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The Western World's Murder of Logic and Reason

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Does anyone still not know that 9/11 was done by Mossad and the CIA, along with various parties in certain government agencies and sundry? Most of us are not hackers and we don’t deal with secret cables leaked by whistleblowers ‘or’ deliberately leaked after being sanitized in order to give the appearance of veracity. You would think that someone who is involved in intelligence information would have the intelligence and information to work out the obvious. I did it years ago, though the details are still fleshing themselves out, the names of the ones behind the attacks haven’t changed and aren’t likely to.

I measure a person’s truthfulness and intelligence according to the way they define what happened on 9/11. Let me make a very clear and unequivocal statement. Everything changed because of 9/11. All the so-called secrets that Assange possesses are influenced by 9/11. Every war since 9/11 has come about, one way or another, because of 9/11. The whole concept of terrorist has been set and sold according to 9/11. 9/11 is the Big Kahuna, period.

I got a few emails yesterday after my posting about Assange and Foxman. Unfortunately with the death of logic and reason, a number of people were unable to compute that my posting was largely about Foxman’s comment about pursuing those who tied Wiki-Leaks and Israel together. I wanted to be known as someone who did. That was the main thrust of my piece, not Assange’s, questionably valuable information, of which I have yet to see anything useful or earth-shaking. Interestingly, the emails, along with comments from mostly, never before heard from, contributors, all used the same syntax, buzzwords and arguments. Is this coincidence? All of them were cut from the same cloth, all of them avoided the 9/11 commentary, given in cavalier fashion by media model, Assange. Here is what Assange said:

"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

I don’t need to hear anything else from Assange to be convinced that he is a tool of the PTB. People defending him want me to give him breathing room. They want me to give him six months. Never has time been of such critical importance as it is now so, six months is a lifetime in which to cater to the whimsical possibility that the one who denies the most important aspect of our times, might come up with something worth suspending one’s rational faculties for six months.

No one defending him has come up with any kind of bullet listing of his accomplishments. One person defending him said, when it was mentioned that he was being represented by Rothschild lawyers, that if I was in trouble I would want the best lawyers too. You can’t dialogue with people like this. Their reasoning and logical facilities are floating upside down in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whenever I see a complete tool being defended against all reasonable and logical arguments to the contrary, I suspect enemy action. It was like that with Chomsky but not as much so. People who support the people who deny the truth about 9/11, are engaged in second hand murder. They murdered things in themselves first and then they extrapolated outward. Assange is a murderer because he reinforces the policies that murder. You can argue back and forth as long as you like but that’s what it comes down to.

When you have a public voice you are responsible for what you say and for what results, in your having caused people to believe what you said. Most bloggers with a level of exposure, equal to or larger than mine, are making money from what they do. Some of them are making very good money. I know this. I’m not. There are no adverts on my sites and my output is generally larger than most everyone else’s. There’s a reason for this.

I don’t recognize the authority of governments or religions. I obey the laws that make sense to me and ignore the ones that don’t. Governments that poison their own people are not going to tell me what to put in my body and I don’t much care what anyone else thinks about it either, they can kiss my dust.

Many readers, I’m sure, wish that I would stick with my metaphysical and spiritual writings and I have no doubt that there are some who are disappointed in the things I say and the way I say them. They’ve got a fixed idea of what spiritual means, as if the material world wasn’t spiritual, but it is. Everything is spiritual; taking a shit is spiritual, it’s an integral part of your times here. Sex is spiritual. I don’t recognize conventions and I don’t go out of my way to defy them. It just happens when it happens. I have permission to have sex with anyone I want to any time I want to, with no blame. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I don’t enjoy lying to myself and others.

Do I take advantage of this? Or, do I perhaps live a more moral life than those who are convention bound and trumpet their fidelity at every opportunity and then get caught out as the liars and hypocrites that they are? I extend the same freedoms that I demand, not because I intend to exercise them and not because I want others to. If you don’t already understand what my reasons are you have no right to be enlightened concerning them.

I have given a great deal of attention to the Assange affair. I don’t think I’ve ever written about it until yesterday. I didn’t feel the need. It was too obvious, for me to have to say anything. However, when Foxman jumped into the mix, I thought I might say a thing or two. I wasn’t very nice about it. Well, people are dying because of people like Assange and Foxman. Lots of people are engaged in daily murders that take place via fountain pens and documents. Goldman Sachs murders thousands and thousands of people on a regular basis. No one seems to see this. I see it and I don’t like it.

For some reason, since the death of reason and logic, not to mention, objective reasoning and abstract logic, people can’t seem to get from Point A to Point C, much less D. The more one has compromised themselves in the service of materialism, the more their higher faculties close off. It’s a quirk of human nature to assume that if you don’t possess something, then no one else does either. If you don’t see something, it isn’t there. People measure the possibilities of life according to their own, without even knowing what their possibilities are. Most lives are determined by how lazy one is and how much determination they do or don’t possess.

People think of war as a glorious affair and citizens of various nations root for their soldiers to kill the others. Men come back from wars and often find that the lies they tell about their time in uniform, come to compose most of the conversations they have, sitting at their neighborhood bar, living in dreams that didn’t happen, because the ones that did turned out to be bad enough to drive them to the bar and the need to lie about a life they didn’t live.

