Wednesday, May 13, 2015

American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitute.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.

A fellow wrote me today. He said some nice things to me, which I appreciated in light of some of the shit I have been catching during the biorhythmic shit cycle that comes and goes and given that it comes and goes, there is no reason to pay a great deal of attention to any of it. Anyway, this fellow wrote me that he is putting together a news gathering site and he seems on the level to me and I am inclined to support him in his efforts. He went into some detail about the behavior of Google and others and their efforts at suppressing real news and truthful writing.

Then today I noticed this. It doesn't appear to be the same source. Is this one of those things like when the telephone or the car got invented and there were several people coming up with it at the same time in different parts of the world? Of course, one is a news gathering site and one is a search engine. Well... I support any effort that works to consolidate and promote what is being held underwater by the forces of darkness and obfuscation, even if the main manifestor is a good buddy apologist for The Buffoon King.

This is the kind of news that is being power drilled into the consciousness (what there is of it) of the cinderblock heads. I'm guessing that is rebarred cinderblocks. Still, I am confident that an awakening is taking place. I encounter examples of it every day. Conversely, I am starting to believe in a genetic strain that I call American Stupid. It's a brand name and it is a widely operational state of being with a cast of tens of millions.

American Stupid (accept no substitutes) is founded on some number of core beliefs that are disseminated in the same way that farcical education is disseminated through Common Core. It believes that some certain amount of a certain people were executed in World War Two but does not believe that tens of millions of Russians were executed by these very people that were alleged to have been executed. It doesn't know or doesn't care that a horrific mass murder then occurred again at the hands of these same allegedly executed people, in the country where, allegedly, the orders were given for the execution of those allegedly executed. American Stupid believes that a handful of Stone Age Arabs orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks, which were, in fact, carried out by these same allegedly executed peoples.

American Stupid believes that there is a huge international gang of Muslim terrorists plotting to destroy their wasteful and pointless lifestyle, when the only real terrorists are their own government and a cabal of these allegedly executed peoples, who happen to run that government. The exception to this being; terrorist armies that are created, funded and controlled by these allegedly executed peoples, who control the governments performing it.

American Stupid likes to drink cheap mind and body destroying beer and believes that professional wrestling is not fixed. As a result, the American Testosterone Express likes to walk around looking like it is shoplifting a watermelon from the supermarket under its America First t-shirt. American Stupid likes to sit at home in its easy chair and repeatedly strangle the one eyed monk, in defense of religious freedom, while pneumatic automatons engage in their idea of quality sex, coming at them through the electronic altar of their TV or internet monitor.

American Stupid lives on an island so far away from reality that it thinks reality TV is reality. American Stupid thinks that Jesus Christ wears a flak jacket and rides on top of a Humvee, blasting the landscapes and residents of foreign countries and shredding them into crimson coleslaw for their Fourth of July picnic.

American Stupid believes the bank has a right to take anything they have worked to pay for anytime it suits the bank to do so and they firmly believe that when it happens to anyone around them that that person didn't have their shit together on any necessary level. If it happens to them, they stand there like some stunned cow, hit by a captive bolt pistol (cue Javier Bardem).

American Stupid thinks that Georgie Segway Bush is smart. American Stupid thinks a manufacturing base is the Black and Decker collapsible work bench in their garage. American Stupid will eat anything, including each other, as long as it tastes good and is bad for them. American Stupid is going to drum itself out of existence in a few generations to the sound of John Phillip Sousa and a marching color guard. American Stupid likes to plant its cottage cheese ass on a bar stool and talk about all the killing it did in Vietnam, while it was manning a desk in the Coast Guard or nowhere near a military base of any kind. Sometimes it likes to talk about all the killing it did in Desert Storm, while it was watching CNN (Comatose Nimrod Network) at the time.

American Stupid is weak in the knees over the vibrating butt plug cellphone app. American Stupid believes that the Boston Marathon Bombing happened the way they were told it did and the same for the Sandy Hook Massacre; both of which were staged events, brought to them by their government under orders from those people that were allegedly exterminated in World War 2.

American Stupid believes what it is told and does what it is told by the people who are creating everything they are afraid of. American Stupid can't wait to get off work and run down to the closest Monsanto fueled, fast food emporium for a family basket of deep fried, beer battered, chicken butt rings and a fifty five gallon drum of industrial dip. American Stupid is hosting a 24/7 steel cage match marathon of Colon Cancer fighting Heart Attack inside their own bodies, which are no longer their own, just like the mind that now belongs to the media company streaming the proprietary content that plays on and on in it. American Stupid truly believes that it can drive better with that cellphone jammed up its ass and it is definitely set to vibrate, if not stun.

