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The Voice of the Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

They never stop and when it comes to the “You're my Bitch”, Crown Colonies, there's no telling how persistent and vile they can get. Witness the case of one more truthtelling, unsung hero, Arthur Topham. Hopefully you have him in your thoughts, as he and the terribly few among us, work for justice and universal brotherhood; supposedly the hallmark of the incredibly tardy, Aquarian Age. Sometimes it seems as if an army of overweight demons are hanging on the sun, in an attempt to keep it below the horizon line.

A great deal of what is going on is hidden from us, by those whose job description, includes relentless disinfo and continuous suppression of any news concerning the organized opposition, which includes slander and whatever they can come up with that suits their purposes. The same nasty behavior goes on and on and I think we can all agree that it is time for The Cosmos to get off the stick, or perhaps, more precisely pick up a stick and lay into them with a will. I know it's coming, it's foreordained and destined so, sooner or later, ♫I hope it's not later♫ The litany of crimes is vaster, it seems, than all of the other crimes by everyone else put together. You'd think that absurd on the face of it but, quite possibly it is not.

I just came upon a revelation that has been hiding in plain site. I remember a bumper sticker from the 60's or 70's; save Soviet Jews, win valuable prizes. Yesterday, I was reflecting on the decades long program of rescuing Jews from the USSR, ♫Back in the US, back in the US, Back in the USSR♫ All of a sudden it became a very curious thing to me, since The Bolshevik Revolution was purely a Zionist Jewish creation and also, given that they made up as much as 80% of The Cheka, or secret police who accounted for millions upon millions of murders and executions. Then it dawned on me. This whole Exodus-repatriation was nothing more that a scam, to shift the blame for their heinous acts in the USSR, including the Ukrainian genocide, and then paint themselves as the usual victims, which they have raised to a high art form and which is their signature dish, along with historical revisionism.

There is a particular spectrum of Hasbara Trolls, who are going around to Youtube videos and other locations and claiming that Israel and The Central Banks are 100% owned by The Vatican. This is a total lie. This is a complete and total lie. Be on the lookout for it, because it's been cropping up more and more of late. They've got an army of reverse engineering, information bots, working overtime across the landscape.

You can accomplish all kinds of things when you control the money supply, the media and the legislative and judicial systems. You can make the most ridiculous, fatuous and Draconian laws a part of everyone's daily life. If you are a genetically, hard wired, pathological liar, then you know the value of making the investigation of things, you don't want looked at, against the law and so it follows that ♫To live outside the law you must be honest♫

If you come around here very often, especially lately, you'd heard and probably even said, all that needed to be heard and said, concerning what's been going on in this benighted and beleaguered world. No doubt you, like myself, are truly puzzled at why it is taking so long for these long standing grievances and abuses, to be addressed and rectified, especially since they have been exponentially increasing in force and number over recent times. There's a lot of bravado and callous indifference being displayed by these Orc Chieftains but my take is that they're ♫Just running scared♫ Some portion of the population, no doubt believes that they have no sense of pending consequence concerning any kind of Judgment or comeuppance. I disagree. They know very well and that is at the heart of their sense of urgency, to transform the whole world, into an open air concentration camp.

I'm trying to move on from a, non varying focus, on this insane collective of psychopaths but I promised someone that I would go this way today and so I have. Still, I think there are all kinds of other things I can put my attention on; things we can practice and profit from. There is a wealth of deep and valuable wisdoms that are at our disposal. They are buried within us and they are resident in people and locations outside of us. We have only to look for them. We will not find them in newspapers, magazines or on the TV. We will not find them as the subject of conversation by Twits at Twitter. We will not find them at Wikipedia. We will not find them anywhere in the deceitful and deceptive presentations of CIA/Mossad operative Assange; he of the forgotten condom, back story. How pathetic and ludicrous is that backstory.

So, ♫They're coming to take you away♫ They've got camps and coffins and The Voice of the Darkness to guide them in the pursuit of their fell purposes. Make no mistake about who commands and advises them and make no mistake about who that voice is actually employed by. If it is true that both good and evil serve the intentions of The One, then it goes without saying that all of these things are scripted and we have nothing to fear, except to be in the possession of Fear. You're either resident in confusion and doubt, or you are resident in clarity and faith. Whatever you believe, is both the substance and direction of your path.

