Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps of the World

Dog Poet Trashmitting.......

Welcome to the writhing and pustulating, mucoid surface of the Petri dish. Can you see your reflection? Probably not and it’s for the same reason you can’t see yourself on the surface of turbulent waters. The simmering slide show of microbe activity is burbling like an oil slick in a Jacuzzi. Sometimes it looks like a humanoid form trying to emerge from heavy Saran Wrap. You see a head and part of an arm. You see two hands and sometimes you see two heads but that could just be a head and hindquarters arching out of the murk at the same moment. It looks like something that is either hot for sex or hungry for freedom but... you know you don’t want it to achieve either and you certainly don’t want to watch; well, some of you probably do, in the hope of an accompaniment of self inflicted frottage. It takes all kinds.

It’s an adequate image of things seething in the culture and looking to get out. It’s a hybrid human effort, seeking a mutation in form, so that previously impossible perversions might become doable. There are Triffids and troglodytes, chemical golems and off planet circus freaks, trying to break out of the human shell and give Hell a chance to party down. New laws with new permissions are waiting in the wings for the appearance of some new tattooed and pierced creation from the Island of Dr. Moreau, or the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Present day practitioners of what passes for whatever art the Zionist controllers define as art, are hoping to snag a few of these life forms and hang them from one of those metal apparatuses, with the fishhook flesh suspenders and have themselves a showing at MOMA. Pain is the new pleasure, just like lies are the new truth.

I’ve wrestled for some time with the use of the word, Jew. This is because my personal experience of various classes of people claiming that title does not allow for them all to be defined the same. I’ve come up with what I think is the best name for the present day most lethal and pervasive abusers of humanity and that is, ‘neo-Pharisee’. That’s what I’m going to use now to define Zio-Nazis, genocidal Israelis, bankers, media manipulators and sundry. Then we have Pharisee-enablers, which are either, silent Jews, fundamentalist Christians, or soulless husks looking for a leg up with the left hand God of the Pharisees.

I’m thinking of commercial catchphrases for them, “Pharisees... they were good enough to crucify Jesus Christ and now they’re going to crucify the Christianity that crucified itself and then... you; four thousand years of consistency in action." "Support your favorite Pharisee today. On your knees or back on your heads because coffee break is over.” “If it’s not true, it’s a Pharisee exclusive, trade in that birthright for some gourmet, steaming pottage because nobody knows they’re eating shit if you serve it to them warm. Look for the kosher label!” “Gay rights, one more locomotive for the Pharisee left. It’s not real control unless you can swallow it whole and make a Pharisee smile when you do.” “The black man’s friend, from the slave ships to the slumlords, in the projects and the pawnshops in the hood. The Pharisee’s your homie and we be good.”

It’s absolutely amazing how they got control of the money supply and then went on to purchase everything they needed to control the flow of information and the perception of culture into what I am observing, humping itself in the Petri dish. Then they manufactured a myth that had no previous existence in the memoirs of the major players of the time, in the press of the day, or in any structural fact and sold it to the Pharisee enablers to sell to their children and the rest of the world for a place at the trough. Then, under false pretenses, they stole Palestine in the Middle East from the people of the book and made it against the law to question the genesis so that they could present themselves as Semitic, while genociding the actual Semitics and using the catch-club phrase of anti-Semitic, to protect them from exposure as being crypto-commie reptiles, masquerading as the ones whose culture they want to wipe out in order to legitimize their own. It’s a kind of AIDS virus operating 24/7 and you don’t have to sleep with them, all you have to do is believe what they tell you; keeping in mind that objection is a reputation and career destroying move.

What’s happening, is that The Apocalypse is making this increasingly more and more clear, to those previously locked into a Stockholm Syndrome of perpetual abuse. It’s been moving consonantly with the time speed increase and it’s about to go turbo, when the veils get torn for real. In the meantime they are projecting themselves into louder and more pernicious public expressions of what they should have been at pains to conceal but the need to dance for the cameras in damning self exposure, is irresistible to the arrogant and megalomaniac desire to be seen, as the preening architects of the destruction of civilization. In the meantime, the mass of population is being awakened to the effect and at some point, two opposing forces are going to be contending for what shape the future is going to take. One is very small and one is very large.

From Lloyd Blankfein, the octopus wrangler, to Rupert Murdoch, the smut and lies wrangler, from the central bankers to the government agency heads, they are digging a hole so deep that they will eventually reach the infernal lands, for that final and timely exodus into the realm of their master. The age of the neo-Pharisee is coming to an end. It will not go gentle into that burning and blackened night.

