Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times

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The reach expands. The grasping monster feels his way in the dark. The darkness is a product of the monster. The monster is controlled by a collection of monsters, who created the impetus for it. This is a cold hard fact, in the cold hard daylight of temporary End Times. People believe you can do various things to treat with evil. Some think you can reason with it. Evil loves to seem reasonable, until it can get into position to act unreasonably. Some think you can make lasting and honest deals with evil. I won't dignify that with a response. Some think you can swim with the flow, until some shoreline appears to grant you safe harbor. There is only one thing you can do in terms of Evil and that is to resist it's appearance inside of you. The purpose of global evil, in times of darkness, is to induce the evil within us, to rise up and resonate with it. It achieves this through our weaknesses, appetites and shortcomings. It's not difficult to get the mass of humanity in thrall, through saturation media, along with bread and circuses. This is why they don't want you stockpiling food. The whole, present climate of the culture is orchestrated. It's a many pinchered movement, from Bill and Melinda's vaccine eugenics, to The Monster who serves The Monsters.

When we say that something is 'monstrous', we refer to behavior or conditions, which are unacceptable to our usual perception of the human estate. When some force creates conditions, or behaves in a way outside of the acceptable parameters of behavior, if it is extreme, it can become monstrous. It is also monstrous to define your behavior as acceptable, when it is not and to work relentlessly to discourage and resist any and all attempts to curb that behavior or modify the terrible conditions put into place by monsters.

The march of the monsters is a slow and steady treading. It is an international march that is actually driving humanity into the sea. At no time has anyone ever taken over the whole world and no one ever will. This means that something other than the intentions of those seeking to, is going to be the final result. What it also means, is that soon enough, nothing is going to be what it was before because everything before, has been altered and been seemingly under the control, of certain monsters.

The world is balanced on a knife edge at the moment. Economic calamity is knocking on the door. The gold of nations is missing. Money is being printed, in a wild frenzy, to maintain a charade that is imploding. The monsters are behind this. Food and water are becoming critical possibilities. The monsters are behind this. The political climate is tending toward police states. The monsters are behind this. Lies are the exclusive and daily fodder of those supping at the common and poisoned well. The monsters are behind this. The monsters are a blind and brutal force, with no respite or reflection contained within them. They are on an unchanging course, toward an irresistible force.

We seek position and placement, in the mix of these most uncertain of times. Moorings are breaking loose. Nature is in a cosmic conspiracy to visit a great displeasure on those forces seeking to enslave and destroy humanity. When you don't listen. When you refuse to comprehend, then you must feel. “Those who cannot hear, must feel”

There are Satanists and then, there are Satanists. You got the rank and file, the paper pushers and procurers and you got the selected, chosen, of The Prime Deceiver. Yes, Virginia, there is a VIP section in the infernal realm. It doesn't translate into the same kind of privilege as you may be familiar with but you'll have to reference Dante for that. What does one talk about when one wants to countermand the lies and justifications of The Satanic Press? You can talk about human trafficking. You can talk about the Uranium Depletion Allowance. You can talk about ritualized pedophilia, for the purpose of invocation. You can talk about Monsanto. You can talk about the economic downturn and Wall Street and Fleet Street hijinks. You can talk about the political hand-puppets and the compromise and corruption of the legal and judicial system. You can talk about these and various other things, affecting us like Biblical plagues, but invariably you will come around to a particular, ambulatory, psychopathic virus that is, in some way, tied in to every one of them.

It is an unpleasant affair to be drawn again and again to these same points, which need to be hammered into the woodwork with steel spikes. On the other hand, the remorseless persistence, of an army of sold out, lying jackals, threatens to blot out the sun and leave nothing but a blood red moon, against the endless expanse of unchanging night. Imagine a medieval environment, a village, a castle and... in the outlying unknown, are enemy entities, seeking opportunity and only the vigilant and unsleeeping eye of the watchers on the ramparts, or the outskirts, can summon with bells, whistles and horns, the defenders needed to man the barricades that keep evil on the outside, where it belongs. You can think of yourself as this village or castle and unless you maintain an awareness of the creeping evil, it will come upon you like something out of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers on the Day of the Triffids.

More of us need to be 'the boy who cried' “crocodile swine”! Otherwise, with urine soaked, yellow journalism by the day and by the day (golden showers of disinfo) ...and with armies of sycophants, armed with automatic writing pens, that authorize crime ...and support these endeavors by the crocodile swine, you are lost by inches and degrees. You can repent at your leisure, when you finally arrive at whatever point your oppressors intend for you. 94% of the genociding population supported, Operation Cast Lead; no more needs to be said. However, more will be said, over and over and over, while breath and strength remain. You're not going to get where you really want to go ♫unless you have a suitcase, a ticket and a passport and the cargo that you're carrying is you♫

Clearly, you cannot give direction to those who do not think clearly. Clearly you cannot transmit to the porcine, obsessive compulsive in the Escalade that the bridge is out up ahead. The fact that he is giving you the finger, as he drives by, sums up the situation. You can't go into any showroom, or department store and begin informing the shopping junkies of what is waiting for them, on the other side of the cash register. You look at the examples and lessons of history and you say to yourself, “Why did they not see what was happening”? “How did they swallow such monstrous lies that were fabricated out of whole cloth, by those using these lies to control them”? “How could they have willingly marched to their own destruction”? “What was so great about Big Macs, Kentucky Fried Rats, Diet Coke and Methamphetamine”? “What was so special about Network TV, Pop Tarts, Street Tarts and Stretch Pants”? “What was the allure behind all of the glitter and airbrushed shit”? Everybody has 20-20 hindsight. We are a world of armchair generals and Monday Morning Quarterbacks, who flinch and genuflect on command and that is why the only general they will ever turn into is the kind of general that gets produced by General Mills. Forget about quarterback.