It's no easy thing to walk in all things contrary to the world. The general shared perspective of the world is a powerful magnetism. It is a shape shifting illusion, overlayed upon an unseen reality. The reality was there long before the illusion and will be, long after it is gone. The time of The Apocalypse is destined to tear the illusions into tatters. You cannot build something new where something old still stands, so all of what has been of old must now come down and that's where you get all these people weeping about the fall of Babylon. It's attachment that does the job on our hearts and minds. Attachment is one of those words we have heard about a bajillion times. We recognize it. We make associations with it. We think we understand it. The truth is that many of those terms, which in some cases, have esoteric implications, elude our grasp. There's one basic thing that should be kept in mind throughout your life. You came in here, like they say, naked as a babe- and you go out of here, maybe dressed in a suit, or a clown outfit, depending on your sense of humor but none of this, or any other item goes with you. You bring nothing and you take nothing, except whatever lasting additions there are to yourself, which came with you, or whatever you added to yourself in your present visitation. So, why is that people are obsessed with all the external trappings and spend all their time trying to get their hands on them and ignore the archetypal qualities, that act as special passports, when you come around to the consideration of 'easy journey to other planets'​?

Here's the thing, attachment is a state, or condition but... it is attended by a mental and emotional association to the object of attachment. This colors your perception of reality and can also veil it. These mental and emotional association are vibrating, so is the object of desire. Everything is vibrating, so, what would the most important thing in life be? It would be, having the ability to control your vibrations and be able to apply it to any state or condition, here or anywhere. It's like controlling your thoughts. How many of us can control our thoughts? Until we can we are a pinball. No pun intended, but my mind is empty most of the time. This allows for a conversational platform because nothing is competing with the intuitive flow. How useful is this? Use your imagination. That's another tool that is poorly understood and, as a result, too seldom and ineffectively applied. What are the results of inconsistent effort? Inconsistent results is the outcome. What sort of interpretation do people put on this 'fact'? “Ah, it doesn't work, it's all bullshit” This is how a lot of people go through their life. The really important things are too much trouble, even though the really important things take the trouble out of life. This is why I maintain that this is a great big insane asylum. It looks exactly like that to me. You're an out patient with ground privileges. Most of you take daily medication, even if it's only a six pack. You're kept within boundaries, by members of official enforcement arms and peer pressure, controls a large portion of your behavior. You accept common beliefs about many things and reject inconvenient truths. This results in the use of blinders that limit the sight line and create unsafe conditions in the day to day.

Wherever you are at the moment, is where you have been placed, by collaboration between yourself and the forces of life. Where you are has a vibrationary frequency that possesses a destiny. We are talking where you are, in every sense of the word, as in “Where are you at on this”? Awareness is the key. Look around and observe the varying levels of awareness around you. Plants have a certain awareness and some of us are much like plants. Animals have a certain awareness and too many of us are like animals. Human beings have a certain level of awareness and there are states beyond what we would 'generally' call human, because of subtle changes that have been effected in the consciousness.

People have a certain impression of masters; all sweetness and light. That's not comprehensive. As Confucius said after meeting Lao Tzu; “I met a dragon”. As long as our perspective is controlled by what we think we know and the world around us, we're trapped in the temporal. Some people might think that's okay. It's not okay with me.

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John Rambo said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for bringing it


Robin Redbreast said...

Perceptions distorted by experiences and bouncing off other people's distorted perceptions based on their own experiences. Chuck in the propaganda and bullshit pf the MSM (contolled and controlling). Round and round and round it goes back and forth and up and down..... until we're carrying so much we can't see the wood for the trees and everyone is against everyone
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

"After Confucius said after he met Lao Tzu,"I met a dragon."

Yes, after all, Tzu taught about the "other Worldly'- while Confucius taught of strict obedience towards an Earthly hierarchy. (Btw, the present Red Ch.have returned to teaching Conficionism in the schools.)

