Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Western World's Murder of Logic and Reason

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Does anyone still not know that 9/11 was done by Mossad and the CIA, along with various parties in certain government agencies and sundry? Most of us are not hackers and we don’t deal with secret cables leaked by whistleblowers ‘or’ deliberately leaked after being sanitized in order to give the appearance of veracity. You would think that someone who is involved in intelligence information would have the intelligence and information to work out the obvious. I did it years ago, though the details are still fleshing themselves out, the names of the ones behind the attacks haven’t changed and aren’t likely to.

I measure a person’s truthfulness and intelligence according to the way they define what happened on 9/11. Let me make a very clear and unequivocal statement. Everything changed because of 9/11. All the so-called secrets that Assange possesses are influenced by 9/11. Every war since 9/11 has come about, one way or another, because of 9/11. The whole concept of terrorist has been set and sold according to 9/11. 9/11 is the Big Kahuna, period.

I got a few emails yesterday after my posting about Assange and Foxman. Unfortunately with the death of logic and reason, a number of people were unable to compute that my posting was largely about Foxman’s comment about pursuing those who tied Wiki-Leaks and Israel together. I wanted to be known as someone who did. That was the main thrust of my piece, not Assange’s, questionably valuable information, of which I have yet to see anything useful or earth-shaking. Interestingly, the emails, along with comments from mostly, never before heard from, contributors, all used the same syntax, buzzwords and arguments. Is this coincidence? All of them were cut from the same cloth, all of them avoided the 9/11 commentary, given in cavalier fashion by media model, Assange. Here is what Assange said:

"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

I don’t need to hear anything else from Assange to be convinced that he is a tool of the PTB. People defending him want me to give him breathing room. They want me to give him six months. Never has time been of such critical importance as it is now so, six months is a lifetime in which to cater to the whimsical possibility that the one who denies the most important aspect of our times, might come up with something worth suspending one’s rational faculties for six months.

No one defending him has come up with any kind of bullet listing of his accomplishments. One person defending him said, when it was mentioned that he was being represented by Rothschild lawyers, that if I was in trouble I would want the best lawyers too. You can’t dialogue with people like this. Their reasoning and logical facilities are floating upside down in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whenever I see a complete tool being defended against all reasonable and logical arguments to the contrary, I suspect enemy action. It was like that with Chomsky but not as much so. People who support the people who deny the truth about 9/11, are engaged in second hand murder. They murdered things in themselves first and then they extrapolated outward. Assange is a murderer because he reinforces the policies that murder. You can argue back and forth as long as you like but that’s what it comes down to.

When you have a public voice you are responsible for what you say and for what results, in your having caused people to believe what you said. Most bloggers with a level of exposure, equal to or larger than mine, are making money from what they do. Some of them are making very good money. I know this. I’m not. There are no adverts on my sites and my output is generally larger than most everyone else’s. There’s a reason for this.

I don’t recognize the authority of governments or religions. I obey the laws that make sense to me and ignore the ones that don’t. Governments that poison their own people are not going to tell me what to put in my body and I don’t much care what anyone else thinks about it either, they can kiss my dust.

Many readers, I’m sure, wish that I would stick with my metaphysical and spiritual writings and I have no doubt that there are some who are disappointed in the things I say and the way I say them. They’ve got a fixed idea of what spiritual means, as if the material world wasn’t spiritual, but it is. Everything is spiritual; taking a shit is spiritual, it’s an integral part of your times here. Sex is spiritual. I don’t recognize conventions and I don’t go out of my way to defy them. It just happens when it happens. I have permission to have sex with anyone I want to any time I want to, with no blame. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I don’t enjoy lying to myself and others.

Do I take advantage of this? Or, do I perhaps live a more moral life than those who are convention bound and trumpet their fidelity at every opportunity and then get caught out as the liars and hypocrites that they are? I extend the same freedoms that I demand, not because I intend to exercise them and not because I want others to. If you don’t already understand what my reasons are you have no right to be enlightened concerning them.

I have given a great deal of attention to the Assange affair. I don’t think I’ve ever written about it until yesterday. I didn’t feel the need. It was too obvious, for me to have to say anything. However, when Foxman jumped into the mix, I thought I might say a thing or two. I wasn’t very nice about it. Well, people are dying because of people like Assange and Foxman. Lots of people are engaged in daily murders that take place via fountain pens and documents. Goldman Sachs murders thousands and thousands of people on a regular basis. No one seems to see this. I see it and I don’t like it.

For some reason, since the death of reason and logic, not to mention, objective reasoning and abstract logic, people can’t seem to get from Point A to Point C, much less D. The more one has compromised themselves in the service of materialism, the more their higher faculties close off. It’s a quirk of human nature to assume that if you don’t possess something, then no one else does either. If you don’t see something, it isn’t there. People measure the possibilities of life according to their own, without even knowing what their possibilities are. Most lives are determined by how lazy one is and how much determination they do or don’t possess.