You're getting hosed in your clothes by a naked emperor. What keeps people where they are? Attractions and attachments keep them there. Tailors fashion suits that conceal the dimensions of the form beneath it. These suits don't come cheap and neither do the indulgences that lead to the need for such a suit. It's possible that, one day, you just step off course and right on to the wrong course, going nowhere with the promise of everything but... most of the time, it is a game of inches and moments and you can't name the point at which it finally all turned to shit. You can hide the form beneath the suit but you can't hide the star spangled noses and the cast of the eyes.

Like they say, “All's well that ends well”. Will it end well? At some point and under certain conditions and with certain personnel, that will be the case. In many another instance that will not be the case and anyone can see what courses are likely to end well and not end well but... for some reason this doesn't seem to take. For some reason, those on a doomed course, believe that it will end differently in their case. Hope is not the only thing that springs eternal. One would have to say the same is true of ignorance.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Voice of the Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls

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They never stop and when it comes to the “You're my Bitch”, Crown Colonies, there's no telling how persistent and vile they can get. Witness the case of one more truthtelling, unsung hero, Arthur Topham. Hopefully you have him in your thoughts, as he and the terribly few among us, work for justice and universal brotherhood; supposedly the hallmark of the incredibly tardy, Aquarian Age. Sometimes it seems as if an army of overweight demons are hanging on the sun, in an attempt to keep it below the horizon line.

A great deal of what is going on is hidden from us, by those whose job description, includes relentless disinfo and continuous suppression of any news concerning the organized opposition, which includes slander and whatever they can come up with that suits their purposes. The same nasty behavior goes on and on and I think we can all agree that it is time for The Cosmos to get off the stick, or perhaps, more precisely pick up a stick and lay into them with a will. I know it's coming, it's foreordained and destined so, sooner or later, ♫I hope it's not later♫ The litany of crimes is vaster, it seems, than all of the other crimes by everyone else put together. You'd think that absurd on the face of it but, quite possibly it is not.

I just came upon a revelation that has been hiding in plain site. I remember a bumper sticker from the 60's or 70's; save Soviet Jews, win valuable prizes. Yesterday, I was reflecting on the decades long program of rescuing Jews from the USSR, ♫Back in the US, back in the US, Back in the USSR♫ All of a sudden it became a very curious thing to me, since The Bolshevik Revolution was purely a Zionist Jewish creation and also, given that they made up as much as 80% of The Cheka, or secret police who accounted for millions upon millions of murders and executions. Then it dawned on me. This whole Exodus-repatriation was nothing more that a scam, to shift the blame for their heinous acts in the USSR, including the Ukrainian genocide, and then paint themselves as the usual victims, which they have raised to a high art form and which is their signature dish, along with historical revisionism.

There is a particular spectrum of Hasbara Trolls, who are going around to Youtube videos and other locations and claiming that Israel and The Central Banks are 100% owned by The Vatican. This is a total lie. This is a complete and total lie. Be on the lookout for it, because it's been cropping up more and more of late. They've got an army of reverse engineering, information bots, working overtime across the landscape.

You can accomplish all kinds of things when you control the money supply, the media and the legislative and judicial systems. You can make the most ridiculous, fatuous and Draconian laws a part of everyone's daily life. If you are a genetically, hard wired, pathological liar, then you know the value of making the investigation of things, you don't want looked at, against the law and so it follows that ♫To live outside the law you must be honest♫

If you come around here very often, especially lately, you'd heard and probably even said, all that needed to be heard and said, concerning what's been going on in this benighted and beleaguered world. No doubt you, like myself, are truly puzzled at why it is taking so long for these long standing grievances and abuses, to be addressed and rectified, especially since they have been exponentially increasing in force and number over recent times. There's a lot of bravado and callous indifference being displayed by these Orc Chieftains but my take is that they're ♫Just running scared♫ Some portion of the population, no doubt believes that they have no sense of pending consequence concerning any kind of Judgment or comeuppance. I disagree. They know very well and that is at the heart of their sense of urgency, to transform the whole world, into an open air concentration camp.

I'm trying to move on from a, non varying focus, on this insane collective of psychopaths but I promised someone that I would go this way today and so I have. Still, I think there are all kinds of other things I can put my attention on; things we can practice and profit from. There is a wealth of deep and valuable wisdoms that are at our disposal. They are buried within us and they are resident in people and locations outside of us. We have only to look for them. We will not find them in newspapers, magazines or on the TV. We will not find them as the subject of conversation by Twits at Twitter. We will not find them at Wikipedia. We will not find them anywhere in the deceitful and deceptive presentations of CIA/Mossad operative Assange; he of the forgotten condom, back story. How pathetic and ludicrous is that backstory.