Skepticfrog said...

Yah, Bashing and accusing the Vatican (and christians and Jesuits) for the endless slew of Tribe crimes has become an easy identifier of trolls, shills and hasbara for people like me (look at my nick). That goes for the commenters here also - by the way.
In a way it's nice of them to out themselves in such a simple obvious way.
When they start to thwart blame from the real perps, ranting that the Vatican this, and the Vatican that, you know in whose service they really are.

I'm glad you have shined a light of who the Soviet Bolsheviks really were; I have referred to that particular dirty, concealed secret a few times before. What is even lesser known, that Bolsheviks and the Tribe are/were one and the SAME, cutting through countries and nations. The Bolshevik Coup in Hungary (Bela Kun - Cohen) in 1919 was exclusively Jewish (with the exception of one out of the 19 of the council), just as it was at the 1947 installation of the Communist Rakosi (Rosenfeld) government by the occupying Soviets.
Ditto for the short lived Bavarian Bolshevik coup (Toller) in 1919.

Anonymous said...

The Old Testament Exodous--- the blueprint for the Talmudic victimhood spin cycle.


Anonymous said...

"Khazarians/Let the Gunfire In"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In", written by James Rado, Galt MacDermot, and Gerome Ragni, made popular by the Fifth Dimension.)

When a loon is in the White House
And Jupiter collides with Mars
Then war will guide the planets
And hate will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Khazarians
The Age of Khazarians

Usury and countermanding
Psycopathy and fear abounding
No more goodness or compassion
Only sex and food and fashion
Mystic chemtrail inundation
And the mind's incineration

When a loon is in the White House
And Jupiter collides with Mars
Then war will guide the planets
And hate will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Khazarians
The Age of Khazarians

Let the gunfire...
Let the gunfire in....
The gunfire in

Let the gunfire...
Let the gunfire in....
The gunfire in

Let the gunfire...
Let the gunfire in....
The gunfire in

Let the gunfire...
Let the gunfire in....
The gunfire in


Visible said...

heh heh, too much.

Anonymous said...

You gotta laugh at it, right? It's all temporary anyway...heh.

preacher said...

Slaid Cleaves "Temporary"

Laura said...

I was saying to myself this morning that it is time to shift focus away from certain things, and here is that shift in this fabulous Petri Dish! You have expressed so much powerful wisdom ~ in the flow indeed! When you get on a roll, it's simply divine! It's "time" for people to "wake up and smell the coffee" and be aware that vibratory frequency is entirely up to us in concert with the realm of the Divine and our destiny determined by our frequency signature. You chose to get out of this, then get up ~ vibrationally speaking......:-)

In Grace ~

preacher said...

Some LadyDragon spitting fire (or trying to):

Well, it was cap locks day...

niijii said...

Is there anyone certified sane?
If not, what is insanity?
Is it just another word for minority?

Medicated water, food and air.
When I tell folks they think I'm nuts and just don't care.

This slow for profit poisoning is a sick sight to behold but I guess a waste is a terrible thing to mind here in bass-ackwardland.

Kali-gon take me away...

Anonymous said...

best song parody yet!

loved this one and i was a big fan of Mad magazine in my day so the bar is pretty damn high.................

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

You've really arrived now. You got mentioned on GLP!

Skepticfrog said...

By mistake I put a comment in the previous issue of Petri Dish.
If you want to see the Presidential election results of 2012 as broadcast by CBS affiliate KPHO in Phoenix AZ on Oct. 19th at 3:30pm, go there. I cannot guarantee the Youtube link will still be up, I expect it to be pulled.
If it's not a hoax but a f-up, then it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. (2 glasses)

at this rate I'm going to have to start calling you Lord Visible (seriously). If a thousand people are not reading these posts intently, it seems a waste.
♫let the sun shine in♫