American Stupid cannot hear and it cannot see and it will wake up at some point well beyond the point of no return. American Stupid is cooking on the stream table at the all you can eat Hannibal Lecter Bat(shit) Mitzvah Buffet.

American Stupid was bred in a test tube, into a replicating multiplicity, down at the Trailer Park Boys Sperm Bank. It flies the flag of its ignorance, waving in the stiff breeze of chipmunk chatter, while its brain is at half mast along with its fly. American Stupid is a joke with no punch line. It's a knock knock joke where they are invited to start the process.

American Stupid is the fruit of the American Dream and one size fits all. Kim Kardashian is their Holy Madonna and Jesus Christ had better not show his face in town if he knows what's good for him. American Stupid has one of Valentine's free sim cards because American Stupid is a master at tripping over the cordless cellphone line.

You are a member in good standing of American Stupid if you are not making every effort to be as far away from American Stupid as you can get. Here is American Stupid's answer to affordable health care. American Stupid is its countries prime export. The Dodo Bird is Cupid for American Stupid. American Stupid is a bigger cash cow than the private prison industry and believes that everyone with the misfortune to be locked up is guilty and never sees the irony of their own imprisonment in an institution circled by invisible fencing for dogs. American Stupid never gets it even when it is announced to them.

The hardest task for most of us is to discover a reason for why everything is the way that it is. If you are not stupid, you can't see the logic of most of it because there is none and justice of any kind is MIA but that is just another kind of stupid. It is as it is because of the nature of what takes place within it. Things are resolved according to the level of awareness that exists in the mix. 'What is is the was of what will be'. One's basic defense against being swallowed up in the chaos of present day confusion is to avoid at all costs getting caught up in the slip stream of the gigantic tractor trailers of murky desire and stupidity whipping down the highway of life. Step away. Step away. Step away.

If you jump on any merry go round, you need to know that the speed of the mechanism can change at any time without warning. It is true that you can still get off but you can no longer control where and how you land.

End Transmission.......

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galen said...

Jeez, Vis, don't hold back. Ha. What'd ya do, take an overdose of truth serum? Gonna make America mad at you. Well, someone has to. Bang-Bingo-Bam!! The serum was sanctified. Nothing wasn't inoculated. I succumbed by paragraph six.

And the last radio broadcast. . . that line, with Jesus in the "broken stairwell" blowing on his hands. Striking image! How many times I've seen him there. Once in a while I had something to offer, but in the early days I just passed him by; didn't know it was he there cold, or hungry, or sittin' in his own pee. Or lonely, or with any kind of sick. The stairwell is the manger; it's always givin' birth. Nothin's not available and opportunities abound. Might even offer accelerated evolution.

The disguises God gives us: "Okay my son, for the next couple of millennia or so you'll spend much time in a dark and dirty stairwell. See what you can do with that one."


Anonymous said...


I have always known that corruption and perversion exist. The last 2 weeks I have confessions of incestual perversion from 2 people where I would have never expected such a thing would have happened in their families. One female told me her dad, a well liked and charming fellow with a big smile, and her brothers and her brothers friends raped her repeatedly from the time she was in grade school. One guys confession made my wife cry it was so sad and horrible; the betrayel and the ugly perversion scarring children for life and keeping the cycle of corruption and perversion going into future generations.

I have become acquainted with another women on facebook whose young boy got 'shaken baby syndrome' because her drunken boyfriend shook the kid too hard and caused the poor little infant severe development problems from the damage the ensued from the assault. The kid is in his 20's now. He got robbed of a healthy life! The drunken bum did a few yrs in jail for assault and he just died of cancer. (Cancer as an instrument of Divine Justice? Maybe)

This is the price of civilization based on the Bible. This is the price of adopting 'Christian Values'.

I am so fucking disgusted right now I can taste my bile.


The 3rd Elf said...

That was the 500th Petri Dish...


David Alan McBride said...

This posting has Patrick Willis written all over it. This one is snot bubble funny. Thanks again Mr. Visible.

Anonymous said...

Are lemmings kosher?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hilarious analogy after hilarious analogy, and all so true.

Doug Pearson said...