So, ♫They're coming to take you away♫ They've got camps and coffins and The Voice of the Darkness to guide them in the pursuit of their fell purposes. Make no mistake about who commands and advises them and make no mistake about who that voice is actually employed by. If it is true that both good and evil serve the intentions of The One, then it goes without saying that all of these things are scripted and we have nothing to fear, except to be in the possession of Fear. You're either resident in confusion and doubt, or you are resident in clarity and faith. Whatever you believe, is both the substance and direction of your path.

It's no easy thing to walk in all things contrary to the world. The general shared perspective of the world is a powerful magnetism. It is a shape shifting illusion, overlayed upon an unseen reality. The reality was there long before the illusion and will be, long after it is gone. The time of The Apocalypse is destined to tear the illusions into tatters. You cannot build something new where something old still stands, so all of what has been of old must now come down and that's where you get all these people weeping about the fall of Babylon. It's attachment that does the job on our hearts and minds. Attachment is one of those words we have heard about a bajillion times. We recognize it. We make associations with it. We think we understand it. The truth is that many of those terms, which in some cases, have esoteric implications, elude our grasp. There's one basic thing that should be kept in mind throughout your life. You came in here, like they say, naked as a babe- and you go out of here, maybe dressed in a suit, or a clown outfit, depending on your sense of humor but none of this, or any other item goes with you. You bring nothing and you take nothing, except whatever lasting additions there are to yourself, which came with you, or whatever you added to yourself in your present visitation. So, why is that people are obsessed with all the external trappings and spend all their time trying to get their hands on them and ignore the archetypal qualities, that act as special passports, when you come around to the consideration of 'easy journey to other planets'​?

Here's the thing, attachment is a state, or condition but... it is attended by a mental and emotional association to the object of attachment. This colors your perception of reality and can also veil it. These mental and emotional association are vibrating, so is the object of desire. Everything is vibrating, so, what would the most important thing in life be? It would be, having the ability to control your vibrations and be able to apply it to any state or condition, here or anywhere. It's like controlling your thoughts. How many of us can control our thoughts? Until we can we are a pinball. No pun intended, but my mind is empty most of the time. This allows for a conversational platform because nothing is competing with the intuitive flow. How useful is this? Use your imagination. That's another tool that is poorly understood and, as a result, too seldom and ineffectively applied. What are the results of inconsistent effort? Inconsistent results is the outcome. What sort of interpretation do people put on this 'fact'? “Ah, it doesn't work, it's all bullshit” This is how a lot of people go through their life. The really important things are too much trouble, even though the really important things take the trouble out of life. This is why I maintain that this is a great big insane asylum. It looks exactly like that to me. You're an out patient with ground privileges. Most of you take daily medication, even if it's only a six pack. You're kept within boundaries, by members of official enforcement arms and peer pressure, controls a large portion of your behavior. You accept common beliefs about many things and reject inconvenient truths. This results in the use of blinders that limit the sight line and create unsafe conditions in the day to day.

Wherever you are at the moment, is where you have been placed, by collaboration between yourself and the forces of life. Where you are has a vibrationary frequency that possesses a destiny. We are talking where you are, in every sense of the word, as in “Where are you at on this”? Awareness is the key. Look around and observe the varying levels of awareness around you. Plants have a certain awareness and some of us are much like plants. Animals have a certain awareness and too many of us are like animals. Human beings have a certain level of awareness and there are states beyond what we would 'generally' call human, because of subtle changes that have been effected in the consciousness.

People have a certain impression of masters; all sweetness and light. That's not comprehensive. As Confucius said after meeting Lao Tzu; “I met a dragon”. As long as our perspective is controlled by what we think we know and the world around us, we're trapped in the temporal. Some people might think that's okay. It's not okay with me.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Dark Narcotic Wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America

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It's not all bad news, even though the bad guys motor on for a short while, some are making it good. This guy isn't a Tribe Member, though some say he is. It's a confusing world that doesn't play by the numbers, which is why the numbers don't add up, even though numbers are at the heart of it all, we just don't get the numbers as they really are and that's at the bottom of it. Things don't add up and we speculate ...but eventually they add up on their own and we find out what's really been going on, with 'them' and 'us'. We find out. We find out what we need to know about ourselves in time, or we find out too late.

Bad shit has been going on for some time. These are the parts you see and it stands to reason that there is more submerged than what has surfaced. There always is. It's that tip of the iceberg thing. That's why there is more to us than we are aware of because the majority of us is in a sunken treasure chest at the bottom of that ocean. This includes our unremembered past and is a key to why we are where we are, who we are and what we can do about it. Accessing that area is one of the major 'keys' to our enduring success. Make it happen. What? Someone else is going to handle that? Then again, that probably explains the other major 'key', if you happen to be engaged in the completion of 'The Operation of the Sun' as I am. Of course, some of you are engaged in this and some of you are engaged in this. Some of you are engaged and some of you are disengaged. Some of you are stick and some of you are automatic.

