Friday, December 17, 2010

A Transmission from the Invisible Planes

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If your idea of loving someone is to give them things in place of the love, you’re going to have a front row seat through the years to what that policy accomplishes. In the age of black materialism you’re going to find all kinds of people who insist that you should give them things, because that is a sign of your affection and of their value, which is commensurate with the sticker price of the item; whether you got it on sale or not and how much trouble you had to go through and how deep it cut according to what you have to spend. With every thing you give them their tank is going to empty a little more and they won’t know why. They’re going to hate you and themselves. These are logical progressions of each other.

Love’s not stupid, although it can act like it (grin). Love has an essential integrity that knows what’s happening and can’t be fooled. If love thinks you’re fooling with it, Love is going to take a hike. Watch the world around you and you’ll see what I mean.

I spent the last two days with the master of all things and it’s been a riveting, punishing and exhilarating experience. I’m kind of in the middle of it right now but between sessions. Those who have been reading at these blogs for awhile might remember a visit I had with Lord Ayahuasca a couple of years ago. He’s a facilitator for the supreme. Think of him as a conveyance, like a car or a flying saucer. You may remember how I was told, “thank you visible for waking me up. I’m going to stretch and wipe the dream matter from my eyes and then I am going to have my morning coffee. Then I am going to confer my blessings. Then I am going to open a window of forgiveness and then, then visible, I’m going to kick some ass. I’m going to show up right in the middle of these villains and expose and destroy them and then send them to Hell.” I heard this and other things, over and over for hours.

It wasn’t easy getting in touch this time. There were a lot of false starts and impotent vines that wouldn’t reduce to the magic serum. It took a visit from his friend Mimosa Hostilis to provide the catalyst and, in fine fashion, I was taken through the steps to get it done and here I am. I’ve heard a lot of things and I’m going to share what I can share, keeping in mind that there’s a lot I am not going to say, some of it’s personal and some of it isn’t and I’ll know what those things are when it comes time not to say them (grin).

I’m here to announce that the ass-kicking is in progress and it is about to go turbo. Powerful figures and self-important jerks around the world have been informed of what’s coming... sort of. Those employed by them have been notified and told that it is going to go very badly for them, if they don’t turn on their employers and go public with everything they know. Everyone is being given an opportunity to inform on everyone else, which is ironic given all this Wal-Mart, Nazipolitano, nude scanners, Wiki-Lies and assorted. I’ve been told this is a Christmas gift for the world and that all kinds of people are going to get gifts and some not.

I’ve been told, over and over, it’s happening right now and you are going to see some mucho surprising things very soon. The all powerful, is going to show up right while they are doing shit and nail them; he’s going to expose them in their media and he’s going to render them powerless to resist. He’s going to shut off their power all over the world and he’s going to render their weapons useless. He said, “watch and see how clever and devious, how ingenious and diabolical I can be. I am both of them anyway, aren’t I? Watch the Satanists when they come to their master and ask for help and sanctuary. They’re going to hear, ‘hey, I only play the devil to catch people like you.”

I’m supposed to say something that I don’t want to say but I have to. Some of us are friends of the supreme and have his favor and everyone is going to see just what that means and how valuable it is. He says he is going to shake the world and that’s starting now. You are not going to believe what is going to be happening and there’s going to be as much amusement in it as there is going to be knee shaking fear.

Everything is under control and I’ve been getting a steady dose of that for two days and some of it has been unpleasant initially but very pleasant now. The degree of absolute and universal control is total. Whatever thinks it’s running around free to do whatever is only being allowed to do this for reasons that are about to be shown.

The hoaxes of history are about to be exposed and some of us are being used in that direction but... no matter what the helpers do, it’s happening regardless. Nothing is going to stop any of this and nations and individuals better get a clue and they can’t say they haven’t been told because they are being told in many different ways and I am supposed to tell you that if you don’t think you’re being told that’s going to be put beyond doubt shortly.

Israel is going to be exposed for everything she’s been up to and become a pariah nation and all those associated with her are going to be held in withering and enduring contempt. She’s going to be rendered powerless and largely emptied of the invaders who will be hard pressed to find somewhere to go. The media is going to be taken out of the hands of those who are running it and/or forced to do what they are told. The bankers and the undeserving wealthy are going to be bankrupted and much worse.

