Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

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Along with the myriad of ills that attend Materialism, not to mention the ever increasing ripples of insanity that now appears in so many minds far and wide, due to a complete capitulation of the consciousness toward externals, there is the drive of excess pushing toward ever greater excesses. They say the line to get in to this funorama is sometimes a quarter of a mile long. That is long enough that most Americans would prefer to drive that distance in their cars. Speaking of insanity, this is pretty much the wedding cake at the marriage of bizarre and ridiculous. It seems that it all comes down to the sexual angle.

Yes... it all comes down to the sexual angle. Here we are talking about that basic drive that is everywhere in your face. When you toss in the survival instinct by threatening the livelihood, security and economic well being of the ordinary citizen, it becomes easier and easier to manipulate the reproductive drive and bend the natural aspect of the force. The more they can twist basic nature into The Land of Perversity, the easier it is to drive people in directions they would 'normally' not go. I am not here saying that certain forms of expression are evil. They are more a product of the times. Nature is female. Things made from Nature are an adaptation of the female as well and when it moves into the area of artifice, it mutates toward expressions of the feminine within the male aspect in ways that it would not express itself, were the culture less decadent than it is. Anyone who doubts this has only to take some LSD and walk through a mall on the weekend and see what impressions come up. I am NOT suggesting doing this. I am illustrating that I have clearly seen things in this state and that was a long time ago. It is not my nature to ingest the sacred substance in such locations but... for the sake of research I have done such things and in places stranger than that.

It behooves one to take a close look at the behavior of our leaders in these times. Note how they proceed in a lockstep en masse. From my observations and in my opinion, the force and control of Satanism upon those in power is ubiquitous. Behind the scenes in every corridor of power are agents of the darkness. They are placed in critical positions. Victoria Neuland comes to mind. I wouldn't refer to her as a person. That implies some aspect of humanity and she has none, nor do any of the rest of them. The sheer scope of their evil is more than most minds can comprehend. They slaughter millions and regret none of it. They revel in it. It is like the exhalation of saints but... in reverse.

Those performing these outrages are of the same stock as those who killed tens of millions in Russia and who later then tortured and murdered millions of Germans and who then set in place the fabricated Holocaust tale to shield them from exposure for their crimes. This is why they were harping for decades about the plight of Russian Jews, making themselves out to be the victims when they were the perpetrators of the crimes. “Save Soviet Jewry and Win Valuable Prizes”. This is all historically validated and verified and it is going to become known world wide soon enough when Mr. Apocalypse puts his walking stick under the skirts of darkness and lifts them up before the golden, revelatory light of the Avatar. Then all that was hidden shall become known and the scales will drop from the eyes of the world. Now their vision is obscured and they are fed lies which they believe are true and which are not.

It says in the New Testament; “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” So it is that the evil doers are being pressed by the force of the divine to continue in their works for the fulfillment of the destiny of each and also granting a window of mercy for those who might still repent of their misdeeds. We are in the land of the last jot and tittle. Let those who have eyes to see let them see.

If you are fortunate then information will come to you in surprising ways. If your heart is open, your ears will be open and we are not speaking of physical ears. It is complex and its origins go back beyond the reach of personal memory. Our personal history is not just about this life. Just as it did not take one lifetime for people like Victoria Neuland and the bankers from hell to come to the level they are operating from, it did not take even a few lifetimes for us to get to our own level of awareness, nor did it for them.

It is all about control of the sexual force. If we are not controlling it then something else is. Those who are informed about the power of sexual retention know that when properly exercised it can lead to immortality, literally. It can also lead to various Hells. Of course, the last steps are only gained with a hand up. All of this takes place in the heart and mind and all of it depends on what comes into your heart and mind and what is allowed to stay there. As has often been stated here; one must stand guard at the gate of the mind.