They’re running Homeland Insecurity and setting all of the legal policies for the enslavement of the populace, who might otherwise object. B’nai B’rith and the ADL are actually in charge of it all and Eric Holder and Bwak! Obama have been flashed back to the 1850’s. Don’t tell me we don’t have time travel. They’re got blackmail videos of most of the members of Congress and everyone else in every vital place. There’s hope that the military is not entirely compromised and might perform a coup. We’ll see.

The neo-Pharisees and the crypto- Pharisees, the Bushligula cabal and the Fundie Schmoos, are all groping each other in the Petri dish and looking to go contagious and viral. They got that big Christmas tree on that South Korean hill and they’re just waiting to see if the bait trawling can land them some exploding fish, to turn the whole landscape into flaming sashimi, which sort of defeats the actual comestibles description. They’re not going to need any Wasabi.

A certain rough beast is rising in the midst of these fecal gourmands; in the middle of their Roman orgy of cannibal coprophagia, so called because it is living shit, masquerading as some kind of Midas touch in reverse and being sold and desired as the genuine article. This is the real shit and they made it themselves. This rough beast is going to do a sweat lodge number on the stones of Bethlehem, making a sort of wood fired oven for The House of Bread. It’s all prophecy becoming real and Revelations in action. It’s a recurring cosmic event that shows up like clockwork at the deathbed of the culture, ready to pull the plug on the electric charge that is keeping this steaming mass of pus alive in the Petri dish of the world as we know it, or don’t know it, now. You got to love things like this.

They’ve been identified by a number of people who only totaled a little over a hundred thousand at the end of the war and now total upwards of over a million, because apparently they’ve been reproducing in the Petri dish at the dark of the moon. With the real figures, that’s forty identifications for every single survivor and wouldn’t you think some of them might have passed on over the course of 65 years? It’s another expression of that new math where, even thought there was a population increase over the course of the war years; check your census dockets, somehow we’ve got the irrefutable disappearances of the non-existent; endless marching ranks of ghosts, with their hands out, being generated by a perpetual hallucination machine.

Well, I’m not going to let this be my pre-Christmas finale. We’ll head over to Visible Origami on Christmas Eve. By the way, Merry Christmas and stay out of dark alleys if you’re wearing Santa suits because there are press gangs running around with Menorah saps. Merry Christmas!!! Damn! I wish I had a job I could endanger by saying that but I don’t. Merry Rama Lama Gotterdammerung! And a Joyous New Age!!!

End Trashmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps of the World

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A pertinent quote -

Here is a practical definition of anti-Semitism: The belief by gentiles that Jews may be criticized like any other group.


Merry Christmas to one and all


William Freeman said...

"It’s absolutely amazing how they got control of the money supply and....."

That passage ties it up more neatly than I have read anywhere. Thanks for that, Les.

Maybe it's disinfo about moslems and their leaders trying to force the Merry Christmas out of us, like here:
but if it is true, then it's a big mistake. What they don't seem to realise is that we are their future allies. White christian values are under attack, just as moslems are. Most westerners don't realise that Islam actually has more in common with Christianity than the disgusting neo-pharisaic talmud has. Jesus is even mentioned in the Koran as the fourth prophet. This is why I also don't understand british right wing groups increasingly marching around with flags of the occupation state. Probably infiltrated. Scumbags anyway.

Hold on to your hearts and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY !!


William Freeman

DaveS said...


Another lingual libation served up in a tall glass. My tongue danced over your prose while my mind was diving off the cliffs of your (our) cosmic ideals.

It rains again today... four, five, how many days now? Not that I'm complaining – the past two winters I had snow frozen behind the house from November until March, and in the high country it's snowing feet :) so I'll have plenty of river come spring.

LIfe is good. At least it is for those of use choosing to see it as such. I'm sure there are plenty of folks for whom a gray brick wall would be an improvement in their POV, and I'm sorry they're in such a state.

Again, thanks Les... even if all you're doing (on this blog) is a written form of mental masturbation, I love it. The way you play with words and concepts makes this one of my favorite places to pull-off the information superhighway and grab a tall cup of Wow! with a dash of Huh?... You've the operator of a large mental truck stop... a good place to shower-off all the grime collected on the brain during travels thru 'netspace.

wv: unlembur... Hmmm?

Visible said...

In hopes of heading off what will be perceived as another anti-gay slur (good luck with that), let me say I have nothing against gay people. I was hanging out with them and physically defending them back when there was reason to and there was very little acceptance.

I object to the near total Jewish control of the movement and organizations for observably nefarious purposes. I want it known too. Most every gay I ever knew didn't like these organizations any more than me, didn't want to fit in and had no desire to play Ozzie and Harriet in make-believe mind gardens.

The main reason for such an increase in the seeming presence of gays has many causes and none of them are genetic. They range from lowered body chemicals due to ingestion of shit products; laziness and, you know what? I'm not going to list all of them, it's too much work and the right people don't pay attention.