Entire nations are going to get the asses kicked for being self-indulgent, selfish, stupid, indifferent and all the rest of the things the supreme does not like. The changes and transformations are going to go beyond anything anyone imagines and it’s happening right now. Things are being suppressed in the media and they are going to get forced out now. People are going to start saying things on TV that they have no control over. The whole false system of control is going to be torn apart and ‘visible... watch how diabolically clever and ingenious I can be. Watch how everything they do now turns against them in real time.’

I’m supposed to say that anyone who hasn’t gotten busy looking for ways to be helpful had better start now because there is a great opportunity at hand for those who take advantage and “for those who have been serving and helping all along, watch what I do. Just watch and see what I am about to do for those who have had the faith and industry to be about my business, no matter how invisible I seemed to be. Business as usual is over and I only let it go on like this for my own reasons. Now I’m going to be proactive.”

I’m supposed to say that some will know right away how real this is and some won’t and those who don’t or won’t are going to be shown in surprising ways because the supreme is going to enter into the lives of everyone on Earth and dispense what’s needed. Take that however you like.

I’m supposed to say that the supreme knows exactly how it looks right now and just how gruesome and unpleasant its all gotten to be and to tell you that is about to end, real soon. Don’t be surprised at anything and those who have the capacity to believe who is behind it are going to reap some fine rewards. Even now, people all over the world are starting to feel some new things and this is only the beginning.

He says he is going to start opening people’s eyes right now and ripping the cover off of everything. People are going to suddenly wake up and know what’s been going on and who’s been responsible. The blessings are going to become very evident very soon and those who aren’t getting them will be seeing why and what they have lost. Some are going to be getting things formerly supposed to be unobtainable. There are no limits and that’s going to be apparent across the board.

I’ll probably have more to say about this later on somewhere but this should do for now. The point is that it is all happening now and you are not going to have to wait very long to see it. “You know what’s expected of you and you’d better be getting on with it.”

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Read all of it..

And this too..

The second piece showed up in my mailbox just as I finished writing the post.

Anonymous said...

quoted "... for being self-indulgent, selfish, stupid, indifferent and all the rest of the things..."

Sounds like my neighborhood. Around here, all those things are taken to a high form of art.

Long ago, we had a playground game called "work up". Later in life, I understood better how the game was still being played more seriously by adult folks. Someday, one wants to quit... and perhaps does... but, only to find the same game in a different form.

I really liked the Matrix movies. Pure genius, thinks me. In the movie, one leaves one matrix to enter another. Neo, can't see it. Morpheus leads Neo out of one matrix, then bids Neo "Welcome to the real world".

I like your song where the line goes "it's all a dream".

I sometimes think that I am still playing workup... leaving one matrix to enter another.

With all that I am, I hope you are right. Thanks for all of your writings. Reading them has become part of the things I look forward to doing.


Dave Klausler said...

Even if I am to receive some fine lashing, I still say: let's get going already.

Rebel 4E said...


Vis you are a shining light in the darkness.

Bring It On!

siamsam said...

Yes, there are many of us that know a lot of stuff that we didn't pay much attention to not so many years past.

I don't imagine that the likes of Blair, Bush, Bama, and Belisconi take a whole lot of time to 'surf the net' to see whats on the cards. So they obviously dwell in another reality.

Therefor one may assume that they depend on various networks and chains of command to keep them informed. Problem being that the watchers themselves are becoming informed.

The previous British Foreign Secretarys, Private Secretary (his shadow) was hauled in front of the courts not so long ago for shouting 'fucking jews' whilst watching a news report at his local jym. He was overheard and reported by a fellow member. Point being Mr Millipede himself is a jew!

kindest to all

Neko Kinoshita said...

How do you keep doing this?
I was so sad this morning, please indulge me and allow me to explain.
Wayward has fallen off into the deep end. She’s lying like a rug, and spending money that isn’t hers to control, all for whatever dust she wants. Her mother of course enables this behavior. Even the kitten could see it. Yesterday Catwing Kitten caught her mother in a lie as well.
The kitten is quite strong, so now she’s “sick.” Oh the fever is quite real of course, but now she doesn’t have to do homework or go to school, and she gets to lie in bed and play all day, and everything she wants is brought to her. I’m sure she will feel better if it’s time to buy more dust at the store. Her only concern about her sister’s behavior is that Wayward might have spent the kitten’s “Christmas money” and she wouldn’t get to buy the toys she wants.
And in all this and remembering how my spouse was raised by people who equate money with love (that's where the "Christmas Money" came from) I walk right into “If your idea of loving someone is to give them things in place of the love….” Damn Les, you channel right to me don’t you?


wv: pinsaim <-- I got nothin'

DaveS said...