I’ve been following this Assange matter for a long time and there’s not the slightest doubt in my mind that he is cointelpro. I don’t need the details and he’s not important to me. He may turn out to be important to you, because Wiki-Leaks and all the other little mile markers that keep coming up, are all part of something that’s eventually going to get personal. It already has.

Then I see something like this. I hear about what’s supposed to be coming and what we’re all going to hear about but I haven’t seen or heard it yet. Why would you have to wait for six months? Why can’t we hear about how Israel murdered Rafik Hariri now? I suspect it’s more about the six months wait than it is the information. I’m sure there’s an easy explanation like, Assange signed a time contract with the Neo-Pharisee media or something. Promising something in the future, without any details, is not a new gambit and never seeing anything later on, or something so watered down you can’t determine what it was originally was, is not a novel ending that we haven’t seen before either.

You believe what you like and you live as you wish too. I have only one authority to answer to and I don’t see a problem there. If there was one I would hear about it. I hope your heroes don’t disappoint you. It’s tougher every time to find a new one. Sooner or later you don’t have any heroes at all.

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DaveS said...


Again, thanks for all that you're doing.

Sigh... (I should add a quick key for 'sigh' I'm doing so much of it lately)

People believe what they want to believe, or should I say, need to believe what they believe or otherwise the whole house of cards comes down.

Imagine the horror the average muckraker finds when looking at themself honestly for the first time? I know how I felt when I 'woke-up', and I never thought I was asleep the whole time I was... I guess most of the world is in a waking dream.

People believe what justifies their mad, sad existences, and nothing you or I will say changes that. People wake-up when they want to.

Peace and good New Year's tiding to those who want such things :)


Neko Kinoshita said...

No Heros,

Just companions.

I wasn't going to weigh in on Zio-leaks because it was so obvious.

I liked your article, but the comments went right off the rails, of course then there was the ATM girl. That was nice.

Meow Dog,

Pstonie said...

In six months there may well not be an israel, and the lizards that did the dirty deeds will be far away from the writhing tail they left behind.

I would feel sorry for them but it's what they wanted.

siamsam said...

I previously categorized people by how they considered 911. My new yard stick is how they consider Mr. Haircut.

As I said in a previous post: those who don't get 911 invariably think the 'Haircut' is genuine. Simple as that really.

Of course it also serves to retard those wavering souls that still have self doubt, thus propagating entropy.

Kindest rgds

Anonymous said...

Pax LV, et al...

re Wiki-whatever: too much sizzle, not enough steak.

It's how the grifters and their pal(s) ply their (respective) trade(s).

It seems things are ramping up a notch...and they (TPTB) do tremble.

Be not afraid, folks; make your peace with Him...and then some.

pax verbum

Strum said...

Right on Les

there you go again saying what I think better than I ever could.

"They’ve got a fixed idea of what spiritual means, as if the material world wasn’t spiritual, but it is. Everything is spiritual; taking a shit is spiritual, it’s an integral part of your times here"

love it.

Ricochet said...

As always you say the way I feel. You just do it with more clarity than I could. What is clear is the agenda they are spreading across the globe. Wikileaks is paid advertising. JA is just the sideshow freak.

Mark said...

The second-hand murderers, our former friends, relatives, and coworkers, persist in believing in the system. They support their children’s decision to join the military or become a policeman or attorney. These people we grew up with, whom we no longer have anything in common with, are the true enemies, even more so than those who pull the strings in full knowledge of what they do and why, because they are less honest about what they support, and are willing to sell their own friends and relatives down the river for a vague sense of security and righteousness.

It can drive you nuts unless you understand that we are here not only to observe, but through our words, thoughts, and deeds, to reveal our true selves to those in the higher realms, and to one day earn our place among them. It’s a worthy and epic adventure, well worth the trial by fire, if it separates the wheat from the tares and places each one of us exactly where we belong and nowhere else.

I believe in an orderly universe created down to the last detail by a grand intent, which I observe in nature and in the complexity of the human body. Everywhere I look, I see God’s handiwork and the love it took to bring it forth from nothingness. How could anyone with eyes to see not believe in a loving God?

Anonymous said...

Mid December at another site I wrote the following ...

I have been putting everyone through a 9/11 truth sieve for quite awhile now. If they don't get that the U.S. government is lying about what happened that day and that the laws of physics were not suspended in New York City, then I keep a wary eye on the information they are providing. I don’t try to convert anyone to 9/11 truth though because at this point I feel that they must, of their own volition, activate their sense of curiosity and then hopefully be willing to leap out of the rabbit hole of misinformation. The clues and cues are so out there everywhere now that anyone with even a modicum of intelligence should be able to grasp that the "official" version of that day does not pass the sniff test ... unless they are willfully avoiding the truth. Anyway it was this 9/11 truth sieve that quickly led me to be suspicious of Julian Assange as a credible purveyor of truth.

... but you put it much better than I did or ever could, Les. Thanks!

M. Rocknest (Em)

Visible said...

