Tuesday, March 07, 2023

"It's Quite Simple. This World is Barely Managed Chaos... Maintained in that State by Runaway Appetite and Desire."

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Every one of us is like a giant office building. The average human body has around 30 trillion cells. So... maybe an office building is a severe underestimation, since a billion is a thousand million, and a trillion is a thousand billion.

Every one of those cells is alive and is also specialized. Every one of those cells lives in a specialized subset of a system, and they all have to get along. Otherwise, they go to war. That is what cancer is. It is warfare that starts in a system and could... theoretically engulf the whole body. Usually... it dies before that happens.

The body is filled with superhighways and smaller routes... going out and coming back in. What would you say is the most important quality a body can possess? That would have to be Harmony.

The World too is a body. The same things happen in The World that happens in a body. What would be the most important quality that could exist in The World? That would have to be Harmony too. The same applies to a solar system, a galaxy, and a universe. The word universe seems to almost have the word Unity in it.

So... technically... you are the ruler... should be... could be... of a vast collection of systems, composed of individual components that all interact with each other in the systems where they are resident. How amusing is it that there are people who seek to rule The World around them, and yet... have no control over The World within them?

From my observations, The World external to our individual worlds, seems to go through phases of change that cycle through periods of growth and decline; up you go... down you come. The same thing happens to us. We grow to a point and then we begin to fade away. Eventually... we do fade away as if we had never been here at all.

Harmony... the most desirable element that can be resident in The External World, and The World Within... is an elusive quality; is it not? Some people seem to possess it, but most do not. Especially in these times. Why... it seems that people are falling more and more deeply into inharmonious states of being with every passing day. One of the most dramatic indications of this is that they are going crazy at an ever-increasing clip. That is the fever of Materialism.

Most of the craziness seems to emerge from only a few sources; our sense of identity... our desires... and our appetites... and mostly has to do with our lack of command over any and all of them. We are being dragged hither and yon by them, like a team of runaway horses. Most of us are trying to control these forces, BUT... most of us do not fully... or even a little bit... understand these forces. So we do not know how to control them.

When you go into periods of extreme grief... a sense of loss... a continuing state of fear and apprehension... frustration and anger... stress... any of the NEGATIVE states that can come upon a person... it is first present in your mind and emotions... and then... inevitably... it will find its way into your body... as a condition... a state of physical distress and discomfort... disease... and... and... all of which... is a symptom of disharmony.

As you sow... so shall you reap. Your body is the field that displays the fruit of your efforts. It is inevitable. It is inescapable. You have to get it right from the get-go or... you will experience the educating pain whose intention is to put you back on course... to bring you back into a state of harmony.

It all seems pointless, does it not? You arrive here, not knowing where you came from. You go through a series of changes over the course of a brief period of years, and then... you are gone, and every evidence of your having been here... eventually goes away as well. None of what you acquired materially departs with you. It stays here, and it disappears as well. What's the point? Sooner or later, the whole world that you once knew is no longer present either.

There is nothing constant about The World except the constant cycling of changes, and suffering is everywhere, regardless of one's station... one's possessions... one's abilities. Suffering finds its way in somehow because of attachments to the sources of suffering.

If Karma and Reincarnation were more widely embraced, one could see that there might be a greater purpose to all of it, but these cosmic constants are constantly veiled by... someone or something... here in The West. Even in The East where they are part of the collective perspective, they aren't always rightly understood.

WHY ARE WE HERE? Oh... many books have been written. Countless souls have pontificated upon this enduring question. How could I hope to clarify any of it in such a short format?

I'm going to give you my simple version. Maybe I am right, and maybe I am not. Certainly, I am not going to be comprehensive.

You are here to learn to get along. That is why you are here. Once you learn to get along here, you can move to a finer world of residence. Until you do learn, you will just return here over, and over, and over again. You won't be permitted to move to a higher plane of existence until you do.

