Monday, May 18, 2015

Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A dog is not "almost human" and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such.

There are basically two kinds of people on the planet; three if you count those who don't care one way or another but they are almost certainly a sub-group of the first segment. There are those who strive to live according to appearances and those who seek to see through them. The latter section, of course, make up a much smaller amount of the whole and this group also has sub-sections that are defined by what it is people are looking for or expecting to find behind appearances.

Those from the much larger demographic that live according to appearances are all some variation on the flaming dumpster dancers of Materialism. This doesn't make them bad or good people. It doesn't make them smart or stupid. Some of them are quite smart but smart and clever compared to wise and understanding are like rhinestones compared to diamonds, relatively and materialistically speaking.. Here I am using comparatives that Materialists would understand. I've no use for either but, on the whole, prefer rhinestones. One condition that is a potential for all of those who live according to appearances and a definite for some is madness/insanity. They may never move beyond being neurotic or obsessive compulsive but these conditions will harden into the chronic, the way that liquid mud can turn into hard baked earth, eventually. Count on it. Another thing you can count on is that their reflexive response syndrome to appearances will become incrementally more and more ludicrous and occasionally... hysterically funny. Here is one such example.

Is it funny or is it immeasurably sad?

We have often mentioned that cannibalism is a sign of the final stage of Materialism. This sort of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent. It still has a way to go, unfortunately. There really are indicators that can be predicted as certainties at points along the way. Think of Materialism as a gas that, once imbibed, influences behavior. It is a peculiar gas and it affects one when one is magnetically attracted to what the gas makes dynamic. Look at it like this; some people take MMDA and it activates the love nature in the heart chakra. Some people take it and they want to immerse themselves in sexual interplay. Sometimes you find both occurring. We aren't recommending this substance as a vehicle for any of these things. It is just an illustration to point out the activation of different propensities in the human psyche.

Some people have a few drinks and become gregarious and expansive. A smaller amount grow quiet and some become bombastic, aggressive and even violent. Some people refer to themselves as being stoned or blasted when in altered states of consciousness and some people identify it as being high. Then there are others that refer to themselves as being 'fucked up.' Some people have intense spiritual experiences on psychotropics and some are only there for the colors and sensory effects. So it is that the gas of Materialism has no effect on some people and overwhelms others.

Here is just one condition among many, many conditions that serve as an example of the fruits of Materialism.&It has long been noted that electrical apparati are used to wall us off from each other and that is nearly always fear based, even if you are only talking about basic insecurity. It is also, or should be well known, that one of the predictable by products of Materialism is insecurity and it moves from the incipient to the paralyzing. Materialism desensitizes us. It causes us to see the deaths of many as mere statistics. It also guilt trips us into showing emotions we don't actually feel; expressed as, “Oh, isn't that terrible?” “Who could do something like that?” followed by, “so what would you like to eat?” We compartmentalize everything and we are compartmentalized as a result. Finally we are nothing more than bipedal rats in a bewildering maze. We become the children of the Brave New World.

It's all scripted and it has happened before many many times. The failed experiments of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years lies buried under the sands of the sea and under mountains that are no more than the accrual of dust falling and plates shifting in that long term dance of ages following ages, like some indestructible clock that ticks off the states of change, that follow one another. You can change a lot of things but usually not human nature. Some of us have developed a workable dialogue with the inner animal and some have only suppressed it or brought it to heel for the expected performances of ordinary life. Let is get out of the ordinary and see what happens. We like to talk about the veneer, or the mask that conceals the face of the beast. Well, I don't know how much we 'like' to talk about it but we do talk about it and no... I do not have a mouse in my pocket but I do have voices in my head. Skeptics and scoffers will attribute this either to mental illness or mental illness. For myself, I tend to measure the clarity and relevance of opinion according to proximity and the capacity for careful observation. Since I am the closest observer to what goes on inside of me, by a large stretch, I am going to go by how it looks to me and how it has outworked over the course of an extended period of time.

There is not a yogi or Hermetic Scientist, a mystic or any sort of seer who does not experience voices and ageless wisdom refers to the still small voice. We know that initiates beyond a certain level of Zelator advancement are endowed with various levels of telepathic ability. Even the wise hear pedestrian chatter. It is for those who possess the necessary discrimination to separate what is worth listening to and what is not.