Ain't that about the truth. Hardly anyone wants to even hear about all the shit that goes on much less act on it...sooooo about all that's left to do is just get as far away from all the madness and craziness as you possibly can. I been out of that nuthouse now for going on 6 years and when I daydream and think of scary shit that can happen I think of the U.S. Over time I've found it real easy to root for the other side...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible, and everyone else who shares here with good intent. On one hand, I am appalled at how many remain asleep in this place. On the other, I reflect on my own time of being asleep. Then, I find myself contemplating what will it take for the asleep and/or willfully ignorant to smell the coffee. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am currently obliged to witness up close and personal three “zombies” 24/7. They are termed “family” but I no longer feel any close bonds. Those emotions have largely been replaced by a certain sadness. I am aware that this is how it is for many. I am resigned to their belief that I am a total whack job. (the mighty oak tree is there because of the nut that held its ground) It’s the watching and the waiting that’s the killer-diller. I have literally found myself doubled over retching at what I’ve witnessed and other times in great despair, crying in some dark corner. At this point each event that exposes the false reality, I take the pulse – nothing yet….. haven’t noticed any brain cells firing to date. Another day, another $$$. I’ve lost count of how many times I have been told, “this is the way it is and always has been. Learn to accept it.” On different days I get to observe from different perspectives. Lessons all over the place, even from where one least expects it; about oneself and about others. I have to admit, from whatever perspective, I’ve been amazed.
For McCob: Take heart. Not all who have been subjected to pathological parenting are damaged to the point of debilitation. Some have been fortunate enough to distill such experiences to strength and knowledge.
Love to all, Serena

Hank said...

This is a subject that really pushes my buttons. Even though I see it every day, the level of stupid, and not just American though we seem to have a leg up on the rest of the world, never ceases to astound me. There are times when the powers that be slap the masses in the face with their cock with how they are fucking them and the masses are oblivious. Pleas sir, may I have some more?

Anonymous made mention of a bible based civilization. There is a lot of meat on that bone of contention. 'Evangelicals' seem to have a special order kind of stupid. Though there are some very good philosophies in the bible it is, in the final analysis, a book of stories. There is not a single word that would be admitted as evidence in any court in America, yet before they let you testify they have you put your hand on it and swear to tell the truth. How can they not see the absurdity.

I was at work last week and the guys were standing around in one of those impromptu shop meetings, discussing what the problem with America is. As in all of these discussions there is the vocal Fox noise viewer that is convinced that it's the illegal immigrants and the people living on welfare, and he ultimately blames the ignorance of the majority for not seeing it. Of course I chimed in to inform them that the root cause of most of our problems was the federal reserve bank and their efforts to enslave us with money. Of course the Fox viewer who blames ignorance said he wasn't going to listen to that and suddenly had to get back to work, oblivious to the fact that he was employing the very thing that he blames for the problem. That's right up there with the guy who, in response to my efforts to inform him and some others about what really happened on 911 said, 'that's bullshit, I wouldn't believe that even if it were true'!!

I used to believe that this stupid was a result of genetic regression, but there seems to have always been a large segment of the population that has been stupid enough to believe the most ridiculous things.

I have no idea how to reach these people or if they are even reachable. Have we reached the part in the movie when, knowing you cannot convince the majority that Mt Vesuvius is going to erupt, you leave them behind to the ultimate fate of ignorance?

I am certain that the universe is speaking, but I am having a hard time hearing what it is saying. It has connect me and you to all of those we see as stupid in a fundamental way. We are connected to them the same way we are connected to the creative force in the universe. I just can't figure out whether we are supposed to cut off a part of us in order to survive or refuse to forsake the part in an effort to remain whole.

I will continue to listen and do what I am compelled to by those forces that are beyond my comprehension, and I'm certain continue to be irritated at my inability to provide food for thought to those I believe are starving.

Forgive me if I've been rambling and again, may peace find us all.

Anonymous said...

@ McCob...hopefully you will not choke on that bile.
"Christian values"? Christ spoke of mercy, compassion, non-violence, non-materialism, love and justice.
Of course there are so-called Christians with their heads up a dark place, just like any other group of people anywhere.
But Jesus was and is an enlightened being, and to follow his teaching is to step away from evil and oppression, both individual and systemic.
Peace and joy to you.
- the beggar

Anonymous said...

