Friday, January 27, 2023

"They Pushed The River and... The River Will Not Be Pushed. When You Push The River... The River Pushes Back."

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I should mention that the COVID scam was not only to usher in The Age of The Killer Vaccines. It was also a cover for controlling the results of elections through mail-in balloting AND from the criminal operations of The Demons of Dominion ... to shift the balance of power to The Dark Side; at least as far as appearances go, and... not to forget... to do what has been done many times before... for times beyond memory... steal a whole bunch of money.

(Both sides are dancing shades of gray, serving their masters who put them there, serving themselves, and occasionally serving those they were supposed to serve when it doesn't cost them too much personally.)

This has been in the works for a long time... long before The Gay Marriage Act, and even before BLM was a gleam in the eye of Little Georgie Sorrows.

Materialism has progressed to The Time of The Sociopaths; a predictable stop along the way. As evidence, witness the crocodile swine who own the killing factories that some call hospitals. Who label everything as COVID-related and who milk the national treasury thereby. These are people with no conscience... who trust The Science... because they can manipulate it for their own personal gain.

It's a topsy-turvy world at the moment. Due to slick marketing, those who were behind slavery, and the later forms of slavery that came as slumlord kingdoms... pawn shops... royalty thefts... leaching the soul's beauty from The Music and turning it into an infantile ego-dance and bling-enema called RAP... all manner of other vampirisms, now parade as the liberator. Like Governor Pritzker who's on the Golden Corral watch-list.

What is the possible purpose of Black Queer History? This is yet one more tentacle of The New Communism squid-monster who sits atop The World like a Sherwin-Williams paint can.

Why are the richest men in The World the greatest financiers of The New Communism? Isn't this a contradiction of formats?

One of the biggest in-your-face causes of dissent... around The World... is The Media that decides what we will hear about, and which also tells us whether it is important or not. I'm speaking of The Crass Media that spreads worldwide... like an oil-slick on the human mind. They tell you what's happening. They tell you if it is important or not. They tell you lies that directly... and indirectly... are all about making them money and keeping you in your place.

EVERYTHING is changing now. The workers of iniquity are finding that The Earth is moving beneath their feet. Circumstances have moved out of their control. They only ever imagined it was under their control to begin with. There WAS a balance however... and most everyone was able to get by. Then they decided to make perversity a main street attraction... and to teach it in schools. They decided to enforce population control by killing one group and importing another... much easier-to-control group.

They pushed The River and... The River will not be pushed. When you push The River. The River pushes back. When you bend Normal out of shape, it reacts like a branch... whipping in your face when you are running in The Woods. Why are you running in The Woods? The River is chasing you. So is Tom Sawyer in one of Becky Thatcher's spring dresses... followed by an angry mob of cartoon characters.

People do not understand the changes that occur in The Mind when they let greed... and lust... anger and arrogance... their whole inbred family of shortcomings... stay at the house instead of only visiting on the holidays. They get rowdy and they take over. They throw you out in the street. You got possessed and then dispossessed because... you weren't paying attention OR... you got weak and lazy. Convenience hijacked your will. It was only a dream in The Separated Mind after all.

No cabal. No coalition of psychopathic bankers. No standing army or sitting generals. No political system or Xeroxed religion is going to save anyone from what's coming. No one is going to save you from yourself. If you are relying on yourself, you will discover where that leads to. If you are relying on something other than yourself, you will see what you are led to. I take my marching orders from The Sun.

I am not concerned with any great reset or... replacement... or world war... or disease... old age... or death. I am concerned with The Love-Magic of Light. I am sure there will be dark and bloody trenches in many places round The World. I am sure there will be cities in flames. I have already seen cities in flames. These are not my concern. Neither are pandemics... or digital implants... or magnetic vaccines tuned to specific frequencies. My concern is bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

Temporal kingdoms rise and fall. All manner of social experiments come and go. There is famine and want, and there is plenty. These are each generated by the mindsets of those experiencing them. You must move with care through The World because every move leaves evidence of your passing, and sets off a chain reaction.

I was most fortunate in having madness shown to me in the places where they put people too crazy to be on the street, AND... in my own mind; courtesy of God and psychedelics, I was able to travel to both Heavens and Hells in thought. Now they put the people too crazy to be on the street... in the street.

Everything is completely out of hand. Part of it is the small print in all the new law spinoffs from The Gay Marriage Act. Now... men who only identify as a woman out of fear of the consequences of crime are put into women's prisons where they can have sex with the other prisoners. There is NOTHING sane or rational about this. It's how lawyers make money. Follow The Money.

On the screwball coasts of this country, one can see what The Dark Side has in mind for humanity... in all the places between them. Sane people are leaving these dysfunctional zones. Even crazy people are leaving these zones, hoping to find sanctuary from the conditions they created elsewhere.

The manipulators of humanity think they have Normal on the run, and they are in a frenzy to drive Normal into the sea, BUT... all the while... there is that presence coiled inside their heads that drives them on with an even greater frenzy... under the lashes of Desire and Fear.

At no point have these villains ever been in charge. It has all been for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is a fluid biorhythm of ups and downs. Some are raised up and then they are rolled over on, and then ground under. It is a pointless routine of Stupidity repeating itself again, and again, and again.

♫ I read The News today ♫ (oh boy). With the telescope and microscope feature of my mind, I pulled away and I drew in close. I looked into the mind behind the mind who wrote the news. This was and is not difficult for me because it is all... the... same... mind. I could see what their intentions are for the stories they were telling and... it made me laugh. It made me laugh in a rueful and sorrowful way.

I can do nothing with The World at large. I am a passing player, a walk-on in the endlessly rotating dramedy of life... forever demonstrating the outcome of desire and intention. This is one of those final acts where the denouement weaves all the disparate plot lines together. It is not like art... contrived to some point of contention with reality. It's life itself... demonstrating the difference between dreams and reality... between Truth and Delusion... between time passing... and the eternal moment that everything waterfalls into and out of.