M. Rocknest;

Any abilities I have are a gift and such gifts can be given or taken at any time, as quite a number of people have discovered. I hope I can be mindful not to abuse what I've been given, should it be true that any value can be attached to it. It's a difficult proposition because the times call for wise discourse and they also call for fire as well.

For that reason I've evolved several persona's to accommodate avenues of differing expression. I realize some readers find this confusing and distressing too. However, there are various audiences which require a different approach initially before they are susceptible to the more important and more enduring verities.

I don't care very much about a lot of the things I have to write but they are necessary to hook the fish (grin). In other words, there's a lot of anger and every variety of emotion out there and establishing a commonality with people where they are most passionately engaged, allows for them to come to where the sweeter water waits after the whitewater and the falls.

Not much of anything going on outside of us is very important except in terms of the opportunities that it gives us to discover who we are, which is the principal consideration of existence and lacking which, is the cause of our suffering.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Great article and I make you correct as the Wiki-Leaks/Assange thing is definitely Cointelpro, the whole thing has an odour about it. I mean, what exactly have we learned that we didn't already know, who does the so-called leaks completely fail to mention and who is likely to be the cause of more diplomatic cables through their criminal actions than anyone else? (Israel just in case anyone was wondering).

I was intrigued to learn of the hasbarat army arriving in your mailbox and the 'defence' being deployed.

9/11 is now their achilles heel and they know it so they are willing to throw some of their own to the wolves to distract from the main crime scene and the casus belli of everything that has happened since.

The request for 6 months grace is interesting in view of the report in the Daily Telegraph (UK) of HM Governments secret plans to evacuate UK Citizens from the Persian Gulf region. Apparently, there is already a plan in place however as the UAE et al have grown so much to almost 100,000 ex-pats there is an 'urgent' need to update the evacuation plan.

The whole 'false flag' thing is pretty risky now as so many people KNOW deep down what the score is but are reluctant to step up to the plate (which in actual fact can be as simple as speaking to neighbours, friends or strangers and discussing your views on 9/11 and the rest of it).

One of the main reasons, Ireland became ungovernable in the 1920's was that people like us ignored the government and set up their own institutions on a local and national basis (including banks etc).

I have more power in my little finger than the powers that be have in all their institutions, laws, military, police etc and why is that do I hear you ask??

Because, their power is granted by our conscious and unconscious consent.

We are the POWER and they know it.

Just look at the amount of oppressive legislation they have enacted - this is the measure of THEIR fear of us.

As Les has already pointed out, time is short - time to wake the fu*k up and meet your neighbours, it might just make your and their lives better.

All the best


WV:: sissers

Anonymous said...

reasoned in illogical
artificialy contaminated
influenced intelligence
deceptively origonated
desecrated bounds
in falsifying holds
crumble in infected
system crushed infold
reactions misidentified
in absence of integrity
disillusioned reputations
in ambitions of unnessesary
the western aristocracy
consumed by its own ignorance
by universal consciousness
unifying all existance.


Anonymous said...

""I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

Yes, that clinches it for me too.

I have studied 9-11 rather extensively and I judge or sift everyone by what they say, or don't say, about 9-11.

I have only read a little about the Mossad connection so I know I need to read more on that.

I find particularly disgusting the Richard Gage / "Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth" show that, it seems, is being peddled everywhere these days.

That group is pushing certain things, won't say a word about other things, and consistently fails to provide the least indication of who did it and why.

They want to push the "thermate / thermite" ideas of Dr. Steven Jones.
I will close with a favorite quote by Dr. Morgan Reynolds about Dr. Jones and Mr. Gage of A&E for 9-11 Truth.

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 - "Morgan Reynolds"
I am widely accused of discrediting the 9/11 truth movement but it is Gage/Jones/and the rest of their gang that does so. There is no substantive case for thermite or its variants playing a significant role in turning the WTC (mostly) to fine dust. Theirs is a distraction, a limited hangout, a fall back story for the perps who, once the 9/11official version I fairy tale lies in ruins, trot out version II: muslim terrorists used internally-placed explosives to bring down the WTC—ridiculous version II.

Anonymous said...

I would like to contact you my snail mail. Is that a possibility?

Anonymous said...

Visible, I would be disappointed if you were any other way! Keep doing what you do and the truth will get you through. Happy new year, "if there is one" ha! .....buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

As you said many times Les 911 is the litmus test. With all the information out there it is preposterous for anyone to come out in defense of the official fairy tail.

One thing I find interesting is why no new concocted revelations to substantiate the Zeogov version? With the way the cat is out of the bag they need to do something. That Assange shills' statement ain't going to cut it. We need hard doctored intelligence. Hell get those guys at the FBI that are busy framing terrorist patsies to come up with something. Damn, somebody has to do something. HELP HELP

All we hear is Wiki Leaks 24/7. It is becoming a household word. All that free publicity. You would think they wanted to direct people to the site.

Man, I don't know. Anyhow it was fun reading those "objective" Zeo comments on the Foxman Assange copulation article.

