Monday, February 27, 2023

"I Consider These People Spiritual Card-Counters who Think Heaven is Some Kind of Casino with a Pecking Order."

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The people behind the people behind the people messing with the rest of humanity are very upset at how things are going, AND not going. Mr. Apocalypse tells me that some heavy hitters are going to lose their heads soon. The people behind the people are going to toss lesser members under the bus when the truth of their crimes is revealed. This is in the hope that it will redirect or stave off certain forces coming for them instead. “Well.... it always worked before.” Heh heh; famous last words.

He tells me it's going to be happening in a lot of places at the same time... a kind of time-traveling Fohat-Water ballet. He said... paraphrasing The Scarlet Pimpernel; “they seek him here. They seek him there. And pretty damn soon they're gonna see me everywhere.”

I haven't heard from him since Italy, so... I'm guessing it means some great drama is soon to occur. He's even more snarky than he was last time.

He told me that there's cause for optimism... and the world situation may yet turn out quite differently than a great many people fear it will.

As fear increases, people go in only a few directions; they grow crazier and more insecure by the day... or they grasp tighter and tighter to fundamentalism, which is spiritual materialism, which is a form of Satanism; whether they are Christian... Hindu...Buddhist or Muslim. It's either a press for more and more bizarre and far-out LOOK AT ME games from those who believe in nothing other than The False Self... or more and more clenched anger and angst... more and more territoriality with the fundie aspect.

So... the previous institutions are like termite houses in Florida. They are all crumbling... taking the faith in them sideways, so that people are either going stark... raving... batshit or... they are holding on for dear life to what is turning to dust in their hands.

There is only one real and enduring persona and that is God and it is beyond your ability to perceive it. It can ONLY be experienced through the surrender of the mortal self. Everything else is a temporary personality woven by the stars... according to the needs of Karma. We shed these personalities from life to life, depending on the lesson we are here to learn. We are... either shedding the unreal... while the real is being uncovered within us... or we are becoming more rigidified by a greater bondage through attachment to personal delusion.

The transitory Personality is the delivery system for the ego. The Individuality is God's delivery system unhindered by the undisciplined personality. One is the mortal self. The other is eternal. Give up the one to live in the other.

Oh Lord... let me be like a tree... upon whose branches angels perch. Let me be a habitation of angels. Let me become so innocuous and inoffensive that angels enjoy the common unity, in a shared devotion to the one true everlasting being... who expresses through DIFFERENT lenses of personality for The Purpose of Demonstration, AND... whose real and enduring nature remains... always unknown... by those arguing for the purpose of self-advancement or material profit.

Now... back to the real-time of The Moment of my present stage of realization.

Everyone wants to play God, BUT... only God can play God... and the only way you can play God is to let God play through you; to become God's flute... God's wind chimes...

As times get more and more wack... people become more and more argumentative... insisting that they are right about things they do not even remotely understand. They then become a Babel-well, speaking in a confusion of tongues and terms. It is not smart to contend with them. THEY READ BOOKS! They read books... written by men who explain what God thinks and God wants. As a British friend of mine often says; not bloody likely.

We are bobbing on an ocean like a Styrofoam container. The more that is in the container... the sooner it sinks or falls apart. At... no... time... do we contain anywhere near the volume of water that the ocean contains... nor shall we ever.

Fortunately... it is infrequently... that I encounter people who insist I said what I did not say... or wander in frothing at the mouth about something I never even brought up. They wave books in my face that... LITERALLY are available in dozens of translations... all trying to say the same thing accordingly to how they see it. ONLY when God speaks within your heart and mind are you able to get a direct read on anything, and... USUALLY, you can't say anything about it, because the moment you do... the meaning is lost.

People who like to argue are people who are angry about something else. They are unsettled and afraid, and they believe their argument makes them valid somehow. Those... who... argue... have... missed... the... point. No positive future awaits those who contend with others except... more of the same.

Now... as Mr. Apocalypse... more and more shakes up Material Nature... in advance of The Avatar, and people... by-the-day are losing their grip on their sense of self, they are going to more and more outrageous extremes to maintain their separated identity by the fantasy of living their own truth. There is no such thing as a personal truth. It can only be relative truth. The Truth is impersonal AND incorruptible.

Everyone in Heaven is impersonal. It is ONLY down here (and lower down) that individual personalities war against one another for an impossible supremacy. The Muslim has a scimitar that he cannot lift. The Christian has a club he drags behind him and cannot lift. They are going to war against each other over something they read in a book. One day they will grow tired of this nonsense and admit to themselves that they had no idea of what they were talking about... or killing other people over.