You have acquired debts from previous inharmonious behavior. Acquiring spiritual wisdom acts like a fire upon your obligations and burns them up. This is a VERY IMPORTANT detail. Get Wisdom at any cost!!! As Guru Bawa once said; “Steal it if you have to.”

Existence moves on a spiral, and Harmony is the key to being upwardly mobile. Love is the fuel that feeds the engines of your progress. First of all... you have to get along with yourself. You have to learn to bring all of your interior systems into accord with one another. Then you will radiate this to the World around you. You will come to the attention of agents from higher planes of existence and they will shepherd you there.

It's quite simple. This world is managed chaos... maintained in that state by runaway appetite and desire. Stop Wanting!!! That is key. Start Loving!!! That is key. Act Harmoniously!!! That is key. Finally... serve as you go. Everyone in the higher planes of existence does this or they don't stay there, and they certainly do not move to even higher planes of existence, and I can tell you with real conviction that there are more stages of being above where you presently reside than you can possibly imagine.

Everyone does not want to do this. Those who do... look like fools to the snatch-and-grab armies that live here. Some are quite content to remain here and never move on. Well... I shouldn't put it that way. No one is content who lives here without Harmony.

There is a music that is generated by the planets passing one another in space. You must learn to dance harmoniously to it because the music is always changing and you have to adapt. Adaptation is the key to The Operation of The Sun. This music is heard internally... once the cacophony of The World subsides. You come into resonance. You come into Harmony.

The World as we know it does not move in harmony with this music... not at this level of existence. As Boehme said, “you must... in all things... move contrary to The World.” This you accomplish WITHOUT coming into conflict with it. When you don't want anything, you don't get in anyone's way. When you don't want anything that is here, both Peace and Sanctuary come of their own accord.

Tomorrow we will explore more deeply... the utter simplicity of the whole affair.

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I know that sometimes the links are disturbing. They are indications of Trends and Patterns that one... if they are of the intention to remain sane... should avoid at every turn.


0 said...

I kinda like Tig Notaro. Not sure if you've seen her. She has a series on Hulu called "One Mississippi" that was pretty decent. I mention this because as I watched the last episode of season two there was a dialogue between her and kate which struck me as the interaction between the all and oneself. It was interesting as I sorta stopped watching and just listened to the commentary and had it validated on my form in the usual fashion.

There was a part in an episode of picard season 2 where Q was talking to picard about his favoritism of him... and that interaction similarly struck me as if the all was talking to me.

Not real sure why I'm sharing other than to note that from varied sources do things come to oneself to be "validated" or not by the watcher should such be resident in self.

Harmony Indeed.

Cheers Viz!

Visible said...

I don't have any streaming services but I get your point. I watch select series and films that I continue to watch because they entertain or educate me. Most of them I shut down before the first episode has completed, and with films, generally in the first 15 minutes. I can usually tell if I want to continue. Mostly I read books and interact with The Invisible World.

0 said...

I hear ya. There is not much worth paying attention to. I guess in times past this would have come from interacting with other people. I don't much like people. Any good books you'd recommend?

I enjoyed Etidorhpa by Lloyd. Also dug "the holy science" by yukteswari. Still in process reading "God-Man: the Word made flesh" by Carey/Perry.


Am interested in anything that lets one cultivate siddhis in some manner.

Lately I am sorta restless like how I feel when a big storms rolling in. It makes me care less about paying attention and more in the moment. Kinda feels like theres something trying to push me to Act out. Weird sensation.

Did you see the post by Tom Luongo about the Feds antics this week? It seemed like some good news finally that might slow inflation and perhaps reverse it to some degree, presuming they don't just put the dollars back into circulation. Link here:


May the Gears always Mesh!

Visible said...

Most of that is not my department or area of concern.

As for books. I bought the complete library of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov from Provesta ( the company that publishes his work.) It was around 600 dollars at the time. They are always putting out new volumes; several each year (I get those too.) I recommend the series of white volumes of his Complete Works. However, ANYTHING by him is fantastic.