Happy 2011 everyone, me think it is going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

I have stopped discussing the 9/11 event and now the TSA with friends as they believe as one friend said that it is the Muslims fault that all this is happening! I get told how crazy I am for believing that 9/11 was a set up a false front. I tell them how odd it was that the buildings didn't blow up on impact of the airplanes and how the buildings imploded. I tell them how it was reported on before it happened and I am the crazy one! I tell them how they are willing to give up their rights for security and I was told that rights no longer are important by one "friend". Well they are important to me! I quoted Benjamin Franklin when he said "Those who are willing to give up their civil rights for security deserve neither civil rights or safety!" Still I am the crazy one!
I am glad to know the truth even if others refuse to see it. When the stuff hits the fan and it surely will soon at least I won't be ignorant of it! For now I am known as the crazy one who stocks up on supplies and listens to weirdos who talk about conspiracies! You know the twilight zone episode where one neighbor has build a bomb shelter in his basement and the threat of a nuclear bomb was sounded and he wouldn't let any of his friends and neighbors in? Well my friends maybe just on the outside looking in pretty soon! I hope they wake up before its too late!! Meanwhile I will continue to stock up and listen with an attentive ear!! Hopefully we can escape what is about to hit us all believe it or not!!!

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

Someone sent me this great YouTube link this morning on 911 - it pretty much completes the puzzle of the Bush family members who had offices on the floors that were hit(all connected to either controlled demolition, Saudi Arabia, the Carlyle Group or related private intelligence contractors):!
I share the link because this guy's research is particularly impressive.

Besides the 911 issue and the fact that there's really no NEW information in the cables, what bothers me is that there's absolutely no mention of the "strategic" reasons the US is at war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nothing about the Pentagon agenda to foster the secession of oil and mineral rich Balochistan from Pakistan as a US client state - just like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other former Soviet republics. Nothing about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement. Nothing about the CIA training young Baloch separatists in bomb making and other terrorist activities to disrupt operations at the Chinese-built Gwadar Port (intended to transport Iranian oil and natural gas via Pakistan to China).

I blog about this at

Unknown said...

Of course it was an inside job.
As any magician or illusionist must keep you looking at some thing while they do there trick.

I was listening to some music while reading your excelent essay and decided that I should share.
I discovered this guy about 15 years ago. I think you will like some of his stuff. Living Things, by Michael Tomlinson 1991.
Thank you, please enjoy, Jeremya

I'm not sure what it means but I like the sound of it WV kicidi

Daphne said...

Les, you are the only blogger I go to regularly. Every day I check to see if you've said anything. I listen to your songs and also your fireside talks.

I can't thank you enough for what you do.

I absolutely agree with you. 9/11 has to be seen for what it is by anyone who presumes to tell us truth.

If they doubt the holocaust story, better still. Amazing if they happen to mention that they know what happened in Russia last century and who was responsible.

You do it all, AND you give us the best teachings on what spirituality is all about I've heard.

For all of the above, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Les!! All the BEST!

I love your head. I often wish you'd stop by for coffee.

in any event, you're right, again. but, I was thinking.....when did I first hear of Wikileaks? DC Madam. She ended up dead, in her mother's garage, w a yellow nilon rope around her neck. fake suicide. no note, no reason, and obvious. so, what was Wikileaks doing? exposing clients of the DC madame. he was going to talk about Dick Cheney, if I recall? yes, I remember, bc I thot, well, at least he's straight...unlike certain others around him.....

but, we never did see dick's name on that ledger. and the poor lady was dead. Winkileaks...yes. that's how they introduced him.

so, he really sucks, bc I kinda liked the DC madame. don't ask me why, but she seemed interesting.

and what did Wikileaks remind me of then? Wikipedia. which is zionist owned, and totally slanted. so, if they created Wikipedia, why wouldn't they name it Wikileaks? they are always in your face, you know with their little names. think about it.

they did the same thing with "Urban Moving Systems" owned by Dominik Suter....they moved an urban system that tragic entire system...

they love putting it in your face, when you can't do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

The pharaonic types are always messing with the truth of math. My father's lasting credit was to spot a pharaonic and then to pass on the reasons, outing the relativists was so necessary. I am happy for your audience Les Visable, Europe is lucky to have you. Nice touch ,tying Foxman and Assange face to face naked. You are a study in humanity. R. Olausen, Edmonton,Canada.(Whatever the hell that is)

Red Dragon said...


Let us count the ways:

1. PNAC; Major Neo-cons; Spy rings, Organizations etc:

2. The Mossad (ie. pseudo-al-Qaeda) "hijackers" - art students - and their inappropriate (for devout Muslims) exploits and easily traced meanderings; Attaboy and his gang aboard super-Zionist Abramoff's casino ship; and the Zionist controlled FBI ensuring the "hijackers" safe-passage..

3. Israeli security company in charge at Boston, Newark and Dulles airports. (Same company in charge at London Underground on 7/7).

4. Cheney and his Zionist-team war-games; back-door hacking of the FAA's Air Traffic Control (ATC) Israeli-written computer software; Israeli owned and controlled electronic communication networks; ATC frequencies for voice; fake cell-phone calls.

5. Zionist owned and controlled MSM for the WTC-hit hoax; TV and video deception - airliner animations overlaying missiles; Or no missiles - just explosions in the buildings; Zionist owned and controlled press for fake passenger lists; etc....