I'm tired of tiny minorities terrorizing the majorities. Of course, the majorities are also terrorized by ignorance and obedience to false authority as well.

Anonymous said...

You just keep getting better. First I read this terrific word wrangling and then I listen to that fantastic fucking song! My wife and I were dancing around the room. Not Hank Williams or Willie Nelson ever did anything that articulate and joyful. Thank you for making our day in a big way.

William [and Julie)

Visible said...

Thanks. You made me go listen to it and I started dancing around the room too (grin). I'm in a pretty good mood lately; lots of extra dimensional stuff happening.

siamsam said...

"For all the terrible crimes of the USSR, you can't compare the people who built Auschwitz with the people who liberated it. Nazi Germany would probably not have been defeated if it weren't for Russia."

So all life is not equal then. Well so they keep telling us!

Neko Kinoshita said...

You don't need to defend your position on "Gay Pride" with me Les.

Deviant behavior should not be persecuted, but it doesn't need to be celebrated either.

P.S. I can't possibly be a homophobe, the Best Man at my wedding was Gay, and had been one of my closest friends for more than a decade at that point.

Oh yeah, Eric, that wv: reference on SM was really funny!

Meow all,

Mark said...

Yes, it is truly amazing to see how this small group of dominators can so enblind almost everyone else to the soooo self-evident. Those who still can see get tired of thinking, “what’s wrong with you?”

Part of their craft pertains to Shakespeare’s “willing suspension of disbelief.” One of us called it “willful ignorance.” Same thing. Hollywood and television systematically blurred the lines between fantasy and reality, because, to the undisciplined mind, seeing is believing. The harvest is a population of individuals who have had their individuality supplanted by an assigned role in an apocalyptic stage production. Ray Bradbury cast light on this in “Farenheit 451“...remember “The White Clown?” Everyone dreamed of attaining all four walls, full enclosure, and full participation in what amounts to “Waiting for Godot.” But back to the petri dish…

Saruman had one that gurgled and issued forth the “Fighting Uruk-Hai,” a recombination of already-twisted elf-orks and men. Do you think Tolkien was thinking of soldiers and police? Stephen Donaldson wrote “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,” an undeniable rip-off of “Lord of the Rings,” but worth reading nonetheless. The theme of both are the same: a dark force unable to create, entrapped in the earth with a single-minded purpose: to break and kill things created by those who can.

This is too long and I’m sorry. When I wish you a merry christmas, it is with this caveat…I have removed “Santa,” his “gifts,” his “elves,“ and the evergreen trees. For me, it is a time for people to show appreciation for others, and I can find nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now Les. You have to give the “chosenites” some credit. For example it IS one hell of a tall tale wouldn’t you agree?

I mean come on. A bunch of European converts making up a complete bull shit story and successfully selling it to the public. That’s Brilliant! Ok, so yes it is absolute evil but still brilliant.

The Bullshit list is incredible.

#1. They’re not really Semitic.
#2. Their god is the god of the Talmud
#3. They hyped up the holocaust numbers
#4. They annotated the Bible with the criminal Schofield to purposely fool the goyim Christians.
#5. The wailing wall is actually a wall from an old Roman Garrison.
#6. They paid off a President (Truman) millions of dollars to recognize their county
#7. Herzel the founder of Zionism was an atheist.
#8. The star of David is actually a pagan symbol

Even with the above list the goyim sheeple still worship the Talmudic Khazar imposters and believe the fictitious history these “chosenites” feed them.

The story of the jews is such bull shit that if it were written in book form It couldn’t even be called fiction. It would have to be classified as fraudulent.


Erik said...

Hi Les,

Your colourful words made me think about my run-ins with the Pharisee Tribe ... both professional and social.

As a Goy I have had the 'opportunity' to peek behind the curtains, when in a short relationship with a Jewish girl.

Oi Vey! I did not like what I saw - dangerous lamenting phonies dressed in 'fool's gold and diamonds'. Luckily I got ousted (for the fear of AIDS ;)

In my country there is a lot of talk about the integration of Muslems; guess who are the worst integrators with their separate cliques, schools and country-clubs?

Like you, I have no problems with homosexuals. What I do have some problems with is their current 'In your face' acting out on TV.

Come to think of it, we goys must be extremely untalented in the arts, like music ... seen a goy in a talent show lately?

I stop my rant now ... kept it too long inside for the fear of being 'strange'.

Imagine the faces in my local when I objected to 'Hava Na Gila'(spelling?) dancing during 'Cast Lead' or staying home for 'The Gaza Prayer' last year ...

Anonymous said...

" those previously locked into a Stockholm Syndrome of perpetual abuse..."

and " irresistible to the arrogant and megalomaniac desire to be seen, as the preening architects of the destruction of civilization..."

