Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Likely they're not Living in Scrub Brush Country.

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This caught my attention the other day and it made me think of many another phenomenon in Nature; like the Bombardier Beetle, also from Australia. Then there is bacteria and the production of Ketone. Plants create pesticides. They defend themselves against invasive and destructive insects by putting off chemicals that attract other insects that prey on these insects. Plants communicate with other plants and send them messages to make their leaves poisonous and inedible. It seems that all life forms communicate with each other and have levels of consciousness. One might say that plants are in a form of dream state and some might think of that in a dismissive sense but... aren't most people also in a dream state, regardless of what they may think to the contrary? What I am saying is that there is life and consciousness in many more things than most might imagine.

We get the occasional yahoos coming around tossing out pot shots about the non existence of the divine, of which they know nothing. We are not here inferring that we know much more because we know next to nothing. They don't qualify as scientists. They are simply reactionaries because a scientist would never mistake apples for oranges; metaphorically speaking. A scientist wouldn't confuse the ineffable or the question of the existence of an ineffable with the religions built around an ineffable. They are not the same thing.

Let me provide another argument. It won't be comprehensive but it makes a few points. Hard core physical scientists, physicists, have proven that the universe is thought born, just as we now know that everything is made out of the same thing, only vibrating at a different rate and a variation or adaptation of the same basic substance. Like it says in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus;

“And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.”

A certain portion of existence comes and goes within the narrow bandwidth of the senses. Outside of that is a much larger area where existence comes and goes as well. Those making arguments about god or not god, in the great majority, make their arguments in the narrow bandwidth of the senses and, although what they are arguing about is everywhere at once in everything- or nowhere at all- what they are arguing about cannot and never will be able to be defined within the narrow bandwidth of the senses and even if one had a supreme and comprehensive understanding of everything resident in the narrow bandwidth of the senses, only that which is there can be measured by them; certainly not anything outside of that. Beyond that it is all theory.

Sometimes theory proves out to be true over and over again but it always remains theory. Why is that? Possibly it is because it still can't be defined or explained for some reason. Consider electricity. Consider all kinds of things. Consider the nematodes in a very small section of earth . Consider the bacteria and fungal hyphae, tiny arthropods and other microscopic forms; there are far more of them in a yard of Earth than there are all the birds and beasts and humans on the entire Earth. Perspectives like these do not register in most human minds. Most human minds are perpetually fixated upon satisfying appetites and desires.

The thing being described, defined, vilified, worshiped, affirmed and denied is itself, one thing and all the descriptions and definitions, etcetera; are something else. There are some preposterous idiots out there like Foucault, Derrida, Latour. They exist for no other reason than for pseudo-intellectuals to have someone to quote. Like Wittgenstein and others, they serve no useful purpose except as curiosities for fish bellied ego contests between examples of breeds that are dying out. Unless a society was already incredibly sick, people like B.F. Skinner wouldn't even exist and they don't... for long, or according to the first series of names, don't exist even if they are standing right in front of you. Deconstuctionism is the industry of the sexually impotent and the spiritually dead. That's a pretty bad double whammy, now that I think of it.

Why are we off on this unmarked dirt road into scrub brush country? I couldn't say. There's never any telling what sort of subjects will wind up under discussion here. Scrub Brush Country is one of those deceptive locations that seems to be abandoned and empty, or never populated to begin with but is, in fact, teeming with life. So... maybe we are off in Scrub Brush Country because it is not what it appears to be, just as we are not what we appear to be, except when we are exactly what we seem to be because we are so hidden from ourselves that we will not make any positive discoveries in that area in this lifetime or possibly, many another.

You're welcome to travel in whatever conveyance suits your fancy out here in Scrub Brush Country. I'll be using the saucer pod and you're welcome to catch a ride or keep to your privacy of thought and observation in your own vehicle, with the use of the intercom giving us that desirable interface of back and forth.

No matter what happens to civilization, Scrub Brush Country will still be around. In some cases it has been scalped, looted and poisoned already but it's still Scrub Brush Country; home of the tarantula, the rattlesnake, the Gila Monster and the coyote, among a much larger portion of life forms that you can't see. There's the visible life forms and the invisible life forms and among much of the visible life forms their designation is also invisible because of that narrow bandwidth of the senses. There is another general narrow bandwidth and that is the narrow bandwidth of the mind and that accounts for why so many minds are their own form of Scrub Brush Country. There is also a narrow bandwidth of the heart as well. These conditions of existence for these levels of consciousness, awareness, whatever it is that they are, are created states. They are created by the conditions that these items are programmed according to. You could call this condition, 'civilization' but that is a mild alternative of a euphemism for something that isn't civilization at all and which accounts for a narrowing of many things that are only best experienced in a manifest expanding of the bandwidth mentioned.