They are messing with animal feed. They are feeding chickens chemicals that stop them from laying eggs. They are doing worse than that, and they are doing it in every area they can get away with it in. This is disturbing... is it not? They are on a reckless killing spree for our own good. They... are in for a big surprise.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

"If You Want The Gifts of The Spirit... There are Angels Who Will Accommodate You... IF... You Accommodate Them."

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They had the idea of spreading viruses. They worked their way up to creating them... and then they started disseminating them. There were probably earlier test runs but AIDS was their first international hit, which they introduced through a particular demographic. That led to COVID. COVID was only a precursor for The Killer Vaccines and their Eugenics agenda, which was their initial intention. Now it's come full circle to AIDS again only it is a much wider demographic now. That is what's happening to the people who keep taking The Killer Vaccines. They are getting AIDS.

I know it's hard to believe that a certain group of Satanically-inclined psychopaths intend to kill off a significant portion of The World. Those they do not kill... they intend to intimidate into voluntary indentured slavery; a more onerous form of their debt slavery. Hard as it is to believe... it's true. The good news is that this complex scenario ONLY applies to those it applies to. FEAR... is something that sucks you in, if... you... let... it.

In what way does Fear or Worry EVER serve your interests? Both of these are actual entities that consume you the same way fire consumes its fuel, except... in this case, you are the fuel. It pays to respect the potential of dangers that exist in manifest life, BUT... aversion AND attraction are both your mortal enemies... unless they are properly channeled... too many desires breed a multitude of misfortunes and are a sure guarantor of poverty.

It is a SIMPLE technique and I promise you... if you employ it... it WILL deliver. It costs you nothing. It is not part of any seminar or intensive. It is a gift of the spirit, which everlastingly... gives because it... is... its... nature. You must ONLY still The Reactive Mind and open The Heart, and you do this by, what I call, casting out thought. It is very difficult at first. There is a reason for this. It takes care of the dilettantes... debutantes and mirror-junkies, as well as the seminar-four-day intensive fireflies.

I make a brief snort of breath and expel the thought-form. Traffic is trying to fly in all day long. You HAVE TO BE the air-traffic controller. Then you control what comes into your head. Thinking is a force. It can be intensified... if your focus is not all over the place; Materialism tends to cause that.

It is a simple thing, but it requires a relentless focus. You have to want it so badly that failure is not on the menu. Then... and only then... you will have it. When you are able to control the thinking process, which is like taking your dog (monkey) to obedience school... you will be in a position to concentrate on and control the flow of thought toward the certitude of manifestation. You will be a magician with palpable results, instead of a magician who sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails... and mostly winds up doing the doggie paddle to nowhere.

I know some things about magic. At another time it was what I did. I am not fond of magic. There is ONLY one real magician and that is God. My preference is for God to perform and for me to be a spectator. It is a characteristic of mortals to screw up. Screwing up in magic is not the same as screwing up in ordinary life. The repercussions can be horrific... depending on what you are after and what the agreements are with the entity that satisfies the desire.

If you want gifts of The Spirit. There are angels to accommodate you IF... you accommodate them.

There is no greater magic than directing the flow of Higher Love. Let's see if we can find an analogy. Ah... one we have used before. An undisciplined mind is like a flashlight. A disciplined mind is like a laser, and... there are concentrations of laser light accessible; depending on whether you are a tyro or an adept.

On the matter of adepts, there is The Lesser Adept... The Adept... and the Exempt Adept. Although... usually only two of them get mentioned. At every stage of awareness, there is a perspective that attends it. On the road to whatever it is that you imagine you are after... there comes a fork in the road. One direction is for self-interest and the other is for selflessness. You are not really selfless. It is just that your imaginary self gets displaced by your real self. You become a conscious window.

Every tradition has an occult aspect. One is advised to not proceed without a guide. If you study The World around you... if you travel a bit... you can see what happens when one has no guidance besides The Call of The Appetites. You can see what happened when troubled people accept rigid codes of behavior in order to color between the lines. It's for the same reason that the mentally ill study psychiatry.

However... since there is no real sustenance in such desiccated structures, people stray... they live double lives. I do nothing where I care if the whole world sees me. This is because I... and you... and everyone everywhere are ALWAYS under observation. If people had even a remote idea of the unseen audiences they perform in front of, they would be a great deal more careful about what they get up to, and how they get up to it.

People do not understand the costs of certain actions. In some cases you wind up attached to flypaper... or you tread on a glueboard... or you find that spiders come in all manner of deceptive and attractive forms. Life is a minefield and only God knows the way through. I have not the slightest doubt about this... AT ALL. Look at the casualty numbers.

Some say that no one gets out of here alive. That is misleading. Let's use a line from scripture; “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” Immortals are ALWAYS present in The World... but not of it. (grin) Agartha... Shambhala... extra-terrestrials... deathless masters and sages are real. They.. are... real... and... what must you do to come into contact with them? You must be real. There are also shadowlands for those who are not real. YOU... GET... WHAT... YOU... ARE.

Returning to the first paragraph... I get uneasy when Australia and New Zealand cross my mind. It seems like The Powers that Think They Are, think they know something about what's coming, but just because you have a fantasy and a lot of money, does not mean that reality will come and be your live-in whore. Reality does not go every which way and double sideways. Fantasy does that. So... they are most certainly wrong, but... they do have a whole lot of money and the sway it produces.

Australia and New Zealand... in recent times... have been used as a proving ground to test out behavior models, say... if you do this what happens? Okay... let's do this and this too, and see what happens. These places are far away. They are self-contained. Maybe these people who think they know... bought into some of those prophecy lines about The Northern Hemisphere being screwed and The Southern Hemisphere being The Place.

So... those who think they are powerful are looking for places to land, just like a particular demographic is doing in Patagonia... and it's going on in other places. The rich and powerful have been building boltholes for themselves for some time. South America is doing a brisk business in boltholes.

They have never been able to find a bolthole from Death. Death finds its way in, no... matter... what. Very seldom do these boltholes prove to be the answer. Something always interferes and they can never leave until the last minute, and then? It's too late.