And this one! LOL "...or soulless husks looking for a leg up with the left hand God of the Pharisees..."

OH GOD! it is so true! 'soulless husks'... "preening architects"... "Previously locked into a perpetual Stockholm syndrome of abuse"...

So sick... yet I laughed out loud continuously reading your latest greatest synopsis of what the hell is going on! Going down!

I've been living a micro realm of the macro for FOUR SOLID YEARS NOW...I broke out of my 'perpetual Stockholm Syndrome of perpetual abuse' about a year ago-when my husband's life was literally stolen from our family and was snuffed out for the major profiteering of four factions of others... when he died the way he did-a big part of me died too. The part that believed what we were all brainwashed into believing-that help would come in the form of the taxpaid public employees to address crimes, wrong doers etc... NONE CAME-THEY ALL ENABLED THE MURDEROUS AVARICIOUS MANIACS! at my expense! my husband is dead... all our assets stolen from us... yep. I went into the black hole-the walking dead for 11 months-came out knowing a whole lot more about these 'preening architects' the 'soulless husks' who just can not get enough-pathological liars... who will tell the truth on their selves knowing that nobody will do anything about it anyway.

Like Mark Moford phrased so well years ago now-these worker bees are like 'demons on meth'... they just won't stop until they are stopped.

I do the 'name the victim, name the crime, hand light over to the creator... shine on all the perps and that works so outrageously well... they're coming out of the woodwork as have some incredibly powerful people from the GOOD SIDE.

thanks again les for your validation of reality

the gardener

Erik said...

Hey Les,

Talking about music (and with the risk of triggering the web-bot ;)

Have you written/released the Sirius song already?

WV:evera - the female aspect of an Italian Truth

Anonymous said...

In light of the gardener 8:19 AM comments I thought I might add this link to Arab Womans Blues



Visible said...

Written not recorded. Got 5 CD's waiting to get done but just haven't felt like it. Roland keyboard's back at home base with the Ovation and the Martin is sitting in its case; haven't done more than touched any of them a couple of times in a few years now. Used to have to play really regular just to tread water so I probably can't even play anymore now (grin).

Supposedly I will start recording in the New Year because of the new commercial website and all the book publications. Weird how things just decide to get going.

SouthernHungary said...

Merry Christmas to all ! No Menorahs around here yet!

Les,Keep up the good work,you really make a difference.

Merry Christmas.

Erik said...

Maybe it is time to call in the help of some of your 'guitarded' invisible friends; like Z ...

Frog said...

Here is a link for you all, from the uh, neo-Pharisees at Time :

The article starts out by saying: "Sick of both the commercial and the religious aspects of Christmas? Then celebrate like George Costanza's dad."

Ah. How bold. The ruination of Christmas is almost there. They can smell it. The latest feces pie is almost out of the oven. The guests are salivating at the thought of a second helping.

Celebrate a aluminum (Asheram) pole, abuse your host and guests. This is the best thing for the Goyim. After all it's better than what Christmas is, right?

The Jew in the funny TV show says so.

Obey. Consume. Forget.

Time for me to pray harder and more earnestly. Spend more time with my wife and family. Take a hot bath when I get home, wash the filth off.

Merry Christmas all.

Visible said...

He's already involved.

Mark said...

The Gardener

I would like to exchange notes with you sometime, for we have something in common.

Anonymous said...

Great, funny post Les.
Made me laugh out loud - because it is all so untrue and yet we accept it as if everything is honest and ok.

J.Lennon (I think it was) once said - and I paraphrase - 'you have to be jewish or gay to succeed in show business.'


amarynth said...

OK, I made a mistake today. I first read Smoking Mirrors and then Petri Dish. All of this together, well, and all of this after the solstice and the dark moon which made me light-headed for three days with the invisibles friend and foe around. Really. So, I'm gonna screw off for the rest of the day. I'm gonna listen to some music and dance with some invisibles and kick out one that I do not want here. I'm gonna cut some old ties that still hang around and braid new ones. And I'm gonna cuss out loud and sing merry songs.

Let the last of this change process be over now and let us get on with what we need to do and need to be already!

MMmmmmm and now I have to type emonista into the word verification box. Go figure.

Please accept my blessings to all of you!

Visible said...

Patrick Willis, or Lawrence Olivier in another life has done it again-

Audio- the Big Ticket Item.

Anonymous said...

You are a very good writer! That's why I read you whenever I get the chance. You write under a madeup name, which is alright since Mark Twain, America's best did it; but from the look of the comments column, your supposedly supportive audience, prefers to remain 'Anonymous!' Your choir seems to be afraid to come out from behind the pulpit!

While you're very bright and aticulate, when you get off into the upper world and underworld, you leave me with my feet still on the ground wondering where you've gone.

