Thursday, March 02, 2023

"The Divine Mother ... in All Her Endlessly Changing Colors and Shapes... is What Obscures The Divine from Our Sight."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

These are the days of very strange and inexplicable events. As anyone who's been around more than once should know, days of very strange and inexplicable events INEVITABLY lead into days of much stranger and even more inexplicable events. What to do... what to do... tap... tap... tap... rinse... repeat.

Pennsylvania goony-bird and occasional troll-dancer, John Fetterman; Peter Principle extraordinaire, has gone into the hospital... never a good idea unless it is unavoidable... for a period of weeks; several weeks... because of some form of depression. I have NEVER heard of this sort of thing before, except in rare instances. Depression is an out-patient thing, BUT... we know that's all bullshit, don't we? Ninety percent of what's going on these days is bullshit. The other ten percent is window dressing; bullshit in shiny haute couture.

That's The World of Bullshit, glitter, and cosmetics under indirect and favorable lighting. A world of wannabees among the temporarily spotlighted, all as hungry as ravening wolves for The VIP Groves of Celebrity; “pick me!!!” “No! Me!!!” The suitors and the suited, (grin) in blindfolded snatch-n-grabs for the things some clueless brigade of taste experts said were must-haves above all else.

Welcome to The Land of Terminal Disappointments.

So... what's the story with Fetterman? We know it's not depression. Is he being refurbished at Fort Marlene Dietrich? Is he rehearsing for his spot on Dancing with The Clumsy? Is... he... dead? Is he going to be the new headliner on Geek Patrol? (brought to you by Proctology and Satan?)

I thought it was a stretch to put Biden in The White House. Shoehorning Fetterman into The Senate was over the river and through the woods. The guy couldn't talk and chew gum at the same time BEFORE his stroke... so... okay... he couldn't be The Receptionist; maybe put him far enough up the food chain where no one has to run into him up close? What do I know? I'm speculating.

It looks to me... it looks to me like the whole ball of Fantasy Wax is melting and Mammon is pirouetting in the smoke. Fantasy Wax is worse than burning tires for smoke... or even that false flag vinyl whatever it was with ♫ ??? Dead in Ohio ♫ It really looks like the less than Wonderful One-Horse Shay is about to come down in dramatic fashion.

Here's what I think is happening, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are... a lot of the time... with their front-row face-personas... on automatic pilot. They are going through a series of previously agreed-upon stages that are irresistible. In other words, they can't be stopped or altered by anyone. Behind the scenes, they have a lot of individual autonomy. In other words; “well... we saw that one coming,” and... “didn't see that one coming.” Both of these are happening simultaneously.

In All cases, and at all stations and landings, the force of their impact is different. The pressure changes. The pressure intensifies. What used to go slightly wrong in years past... is now going way wrong in the moment... and certain to go much more wrong around the corner and up the street. Sooner or later comes the straw that breaks the camel's back. Sooner or later, Critical Mass occurs.

It accounts for the progressive advance of our worst fears coming upon us, AND the jack-in-the-box surprise factor that no one was expecting. The combination of these and all the rest of what we have mentioned so far, has put a real kink in the plans of The Pretend Masters of The Universe. You would think... as much as they are into kink... that this would be no problem. For some reason... it is.

Their Disney castles are melting into the sand. Conditions are getting worse and worse for the transsexual lab rats. No one is really liking the aftermath of the processes. This is why all the drag queens and pedophile clowns are running around with those rictus smiles on their faces. It is why they keep going to greater and greater extremes to engage children in fantasies that have not been reworked from popular fables. They had better get enough of those generations programmed or projectile vomiting WILL BE on the menu. The pressure is on.

THE HEAT IS ON. If you dance too close to Infernos you will... get... burned.

What the people trying to control The World do not get is that it is ALREADY under control and that they are just being used for The Purpose of Demonstration by the one who is actually in control; was in control trillions of years ago, and WILL BE in control trillions of years from now.

How cool and in control is the one who is in control? He set up The Opposition Party from... the... very... beginning. The Opposition Party is ALSO manned by The One in Control, BUT... they are wearing costumes and fright wigs.

They are angels in disguise. They represent carnal appetites and desires. They are the shapes the illusions take in the smoke of unclean fires... The Other Angels represent Love and Aspiration... sublime qualities and specific functions. They are tools from The Toolbox of The Divine.

These recent interlopers and ambition junkies who are playing The Villains of The Hour, have convinced themselves that The One in Control does not exist and that The Opposition Party is on their side. Well... half of that is true, but only for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The half that is not true is that there is no Supreme Controller; just... because... you... can't... see... him... doesn't mean he isn't there. The Divine Mother in all her endlessly changing colors and shapes is what obscures The Divine from our sight. Radha interposes herself between you and Krishna on The Path. One needs to see with The Inner Eye.

That is why one must look within because... The Outer World is ALL Display. It is all a display... of non-stop changing shapes in The Department Store Window of Time.

The leaders of the (cough... cough... snicker) Free World are visibly degenerating into ever more absurd cartoon characters, that are travesties to be laughed at, rather than listened to or followed. Once it gets to that point... revolution is inevitable. When this happens, the false system goes into free fall.

Here is a truth that is relentlessly hidden from public view... these world-shakers and would-be world-shapers have no idea of what they are doing. They are merely following instructions inside their heads from sources unknown to them... BUT identified as someone familiar to them.