I've been reading an online version of, None Dare Call It Conspiracy :

Well worth looking taking a look if you haven't checked it out, or even if you have, it's interesting to see how spot on the author was about how it was all going to go down.

Keep holding your bics to the fake scenery and we'll burn away a few of the foul vails keeping the sheep from seeing a greener pasture.

wv: egale... the wv spells eagle like I might :)

Neko Kinoshita said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked this from Facebook.


Liz said...

This was good. Strange but true, my dogs have been acting totally strange for a couple of weeks, and I always trust my dogs. So here we go ya'll. Love to you, Les, and thanks for all you do.

greg said...

Jesse Ventura is on to this also. Here's a link to his 1/2 hour show
"Conspiracy Theory" on the Gulf disaster:

Mark said...

Humankind has been waiting for the light of truth to shine for untold thousands of years. Do you think we're ready? We're ready. Bring it!

Anonymous said...

The big reveal is on! Wayne Madsen has a compilation from sources outing Dick Cheney as the main man in carrying out 9/11 from the US side. Have to be a member to read it. When he gives the okay, will copy and paste here.

I had to pinch myself in reading the second article Les linked to. It's on, it's really on!

Animals are a tell tale sign of something's up. Plus the commercials from BP paid shills pleading for us to buy Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Looks like I'm not the only one who quit eating seafood since April.

Let the fun times begin.

wv: somedis. Lots of people are gonna need somedis to get through this

Anonymous said...

Speechless. I have felt for some time that this solstice, coupled with the total lunar eclipse on the 21st will be the peaking of this revealing energy. The energies are already in motion. I've felt it inside, and seen it working in my spiders web of people around me. Some People are scared,

Anonymous said...

"So they obviously dwell in another reality."

So, So True.

Reality is the matrix.

TheSparkle said...

Les, that's just crazy! Your second link "And this too.." in your comment. That article is by Roger Wiegand, someone who's writings I began following a few years ago just as I started to 'wake up' a little bit. I was trying to make sense of the financial conditions now, especially regarding the implosion of all the fake fiat currencies in the world along with the rise in gold and silver as anti-fiat-currencies. When I read his article this morning, before I saw your comment, I was SHOCKED (pleasantly) at just how 'awake' and non-mainstream he has become. Way to go, Roger Wiegand!

And, Les. Great post. My favorite type.

Mark said...

We already know the elite gluttons want to do us in. All bullies are the same. Were this possible, it would have happened a long time ago. A power greater than they is here and has stopped them in their tracks. The best they can do is punch holes in the earth's mantle (vandalism). They cannot touch my spirit, which is not of this world. And they are furious. I'll be waiting in the peanut gallery when they get their pants pulled down.

Anonymous said...

Rudolph and Santa on the No Fly List, NFL. The Dwarves and Elves on the No Work List, NWL. A Leaderless Evolutionary Disaster, LED. The beasts Gnawing Heartily On Unearned Loot Slobbering, GHOULS.

TheSparkle said...

A sign?

"Madoff beneficiary Barbara Picower to return $7bn:

The widow of a businessman who had been the single-largest beneficiary of Bernard Madoff's colossal Ponzi scheme has agreed to return $7.2bn (£4.5bn)."

Wow. Her husband died of one of those 'swimming pool heart attack drownings' last year.

Anonymous said...

I wish I shared your optimism and "His." After spending years crying out "why" I am not aware of ever having received a reply.
Sure I see some monkeywrenches being thrown into the khazar/freemason cabal but here are their plans for all to see:

This site is packed with their bragging aobout what they want to do to us. I said to myself, how could God let it get this far? Is this really his plan? To let these snakes and scum of the earth do whatever they want to good people?

To think people actually defend the masons, look at these murals, see what they want to do to you and your families.

To those who think my diatribes aobut UK khazar false satanic bloodline scum are distractions from "jooz did it" - THEY CLAIM TO BE OF THE MESSIANIC LINE, THEY CLAIM TO BE STRAIGHT DESCENDANTS OF DAVID AND JESUS. (Windsors). The masons practice kaballah black magic, human sacrifice, and they are literally EVERYWHERE in UK and USA.

