Tuesday, March 28, 2023

"Led Around On The Choke Chain of Life; A Mindless Graduate of The Obedience Training of Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick."

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The species of Trannysaurus Bimbonius Phonius appears in human evolution when the female nature is perverted through Materialism and men are transformed into Bitch Portals through the appearance of the virus, Metrosexualis-68, which leaves the human psyche in a constant treadmill state of, “Now I owe you one;” given that it is one less than 69. It is a time of endless wanting and never getting because of never giving and always taking.

This causes a reversal in the sexual nature of both men and women and brings them on their knees before each other in the temporary religious posture of drive-thru sexual servicing. It is what happens when Materialism becomes Religion and Twerking becomes a Communion ritual. It is what happens when Nature stops being trees and meadows, mountains and streams, and becomes sidewalks and buildings, highways and billboards.

It is what happens when those who made the cities into giant cauldrons of suffering, migrate to the beautiful lands beyond the torments they created and try to claim them for themselves.

When everything that is advertised to the human senses is concerned with the satisfaction of the senses, God the Ineffable is kicked to the curb, and life becomes a turnstile affair of mechanical functionality... devoid of fulfillment... and ruthlessly ritualized into meaningless protocols that MUST... BE... FOLLOWED... or else. Or else what? Or else, “kiss my ass,” is my response but that appears to be an anomaly.

The State of; do as I say but not as I do, is concerned only with your obeisance and willingness to be led around on The Choke Chain of Life; a mindless graduate of the obedience training of Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick; “Can I have another, Sir!” They are most pleased when you come to them of your own accord... seeking a ration of punishment... whether it has been earned or not. Ultimately... you pay them to punish you.

Look at the sewer scum, and slithering... mucoidal bobbleheads who make up The WEF. You remember how in Middle Earth the orcs were perversions of elves? This is the objective of trans-humanism; a godless regimentation of programmed degeneration. It is the idea of taking the evolving perfection of God's creation... and making it a mockery unto itself. It's turning life into a hall of funhouse mirrors embedded with razor blades and then turning out the lights.

Man-made Climate Change is bullshit. COVID is bullshit. Transsexualism is Tavistock-MKUltra bullshit. Educationally programmed racial hatred is bullshit, designed by the people who owned the slave-ships that brought the Africans to America.

This is the same kind of diversion and misdirection they pulled after the last World War that was meant to distract from what they did in Russia during The Bolshevik Horror.

Who is financing the coast-to-coast, daily fodder of racial hatred? It's the same people that are in the WEF. Diversity is Perversity. It is a state where the mentally ill are convinced they are sane, and then they are set loose on everyone else, according to standards designed by the people who programmed them to that end.

The most mentally deficient among us... are being elevated by the most craven among us... to create endless states of dissension and the ever-ratcheting tension of a... house... divided and gone batshit.

It is well-known to the ones promoting the process that transsexuals are ticking time bombs. It is the construction of barely contained rage in search of a target, AND... which will inevitably be blamed on the still sane among us. Cold-blooded psychopathic Satanists are behind all of this, AND the intention is to make you fear them, and to submit to ever more insane forms of madness, to be concealed within, living... your... own... truth, and living... your... best... life... no fucking matter what the cost of it to the people around you.

They figure they control the economy because they control the banks. They control the printing presses where the money gets made. They control the technology, so they control the means of production. They control the education systems so they control the curriculum. They shape the minds of the young toward a perpetual godless servitude. Their intention is to destroy everything previously identifiable about this country... and then move on to their next victims.

It would be a desperate state of affairs if they really were in control, but they are not even in control of themselves, and the way they are going about trying to accomplish that is backwards... by the way... and won't work. They think they can bring about an immortal and omniscient state of being through... heh heh... ah... heh heh (sigh) technology. This is not the first time that fools have tried to accomplish this. Immortality does not come out of a can.

They are all gone now and forgotten, as are the ones before them, and the ones before them, and so on ad infinitum. Pride most certainly does go before a fall, and spectacular pride precedes a spectacular fall. They really should have read The Tibetan Book of The Dead. It is ALL clearly explained there.

When poor deluded fools pass on... such as the ones we see presently on The World stage, they are immediately transported to The World inside their heads. It is here that all the monsters of their former thoughts and emotions are unleashed upon them, and which hound them unmercifully... and tear them asunder again, and again, and again.

This is the place where thoughts and feelings are THINGS. They are actualized, and whatever you gave birth to... in your efforts on this plane of existence... is there to greet you on the next plane of existence.

What I am telling you here is REAL. It may look like all kinds of twisted dirtbags get away with all kinds of ugly behavior in this life, BUT... THEY... DO... NOT. No, they do not. They go to The Land of Conscience, and if they didn't have one while they were here, they will assuredly be provided with one there. Following their sojourn in The Lower Astral Land of Payback, a suitable womb is provided for them to return here and continue in their torments.

I don't care one wit if anyone believes this. I KNOW it to be true. I did not construct the rules of engagement here. I have only been compelled... through the cosmic reactions to my own previous behaviors here... to follow these rules. This is where the real, OR ELSE, lives.