as for their historical import, now I am reading Anthony Sutton's Wall St and the Nazis. so many things that make me dizzy. my god Ford was friends with the Morgans and had monopoly plants in Bolshie Russia, the industrialists in germany and the USA, owned by the same mob (Warburgs et al), financing and driving the war machines on ♫ both sides now♫. only the german counterparts impounded at neurenburg whilst the SA boys got off scott free (this includes much inter war dealings in Swissland) and then another book to read of his that Rooseveltian New Deal (give me all your gold you suckers) was the third kind of socialism (the Jew kind, the Judas kiss).
at least I will not be surprised whatever I find, just a bit ♫dizzy miss lizzy♫.
and then there's the real deal, the spiritual, which is found in the small in all kinds of places, but not with the altar/kneeling/bowing/laughing respect that it deserves, it doesnt "just happen"
like junk food all your life vs knowing what a good apple tastes like, it's in the taste buds and the appetite, and the gratitudes.
I'm a ♫million miles away from home♫ and it still doesn't seem far enough to hear the ♫sounds of silence♫.
maybe Im a bitch about all that junk music (it was and is good music) but maybe I'd have been better off kneeling to Mecca 5 times a day (♫gotta love a good thing if you have to ♫ - Python Grecian Muse / have you any cheese skit). associations, junk, sifting, something....

Anonymous said...

Hungry tyrants Parading lunacy
The shadows of a wasteland at corruptions door
Compulsive lies leaving a shattered dominion
Zionism burning in a pile on the floor
Clawed and broken evil strives for nothingness
The ruination dehumanising itself indemeaned
Cleaved through the passion of its misunderstanding
Hung drawn and quartered in unamiable dreams
Cold and dreaded winter bites like a scorpion
Zionism clustered carressed by its fear
Learing towards in confirmation of self destruction
Born in the past on an old wives tear
Sheared by the root burning twisted and fallen
Encrusted in delusion where energy was miisplaced
Paved through the flavours of hells just a victim
Zionism clothed in the utterance of waste


brian boru said...

The most frightening book I ever read was Orwell's '1984'. It is frightening because it describes a mentality and a type of people that really exist. In Orwell's fictional world there is no longer any hope. The whole world is a giant concentration camp with nowhere to escape to, ruled by the same type of creatures who rule much of the planet today. The jew wants to create a '1984' type world and now believes that it is within his reach. We had better hope that he fails and work to ensure that he does.

Anonymous said...

Not trolling here, but just want to know the truth.

Regarding the quote from the OP's article ''There is a particular spectrum of Hasbara Trolls, who are going around to Youtube videos and other locations and claiming that Israel and The Central Banks are 100% owned by The Vatican.''

Didn't Shimon Peres hand over Jerusalem over to the Vatican?

Regards... and I'm happy to be corrected on this with valid evidence.

Thomas, of the Choir said...

I agree with Rambo. Hail Lucifer, Our Great Illuminator!. His/Her sacrifice is beyond our understanding of compassion and wisdom. "The Tribe" is well aware that their plans will be revealed before they have managed to impose their so called world vision (spinning on a dark ideal, as the Great Deciever), and with fevered persistence and creased, worried brows lashing the world onwards to the place where they will stand alone, naked and outnumbered among vicious, cruel beasts singing the song of Spilt Jewish Blood. It will be utterly terrible, and Lucifers Courage is truly an awesome thing to comntemplate. Hopefully You will not be in the same world as them when it happens.

You write so beautifully, Les, but I must humbly submit the idea that you are attached to the idea of Unconscious Evil as the architect of this grand play. I believe this is not so. I am convinced that it is really the Greatest Love, but to our sights concealed as Devilishly Conscious Evil.

Praise Lucifer, Our Beloved Jailbreaker #1, and PRAISE THE ONE INFINITE DIVINE!!!

Thanks Vis, & To All, best wishes and Lots of Love :)

Visible said...

Thomas, how many times over and over do I have to state that both good and evil serve the intentions of The One; which has been said so many times as has how this is all scripted and has a director.

A ha! a Hasbara Tribe apologist has arrived. Welcome and good luck!

Anonymous said...