Everything you see in entertainment and advertising is an expression of the sexual force, processed for the purpose. War is a permutation of the sexual force. Most aggression is an improper channeling of it. I'm going to give you the reason why there is such an incredible force pushing on us for all forms of sexual expression. It is because demons feed on the ectoplasm of the fluids. The more they get the more powerful they become and that is why it would be impossible for some of us to manage or escape it without the help of the Avatar. You can imagine it like a massive whirlpool in the ocean. The draw is so powerful and the draw is to another world, by degrees of vibrationary transition as the particles of your being are charged and harmonized with ever denser expressions of itself. On the other hand... on the other hand, there are other whirlpools also leading to other worlds, depending on one's focus and that too would be hard to maintain if it were not for the extreme benevolence of the divine. We really have no comprehension of the breadth and depth of the divine. There are places in the mind of god that a small taste of it causes one to completely lose themselves and to cease to be anything but an awareness of that and yet the divine goes on and on and on further still into immeasurable space. What the mystics say, is limited to the paucity of words. It is past all definition and description. It really must be experienced.

What are the things of the world compared to this when this is the pleasure and joy of the world that the world cannot provide? It only promises. It cannot deliver. The furthest reach of the imagination cannot grasp what is concealed in the better zones of the ineffable but certainly anything that can be gotten here is small change by comparison with that. It is near impossible to see this or to get this when the attention is mesmerized by the mundane. We live between two worlds; the sacred and profane and the one has the edge over our attention because of the age we are in. Still... there is a thing called 'degree of difficulty' and that means that the harder it is the bigger the payoff. You can't do it on your own so all of this struggle is about making enough of a connection so that the help can flow in. We are surrounded by bright angels and we cannot see them but the moment we turn to that spiritual sun which generates them, that moment they rush to our side. All the forces of good rush to our side when we invite them.

What moves in you and what moves on you has hands that shape you. We are shaped by what influences us from within and what impacts on us outside and that struggle between is our own rising and falling between the two. The reality of constant failure is to be of no great importance so long as one does not cease in the effort to rise. Victory is not achieved. It is conferred.

The yawning of the pit is so much greater than it was because the lures in use have coarsened and intensified. We are surrounded by a warfare of those at war with themselves but we are not subject to this if we have made peace with ourselves. Once again it is more than one world but you live in your own.

We know big changes are coming. We should know that one mind is in command of it all and it only looks otherwise when we are separated from our knowledge of that and our understanding of its certainty of being. It will certainly be chaos in places but the opposite will be true somewhere else. We live in a world of opposites, right? That means that every situation is counterpointed somewhere else. We make the decision of which of any of these states we exist in, except when it is made for us by the law of karma and we can dance with that if we can hear the music that comes from the rubbing of planets in space. We dance in any case. How that turns out depends on the choreographer. We are surrounded by dancers in a temporary and eternal dance.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Likely they're not Living in Scrub Brush Country.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This caught my attention the other day and it made me think of many another phenomenon in Nature; like the Bombardier Beetle, also from Australia. Then there is bacteria and the production of Ketone. Plants create pesticides. They defend themselves against invasive and destructive insects by putting off chemicals that attract other insects that prey on these insects. Plants communicate with other plants and send them messages to make their leaves poisonous and inedible. It seems that all life forms communicate with each other and have levels of consciousness. One might say that plants are in a form of dream state and some might think of that in a dismissive sense but... aren't most people also in a dream state, regardless of what they may think to the contrary? What I am saying is that there is life and consciousness in many more things than most might imagine.

We get the occasional yahoos coming around tossing out pot shots about the non existence of the divine, of which they know nothing. We are not here inferring that we know much more because we know next to nothing. They don't qualify as scientists. They are simply reactionaries because a scientist would never mistake apples for oranges; metaphorically speaking. A scientist wouldn't confuse the ineffable or the question of the existence of an ineffable with the religions built around an ineffable. They are not the same thing.

Let me provide another argument. It won't be comprehensive but it makes a few points. Hard core physical scientists, physicists, have proven that the universe is thought born, just as we now know that everything is made out of the same thing, only vibrating at a different rate and a variation or adaptation of the same basic substance. Like it says in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus;

“And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.”

