In an Awakening, The Higher Mind appears on its own, down into the dreadful mix of quicksand and glueboards... then glides up and over it because the attraction is gone. Sometimes it takes us with it... if we are ready and so inclined. How does one get ready? You stay ready.

You have to get your priorities in order. What really matters? This is a question best asked early on. Lest you find yourself reflecting on the saddest words of tongue and pen... these few words, it... might... have... been. (I forget how the poem went)

They are losing it... in The Street AND in the corridors of Power, where influence is the money that holds The World in sway.

Imagine that everything which has happened in recent times... and even over the long term... has been orchestrated to bring about changes that... when they occur... prove to be a surprise to both the manipulating and the manipulated.

What if it turns out different than any of them are expecting? What if The Dark Side and its agents... walk right into a trap of their own design... simply because they are programmed to do this for The Purpose of Demonstration? The thing is... Evil really does destroy itself. It is only ephemeral to begin with.

Today we are talking about something that defies the medium employed to define it. We can only nibble at the corners... trace the outlines... like a blurred face on an old coin... BUT- even though I can't explain it, it is the reason I see people as only having lost their way. I know they will come around in time, and I have learned not to push The River in terms of expediting their progress. Unbearable Compassion is a learned state of caution.

This is how Social Reformers turn into the biggest mass murderers The World has seen, whether it be Stalin... Mao... George Soros... The Rothschild Coven... they were or are all going to shape The World to their own satisfaction, and... they all fail miserably... except at causing misery. Do not try to fix The World. You will become a Stupid Head... with the legacy of Dumbass. It will be like getting a coat-of-arms.

I went through just about every stage of Stupid in this life, so I speak as an informed participant who was ill-informed on arrival. This life has been a never-ending wakeup call for me. It's like ringtones with no cellphone. Now that the waters of The Mind have become more still... I can see the invisible breath of God when it passes over the water.

I am more understanding of the messages from Heaven, now that the lullaby of love has put the demons to sleep. You cannot storm The Gates of Heaven. It is by invitation only, and your backstage pass is written on the fabric of your being. Everything in The Invisible is organized like this. We have fiery hieroglyphics that identify us to customs stops on the borders of consciousness. Why you cannot see who rules The World is because it is done with invisible hands, with symbols as scepters.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” They have simply lost their way. It is in the nature of Materialism to cause confusion... followed by insanity. They have lost their way. It is why The Avatar comes, and comes again, and again, and again, according to the clockwork of the stars.

So... the key is to radiate Love and Harmony... that you may come into resonance with Heaven and become a sanctuary for others. As you continue, your wattage increases, and you become... in your own small way... like The Sun.

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Yes... I know that this belongs at Origami, but it's what showed up today.

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Anonymous said...

A wise perspective; beautifully spoken.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I would say this is NOT a good time to make plans. For me personally, it's a time to do as little as possible. But I've been spending a few years doin' that, so hey!

Every stage of stupid! Yup, and me and my psychic twin will talk about that since 'IT' (Fellow nose, of course.) has been guilty of the same. In fact we already talked (e-mailed) about it.


Republic Rebels Forever said...

A world of Smoke and Mirrors with fat cats sitting on walls while the minions frantically try to put it all back together again.
Still just the child who is no good at lying saying look the emperor is naked!
I call it the Stockdale Conundrum of keeping morale up but not being Pollyannaish either.
Siblings exist in weed and video game world with a don't harsh my mellow vibe so I don't step on their cloud.
The patriarchal side of the family has been decimated by the clot shot and all of them existed in credential and teevee world still high on the Jonestown Kool-Aid of we're all in this civnat normie uber alles together.
All in all the demonstration is amazingly purposeful and giving thanks daily while knowing that God put any wisdom there and keeps the forces of evil from devouring.

TotoFromOz said...

Beautiful...thank you!!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"We are Shaped by Our Aspirations thru The Hands of Angels Who are Inspired to that End. It's Best not to Resist Them."



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