They hire people to protect them, and that works. It works until there are no more people you need protecting from. Then... who is going to protect you from your protectors? It is much better to have friends instead of employees. The very best is when you have Invisible Friends. This is not the same as Imaginary Friends.

Still... if you are living in these places OR... maybe most places on Earth, you want to remember that a proving ground is also known as a testing ground. It's going to get dicey because THEY won't stop. Last time, they got The World to go along with their bullshit. I never bought it from the giddy-up and lots of other people were the same. This time... a lot more people know it was bullshit... and worse! It's genocide. The Awakening has progressed some distance since, AND Mr. Apocalypse has been line-dancing with Lady Awakening. It's the reverse of being lulled to sleep.

They won't be able to do it again, and that's where it gets dicey because these are truly desperate characters and they know what happens if they get caught out. The thing is... they are already caught out. This is dawning on them, and that is why they are desperate. They have access to all kinds of information. Unfortunately... it is missing critical portions and so... they are marching to their doom.

I think fondly of my friends down under... keep a weather eye out and trust in The Conductor.

Where the fat cats and dark dabblers miss the point with their selfish ways is... what good is your life if it doesn't put a smile on your face? Why spend your time where you are not having a good time? What is life in the absence of Love? You have to be pretty vain and deluded... not to mention, stupid... to believe The Hollywood Hype. They buy into their own bullshit. That is suicidal. It will cost them more than their life.

Doing for others. Living the selfless... ever-giving perspective... it puts you into a resonance with The Sun. This is what The Sun does... non-stop... radiating warmth and light is one of the hallmarks of immortality. NOTHING is of more value than to... be... useful. You will be needed, and in ever finer services... where Love is The Purpose of Demonstration.

Love is warmth. Light is Wisdom (if it is turned on). In union... they produce Truth. You have a choice. You can be Johnny Appleseed from Zippity-Do-Dah-Land Or... you can be anything else you see in examples all around you. You can toss the seeds of Love... Beauty... Harmony and Virtue OR... well... see; that's that Free Will thing. I had to let that go. I looked around one day and saw that it wasn't even there. I must have dreamed it or something.

End Transmission.......

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This is The 2nd Meditation from The Way to The Kingdom

The following exercises are given for the development of mental power within yourself.

“Seat yourself in a chair, in your own room if possible,
or in one in which you will be undisturbed.

Take a positive position, sitting upright, but comfortably,
so that you will be as unconscious of your body as possible.

Now close your eyes and try to visualize the room
as a mental room, or one within your mind in which
you are going to fill full of and confine the
mental qualities of Discrimination, Strength,
the Power to Concentrate, and Truth,
for your future and continuous use.

Then try to realize that you are actually a center
of God's consciousness, for in His consciousness
we all live, move and have our being; and that this
mind which you call your mind is a center or focal
point of His Mind-—just as the consciousness of
each cell of your body is a center or focal point of
your mind—and that therefore deep within your
mind there must be always present and ever available
God's Love, Intelligence and Power; in fact,
all that God Is in His Consciousness.

Now try to "see" this Consciousness—the Holy
Love or Spirit of God—pouring forth from deep
within and flowing through and radiating from you
to all other centers of His Consciousness as a brilliant
White Light; which Light in very truth is the
Spiritual Self to one who has the inner sight, for It
is the Light which lighteth every man that cometh
into the world.

Therefore realize that you are that
Light, and that your mind being a part of God's
Mind, you can consciously and actually call forth
from within that Mind—if motivated and accompanied
only by unselfish Love—any needed quality,
for in It of course exist all God qualities.

Therefore "see" your Light ever shining and going
thus before you, lighting fully your path
and making everything so clear that no possible
shadow can intrude to deceive or hinder your perfect
spiritual sight and hence your fullest understanding.
This gives true Discrimination.

Likewise, to your right see this Light radiating
and pouring forth from you into the mental atmosphere
of that part of your room as the Strength of
Divine Mind, ever ready to support and sustain you
in any need, and to enable you to do anything you
wish to do.

While on your left see the great Light of Truth
likewise flowing forth to fill that part of your mentality,
so that whenever you need to know anything,
no matter what, it is ever ready to flood your consciousness
and to make all clear to you.

And then back of you, see this great Light from
within pouring forth and filling that part of your
mentality with the Power to concentrate and focus it,
whenever you want to direct your mind upon
any given idea or to any desired end.

Just see this Light as a mighty Power ever back
of you, waiting to pour through your consciousness
(as through a funnel) in which is held the idea you
wish clearly to understand or the picture that you
wish to outmanifest—whenever you call upon this
Power to direct the Light of Divine Mind upon it.

See your intellect or visioning faculty
(located in the front of your mind back of center of forehead)
serving as a lens to focus the Light and reflect the
perfect picture in the outer realms of consciousness
or of physical manifestation.

Just as the light pours through the small lens of
a magic lantern, when you turn on the electric
power, and throws the picture on the plate upon
the screen, so will this Power, when you thus consciously
direct it with intense purpose, cause the
Light, Life and Substance of Divine Mind to pour
into and through the idea or picture you are holding
in your mind and will outmanifest it either as a
perfect knowing or as the fulfillment of your desire.

Study this last carefully and prove it,
for it can be used to acquire any needed wisdom, power or
ability, or to create and make manifest any righteous
thing or condition. But be very sure you have
the approval of your Higher Self of that which you
wish manifested; for it should never be attempted
unless inspired by a loving desire to help someone
or to fit yourself for the Father's use.

This rounds out your mentality, filling it full of
those qualities that you want ever available for use.
Any other qualities can be similarly brought forth
and made available.

The practice of actually calling
forth these qualities from within you and "seeing"
them surrounding you and filling your mental room,
thereby creates an aura that will always surround and protect you.

For it will be of such high
vibration, because of the brilliancy of its Light and
the Power of Love radiating from it, that none of
the forces of darkness can penetrate or even approach.