In times of material darkness, you can't expect much in the way of civilization having a civilizing impact on those contained within it because civilization exists only to meet the mercantile needs of those preying upon the narrowed beings of those compressed into that shape by them for the purposes already mentioned.

There's music in Scrub Brush Country but it has never yet won a Grammy or been noted in the entertainment press. This is because it isn't controlled by the forces of false civilization. This also means you aren't going to hear it on the radio. You have to go to Scrub Brush Country to hear it. In many ways it is a form of ambient sound, which can be quite entertaining and more... if you are in the mood for that. That music will be around long after the execrable crap, presently ass raping the air waves, is long gone.

We sit here in the solitary silence of our present location and we wonder. We wonder about the days that follow the days in their splendid routine, as if nothing were ever to change, except for the continuous concerns of personal maintenance, which somehow get met by mysterious means, often like the squeaking of a mouse squeezing through yet one more narrow confine of apprehension and walls pressing in; something like swallowing condoms filled with illegal powders, or geese being tortured by gavage, by means of an augur in a feeding tube but I exaggerate. Things do change and they can change very, very quickly. We get used to conditions and we can get used to them very quickly too and start thinking it will just go on like that and sometimes it does but we never expected that we would become so changed by routine. We imagine that routine will keep us pretty much the same but it doesn't. We never stop moving through time and time never stops moving through us until the ultimate serendipity, if ever, that is.

One of these days, however, it is all going to start moving fast and furious, unless for supernatural reasons, it does not. Otherwise, you can see where it is all headed and if you can't that would be filed under TFB. TFB is a destination and Scrub Brush Country is a location and you are... what are you? Ramana Maharshi was big on that question. It seems he might have answered it according to his own needs but he talked about it all the time because he was pretty sure most everyone else has not answered it “Who am I?”

What will it be like when it changes? You get the sense that planes won't be taking off, flying and landing like they presently do and that trucks won't be trucking in and out of urban landscapes for any number of reasons besides the threat of hijacking and attendant ills. For me... it all comes down to whatever state of mind and being you have achieved and how that factors in and out of what is going on around you. I really do believe it all depends on what you rely on.

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Ray B. said...

Vis: "We get the occasional yahoos coming around tossing out pot shots about the non existence of the divine, of which they know nothing. "

That is actually one of the key points: "...of which they know nothing." Nothing substitutes for direct experience. Without that, it is simply a head trip, whether affirming or denying. (Not discounting intuition or 'deep knowing'...) With that, there is no doubt. I am speaking of the 'in your face' kind, not of 'I think something is happening' grade. No matter what your neighbors say; no matter what your society says; you have your own truth.

(This kind of reminds me of the UFO world. Nothing substitutes for direct experience. Without that, it is simply a head trip, whether affirming or denying. With that, there is no doubt. I am speaking of the 'in your face' kind, not of 'light in the sky' phenomena. No matter what your neighbors say; no matter what the government says; you have your own truth.)

The main conundrum is that the person's point-of-view will not change until a life-changing 'visit' happens. They are who they are, based on their life experiences (unless past lives bleed-over). We may 'ask' for someone to have such an 'enlightening' experience, but it is fundamentally not under our control. Aarrgghh...

This also speaks to the 'repression' some must do to themselves in order to exist within normal paradigms. Long ago, I spoke here of four teenagers visiting our house who tried the old 'table lifting' trick. They put one of their company on a sleeping pad (a hefty girl) and tried to have it lift through non-physical means. Lo and behold, it lifted (by their testimony), and they ran out to us, shrieking and freaked-out.

Now, many years later, this amazing experience is long forgotten in their cultural acclimatization...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Another synchronicity. This morning, Higher Self really went to work on me. No mistaking it for simple yearnings. All kinds of weird sensations and happenings, including some very pleasant, hard-to-describe higher-vibes. Hope it leads somewhere before May 28th... (grin)

Alan Jong said...