A certain portion of existence comes and goes within the narrow bandwidth of the senses. Outside of that is a much larger area where existence comes and goes as well. Those making arguments about god or not god, in the great majority, make their arguments in the narrow bandwidth of the senses and, although what they are arguing about is everywhere at once in everything- or nowhere at all- what they are arguing about cannot and never will be able to be defined within the narrow bandwidth of the senses and even if one had a supreme and comprehensive understanding of everything resident in the narrow bandwidth of the senses, only that which is there can be measured by them; certainly not anything outside of that. Beyond that it is all theory.

Sometimes theory proves out to be true over and over again but it always remains theory. Why is that? Possibly it is because it still can't be defined or explained for some reason. Consider electricity. Consider all kinds of things. Consider the nematodes in a very small section of earth . Consider the bacteria and fungal hyphae, tiny arthropods and other microscopic forms; there are far more of them in a yard of Earth than there are all the birds and beasts and humans on the entire Earth. Perspectives like these do not register in most human minds. Most human minds are perpetually fixated upon satisfying appetites and desires.

The thing being described, defined, vilified, worshiped, affirmed and denied is itself, one thing and all the descriptions and definitions, etcetera; are something else. There are some preposterous idiots out there like Foucault, Derrida, Latour. They exist for no other reason than for pseudo-intellectuals to have someone to quote. Like Wittgenstein and others, they serve no useful purpose except as curiosities for fish bellied ego contests between examples of breeds that are dying out. Unless a society was already incredibly sick, people like B.F. Skinner wouldn't even exist and they don't... for long, or according to the first series of names, don't exist even if they are standing right in front of you. Deconstuctionism is the industry of the sexually impotent and the spiritually dead. That's a pretty bad double whammy, now that I think of it.

Why are we off on this unmarked dirt road into scrub brush country? I couldn't say. There's never any telling what sort of subjects will wind up under discussion here. Scrub Brush Country is one of those deceptive locations that seems to be abandoned and empty, or never populated to begin with but is, in fact, teeming with life. So... maybe we are off in Scrub Brush Country because it is not what it appears to be, just as we are not what we appear to be, except when we are exactly what we seem to be because we are so hidden from ourselves that we will not make any positive discoveries in that area in this lifetime or possibly, many another.

You're welcome to travel in whatever conveyance suits your fancy out here in Scrub Brush Country. I'll be using the saucer pod and you're welcome to catch a ride or keep to your privacy of thought and observation in your own vehicle, with the use of the intercom giving us that desirable interface of back and forth.

No matter what happens to civilization, Scrub Brush Country will still be around. In some cases it has been scalped, looted and poisoned already but it's still Scrub Brush Country; home of the tarantula, the rattlesnake, the Gila Monster and the coyote, among a much larger portion of life forms that you can't see. There's the visible life forms and the invisible life forms and among much of the visible life forms their designation is also invisible because of that narrow bandwidth of the senses. There is another general narrow bandwidth and that is the narrow bandwidth of the mind and that accounts for why so many minds are their own form of Scrub Brush Country. There is also a narrow bandwidth of the heart as well. These conditions of existence for these levels of consciousness, awareness, whatever it is that they are, are created states. They are created by the conditions that these items are programmed according to. You could call this condition, 'civilization' but that is a mild alternative of a euphemism for something that isn't civilization at all and which accounts for a narrowing of many things that are only best experienced in a manifest expanding of the bandwidth mentioned.

In times of material darkness, you can't expect much in the way of civilization having a civilizing impact on those contained within it because civilization exists only to meet the mercantile needs of those preying upon the narrowed beings of those compressed into that shape by them for the purposes already mentioned.

There's music in Scrub Brush Country but it has never yet won a Grammy or been noted in the entertainment press. This is because it isn't controlled by the forces of false civilization. This also means you aren't going to hear it on the radio. You have to go to Scrub Brush Country to hear it. In many ways it is a form of ambient sound, which can be quite entertaining and more... if you are in the mood for that. That music will be around long after the execrable crap, presently ass raping the air waves, is long gone.