The powers of Discrimination and Truth
thus built into your aura will instantly detect any
inimical or inharmonious vibrations
and enable youto know how to deal with them.
This practice also will gradually, if you do it
faithfully day after day, make you conscious of
the mighty Power you are, and of the wonderful instrument
you have in this mind of yours,
as you learn to make it obey your slightest command.

This is what is meant above where it said that these
exercises are for the development of mental power
within yourself; they are that you may not only
develop power, but that you may become Power,
may learn to know Who you are and of What you
are a part. But always remember that Power and
Knowledge avail nothing, unless Love inspires and directs their use."

Thursday, January 19, 2023

"You... No Doubt... are Wondering How... How Did It All Get Like This So Quickly? Has The World Really Lost its Mind?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It becomes more and more clear that the reason people are drawn into cycles of depraved, sexual behavior... and mindsets of gender confusion, is for one of two reasons. They are Possessed or they want attention. In these times one can achieve near-instant celebrity simply by being outrageous in behavior or appearance. It may not be positive celebrity, and it will... likely... not be lasting celebrity, but... it will be celebrity.

On the one hand, you have the ever-growing presence of Legion and his army of sexually-bent nutjobs. On the other hand, you have those who manipulate media to shape and influence opinion. Let's refer to them as Group A and Group B. A does not create B, but it does lead to B though, so... let's have Group A be the opinion makers... the information generators, and the mind shapers, and Group B will be those who are influenced by Group A.

As a preliminary... why don't I suggest that the reader investigate who owns broadcast media, print media, and social media. Look at who owns and runs the entertainment industry... the film studios and the recording industry. Look at who controls and manipulates the flow of information. Then I suggest you study who owns and operates The Central Banks and The Federal Reserve; oh right! The Federal Reserve is The Central Bank.

Consider that those who control the currency flow also control the economy. Please note that the same demographic owns the majority of the larger banks; it used to be every major bank except Bank of America. That may have changed since I last looked.

These same people are the architects and financiers of all the major sexual organizations worldwide. They are also behind all migration efforts... forced and otherwise. They are behind the election thefts and are also the New Age Pirates of Climate Change. They created and head up The WEF. They own most things... seemingly.

When you can print the money, you can also hand it out to whomever you wish. There is no native altruism in money. It explains how whoever got in control of the engines of commerce did it. The Federal Reserve Act is an empowering document for the enslavement of humanity.

They are behind all of the racial dissension and the bizarre curricula in the colleges and universities. They teach the classes. They manufacture and dispense The Killer Vaccines. By extension... they also control the medical industry, and the state of treatment available. They have taken over the religions of The World in many cases. They are always on the sidelines monitoring and directing the flow of Trends and Patterns to a horrific end time for humanity.

All of what I said... and a great deal more... are EASILY proven by cursory investigation. The more you look... the more you find the same members of Group A. They are also a disproportionate number of the members of Group B, on the sexual end, compared to all the other demographics... all of which are much larger than their own.

Many have wondered how it is that Group A got so much power... there being so few of them. The real answer is to be found on the invisible side of The Helix. Each person born into a particular sex of male or female... into a particular color group... into a particular religion... into a particular country... and to a particular set of parents... once again, either male or female; because outside of a laboratory that is the only way it happens.. each and all of these factors are Karmic subsets.

HOWEVER... there is more to what happens on The Other Side than merely being routed from death to rebirth. Conversations are had. Information is exchanged. The members of Group A asked for the opportunity to do good in The World... to serve their fellows. So... God gave them the means. He gave them the keys to The Material World. They promised to do good with them, AND... SOME... OF... THEM... DID.

HOWEVER... in Times of Material Darkness, the forces of Attraction are greatly intensified and people lose their way. Tikkun Olam turned into Ticklish Onan. They promised to fix what they messed up the last times they were here, and God let them, because... as anyone with insight and a metaphysical grasp of history can see... NOTHING is real and EVERYTHING is permitted. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good but The Truth is SELF-evident.

You... no doubt... are wondering how... how did it all get like this so quickly? Has The World lost its mind? IN EVERY AGE... a World Teacher comes. He is a direct extension of The Ineffable. He comes empowered to specific ends... with specific tasks having to do with righting The World... and restoring it to balance. He always comes when The World has fallen into disorder. He comes to reward the righteous and to punish (and INFORM) the evildoers.

Before he arrives on The Manifest Plane, he sweeps out the higher planes of all malefic entities who have ensconced themselves in hidey-holes... where some of them have been for generations. He deals with the principalities and powers; the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. He drives them before him with his light. He drives them down... and out... into here.

Because so many people have lost their way, due to the snares of Materialism, it is not a difficult feat for these disembodied entities to hijack the deluded and... POSSESS them. It is simple work to awaken and inflame hungers and low desires in them and lead them to destruction.

They may think they are manifest in order to pursue their desires and appetites. They are here for the purpose of Judgment. It doesn't come around in any wide sense... most of the time... except when there are wars and plagues, BUT... it does come at particular moments, to... the... surprise... of... all.

All the videos you see at various locations on the internet... of people losing their minds... trashing the stores... attacking people on the streets... appearing on Tik Tok and other mediums. These are The Possessed. These are animatronic zombies... vaccine-magnetized and manipulated from invisible locations OR... otherwise disabled and refurbished for foul purposes and dark appetites. It is not the person engaged in these activities that is doing it. It is the infernal entity that has hijacked their minds through the lure of their appetites.

Sometimes this is an immediate possession, BUT... most of the time it is a gradual affair, AND... without proper guidance one does not notice the slight veering of their path. Like one who is lost in the woods, they wander in circles. These demonic entities celebrate their perversity... under the guise of diversity, which is basically... Divide and Conquer said differently. They exhort the possessed to take Pride in their behavior... in their obesity... in their depravity... in their clown costumes in search of a singularity of self, THAT... DOES... NOT... EXIST.

Group A serves The God of The World in its temporary and ever-changing splendor. The Chosen among them... feast at The High Table, and do not realize that the table is attended by cobwebbed skeletons, and that the food and drink they are ingesting is not the food and drink they think it is. There will be no joy or satisfaction for them because they have evicted The Supreme Enjoyer.