There is no randomness to ANY of it. There is no unpredictability factor. There is no chance. There is no luck. Once you get this hard-wired into your head, the whole thing gets much easier to handle; given that you are no longer DRIVEN to handling it. The World Entire... is people handling things to the best and worst of their abilities. It is all a clumsy dance of colors and forms on a gradient of Time... that also doesn't move in a straight line or at any consistency of speed.

Everyone is working out personal dramas in their head. Mortal personalities come and go while Destiny plays Wack-a-Mole. Behind The Mortal Personality is an impersonal watcher that can be called The Individuality... The Real Self... The Higher Self... and it is the same in every single one of us, BUT... we want to express, interact, and contend with mortal personalities doing The Dance of The Separated Mind. We want recognition for all the things that would embarrass anyone who understood what was really going on.

History is the record of The Process of Demonstration according to The Purpose of Demonstrations; “You're nothing but a pack of cards!” Ergo... The Tarot.

Why am I talking about all of this? What is my point? My point is that all the conditions and circumstances you worry about are not what you should be concerned with. You should be concerned with what is going on within you that accounts for how you routinely (and often unconsciously) behave in the ebb and flow of existence.

You cause your own pain and misery by putting your attention on the wrong end of the process, where the result has already been determined. Far better to catch yourself in mid-flight and work at The Source. Then it really does become rose petals in your path. Each petal is a glance or portion of the directed flow of Love passing through you... strewn as evidence of your passing and also...where you are headed.

Mess with the other passengers, and... get messed with, or... sit back and enjoy the ride while being useful when the need presents itself.

End Transmission.......

I should mention that I almost never check the messages at Facebook. I often do not respond to comments at other locations. A good portion of the time I don't even see comments directed to me. It's not that I don't care, I'm just not that self-involved and looking for affirmation. If you want to reach me, you can do that here or via email. I also don't do chit-chat so... after a period of toleration (grin) it might be a while before you hear back... if at all.

A fellow... (I think it was a guy) got incensed about his perception that I was promoting Hinduism, and also ISKCON... which I don't. I am less collegial than I might be sometimes... because of anonymity. I am sorry for the confusion and appearances of conflict that sometimes emerge. I know everyone is struggling in their own way in these times of greater tension. Please do not think you are censured by me or unwelcome. Things have a way of smoothing out over time.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks this whole physical ream is the land of disappointment. And we come here to get over wanting to be here, is it? Go left to go right? And we do it how many times? Ayuh, I'm guilty as charged. I can be just as much of an idiot as the next nose. I admit it. However, if I'm stupid enough to ask to come here again, please shoot me before I get here.

By the way, 'decillion' has a greater impact than trillion. For those who know what it means, anyway. These days I wonder. You might get that fluoride stare ifn ya say it on the street (Along with Purina Moloch Chow. My new favourite term for those abominations I don't want within a mile of me.), but most who read your posts have more than 2 braincells.

Gods, me thinks the Cathars had it right. DON'T FEED THE DEMIURGE. Though me thinks we had different reasons for wanting to come to the same conclusion. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if religion didn't exist, there wouldn't exist all of these systems which ultimately destroyed the innocence of the child and built up their ego and thus create the illusion of separation. If there was no separation, there wouldn't even be a need for a concept of "god" since we would already be god, oneness, all together. Then the very concept of "liberation" would cease to exist as life wouldn't be an unnatural misery anymore.

The kundalini force is ultimately in control and is creating the new age where all of these man made systems of governments, economic systems, religions, won't exist. And perhaps the vaccine is what will ultimately destroy all of these systems. The vaccine is actually the cure to the Matrix! And the people in charge of the system thought they created the vaccine for their own purposes.

We are all anonymous. We are one. On 4chan it's about the exchange of ideas and stuff rather than individual personalities. By making everyone anonymous, the issue of egos and personality cults never arise. All that matters then is ideas.

The kundalini is incredible, and is ushering in a green new age where we may all begin to live in much greater harmony with each other and nature. The suppression of the divine feminine is over. The age of witches and magic is arising once again.

Visible said...

The age of witches and magic never left. These are only in a particular disguise. Kundalini. The Sacred Fire burns up all superstitions. Witches and magic are no positive replacement for religion because you still have the light and the dark playing hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

But at least love and heroism are possible in an age of magic. If you look at any of the millions of romance novels women read, the plot is pretty much the same- a woman meets a beast like male and tries to heal him with her virginal energy. Basically a witch, and her knight.

Anyway i tried to join the Freemasons and start on their solar based path but apparently i was rejected even after meeting the Master Mason of the local lodge. Sucks... but i guess I'll have to rediscover the secrets of the Knights Templar on my own, from within, thru the intuition.

Visible said...


Witches and Kundalini have NO connection at all. Chasing down old legends reveals nothing because the truth is not in the legends or the structure and tradition. It is REVEALED when The Soul resonates through purity of intention and self-discovery occurs. It is like the story of The Grail... Percival... Galahad... and Lancelot represent stages of discovery... and the discovery is qualified by the purity and devotion of the aspirant. The Love of Guinevere is like Radha swaying in the path to distract from Krishna

Citizen Elle said...

"Mortal personalities come and go while Destiny plays Wack-a-Mole."
So many of your one liners are pure gold.

This entire offering was extraordinarily rich, thanks again!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"I Have What You Could Call... Swedenborg Syndrome. It Happens when The Spiritual Senses are Activated."



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