♫What the world needs now, is love, pure love. That's the only thing that there's just too little of♫ ♫What the world has now, is drugs, bad drugs. That's the only thing that there's just too many of♫ Dumbing down is not just a withdrawal of education, or the gaps that occur in terms of relevant information, because most of what is taught is revisionist lies, of things that happened differently, or didn't happen at all; given that most people don't care to recall. The other thing is doping people down, instead of up, cause up makes you think; not everything up, cause some ups actually go sideways.

People don't know they're being dumbed down, that's why it happens. People don't know that alcohol is for crowd control and crowd out of control. They don't know that the government provides Heroin, which it has access to via the Afghanistan War that Israel made happen through doing 9/11 (you got to love this guy for continuing to put his site back up every time they knock it down); cue Chumbawamba.

Yes, they got the highway to The River of Lethe that runs like an invisible Mississippi through the dark narcotic wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America. Yes, 92% of the world's Heroin comes out of Afghanistan, to the tune of 4 billion dollars a year and it is the second largest producer of Hash after Morocco. How do I know this? It's my yob. Yes, it's my yob.

♫Don't let The Sun go down on me♫ That is because The Sun is not gay. I thought a little offensive humor might make the blog get it's second wind right about now, given that I have my reasons. Yes, I have my reasons. People don't see what's going on around them because maybe it isn't going on around them, at the moment. The important thing is that vested interest- and those wearing no vests at all-, have taken over the departments where legislation gets made and that is going on around you and you could see it if you wanted to.

When you control the departments, where legislation gets made and you also control the press and willingly admit that you control that and all kinds of other things, it's not all that hard to figure out. Of course, that author is representative of classy good taste and, strangely enough a member of the good time guys, or maybe that's a joke. As far as the media goes though, they control 2% more than the amount of Israelis that supported Operation Cast Lead. It's an interesting thing that gets proudly proclaimed and major league side stepped every day of the year. About the same amount of Central Banks are controlled by the same people, because they print the money that they give to each other to buy all the things that they own and no one seems to mind. While everyone seems to mind, still few people come out and say what it is, so the blame is always laid down upon a cloud bank. The blame is laid on mystery Babylon. T'was ever thus. ♫The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began♫

Some people would rather I do not say what I say because there is no teeth in it; I'm not Final Solution enough, as if I were the one meant to handle the affair. I'm not The Punisher but that title fits a particular entity, who will handle it when the time comes. I repeat myself on occasion in respect of certain things because they have to be said over and over, or people just gloss over them because they don't have the stones and commitment to say what needs to be said or they say it in a way that implies things that are not true and they forever do it under the cover of anonymity because they are afraid to stand behind what they say but they don't see anything wrong with that and they get all confident and bold, secure in their being unknown.

Meanwhile, these same elements are engaged in all sorts of malicious mischief, just as they behind all the police brutality, ever since they came over to the US and started training the police forces.They are the ones seeking to turn America into a Gulag, just like they created them in Russia. They are the ones behind the massive forced labor camps in the US. They are the primary force behind Political Correctness and they are the ones behind 'dumbing down' and they are the ones that compromise all the professors in the universities and they are the ones that determine the curriculums. It's them who are behind just about every ugly process and program there is, including Monsanto and all of the other corporate high jinks. It is them who controls the judiciary and the judicial system and The Justice Department. They got their hooks into everything and as long as there are anonymous whiners, who like to get on my case for things that they say more strongly than I do and as long as there are nations of cowards who won't say what they know to be true, because they are cowards, who obviously do not love their country (and I do, no matter what impression I may sometimes give), then for just so long will I ring the goddamn bell, until there is such a racket that you can't possibly sleep through it.

Now if anyone wants to come around and intelligently, cogently and with hard facts argue against what I have to say, well then, bring it on. What I say is irrefutable and patently and transparently true. You may not like it but that doesn't change anything, with your talking out of both sides of your mealy mouth and rationalizing anything and everything; diluting and reducing everything to the usual relative absurdities. Just so long as good men do nothing then someone has to maintain that eternal vigilance.

I know there are any number of good people out there that are saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done and far far more who are not saying what needs to be said and who are not doing what needs to be done because the majority of their attention is on their stomachs and their dicks, when it isn't on somebodies ass, while they are walking alongside someone who no longer gets their attention because they've been there and done that. The amount of shallow, easy come easy go, loyalties and fidelities, not to mention short pant's integrities, makes me sick and disappointed.

I remember when there were more men good and true and strong women who had a conviction for something beside cosmetics and reality TV. Holy shit! Kim Kardashian had six million friends at some point. Where did these people come from? So...

I'm a pain in the ass and maybe I ought to just go away and thank my lucky stars that I can see what's going on and leave it at that; contemplate the slopes of The Himalayas, which I have a strong suspicion I will see fairly soon. The people I have an interest in seeing, besides the readers, are all sitting in the lotus position far off from the action because they got good sense and they know that all of this is something that has to work itself out, because a whole Hell of a lot of karma, has come into the main room for resolution and some of it can't be resolved except through various unfortunate changes. It doesn't have to be like this in many cases but people insist on having it their way in direct proportion to however wrong they may be.