We sit here in the solitary silence of our present location and we wonder. We wonder about the days that follow the days in their splendid routine, as if nothing were ever to change, except for the continuous concerns of personal maintenance, which somehow get met by mysterious means, often like the squeaking of a mouse squeezing through yet one more narrow confine of apprehension and walls pressing in; something like swallowing condoms filled with illegal powders, or geese being tortured by gavage, by means of an augur in a feeding tube but I exaggerate. Things do change and they can change very, very quickly. We get used to conditions and we can get used to them very quickly too and start thinking it will just go on like that and sometimes it does but we never expected that we would become so changed by routine. We imagine that routine will keep us pretty much the same but it doesn't. We never stop moving through time and time never stops moving through us until the ultimate serendipity, if ever, that is.

One of these days, however, it is all going to start moving fast and furious, unless for supernatural reasons, it does not. Otherwise, you can see where it is all headed and if you can't that would be filed under TFB. TFB is a destination and Scrub Brush Country is a location and you are... what are you? Ramana Maharshi was big on that question. It seems he might have answered it according to his own needs but he talked about it all the time because he was pretty sure most everyone else has not answered it “Who am I?”

What will it be like when it changes? You get the sense that planes won't be taking off, flying and landing like they presently do and that trucks won't be trucking in and out of urban landscapes for any number of reasons besides the threat of hijacking and attendant ills. For me... it all comes down to whatever state of mind and being you have achieved and how that factors in and out of what is going on around you. I really do believe it all depends on what you rely on.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome.

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A dog is not "almost human" and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such.

There are basically two kinds of people on the planet; three if you count those who don't care one way or another but they are almost certainly a sub-group of the first segment. There are those who strive to live according to appearances and those who seek to see through them. The latter section, of course, make up a much smaller amount of the whole and this group also has sub-sections that are defined by what it is people are looking for or expecting to find behind appearances.

Those from the much larger demographic that live according to appearances are all some variation on the flaming dumpster dancers of Materialism. This doesn't make them bad or good people. It doesn't make them smart or stupid. Some of them are quite smart but smart and clever compared to wise and understanding are like rhinestones compared to diamonds, relatively and materialistically speaking.. Here I am using comparatives that Materialists would understand. I've no use for either but, on the whole, prefer rhinestones. One condition that is a potential for all of those who live according to appearances and a definite for some is madness/insanity. They may never move beyond being neurotic or obsessive compulsive but these conditions will harden into the chronic, the way that liquid mud can turn into hard baked earth, eventually. Count on it. Another thing you can count on is that their reflexive response syndrome to appearances will become incrementally more and more ludicrous and occasionally... hysterically funny. Here is one such example.

Is it funny or is it immeasurably sad?

We have often mentioned that cannibalism is a sign of the final stage of Materialism. This sort of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent. It still has a way to go, unfortunately. There really are indicators that can be predicted as certainties at points along the way. Think of Materialism as a gas that, once imbibed, influences behavior. It is a peculiar gas and it affects one when one is magnetically attracted to what the gas makes dynamic. Look at it like this; some people take MMDA and it activates the love nature in the heart chakra. Some people take it and they want to immerse themselves in sexual interplay. Sometimes you find both occurring. We aren't recommending this substance as a vehicle for any of these things. It is just an illustration to point out the activation of different propensities in the human psyche.

Some people have a few drinks and become gregarious and expansive. A smaller amount grow quiet and some become bombastic, aggressive and even violent. Some people refer to themselves as being stoned or blasted when in altered states of consciousness and some people identify it as being high. Then there are others that refer to themselves as being 'fucked up.' Some people have intense spiritual experiences on psychotropics and some are only there for the colors and sensory effects. So it is that the gas of Materialism has no effect on some people and overwhelms others.

Here is just one condition among many, many conditions that serve as an example of the fruits of Materialism.&It has long been noted that electrical apparati are used to wall us off from each other and that is nearly always fear based, even if you are only talking about basic insecurity. It is also, or should be well known, that one of the predictable by products of Materialism is insecurity and it moves from the incipient to the paralyzing. Materialism desensitizes us. It causes us to see the deaths of many as mere statistics. It also guilt trips us into showing emotions we don't actually feel; expressed as, “Oh, isn't that terrible?” “Who could do something like that?” followed by, “so what would you like to eat?” We compartmentalize everything and we are compartmentalized as a result. Finally we are nothing more than bipedal rats in a bewildering maze. We become the children of the Brave New World.