Timshun said...

Thanks Les, you are one of the few people I have heard whom realize they are NOT simply talking to themselves on aya...most presume the brew is simply playing up mental clutter. When I drink, I listen. It is not a projection it is a communique. Cheers.

Visible said...

Well, given that I am relentless in the pursuit, I just took the maximum, see you after.

Anonymous said...

This must be the most beautiful piece I've ever read thus far. It brought tears to my eyes uncontrollably. You've made my day... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...

Les, I pray you are right about this and in anticipation, I am bent over waiting for the cosmic jackboot to kick my ass.

nina said...

You can read minds, can't you.

Visible said...

I can read my own Nina and as for everyone else... it's a common mind

Neko Kinoshita said...

Hard hard hard.

Blessings can also be a punishment, when you are forced to watch those from which they are withheld.

Love is hard when it means you must allow the lesson to be learned.

There is a hidden core of joy, but at the moment I must feel the pain, and somehow reach acceptance.

The alley gets blurred through the tears.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Burnie said...

In a humorous good coyote way I offer this bit of levity...we do need that these days.

Rodney drop a dime

Thanks for the words.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Les! The first paragraph alone, had an older brother or father laid those words on me, could have spared me a good decade of angst in relation to all the perceived 'mistakes' that I made in relation to myself and lovers. I probably wouldn't have listened, so perhaps that's why I can appreciate them now and attest to their veracity.

Anonymous said...

When wiki-leaks (doesn't the name alone just rub you the wrong way? in a vague 'scat' kind of way? Joo lyin' Ass agen!) initially released footage of an American chopper targeting civilians in Iraq, I had a brief glimmer of hope that this incriminating footage would begin a chain reaction; and indeed it did, but not in the direction I had hoped. Assange's forthright rejection of "9/11 conspiracies" just made my nuts contract! BINGO THE CLOWN-O!!!

Anonymous said...

This is much, much bigger than slimy little greedy weasels, whose names and all their filthy lucre will be lost in the dust of history. As Les says, now, the Universe is The Decider. And if they think they can escape with their ticket to the underground bunkers, guess who their roommates will be. Hard-core, terminator-type, never seen the light of day turbo-charged warriors unlikely to cotton to those shiny Italian alligator loafers. So if you're not doing right as a human being, you'd better get crackin'.

And if anyone reading this can lend a hand to John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan healing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico with harmonic frequencies all by themselves, get yourselves over to Gulf Breeze.

Wake up everybody. It's time.

Anonymous said...

“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health,
lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy
freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroy
Michael Ellner

I can't wait, I'm tired of the above.


Amer Fire said...

Wow! Dont know but its weird, I live in Homesteade FL and every morning till today at this time of year the morning sun shines thru my S.E. window at an angle that between 7a- 8a EST it will cast a light on my living room, but today i notice that the sun was at a different angle, no sunshine on my living room floor. ????

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing.
You manage to stir up so many things in my mind.
As I read this piece, I was at once struck by your total encompassing description of the absolute ‘right now’ as I see it.

I am simultaneously excited by the prospect of the grand show beginning, and yet feel like a kid in line for the confessional, reviewing my sins and worrying if I will be able to get by with a good Act of Contrition and 10 Hail Marys or if I will be thrown into the bowels of Hell for my self-centered life.

I read of people having dreams that are instructing them in the ways to navigate the upcoming tempest, while I dream of big friendly dogs and next, of languorous, purring cats who when pursued by sinister dark shapes, jump into another dimension.

Is this my lesson? How do I translate this?
Is there time? More important, can the world wait much longer for it’s redemption?

So, I wonder and dither, and still eagerly await the things to come.

I’ve been blessed in my life and I am trusting that this blessing was not false, and that I will be o.k., but still with doubt.

As we waited for Santa - will it be presents or a lump of coal?
Now, as we wait for the light - will it bring growth or flames?

Thank you for all that you so freely give.

Terrance said...

Hello Mr. Visable.....been to the edge but never jumped in ....thanks for sharing....everyone is in the same pressure cooker and the heat is being turned up...good luck putting your head in the sand...lots of love ....we all need it!

Anonymous said...

We can do this.

Continue to think to the creators of this reality we have had enough and something must change.

I call to the rulers of this reality:

Cleanse this reality, this world, this planet of the evil destroying it.