I'm one of those let freedom ring kind of guys and I will ♫let my free flag fly♫ I will live on my feet and not on my knees and die with my sneakers on, if I die at all, because no one with the capacity for endless change needs to die and that's another fact you can dispute till your ears fall off, I'm not moved or altered in my opinion by that. The power and reach of the human imagination is limitless, limited only by the limitations people place on it. Most things are limited only by the limits they place on things and they place these limits because they are brainwashed by those for whom these limitations are a profitable state for the public to be in. Few people have any awareness of what they are capable of, in both good and bad ways, once they shake off their programming, or as soon as the thin veneer of civilization gets torn asunder ...but we'll be seeing both permutations soon enough. That brings us to the end of another transmission.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Horn of Pornocopia and the Masturbating Custers

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(By some serendipitous quirk of fate an earlier, though relevant radio broadcast, by The Vis, has manifested over at What Really Happened this day, so, given that circumstances on the other end made this weeks broadcast a non event, I give you this one as a palliative; take two quaaludes and bang me in the morning)

Greetings friends and neighbors! Welcome to Dog Poet Transmitting, standing in thigh high gum boots in the Petri Dish. You can look up at the stars and see the stars, or you can look down and see the stars reflected in the rainbow slick of The Petri Dish. Mr Apocalypse is beating the bushes, all kinds of bushes, apparently ...and soon intending to kick ass, state names and ruin false front reputations. We are surrounded by lugubrious lickspittles, whose black-light shining examples of Satanic obeisance, set the guidelines of behavior, for all the little dupes who have accubation as an avocation, supported by fixations of adelphepothia, adelphirexia and adelphitymia. Yes, they're thinking they'll turn into princes if they kiss enough bathykolpian frogs. No wonder they're all suffering from cagamosis, brought about by outbreaks of advertent colposinquanonia. Well, infantile sexuality is nothing new in the late, not so great, United States of Arrested Development. Porn to the right of me, porn to the left of me, into the valley of Pornocopia, marched the masturbating George Armstrong Custers. Could you jerk off any better with that cellphone jammed up your ass? I know you're not waiting on the ringtone, since you got that thang set to vibrate. What? You're saying, “It ain't no thang”; square bidness for blockheads.

Trickle down is a functioning reality, even if the result is similar to Chinese water torture. In the example about to be given, one can confidently state that crime trickles down like anything else would. So, if you've career criminals at the top of the pyramid, it stands to reason that you will, sooner or later, have a good collection of criminals at the bottom. When your country is being owned and manipulated, by a tiny crime nation, who has placed a large percentage of professional criminals, in positions of power, you are going to have a crime nation too. What you need are a bunch of super sized, roach motels, placed at strategic locations in The State Department (a subsidiary of Israel), the Justice Department (a subsidiary of Israel), the White House (a subsidiary of Israel) and pretty much any and every government agency (subsidiaries of Israel). Gigantic glueboards should also be set out at random, in the late hours, when The Servants of the Infernal, scamper through the halls and make eerie music as their rats feet move over broken glass.

The eccedentesiasts are gladhanding, in the process of their perfunctory perversions, dreaming of dippoldisms, when not actually engaged in them. These cannibals, up close, are reeking of nidorosity. These steatopygic swine, need to get into some skoptsy, hopefully there is a government grant for that sort of thing. Yes, there is an epidemic of slubberdeguillions and jumentous creeps. They got uniforms. They got nametags. They got weapons and official documents, so that they look like goose-stepping colostomy bags; armed process servers, from The Church of the Final Vinyl ♫When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother, what would I be. Would I be handsome, would I be rich? Here's what she said to me, “No fucking way Jose, whatever you'll be you were, a tool or a dirty cur, Que Sera, Sera”♫

These inaniloquent, ambulatory toadstools, with their krukolibidinous fixations, are a serious embarrassment to the act of creation. Their chronic mumpsimus, is unlikely to be ameliorated by anything less than the Ceausescu method. I don't advocate this sort of thing, except as a last resort ...but when the world comes to be defined by Formica junkies, who ♫put up a lot of ugly boxes and Jesus people bought them♫, you are talking, last resort.

I recognize that there is a lot of hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian activity going on here today but I really didn't have much choice. Sometimes it is the only way to get something said. Luckily, the readers are more than passing familiar with all of these terms, unlike the great unwashed, out there in vegetable cranium land. Unwashed? Well, some stink doesn't go away with mere soap. Some rot and stink are internal. Obama and Romney are uncommon felons, along with being pedestrian psychopaths. Obama and his soft voiced sycophant Biden, are presently appearing in an anti female abuse commercial, entitled, “1 is 2 Many”. These sleazy, venomous scumbags, posture in slick hypocrisy, decrying this sort of behavior, while killing without regret or conscience in countries around the world, with drones operated by retarded gamers. I'm sitting there screaming at them about it but I've got no two way radio hookup to feedback into the vile dishonesty of their native state, cue Bruce Springsteen ♫The door of evil slams, Satan just waits. Like a vision he dances across the porch, as Richard Speck plays. C'mon lets stab some nurses, bring on a fleet of hearses, don't turn me on again, I'll just have to sell my ass again♫

I offer my dactylion to these light weight reprobates. Heck, I offer them the whole finger. They gather in endless, plotting concilliabules, taking direction from the monsters of The Mideast. They do what they're told. They don't make the connection between their actions and the retribution that waits in the wings. They seem immune to that hot breath on the nape of their neck. Nice to see that Biden got his hair transplant together. I remember way back, when he was just another balding bureaucrat, trying to make his way up (or down) the fellatio chain, stopping off at the neighborhood glory hole, for a little something warm in his stomach, parading his phony, family values and fucked up Christianity front, like some breast cancer awareness, whore, promoting non existent cancers, in order to bulk up the profit portfolio, of scalpel mill hospitals and bloodthirsty, incompetent doctors. Don't tell me this shit isn't going on. It is.

