Monday, March 20, 2023

"There is More Than a Difference in Appearance Between Processed Potato Chips... and An Actual Potato."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We do not regularly expound on every area of interest that enters our mind; even those areas of interest that have been present in our mind for decades, such as Permaculture; Electromagnetics... Solar Metaphysics... (which has great similarities to Electromagnetics) and Hermetic Science. Sometimes though, something seems to be worth mentioning.

On one hand... the complexity can be intimidating, and on the other hand, there is an ever-greater chance that I won't know what I'm talking about when I go outside the range of my knowledge... which is... heh heh... extremely limited.

Being interested in a subject is not the same as knowing anything about the subject. It's similar to one fronting for something... not being the same as... actually representing it; like Taylor Swift and Inspired Art being mutually exclusive.

There is more than a difference in appearance between processed potato chips and an actual potato. Here too... Taylor Swift might serve as an example for those able to make the connection. Even though most people might not associate Taylor Swift with potatoes, she has a lot in common with them... even if only metaphorically.

Before I've segued right off the table, let us return to subjects of interest off the beaten path, and forget about our reference to common items found on the common path.

This brings me to Electroculture, which I think most readers might not have heard of, and which most people who are not readers here... are definitely unlikely to have heard of.

I only bring up Electroculture because one perspicacious fellow has found an ancillary use for it (sorry about the big words).

As with many other sciences, just because someone has an incomplete knowledge of a science does not make that science invalid. Dowsing works, even if dowsers are a peculiar lot. Astrology is a legitimate science, even if most astrologers are nuts. Tarot is a system for understanding the connections between The World and the human mind. Just because Lady Clementine Bubastis-Scat is running a fortune-telling scam does not delegitimize what is not a fortune-telling device but rather a fortune-changing device.

We don't like to include links in the actual post anymore, trusting that the reader might be inspired to travel to GAB for relevant articles. However... we doubt most people can be bothered to do that, and many will be off-put by tweets having to do with deranged examples of a culture in decline, which we often refer to. In this case, we will make the effort to engage the reader's attention more directly.

We've mentioned changes in the weather at my location in recent times... since the new year began; most especially the appearance of steroid-enhanced Chemtrails. Today is another example. If the second link is a real thing, we shall soon see the same results here too, because I will be headed to Home Depot soonest. I rarely go anywhere outside of my immediate neighborhood. That's how important this is to me.

Sometimes... the challenges that we experience, happen for reasons other than to simply torment us. Sometimes they are actually incentives for our growth in the scheme of things... to lead us out of the scheme of things OR... into the real scheme of things. I'm hoping that is the case here. Failing a complete and comprehensive cure... we hope that... at the very least... we have revealed something useful for future consideration.

In the chaos and confusion of global change, which we are smack-dab in the middle of... and with so much of it being negative... it can be easy to overlook the wonderful advances that are soon to burst upon the scene. Much good sometimes comes out of negative events. War is a good example. It can lead to all sorts of advancements that were not the original intention of the inventors. Sometimes it was the original intention that got demonically twisted for use as a weapon of war.

Sometimes an innovation in one area becomes a commonplace asset in another area... like what will soon be a dramatic connection between nature's batteries and solar collectors that involves the process of magnification and an extension of storage life that is similar to the longevity of information on hard drives of smaller and smaller dimensions.

I'm sorry if I am getting complex with this. I generally try to avoid complexity, especially for the sake of complexity... which is another form of masturbation engaged in by people with poor social skills. However... in this particular instance, I don't know how else to talk about it, except to talk around it, and my left brain skills have only recently been more regularly employed. I'm just not that good at it yet.

It's like what happens with academics and religious scholars in the areas of philosophy, where they communicate via gibberish... that is only understood by others of their kind... who don't understand anything of importance to begin with. This is great at wine and cheese events on a campus, but useless in real life, which they have no familiarity with anyway.