Flush the evil doers

Flush the destroyers of life

Flush the power corrupt

Flush the elite corrupt

Flush the evil greed filled hearts

Flush the purveyors of death

Flush those who deceive

Flush the purveyors of the mark

Flush all that is destroying this world from within

Flush them all

We say this to the rulers of this world

Boulderdash said...

Looks like John Kaminski is on the same track:

Rabbit said...

Yes, it is coming soon and this is hwo it will look and work. At this time, half heartedness is no good, you must choose. If you are not part of the solution, then you will be corralled together with the problems.

Courage and conviction and impecable behaviour is needed to stand against the furies which are assaulting the "servants" as I refer to us Les; but if you remain true I believe you will make it through. I have recently had experience of seemingly great harm, to the extent of financial ruin, which I stood fast against only to see it miraculously solved and a positive outcome.
When it first struck, I almost gave in and decided to just get on with my business and ignore thf ight, such as it is. But I decided that would be the way to ruin, as whatever force had been protecting me so long, would cease to function.

moonshining said...


I visited the sites you posted and was intrigued by the Art Murals in BofA and the story they told if viewed in the Hebrew fashion of Right to Left. When viewed this way they are putting their plans in full view and laughing as we pass through their dens of usury.

Les, I have seen this blogger post on your sites in the past and wonder how you feel about his messages?

Visible said...


I've noted your comments but not published them because I'm not fond of anonymous cowards who I am sure would not talk like that in person. You got a misapprehension from a post I wrote that wasn't meant to be taken literally but you did. I wrote to show a commonality with others and to diminish myself. I actually take care of myself pretty good and have been. I'm assuming it's possible that I know you and you're afraid for me to know who you are. You shouldn't be unless you act foolishly in person and if you want that bad enough you'll get the chance or run into one of my friends who have a tendency to appear at certain times. Be well.

Anonymous said...

"This may sound facile and crazy, but I have recently gotten into making and distributing orgonite. The stuff is astonishing. It actually brings the mood and energy up in a fairly wide area. It is a force for "good" - good feelings, good thoughts, good cheer. That something so goofy and improbable can be so revolutionary proves that the universe has a sense of humor. Try this stuff out guys. I promise that most of your will be delighted."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:58 PM
God has nothing to do with it!!
You! You allowed this to happen with your inattentiveness, your fear and your lack of courage, not God.
And yes Sparkle 12:22, maybe there should be more 'swimming pool accidents' with the stated results.
The Greeks have taken the bull by the horns.
I think we will see more of this - it's wtp's future that is being fought for.
We have come face to face with the enemy and the enemy is us (with apologies to Pogo).

Anonymous said...

i've been walking in the mouth of a graveyard for many years and time and again your words have saved me i just wanted to say thanks for that

Anonymous said...

as a side line Rajaten's Blog is interesting

TheSparkle said...

One of my daily read websites:

a tidbit:

"Like his 'mum' and 'pop' no English blood to speak of but a blend of Greek/Sephardi, German/Ashenazi family. Will has some Anglosaxon blood but is marrying a 'Tudor' another Anglosaxon-Hebrew from the Sephardi side. Camilla is a Rothschilds by bloodline so I doubt very much Jacob wont prevail in seating this nutty Prince Charles who sounds like he was tutored by his 12 th cousin, Sir Albert Gore. Very, very few of us Americans have any connection at all to England, let us dump the Anglosaxon on his arse from political power as we cant trust them just like we should dump all the Hebrews unless they sound like Brother Kapner from political power. The last Anglosaxon I voted for was Jim Carter and he was a massive mistake as David Rockefeller and Rothschilds ran rings around him with Henry Kissinger and the Paul Volcker. Great rid of the 'British-Israel' crowd, all of them, dump them from political power."

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your words.

They are so true compared to almost everything else I read that it makes me almost crazy.

Sometimes i believe your statement that nothing is real.

Livimg in this temporal world is like living in a pseudo-reality - kind of like a bad dream that one cannot awaken from.

Life is said to be a test and nobody gets out alive...

Fud you're right on with your comments on the last couple of Les' posts - kudos.


Ghana said...


Headed to Gulf Breeze. Thanks or the direction!

Odin's Raven said...

Here's Satan's Christmas Message:

Anonymous said...