Vis,the merry go round is not always so merry, eh? You presented a strong image/warning there.
When we were kids we used to climb on slow moving freight trains, same thing. Get off in a timely way, or be taken for a ride, maybe somewhere you didn't want to be and was difficult to return from.
A great poet wrote (Lao Tzu if I am not mistaken) "To go far is to return."
Some stupid people are good-hearted. Maybe there is hope.
There is no God-forsaken person or place.
Even the beggar has learned a little bit over the decades. And if I can, so can anyone.
your friend, who is thankful for your words.
-the beggar

galen said...

Please don't throw tomatoes; all I'm doin' is listening.

Flat earth? The host is a little stuck on himself, but. . . Earth flat or round, we're fightin' for our freedom. No naming names here in terms of the manipulators, but an interesting premise put forth. And, I like that there are still questioners amongst us. So, I now find myself in the middle of this rumination exercise:


Anonymous said...

"American Stupid is weak in the knees over the vibrating butt plug cellphone app."

Hahahaha!!! Cue Jim Stone freelance!!! LOL!!

And Congrats on #500!


galen said...

I love the way the humans are goin' at it. Kinda fun. Every day I run into more and more who wear the t-shirt in big bold letters. It reads: WHO KNOWS?

Here's a short clip calling out the guy who did all that calling out in previous vid I posted:


Anonymous said...


Christ also said something to the effect that if one isn't willing to kill their family for God then they are not fit for the kingdom of heaven. He also didn't come to bring peace but a sword. He also said it is alright for a man to cut his balls off. He also said bring those to me who will not worship me and slay them in my presence. He was cool with slavery. He also said a woman who gets divorced is pretty much a whore. He also said......

Christ came from the Jews and was promoted by the Jews. According to the first paragraph in the new testicle he was a "Son of David"

People don't need 'Saviors' nor gods nor any of that hocus pocus to have healthy lives. God fucks up everything. All we need is mother earth and friends. Everything else is bullshit.


Anonymous said...

If everything is stuck together, then maybe arrogant hatred and blaming everything but what is yourself is cause for concern. To be thinking that throwing stones at everything that does not agree wins is not the way this works.

You have not really seen War. You just gin it up, and get to watch stuff burn, and think that agrees.

I think mercy and sacrifice is the hardest part. Easier said than done. Lots of time.

Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

Your belief that this civilisation is based on the Bible is completely ignorant. The Bible tells us that Israel became enslaved because IT STOPPED FOLLOWING THE WAY OF GOD! This is because it wanted a king like the nations around it. Until then Israel (God's people) were free. Jesus came here to show us what we were doing wrong, which is bowing down to an unlawful authority. This authority has been in place since Ancient Egypt and is still in power today. All those who hate God because of what the Roman Catholic Church and other religious organisations have done have failed to see through the veil. ALL ORGANISATIONS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN RUN BY MAN!!!!!!!!!! The only church of God that is of God is your body, because it is the TEMPLE THAT HOUSES THE HOLY SPIRIT!

Over the time I have been posting here I have given explicit information that outlines why it is against God to bow to ANYONE OR ANYTHING IN THIS REALM!!! It was for his refusal to bow to the pharisees (Zionists) that Jesus was put to death!!!!!!!!!!!

If you take into account what I have just said then the only REAL CHRISTIAN is one that does not belong to any manmade organisation and who does not bow to anything or anyone!!! Anyone who believes they need a priest to intercede between them and God is not one of God's, they belong to the priest who belongs to the church who belongs to Man/Satan/Zionists!

How many people here have a driver's license? How man pay car registration? How many pay land tax/rates on a property they think they own? How many people are still a part of the system?

My studies have led me to a place where I now understand the ONLY way to win this battle is for each of us to take back our personal power. Once we do this and stop bowing to these alleged authorities we will be empowered by God.

I am busily researching how to own property, in accordance with Moses' law, and I am definitely going to follow that with travelling with no license, and no registration. I am well prepared to fight them in the court and am well prepared to take out their de facto judges. The only thing that holds me back is getting my ducks in a row.

To be honest McCob it would not surprise me if you were working for the Satanists. If you are not than you have a bad case of cognitive dissonance happening.


I, like you, have stood up in the court and refused to give them jurisdiction over my living soul. That makes two of us!!! I know there are others too but I don't see many using God's law, which is where they are falling down. I did it in accordance with the Bible which is why I did not get put away. They could not touch me because God is my protection and the one in whom I trust. God is guiding me but it is a slow process, due to me no doubt.