I've nearly finished them. He is absolutely remarkable. The wisdom and advice are something else. He's a bit of an eccentric... also, the books are translated from French so... I see places where the translator took liberties. On the whole, however... WOW!!!

Every day at lunch I read while eating, and at night I read before meditating and bed. Also... The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. I've read that twice. There's enough there to keep one occupied for a year or two unless one binge-reads. (grin)

As for siddhis, Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms are the bible for that. I recommend the Alice Bailey translation. That'll do me, Koot Hoomi.

Visible said...

Oh... I forgot. Aivanhov never wrote anything down. He spoke extemporaneously. So others recorded him. When you see the detail that appears here and there, it's quite remarkable.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm here because I needed to sort myself out. Get over a few things that were really bothering me. OK, done. But I'm still here, and I find that rather annoying, but my contract ain't up yet.

Why are we here? In a lot of cultures, Purina Moloch Chow is had to be farm slaves, 401K plans, and just a product of lust; want the biological accident, or not. An 18 year prison sentence of sort because of a few minutes of something that might have been better done by hand or vibrator. It woulda been cheaper in the long run.

What puzzles me is that the farm slaves and 401K plans go along with the game. I'm surprised they don't tell their 'owners' to feck off and live forever before going out on their own, but I suppose that's just me. Hating my sojourn here for 54 of my 60 years doesn't give me a good opinion of my 'ride' here, and even though I did ask for it, priorities and opinions change as one experiences more. I condemn this place and everything in it down to the last quark. . .including myself for being here. Compared to the Otherside, it's STUPID! It's inconvenient, and when you reach a certain level of thought; TOTALLY POINTLESS UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING A SLAVE TO CIRCUMSTANCE. You're on a feckin' hamster wheel, serving some you want to, and even more that you don't due to arbitrary obligations that shouldn't exist thanx to our worthless parasitic government, entitled garbage vampires that exists at the undeserved expense of the populace, and people who can't think their way out of a paper bag.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

cannot expect harmony when women have been so badly repressed and oppressed for thousands of years. On the other hand, the tantric women i had the pleasure of knowing, who were very much in harmony with their own body and sexual energy, were also the most humble and down to earth women. By fully accepting themselves instead of repressing themselves, they were able to release a lot of the ego barriers. And they were amazing women too.

TotoFromOz said...

You have excelled yourself again dear brother! I'm currently in one of those soul crisis..."periods of extreme grief... a sense of loss... a continuing state of fear and apprehension."...and cant see myself moving forward at all, at this point. But your messages are a big help...you've long been an enormous help to me.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Listening to Materialism now. Great tune, great lyrics. Too true for the radio.

Visible said...

Toto; sometimes it helps to realize... if realizing is possible... that none of this 'out there' matters, so there is no need to take it so seriously. All that matters is the positive changes and evolution within and that is what external circumstance PRESSES us toward. Sometimes the ride is easier and sometimes it is damned hard. I have been put through years at a time of hardship and up-against-it stress and torment. It stopped bothering me when I stopped bothering it.

I know these are just words. I will ask my invisible friends for you. Sometimes that can make a big difference.

You have heard, of course, that it is always darkest just before the dawn. That is actually true. It sometimes helps to read Kipling's poem, "If." It can awaken the indomitable will within to endure. Endurance is the larger part of the whole affair.

Visible said...

As far as women being oppressed. There is no consistency of being a woman in the cycling of incarnate lives. Those who oppress women are born into situations where they can experience the same. Most of those pretending to be tantrics are miles from any understanding of the dynamic. The rarest of spiritual teachers on earth are the realized tantric gurus. The rest of them have something going on... and as long as it means whatever delusion the players engaged are seeking... all is fine.

Women run the men who run this world. I've been told that often enough by the horse's mouth.

You keep on with this particular scenario... referring to tantric witches. No good will come of it.