People think of war as a glorious affair and citizens of various nations root for their soldiers to kill the others. Men come back from wars and often find that the lies they tell about their time in uniform, come to compose most of the conversations they have, sitting at their neighborhood bar, living in dreams that didn’t happen, because the ones that did turned out to be bad enough to drive them to the bar and the need to lie about a life they didn’t live.

I’ve been following this Assange matter for a long time and there’s not the slightest doubt in my mind that he is cointelpro. I don’t need the details and he’s not important to me. He may turn out to be important to you, because Wiki-Leaks and all the other little mile markers that keep coming up, are all part of something that’s eventually going to get personal. It already has.

Then I see something like this. I hear about what’s supposed to be coming and what we’re all going to hear about but I haven’t seen or heard it yet. Why would you have to wait for six months? Why can’t we hear about how Israel murdered Rafik Hariri now? I suspect it’s more about the six months wait than it is the information. I’m sure there’s an easy explanation like, Assange signed a time contract with the Neo-Pharisee media or something. Promising something in the future, without any details, is not a new gambit and never seeing anything later on, or something so watered down you can’t determine what it was originally was, is not a novel ending that we haven’t seen before either.

You believe what you like and you live as you wish too. I have only one authority to answer to and I don’t see a problem there. If there was one I would hear about it. I hope your heroes don’t disappoint you. It’s tougher every time to find a new one. Sooner or later you don’t have any heroes at all.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps of the World

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Welcome to the writhing and pustulating, mucoid surface of the Petri dish. Can you see your reflection? Probably not and it’s for the same reason you can’t see yourself on the surface of turbulent waters. The simmering slide show of microbe activity is burbling like an oil slick in a Jacuzzi. Sometimes it looks like a humanoid form trying to emerge from heavy Saran Wrap. You see a head and part of an arm. You see two hands and sometimes you see two heads but that could just be a head and hindquarters arching out of the murk at the same moment. It looks like something that is either hot for sex or hungry for freedom but... you know you don’t want it to achieve either and you certainly don’t want to watch; well, some of you probably do, in the hope of an accompaniment of self inflicted frottage. It takes all kinds.

It’s an adequate image of things seething in the culture and looking to get out. It’s a hybrid human effort, seeking a mutation in form, so that previously impossible perversions might become doable. There are Triffids and troglodytes, chemical golems and off planet circus freaks, trying to break out of the human shell and give Hell a chance to party down. New laws with new permissions are waiting in the wings for the appearance of some new tattooed and pierced creation from the Island of Dr. Moreau, or the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Present day practitioners of what passes for whatever art the Zionist controllers define as art, are hoping to snag a few of these life forms and hang them from one of those metal apparatuses, with the fishhook flesh suspenders and have themselves a showing at MOMA. Pain is the new pleasure, just like lies are the new truth.

I’ve wrestled for some time with the use of the word, Jew. This is because my personal experience of various classes of people claiming that title does not allow for them all to be defined the same. I’ve come up with what I think is the best name for the present day most lethal and pervasive abusers of humanity and that is, ‘neo-Pharisee’. That’s what I’m going to use now to define Zio-Nazis, genocidal Israelis, bankers, media manipulators and sundry. Then we have Pharisee-enablers, which are either, silent Jews, fundamentalist Christians, or soulless husks looking for a leg up with the left hand God of the Pharisees.

I’m thinking of commercial catchphrases for them, “Pharisees... they were good enough to crucify Jesus Christ and now they’re going to crucify the Christianity that crucified itself and then... you; four thousand years of consistency in action." "Support your favorite Pharisee today. On your knees or back on your heads because coffee break is over.” “If it’s not true, it’s a Pharisee exclusive, trade in that birthright for some gourmet, steaming pottage because nobody knows they’re eating shit if you serve it to them warm. Look for the kosher label!” “Gay rights, one more locomotive for the Pharisee left. It’s not real control unless you can swallow it whole and make a Pharisee smile when you do.” “The black man’s friend, from the slave ships to the slumlords, in the projects and the pawnshops in the hood. The Pharisee’s your homie and we be good.”

It’s absolutely amazing how they got control of the money supply and then went on to purchase everything they needed to control the flow of information and the perception of culture into what I am observing, humping itself in the Petri dish. Then they manufactured a myth that had no previous existence in the memoirs of the major players of the time, in the press of the day, or in any structural fact and sold it to the Pharisee enablers to sell to their children and the rest of the world for a place at the trough. Then, under false pretenses, they stole Palestine in the Middle East from the people of the book and made it against the law to question the genesis so that they could present themselves as Semitic, while genociding the actual Semitics and using the catch-club phrase of anti-Semitic, to protect them from exposure as being crypto-commie reptiles, masquerading as the ones whose culture they want to wipe out in order to legitimize their own. It’s a kind of AIDS virus operating 24/7 and you don’t have to sleep with them, all you have to do is believe what they tell you; keeping in mind that objection is a reputation and career destroying move.

