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The Dark Narcotic Wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's not all bad news, even though the bad guys motor on for a short while, some are making it good. This guy isn't a Tribe Member, though some say he is. It's a confusing world that doesn't play by the numbers, which is why the numbers don't add up, even though numbers are at the heart of it all, we just don't get the numbers as they really are and that's at the bottom of it. Things don't add up and we speculate ...but eventually they add up on their own and we find out what's really been going on, with 'them' and 'us'. We find out. We find out what we need to know about ourselves in time, or we find out too late.

Bad shit has been going on for some time. These are the parts you see and it stands to reason that there is more submerged than what has surfaced. There always is. It's that tip of the iceberg thing. That's why there is more to us than we are aware of because the majority of us is in a sunken treasure chest at the bottom of that ocean. This includes our unremembered past and is a key to why we are where we are, who we are and what we can do about it. Accessing that area is one of the major 'keys' to our enduring success. Make it happen. What? Someone else is going to handle that? Then again, that probably explains the other major 'key', if you happen to be engaged in the completion of 'The Operation of the Sun' as I am. Of course, some of you are engaged in this and some of you are engaged in this. Some of you are engaged and some of you are disengaged. Some of you are stick and some of you are automatic.

♫What the world needs now, is love, pure love. That's the only thing that there's just too little of♫ ♫What the world has now, is drugs, bad drugs. That's the only thing that there's just too many of♫ Dumbing down is not just a withdrawal of education, or the gaps that occur in terms of relevant information, because most of what is taught is revisionist lies, of things that happened differently, or didn't happen at all; given that most people don't care to recall. The other thing is doping people down, instead of up, cause up makes you think; not everything up, cause some ups actually go sideways.

People don't know they're being dumbed down, that's why it happens. People don't know that alcohol is for crowd control and crowd out of control. They don't know that the government provides Heroin, which it has access to via the Afghanistan War that Israel made happen through doing 9/11 (you got to love this guy for continuing to put his site back up every time they knock it down); cue Chumbawamba.

Yes, they got the highway to The River of Lethe that runs like an invisible Mississippi through the dark narcotic wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America. Yes, 92% of the world's Heroin comes out of Afghanistan, to the tune of 4 billion dollars a year and it is the second largest producer of Hash after Morocco. How do I know this? It's my yob. Yes, it's my yob.

♫Don't let The Sun go down on me♫ That is because The Sun is not gay. I thought a little offensive humor might make the blog get it's second wind right about now, given that I have my reasons. Yes, I have my reasons. People don't see what's going on around them because maybe it isn't going on around them, at the moment. The important thing is that vested interest- and those wearing no vests at all-, have taken over the departments where legislation gets made and that is going on around you and you could see it if you wanted to.

When you control the departments, where legislation gets made and you also control the press and willingly admit that you control that and all kinds of other things, it's not all that hard to figure out. Of course, that author is representative of classy good taste and, strangely enough a member of the good time guys, or maybe that's a joke. As far as the media goes though, they control 2% more than the amount of Israelis that supported Operation Cast Lead. It's an interesting thing that gets proudly proclaimed and major league side stepped every day of the year. About the same amount of Central Banks are controlled by the same people, because they print the money that they give to each other to buy all the things that they own and no one seems to mind. While everyone seems to mind, still few people come out and say what it is, so the blame is always laid down upon a cloud bank. The blame is laid on mystery Babylon. T'was ever thus. ♫The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began♫

Some people would rather I do not say what I say because there is no teeth in it; I'm not Final Solution enough, as if I were the one meant to handle the affair. I'm not The Punisher but that title fits a particular entity, who will handle it when the time comes. I repeat myself on occasion in respect of certain things because they have to be said over and over, or people just gloss over them because they don't have the stones and commitment to say what needs to be said or they say it in a way that implies things that are not true and they forever do it under the cover of anonymity because they are afraid to stand behind what they say but they don't see anything wrong with that and they get all confident and bold, secure in their being unknown.

Meanwhile, these same elements are engaged in all sorts of malicious mischief, just as they behind all the police brutality, ever since they came over to the US and started training the police forces.They are the ones seeking to turn America into a Gulag, just like they created them in Russia. They are the ones behind the massive forced labor camps in the US. They are the primary force behind Political Correctness and they are the ones behind 'dumbing down' and they are the ones that compromise all the professors in the universities and they are the ones that determine the curriculums. It's them who are behind just about every ugly process and program there is, including Monsanto and all of the other corporate high jinks. It is them who controls the judiciary and the judicial system and The Justice Department. They got their hooks into everything and as long as there are anonymous whiners, who like to get on my case for things that they say more strongly than I do and as long as there are nations of cowards who won't say what they know to be true, because they are cowards, who obviously do not love their country (and I do, no matter what impression I may sometimes give), then for just so long will I ring the goddamn bell, until there is such a racket that you can't possibly sleep through it.