I believe we are all responsible for the situation we find ourselves in, otherwise we would not be here. If any of us had done the right thing in our past incarnations we would be sitting in Heaven with the Saints. Alas we are here so it appears we have all been guilty of failing to travel with our higher consciousness/soul.

The myriad of undesirable consequences that are being experienced on this plane right now were earned by each and every one of us, so to sit here and ridicule others is to fail to acknowledge your own inadequacy.

Once before on the comments section here I asked all of you to please show me the line that divides each of you from humanity, and no one responded. I take it that this is so because all of us are part of humanity. If you see yourself separate to humanity than I can only concur that you are of another species. Demon's talk in this language because they absolutely despise humans!!

Unless you are living in accordance to God's Will than you are part of the problem. I am still in this category but I am working on getting myself and my family out of the matrix. The only people who are not part of this problem, to the best of my knowledge, are the Amish.



Unknown said...


Lemmings, huh? I assume you're speaking in analogy, and I note 'THOU SHALT NOT CONSUME THEY NEIGHBOUR' is not on the list as #11, not to mention I did read various versions of the bible, and nowhere do I remember it saying 'lemming' are off the chart of what could go into the stewpot, though I'm sure there are some that would say only if they're goy.

On the other hand, maybe if someone spent their whole life eating only Kosher, they might make for healthier meat, so. . .

galen said...

McCob, I see you have to take some harsh judgement because of your stance. Hope you can let is slide down your back. Anyway, beyond the "religion" argument, those are some heart-wrenching stories you shared. Hang tough. Says something about you that you were considered a trusted ear, and that you were so shaken by it is a testament to your compassion. The wounded have to tell their story (our story). Just had this thought that a good effort would be that for every wounded soul we know, one tree be planted. Oh, right, that would likely be seven billion more trees. Yeah, we are the walking wounded, picking ourselves up out of the slaughter. And today, at CNN, a headline of a professor requiring his students to take a final exam in the nude. He's 55 and they're college kids. Something about a physical parallel to a class that teaches emotional nudity. The envelope will always be pushed until we're fully broken. But your outrage says they've got a long way to go. Mine too. If I'm goin' down it's fighting, and with my clothes on, damn it!!. Let all who want to be naked be naked. Just make sure it's self-decision and not force, coercion, steering, programming, pressure, threat, set-up. The tentacles find every avenue. Next thing we'll hear is that Miley Cyrus is up for canonization.


Anonymous said...

Lenny Bruce:

“A lot of people say to me, “Why did you kill Christ?” “I dunno… it was one of those parties, got out of hand, you know.” “We killed him because he didn’t want to become a doctor, that’s why we killed him.”

Ray B. said...

McCob, May 14, 2015 12:15:00 AM :

"People don't need 'Saviors' nor gods nor any of that hocus pocus to have healthy lives. God fucks up everything. All we need is mother earth and friends. Everything else is bullshit."

McCob, I spent four years with different 'helping' organizations that are trying to ameliorate the carnage precipitated by the banksters and those behind them. I am also a psychological counselor and an empath. I can understand the outrage you feel, because I have felt it myself. (And, we do need to reclaim our power.)

However, I do hope that you will not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Religion is almost all bogus. The true purpose of religion is to point out that something is 'there' beyond group consciousness, and then get out of the way.

In my opinion (and experience), there is a spiritual side to existence that is worth pursuing. I have run into (real) faeries, (real) elves, stone circle entities, (real) angels, and many other 'species'. Not to mention humans further up the ladder. I regard them as friends and allies. And, I learn from them.

If we include the above under "mother earth and friends," then I agree with your assessment. Otherwise, I am afraid you are 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' in your outrage. Being grounded and centered is part of the picture. But only a part. There is a vast expanse in the unseen that we are 'meant' to enjoy, explore, educate ourselves from, and (like Joseph Campbell's "Hero") enlighten the culture with our experience.

That's the way I see it, anyway... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

Vis, the sponsors,the promoters, the host of money changers their plastic faces and digital eyes pay homage to "the consciousness (what there is of it) of the cinderblock heads. " giving unto caesar.

"Ambition fortifies the will of man to become ruler over other men: it operates with deception, cajolery, and violence, it is the action of impurity upon impurity.