What’s happening, is that The Apocalypse is making this increasingly more and more clear, to those previously locked into a Stockholm Syndrome of perpetual abuse. It’s been moving consonantly with the time speed increase and it’s about to go turbo, when the veils get torn for real. In the meantime they are projecting themselves into louder and more pernicious public expressions of what they should have been at pains to conceal but the need to dance for the cameras in damning self exposure, is irresistible to the arrogant and megalomaniac desire to be seen, as the preening architects of the destruction of civilization. In the meantime, the mass of population is being awakened to the effect and at some point, two opposing forces are going to be contending for what shape the future is going to take. One is very small and one is very large.

From Lloyd Blankfein, the octopus wrangler, to Rupert Murdoch, the smut and lies wrangler, from the central bankers to the government agency heads, they are digging a hole so deep that they will eventually reach the infernal lands, for that final and timely exodus into the realm of their master. The age of the neo-Pharisee is coming to an end. It will not go gentle into that burning and blackened night.

They’re running Homeland Insecurity and setting all of the legal policies for the enslavement of the populace, who might otherwise object. B’nai B’rith and the ADL are actually in charge of it all and Eric Holder and Bwak! Obama have been flashed back to the 1850’s. Don’t tell me we don’t have time travel. They’re got blackmail videos of most of the members of Congress and everyone else in every vital place. There’s hope that the military is not entirely compromised and might perform a coup. We’ll see.

The neo-Pharisees and the crypto- Pharisees, the Bushligula cabal and the Fundie Schmoos, are all groping each other in the Petri dish and looking to go contagious and viral. They got that big Christmas tree on that South Korean hill and they’re just waiting to see if the bait trawling can land them some exploding fish, to turn the whole landscape into flaming sashimi, which sort of defeats the actual comestibles description. They’re not going to need any Wasabi.

A certain rough beast is rising in the midst of these fecal gourmands; in the middle of their Roman orgy of cannibal coprophagia, so called because it is living shit, masquerading as some kind of Midas touch in reverse and being sold and desired as the genuine article. This is the real shit and they made it themselves. This rough beast is going to do a sweat lodge number on the stones of Bethlehem, making a sort of wood fired oven for The House of Bread. It’s all prophecy becoming real and Revelations in action. It’s a recurring cosmic event that shows up like clockwork at the deathbed of the culture, ready to pull the plug on the electric charge that is keeping this steaming mass of pus alive in the Petri dish of the world as we know it, or don’t know it, now. You got to love things like this.

They’ve been identified by a number of people who only totaled a little over a hundred thousand at the end of the war and now total upwards of over a million, because apparently they’ve been reproducing in the Petri dish at the dark of the moon. With the real figures, that’s forty identifications for every single survivor and wouldn’t you think some of them might have passed on over the course of 65 years? It’s another expression of that new math where, even thought there was a population increase over the course of the war years; check your census dockets, somehow we’ve got the irrefutable disappearances of the non-existent; endless marching ranks of ghosts, with their hands out, being generated by a perpetual hallucination machine.

Well, I’m not going to let this be my pre-Christmas finale. We’ll head over to Visible Origami on Christmas Eve. By the way, Merry Christmas and stay out of dark alleys if you’re wearing Santa suits because there are press gangs running around with Menorah saps. Merry Christmas!!! Damn! I wish I had a job I could endanger by saying that but I don’t. Merry Rama Lama Gotterdammerung! And a Joyous New Age!!!

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Patrick Willis narrates:
The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps of the World

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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Transmission from the Invisible Planes

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If your idea of loving someone is to give them things in place of the love, you’re going to have a front row seat through the years to what that policy accomplishes. In the age of black materialism you’re going to find all kinds of people who insist that you should give them things, because that is a sign of your affection and of their value, which is commensurate with the sticker price of the item; whether you got it on sale or not and how much trouble you had to go through and how deep it cut according to what you have to spend. With every thing you give them their tank is going to empty a little more and they won’t know why. They’re going to hate you and themselves. These are logical progressions of each other.

Love’s not stupid, although it can act like it (grin). Love has an essential integrity that knows what’s happening and can’t be fooled. If love thinks you’re fooling with it, Love is going to take a hike. Watch the world around you and you’ll see what I mean.

I spent the last two days with the master of all things and it’s been a riveting, punishing and exhilarating experience. I’m kind of in the middle of it right now but between sessions. Those who have been reading at these blogs for awhile might remember a visit I had with Lord Ayahuasca a couple of years ago. He’s a facilitator for the supreme. Think of him as a conveyance, like a car or a flying saucer. You may remember how I was told, “thank you visible for waking me up. I’m going to stretch and wipe the dream matter from my eyes and then I am going to have my morning coffee. Then I am going to confer my blessings. Then I am going to open a window of forgiveness and then, then visible, I’m going to kick some ass. I’m going to show up right in the middle of these villains and expose and destroy them and then send them to Hell.” I heard this and other things, over and over for hours.