You see, they are not in charge at all. They are the willing captives of a terrible delusion, which Heaven is reinforcing in their minds, and driving them to a particular outcome. They are being compelled by Divine Fiat to an appointed end For The Purpose of Demonstration. None of us have ever been in danger of them, EXCEPT when we believed their bullshit... when we through fear submitted to them... when our hunger for glittering garbage led us astray into their webs.

Even now they feel the approach of their own doom. It is why they are suddenly reckless and aroused. If they really were in charge, why are they in such an all-fired hurry now? And what strange hubris has caused them to rush forward on the stage before the eyes of The World? They really think no one can stop them. It reminds me of Macbeth and how no man born of a woman would cause his demise. God always has some terrible irony on hand... some ingenious plot device.

I must say, my heart is filled with pity for them because I know what awaits on the other side. My friends... the whole of existence is a profound orchestration of something that is forever beyond our comprehension. I have met exceedingly wise souls who were incandescent with Divine Light, and they were utterly humble and forever prostrate before the altar of The Divine... their life is a testimony of endless surrender and giving way before it.

What mortal achievements can contend with the incredible beauty and splendor of The Everlasting? No tongue nor pen can tell... even in a small way... of the wonders that await those who love The One... who is the source of all unity... all harmony... all love. Within us is an overflowing wellspring of wonder and joy... accessible to every seeking heart, if it would only keep seeking.

My God... these poor benighted fools, bathing in the darkness of their own ignominy. What terrible destinies have they woven for themselves? May God awaken them to their dreadful state before it is too late.

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Missing Munich said...


this one is out of the ballpark. So happy I found your blogs a little over a decade ago! There is nothing more uplifting than reading your musings when the world turns to shit around you. Lots of times I cannot decide if I should get angry at people, or just feel sorry for them. It's challenging for sure, but rewarding also, when the anger turns to empathy.

Greetings all around!!

Anonymous said...

Well said and Thanks again Les.

There is no one hell but seems there are as many needed which guide the lost souls back home. I've lived in my own and never wish to return because there is something most terrifying about having your own personal hell follow you no matter where you go.

robert said...

Thank you brother Visible!

How those who see more handle the sight of human carnage wreaked upon beauty incarnate is a mystery in itself!

Balance is restored as we fall back upon our central sun within and join the effulgent radiance which recreates our being in every moment...

What mortal achievements can contend with the incredible beauty and splendor of The Everlasting? No tongue nor pen can tell... even in a small way... of the wonders that await those who love The One... who is the source of all unity... all harmony... all love. Within us is an overflowing wellspring of wonder and joy... accessible to every seeking heart, if it would only keep seeking.

This is the source of humility to the point of doubting every creative impulse!

What can any artist in human limitation create that is not a vain insult to All-That-Is?

When Bach noted on his music manuscripts "To God Alone" (in German of course) how did he overcome his knowing that his music with all its mathematical elegance and emotional intention was but a tiny sun spot falling back into source?

Compassion must have sustained him, to share what ever joy he could convey to benighted slumbering souls surrounding him

Yet the minions of the dim, the copiers of coprologist culture, the team of temporarily useful idiots, feel fully empowered, completely possessed by unholy drives to persist in their delusion, all the way to perdition

W. B. Yeats' The Second Coming

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Knowing how the current cancel cult dominating the matrix howls down all truth and beauty
While seeing the insignificance of human radiance impeding the brilliant light within
How to birth and nurture any artistic expression?

Where comes our courage to create?

If the goal is fame, fortune and fun with trafficked children, then excreting forms of expression for profit is easy.
Any who point out the degraded dementia passing itself off as art/music get ignored or savaged.
Especially as the dark hole source of the "inspiration" oozes from every hole in the artistic illusion

Old ways of motivating the body into continued servitude no longer work
Whipping dead horses only provides cardio for the whipper will

Where we can find sustained motivation is in the knowing that we are continually shone upon and shown that we are loved
Whatever service we can provide, however short it falls of true beauty, we render.

However we may cringe from our own expression, it is better than the shouting silence we would face!

The few but important souls still striving to raise human spirits above the mud flats are supported from inner sources, from where genius emerges as spirit freed from doubt

Walk on we must while the Sun shines, even when the Earth turns her back to it daily, with us riding along

We may approach the inner chamber by falling backwards, unable to face the blinding light
We will be accepted back in the grace of love to feel the warmth and be projected like a slide transparency out on the light waves in constant mercy shine

There lives the joy which accompanies our consciousness when we surrender the grip on our tiny idea of self

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think the best thing to do right now is ignore the status quo, feed it as little as possible, and walk away from the world at large isolating yourself as much as possible during the times of insanity.

I quite frankly have had it with those who live for this world. Something I learnt not to do a very long time ago.


Visible said...

Great commentary, Robert!

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"It's One of Those Hot-Flashes of Materialism... Engineered Through Anti-Social Media as a Means to An End."



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