Anonymous said...

well if someone is really serious, they can experience both dualities in one lifetime. I remember like 11 or 12 years ago i was a huge woman hater and even had created a couple of antifeminist blogs which pushed the idea of antifeminism into the mainstream culture. It was called "Boycott American Women". It reached a pretty massive number of people and basically became a movement. After living in India, and seeing how hopeless and down trodden the women here are, well now I'm the biggest feminist and woman supporter. India is truly a black hole of spiritual death.

Anyway i remember posting an anti-woman comment to your blog and you had said something similar, that if men suffer too, it's just karma. I remember that clearly, as I was staying in a hotel room in Kolkata that night and even smoked some marijuana. Time has really gone by fast and it's been an honor reading your blogs these past 12 years.

The idea of a kundalini witch. There exists a rare woman, or human, who can awaken the kundalini in others. I've come in direct contact with three such witches since 2014. My idea, is that there must be a way to engineer at will, a kundalini witch.

Then again didn't that spiritual society in south India try that with Krishnamurti? They tried to artificially engineer a kundalini awakened individual.

Either way if it's the divine will that i discover such a secret and engage in such actions, then it shall be done.

Visible said...

Perhaps it is the term, "witches." That's a misnomer according to the end result. It's not an enchantment. It is the diametric opposite.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Once You Find it... a Certain Perspective Appears Inside Your Head. It is Very Similar to Finding The Light Switch."

0 said...

Thanks Viz!


I will snag it, always looking to add to my home library and knowledge.

Looks like Vivekananda is online here:



Thanks for the references!

0 said...

From the patanjali link.

"The bottom of a lake we cannot see, because its surface is covered with ripples. It is only possible for us to catch a glimpse of the bottom, when the ripples have subsided, and the water is calm. If the water is muddy or is agitated all the time, the bottom will not be seen. If it is clear, and there are no waves, we shall see the bottom. The bottom of the lake is our own true Self; the lake is the Chitta and the waves the Vrittis. Again, the mind is in three states, one of which is darkness, called Tamas, found in brutes and idiots; it only acts to injure. No other idea comes into that state of mind. Then there is the active state of mind, Rajas, whose chief motives are power and enjoyment. "I will be powerful and rule others." Then there is the state called Sattva, serenity, calmness, in which the waves cease, and the water of the mind-lake becomes clear. It is not inactive, but rather intensely active. It is the greatest manifestation of power to be calm. It is easy to be active. Let the reins go, and the horses will run away with you. Anyone can do that, but he who can stop the plunging horses is the strong man. Which requires the greater strength, letting go or restraining? The calm man is not the man who is dull. You must not mistake Sattva for dullness or laziness. The calm man is the one who has control over the mind waves. Activity is the manifestation of inferior strength, calmness, of the superior."

Good stuff!

Visible said...

The Koot Hoomi reference was a play on words, not a recommendation, although I'm sure he's worth the time.

Those others are SOLID GOLD. You will never regret the investment made.

0 said...

Thanks much and appreciate the clarification. Placed the order today for Aivanhovs works!

When I was in my 20s I remember thinking to myself that if I doubled my effort I might be exhausted by the time I left form... then I did it anyways, whats the point, if not be-coming. So maybe I'll leave form earlier than otherwise I may have, but at least I've understandings which formed the habits of self in the process of the doing. Maybe thats worth more than the knowing. Will have to see what presents to my awareness once this iteration of form rarefies again...

Take care!

TotoFromOz said...

Thank you Viz. ❤️
I ended up just losing the love of my life...in my arms today. Just a 3yo cat, of a solo dude in this world, yet he was gifted to me by the Inneffable!!! Supernatural he was! Could manifest around the place in puzzling ways.The amazing experiences with that little one Viz!!!!.
Unable yet to find any comfort tho in whats transpired & I just cannot yet work thru my separation from that precious little soul, but my gratitude to the Inneffable is beyond measure!!!
Anyway...I just needed this little vent & as always, massively appreciate your words in my life...just know that brother. Your efforts & impact reach far & you are loved & needed by each of us who show up in responce to you here ❤️



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