Now if anyone wants to come around and intelligently, cogently and with hard facts argue against what I have to say, well then, bring it on. What I say is irrefutable and patently and transparently true. You may not like it but that doesn't change anything, with your talking out of both sides of your mealy mouth and rationalizing anything and everything; diluting and reducing everything to the usual relative absurdities. Just so long as good men do nothing then someone has to maintain that eternal vigilance.

I know there are any number of good people out there that are saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done and far far more who are not saying what needs to be said and who are not doing what needs to be done because the majority of their attention is on their stomachs and their dicks, when it isn't on somebodies ass, while they are walking alongside someone who no longer gets their attention because they've been there and done that. The amount of shallow, easy come easy go, loyalties and fidelities, not to mention short pant's integrities, makes me sick and disappointed.

I remember when there were more men good and true and strong women who had a conviction for something beside cosmetics and reality TV. Holy shit! Kim Kardashian had six million friends at some point. Where did these people come from? So...

I'm a pain in the ass and maybe I ought to just go away and thank my lucky stars that I can see what's going on and leave it at that; contemplate the slopes of The Himalayas, which I have a strong suspicion I will see fairly soon. The people I have an interest in seeing, besides the readers, are all sitting in the lotus position far off from the action because they got good sense and they know that all of this is something that has to work itself out, because a whole Hell of a lot of karma, has come into the main room for resolution and some of it can't be resolved except through various unfortunate changes. It doesn't have to be like this in many cases but people insist on having it their way in direct proportion to however wrong they may be.

I'm one of those let freedom ring kind of guys and I will ♫let my free flag fly♫ I will live on my feet and not on my knees and die with my sneakers on, if I die at all, because no one with the capacity for endless change needs to die and that's another fact you can dispute till your ears fall off, I'm not moved or altered in my opinion by that. The power and reach of the human imagination is limitless, limited only by the limitations people place on it. Most things are limited only by the limits they place on things and they place these limits because they are brainwashed by those for whom these limitations are a profitable state for the public to be in. Few people have any awareness of what they are capable of, in both good and bad ways, once they shake off their programming, or as soon as the thin veneer of civilization gets torn asunder ...but we'll be seeing both permutations soon enough. That brings us to the end of another transmission.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

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gio said...

WooHoo-am I first? I only can say, please don't go away from your literary presence. I'm always tuning in and I know many others. We love your work and concur. There is internet in Nepal. Not so sure of Tibet, so we might have to use the heartnet. It's so good to feel the immense wisdom of Life and that most the the experts don't know squat. With thanks and love, Giov.

flying cossack said...

we are so used to people putting up more walls around us ... that when someone finally does come around to help tear them down, we will throw rocks at him ... if we throw too many rocks, he will go away

Visible said...

True. It's interesting, isn't it that I had written this before that comment came in. I meant no harm in my response. I think you are lucid and perspicacious but I also think you are too hard on me at times, not taking into account what my intentions, however poorly expressed, are.

Flood said...

Hi Vis my Trend Micro Internet Security just put up the good ole warning/dangerous page/blocked site alert for Origami. Heh,what else is new right? No problems though went right around it. For whatever reason it didn't do it for Petri Dish or Mirrors.


Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I knew a scolding was coming. There are gems in those too.

If you think you don't have teeth, you owe it to yourself to visit some other blogs that are out there. People who can only gum things are the problem. To give them solid food is to share holy things with dogs and cast your pearls before swine who turn and tear you. On the other hand, throw in their favorite rallying cry like the double entendre "fuck Israel", and their mouths are wide open to swallow the dung of a man (stupid tribemember tricks) whole, without chewing. They don't chew, they only swallow.

Some truths have never been spoken. The clues to chew on are given, but if you can't figure it out you're not ready for it or you don't have any teeth. The truth is hidden from the toothless and that's a good thing. It's hidden in plain sight. I like how that works.

30 fold 60 fold 100 fold, It took Enoch 365 years. He's still alive. Has anyone seen him? John the revelator is, too.

I have the drudgery of some piano lessons to bear in the form of an electronics book. Thanks for helping me man-up about that today.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

I though you might like to see 25 places that don't look normal but are.