It wasn’t easy getting in touch this time. There were a lot of false starts and impotent vines that wouldn’t reduce to the magic serum. It took a visit from his friend Mimosa Hostilis to provide the catalyst and, in fine fashion, I was taken through the steps to get it done and here I am. I’ve heard a lot of things and I’m going to share what I can share, keeping in mind that there’s a lot I am not going to say, some of it’s personal and some of it isn’t and I’ll know what those things are when it comes time not to say them (grin).

I’m here to announce that the ass-kicking is in progress and it is about to go turbo. Powerful figures and self-important jerks around the world have been informed of what’s coming... sort of. Those employed by them have been notified and told that it is going to go very badly for them, if they don’t turn on their employers and go public with everything they know. Everyone is being given an opportunity to inform on everyone else, which is ironic given all this Wal-Mart, Nazipolitano, nude scanners, Wiki-Lies and assorted. I’ve been told this is a Christmas gift for the world and that all kinds of people are going to get gifts and some not.

I’ve been told, over and over, it’s happening right now and you are going to see some mucho surprising things very soon. The all powerful, is going to show up right while they are doing shit and nail them; he’s going to expose them in their media and he’s going to render them powerless to resist. He’s going to shut off their power all over the world and he’s going to render their weapons useless. He said, “watch and see how clever and devious, how ingenious and diabolical I can be. I am both of them anyway, aren’t I? Watch the Satanists when they come to their master and ask for help and sanctuary. They’re going to hear, ‘hey, I only play the devil to catch people like you.”

I’m supposed to say something that I don’t want to say but I have to. Some of us are friends of the supreme and have his favor and everyone is going to see just what that means and how valuable it is. He says he is going to shake the world and that’s starting now. You are not going to believe what is going to be happening and there’s going to be as much amusement in it as there is going to be knee shaking fear.

Everything is under control and I’ve been getting a steady dose of that for two days and some of it has been unpleasant initially but very pleasant now. The degree of absolute and universal control is total. Whatever thinks it’s running around free to do whatever is only being allowed to do this for reasons that are about to be shown.

The hoaxes of history are about to be exposed and some of us are being used in that direction but... no matter what the helpers do, it’s happening regardless. Nothing is going to stop any of this and nations and individuals better get a clue and they can’t say they haven’t been told because they are being told in many different ways and I am supposed to tell you that if you don’t think you’re being told that’s going to be put beyond doubt shortly.

Israel is going to be exposed for everything she’s been up to and become a pariah nation and all those associated with her are going to be held in withering and enduring contempt. She’s going to be rendered powerless and largely emptied of the invaders who will be hard pressed to find somewhere to go. The media is going to be taken out of the hands of those who are running it and/or forced to do what they are told. The bankers and the undeserving wealthy are going to be bankrupted and much worse.

Entire nations are going to get the asses kicked for being self-indulgent, selfish, stupid, indifferent and all the rest of the things the supreme does not like. The changes and transformations are going to go beyond anything anyone imagines and it’s happening right now. Things are being suppressed in the media and they are going to get forced out now. People are going to start saying things on TV that they have no control over. The whole false system of control is going to be torn apart and ‘visible... watch how diabolically clever and ingenious I can be. Watch how everything they do now turns against them in real time.’

I’m supposed to say that anyone who hasn’t gotten busy looking for ways to be helpful had better start now because there is a great opportunity at hand for those who take advantage and “for those who have been serving and helping all along, watch what I do. Just watch and see what I am about to do for those who have had the faith and industry to be about my business, no matter how invisible I seemed to be. Business as usual is over and I only let it go on like this for my own reasons. Now I’m going to be proactive.”

I’m supposed to say that some will know right away how real this is and some won’t and those who don’t or won’t are going to be shown in surprising ways because the supreme is going to enter into the lives of everyone on Earth and dispense what’s needed. Take that however you like.

I’m supposed to say that the supreme knows exactly how it looks right now and just how gruesome and unpleasant its all gotten to be and to tell you that is about to end, real soon. Don’t be surprised at anything and those who have the capacity to believe who is behind it are going to reap some fine rewards. Even now, people all over the world are starting to feel some new things and this is only the beginning.

He says he is going to start opening people’s eyes right now and ripping the cover off of everything. People are going to suddenly wake up and know what’s been going on and who’s been responsible. The blessings are going to become very evident very soon and those who aren’t getting them will be seeing why and what they have lost. Some are going to be getting things formerly supposed to be unobtainable. There are no limits and that’s going to be apparent across the board.

I’ll probably have more to say about this later on somewhere but this should do for now. The point is that it is all happening now and you are not going to have to wait very long to see it. “You know what’s expected of you and you’d better be getting on with it.”