One of my favorite wide spread delusions is the one where people make assessments of others based upon themselves. If they have no personal evidence of something then... no one else could either. Another of my favorite states of denial... and I have seen this a number of times is the one where someone says, that “all these facts about 9/11 couldn't be true and EVEN IF THEY WERE, I wouldn't believe it anyway” How do you get your head around a statement like that?

I tend to think the level of one's courage is directly proportionate to their moral sense. I'm talking about something deeper and more complex than what passes for the general understanding of that. It accounts for how some people can easily agree that the government was involved in the 9/11 attacks but refuses to accept that Israel was behind them and that Israel owns their government. They are deathly afraid of the censure this might bring them. I am deathly afraid of knuckling under to the pressure of the forces of darkness because... because, why? Does this not imply that I have bent the knee, however slightly, to the monsters in the shadow? Does this not mean they have then gained more power over me than they had? Does it not also mean that they will come again and again, increasing their influence over me at every turn and will I not eventually become subject to them and incapable of resisting them? What was a small shadow has grown into a massive specter. It is still nothing more than a shadow and the shadow is only whatever size it is as a result of the position of the light but... fear is an interesting force. It can unhinge the mind from reason and panic is a definite by product of that. Panic comes from the pagan god Pan and considerable understanding can be gleaned from a study of that entity in all of its implications as a force.

There are some very ancient things in this world and beyond. We are a brief fart in a windstorm; this period of ours so filled with vain and hollow achievements. The present day soundtrack says it all in terms of where we are collectively in some large part and where that part is headed. It says nothing about us individually. We handle all of that for so long as we have any individuality and objectivity.

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Anonymous said...

Flaming dumpster dancers of materialism...brilliant sarcasm Les


Eudoxia said...

This article reminds me of that scene in Constantine where he places the mirror above the girl who is possessed and the demon sees itself and is so enamored by itself that it gets sucked into the mirror.

I loath diamonds personally, to me every diamond is a blood diamond. I prefer gem stones if anything. None of my jewelery contains diamonds and I don't have a lot of jewelery either.

A good portion of humanity has become to enamored by it's perceived specialness - nope not special, possessed.

Anonymous said...

That explains a lot about materialism to me ... shouldnt be, but have been baffled about how my sibling is totally obsessed about only the money in parent's will, not the commemoration or ceremony or honor to the dead.... just obsessed about getting his 'fair share' to piss away. It is all external appearances to him, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

"By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes." That 'something wicked' was Macbeth's ambition.


Visible said...

This Sunday's radio broadcast is now streamable.

Jenny said...

Oh Vis- great one here- I loved the whole thing & read some to my daughter as she is headed to school this morning. I wonder how many other 13yr olds hear any words of wisdom like these.... not many I am sure.
So much going on all around us these days it seems that a breaking point is near. Lady Nature is feeling the pressure that mankind is putting on her back.... and she does NOT like it. Bees are telling me this.
Today it will rain (again) and I will be here at my home working on giving my many families more room for storing the real gold of this world.
Enjoy today for all it is- see tomorrow as a new chance to change your own world- it will be done- jen

Anonymous said...

Don't know about anybody else, but ever since you switched to a bold font for your postings, Visible, I've had a really hard time reading it. I just copy and paste it into a new document and get rid of the bold text, so it's not that cumbersome. Just thought I'd let you know in case anybody else was having trouble reading the bold text...

Ray B. said...

On Materialism: I remember when I got to be a curator-type at a Gem & Mineral Museum, for a short time. It was a high quality collection, so innumerable stones were quite beautiful. Naturally, a part of me wanted all of them. Then, another part of me reasoned that I would need a home the size of a mini-castle to enjoy them. Not to mention additional collections that I would covet in the future. So, I finally came to the conclusion that it was best for various collections to be in public hands. Sigh...

Another time, I came across a 'staff' that had obviously been made by someone who knew the power within different stones. 'Work' could be done with that staff. It connected with some 'wizard' part of me, and was one of the few times that I actually coveted something physical. Then, other 'past' parts of me came to the fore, and pointed out what happened when you put your power in something outside yourself. Wizard's staffs can be broken or taken away. So, I sighed again and put away the longing. Interior 'staffs' are better...
Vis: "It's all scripted and it has happened before many many times. The failed experiments of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years lies buried..."