If you can't converse about spirituality and metaphysics in simple language, you've missed the point of the exercise. We've had real adepts at that, like Jesus Christ... Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha, who have made their messages clear to the masses. Unfortunately... when the out-of-touch pseudo-intellectuals got their hands on the teachings, complexity became the point of the issue for the material enrichment of The Priest Class.

You know by this time that all of these temporal agencies of politics, religion, and sundry are connected by a certain flim-flam machine that distorts human perception for their material advantage. Their day is coming to an end (for a while anyway) and they are losing their shit, which is amusing in one way and should be a caution to you in another.

Those of us with an appreciable amount of intellect are able to understand what the obfuscators have been up to; even to the point of knowing that they don't know what they are talking about OR... what they are doing, and... who are hoping their use of complexity will conceal this from others.

Ah well... since language evolved to a particular level, there have been... and always will be... liars and charlatans out for their own material gain. We've never had so many as we have now.

A TRULY skillful artisan is one who can present the timeless and ageless truths to others without needing to be remunerated for it. These are the ones who USUALLY know that there is an intelligence behind the whole of existence. This means that no good deed goes unrewarded, no matter how often the point of it goes missing in the short term... and it feels like you are being punished instead.

The unskilled and uninformed poseurs work complexity for the sole purpose of confusion and misdirection because the point is to pick your pocket any way they can. Marianne Williamson and her co-conspirators know all about this... and as long as there is a core constituency of materialism-besotted rubberneckers... the traffic of real change will remain intentionally bottlenecked... unless you are talking about Bwak! Obama's kind of change which goes in reverse.

It's like that thing that happens when the train outside your window starts moving and it looks like your train is moving. This is another way appearances can be deceiving.

Intelligence is NOT the result of evolution. Intelligence is the cause of it. Of course, those playing God evade this understanding at every turn... and they never imagine they will be caught out at it... until the one they are making bank off of shows up... directly or indirectly, which... I... assure... you... he... will.

All fraudsters working the make-believe angles for personal profit off-of-the-unsuspecting, DO INDEED run into God on the way.

Here is something you might consider for yourself, I know that I was formed as an idea in The Mind of God for his mysterious purposes and amusement, and I am guided and inspired by those of his angels that are assigned to fields I operate in, AND... whether that is the whole of it or... whether it came about in concert with my free will (such as it is) in search of God, doesn't... really... matter... does... it? It winds up with the same result... AND... this could well be the case for each and every one of you.

Whether God engineered you to a specific end OR... your own efforts led you to fulfilling God's will through your hindering or not hindering his will; his will is done no matter what. Look at this as a variation on Pascal's Wager, if you will. In my own case, I know God is real and have no need to prove it to myself. It's not the same for everyone, BUT... the result... the outcome... eventually is the same... over whatever length of time the exercise requires.

My point in this strange and convoluted effort has to do with the simplicities of technology, and the fatuous distractions generated by those who have been running The Smoke and Mirrors Machine for long enough. Everything comes from The Sun or travels THROUGH The Sun. With that understood and with the inclusion of electricity and magnetics one might presume there is more to be found than has so far revealed itself to The Mind.

It's possible to fix things BEFORE they happen... and once you understand this a remarkable freedom may come upon you and you will no longer be traveling sideways on an elevator with bad music playing. Sorry... this is as close as I was able to get. You'll have to permit the ineffable to blanks.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

I am excited to try Electroculture. I had much success last year growing Borage from seed using a quartz crystal. "Boris" not only became a behemoth but survived over the winter - blooming the whole time! Now that Spring has sprung, Boris is sprouting more branches and sporting more blooms. (He has also distributed seed on the other side of the fence so I wouldn't be surprised to see little Borises popping up there very soon. Hopefully the gardener won't pull them up thinking they are weeds...)

robert said...

Greetings Visible, and Gratitude for the Meetings of the Mind!