Cancer is a big money scam, just like bank bailouts and the private prison industry. Every one of these odious corporate suits, are looking to apply the McDonald's formula, to any and every industry they are using to siphon off public monies. Vampires and werewolves exist, we are simply confused about their composition and method of operation. They are sucking your blood and they are ripping you to pieces, it's just not gong down in the classic Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney format, “Children of the ignorant night, what pitiful music they make”. Yes, you're sheared and slaughtered and hanging on hooks. Have your family take a few photos for the mantelpiece.

I don't mean to be a philosophunculist, honestly I don't. Sometimes one is just reduced to a state of lethologica and the ordinary language is no longer adequate to the task. You have to get inventive and creative. You have to go back into the stacks and dust off old pretentious tactics, to satisfy the inner pseudo-intellectual, given the amount of pseudo-intellectuals hoping for a posting at some Tribe infested, poison Ivy League college. Yes, they're high percentage residents, ever looking to suck the blood from the infected foreskins of this gone missing gonorrheal culture. There's conjunctivitis in the arthritis of the brittle boned, infrastructure. It's riddled with countless holes, through which the Alzheimer weasels, slink back and forth on a Milli Vanilli loop. The majority can't remember any more than they can imagine. Their imagination is duct-taped to the Horn of Pornocopia. The television is speaking into the dead weight of paralyzed brains. It's an endless short circuit, attended by electronic sizzling and the smell of burning meat. Meth, it's what's for dinner.

Ah well, we've come to the end of the cataloging of the fruit in this particular defacatorium. It's time for a dry martini, in some razor blade, branding bar. Like Obama might say, while enjoying an idyl in that Chicago bathhouse, “It's an ill wind that blows no one”. Rahm Emanuel is off in one of those ink black rooms, filled with the sounds of flesh moving on plastic mats, attended by murmurs and groans; a horrific epiphany; this scorching finale of an endless depravity ...but... watch what you say about these tender and all too human engagements. It could well be against the law, the same way proselytizing and promoting normality is sure to be by next week, if not before.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Herpes of the Mind ♫
'Herpes of the Mind' is track no. 4 of 9 on Visible and The Critical List's 1993 album
'Jews from Outer Space'

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The John Wayne Gacy, Clown Clones meet the Pedophillirasters at the G.M.O.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”. This is you sorted and this is you sordid. I will say that 'Sanduskyd' will some day be used in language applications like 'Rogered' is. I don't know Roger, but then again, Bob is my uncle because I did once have an uncle Bob. “Bobbing along here, Boss”. Mr. Sandusky is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg and there is more than one iceberg because we have more than one continent on the planet of our discontent in these times of cognitive dissonance. What will the future bring? Ah well, my friends, I have no idea. The future in any case is multivarious. There are a great many different futures, just as there are a great many Earths. It is what it is and it is what it is not, simultaneously. To have and have not. Is that all you got? Is this all I got? Well these are some seedy times and all those Pedophillirasters must be the GMOs of the human race. Non? A Bientot. I hope I do not see them soon, as much as I would like to see you soon and 'soon', I think, it the operative word.

You can get the measure of 'the sick fucks from Hell', that think they run the joint, by scrutinizing Sandusky and assorted filth. Then you can transpose this mindset, into the Nitwityahoo consortium and understanding the meaning of not taking 'no' for an answer. You can be sure, in these cases, “No”, most assuredly, means “Yes”. So, one way or another, by hook or by crook, whatever it takes, they are bound and determined to fuck up your world. What to do, what to do? Meanwhile, various portions of the world are getting a clue, in a sort of connect the dots fashion. The Central Banks are orchestrating the economic miseries, for the purpose of personal profit and crowd control. Crowd control is an ancillary factor. If you are going to steal from people, you need to be able to protect yourself from them. By association it is coming to people's attention as to who the bankers are. The same goes for Wall Street and the connections for all of them goes to Israel.

How we all got to where we are, on the verge of probability and possibility, is the result of long term nefarious efforts, on the parts of people who ascend in the time of Kali Yuga. When the times are decadent and corrupt, the shit rises to the top. The better qualified and better abled, the generous and compassionate, those possessing integrity, are pushed aside, marginalized, neutered in situ. However, there is a magic in the mix and transformative technologies are also climbing up like Kudzu.

We've been warned all along the route but most people don't have the time, or want to make the time to consider these things. The suppression of Tesla and other ingenious world savers goes on apace. The same John Wayne Gacy, Clown Clones are jumping like ticks from one mutt (or is that Mitt?) from one to another, as the provocation for reaction is getting set to turn into push coming to shove.