There is no planned destiny or purpose for either the Universe or us, other than both will remain in constant motion..or die! And even the disintegraion of the the dying, is itself a moving of sorts, except in reverse!

The obvious venality and corruption of nearly every government, and the loss of the pursuit of excellence and knowledge by their populations, is not something that was preordained by some unseen power; it was and is the inevitable result of thier actions, or inactions!
The reason and the proof is all around. The reason is that to be 'good' or act in a 'goodly' manner is much tougher than to be 'evil!' Being 'evil' is easy; it's the path of least resistance! Mankind is akin in one way to a larger form of amoeba,a single-celled creature which is basically pleasure seeking and pain avoiding!

And the proof: you can take a very healthy body and if you plant one cancerous cell in it, it will die; if you take a cancerous body and plant a very healthy cell in it, it, too, will die!

Much of Mankind's evil behavior could be deemed a cancer on the Planet; but just like the medical profession, there are those who benefit from that cancer. And may even encourage it.

I prefer Shakespeare's observation: 'Nothing is good or evil but thinking doth make it so!'

As for Mark Twain, he felt or imagined that, just like our bodies are made up of billions of cells, the Earth was one of the billions of cells that made up God's body, the Universe, and that the wars and corruption and cruelty were just a malignancy in that tiny cell that would somehow heal themselves!

Sincerely, John Barbour.

Visible said...

The name on my passport says Les Visible as well as driver's license and the rest. All names are made up. I didn't like the heritage of my given name, nor do I want my name 'given' to me. By way of explanation.

Mark said...

John Barbour

"There is no planned destiny or purpose for either the Universe or us, other than both will remain in constant motion..or die! And even the disintegraion of the the dying, is itself a moving of sorts, except in reverse!"

Could you offer up something to support this statement, or is it just your opinion?

Thanks a bunch...

Anonymous said...

pharmaceuticaly contaminated
manufactured artificialy
smeared in unnessesary
confusion and difficulty
predictably illusive
abusive and genasidal
neo pharisee death cult
in the scope of survival
naked in detail
regurgitating deviations
manipulations of itself
with abusive concentrations
afraid of life living life
life living through all
naturaly brimming overflowing
with the find of its call..


est said...

-that would be-

[i'm not a punct. cop
but i do play one on tv]

and- i stayed at a holiday inn last night


Anonymous said...

sorry est,I am terrible at spelling,I know...neil said...

Albert Einstein was a fraud. In his Special Theory of Relativity he expects us to believe that of two identical clocks each one can run faster (or slower) than the other. This is impossible and the theory is easily refuted. In his General Theory of Relativity we are expected to believe that mass can warp a completely fictional entity known as "space-time". This again is complete nonsense - how can you warp NOTHING? And why do academics toe the line?

It most definitely is a conspiracy. Overlooking blatant mistakes and ignoring obvious illogicalities (euphemism: "paradoxes"), that a child laughs at, is not human nature - unless the human intellect has been coralled, dumbed down and irretrievably stunted. How does one explain academical adherence to nonsense? Maybe, for those not in-the-loop, it's pensions, grants, salaries, peer group pressure and herd-mentality, or worse: shut up...or else.

All those "proves Einstein right" experiments have been questioned by a few brave heavyweights in the field but no satisfactory answers have been given. And nearly all the results have been manipulated to fit the model or have used downright fraudulent data. Anyway, none of the phenomena needs to invoke Einstein for explanation. If time dilation is possible in the real world, then it is in no way explained or even described correctly by Einstein's special and general hogwashes, where he confuses reality with observer-perceived reality (i.e. illusion). Read Professor Herbert Dingle's "Science at the Crossroads", and how he was defeated by the Matrix.

It's not only in cosmology and astronomy. It's the same in archaeology, geology, history, religion, economics, etc...etc, where the truth is systematically being denied us and covered up to be replaced by laughable absurdities. You may wish to learn who is imposing the Matrix, and how and why.

When a brain-dead newsreader tells you your country has x zillions of debt, have you never asked "Gee, who do we owe all that money to?" The International Bankers (IBs) with their global network of central banks is the correct answer. So how do they create this credit to loan to governments at interest for which we have to pay taxes? The correct answer is: it's a scam.

"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin ... The Bankers own the earth ... if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control credit."
- Sir Josiah Stamp, Director, Bank of England (the UK's Central Bank), in the 1920s said...

Basically, by using fractional reserve banking, if the central banks loan a government y millions (by swapping government bonds for credit), they can then loan commercial banks and other financial institutions 10y millions at a discount rate. These 10y millions are not covered by their assets and deposits, they're covered by the taxpayers - as we and our descendants will find to our cost. This is money/credit created out of thin air. The commercial banks, et al, can then do likewise and charge us any interest.