They make war upon others in the name of someone whose message distilled is... Love. Nothing retards one's spiritual progress more than being a pseudo-intellectual pundit whose head is filled with dates and names... wherefores... and all those whatnots unto begatland. They like to lean back and talk through their noses with a glass of water in their mouth... while making sure the butter stored there never reaches room temperature. They sound like a demon-possessed Katherine Hepburn.

God and his angels ARE NOT IMPRESSED; no one gets through the door who thinks they know what they do not know. I consider these people spiritual card-counters who think Heaven is some kind of casino with a pecking order. The least among them are the greatest in Heaven... BUT... you can't tell these people anything. They will go right back to telling you what so-and-so said to so-and-so about this-and-that. They will beat you bloody and senseless with tradition, and make you color inside the lines or die.

The best one can do is to pray for and hold out hope for these people, who are bent over with their heavy heads all the way down to their knees... and filled with dense and worthless information... pushing an enormous supermarket cart (in their minds) full of cinderblocks... to nowhere. What you know is not who you are. When I see people with initials after their names, I know better than to ask them about anything important. Pride REALLY DOES go before a fall.

People in self-important Halloween outfits with funny hats are not who you want to ask about spiritual matters. These people started out banging blackboard erasers and snitching on their fellow classmates. HARD AS IT MAY BE TO BELIEVE... God does not get all kinds of excited when these people get to the gates. Fortunately, that seldom happens.

People who are close to the... Heaven... that... is... within... do not think about money or being important in the eyes of people who don't know any better. They don't waltz around with all kinds of titles and ribbons on their chests. That's for the people pretending to be members of The Royal Family in cosplay... dress-up performances.

I don't know much at all and I am grateful for that. All I would need to do is start imagining I know more than I do... which is next to nothing... to get my invisible friends to stop talking to me. You must become as a little child to enter The Kingdom of Heaven, AND... I think that means you had better get Regenerated Innocence, which means unlearning all that crap that made you think you were some kind of grownup.

NOTHING is more important to me than the sure and certain knowledge that God is REAL. You can have all the books that were ever written and all the information about who said what (maybe) to someone else... once upon a time. Nothing truly important and lasting has EVER been written down anywhere -and remained intact for long- except in the secret chambers of the heart. One notices this most when they depart this zone and find they don't have any of it.

I think this is known as a rant. It's what used to happen here a lot more often than it does now... and thank God for that. Of course... the proof is in the putting... and we shall all find out whether any of this is true once we find ourselves out-of-the-body and looking for directions... to where exactly?

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Visible said...

I have the oddest thing happening. In one theater I have someone lecturing me from the perspective that Bhaktivedanta is the be-all and end-all. On the blog sites, I have someone who is hassling me about Bhaktivedanta being a pedophile. Now that I don't post his comments he has degenerated into ad hominem and vulgarity.

Somehow... the latter thinks I am a Bhaktivedanta fan and I have no interest in the guy at all.

At the other end, I am being told I should read Bhaktivedanta's Bhagavad Gita, which I also have no interest in. It is as least ten times longer than it needs to be because of All Bhaktivedanta's small print editorializing which ruins for me the spirit of The Gita. I'm not interested in Bkaktivendanta's old-school programming and I don't need him ruining The Gita for me by putting me to sleep or making my head hurt.

Every morning, I read a chapter of The Gita which I have been doing for several years. It is the Eknath Easwaran translation, which is the ONLY Gita I have any interest in. The person who hates all things Hindu has somehow associated The Gita with Bhaktivedanta when The Gita was written thousands of years ago.

The fact that I seldom if ever mention Bhaktivedanta, and never reference his work (except for mentioning "Easy Travel to Other Planets") should be glaring evidence of something, but some people are blockheads OR have an agenda.

I've read most all of the other Gitas and this is the ONLY translation I like. it is short and sweet and precise. The river of all wisdom flows out of India; Mother India.

It seems like the first person is either insane or fixated on the bad treatment he got from The Hardly Krishnas. The other person thinks I can only find the truth through The Hardly Krishna org. I've been around people from the Hare Krishna movement for a long time. They are some of the finest and least fine people I have ever met. As far as the organization goes, Monkey on a Stick exemplifies and informs what I think about that movement and all the other movements that get hijacked as soon as The Master passes... and often even before, as was the case with The Roger Nietzsche movement.