If you're like me, on another route besides the routes just illustrated, you know that you are relentless in the pursuit of your ambitions and that you are not going to turn aside for Hell or High Water. Well, folks, that's just how the other side is. One of the things about understanding evil is that 'they do it for the sheer joy of it'. Some of them will be doing it to their last breath. Then there's stupid and confused, as in, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. There are all these elements, all these balls in play and the predictive sages, are in their resident agendas, telling us how what one thing looks like will turn into something else looks like and hardly anyone knows what they are talking about so, it isn't easy finding someone who does. I keep looking and seldom finding but there's always the inside word for the outside world. That's what I'm banking on, just as others have another banker.

Portals open into other worlds and the portal that opens for you, is dependent on what you are. The resonant doorway opens, as all of the doors that opened and would not open, continued to open and not open all through your life. We need to look at the trend. We need to look at the trend of our life and what it is composed of; what we put into ourselves and what we we bring out of ourselves.

They seem determined to want to rule the world into an ugly mess so, will they, or won't they? Who knows?

The time comes, when turning a corner finally arrives and turns into a break dancing darkness where the only survivors are cannibals and vampires. That's not on my list. Is it on your list? Time will tell when the time comes.

Personal business makes this short bittersweet. We'll catch you in the mainframe origami further up the road.

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Visible sings: The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible♫ Vanity ♫
'Vanity' is track no. 7 of 13 on Visible's 2007 album 'The Sacred and The Profane'
Lyrics (pops up)

The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

This week's radio show is right where it was earlier.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Gangster Jackals and the Power of Appearances

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The beat(ing) goes on as the ruthless neocon agenda goes on and on. Check out Radonski's genealogy in the preceding link. The Venezuelan people, seem to be in a majority behind their beloved leader. Venezuela now has the largest oil reserves in the world. For the good of everyone, our prayers are engaged in the hope for a Chavez victory, as opposed to the suffocating oppression that will come with a neo(con) liberal victory, by US puppet and Israeli stooge, Radonski.

Things are heating up all over the place, while at the same time, there are signs of change, even though they may only be localized here and there. The scoundrels are getting caught. Besides that, all sorts of things are coming into focus, through that digital avatar, the internet. There hasn't been a family of such vile productivity in a long, long time. That the entire Bush family are malevolent Satanists, is hard to dispute. I'm not even thinking about disputing it, I'm proclaiming it. It is amazing to see the sort of people operating on the world's stage in these times. This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and you can pretty much expect the kind of characters that show up in these times. The one thing we have to look out for and I cannot say it enough, is the power of appearances to deceive. I cannot hammer this home with enough intensity. It is the key to our understanding and unless we make this a visceral awareness, we will be the victims of the power of appearances in our thinking and emotional state.

The world looks very grim at the moment. It 'looks' very grim but... appearances are deceiving. The elite, whoever these bipedal, gangster jackals are, rely on the power of appearances to control us. They practice forms of negative magic, which involves the reversed Kabala. It parallels the reversed Kundalini. The Kabala, like The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage, is all about having communication with the angelic realm. That is the intent from the positive side and involves a magic language of letters and numbers. When it is reversed, it is for the intent of communicating with demons. In our western traditions, we have The Necronomicon and the Grimoire of Honorius the Pope.

The fiends at the top of the pyramid and their agendas, such as what we observe in the operations of Monsanto (My Satan), are all about world wide chaos and population reduction, as we observe in the shenanigans of Bill Gates, David Rockefeller's eugenics and so on. We know about these things. We know about Gates pushing the vaccine programs. These things have been widely reported on, in both the mass media and the alternative press. Only a truly clueless, or deluded soul, would be unaware of the implications of all of these things. These men and women are monsters on an epic scale; the Madeline Albrights (Tribe member) who says that the death of half a million children was worth it. The vicious neo-cons, like Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith and the ogres at PNAC. These are monsters. These are not human beings. This is something that has to be processed by the mind. It is our tendency to see people in human form and to attribute human characteristics to them. “By their works, ye shall know them”. Truer words have never been spoken. Just because someone looks human, does not make them human.

These individuals operate a pincher movement, involving gatekeepers, thus to give the impression that you are getting the truth on one side, if you have somehow managed to see through the lies on the other side. That is where you get men like this, whom I have never trusted. This is how you get your Chomskys and Alex Jones. These people are accessories to deception and murder as well. Lies kill. It is very hard for people to come to terms with the fact that there are liars on both sides of the fence, both working for the same lizard brained, aliens. What makes it so hard for so many of us to 'get it', is that we are not like that. This makes it difficult to accept that there are any number of people who are like that. You see this kind of thing all over the place these days. How is it possible for any man or woman to be like this? How is it possible when it is men and women like this who caused these people to be in this situation in the first place? It is the time of Fubar. Fubar sounds like some kind of children's storybook character, like Babar. Fubar is an adult, storybook character.

These days, prominent individuals are speaking out; expect more of this, as Mr Apocalypse intensifies his activities. This is all programmed, all for the purpose of demonstration and all for a very, very good reason. There is a plot. There is a director. It's a movie and we are in it. All that is asked of us, is that we play our part. To me, all of this is simplicity itself. I'm not at odds with myself about any of it and that is key. If you are at odds with yourself and if, for whatever the reason, you doubt what is self evident, you sow confusion and doubt in your mind and complexity ensues.