So... we are in times of spiraling chaos and disorder. It is hard to understand how it got the way it did, with the full support of those elected or appointed to serve us. NOW... The Winds of Change have come and just as quickly... perhaps even more quickly... it could all get turned around again. Usually, this is inspired by some great world catastrophe... either natural or ignorantly engineered. I don't know the details, BUT... a major shift is in process, and... THEY know about it too.

Take note of the abdication of the despotic ruler of New Zealand, in concert with the strange behavior of Soros... Schwab and Gates, as well as many another curious and inexplicable happening. Remember that everything happens first in The Mind... and then finds its way out into action and reaction. Those who imagine they rule The World, mostly take no notice of who it is that rules them. In some cases, they are delighted to have the attention of the one they call Satan... or Lucifer.

For some time they entertained themselves with the idea that they... Group A... rule The World. Now... things are happening inside of them over which they have no control. They are in the on-deck circle for The Purpose of Demonstration AND... demonstrate they will.

They do not realize it is the one and only incomprehensible divine who operates and CONTROLS both sides of the equation. When they are compelled to appear before the highest court, they find that the one they served is now The Prosecuting Attorney who knows all there is to know about them. God is The Devil the way the wicked see him. There is ONLY the one all-powerful source of Light and Life, and Desire is the agency of God's Will.

You are about to see a spectacle indeed, and your perspective will be defined by your level of investment. Keep your eyes open, BUT... more importantly... keep your heart and mind open.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, January 16, 2023

"As The Demonic is Pushed Out into Form from The Inner Worlds, More and More People are A Habitation of Demons."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it should be obvious, but... I take nothing for granted these days. As... I... was... saying; it should be obvious what is happening with these documents that keep getting discovered in Biden's garage BY PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR HIM!!! It's got to be a really big garage, BUT... I suspect the basement -given that it's Biden's- is much larger. Larger even than Jame Gumb's basement in the Silence of the Lambs.

It's all about going to war with Ukraine.

Biden's been making incoherent rumbling about running again, so... the people with the money and the magicians have decided... ♫ He'll have to go ♫ Either people are as stupid as these clowns think they are OR... I'm missing something... since I am not one of the people that they think are that stupid. It looks to me like The Emperor is a drag queen that keeps getting mistaken for The Pope.

It's all about going to war with Ukraine. Do you see how the fawning press can turn in a Hong Kong minute if you don't follow orders or... your response time is slow?

Something really screwy is loose if they expect The World at large to buy the boxes of documents that keep appearing. It's starting to look like the people at Facebook are using the drop boxes for midnight delivery again only... they've switched sides... temporarily... in order to make war happen in Ukraine. That's what's really at the bottom of the sudden media turn on Bojack Biden with the low-jacked mind.

As the demonic is pushed out into form from the inner worlds, by the power of The Avatar, more and more people are a habitation of demons.

AND... whaddya know? They're dropping to the ground... all around... from The Killer Vaccines. There are more young sports competitors... as well as... people from all-walks-of-life... American Idol contestants and others. It's murder on a mass scale. They're baaad and they're not just nationwide; to paraphrase ZZ Top.

Everywhere you look... strange days have come upon us. The WEF and The Gates Foundation are burning down food factories and storage depots. Greta Pieface Moonface is going Amazonian in the woods of Germany with her Antifa backup dancers. Are you next?

I could go on and on about all of the weird, diverse... and somehow... connected events, going on in The World these days. Since the dawn of time... someone... or... some collective of someones, has been trying to take over The World. The fake news history of The World has been written by schemers and behavior modification experts... to the end result... of clouding The Hive Mind. For... some... strange... reason... they are NEVER able to take over The World.

Why is it that NO ONE... EVER... has been able to take over the whole world? It is because The Earth is a living presence, and it withdraws from the touch of The Profane, which anyone trying to take over The World would be a member of.

Hint... Tower of Babel... Hint... routine and ritual destructions of culture and countries. Hint... everything is under control.

Why is that? Well now... bad guys you know about. The trappings of The World attract them. Even so... the really bad cats are in the background. It doesn't pay to have any amount of fame if you are in the business of destroying lives on a grand scale. EVEN MORE hidden are... The Good Guys.

You hear about people meeting them here and there. Gurdjieff wrote a book called, “Meetings with Remarkable Men.” Paul Foster Case mentions meeting someone called R who is a member of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order and... who had been alive well beyond the normal span of life. Autobiography of a Yogi is filled with such tales.

We also have the historical records of people like Apollonius of Tyana... Mehmet Karagoz... and there are the alchemists like Thomas Vaughn and Basil Valentine. I'd better stop listing names. I leave out many important ones. However... the most important ones remain unknown to the wider world. Guru Bawa called them a strand of jewels around the neck of God.

I met such a personage. I met more than one, BUT... one was more significant in the impact he had on my life. Shortly after meeting him, my life was radically altered. He was the one who awakened Kundalini in me. Some might think that was a wonderful event. At first... it seemed to be. As long as I could stay above the enchantments of The World... it was a wonderful thing indeed, BUT... should you fall... at some point... and I have been given to believe that nearly all of us do... then it becomes a most unpleasant thing until the ship is righted again.

Apparently... there is a process to be endured. The alchemists have names for each of the stages; calcination... dissolution... separation... conjunction... putrification... distillation... coagulation... but... the simple explanation is... you get broken down to atomic particles and then refurbished... reconstituted... reassembled; destroyed and remade. So... yeah... though it is fun at the beginning, it can get severely painful at various stations of change.

It's the removal and transformation of everything that blocks The Light.

Well... life is growth... yes? Growth AND decay. You die when you lose your ability to change and adapt. The Divine Mother is doing you a favor with Death... if you think about it. People get fixed= Fixation. I don't know if that has anything to do with, “fixation of the volatile,” but... connections exist between EVERYTHING. This is why the object is... should be... coming into harmony with all of life. You are not The Policeman unless you turn yourself into one.