6. Three Zionist/Israeli owned/leased WTC buildings brought down by controlled demolitions; Larry "Pull it" Silverstein; Zionist Ghouliani's WTC7 bunker - operations and control center; stupendous insurance payouts; nothing politically big happens in NYC without Zionist approval.

7. Israeli companies warned of WTC attacks hours beforehand; Zim-Israeli Shipping moved out of Twin Towers weeks before 9/11; ZERO Israelis killed in the WTC hits and demolitions; Urban Moving Systems; the dancing Israelis.

8. Many put options traced to Israeli banks and Israelis

9. Israel - prime benificiary of 9/11.

10. The Pentagon hit with Rumsfeld and Israeli-Zionists Wolfowitz, Zakheim et al.

Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli Spy Ring:

No airliner hit the North Tower; no airliner hit the South Tower, no airliner hit the Pentagon. There were no airliners involved in the 9/11 hits. Try missiles. Or just explosions in the buildings themselves. And a media (mostly TV and video) deception.

9/11 was a near-as-dammit Israeli false-flag atrocity with a few (real but traitorous) Americans frantically engaged in a headless-chickenesque coverup. It was ordered by the International Zionist Bankers headquartered in the square-mile City of London (the real British Crown) with their satraps in Wall Street, Basle and Tel Aviv, and via their Royal Institute of International Affairs (Round Table), Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderbergers. Their main terrorist-attack-dog is Israel; their brawn, America; their whore, Britain. Their fraudulent global fiat money - created out of thin air, usury-bearing, tax-imposing, debt-based - system is bankrupt and their only way to perpetuate the scam (and their obscene wealth and power) is Imperialism leading to Totalitarian One World Government.

Watcha gonna do 'bout it, Big Boy?

Anonymous said...

my wild gut feeling and recklessly adventurous statement is that JA could be a clone and similarly related to Martin Bryant, a lone gunman who at Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, killed 35 people, allowing the then PM, Howard, to enact anti-gun laws. they look the same, weird, and not good weird, but weird stupid.
Neo Parisees hey? that might stick, but who then are the real Romans? Is there a power behind these jokers (other than Satanic influences) ?
the eyes in Mel Gibsons movie Christ showed the "it's all ok" feeling unmistakably.

got my "they live" sunnies on all the time. what I lose in the glitter I gain in the perspective.

Strum said...

Mr Anonymous

"I have studied 9-11 rather extensively and I judge or sift everyone by what they say, or don't say, about 9-11.

I have only read a little about the Mossad connection so I know I need to read more on that."

well obviously you haven't studied it very thoroughly cos the evidence of Israeli involvement is plentiful and all over the net. Try this link for a start.

There is also plenty of evidence of the presence of thermite in the dust and in the videos of the towers as they began to fall.

Had you not considered that Gage and Jones and the other scientists have deliberately not speculated as to the who and have stuck to the how in order to avoid the complications arising from the speculation about who and make a clear and indisputable scientific case about the how. Once the how is accepted then a new investigation can begin to find out about the who.

It seems pretty clear to me that you haven't researched 9/11 extensively as you claim. If you had you would be well aware of the Israeli links as pretty much everyone else who has actually researched this subject in some depth has.

Also if you want to be regarded as a credible commentator in here it would serve you well to put a name to your comments.

WV: rings - alarm bell rings when anonymous commentators deny Israeli involvement and the hard evidence of thermite in the buildings.

Publius said...

"The universal for me is chaos. The world (hence the stage which represents this world) is for me something monstrous, a riddle of misfortunes which must be accepted but before which one must not capitulate. The world is far bigger than any man, and perforce threatens him constantly. If one could but stand outside the world, it would no longer be threatening. But I have neither the right nor the ability to be an outsider to this world. To find solace in poetry can also be all too cheap; it is more honest to retain one's human point of view." (from Problems of the Theatre, 1955)
Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Daphne said...

Les, you are the only blogger I go to regularly. Every day I check to see if you've said anything. I listen to your songs and also your fireside talks.

I can't thank you enough for what you do.

I absolutely agree with you. 9/11 has to be seen for what it is by anyone who presumes to tell us truth.

If they doubt the holocaust story, better still. Amazing if they happen to mention that they know what happened in Russia last century and who was responsible.

You do it all, AND you give us the best teachings on what spirituality is all about I've heard.

For all of the above, I thank you.

Anonymous said...


"Not much of anything going on outside of us is very important except in terms of the opportunities that it gives us to discover who we are, which is the principal consideration of existence and lacking which, is the cause of our suffering.

11:36 AM"

That's a pretty fine meditation in itself, right there.

dogismyth said...

Yup its frustrating to say the least. Never have I felt further from the truth than in today's time. Its a shame that society has evolved so fruitlessly. Maybe this is all part of our evolution to something more spiritual and humanitarian.

Sometimes I'm sorry for finding the truth. It hurts and very few understand how you feel. And its quite frustrating feeling helpless to help those in true need.