Nate said,

I have no understanding of recent changes or why these changes are occuring, "If I don't know god does" but I do detect a change in the resonanace of all things. As an earlier comment stated. The dogs are acting strange.
It seems to me that when I ask a question lately, I receive an anwer almost immediately. Internal dialogue of course.
It sure seems to me that "It has begun."

Visible said...

with one of my posts

Anonymous said...

universal unifying
unity in union
revolving momentary
engaging in solution
fusing atmospherical
touch within the vital
revitalising chords
impressed within the cycle
in a presence of invigorating
inspired on a moment
on the living now
through the gates of ever open
everlasting everything
lifting so it seems
beam the waves of higher
through the inner be.


Anonymous said...

I'm just so weary of being told, 'things are at the edge; they're about to happen; just you wait and see....'.



Anonymous said...

london lass,the change comes through you... neil

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Early Bird gets Cosmically Wormed.

Visible said...

Well said Neil. I got your email but I'm thrashed right now. I'm include you in this, given that you already are.

Anonymous said...

You wanted a different perspective. Here it is. These 4 links will will show a different framework that the universe could be laid upon. Politics will mean nothing if knowledge is transmitted.

Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson challenge the prevailing theory of Darwinian evolution with their groundbreaking work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race.

You could also watch the History Channel's Ancient Aliens on youtube which has M. Cremo as one of the guests.

Once we have an idea that we have interacted with other life in the universe, we then wonder what that interaction was like.

Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by :Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

After which we wonder about this energy that "souls" are made of.

Aetherometry, the exact science of the metrics of massfree energy (Aether), is a novel biophysical and nanometric science, or scientific discipline, developed by Dr. Paulo N. Correa and Alexandra N. Correa as a synthesis of experimental and analytical work that replicated, revised and continued the scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla, Louis de Broglie, Wilhelm Reich (orgonomy, orgonometry), René Thom (catastrophe theory) and Harold Aspden. Its object of study is massfree energy.

And macroscopic phenomena in our immediate surroundings.

Exploring the Electric Universe

Pstonie said...

I believed you when I read this initially but being out among the people has messed up my compass again. It's all pretension and sleepwalking with them, they really have no idea. After a while you start losing all the things you thought you were sure of just being around them.

One thing I've learned is that cosmic time and clock time can't be compared and they translate badly, but somehow I think it's soon soon soon. I get the feeling they're sort of forced to do something now they know they won't get away with. I almost wish I could be there to see them sweat but being around them is not such a good idea right now.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Someone's Tossing Ice Cubes into the Devil's Coffee.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

What's any of This got to do with That?

Howard T Lewis said...

Calling Fud. You are correct the quality of the statement that different grades of thermite and thermate were installed as WTC's I and II and 7 were built, as well as the Sears Tower in Chicago matches the quality of the statement 'the WTC's I, II and 7 as well as the Chicago Sears Tower had nukes installed in the basement for 'safety' reasons', to ensure vertical collapse. Both are accurate and insane. And are true. No guess-work here. Also, a few construction periodicals of the time mentioned this and the brief ordinances in N.Y.C. and the Port of Chicago mandating their application on 50+ story construction. Some things swept under the rug sure leave a lump. Here a big enough one to prove mass murder by the involved parties. Read your war history. Dime-store Macciavelli to West Point texts repeat the history of mass murder of one's own population and fingerpointing to the next victim as perpetrator of the deed. The Europeans did it. FDR did it. Chiang Kai Shek did it. And now these pigs.
The DH blow-out was done by the same group as bought the WTC's for $166 million with Larry Silverstein after insuring them for $4 billion. The buildings were losing over $11 million a year and had been condemned by the N.Y. Port Authority, who was on the hook for the demolition costs.The exteriors of the WTCI and II were falling off and the interiors had bad asbestos problems. Tenants were fleeing. No fibreoptic cable for computers was installed. Many problems. No guess-work here either. Who was cold blooded enough to do this? Who knew besides the security director, the N.J. and N.Y.C Port Authorities, Larry Silverstein. The insurance companies. The judge.The company who planted the original and trigger charges, the mayor, the WTC fire department(none of whom were killed on 9-11, I'm told. This warrants checking.), and my father who had close connections with the engineering office who knew also. I am very disappointed by those in-the-know who have yet to come forward. I have known the above since 1969. No bull.
We have some house cleaning to do. Our justice and executive branches are kaput. TV has hypnotized the public into sheep. How? I DON'T KNOW.



Joseph Brenner

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