Anonymous said...

"Unchain Your HAARP"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Unchain My Heart", by Joe Cocker.)

Unchain your HAARP
Baby let us go
Unchain your HAARP
'cause we don't want it no more
Every time we go down to the store
By the minute all the prices soar
Unchain your HAARP
Set us free

Unchain your HAARP
Baby let us be
Unchain your HAARP
You make us swelter and freeze
Every time we think it's turned about
You just engineer another drought
Unchain your HAARP
Set us free

We're under your spell
Just like sheep in a trance, baby
And you know darn well
That we don't stand a chance...

Unchain your HAARP
Let us go our way
Unchain your HAARP
You worry us night and day
Why make it hot and dry in Missouri
When it's snowing down in Biloxi
Unchain your HAARP
Set us free

(Musical interlude.)

We're under your spell
Just like sheep in a trance, baby
And you know darn well
That we don't stand a chance
Unchain your HAARP
Let us go our way
Unchain your HAARP
You worry us night and day
Why make it hot and dry in Missouri
When it's snowing down in Biloxi
Unchain your HAARP
Set us free

flying cossack said...

well the comment was made in my head while i was going to sleep last night ... not only is it possible you responded to it, but probable

im not an artist, im not good with words ... if you reread what i posted, youll see i didnt challenge the truth in anything you said ... but reinforced it

what i did challenge was

"it goes against my basic nature, to wholesale a people as an altogether collective of evil because it is not true"

not the truth of this ... but rather the point in saying it ... no one claims the opposite, so by saying this you are bringing the opposite into existence

the zionsts want that opposite to exist ... they create groups like the KKK in order to troll the world ... america went into germany do destroy the KKK ... little did they know, the KKK is a head office in new york

i can thank you by saying great work ... or i can thank you by giving to you what you give to me ... regardless of their contents, you have to understand that every comment from everyone here is a thanks to you

Visible said...

Flying Cossack, I'm going to call bullshit on that because I do have people claiming that all the time and they claim it right here on these sites and I'm pretty sure you have seen it now and again. Meanwhile, you comment only came in late this afternoon and I posted it as soon as it did.

Mark said...

I think by now any cognizant human being knows which tribe is behind the world's woes. The truth is self-evident…unless you have CHOSEN not to see. We've beat this subject to death, and still nothing has changed. In all fairness, we should give credit where credit is due: Most U.S. citizens continue with their willful ignorance, without which the destroyers would not have been able to do what they have done. So which group is the most despicable I do not know. What we need are a few heroes in positions of influence to lay their best interests (or what they mistakenly perceive them to be) aside and stand against evil, to turn about and do a human thing. Yet, I do not believe there are any such could-have-been heroes in positions of influence. They have long since been weeded out. We are left with cookie-cutter people who do this:

preacher said...

@Vis 9:08
Didn't you mean to link here?

Some things are there in the open...

Temple Israel of Hollywood

I think I got it via Kenny's.

flying cossack said...

if i say the jews did 911, did i say that every jew did 911 ... if people say we need to stop the jews from running things, does it mean they are saying to shoot every jew

most people are just trying to say the truth, and they simplify to do so

preacher said...

Or the Ugly Truth...

I think this is worth mentioning also:

Armstrong - lies, cover-ups and big money

"It wasn't about the bike and it wasn't all about Lance Armstrong. It was about the money. That's why it took so long for the big lie to surface.

Nike and other corporates this week ditched the cyclist so famous the world knows him by his first name. The asset so bankable for so long by so many is a bottomline liability now the secret that underpinned it is out."

preacher said...

Talking about Kenny...
He quoted you here:

The Slow Drip

Visible said...

Flying Cossack, you're being an annoying dick and, no doubt, one of those who come around here under a certain amount of cover, waiting until the time you can spread dissension. I know the game and 'm familiar with your commentary over time and what you are putting out now is in direct contradition to what you usually have to say. I suggest you have what you have to say walking and head off to where you will find whatever it is you are looking for. I don't need this kind of crap and neither does anyone else. Please dig my intention here.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I really enjoy the song parodies by Anonymous and wish I'd been saving them. Is there a website where I can find all of them? If not, it's no hardship (actually a pleasure) to go back through the pages of all the recent Vis blogs to collect them. They deserve a name attached though, at least something other than Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The media circus surrounding the alleged Lance Armstrong "doping" incident, provides cover for something much more insidious.