I am so amazed by the hubris of present-day archaeologists, anthropologists, etc. No concept of 'deep time'. Our Solar System came quite late onto the scene. Who knows how many civilizations have been 'imported', fought over, and destroyed by one side or the other? Even the Vedas, a very late document in these terms, speaks of 'war in the heavens'. I hope someone 'up there' is keeping good records. (Cue Button's akashic record references...)
Vis: "There is not a yogi or Hermetic Scientist, a mystic or any sort of seer who does not experience voices and ageless wisdom refers to the still small voice."

Part of the 'strivings' of the dark side has been to portray this aspect as mental illness. They actually have been remarkably successful in this propaganda in 'civilized' countries. (Fortunately, native cultures have not been so easily cowed.) Folks who have no sense of 'infiltration' have compounded this problem, seeming as examples of mental illness. And, there are true sub-personalities adding their 'voice' to the mix. Dedication and stubbornness (and discrimination) are needed to fight against such a tide...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Whispers for Visible said...

Hi Man,

Hope you're doing well. I don't have time to read your last posts now, since I'm 2-hours-sleep-a-night busy, & no internet at home, but I'll save them on my key-chain-USB-drive to cherish them later.

They let me out of the looney bin, and the story becomes much better. An old whore I met there after I was let out of the straps asked me to move in, City Central, so now I'm taking care of her until she gets better, as Mother, Father, Brother, Lover, Master and Slave. But she greeted me with a namaste-bow the first time I saw Her, in an Angelic Light. She is near pure Kali-Ma, OH Ah Her eyes! Damn a sight! Animal and angel rolled into a dark spot amidst colours.

On the streets I'm creating serious waves, at the moment sporting a pirates eye-cover because I went a little too far into The Darkness... But, it was good, She had to see My Demonic. Inshalah, it all becomes well. She has promised to kill me if I do it again, so, I got Her scared into my hollow palm, and She Loves staying there, although its a hell of a job. But, the worst parts are over, thank God. She knows that She is only borrowing me for a limited time, but I do not wish to leave Her before She can stand tall and strong Herself.

I am absolutely perfectly fine. Holiness. I am utterly certain that all shall be well, and I am positive that there might not even need to be a lot of destruction, Earth-Wise (discounting supernovaes and birthing stars).

Be well, You Warrior True.

$--T--$ LOL,. I'm so childish... :P Meh. Be well. *slinks away*

Unknown said...

I enjoy your writing much more since your relocation. I'm not a critic but it's a most obvious validator of geomancy if nothing else. The last Origami is a masterpiece.



Anonymous said...

its funny you quoted that commenter about not believing the truth of 9eleven anyway.
I read that comment too in the article you linked and thought to myself, how do you go up against that kind of nimble reasoning?

I was quite young during the Kent State killings and was probably busy with my crayons, having little to no idea of the incident until i became older. I had never heard the opinions of the people on the street until much later. Then, i heard the two rabies ladies spitting bile into some reporter's mike about how they should have shot more students that day; stating: ...'they were warned'....'they were told to leave'...or something like that. The empty tone in her voice was chilling. I'm guessing this one would get wet watching lynchings. We all know they're out there, by the score. Stone cold hearts pumping dyspeptic thought and speech. Great rewards await them, i imagine, but not of the sort they enjoy so well at the time. Gods, there's just so many of them!!

There's quite a large repository of useful and meaningful things to gather and commemorate and continue for posterity and i think it's agreed those should not disappear, unfortunately, that's the reality and the danger; but... I don't know about anyone else, but i'm pretty flippin tired of the repeated script of build, waste, destroy, build, waste, destroy like a merry go round run by some crazy ass carny barker. Eventually, there's gonna be vomit. There's only so many times you can get on a ride or see a movie until it becomes meaningless as to it's purposed thrill or story and rather a sickening bore, no matter how exciting or dramatic is the ride or the screenplay. Seen this b4. Thanks, no thanks.

I'm more after endurance and enduring value and the possibility of bringing that to pass and overcome any repeating cycles of deficient systems and values, and we should. In the perennial world, though these poor ways may endure themselves, as object lessons, they could never reach anywhere near critical mass, as they have now. We, knowing better than that, wouldn't allow it. ...My little dream.


Anonymous said...


Well said. I like your little dream, and the way you think!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Into a Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hoax Alert: Report Claiming Nigerian Restaurant Served Human Flesh is False

Visible said...

That has already been pointed out by me at the latest Smoking Mirrors posting but thanks in any case. One likes to stay up on these things. You would think that a major UK daily would have been more in possession of facts but sensationalism is an intense lure.



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