Keep in mind... terms may vary. Pseudo-intellectuals love to argue about all of this. They're not concerned about accomplishing any of it, and I can assure you, they don't... but argue? They'll argue like a magpie with hemorrhoids. ♫ you can't sit down! You can't sit down! ♫ Even though sitting down is the largest part of the problem for the magpie's ailment. See the irony?

To simplify the matter. It's all about The Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury... or The Mind brought to a state of suspension and why frogs sit motionless in the moonlight. Others turn to The Sun.

Greta Pieface Moonface is a hydra visage of the WEF. There is a composition playing and it acts upon the minds of those who have given themselves over to The Sway. All of those famous and powerful people... almost without exception... most especially in these times... they work for The Conductor who holds them in thrall with promises of tasty delights from The World's confectionery shops. Remember... this is all happening in The Mind, and at no time does the hand leave the sleeve.

In The Divided World, The Divine Force has two faces. These faces differ in presentation. In one hand it carries a sword... an axe... to free you from life's snares. In the other hand... it carries a net that traps you in the snares; “lead us not into temptation BUT... deliver us from Evil.” It's something to think about; note the masthead.

Of course... speaking about Pseudo-intellectuals, they like to operate from the exalted plane of Advaita. They love to argue about non-duality where (irony alert) once again... a true understanding of the meaning would make argument impossible, cause... there wouldn't be any separation between those arguing; subject... object... etc.

I understand that my understanding is limited. Against the vast backdrop of The Wisdom of God, I am less than anything that is still not too small to see. I am too small to see and one of the reasons I am less visible. It sometimes feels presumptuous for me to say anything at all, but... I don't have any say in the matter.

My point is... I may not be entitled to speak about... It... whatever It is, BUT... I am permitted to talk around It. It is our hope that something useful will be suggested without pointing directly at it. Even though it seems still and stationary... maybe it's a trick of The Light, but... it always seems to be moving. It's hard to get a fix on it. (grin)

End Transmission.......

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More from Cold Mountain

On Cold Mountain lives a naked insect
Its body is white and its head is black.
In its arm it carries a couple of books,
One "The Way" and the other "The Power."
At home it doesn't bother with kettle or stove,
On a journey it takes along no clothes,
But always it carries the sword of True Wisdom
To cut down the thieves of senseless desire.

Man, living in the dust,
Is like a bug trapped in a bowl.
All day he scrabbles round and round,
But never escapes from the bowl that holds him.
The immortals are beyond his reach,
His cravings have no end,
While months and years flow by like a river
Until, in an instant, he has grown old.

With mind as lofty as the mountain peak,
And self-righteous look (“Me bow to others?"),
He announces he will lecture on the Vedic canon,
Having mastered all the writings of the Three Religions.*
In his heart there is no trace of shame,
Though he breaks the commandments andignores the holy laws.
My sermons are for men of superior understanding

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

"The Personality is The Separated Mind. It is The Combustion Engine of Fallen Angels. It is A Mask with No Eye Holes."

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It came from beneath the valley of the son of The Killer Vaccines. Spielberg's going to direct and Satan is going to executive produce. Variety says it's going to go direct to 6G cable through the bloodstream of the walking zombies of the inner cities... as they rub up against each other... simulating and stimulating something that bears a riveting similarity... to a distant memory... (“it's almost like Deja-vu all over again”) that... is... now... no more than occasional sparks on the blacktop... from a downed power line... waiting on a thunderstorm.

Pfizer's latest ad is, “Come on down to Motel 86. We'll turn the lights off for you.” It's got that folksy... Indian-burn intimacy that the Gates/Monsanto people like. These days, Mozart would be living off of poisoned Ramen... if he could afford it.

This just in... moments ago... an Air Force Academy football player just dropped dead on his way to school. He was 21 years old. My theory is... he was a big boy, over 300 pounds... played offensive lineman... His heart had to work hard driving all those Spike proteins through his system... until they got to his heart, where... I guess... they bottlenecked, and... congealed.

As brainwashed and fast asleep as all the prisoners of conformity and routine always looked to me, I still can't believe they would become this much stupider in such a short period of time. I thought the drugs would make them smarter, BUT... either they took the wrong drugs... or dumbassedness is written into their DNA. It is as if they are from some other species, born to march through the paddocks... to some factory farm destination... in Same-Old, Same-Old Dystopia-nostalgia, AND... there's no vaccine for that.


When you turn away from God, you go off of his television screen and he can't see you anymore. You get turned into antimatter in The Mirror of Utter Darkness, somewhere on the borderline of The Ring-Pass-Not. You need to be charged by The Light of God to qualify as being alive. This is a perfect example of the transhumanist agenda, “Let's remove all the photons and see what happens!” In a pig's ear” is about to move from idiom to grafted and living fashion accessory.

Somewhere... in the dark underground laboratories of The Rand Corporation, a contemporary Saruman is building new life forms, each one more hideous than the one before. It's Frankenstein's castle on The Island of Dr. Moreau. Somewhere... there was the sound of a starter pistol and all Hell broke loose. I don't know who told who... to tell everyone else... that these things were all okay, BUT... that is what happened.

A new federal law was drafted that stated... it is perfectly okay to rape and murder everything you can catch... as long as (here's the caveat) you are gender-fluid OR gender-confused. You want to know where all this evil... Satanic behavior came from? They passed a bunch of laws under the guise of something else... that was presented as a series of shining moments of an ever greater and more pervasive liberty, and... someone got fooled again.

It's like holocaust denial in the EU. It doesn't matter if you can prove it never happened. It's... against... the... law... to... say... it. It doesn't matter if what you say is true, you can't say it because The People who Rule Over You said you can't say it.

How is it that certain people gained the right to control what you think and speak? There are complicated answers to that, and there are simple answers to that. The simplest answer can be presented in a single word; Materialism. The more the force of Mammon pervades the whole of the planetary psyche, the more The Shadow rises and then crystallizes into visible... palpable form... by way of blood sacrifices... and the despoliation of innocence. The more The Hive Mind can be conditioned to focus on external objects of desire, the easier it is to enslave the consciousness of the... ones... so... mesmerized.