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Of Bleached Anal Rings and the Displaced Heads of Kings

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The degree of indulgence and absurdity, engaged in by the self-adulating fops of the day, during their brief respite here, enjoying what they earned at some other time and traded off for something far less than what they could have gotten, is a wonder to behold. One of the key pleasures of having too much money is the ability to spend it on things that most people cannot afford and on things that push the boundaries of excess far beyond what you may have imagined. That may even be the chief pleasure. Perhaps they move from one to the other? For those who have the style-wit and capacity to appreciate having their anal ring bleached, there will always be places to go. It is probably fitting that such places exist because there have to be places where those of a similar mindset can congregate and also locations where they can be gathered together for the opportune, communal, world-shaking moment. There are even entire countries like this. Israel comes to mind.

I recently heard from someone who has traveled all over the world and he mentioned the places he had been and the most pleasant and the least pleasant. The least pleasant was Israel. He said it was stunning how much the residents hated each other. It turned out to be only slightly less than they hated everyone else. No country is more aware of the ‘everyone else factor’ than Israel. I think of the place as a very large mental institution for the care and expression of a specific pathology and the results of that pathology are becoming more and more apparent. I don’t know how true that is but it sounds like fantastic news, if it is true. In the process of creating and maintaining a world of exclusivity, for those lining up to the rear of the horned god of the temporal realm, for that special and enduring kiss, there are protocols of necessity that translate into revered institutions of perpetual operation. No word yet on whether the devil has his anal ring bleached or whether that is a fait accompli, given all the heat from the bussing and... well, heat in general, I guess.

I’ve got nothing against being wealthy. I wouldn’t mind it up to a point. It could be wonderful to be able to finance certain projects and be generally useful, which is how I see the opportunity and responsibility of it. I’ve got nothing against spas. I go to the public baths, less often than I would like, for the saunas and certain other amenities. I would love to have a sauna. I’ve got nothing against having a good time. Some might say I’ve had more good times than I should have but that’s generally coming from people incapable of having one. I think any sane and rational person knows what my objections to excessive wealth and privilege are. Wealth is a by product of Karma and everyone gets to go to the well on occasion, according to certain features of cause and effect, time, circumstance and the orchestrated fortunes of birth. Talent and industry should be rewarded.

These days we’ve got quite a crop of self-felating vipers, giving new meaning to the snake with its tail in its mouth and ironically, fulfilling the rule of the eternal but not necessarily as originally intended. Something happens to a person when they desire ever more and more than they need, while caring less and less for those around them. Having purchased privacy and the freedom to be idle, they can’t rest without making sure of an increased difficulty in the pursuit of it by those who don’t have it. Foreclosing on homes and making jobs disappear, while devaluing the currency, are a few of their avocations. Then you get things like this. It should be noted that Chase made a lot of their fortune foreclosing on the mortgages of war widows; a house specialty from Chef David.

It amuses me no end to see the rich slather themselves in expensive scents, cut from the glands of small animals; unguents and chemical smell repressants abound because they really do stink underneath it all. I’ll tell a little personal truth, which is verifiable and also known to my close associates. I can go without a shower for a month or more and give off no sign of it and I don’t use any of these things. How do I do it? How do I eat enormous amounts of garlic and seldom smell of it and ...why? I’ll expound on that in my book, “Spiritual Survival in the Temporal World” when it comes out early next year. Statements like these are magnets for jeering, scoffing and poorly constructed jokes but the ‘proofs in the pudding’.

Some of us are aware of all sorts of things we don’t talk about a lot, can’t talk about mostly, because it just clangs off the consciousness of the ones being addressed and then clatters down the road like a runaway hubcap. Certain truths just bounce off of the attention of most because recognition requires a change and an adjustment in the way they live and they damn well don’t want that. They want to have what they have until they die, which they don’t expect to happen and they don’t want to accept any of the eternal realities of existence.

This is why so many women, who are beautiful to begin with, or could be, paint themselves up like circus clowns, as if the march of time might be fooled and the observer deceived. Instead of blooming by the grace of nature and growing ever lovelier with the passing years, as the inner beauty comes forth to shine in radiant splendor and sits like the crown and evidence of true royalty upon their character and features, they opt for something else; something dreadful.

I don’t envy the rich and the imagined powerful. I don’t envy their false fellowship with each other and the sure lack of friendship and true affection that can be had by the dirt poor but not by them. I’ve seen the enormous hospitality of poorer cultures and the near total lack of it in the affluent ones. I watch people. I feel sorry for them most of the time and I recognize the danger that can rush forth, if one treads on their understanding of what the real costs are that they incur and their rights to abuse themselves and others while pursuing ephemeral mists, which stretch across the vast swamplands of material attraction.