There is another way, if you have the courage.
The first I could describe in familiar terms
Because you have seen it, as we all have seen it,
Illustrated, more or less, in lives of those about us.
The second is unknown, and so requires faith —
The kind of faith that issues from despair.
The destination cannot be described;
You will know very little until you get there;
You will journey blind. But the way leads towards possession
Of what you have sought for in the wrong place."

I/WE labor with you "against being swallowed up in the chaos of present day confusion" .
live long

Anonymous said...

I thought that coleslaw looked kinda funny . . . y'all outdid yourself, Viz . .

Anonymous said...

Karen: I don't hate God. I don't have any idea what God is. I doubt the entity known as God needs me to worship it.

I think the Bible is bullshit. The Israelites were fucked up because they followed a major league asshole named Moses. Moses was worse than all of the apostate Kings added together. All Biblical patriarchs are assholes. A bunch of violent crazy mother fuckers bent on conquest. Jesus, although he has some good points was a windbag and trying to understand him makes life a lot more complicated than it has to be.

I am assuming that these people actually existed which I don't know for sure.
Love, McCob

Anonymous said...

What you say is true. But, it does not make any such activity any less ugly.

Love, McCob

Anonymous said...

Let those who have ears, hear and let those who have eyes see. I also have a nose and I smell bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Ray, for the record I admire you. You have been blessed with a nice temperment and I wish I was more like you in that respect.

I don't see a bathtub. I see a toilet. And I don't see a baby. I see a big stinkin' turd.


Anonymous said...

galen: You don't think I am working for the satanists, do you?

I do believe in 'magic' for lack of a better word. But, I don't need to concern myself with it. If I can't get what I want from honest work and happenstance then I don't want it.

I do admire Lao Tzu and Plato. They certainly had a spiritual edge in their writing. But neither talked about 'sinners'. Lao Tzu loved simplicity and the common man. He never took on an authoritarian stance. Plato was dedicated to ferreting out truth and clear thinking. Plato, in spite of his tremendous gifts, was never haughty. The same can not be said of Prophets and saviors.

By the way, I love you!


Eudoxia said...

erm Karen, we had this discussion on the phone only days earlier and you have attacked McCob unjustly and just about everybody else for that matter. What was it you were saying about let he who hasn't sinned etc..........I mean seriously WTF, why are you preaching the bible on this forum? You are beginning to sound like an advocate for the Inquisition. Read the Malleus Maleficarum they were acting under God too.

Anonymous said...

McCob -
I understand your feelings and frustrations. I read the following book this past year (about three times, thus far), and it's really helped me to deprogram my understanding due to the misinterpretations of "official" religion:

There was an amazing amount of spirituality present in the 1930s, when the above book was written. The piece that Visible provides (The Way to the Kingdom), for instance, was written in that same time frame.

Hope the above book helps to soften your understanding.

Anonymous said...

Nice Les! Amerikan stewpid is getting off the Philly amtrak train alive..... and getting on the Amtrak train in Wisconsin the next day and being burnt alive!

Visible said...

What happened in Wisconsin?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement.

Kazz said...

Thank you for being so kind McCob, I did not deserve it.

The only important thing is how we treat each other, and who we are being at any moment, and I have royally fecked that up.

I don't know what to say other than MY BAD!!!!

Thank you for not judging. I appear to be a really slow learner.

I hear you Eudoxia, your criticism is noted and taken on board. Thank you.

Irrespective of what is transpiring I do believe being nice to each other is what Christ called for us to do. I am so sorry I forgot that. I have no excuse. I am simply not a nice person at times. I am working on it.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...


You are a sweetheart. People like you and I get a little emotional at times and maybe, you know, say things that might not be well thought out. I think you are a decent sort and your husband and kids are lucky to have you.

I am working on it, too.

Love, McCob

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go.

Eudoxia said...

Well said Kaz - goodonya!

McCob Karen is a lovely being and I personally know her and her husband, she is all heart and has everyone's best interest at heart but her delivery can be a bit over zealous at times hey Kazz!

I can understand your angst toward religion, I feel the same and I agree with Ray B's comment. Exoteric religion is simply for the dead but at an esoteric level they all teach the same including Jesus. He taught his disciples about soul transmigration and was a high level Yogi. He has my utmost respect not from a Biblical perspective but from a gnostic perspective. Over at BCII's site Awakening The Dragon you will find much information on this subject there which is why it's no doubt linked here. Thumbs up William! It is based on a huge volume of books from very high caliber sources and is thorough while succinct - in other words you don't have to pour over dozens of books to gain another level of understanding relative to this highly esoteric knowledge. Notice how Viz addresses all the avatars before and after his radio broadcasts. For me personally, reading Viz's stuff is like going to church. Muchas Gracias Brother Visible.