The truth is what you believe. And beliefs are formed within our personal growth environment by our intellect and our experiences. No one is wrong and no one is right. Its all a matter of point of view. That's why arguing about it does no good. Teaching or re-educating is the best tool.

We'll get there. It'll just take a little bit longer.

NavyBrat said...

Hi Les;
Thanks for speaking up about Wikileaks.

Quite a fitting title when you think about it. They're pissing all over us.

Given his theatrical family background (a profession known for its abundant connections to
the Tribe), and the speed at which the MSMedia has picked up on this, conferring "Rock Star" status
on Julian Assange, not to mention his £1.1million book deal and excellent studio
photographs (none of this blurry, pixilated Osama stuff), it should all be treated as suspect.

Julian may well be an unwitting dupe, but the people feeding him the information are not.

I agree with Zbigniew Brzezinski on this one; Wikileaks is an Intel Operation (read: Mossad),
and like any good disinfo site, they have to make most of it true in order to retain credibility.

Julian demolished himself when he failed the 9-11 Litmus Test.

To anyone who believes the official conspiracy theory as laid down by the Government, I have only one question:
Who are you going to believe - The Government .... or every physics teacher you ever had?

Soldier on Les!

Anonymous said...

Well Les, This is probably one of your best ever, its 50 articles in one, so much going on. I used to check a site called "" It was rough with murders, beheadings etc, and I'm not into that stuff, but it was always first with any anti war vids or messages from the Iraqi resistance, massacres by the Yanks,Brits or mercenaries, that sort of angle. One night on TV, Teflon Tony mentions the internet, saying that some things were on "Live Leak" before he even heard of them. Turned out that Live Leak was the new pro US pro UK site that had been Ogrish, complete with Us troops playing ball with Iraqi kids as they ate sweets given by smiling PR men.
Enter Assange. If Assange had been who he is promoted as being, he would have been a solely internet phenomena, unheard of in the mainstream until his arrest and silencing under the phony terrorist laws, the end.
Great stuff Les, best for a while. take care mate, ian.

Annsie said...

We have the power and they have the control..We need to utilize it but unfortunately it really doesnt look like its going to happen.People are too complacent, they just aren't arsed to do anything,A lot of people don't know about 911, they are so busy in their lives working and trying to keep a roof over their heads that they havent got time to find out anything they work go to bed and work again..I would say there are quite a few people in this situation..

Anonymous said...

Avoid/reject, or read with extreme caution, any WIKI-.....they are the same.


est said...

it seems obvious to me
if you just put a flywheel
underneath each chair it won't fly off due to wind

remember when you were a kid and you held the axle to a bike wheel
how hard it was to move

think about the earth now
much larger than a 26"

it's going to take
a lot of energy to
hell i'm out a smokes
maybe grab a coffee too

Mike said...

I wholeheartedly 100% agree with you about Assange (and anyone else who does) talking trash about the 911 truth movement and giving publicized endorsement of the FEMA and NIST reports. ANYONE doing the same IS in bed with the devil! Since the death of logic and reason it seems that a vast number of US citizens are unable to get their attention span to operate for even a lousy two minutes. (The amount of time it takes a sixth grader to scrutinize 911 evidence and conclude that it was definitely an inside job). Anyone who watches a clip of WTC7 coming down and then has the balls to say those girl scout fires on random floors throughout the building caused the catastrophic structural failure should be considered enemies of the state!

est said...

i would like to create a new word


the opposite of

draw your own

Anonymous said...

Les, spot on. The 'BS' meter on 911 events tells me too who's for real and who's paid to spread disinformation. Unfortunately it's taken many lives before those that have awakened to the fact that Govt's aren't for the people.

The same 'BS' meter applied to the London Bombings - the same MO. The same BS lies. With hearings that side step the truth when it doesn't fit the 'official' line.

But the first modern 911 event was the Kennedy assassination.

Visible said...

They are enemies of the state of grace.

Like I said, Assange is a second hand murderer as are all of these lying shills that pump the company line to the misfortune of the populace. They pimp it up, living big in front of the cameras, trying to look like The Highwayman but they are not nearly so dashing and brave.

People get the results of what they believe. A liar tells you a certain bridge is safe and you believe him then there you are.

It stuns me to see people who consider themselves rational thinking individuals who support this fraud who works for the people who want to enslave and kill you.

Some of these people who are supporting him are supposedly people who have the respect of the outlaw (that's us) community and are people that many go to to look for answers. There's something in the bible about what happens to those who mislead the innocent.

kikz said...

on logic and reason...

i found a new hero of sorts.
he kept quite the comany; paine, blake, napoleon, franklin, jefferson and even washington.

just finished his 'ruins of empire' quite radical for his day, his discourse on the idiocy of religions was quite fascinating.
it's no wonder pres. adams ran him out of the us on a rail.
i also see that some of my other fav authors read him as well, i see shades of pike's M&D, as well as the bones of twains' war prayer..
happy new yr, les!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of #2, How did Dr. Poopinwell's colon cleanse program work out for you? Can I get the name of that again?

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

I'm still doing it and it is working fine-

Neko Kinoshita said...

"You believe what you like and you live as you wish too."

That can be both a blessing and a curse.

The extant to which people can ignore the obvious in support of their illusions continually astounds me.