Most of us go to The Crass Media and the alternative media each day. There we are greeted with news reports and missing children, children in shallow graves, sexually violated children. We encounter human rights abuses and progressive massacres. We read about Israeli genocide. We read about massive economic thefts with 'slap on the wrist', or not even a 'slap on the wrist' legal responses. We read about dirty doings, nasty doings and terrible crimes against the general public by their unelected leaders, who are nothing more than catamite agents of Satanic bankers. We read about these things in The Crass Media and the alternative media. Every day we do this and it impacts on our minds and our emotional bodies. It puts us in a state where we are controlled by appearances. There is a corona around the body of the Prince of Darkness. This is the light of the angel, concealed by the appearance of The Devil and The Eye is the organ of deception.

♫You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about♫ Some decades more than a couple of hundred years ago, there was a religious sect called The Shakers. They were called this because of the Kundalini action that their brand of worship brought about. At least that is my take. They also made some valuable, lasting and probably pretty uncomfortable furniture. People like that don't want to get too comfortable here. ♫Shake, rattle and roll♫ ♫Shake it up baby♫ These are all Kundalini references.

We are presently negotiating a world of darkness. As a result, the darkness has the appearance of power. The world of light, appears to be at a distance and therefore at a disadvantage to the darkness. The light is never disadvantaged by the darkness. The light dispels darkness, if it is the light we are carrying with us, as we negotiate the world of darkness but... if we are negotiating the world of darkness with our own darkness then... not so good. If you are in fear, then you hide in darkness but, the darkness is no protection. However, it is human nature to go the wrong way and this is why human nature needs to be annotated by something more dependable than human nature. Unfortunately, it is human nature to be more instinctively obliged to genuflect to the darkness and that tendency is amplified by the nature of appetite and desire, as well as the propensity to measure conditions and circumstances according to appearances. We make our judgments this way and that sets the state of our existence at any particular point.

There is nothing difficult about the deeper meaning of things. It is accomplished by letting go of association with the superficial meaning of things. We accept the superficial meaning of things because we don't want to be alone. We want fraternity, even under false pretenses. We want the company of our fellows. They validate us (not really) and they make us feel safe, although we are not actually safe, neither are we sane but... the collective madness of the crowd gives us the impression of sanity. This is the price of the familiar. If it is familiar to you, it makes sense. It doesn't really make sense. It only looks like it makes sense because of the power of appearances. Given this, it is easy for us to be led by stages, into degrees of suffering, want, difficulty, bondage and all of the familiar things we can see around us. We have made the contemptible familiar. You've heard about familiarity breeding contempt.

Well, as usual, I've said a lot of things with the intention of inferring something that you can't just come right out and say or it would have been said long ago. It's a kind of pinging. One thing pings off of another and then it postulates a third thing, which then automatically generates a fourth thing and ergo, you go deeper and deeper into meaning. If you have enduring values, you have meaning. Your values determine the quality of your meaning, your understanding and all kinds of other things. If the world of your moment is all encompassing, it is difficult to see beyond it.

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Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫

Working on the radio show hoping to have it up soon. It's been difficult lately because I am very busy.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bless their Pointy Little Heads

Dog Transmitting, while the rest of you are abed.......

May your noses, always be cold and wet.

It's difficult, ...No 'fell aft aglay' goes unrewarded. I'll give you seven blue Wednesdays for one of your red turquoise Thursdays and call this even /steven can deliver. You take the manhole cover off and you see the nasties come afoot. I hope you have the connection to make the connection; nothing else explains it, besides and in between times, ring the bell! Heed the call! We are unfortunate travelers, one and all. This is the landscape of the dimension of the time frame, for the no names behind the ones who do this, nasty shit, full time in, the mainstream, to summon it forth again and again.

So, you got your Copperheads and Diamond Backs, who own the low rent shacks, where the trash collects and no one forgets but eventually everybody's going to lose their cherry. Ignorance doesn’t knock and there is no door that will open, no heart will be left unbroken. In this world you have to walk with 3 feet. You don't know how you got that extra leg from the Zio-conversion control of all things unholy of true Rock and Roll. The bells ring for one and all.

We are in the days of bad shit, right out of the pit. The most important thing is that we not fall in to it. Though, given human nature and this being Kali Yuga. It can be a problem. In Goa during the time of the early raves they had these pig toilets. They are probably still around. It would be the Christians who practice this because neither the Muslims not the Hindus eat pork. I am sure you will appreciate this tasty explanation and yes, of course, they then eat the pig when they want to. Now that is recycling!

We've covered a lot and not even gotten started yet but, dear reader, I have just been spending some days, with dear readers of the most exquisite and wondrous kind and I am exhausted with beauty and what can be. So I bid you adieu, with this shortest of posts and leave you with a brief transcript, a portion, a small section, of what we got up to, my friends and I. We'd never met before, some of us and some of us had but this piece is with one I had never met and we did it on the fly:

extemporaneously out of the blue from us to you.

More to come and then some.

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