Anonymous said...


Karen is a very lovely person and that point is obvious. I love Karen! I mean that. I love Visible, too. I don't care if they love me back.

I have to tell you, however, that I am so sick of the juju. Survival and living well is about practical exigence. Even if there is another world of spirit and ethereal being, and I think there is, it really helps no one to acknowledge such a place. To dwell on such a world poisons the mind. Thinking like that is why the old pagan cults would pass their children through fire. Thinking like that is what gives the Jew his great power.

You are very smart. Karen is lucky to have a friend like you.

Thank you for your comments! I am honored you would share discourse with me.


galen said...


What some call lovely, I do not
whom some trust easily, I do not
what some accept as acceptable
I choose to refuse
I'll not be talked down to
or accused of what I did not do
I refuse to proceed where clearing failed
and judgement was hurled
refuse to be stung and pretend I was hugged

What some call concern I call control
and own my right to self-protect
Too long I've walked among the wolves
so now I separate until
an amends I deem trustworthy comes
wherein all manipulation stops
pathological or not
and power-tripping takes a walk
to where it might defuse its game

Criticized I've been for oversensitivity
yet my over-sensitive self preserves me,
so little will it tolerate
no menacing mockery moves unnoticed
no cool contrivance unidentified
All that comes and is unfriendly
stands out in brutal visibility
a pimple on the face of life
I am so done with acne


Kazz said...

I love you too McCob. The greatest gift God has given mankind is the ability to forgive. With forgiveness we discover our own humanity, without which we could never enter the highest realms of consciousness.

I find myself on a somewhat different page to you and Eudoxia because my journey with the Divine has taught me that it is not about what I want. If this world was of my creation there would be no pain, suffering, or thoughtless hardship for anyone. The only problem with that is people don't learn about life and responsibility in such perfect conditions, which is why I feel we are all here. I could be wrong about that though. I have no crystal ball, I only have my experience in this reality to go on.

Even though I talk the way I do I am more of an avid historian than religious. I couldn't even stand the word religion until I found out it was the basis for all law.

Religion in latin means to 'bind'.

We have all been bound here! I don't know why. Some say it is because we are the fallen angels who revolted against God and in God's divine wisdom he chose to let us live and give us a chance to redeem ourselves. We stay bound until we are capable of co-creating in line with Divine Will, or we stay imprisoned in this realm, reincarnating in accordance with the Karmic wheel of life.

Contrary to what I want or would like what is out there is a system of bondage. A system of slavery.

The Cestui Que trusts that have been used to bind us are feudalistic in nature and barbarous, extremely brutal, primitive and uncivilised. We have all been enslaved. A study of ancient Rome exposes this very same system. The Roman's worshipped Janus the war god. This is who we are all under. Satan goes by many names.

The global elite have somehow convinced Christians that they are the Israel spoken of in Revelations, but I clearly see that Israel are God's chosen people and no one but the Divine knows who those people are. As I have said many times Satan mimics everything the Divine does, so he created his own 'chosen people'. They currently hold sway over the created reality in this realm.

This is the story of Job being played out, with Satan as our tester, from what I can see.

It is not for me to agree or disagree because I am only a very, very small small part of what is. I don't really matter, and yet God loves me enough to know how many hairs I have on my head. God intercedes and reaches down to take my hand and help guide me through this dark march towards the light.

All I know McCob is that no matter what happens it is paramount that I hold onto the best part of what I call 'my self'. I try to nurture the good whilst at the same time own and take control of that which is not so good.

Even with all the pain and suffering in this world I feel that God is 'LOVE', and I know at the deepest level of my soul that this is where salvation from our servitude shall be found.

I am a fearless warrior McCob. Even though I am only 5' 6" I have seen men tremble before me. Loving my enemies is the hardest thing I have ever learned to do, but it occurs to me that it is the only way to heal the divide that has conquered mankind.

Thanks Eudoxia for your kind words. Your not so bad yourself.

Luv Kazz

galen said...

Anonymous said...

Karen, You made my day. I know you are loyal to those you love. I do think you have the heart of a warrior. You have every right to express and defend your opinions. I think I know where you are coming from therefore I have no hard feelings, nor have I ever had any hard feelings, toward you.

You be well!




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