I admit I have my own illusions, but the divine keeps popping up with new ways of blasting the sand from my eyes. Sometimes it hurts.

Squinting through the dust in the alley,


wv: Loubliz:
1. An overwhelming attack on the reptile brain?
2. A protecting layer of rationalizations over your brain.

Visible said...

people who want to reach me privately should probably email me.

tom moody said...

People with your way of thinking keep me from feeling so alone...however, we are so few.

Think rather than feel.
Invalidate faith and replace it with confidence and logic.

Visible said...

Wayne Madsen on Julian Assange

laurel said...

how come it is that so much of what you write is already what i had in my life, or my head, or my way of living. i mean, les, i dont flatter myself a bit, but it is pretty dam nice to see a kindred spirit out there. i hope my daughters finish growing up to become more so than me, and even more so than you :) .... now that would make me a very successful mom.

bholanath said...

Thanks for linking the WMR article. Actually the best background info to come out so far, if true, which it seems to be.
Pretty much confirms JA to be politically clueless, even beyond the 911-mossad/cia awareness, as well as having been a useful, used, idiot from the very beginning. Undoubtedly a cointelpro-op, and key to the plan to trash the internet. All bad shit, but 'best laid plans...' and all that.
Quite a cast of Swedish characters: anti-commies, 'feminists', Roveian groomers, et al. Amazing how the pictures are coming into focus at an exponentially increasing rate, but I'm sure there are many more details to be fleshed out. This lumbering beast will take some time and concerted effort to bring down, but it does trip over itself a lot, and that shows the illusion of their supposed 'control'. Your research, writing, and awareness is a great gift, through you, to humanity and the rest of life here.

Visible said...

Thank you Bholanath. It's a joint effort though. The readers and I are in a feeder loop that travels on a circuit of divine resonance. It's actually the divine in all the roles, playing his/her usual game of the unusual masked by the ordinary.

Last week he told me, "Don't fool yourself and begin to believe none of this happened or got said, or was real to begin with (referring to events that had taken place over previous days) because it's all going to feel like that.

"You'll feel like it just went back to the way it was before like it always does but that doesn't mean anything. You can't see things happening but they are and sooner or later they are going to appear and surprise you. I intend to surprise you a great deal".

Anonymous said...

This was removed from You Tube
So it's probably Useful Info.

The HOW is covered in Depth here
although I don't agree with the
why proposed by the author.

The WHO is covered in depth here

Look forward to your next Blog

Thanks. Patrick

Anonymous said...

The Vedas have information as to a baby's thoughts, feelings and desires while in the prison womb.

Not at all surprising. Not one bit.
Babies are just like us grown-ups!
Yes indeed. Just like us.

"Oh Lord please help me, please deliver me from this miserable condition, this misery so dire.
Deliver me and I promise You that I'll NEVER FORGET YOU."

Then when they're born and all the relief floods over them along with the oh so real touches and smells, colors and words in the flesh; they very quickly FORGET their promise to the Lord.

Just as we do, every time we are delivered from peril, dangerous fear after pleading for mercy.
We too promise "I'll never forget You."
Then we forget..

Visible said...

very, very gratefully, I am not doing much forgetting.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S music to the ears, les!

And from you it's not only audible but visible as well!

Robert said...

Happy New Year Viz & Susanne
and Poncho the little dog.
Happy New Year to God and all
that let me read their comment.
Love Robert and the little dogs
Whoopi, Beaux and Banjo.

Apocalyspe Soon said...

All I would add is that logic and reason were murdered in the Eastern world long before they were in the West. I am from India, and they murdered reason and logic so long ago that it is hard to fathom that they ever existed in that part of the world. The promotion of Eastern mysticism in the West is another Psy-op to remove the last vestiges of reason and logic from the Western mind. And it has been a job well done!

Unknown said...

Knowing how the 'dark ones' like to play with symbology, dates, names et al, here's an alternative look at Julian Assange's name.

Julian (JOO-lee-an)
Meaning of Julian

The actual translation of Julian in Latin means "belonging to Julius". The French meaning of the name is "youthful". Notice also the JOO.. 'Jew'

Singe' in French means monkey..

Therefore, someone, somewhere might be laughing their little socks off as we were all duped initially but Julian As-Singe aka 'The Youthful Monkey'

Probably a load of shite, but you never know...

Awesome post Les, and thanks.


est said...

the deeper the darkness
the brighter the light

good never conquers evil
it just keeps it in check

siamsam said...

This from the BBC - latest.

I think it speaks for itself in that the intention is to consolidate the 'Haircuts' image as being a bad boy for telling all those little secrets. (note the bottom line after the fluff))

BBC News
Peru's shamans make their predictions for 2011
30 December 2010 Last updated at 06:53 GMT Help Peruvian faith healers or "shamans" have gathered in Lima to make predictions for the coming year and to perform a ceremony which they believe will protect the spirits of world leaders.

The holy men forecast that most Latin American leaders would have a tough year in 2011 and also said Barack Obama would face "conflict" in July.

They singled out Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for special criticism, sentencing him to a "spiritual punishment".

siamsam said...