The present - completely unnecessary - global recession and "credit crunch" (hahaha) are all about the IBs calling in their loans (on money they have created out of nothing) and owning the entire Earth. The elite IBs are, almost to a man, of the same tribe as Einstein: Khazar-Jews. The latter also own or control nearly - if not - all of the major global media. These are our Matrix imposers, with millions of their minions (including elite Gentiles) being the Matrix enforcers.

The Universe is not driven by the weakest force in Nature known as "gravity" - some ten to the power of 39 times weaker than proton-proton or electron-electron repulsion, or electron-proton attraction - but by electromagnetism and plasma physics. It's an Electric Universe, maybe infinite and eternal. Gravity is probably electrical - you don't think the most massive dinosaurs could have been able to stand up, let alone walk and run or fly, in the Earth's present-day gravity and atmosphere, do you?

If the universe were driven by attraction-only gravity, it would have collapsed long ago. It most surely stands to reason that for the very big jobs, Nature would use the strongest attractive and repulsive forces at its disposal - the electric forces. The Big Bang, Black Holes, neutron stars, dark matter, dark energy, warped spacetime and other fancy gobbledygook are impossible, laughable absurdities. Without Einstein, but with a Maxwell-Lorentz ether, a gravity-driven universe would never have got off the ground.

Admitting an electric universe opens the door and could lead (as Nikola Tesla well knew) to free energy. To the Matrix imposers who want to own us by monitoring, tracking, metering and charging us for everything: That is Forbidden!


Anonymous said...

Michael Pyshnov said...

It all started with masons, then jews quickly took over. Jewish communism was created, as it transpired decades later, as a way of jewish emancipation. And, without the destruction of the old world, it could not be accomplished. Yes, it started with Art. But then it was 100 bloodiest years in human history. What is really comical is that now "lesbians"/feminists are against jews, their teachers.

Anonymous said...

Les V - you sir - are on fire! I am loving your posts these days.
It's invigorating. I have no other words to explain my gratitude.

Coming to this space, (your blogs) - is like visiting a comfy, grand living room with a giant, roaring fire.
I love your blogs, I love your readers, and I love you. :)

God bless us, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hamlet is a prisoner of his own thinking, and of his knowledge that his stepfather is a fratricide and his mother incestuous. When he states that "there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so," he's not indulging in ethical relativism as much as wishing for blissful ignorance. He's also implicitly damning the naïveté of the king's new yes-men.

Anonymous said...

The Gnostic Scriptures describe the controllers well..Bravo! Well done!!! You give a current account on the infection that happened along time ago.They never can create.They can only take.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Holy.Grail; some great food for thought in your comments.

A very Merry Christmas to you too.

Anonymous said...

You just had a dream like no was so surreal you thought it was real. I would say that I had the surreal dream, yet I don't even know what's real because when you wake up it's like a dream inside a dream and everyone is you.

JohnC(UK) said...

wrong link les corrected link

paolocaruso said...

As Mayer Rothschild split his family and sent five sons to five prominent financial centers, Jews have since disbursed internationally in the center of every nation on the planet. In each new host, they all have managed to control the media and academia.
This is the basis of their power, and the reason they hate Hugo Chavez for limiting their influence in Venezuela.
Les is very correct, and in fact, the pharisees have far surpassed their excesses of prewar Germany. As I peruse the internet, it is clear, on even pharisee controlled sites, that people have become quite aware of the power of they are becoming surprisingly less inhibited in their comments. History always repeats itself.

Visible said...

Sorry folks about that link, occasionally I make a mistake. A serious troll came by talking in code and making no sense and then decided he'd call me a lot of names anonymously ( I couldn't read his Summerian hieroglyphics, which gave no evidence of anything except a bad attitude) because that's what people in the shadows do; write checks their ass can't cash.

I didn't post his comments because this is the time of the year when people want to take what joy they can and those who have none to give make up for the shit they turned their life into. You might say it balances out (grin).

paolocaruso said...

As far as the gay issue. There is a considerable higher gay index amongst the pharisees. But I've long seen their control of the gay movement, as a means of loosening morals. As people in high positions let their guards down as they rub shoulders with the pharisees...they set themselves up to being blackmailed. See the story of Governor Jim McGreevey and his Mossad honeytrap lover that he appointed as head of state Homeland Security for New Jersey. Prime example.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I'm hanging out and waiting for my Christmas goose. (grin)

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of the words of Tiny Tim:

o God bless us, every one

o Tiptoe throuh the tulips..

I wish you and everyone that frequents your boards a safe and peaceful holiday season and a restful 2011.

Very truly yours,


George said...

We, too, didn't not want to use the generic term, "Jew" for all -- like you.

However, we did come up with "usurious Jew" which I think captures it pretty well in the context of the design of our present day reality, world and future world (that we are collectively altering as we continue to work here in the present to enLIGHTen).