Armstrong was cleared of doping after taking numerous tests, and if you examine the situation more critically, you'll see some scary flies buzzing around the ointment there...

The first notion to examine is this one: Does "doping" actually give an athlete a physical advantage over the competition?

Let's examine steroids for starters, which are pretty much universally accepted as being a "performance-enhancing drug"...

There has never been a study done which conclusively proves that taking steroids enhances overall athletic performance. (Repeat: There has never been a study done which conclusively proves that taking steroids enhances overall athletic performance; in fact, there has never been a single study done that even MARGINALLY proves it.)

Now let's jump sideways over to professional sports, specifically, to Major League Baseball.

As many of you know, numerous MLB players have been accused of taking steroids over the years, allegedly in an effort to enhance their performance on the field.

Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, to name just a few.

So, it's interesting to note that, even though there is zero scientific evidence that anabolic steroid use enhances athletic performance, there have been plenty of studies done which conclusively prove that Major League Baseball enhances the resiliency of its baseballs, in order to make them fly farther, in any given year.

I have written the first ten chapters of a book on this very subject, and can cite chapter and verse regarding the irrefutable proof of this fact. Suffice it to say that the actual baseball hit by Mark McGwire, which accounted for his 70th home run of the season, back in 1998, "contains a synthetic rubber ring or spring", according to David Zavagno, president of Universal Medical Systems, a company that provides CT Scanning equipment to medical interests.

You can read more about David Zavagno and the Mark McGwire sideshow here -

You can read more about Zavagno's specific findings on similar matters here -

Here are a few direct quotes on the subject, made over the years, by some baseball players of note:

"Cut the ball open and you'll find a carburetor." - Chicago White Sox Pitcher Early Wynn, quoted in the Time Magazine article, "Same Old Ball", August 25, 1961.

"I know the ball is souped up. But I asked American League president Joe Cronin about it and he said, ‘Oh, no, the ball’s the same...yeah, SURE it’s the same." - Ted Williams, manager of the Washington Senators (and perhaps the greatest hitter in MLB history), June, 1970.

"There you have used to be cork you could crumble. Then it was a hard piece of cork. Now there's no cork at all but a rubber ball. It's like a superball." - Former MLB pitcher Russ Springer, after he cut open a baseball to examine its insides, July 7th, 2006.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

well I haven't heard you say anything nice about the Nazis yet (grin), but I'm not
literatured up on it yet.(direct PDF link).

How long before the FEMA Hitler Youth camps lower the age, you know how it goes. (that's one litmus test I will apply to the nazis, how they were managed -will we ever know?).

(and sorry for calling fag on Goebells, by his appearances, I just came across,,briefly, him leading an anti-homo push, with a theory that hitler was so and with himmler.... things to look up between barely giving the divine the time of day). but it is interesting.

The mahority of Australians opposed the invasion of Iraq, but they still voted Howard back in - and the opposition that did win later have done squat diddley to reverse anything, except the Kabala.

est said...

slight reprise
every single
star in the sky

shines directly
on you [us all]

they shine
day or night

except for
that big one

when the sky is
bright it's day

darkness is the night
[from] a shadow no less

if you are feeling heavy
throw off some ballast

this spiritual /
material thing

is starting to bug me
two words / same thing


what if it was black ?
the universe i mean

nothing no where or
at least anywhere else

except for it's self ?

nothing exists
yet something is formed

how'd that happen ?

we are god

we created it
all of us [together]


we used to plant seeds
and watch the moon

how did we stray so far
from a peaceful fate ?

we used to have to work together to survive
and that's exactly what we must do now

the enemy is well defined
ignorance fear anger

but the balm of forgiveness is so soothing
what beast cannot be cured ?

let's find out

Greg Bacon said...

Not to be nit-picky, but Central Banks, like the illegal and immoral FED, don't print the funny money, they just type in some numbers and ship them to the Treasury Dept and let the same ones who are being burdened with this obscene debt, pay the bill to print even more debt.

Anonymous said...

Held in palms of forever is loving
Bathing in soul of essence awakes
Riding wings of pure understanding
Rippling stillness in conscious's lake
Made init he unity of the life of all living
Painting beyond where beginning unfolds
Gathered in seeds in fields of expression
Blowing through consciously open wide souls
Dreaming the medicine binding tranquility
Guiding limitless emanating the vast
Swirling streams in clusters of harmony
Colourful paintings of blossoming paths
Dancing through souls pure beginning
Islands and rivers fountains and streams
Tingling always,a call to attention
Sunflower patterns through hearts beam


Visible said...