You can’t tell anyone anything until suffering has brought them to the place of listening. I remember a cartoon I saw awhile back of two bookstores next to each other. The sign over one of them said something like, “Cheap, sensational and poorly written drivel” and the other said, “Timeless works of beauty and imagination.” There was a line stretching out of the first bookstore around the block and no one in front of the other. But you can see this right in front of you every day. The proof of all that’s said here, or has ever been said anywhere, is right in front of your eyes and those who cannot see it are blinded by the smoke from the fires of their desires and attractions. You can’t have the one and see the other, which is how you get, ‘in the world but not of it’.

The too few who have too much are in need of global conflicts to distract the public from their crimes and make yet more money they don’t need. They are whipping these conflicts up as I write these words and everyone else would be better off it they took every one of these bankers, politicians and everyone like them and gave each of them a knife and a flashlight and sealed them up in a bunch of abandoned apartment buildings. Those who want to make war should have the opportunity to personally engage in it. They should be showcased on pay per view in contests against their fellows. Anyone caught stirring up conflicts and playing blood games with money should be immediately arrested and lined up for a performance. Let the punishment fit the crime. Take everyone responsible for Afghanistan and parachute them into the Hindu Kush. Let the same be done for the architects of every conflict.

Those who have stolen huge fortunes from their fellows should be quarantined in the slums of major cities. Those who abuse their powers in law enforcement should become prison inmates. What about those who experiment on people in the name of science? There are many crimes I can think of. There are many crimes that are born out of other crimes. Today there is an ever increasing rash of pet disappearances because people are broke and hungry so they are kidnapping these animals and selling them to labs.

Meanwhile, those responsible for all of these things, visit the links provided earlier in this post. They’re having their anal rings bleached and god knows what else. Sooner or later, too late is on the doorstep. Sooner or later, “I told you so” is a fading echo, with only “No! Please God! No” remaining. Sooner or later those with too much will offer everything they have for escape and forgiveness and someone will take everything they have but there will be no escape and no forgiveness. The message is on the answering machine and the past due reminder is in the mailbox. Meanwhile, life goes on.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Vlad the Impaler at the Armageddon Film Festival with a Match

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The amount estimated to be received by letting the tax cuts expire for the very rich, one percent, comes to around 700 billion dollars. No Americans profit from this theft orchestrated by the usual suspects. As the cigar store Indian, Howdy Doody Obama capitulates to his masters, which are descendents of the same people that brought his ancestors to America on the slave ships, one of the tradeoffs was an extension of unemployment benefits for that two million or so out of work people who are out of work due to actions taken and policies put into place by the same people getting the 700 billion.

The cost for the unemployment extension is around 30 billion. Are my figures correct here? I know the 700 billion is but I’m not sure about the 30 billion. Yeah, it’s probably less. So here is one more example of the ignorant sheep being taken to the shearing compound by the people they didn’t elect into office, except for that bulk load of Lemming Schmoos, who damn well would have voted for anyone at any time, as long as they get to be made into Soylent Green and fed to their relatives.

I don’t live in America anymore. I didn’t live there when I was there because it didn’t exist and hasn’t existed for a long time, if ever. I guess Wall Street knew there were people like me who had opted to move to civilized climes and they also knew there was a place called Europe and other places too, where they could package up a load of toxic shit and sell it like Tungsten Taffy bars, with the chewy, impacted colon centers that drive consumers wild. Apparently some people in Europe noticed that what they were getting was not what the ingredients on the package said they were getting and all Hell broke loose behind the scenes. The result of this was a literal, forced anal intrusion performed upon the populations in order to accommodate the comfort zone of the ass bandits raping them.

Now it so happens, I believe I am correctly assuming this, that Russia, China, Europe, South America and anywhere that isn’t the United States, Canada, Israel, the UK and Australia (which are all privately owned by a multi-national corporation of sewer aliens) are presently meeting behind closed doors in unknown locations and plotting how to bring down the psychopaths, who also wanted to pleasure them, as they already had pleasured the formerly human livestock they own, by shooting them full of pain enhancing amphetamine compounds, prior to sodomizing them like a female praying mantis with a 50,000 volt strapon, before finishing the act, according to the normal ritual of that insect species. If you don‘t know what I’m talking about, you should be over in Section B. Remember to stay behind the yellow line until they wave you in.

Today, due to the exhortation of a well known soccer (football) star and certain other people in some kind of a loosely organized alignment, there was going to be a mass withdrawal of funds from ATM’s all over Europe, in protest of the praying mantis, backdoor, jack hammering guillotined, assembly line, cluster fuckathon. It looks like Ireland was the first country to run out of KY jelly. I know that your first thought here is, “I didn’t know they were using KY. I thought they used a compound of beach sand and diesel fuel with a Wasabi back?” That’s true but I was being colorful.

I find it to be a massive curiosity that across the gamut of the bone deep stupid to those with the Martin Luther King virus, in the Kumbaya contingent, that no one sees the stark efficiency of Vlad the Impaler leisure wear for the banking crowd and their neoprene shrink wrapped, political clone replicas, from the box in the pawn shop basement of Pulp Fiction.