They have 2 choices now; death or death. The illusion of their power is fading fast, consistent with their monopoly on words. So now, rather than a chorus of useful idiot voices with a squeaky wheel leading the chant, you have a few haarping Garp, Fema and psychopathic marines. They don't have the logistics to back up that woof. Do they think they can scare the toothpaste back in the tube? It takes them 3 days to set up their cowardly techno bling that allows them to kill innocent women and children from a safe distance. I was in the marines and it took me about 4 hours, after getting off that bus in boot camp to realise none of us were there for any potential courage for war, but to be trained like fucking dogs more afraid to disobey our masters than anything else. "Some fuckin fierce marines we're going to make", I thought as I watched 4 loud mouths harass the hell out of 89 of us.

They don't want a dead host. They don't want a vital host either. They want a host too sick to fight off their infestation, but well enough to be pumping blood. There would be a parasite vs. parasite war if that balance went the wrong way.

Ezekiel 31 describes what's happening with that welfare state right now. The host isn't producing and the funny money has to be inflated to pick up that slack. It's about to become the illusion it always was. It's a model that applies to a lot of situations in history.

It's an ill wind that blows no good. Applied in the negative; every good wind blows some ill. Every tide brings in both. There's a jew in the woodwork in a lot (maybe all) of those bible stories. A canaanite in the temple. The book of Esther and the Song of Solomon are jew. Esther is Ashteroth and Mordecai is Mars. It was a capital crime in Persia to whisper in a person't ear when they were sleeping. That's what Mordecai's little ho was doing to the king of Persia. Jesus put a canaanite on his staff. They have to be there. Spooky.

Atheism boils down to "Thou shalt not surely die". I spot some commentors from that ZCF site that go back to the Hal Turner Show. Very nasty vicious little infestors they are. "Every other race will be genocided and christians will get lobotomies". I saw the talmudic spew hold forth when they were pressed. Beware.

Ray Zerwitt

John Skead said...

“…my mind is empty most of the time.”

There is good reason for seeking this state, Les.

“We are made in the image of God,” which is just an archaic way of saying: “We are potentially conscious, and therefore we are potentially creative.”

In order to use this creative ability, (the creative ability to move mountains as well as the creative ability to make a paper airplane) one must not be anchored to the old (current) locality in the universe. This anchor forms through attachment, arising from thought and/or physical or psychological desires. Most of us more or less blindly slog through our current locality in the universe, unaware that we have the latent ability to effortlessly embrace a virtually infinite number of alternatives. (In fact the admonition “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” only asserts that what one sees [and judges] has been selected [usually unwittingly] by oneself.)

Therefore, an empty mind (that is to say, a mind that is in the present moment – a thinking mind, after all, is anchored either in the past or in the future) has the ability to select (or create) a new locality in the universe. And how is that navigation accomplished? I take it you already know, Les; in any case it is beyond the scope of this post.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Papa's Delicate Conditions and the Funhouse of Complexity..

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

"He" kept me up late tonight to show me this Petri Dish...

I think its not only a Dish, but a Dish disguised as an Origami, as well. Works for me, I love Origami, though I admit, I had no time for it years ago. :( My loss.

Most of my biggest attachments (the home I grew up in and its immediate surrounding area) were completely physically LEVELLED a few years back ("Paved paradise to put up a parking lot"). Yup... it really is a parking lot now.

OK, so "He" wants me to be done with it because... well, it's done! Attachment gone... mostly. :)

Before I read this Petri Dish, I believed I had the power to operate outside of Good and Evil. Grandiose?


"He" operates me. Who am "I" kidding. ("Me", of course). Guess I'll be going with it... or was I always anyway?

My Mind isn't quiet, yet, so I suppose trusting it is a big mistake.

A month ago, I took to speaking to God late at night on Friday and Saturday, with that six pack + as my meds. Yeah, I imagine the conversation, like you mentioned here. I believe most of it to be illusory... but, then I ask Him, who am I and what is this life all about?

I know some of this conversation is totally real when He responds, "What you see is what you are."

I could never come up with something like that. Nor could I create something like that that would make me spring to clarity, albeit temporarily, in my anesthetized state.

This Dish showed me I should keep this conversation going.

Thanks, Vis.

Jim in FL



Joseph Brenner

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