We have also used, "satanic" Jew and "counterfeit" Jew when I read about the Edomites.

Also, here's something amazing about what the American Founders said. Check out the below link which gives the Mother of All Conspiracies:

This was a necessary addition to the site as we make a stand for the children who are victim of the debased and psycho mentality. Make sure you see the picture of the little Iraqi girl who was raped and killed, along with her family, by a US soldier, and the connection to the conditioning that has come down through time by the psychopathic lie master of the "6 million," Ilya Ehrenberg, as you will see above the picture of the little girl.

We must now become aware, that We, Humanity, have a collective plight on the Planet as you have also put in your very discerning article.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Les and all you petri dish commenters.


wv: tingleds
When tinkerbell goes into estrus she gets a feeling of tingleds all over her little body.

On rereading that, I think I need some eggnog (grin)

Satya said...

TerrorCon 5 now operational!!
Operation Research goes into overdrive!!!

A gubermint spokesperson, on condition of anonymity, allegedly said today:-

"We have it on record that at last night's $100,000 per plate Council of Foreign Relations dinner party, David Rockyfella just got a smack in the eye from Amaury de Rothschild for getting him fingered in the BP/Corexit fiasco; Darth Cheney, on the run from Nigerian mafia, blew a fuse and a raspberry at Bush Jnr., (who was not present as he is persona non grata at the CFR), for making a total prat of himself talking garbage about Presidente Chavez on TV.

Meanwhile, the golem previously known as Heinrich Kissinger was actually seen to breath – a rare occurrence since his demise at the Fort Worth shoot out with Chinese ninjas last year. He was heard muttering something about the Tavistock Institute not being adequately effective anymore."

The anonymous official also allegedly noted that Messrs. G.Soros and Z.Brzezinski were at their wits end having failed miserably to start World War III for their masters in time for Christmas. They were overheard blaming the “massive global political awakening” and also grilling Cheney for the whereabouts of the nukes he stole from Minot Airbase. It is understood that Darth Cheney was playing coy, as he is desperately in need of ready cash and some new underwear. It is understood that he would relinquish the missiles only on the understanding that they remain in the good ole USofA and will be used on a Southern city before their sell-by date.

The CFR dinner allegedly ended with a bun fight and a resolution put forward by Hilarious Clitton and seconded by Mike Shirtoff, to reduce the American population by any means possible to a maximum of 500 thousand slaves by next Thanksgiving Day.

Shirtoff was also allegedly overheard suggesting that his full body scanners could be modified to utterly destroy DNA at one pass, but there was the issue of availability of enough expendable TSA paedophiles and sufficient electricity to run the machines at this level.”

TerrorCon 5 alert. Be very afraid!

Rebel 4E said...

Truth, Lies, Right, Left, I'm Right, You're Wrong!

Bah Humbug!


Merry Christmas Vis (-___-)

Love Ya!

GTRman said...

Yeah , I too , hate it when jews are tarred with the same brush.
When will you folks get it? Its the "zionist" jews , no, hold on , its the "athiest" jews, no, im wrong , its the ultra-orthodox jews, no , sorry , its just the "Frankist" jews , oops, I meant , its the "neo-con right wing jews , oops, no, its the lefty commie jews...dammit , its the "satanic kabbalah" jews... Oh , I give up!

Its definitely not jews , though...
( grimace / grin )

Anonymous said...

Neo-pharisee sounds a little too biblical and ancient to me, but I like that term for sure in reference to Jesus and his message about the synagogue of Satan and "you are of your Father the devil...."

I like to refer to them as the Judeo-masonic occultic elite or simply, judeo-masonic elite.....using all disposed jewish contacts as their agents of nefarious change.


Anonymous said...

Les, have you read or at least read about the Anastasia, Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books?

I would imagine you have.


SouthernHungary said...

Merry Christmas to all who visit this blog.
Special Merry Christmas to you Les!

Endwell Road said...

Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system.
I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all.
I do not exist,
am not an entity in this world or in the next,
did not descend from Adam and Eve or any origin story.
My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless.
Neither body or soul.
I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know,
first, last, outer, inner,
only that
breath breathing human being.


Turbulent waters
murky reflections
often come to rest
when peace and love
embrace in synergy.

Materialism the new idol
singing dollars for love
to those less aware
of a community of spirit
chanting songs, penning words
of a gratuitous awakening.


est said...

i hold in my hands
a rough carving

it is an elephant
not two inches high

it sits next to me
every since i was a child

i will die
-with it-
in my sight

Pstonie said...

Merry Christmas, may it be the last one of its kind.

Suggestion for a new holiday on my blog: Asshole day.