As I look back over the startling and incomprehensible horrors of what has been unleashed on the populace over the last two thousand years by the same players, or at least the same professions with assorted players, it strikes me as more than passing odd that no nation I can remember has ever grabbed hold of all the bankers and skinned them to the point that they could still be alive, rubbed them down with rock salt and kerosene and set them aflame as a testimony to what any community can achieve when they work together for a common good.

They do things like this every day to the rest of the world and they look for anyone else who wants to do things like this, so that they can finance them. They do it for profit and they do it for pleasure and they do it because they can and because you let them.

I don’t remember the Khmer Rouge doing anything about the international bankers. I don’t recall anyone ever doing anything about the international banker, parasite plague at any time in any kind of an effective manner. Now, I’m not recommending the process that I just mentioned, because I think that’s like letting some major felon, cop to a misdemeanor, when he was caught red handed at something much worse. When you see something like this and try to get your head around it, I have to wonder how much it is going to take before there is some kind of en mass rush for the rock salt and kerosene that will make all those Black Friday stampeding shoppers hang their head in shame.

It’s not like we don’t know who is responsible and who the enablers are, or that we don’t get that if you’re part of an armed robbery, but you didn’t fire the gun that killed the store clerk, you still face the same felony murder charge as your rap partner. It’s not like Lloyd Blankfein and the Rothschild clans are being mistaken for someone else and it’s a no brainer that at this very moment they are looking to outdo themselves, competing with each other for even greater outrages against the rest of the world. You can take that the bank.

Right now, David Rockefeller and all the rest of the psychopaths are scheming up ways to reduce the world population to nothing left but a servant class and a certain portion for genetic experimentation. I don’t suppose I need to quote Solzhenitsyn’s comment about what might have happened if people had lain in wait for the authorities, with any weapon at hand, instead of meekly accompanying them to whatever creative doom they came up with to offset the boredom of having to carry out so many generic kills in the same way every time.

There isn’t any kind of an excuse that can be made for these people. There isn’t any kind of negotiation that can take place. There is no possibility of agreement upon rules or restraint that might restore a balance of operations that never existed in the first place. There is no reasoning with these people. There are no circumstances that have ever existed or ever will exist that will ever elicit anything but a desperate lying agreement that will be rescinded one minute after they convinced you to let them walk out the door. You are not dealing with human beings! You are dealing with something that is unique among life forms and which has been a relentless and remorseless predator upon humanity since they crawled out of whatever egg hatched them.

There cannot be or ever will be a solution to this problem other than permanent quarantine or total elimination. These are the only choices. In times past, various nations denied these creatures the right to operate in certain professions. There was a reason for this. You can see the reason for this by looking at your world in present time. You can see the direct and inescapable evidence of why certain safeguards were put into place but it didn’t do any good in the long run... did it? That’s why you are here now.

I’m not making any recommendations and I doubt I’ll be taking or fire-branding to the effect that others take any particular actions. What I’m doing is stating the obvious. I’ve never seen a time when the obvious was such a problem to comprehend. Maybe you want to think about this and maybe you don’t. At some point you won’t have any choice but to think about it because it will be imminent and personal. I hope this has been instructive. Alright, coffee breaks over, back on your heads.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Shrink Wrapped and Processed Formica Life

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It seems that the most important thing we can do these days is to let go of our apprehensions. This has been especially difficult for me because on Sunday my house and car keys disappeared while, on the same day, Susanne’s car keys disappeared. This was followed by a few more striking coincidences and several days of distressing internal uproar with no locatable cause. It’s backed off now so let’s hope it stays that way. It’s more than passing odd that such a similar event would affect two connected people 1500 kilometers apart.

For some years, maybe around five of them, I’ve been expecting war on Iran; a major or series of major false flag events, assassinations, world upheaval, earthquakes, super storms, tidal waves and any and all of the collection of possibilities that are bandied about in the alternative press. If these things were supposed to happen, something is holding them back. There is a degree of uproar going on around the world and all of that is connected to the psychopathic behavior of bankers and we are hoping they get their just reward sooner rather than later.

I don’t know what to think anymore and have decided not to pay too much attention to anything I read because its track record up to this point has been terrible. Some few have been right about a few things and the larger majority has been wrong about most things.

I’ve been thinking off and on about where I would be and what I would do on the day it all cut loose. I realize I have adjusted my plans and actions to accommodate this feature as an inevitable; a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. I’ve let the internet get inside my head instead of Nature, whom I prefer across the board. She never lies to me and she’s always looking out for me. The internet doesn’t possess either of these characteristics. It’s entertaining but it’s mostly fiction. If it weren’t fiction we would all know what is really happening when and whenever it is happening. We don’t. We don’t know shit.