It's all scripted and it has happened before many many times. The failed experiments of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years lies buried under the sands of the sea and under mountains that are no more than the accrual of dust falling and plates shifting in that long term dance of ages following ages, like some indestructible clock that ticks off the states of change, that follow one another. You can change a lot of things but usually not human nature. Some of us have developed a workable dialogue with the inner animal and some have only suppressed it or brought it to heel for the expected performances of ordinary life. Let is get out of the ordinary and see what happens. We like to talk about the veneer, or the mask that conceals the face of the beast. Well, I don't know how much we 'like' to talk about it but we do talk about it and no... I do not have a mouse in my pocket but I do have voices in my head. Skeptics and scoffers will attribute this either to mental illness or mental illness. For myself, I tend to measure the clarity and relevance of opinion according to proximity and the capacity for careful observation. Since I am the closest observer to what goes on inside of me, by a large stretch, I am going to go by how it looks to me and how it has outworked over the course of an extended period of time.

There is not a yogi or Hermetic Scientist, a mystic or any sort of seer who does not experience voices and ageless wisdom refers to the still small voice. We know that initiates beyond a certain level of Zelator advancement are endowed with various levels of telepathic ability. Even the wise hear pedestrian chatter. It is for those who possess the necessary discrimination to separate what is worth listening to and what is not.

One of my favorite wide spread delusions is the one where people make assessments of others based upon themselves. If they have no personal evidence of something then... no one else could either. Another of my favorite states of denial... and I have seen this a number of times is the one where someone says, that “all these facts about 9/11 couldn't be true and EVEN IF THEY WERE, I wouldn't believe it anyway” How do you get your head around a statement like that?

I tend to think the level of one's courage is directly proportionate to their moral sense. I'm talking about something deeper and more complex than what passes for the general understanding of that. It accounts for how some people can easily agree that the government was involved in the 9/11 attacks but refuses to accept that Israel was behind them and that Israel owns their government. They are deathly afraid of the censure this might bring them. I am deathly afraid of knuckling under to the pressure of the forces of darkness because... because, why? Does this not imply that I have bent the knee, however slightly, to the monsters in the shadow? Does this not mean they have then gained more power over me than they had? Does it not also mean that they will come again and again, increasing their influence over me at every turn and will I not eventually become subject to them and incapable of resisting them? What was a small shadow has grown into a massive specter. It is still nothing more than a shadow and the shadow is only whatever size it is as a result of the position of the light but... fear is an interesting force. It can unhinge the mind from reason and panic is a definite by product of that. Panic comes from the pagan god Pan and considerable understanding can be gleaned from a study of that entity in all of its implications as a force.

There are some very ancient things in this world and beyond. We are a brief fart in a windstorm; this period of ours so filled with vain and hollow achievements. The present day soundtrack says it all in terms of where we are collectively in some large part and where that part is headed. It says nothing about us individually. We handle all of that for so long as we have any individuality and objectivity.

Ford Bless You.......

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitute.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.

A fellow wrote me today. He said some nice things to me, which I appreciated in light of some of the shit I have been catching during the biorhythmic shit cycle that comes and goes and given that it comes and goes, there is no reason to pay a great deal of attention to any of it. Anyway, this fellow wrote me that he is putting together a news gathering site and he seems on the level to me and I am inclined to support him in his efforts. He went into some detail about the behavior of Google and others and their efforts at suppressing real news and truthful writing.

Then today I noticed this. It doesn't appear to be the same source. Is this one of those things like when the telephone or the car got invented and there were several people coming up with it at the same time in different parts of the world? Of course, one is a news gathering site and one is a search engine. Well... I support any effort that works to consolidate and promote what is being held underwater by the forces of darkness and obfuscation, even if the main manifestor is a good buddy apologist for The Buffoon King.