I don't need anyone telling me who to follow or not follow. The likelihood is that I don't follow any of them. My experience with God is direct and I would know by now if it was real or not.

It seems like there are all kinds of people puffed up with the idea of their own scholarship and knowledge. Please... spare me the indoctrination lectures because I'm not going to pay any attention.

All of us have The Gene for at least one thing, even if we don't discover it in a particular life. I have The Gene for several things which I'm not going to elaborate on. I stay in my lane and I am not after profit or fame. Those are both dead-end off-ramps from the road I'm on.

Still... it is odd for two people to suddenly appear and work opposite ends of the street in my direction. The hand of God OR... enemy action? Time will tell and we shall see.

I bear no ill will... honestly. It's not a part of me anymore to feel resentment or malice toward anyone. There is no future in it. They are just gone astray by having deceived themselves. Yes... I speak strongly on occasion, but I have prayed earnestly for the releasing of my shortcomings and God has been very generous to me in this regard. I cannot help but feel generous and forgiving of others, given how Heaven has been treating me,

Knowallbeall said...

Infinite love and gratitude for all that you do and be to raise the consciousness of humanity and to bring the grace of heaven upon earth. I see strong green energy of natural wisdom and healing enveloping you. I hope you know that God is you in the form of your higher self waiting for you at the next level.
Much love

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY beauty.

Percy Blackeney. Where is he when you need him under that or any other name. Thomas Earl (Night Rider with the incredibly foxy David Selby.), or Don Diego de la Vega or Hell knows what other fictional character I haven't been exposed to. Or hey! Get a little more open with John Nada after he runs outta bubblegum.

Gods, I just wanna leave this HELL HOLE behind, as does my psychic twin. Gods, our e-mails on the subject are hilarious if you're into misanthropic morbid humour, and they'd probably get us banned everywhere if they were public.

M - said...

Today I read the transcript of a podcast written by a well-known investigative journalist:

"In recent years, I’ve noticed that my articles on the creative impulse, imagination, and innovation have been less popular than my pieces detailing negative conspiracies and ops.

Why is that?

It’s because the total force of the culture and engineered crises have pushed interest in, and consciousness of, creativity down further into the subconscious.

The people I call the Wizards of Is are busy instructing us to focus on nothing more than What Already Exists, rather than what could be invented.

We’re supposed to believe our creative thoughts and actions will have no effect and bear no fruit and provide us with no satisfaction.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But a sense of weariness and pessimism sap strength and will."

Whatever you think of this individual, his words ring true. "Creativity" exists in all areas of life: cooking, gardening, writing poetry, playing an instrument, DANCING - the list is endless. Inspiration is all around us 24/7. The Magick of Creation is all around us. 24/7

"It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live." - Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

Time to flip "them" a middle finger and get on with the business of living one's life fully, joyfully, and be inspired.

Blessings to All.

Visible said...

Thank you one and all for your good thoughts that all go into the collective good.

When my kundalini experience occurred, the first mega event, I was surrounded by green light and this is not the first time that mention has been made of it since. Little things like this keep me going cause it gets gnarly ascending The Mountain due to the high winds.

robert said...

The One gives us our daily bread of life in forms to which we respond and in all we do not yet see

Visible bakes our noodles with fresh creations in the written word.

We partake with humble gratitude!

The transitory Personality is the delivery system for the ego. The Individuality is God's delivery system unhindered by the undisciplined personality. One is the mortal self. The other is eternal. Give up the one to live in the other.

A concise summation of the previous paragraph, like a fruit leather version of fruit!

If we must question, why not question our little selves?
Why do we persist in inhabiting a personality we created out of our pain and ignorance?
Why give our daily bread to the beggar we have made of our spark of life?

When we know that there is more to life, more to us, more to everyone?

We play in our cardboard boxes as the rains deluge our flickering will

The demoralization machine is cranked to 11 people!!!

We all can feel it, especially those closer to inner peace!

So can we afford to give our attention to the transient needs of our personality?
You know, the one which has proven to be our only nearby betrayer?

There is, presented throughout creation, an Individual Being that keeps on going through motions that entice us out of our stony inertia

While we bore ourselves in obsessive recreation of our limitations, holding on to temporary sense, worlds unfold in which we may create new meaning

First we have to know ourselves, to see that we are less than nothing without the Spirit animating us in the game of the oblivious
Then we can step out of character, the demented version of our Self, into the only character that matters, the Child of the One!