You're absolutely right saying we know next to nothing according to Hermes
"Fortune is the carriage or effect of that which is without Order; the Idol of operation—a lying fantasy or opinion—Man An unchangeable Evil. Nothing good upon Earth, nothing evil in Heaven, Nothing in Heaven is servanted, nothing upon Earth free. Providence is Divine Order. The things upon Earth communicate not with those in Heaven. Not every living thing is immortal. The mind in God is void of Suffering. Therefore in God alone is the Good, or rather God is the Good." Hermes Trismegistus

That same link I shared at Smoke & Mirrors has all 17 books of Hermes Trismegistus downloadable, and an additional 14 study companions to his volumes. Here's the link to that. Anyone here can literally download all these books, they open with Adobe.

Visible said...

I want to thank you for that source. I have a huge collection of these texts but it always comes to pass that I am missing something. Of course, what I am missing is not in books (grin) but you never know. I like how you picked up on the Sirius connection.

Alan Jong said...

I could very well at times been on of those yahoos, with two cents in nothing to spiegel, so discount anything I've shared and follow your own hearts. Knowledge like the 17 books of Hermes, equate only to wisdom. They contain wisdom as best language can capacitate it.
It is not a religion what illuminates you from that vessel is meant to do that what doesn't is not. That is the first of all Hermetic principles.

High Regards,

Alan Jong said...


Sirius could very well be your Golden Crown, That being a binary star would mean you're Married in the celestial sphere. That kind of star system represents a true Marriage, and The satellite which your consciousness streams from would be Jupiter. Your Birthday is the same as Christ Here is a collage of sorts I put together, the picture can be magnified. Galactic DNA transcends our bodily manifestation on Earth. Another person you share a Birthday with is Tori Amos, assuming your Birthday is August 22nd. If I remember it correctly, but Layne Staley who was the front man of Alice in Chains was the Christ incarnated again.

Alan Jong said...

Donovan's Atlantis comes to mind, if Sirius A is your celestial crown then this ain't your first time on Earth.

Visible said...

Something I rarely mention because first of all I don't know and second of all it could sound weird to people who take it the wrong way is that i was born on The Day of the Spinx, or the lion with the head of the virgin. It being cusp between Leo and Virgo. However, though I was told that I am not so sure it could be from what I have read about The Spinx being a combination of the fixed signs or as noted in The Wheel of Fortune and The World.

I remain a mystery to myself and have been told there is a good reason for it and of course, I wouldn't know. I've learned not to wonder too much or to worry. My life is not in my hands. Perhaps that is true of many of us.

Alan Jong said...

Did you here about 65 year old Grandmother in Germany who already having thirteen Children, just gave birth to Quadruplets, making that 17. Yeah, anchors away, Hermes, is the book of law. Taught since before Ancient Egypt. whatever Good is in mankind that is what is destined for universal existence everything else is in a waning state. Reduced by virtue of what it is; evil in some form or another.

Les, I know you're a Star I'm not privy to know which one. At some point we awaken where we are destined to be. I feel as you have for quite sometime, there is a new dawn on the horizon, and it doesn't mean the end for Us, and probably most of your fellowship of readers.

Visible said...

Yes, I saw that news item about that insane woman. I had it saved to link in a post awhile ago but let it slide. I would say the most prevalent epidemic going at the moment is insanity, the natural byproduct of unnatural times.

Alan Jong said...

That Lion face in the photo.
That I shared a link to, revealing Christ is just an image from NASA's SDO satellite, it's the 193 angstrom channel, you go over to set it to 193, and take it back in time to Christmas of last Year, it's that Lion face in the talisman depicted in the book you have linked to your blog. Which has appeared in the Sun that is the face of Almighty, that is his face with the DNA of various stars worn as charms and ornaments, on his face. How that occurs is through a coronal hole at the bottom of the Sun. If any of you actually make the effort to see the full image, it's that dark pool at the bottom, it's caused through either Saturn or Jupiter, even the Earth can produce a nova into the Sun like that. There is not physical pain in that degree of existence, and there are worlds within stars, and on planets as well. I wouldn't be surprised if that face makes up part of the interstellar Les Visible. People can check that out for themselves. I don't monitor the sun 24 hours a day or anything like that.
Sometimes there is a telepathic interstellar communication, that urges me to collect an image from that system. Whether people are aware of it or not, all technology leads to that same door of bridging heaven and earth.