The bad guys are now obvious and there are two kinds of bad guys. There are the genuine black hat bad guys, who do evil for the sheer joy of accomplishing it and there are their minions, at incremental degrees of stupidity, which enable and support their actions. A lot of them support their actions without even being aware of it. Many religious people pray to a god supposedly opposed to this kind of behavior, in order to petition him to act in favor of this kind of behavior. Because, in a dark age, the bad guys out number the good guys by as much as 3 to 1, it also stands that the criminally stupid also far outnumber the wise and well meaning. That percentage might actually go up a lot more. It certainly doesn’t go down.

During times like this, wiser souls retreat into the bush. I’ve got the testimony of a number of them to that effect. I consider myself more likely wise than stupid so I’ve taken the steps necessary to place me out of the mainstream, I’m just not sure it’s far enough . In hindsight I realize I should have left for the Himalayas 20 years ago if not before. Mongolia and Australia-New Zealand-Tasmania beckoned too. I’m in one of the oldest cradles of civilization so maybe that’s okay. It’s a sure thing you can’t find me unless I show you how. Ergo, the name, Les Visible.

But life goes on in some form, no matter what goes on around it. Anticipation and apprehension are both a waste of time. One should not have to worry for or expect anything if they were in tune with themselves and their surroundings. That’s not the case though. People are not in tune. They are not even in tune with their false front surroundings in the Formica Life. Their degree of imbalance has slowly driven them insane. Neurotic twitches, compulsive urges, obsessive needs and passive aggressive behavior compose the dimensions of this reality TV life. It’s a processed existence. It’s shrink wrapped in limitations and shot full of preservatives to extend the shelf life but it’s still a shelf life and it doesn’t extend anything except time of suffering and it’s stale on delivery.

Those of us who have our eyes open are mourning the loss of the last traces of an acceptable existence. Fitting in isn’t going to happen and succor and support are not a byproduct of a culture of self interest. The new Shangri La was supposed to create an area for discussion of what to do and where to do it, in hope that people would link up with those in their environs. A sense of community is one of the chief generators of personal joy and content.

Some of us flourish while being alone, in the understanding that alone is an impossible concept. Most people could not bear isolation. When I was in solitary confinement it was an opportunity to get really high and so I did. In one case I got so high that they came in and walked me through the jail and out to the street. I still haven’t figured that one out.

What’s truly gone missing from life is its magic. There’s no magic in this processed, shrink wrapped world. The magic is all at a distance in the movies, on TV and the various little masturbation devices that you see the youth messing with as they go down the street at any hour of the day. I saw a kid about six years old on a cellphone a couple of months ago. I can only imagine what it’s like in the US where every form of excess is cutting edge. The whole test messaging/cellphone thing is about separation as a communications aid. The whole point of the culture is personal isolation and uncertainty as an approach to the unknown. Those of us familiar with the unknown know how tragic this can be.

Insanity is an inescapable component of disposable culture and the celebration of ephemeral and superficial existence. This is why you have German education manuals for primary school which encourage fathers to play with their children’s genitals so they won’t be hung up about it. It’s why you’ve got TSA goons patting down young children and telling them it’s a game. The true ruler of this whole scheme is getting ready to announce himself apparently and we’ll see where it goes from there. Any realized soul has nothing to fear from the most powerful terrestrial force in existence; not so for those who cannot interpret either darkness or light.

Like I’ve said many times, this is all under control. There is a magical war going on and everything that you see in the external is being manipulated by forces on the internal for the purpose of the capture of your being. It’s a time of cosmic harvest and it looks like a whole lot of chaff this season. In a back is forth, up is down world, it looks like the homeless are better off that the gated community hunting reserves or the all too vulnerable underground protection vaults for the powerful and rich. It only takes finding the oxygen ports. You can only store so much of that for so long to accommodate so much space. I shouldn’t have to mention that they have invited death to be their guest in any case. The one thing I’ve learned is that no plans are going to realize themselves according to any perfection of design. Maybe with buildings and electrical circuits you get something close but, in human affairs it is generally not going to happen and if it does it will cost a lot in realization as to the value of it.

The whole reason that so many people believe they are here for no reason is that it lets them have their way with whatever they want. The idea that there is no hierarchy invisibly when there most certainly is one here is absurd. The symmetry of things alone should tell a profound tale, as should the evidence of sages and saints; though real saints are in a great minority and not usually to be found among those trotted out and historically revised for your enslavement.

It’s past time to stop being apprehensive and paranoid about the future just because so much crazy shit is going down. This is the last gasp in the destruction of a doomed empire of bankers and knaves. You’re having your noses rubbed in it so you won’t forget but you haven’t seen the most dramatic of it yet, not by a long shot. Appearances and transformations beyond the containment barriers of your walled in existence are going to become commonplace. It’s all part of the reality play, on the stage of present time, determining the value of what you have set your heart upon. If you don’t know what that is, I suppose you’ll find out. The good news is that you get what you are after and the bad news is that you get what you are after too.

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