This is the kind of news that is being power drilled into the consciousness (what there is of it) of the cinderblock heads. I'm guessing that is rebarred cinderblocks. Still, I am confident that an awakening is taking place. I encounter examples of it every day. Conversely, I am starting to believe in a genetic strain that I call American Stupid. It's a brand name and it is a widely operational state of being with a cast of tens of millions.

American Stupid (accept no substitutes) is founded on some number of core beliefs that are disseminated in the same way that farcical education is disseminated through Common Core. It believes that some certain amount of a certain people were executed in World War Two but does not believe that tens of millions of Russians were executed by these very people that were alleged to have been executed. It doesn't know or doesn't care that a horrific mass murder then occurred again at the hands of these same allegedly executed people, in the country where, allegedly, the orders were given for the execution of those allegedly executed. American Stupid believes that a handful of Stone Age Arabs orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks, which were, in fact, carried out by these same allegedly executed peoples.

American Stupid believes that there is a huge international gang of Muslim terrorists plotting to destroy their wasteful and pointless lifestyle, when the only real terrorists are their own government and a cabal of these allegedly executed peoples, who happen to run that government. The exception to this being; terrorist armies that are created, funded and controlled by these allegedly executed peoples, who control the governments performing it.

American Stupid likes to drink cheap mind and body destroying beer and believes that professional wrestling is not fixed. As a result, the American Testosterone Express likes to walk around looking like it is shoplifting a watermelon from the supermarket under its America First t-shirt. American Stupid likes to sit at home in its easy chair and repeatedly strangle the one eyed monk, in defense of religious freedom, while pneumatic automatons engage in their idea of quality sex, coming at them through the electronic altar of their TV or internet monitor.

American Stupid lives on an island so far away from reality that it thinks reality TV is reality. American Stupid thinks that Jesus Christ wears a flak jacket and rides on top of a Humvee, blasting the landscapes and residents of foreign countries and shredding them into crimson coleslaw for their Fourth of July picnic.

American Stupid believes the bank has a right to take anything they have worked to pay for anytime it suits the bank to do so and they firmly believe that when it happens to anyone around them that that person didn't have their shit together on any necessary level. If it happens to them, they stand there like some stunned cow, hit by a captive bolt pistol (cue Javier Bardem).

American Stupid thinks that Georgie Segway Bush is smart. American Stupid thinks a manufacturing base is the Black and Decker collapsible work bench in their garage. American Stupid will eat anything, including each other, as long as it tastes good and is bad for them. American Stupid is going to drum itself out of existence in a few generations to the sound of John Phillip Sousa and a marching color guard. American Stupid likes to plant its cottage cheese ass on a bar stool and talk about all the killing it did in Vietnam, while it was manning a desk in the Coast Guard or nowhere near a military base of any kind. Sometimes it likes to talk about all the killing it did in Desert Storm, while it was watching CNN (Comatose Nimrod Network) at the time.

American Stupid is weak in the knees over the vibrating butt plug cellphone app. American Stupid believes that the Boston Marathon Bombing happened the way they were told it did and the same for the Sandy Hook Massacre; both of which were staged events, brought to them by their government under orders from those people that were allegedly exterminated in World War 2.

American Stupid believes what it is told and does what it is told by the people who are creating everything they are afraid of. American Stupid can't wait to get off work and run down to the closest Monsanto fueled, fast food emporium for a family basket of deep fried, beer battered, chicken butt rings and a fifty five gallon drum of industrial dip. American Stupid is hosting a 24/7 steel cage match marathon of Colon Cancer fighting Heart Attack inside their own bodies, which are no longer their own, just like the mind that now belongs to the media company streaming the proprietary content that plays on and on in it. American Stupid truly believes that it can drive better with that cellphone jammed up its ass and it is definitely set to vibrate, if not stun.

American Stupid cannot hear and it cannot see and it will wake up at some point well beyond the point of no return. American Stupid is cooking on the stream table at the all you can eat Hannibal Lecter Bat(shit) Mitzvah Buffet.