That's all I really have to share at this time. It is represented well in that Mandela from the Emerald Tablet you're sharing in this blog.

PK said...

intelligent design says it all

PK said...

intelligent design says it all. we are not a cosmic accident. we are divine creation. life comes from preexisting life, and so on, and so on, on into infinity.

PK said...

Maui not so no ka oe les. intelligent design says it all about life. life is a divinely intelligent creation. we are not cosmic accidents, incidents, yes, but never spontaneous generations, just evolutionary creation by divine decree—universe law of love.

Katy said...

Absolutely true that
"They exist for no other reason than for pseudo-intellectuals to have someone to quote.....Deconstuctionism is the industry of the sexually impotent and the spiritually dead. That's a pretty bad double whammy, now that I think of it...."~L.V.

Chomsky was struck with Foucault's total rejection of the possibility of a universal morality, stating "He struck me as completely amoral, I’d never met anyone who was so totally amoral" ... "It's as if he was from a different species, or something."

I wonder if that's the worst gig a demon gets assigned ~~ inhabiting the arch, pale, academic; his eyebrows permanently raised, naughty bits flailed to no avail, always preferring black and white to color...his only purpose to chide the natural mind away from common sense and love, and die as hollow and mothbally as his revered books...

(Head.D. ok screwtape hereya go. You're assignment: Derrida.

M.demon. Ahhshit! He's covered in vanity orcs, I'll never get a finger in edgewise!!)

The final sentence of the post ^^^ is a truthGem.

< bows>

Alan Jong said...

you can be quoted as writing the Devil works for God. That in a sense has a Truth that weaves back to the beginning of creation. It can also be witnessed in the union of a fertilized egg, which begins dividing after a moment of stillness, a trillion times or so ,all those cells become a single individual. The process of cells dividing reflects the nature of how God divided into two and so on. I'm sure everyone has heard that saying the Devil is a Woman. That is true in the sense that that first time in which God divided; transpiring and proceeding into spawning the whole of creation is a union into which devil being that first division can no longer unite with God in anyway than through making Love. It's not so much a story of the devil wanting to be like God, but reabsorbed into the completeness She existed in when still a part of God. God is the Man who spawned out of himself a companion. A Woman on Earth bears the same tendencies as the Mother of creation, in that for the most part she is a perfect companion for a Man, but once betrayed as this world so often betrays, Her nature is such that it is unforgiving, and her scorn is of the same fire as that of the Mother of all. The Mother of creation is the devil in that sense. The divine feminine is the Devil, who if ever reabsorbed into the Almighty as the One enduring and eternal being. All of empty space would burn in a single fire with only that distinction forever and ever. Every evil that ever existed indirectly traces its roots back to the Mother of all creation. Her nature is that of Always submitting to and in service of the will of God which is by all accounts Love.

Alan Jong said...

So the Mother of Creation, being the cause of evil, however indirectly causation of that evil is to her credit, She is no less also the eraser of all evil, upholding pristine the whole of creation. It is her destiny therefore to Baptize the World with fire, and purify it for the Almighty. Those who survive the baptism of the World with fire will endure into everlasting life. There are some souls existing from the earth before the real baptism begins, those destined will witness the cleansing unharmed and survive the pending tribulations therein.

Alan Jong said...

The moral of the Story is a Women's love not betrayed, and honored in its right place is the beginning of Heaven on Earth. Woman are betrayed in this world, by their own fathers, brothers, and uncles, sometimes, not to make it any lesser of an evil when it's a stranger, or friend; those betrayals all add up until finally the gates of hell are what Women open.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

In the Presence of the Divine or a Habitation of Demons.

Ray B. said...

Katy: "...always preferring black and white to color..."

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) :

Obi-Wan Kenobi: "Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic, to democracy."

Anakin Skywalker: "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy."

Obi-Wan Kenobi: "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."


The (Sith} Emperor: [to the Senate] "In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years."

[Senate fills with enormous applause]

Padmé: [to Bail Organa] "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."


(Hmmm. We now have a Republican*-majority Senate and House. Sith Emperor in 2016 ?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*And yes, I know it is really a one-party system. But, the Republicans are the cutting edge...)

Visible said...

especially if you are talking Seppuku

Ray B. said...

Vis, very good! (unfortunately)

The 3rd Elf said...

Sunday's radio show is now up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It is Not Easy to be Arthur Topham.



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