The unskilled and uninformed poseurs work complexity for the sole purpose of confusion and misdirection because the point is to pick your pocket any way they can. Marianne Williamson and her co-conspirators know all about this... and as long as there is a core constituency of materialism-besotted rubberneckers... the traffic of real change will remain intentionally bottlenecked... unless you are talking about Bwak! Obama's kind of change which goes in reverse.

Like Alexander cutting the Gordian knot, in reality or symbolically in myth, cutting through the excrescence, cutting the shit, making crooked ways straight, is an essential aspect of mind.

Complexity is the snare of foolish thinkers

A good man once conveyed what he had been shown: someone with true mastery (occasionally formally marked by an advanced degree)
can explain what appears complex in simple terms, to anyone who will invest their attention.

There must be clear space to think clearly
There must be an empty womb to conceive and manifest
Free of clutter, we can create more beauty

As Spock once explained to the Captain as the source of his seemingly astounding insight: "Simple Logic!"

In this scene, it was actually a simple observation of a bus advertisement!

Simple but not bullying over-simplification!

We are seeing the usual deceivers crushing delicate truth down to emotional trigger symbols.

This is to force feed the dumbed down minion mindset with processed putrescence with minumal nutritive content

Get the people to waste energy digestion crap to obtain their bread and water
Do this on the mental level too and chortle at the struggle of people to remain human!

So much incredible bullshit!
An industrial waste dump of unbelievable bilious byproducts to sort through in order to construct a coherent vision!

Those who see, see slowly
Those who see, see simply

When we hear parents belabor to defend the existing corrupt cruelty to their children, baffling them with bullshit as they have been baffled, we can hear the missing simplicity of truth

When we hear those who have usurped authority with a borrowed ladder go off on deliberately convoluted spin jobs, rendering simple questions into incomprehensible porridge, we see the tiny creatures inside the scary robot exterior

The more true knowledge is captured by human comprehension
The more basic it becomes

How a single formula, iterated or looped back upon itself can create fractal universes which scale into infinite levels all of which possess self similar patterns, shows us how a few fundamental notes can create an infinite tapestry of celestial music!

If only we will continue to pare down our fruit tree intellects
Cut away all the self-deceiving walls to our being here
Experiment with elementary mental strategies and consistent disciplines

Slowly the true reality comes into focus, free of human brain stains

We are in our own way, instead of being in the Way

All to hold on to complex baggage we made, like concrete overshoes?

Fighter jets drop their extra fuel tanks when entering conflict zones
We must drop what we don't really want or need to surf through the churn

Seeing with a single eye at all times helps
Who has the single eye but the One who sees all

May we be One

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
well, my friend missed you. There is always a reason and there must be an effect, such a law. There was a beginning, so it must be and the end. i greet and wish a nice evening for all what is to be and so will happen,
Mr. Apocalipse :)

Strider Copernicus said...

It isn't confusing at all and Einstein said if you can't explain it simply then you don't know enough about the topic, he also said that imagination was more important than intelligence.
I play music and say nice things to the plants and use various lights for indoor.
There is a small patch out back that is very fertile but there are lots of raccoons and other animals around.
The price went up on baby plants and the guru is long gone after an OD, extremely intelligent people get extremely depressed in Clown World but like that old Wildwood Flower song there is a pack of seeds!
Weather is always in flux with it being 60's a few weeks ago and 20s-30s with snow lately.
Today the Sun is out looking marvelous and I'll say it aloud on the after meal walkabout.

Anonymous said...

Check out, they talk a lot about chembusters.

Proficient Anti-Social Skills said...

@ Robert,

These are great and I save some of my favorites in notepad.
So glad I have nothing but some bolt out bags and prep supplies.
Sadly family sold the 20+ acres in the far southwestern corner of the state which is so beautiful.
Computers and electronics can be left behind but will be enjoyable for now.
Now that the weather is about to change Pineland Waldganger is the way!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Often The Only Partner is One's Poisoned Imagination, Adrift in a Landscape of Strange Pornography from Nowhere."



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