American Stupid was bred in a test tube, into a replicating multiplicity, down at the Trailer Park Boys Sperm Bank. It flies the flag of its ignorance, waving in the stiff breeze of chipmunk chatter, while its brain is at half mast along with its fly. American Stupid is a joke with no punch line. It's a knock knock joke where they are invited to start the process.

American Stupid is the fruit of the American Dream and one size fits all. Kim Kardashian is their Holy Madonna and Jesus Christ had better not show his face in town if he knows what's good for him. American Stupid has one of Valentine's free sim cards because American Stupid is a master at tripping over the cordless cellphone line.

You are a member in good standing of American Stupid if you are not making every effort to be as far away from American Stupid as you can get. Here is American Stupid's answer to affordable health care. American Stupid is its countries prime export. The Dodo Bird is Cupid for American Stupid. American Stupid is a bigger cash cow than the private prison industry and believes that everyone with the misfortune to be locked up is guilty and never sees the irony of their own imprisonment in an institution circled by invisible fencing for dogs. American Stupid never gets it even when it is announced to them.

The hardest task for most of us is to discover a reason for why everything is the way that it is. If you are not stupid, you can't see the logic of most of it because there is none and justice of any kind is MIA but that is just another kind of stupid. It is as it is because of the nature of what takes place within it. Things are resolved according to the level of awareness that exists in the mix. 'What is is the was of what will be'. One's basic defense against being swallowed up in the chaos of present day confusion is to avoid at all costs getting caught up in the slip stream of the gigantic tractor trailers of murky desire and stupidity whipping down the highway of life. Step away. Step away. Step away.

If you jump on any merry go round, you need to know that the speed of the mechanism can change at any time without warning. It is true that you can still get off but you can no longer control where and how you land.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 01, 2015

Value Received for those Deceived or True Value Comprehended.

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The dog is the only animal that has seen his god.

Ah... the sad tedious spectacle of it all. What an embarrassment it is cosmically to have achieved fame in this time zone. What an enduring sorrow to be rich and powerful in this time because... all three of these come at a lasting cost because all of these could have only been gained by a capitulation with the temporary powers of this age, which are assuredly satanic in composition, intention and action.

There's a boxing match on Saturday with the highest gate and profit line of all time. The cheapest seats are somewhere around 3800 dollars and ringside is 380,000 dollars. The cable TV price is 89 dollars. This is what you will pay to watch two scholars pound the shit out of each other. Celebrities are bragging about betting a quarter of a million dollars and some are betting millions according to claims made in the media. A bar showing the fight must pay around 5,000 dollars; lots of bread for a high end circus. They are saying there is an app called Periscope where people can stream the fight if they have it for nothing. Imagine someone who paid 380,000 for ringside with their cellphone working the scene. It's a little freaky. Would they throw someone out who paid that kind of money... or tell them to shut it off? These are crazy times. Give me that new time religion!

So many of us think ourselves to be smart, lucky or privileged because we climbed to the top of a pyrite plated garbage heap. So intoxicated are they that they do not notice the smell. They do not notice the atmosphere and they do not see the precarious perch of their position. They are upside down and backwards and we must be upside down and backwards to them; walking contrary to all the things they engage themselves in. What a pipe dream it all is and how quickly it goes away. Then the dreamers awaken in a desolate field, with no company but the most undesirable imaginable, besides of course, one another.

We might look at this sort of thing as being the sort of ignorance that manifests in primitive locations. In less than primitive locations we have sophisticated ignorance. The one certainty about ignorance is that it is not self informed. To be self informed is to be free of ignorance. This does not mean to be beyond delusion but it does mean that one can be conscious of their delusions, the same way that one might be aware that they are dreaming but not be awake. Some of us know that we are dreaming and the means by which one awakens is to adopt the attitude of someone underwater in a desperate search for oxygen. Believe me on this account. It is only with the proper intensity and consistency of purpose that one can acquire the means for awakening.

People are concerned about chemtrails and poisons in their food and water. They should be far more concerned about the dream dust that lands on their eyes and the poisons in their minds because unless this is dealt with, there is little hope of dealing with the other. The primary objective, it seems to me, is to discover what illusions one labors under and to also discover the methodology of escape from them. Until one accepts the certainty that they are being deceived on a regular basis, one has little chance of being in a position to counter this. You may be sure that those who think they are in control of our lives are employed at maintaining their advantage 24/7. They have the will, the means, the motive and the opportunity to do this and any fool can see, by simply looking around them, that this is so. Take a look at the world. Take a look at the world.