The more the sexual nature is titillated and then bent into perverse forms of expression, the more all of those so affected are transported into a living Hell inside their minds. It is The Penitentiary of The Mind and the... bad... guys... are... in... charge OR... so it is made to appear. It has no effect on me. It has no effect on many of the readers. It has no effect on anyone whose attention is focused on The Indwelling.

Remember the spinning plate that is more like a cone... or a scone that has been pressed down? The closer you are to the center of it... when it is spinning... the more secure you are. The closer you are to the outer edge, the more likely it is that you will be spun off the plate by centrifugal force, into... outer... darkness. How did you get to the edge of the plate? It is the magnetic attractions to the forms of desire that drew you there.

God help us in our hour of need! Oh blessed Lord of The Indwelling, be you Christ or Ishvara, Krishna or Gautama... the singular one... cloaked in his own mystery; by whatever name you are called... it is God personified, so... that... we... can... know... him, as a clear mirror image of our highest possibilities.

It is impersonal love that dissolves the mystery by... revealing the truth. It is the everlasting self... contained within the deception of the personality. Once The Personality is FIXED... it can be held steady... so that The Light of God may shine through. You see this in ALL realized people, where The Self is enthroned upon the heart... where the regent has been restored to the throne. The Personality is The Separated Mind. It is the combustion engine of fallen angels. It is a mask with no eye holes.

When the veils upon your eyes are removed by Lady Awakening, you must take care with what you say and do.

Even those whose greatest attraction is control of The Material Plane, are not all evil by design or intention. They are only acting according to their nature. In simpler times... they would not be so inflamed with insatiable hungers. In their worldview, all that they do is justified. They got the keys to the candy store, and they are damn well going to decide who gets the candy. If you don't care about the candy... ah! Then you are no longer on their TV screen.

As Lao Tzu said; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” Look!!! The World is The World is The World. There are ALWAYS going to be good guys and bad guys. Next time... it may be someone else. The roles could be reversed.

As Christianity is remolded according to The Aquarian Age... a great deal is going to change and... The Usual Suspects are going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new worlds of form... stamped out by a new template, and vibrationally regulated by reconstituted archetypes... to the end of whatever the lesson is; AND??? Everyone will have to re-adjust... again.

Seek The Tone ALREADY on The Dial that most harmonizes with your own and all will be well.

Darling... Santa's not going to be in this movie. He's not real.


Heh heh... just kidding. Of course, Santa's real and he doesn't appear only on Christmas. In certain cases he shows up every day.

Why... then... does he show up so rarely to most people?

It is selfish behavior. Selfish behavior drives away Cosmic Santa. On the other hand... selfless behavior attracts him. In times of Material Darkness, he becomes invisible to most people. The Sun transforms into Cosmic Santa along a specific bandwidth. This is why people take magic mushrooms. These are the same bandwidth as far as palpable resonance occurs, BUT... as I have learned... it's best to be able to generate those states at will through... austerities... and... Love... of... The... Divine.

The chemistry for any state of mind... or state of being... is present within us. The question; is how to locate and activate it? That is the key to bringing it about.

Purification can bring these states about as well because all sorts of luminous entities will visit you. You are either making yourself dirtier or you are being made clean. Don't fight The Divine Mother.

There have been countless alchemists over the centuries. Only a few of them have had any success. It is easy to find people who can talk about what they can't do... as if they really were able to. In order to succeed at alchemy, you HAVE TO meet The Alchemist.

He's the same guy that knows all the other secrets too.

Everything you need to know is in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. I prefer the BOTA translation. Yeah... it's all there, BUT... interpreting it? You have to meet the guy who's already gone through The Operation of The Sun. We are all able to have such a meeting... if we are willing to be prepared for the challenge, and... have been properly schooled... and if we are willing to pay the costs. A big part of the cost is letting go of the things that hold you back. You would think it would be easy to cut them loose... these shortcomings.

Each of them represents a wound that was experienced through some process of attraction and/or attachment. Sometimes the thorn is still present. It takes a skilled hand to remove them, even more so to heal the wound. My position is to put yourself in the hands of the expert. That way you can't go wrong, and otherwise... you can't do it anyway... not by yourself.

Should you encounter a real teacher. He would understand your entire Karma-schematic. He could play you like a violin or sing through you like Orpheus. You ONLY get so far on your own because of The Separated Mind. Some things are ONLY accomplished in Unity. The active part of Unity is Love. Love is a force. The point is to get un-separated. Love completes the connection. After that, it all sorta takes care of itself. Your job is letting it happen.

End Transmission.......

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Cold Mountain excerpts=

“In the beginning, He parted heaven and earth
And set man down to live in the middle.
He belched forth fog to bewilder us,
And sent the wind to wake us up.
When He's kind, He gives us wealth and honor,
And when He's mean, it's trouble and want.
Listen, you fellows banging around down here
Everything depends on the Man Upstairs

Would you know a simile for life and death?
Compare them then to water and ice.
Water binds together to become ice;
Ice melts and turns back into water.
What has died must live again,
What has been born shall return to death.
Water and ice do no harm to each other;
Life and death are both of them good

Men these days search for a way through the clouds,
But the cloud way is dark and without sign.
The mountains are high and often steep and rocky
In the broadest valleys the sun seldom shines.
Green crests before you and behind,
White clouds to east and west
Do you want to know where the cloud way lies?
There it is, in the midst of the Void!”

Sunday, January 08, 2023

"Does Your Altar Shine with Love and Radiate upon You when You Stand Before It, AND... When You Don't? Mine Does."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Mel Gibson is making a movie about The Rothschilds. It seems like his version of Suicide by Cop is Suicide by Banker. I guess he knows what he's doing. He recently went on about Adrenochrome... Satanic Child Sacrifice, and Hollywood being deep in the darkness of spiritual iniquity. Apocalypto was one of the finest films I ever saw. He's had his run-ins with The Controllers... just like Marlon Brando... Howard Hughes... Charles Lindbergh... Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and... considerable others.