Pete G......

Something to add to what you say. Mr Assage (the Haircut) used the name 'Mindax' when he was a young hacker which tanslates to....... wait for it..... 'nobely untruthfull'

....and that's just for starters.

A little further research into his background back in (ozz) and things start to get really wierd!!!

siamsam said...

Seems that you will have your work cut out for you next year LES :)

Visible said...

Well, that's nice and all but I'm not sure that's the way to go about it. That way usually leaves them knowing a lot but not all and understanding nothing.

Anyway, I'll be too busy deleting all of your duplicate posts to be able to handle anything like that (grin).

DaveS said...

(I posted this else where and the hyper links don't translate for me so I added the address)

Aaargh mateys!

I'm feeling a bit like raiding something... not in the physical sense, but there are a few things that need to be taken from Americans before they're gonna buy a clue:

Their belief that the universe revolves around them
Their gung-ho, can-do attitude when it comes to waging wars for empire
Their sense of entitlements (like being entitled to fuck with anyone else's country for the profit of their corporations – entitlements like that)
Their right to use George Orwell, or any other freethinker's quotes, as a tag line for posting on economic blogs
Their Internet access... hell, all their electronics (I'd miss 'em for a couple of weeks but after that?)

What eles? Oh, yeah, the big one: the angry and vengeful god most of them worship. Get their big kuhana a Prosac prescription, or better yet, a good medical grade Colorado blunt and chill that fucker out. I'm tired of him constantly getting his peeps all fired-up and in a killing rampage. I don't know if any of you went to the Market Ticker ( ) I linked to about Muslims and Islam, but holy hell, the comments from people telling the world what hateful people the Muslims are, and how they all need to be wiped from the face of the planet... Shit, is it just me, or is such thinking kind of crazy? They think all the Muslims are evil people and should be eliminated because of what again? Oh, yeah, they're violent and crazy... Is it any wonder American children are on so many prescription drugs for mental problems? And people wonder why I smoke so much...

America has become a larger and much more dangerous mushroom farm than the Soviets ever were... I say mushroom farm because the population is kept in the dark and fed shit. Combined with the economic upheaval (anyone remember Germany post WW I?) we're gonna see some really scary times.

I've an idea! Since I can see this coming, and I'm not going to be able to fight it, maybe I could join it? I've already got a great plan... all those other Fascist movements were rather drab in the way they dressed, can you say, "Boring!"

No wonder they have such a bad rap, they had bad outfits. They just looked evil. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to give Fascism a happier face... The Happy Hawaiian Shirts will haul all the freethinkers off to places where they won't cause problems for the rest of us. I'm thinking we'd put all you sorts on a big barge and send you to clean-up the giant plastic islands... or maybe just send you to the plastic islands to live... anyhoo, as I was saying, wouldn't it be much easier to sell this sort of 'cleansing' to the public when they see smiling happy kids dressed beach town cool? How can anyone be mad at a bunch of clean-cut, round-faced American youngsters, all dressed in colorful shirts (each unit would have their own style of shirt...) and hauling all the dirty radical types off to their plastic island in the sea.

Sounds more like a dreamy vacation doesn't it? Hell, I'm even willing to go the extra mile and make the barges look a bit like the love boat... Hmmmm


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

On New Year's Eve, 2010.

SouthernHungary said...

Happy new year! Please keep up the very important good work.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone!!

Interesting how heaven is kindly dropping rain to the soil at midnight and earthlings are aggressively shooting lead and pyrotechnics into the sky in kind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, dog poet. I am appreciating you more with every post I read.
Linked at my place.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

You are Invited to the Wedding of Stupidity and Vanity.

TheSandmanProject said...

I would like to contribute my data to the fray. I have read your blog for some time. My great friend and community leader Paul introduced me to your meaningful and well thought out content. So If I may so humbly submit for your review. I think you may find some interesting data on energy and medicine there. If you require addtl data please let me know and my team will try and comply. Thank you so much so your continued efforts, thinking and compassion. Its a difficult road and we seek dignity in this world of fooling self serving zombies. Its nice to hear another voice of truth through the either. God bless you and yours.

Visible said...

I don't mind people looking for an audience here if they have the goods but I do wish that some goods were there to see to begin with. You catch my drift pilgrim? You know what it takes to write like this? It takes staying there in the alley to defend the people that you thought were your friends because of something they caused to begin with, while they run away and leave you there. Yeah, and every real man or woman who reads here knows exactly what I am talking about and bears the scars to this day.

Ghana said...

It wasn't an alley, it was someone's front yard. I took care of the defenseless and ignorant, they ran like pussies. My life has been a series of events that seem to answer internal questions that need an outside reference. That's how I found you. I asked a question to Source about my inability to understand a position in a debate and abra voila; Les Visible.

I say fuck the position of the hand of time because the Power running the house can change the time in an instant; still, back or light speed forward. If we do it mentally with our eyes closed or open and are successful how much more so can the Source of Thought be at it physically?

Less visible you say, me thinks not, I see it here alive at this gathering station precisely on time; never late or ahead of schedule and all performed in public. More Les at your service in two thousand and heaven! Be healthy and safe brother.



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