The reason that one is in a position to be deceived, is due to the truth that one has deceived themselves. This is the primary concern of anyone who is concerned to begin with. Until one is committed to exposing themselves to themselves, they will be the perpetual victim of their own creative machinations to continue to deceive themselves and by extension, everyone they come into contact with. This is how the so called elite maintain their seeming advantage over our lives. They are well aware of the human propensity for self deception and they take advantage of it to their extreme profit. Don't be a fucking tool!!! Do you not believe this to be true? Take a look around you.

It really does come down to your level of commitment. Half measures get inconsistent results and it is human nature to be inconsistent and why is that? It is because certain attractive energies are directed at specific centers in your being. There is a massive advertising campaign going on to draw your attention to the satisfaction of your appetites. It begins from the moment you are lifted out of your cradle and you crawl across the floor to the noise and imagery of the television. The motivation of television is to capture your attention and focus it upon the satisfaction of your appetites and this is achieved through endless product placement as well as dramas, comedies, thrillers and mysteries that are all composed of plot dances that display the interplay of people acting out upon their desires. These performances are always choreographed to focus the attention on pedestrian attractions. Certain subjects are generally excluded and when they are not, they are warped to give an erroneous picture of what is and what is not. This is the purpose of organized religion. This is the job of government. This is the objective of commerce. None of these have your best interests at heart and so long as you live in subjugation to the programming that any and all of them have conferred on you, it is just for that long that you will be living a life of quiet desperation.

It's not for everyone; this curious course of which I am speaking. Take a look around you. One of the first things that one must be prepared to accept is their aloneness. The truth is that we are always alone and the truth is that there are so many things that we must experience alone. Yes, some of us are born twins and some of us die in group circumstances. We often travel in crowds. This is not what I am talking about. That is also an illusion. Look at the stars in the sky and comprehend their message to you. One day you might well be one. A star is one that has rubbed continuously against the darkness of the manifest, until they have worn a hole in it. Limitless light shines everywhere beyond the darkness of this world. You would see it this very moment if it were not for your mind hosting the same darkness.

Our most consistent and continuing illusion is our perception of ourselves. We do not know who we are. If we had any idea of who we really are, we would not spend so much time demeaning ourselves in the pointless ad infinitum of the world's ongoing confinements. We have willingly imprisoned ourselves in a matrix of cycling madness, This is how Christianity morphed into “Onward Christian Soldiers.” This is how governments moved from freedom into tyranny. This is how commerce went from the fair exchange of goods and services for reasonable compensation, to a collective enslavement of hamsters on a treadmill, whose speed relentlessly increases until they run themselves to death. Take a look at the world around you.

It is a fact that most people spend 90% of everything they have saved on medical expenses in the last year of their lives. This is made possible by the promotion of bad food, bad living conditions, bad entertainments and bad drugs. However the worst of it is that ones faith in themselves is compromised by guilt and resentment, based on having lived an unexamined life.

It all comes back to the individual not knowing who and what they are. Their sense of self has been reduced to that of a vehicle in search of sensation and appetite fulfillment. They are bound to a wheel of fire. The fire does not burn clean so it generates a great deal of smoke.

I sincerely hope each and every one of you come upon that serendipitous epiphany that burns the scales away from the eyes that one might see how it is and what it is and what it is not.

I'll close today with a mention of Jeff Rense, who experienced an unfortunate car crash somewhere in Oregon where he lives. Apparently he is more or less okay and we wish him a speedy recovery. I don't know Jeff or his history well enough to understand him or his life. All I know is that for the most part we have always had a more or less gracious back and forth until fairly recently. The cause of my exile from his site remains a mystery to me and as such, I am not in a position to have an opinion on the matter. What I do know is that I bear him no ill will and wish him all the best insofar as that relates to the best of him.

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