To fear is to contract the contagion of fearful ignorance
To hold back, to contract with every comfort zone shrinkage
To swirl down the drain compressed not into diamond but dried out sludge

Depressing to see where we think we are
The exercise confounds the false self siren into momentary silence
which becomes golden when our hearts are given more room to dream again!

We carry so much mental baggage that serves only to maintain a broken chrysalis, the personal identity we pull around ourselves trying to stay asleep instead of testing our wings!

Where do we make room for our hearts to soar again?

To see all the way through our own delusions allows us to see through everyone else's
How else can compassion come to stay?

Reclaim our own direct oxygen supply then serve anyone who needs to reclaim theirs

We may have once thought we had to protect our spirit from the common madness
But we bought into the primary limitation lie: the idea that there is any limit to the flow of life
Other than the crimp we make in our own hose!

Let it flow, regardless of startled zombies!
We will feel more than necessary to hover over hell
We will be more than doubtful demons can conceive

We will be "we", undivided by design
We will become One

Anonymous said...

Les, all i was suggesting was that we should be very careful who we promote. Maybe some innocent person wanders over to your blog for the first time, he is highly impressed by your writings, and then he goes and reads the iskcon Bhagavad Gita translation you had linked. Then he enters a world of shit, as he experiences a sick cult full of sick repressed nonsense. Thank you for clarifying that you're not a follower of Prabhupada.

"One day they will grow tired of this nonsense and admit to themselves that they had no idea of what they were talking about"

That's literally what happened to me regarding Krishna bhakti. I just gave it up one day, after having finally experienced a glimpse of the god reality behind the mind-ego. Your blogs were one of the influences leading me towards that experience, as well as the awakened kundalini and vipasana meditation. I wasn't trying to be argumentative but your response was pretty harsh. This is why I've ultimately embraced Islam because Muslims are the only truly humble people. Not all, and neither am I saying that all hindus are bad either, what ultimately attracted me to Islam is how kind the Muslims are. Look at how the world has treated them. A Muslim does not worship any man or guru or messiah. It's literally direct worship of God. That's it. So you can also be considered a Muslim as you also promote directly experiencing a relationship with God. Muslims are honest people because they fear God. The majority of Hindus and Christians do not fear God and so they engage in corruption.

Anyway some good news- civil war is breaking out in Israel. Right wing settlers are attacking Palestinians and Palestinians are fighting back. The IDF will crack down hard on the right wing settlers, which will then fragment the govt as the right wing supports the govt.

God is great! Thank you for continuing to write these poetic blogs. We may not all agree on the same things but at least we can agree that God is worth glorification and that's probably the one activity that is worthwhile.

Visible said...

The things you said were wrong and connecting me with Iskcon was completely wrong. I didn't put that link up. The webmaster did. I clearly stated which Gita I read. long ago. Second of all, you seem to have forgotten what you said. I was nowhere near as rude as you. 3rd... no religious group has been more violent than the Muslims, except for The Usual Suspects.

Finally, you don't censure what I say and do. That is none of your business. Also... I don't promote ANY religious culture. I take the best (in my opinion) from each. No religion can contain God. Carry on.

Letgoist said...

"Religion is entertainment." I once read. It does seem some are thoroughly entertained. Captured by the theatre of the dancers dancing to the tunes that are played. Unable to look away it captivates.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Evil in All its Forms is The Raw Materials Transformed by Heaven to Create The Material Beauty Made by Light Magic."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression Islam might as well be another sect of Judaism. So many corresponding rituals. They even have the same death angel. Azrael. Islam is SUPPOSED to be more charitable. No usury and stuff with Ramadan to experience what it's like to be hungry, though it ain't quite the same since they do get to break the fast when the sun goes down. (Man, I do that a lot of times on Saturdays when the cooks don't have a screw up to feed me. I voluntarily work through my breaks. Been doin' that all my life. I'm a business before pleasure type o' nose.) Hey, one did emerge from the other. As did Christianity.

As for religious violence, the Crusades weren't exactly a love in. In fact, I wonder if the Albigensian Crusade was the worst thing in history along with the the wipe out of the First Nations. Oh, and wasn't every last native eliminated on Tasmania? Belgian Congo, Genghis Khan, Rome, Alex of Macedonia, Mao Tse 'Tongue'. . .not sure anyone has a patent on violence, but Khazaria by any other name is the rather longest lasting, furthest reaching problem that is still with us today.

From what I'm reading, this is an excellent time to not make plans. Here's ten virtual nose pets and 20 virtual snorfles for your nose!

Anonymous said...

(schizophrenia ain't the way)



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