Six of one, half a dozen of another; guns don't kill people, people do. But the guns do kill people.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami

The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami.

Mouser said...

John Kaminski's thoughts on Lasha Darkmoon's latest post - a must read.


'. . . the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices . . . '

Leave everybody puzzling over the fantastic Holocaust claims and nobody can focus on Hitler’s genuine economic miracle — which is exactly what the U.S. and the world needs now.

Listening to Bruce recently about how Hitler turned around Germany’s situation from a million marks for a loaf of bread to full employment and Germans taking cruise ship vacations IN 18 MONTHS (!) is clearly the smack-me-in-the-forehead epiphany that everybody can understand, and will get behind, if WE can make it clear to them.

This is why Untermeyer jumped on it so quickly in 1933 and rallied Jews into declaring a worldwide war on Hitler — because his plan vaporizes Jewish outlaw bankers immediately, and permanently. And almost instantly restores prosperity to the people.

Lincoln, Hitler and Kennedy all tried to make this happen and were obliterated for their efforts. Holocaustomania covers up the obvious fact that we could fix all the problems miraculously quickly — with debt free currency implemented by a sincere government. Bye bye bankers and all their confusing scams.

The world continues to bleed toward its death solely because of them."

Better said it has not been before. Israel is the embodiment ongoing lie of the 6M holocaust which enables the continuation of the zionist Rothschild private fractional fiat usury banking system around the world.

The truth about the holocaust lie is more powerful than israel's 300 nuclear weapons because it will end the zionist ponzi banking system enslaving the world.

Anonymous said...

Sorry people the second and third words on the fith line of the poem are meant to read,,in the, instead of init.....


Laura said...

Thank you for putting a link to your blog post in April 2009 about the Operation of the Sun. I had not read that post and am grateful to read it now. I love the simplicity, as I feel shedding the extraneous is the way within. Or as another said "putting out the trash" where what remains is the golden nugget ~ the core being.

What I experience with simple is the essence of truth, as heart and mind merge together. A simple statement of truth, expressed, resounds with such clarity, and shifts consciousness moreso than the complexity that has developed over time. It pierces the veil and in doing so reveals the divine within. Simplicity creates the "aha" moment.

I appreciate your resonating light and the many nows where a simple phrase of truth has touched me deeply ~ aligned with who I am.

In grace ~

mike m said...

"It doesn't have to be like this in many cases but people insist on having it their way in direct proportion to however wrong they may be."

How right you are, brother!

Skepticfrog said...

To Pierre @7:22
Thy are NOT the Hitlerjugend. (age 14-18).
Rather, they are the Brownshirts, the SA. They were the first "private army" of Hitler; also in age over 18, like the current variant of Obummer. The SA was led by Röhm - BTW a homosexual - until his killing. I wonder who is running the current - modified for USA - reincarnation...

For the American people's life to come in the US (in the now foreseeable future), do not look to Nazi Germany. That's a mistake, fueled by the inadequate (actually non-existent) education on the REAL Soviet history. Look for Lenin/Trotsky's and Stalin's Bolshevik Soviet Union redux - US variant. The economy will likely be the Nazi model - granted. However, the political people control and repression with the attendant millions killed will be the Bolshevik model. Hitler didn't get busy killing ethnic Germans. However, he Bolsheviks did get busy killing Russians wholesale pretty quick.
Just remember WHO were the Bolsheviks (the "who" is not in political context but in ethnicity context) and WHO is running the US show. FYI: The Bolshevik totalitarianism killed between 25 to 45 million.
A close and thorough study of the Bolshevik Coup in RU (with the Warburgs' American money) will pretty quick reveal that it had little to do with the ideology of Marxism but was an ethnic/Zionist power grab under the cover or aegis of "Marxism". The 25-30% ethnic Russians in the nomenclature were the "useful idiots" who were exterminated wholesale in the 1930s.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and The Black Nobility..

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

@skeptic frog.
I agree with you totally, I was making a call on where it will go (down, baby, down). I've read Alan Sutton's Wall St and the Bosheviks, and am now (when I finish Benjamin Disraeli's Coningsby), Sutton's take on the same entities funding the Nazis. I've posted links here previously.
and I know the positive's of the German Nationalists looking after their own. that's my conundrum these days (and a sad statement of where things are at that require such temptations)
cue pink floyd Final Cut -Your Possible Pasts - ♫With cattle trucks lying in wait for the next time♫



Joseph Brenner

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