"The problem is that we currently live in upside-down land, bizarro world. The biggest criminals, doing the most heinous deeds including mass murder by war and starvation, are protected behind ah-fuck-it levels of red tape and plausible deniability. People are allowed to know that the most successful political campaigns are the well-funded ones, and then get all puffed up and surprised when the elected officials go with the interest of big business against the stated will of the people every single time they think they can get away with it. The most legal and accepted drugs are the most dangerous and profitable ones, while the most demonised and illegal ones are those with the highest risk of pulling your head from your ass.

The problem is that we celebrate one day in the year when it's the season to be jolly and nice to each other, while for all the other ones it's widely accepted that those are the days that everyone is meant to steal as much as they can from each other and be utterly miserable about it. There are enough people taking antidepressants that they're finding it in the drinking water, and all the questions of "why, why, why?" are drowned out by the loudness of "please sir, may I have some more?". Earth's most celebrated day is the birth of earth's most famous martyr, whom everyone supposedly looks up to but almost no-one listens to. It doesn't matter that the celebration is done by lining the pockets of the most usurious and gutless scum to ever walk the earth and that no one actually lives by the lessons that Jesus attempted to teach us, because it's the thought that counts. In a world of make-believe money, hard and soft, where a mental flat line is as common as Colon Cola™, thoughts are the only currency people can still believe in.

In the age where reason has returned to nature, be it tomorrow or in a thousand years, we may well spend one day instead attempting to remember the utter desolation and suffering that can be visited upon a planet when people turn "it's not my problem" into their creed. On asshole day, kids would try to duck little turds bursting from a rothschild piñata, and attempt to loop the noose around the banker wearing a blindfold made from the precipitated catatonia of humanity. On asshole day, everyone would choke down a glass of piss and then form groups to discuss how much they enjoyed it, because that's how it was done in the old days."

Visible said...

A new, sorta, Smoking Mirrors is up-

Metamorphosis from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Anonymous said...

To Tony and Mark... thank you for your interest... I am giving it everything I have in a passionate-yet not crazy plan of action.

The veils they are a lifting right now as I type this. When souled humans realize that they have or are having their own souled human powers regifted upon them-all they have to do is believe, practice and they will know-see that it really is possible... the games will be over-all the heinous players revealed for even the most blind to see.

If I had a hundred dollar bill for every time I've been told by sweet hearted considerate souled humans to 'MOVE ON" I'd have enough right now to pay my overdue mortgage...

The only way anyone who has been victimized in any way can move on is to do the very best you can do to shine the light on the trouble and resolve it to the best of your abilities to do so.

Otherwise, you don't 'move on'... the trouble gets seeded into your own body due to the dis-ease you've suffered from.

What happened to me and my now dead husband happens 'every day' according to the shitloads of lawyers in two states, bankers, morticians, THE IRS!!!, and the FBI... everyday someone is stealing the assets of the dead or dying... someone is getting dead due to those who profit and hold the power of life or death MEDICALLY and will profit upon their death.

Do NOT ever have a DNR... have multiple people if possible on your POA... name others than those who will profit from your death on that power of attorney-medical/financial... Brothers do it, parents do it, spouses do it... say that magic phrase "he/she does not want to live like that anymore-sniff sniff' and the patient/victim will be dead within a week.

I am in total agreement with the arabwoman site in her assessment of this US society... one that was psychologically assessed as being a 'narcissistic sociopathic' society DECADES AGO... I didn't realize what that even was then when I first read that... I sure as hell do now!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Web Jew.0: Muslim zealots claim the Internet is a Jewish conspiracy. They’re not wrong.

At an unschooling-related message board, one of our favorite, hardest-working hate trolls (who often posts under several aliases) posted the above link, so I went to read it and marvel at the in-your-face tone of it all.

"In 10 years," the author gloats, "these three young Jewish men [Zuckerberg of Facebook, Brin and Page of Google] have generated a fortune akin, according to some estimates, to the gross domestic product of Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria combined.”

Below, one approving commenter said:

I loved this article! I love how it takes our diaspora lessons and applies them to current times. This is the Jew the world fears: the Eternal Jew, the Cosmopolitan Jew: the Jew more attached to an idea than to a place. The world needs to realize that we are not fearsome, but that their own conservatism is stultifying. Hop on board! If these Jews are the conductors and engineers of this information train, so be it.

Jeez, she's right! I have been wrong all along. I should not worship God. I should worship the Eternal Jew! (*slap forehead)

We intellectually and morally, inferior, stultifyingly conservative, parochial, non-cosmopolitan goyischer kopfs desperately need the Jews to save us from our sin of being from and in a place. We must be rescued from our own ignorance and bigotry. The whole rest of the world just couldn't make it without the uplifting presence of this tiny minority, the very embodiment of God among us.

Go Jewish supremacy!

think outside the cage

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Julian Assange and Abe Foxman get Married.



Joseph Brenner

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