I must... once again... mention Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. They are the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of archetypes dancing profound change into manifestation. Their medium of expression is The Purpose of Demonstration, AND you will be seeing it in progress, as you already do... unless you are blind... terminally stupid, or... part of the problem that is irreversibly being uncovered... and revealed to the Hive Mind as it is shaken from its slumbers.

When the Buffalo Bills football player went down from The Killer Vaccine, in front of tens of millions of fans watching the game on Monday Night Football AND... one of the biggest games of the year, it was a watershed moment in human history.. a tandem dance move between Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening, directed at the hive mindset... AND CERTAIN TO TREMBLE the spider's web of collective dreaming like nothing previous has done. It was an in-your-face statement from The Cosmos.

HE... GOT... THE BOOSTER... ON... DECEMBER 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Lord... we are on the precipice of irrevocable change... soon... nothing will be like it was. As the revealing intensifies... and awakening becomes more and more insistent... there will be nowhere to hide from what you can't unsee. Truth is about to rock your world.

All of my remaining business is with The Sun. The Sun is my daily altar before which I sit and receive The Living Gospel from The Book of Nature. It's in audio-book format that accompanies all the visual prompts that illustrate what can't be said.

The majority of The World lives in a state of perpetual resistance to The Truth. HOWEVER... if you can put aside all resistance and cease to be a hindrance to the cosmic-living-light of The Sun, radiating into the classroom of existence, you might learn a thing or two. The Sun is broadcasting a timeless spiritual message all day long. Bright and shining... obscured by clouds... the message does not change. I am taking courses in this hall of learning where... the single subject... is Ageless Wisdom.

Anyone can talk to God, but... there are protocols in place that cannot be ignored, if... you wish to succeed from your end of the conversation. For decades in this life, I spoke to God. It was a regular thing. Sometimes I screamed at him. Sometimes I was very angry because my wrath had commingled with Stupidity and produced the predictable results. Those days are long... gone... by.

It took many decades... in this life... of speaking to Heaven with no direct response... to get answered back, in... real... time... unless I took some psychedelic, which is why I also took them for decades. Then... a handful of years ago, God appeared in my mind and said... “I'm here. It isn't even winter yet and I'm here.” He was referencing the Yogananda quote that I often use; “If you don't look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

I realize I repeat myself... on purpose.

Probably... by heavenly intent, I was caused to forget it and he went on to explain it to me. After that... from then on... it became an occasional back-and-forth conversation. As more time passed, it happened more often, and now... it is on tap at all times. You have to persist. You must persist until you succeed or... you... will... not... succeed.

Of course... when I say God, I am speaking of one of his step-down transformers; an angel... perhaps... or a member of The Initiatic Brotherhood. It is still God. The angels and elder brothers are all unobstructed mediums for The Divine. If you cloud the issue, The Devil appears. That which dances in the shadows cannot do so in The Light.

Recently... the medium being used by the ineffable was speaking with me, and I mentioned that I hadn't ever really been into any of the carnal attractions, jumping up on all sides... as if they were The Attraction... and they are not, and God said, “I know that is not why you came to me or else I'd have given it to you and you might still be there.”

Yikes! He does that a lot now... comes back at me with razor-sharp statements... filled with implications... that radiate out exponentially from the point that was made... like an echo that won't go away... Or... something drenched in the irony of the human comedy that pierces me with laughter. Heaven is like Disneyland for the soul.

God's sense of humor is not for everyone. Many would not understand why he finds certain things to be funny. For him, it's like watching the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy. Once you get to a certain level of detachment... you will be laughing too.

You get to Heaven simply by going about as if you were present there and behaving as a citizen of Heaven must behave OR... you will walk yourself right out of there. You also get there through an accumulation of selfless acts... realizations brought about by proper meditation... the relentless maintenance of a Love awareness... the acquisition of Wisdom or... the whim of God, who does whatever he wants, whenever he/she/it feels like it. Although... the It Presence... only acts through the dynamics of the male and female aspect in The Manifest. Of itself... It is in perpetual stillness.

It's a timeless love affair or it is a permanent room at The Heartbreak Hotel, where you are another restless transient who keeps winding up in the same place... over and over again. Heaven AND Hell are to be found here in infinite demonstration. It is a matter of us finding what we are after. Therefore... true success and liberation can only be found in one pursuit, which brings a clear understanding of... everything... else... into The Mind's Eye.

Most of all... stop wanting.

I sit before the altar of The Sun and the Love of Heaven pours through it... shining on and within me. I come to the altar a dozen or more times a day... and it is always the same... unless it is even better, which is part of the progression toward a perfect and perpetual unity of visceral resonance... and which is the inevitable result of coming to the altar of The Sun... so many times... in each and every day until you awaken The Sun in your own heart and love can shine forth.

There before us; should you happen to be there as well... is the constant, shining evidence of God's Love for us, hiding in plain sight; not really hiding, but certainly... routinely missed... as such... by the minds captured in material darkness... that false light glitter of The Dark Splendor... the beckoning skeletal hand that says, “Hello Sailor!” in the universal language of deceit, with the 'come into my parlor” smile with retractable fangs.

Everything feeds here. Everything feeds on something else. You are consumed by that toward which your passion and hunger is directed. Invisible entities dine on us each day, and also when we sleep. You are the one who determines what consumes you. Do you rotate in a circular course, from life to life in the realms of The Carnal Mind... OR... do you ride the endless spiral of ever more refined locations -and states of being- that celebrate the endless expressions of your giving nature?

Does your altar shine and radiate love upon you whenever you sit or stand before it, AND... even when you don't?

Mine does.

Is your altar the source and sustenance of all life on the planet?

Mine is.

Is your altar a living... conscious... entity?

Mine is.

Is your altar the conduit for The Avatars?

Mine is.

Does your altar radiate Love... warmth... boundless positivity and glorious optimism that nothing can dim?

Mine does.

Is your altar a continuum of Divine Luminous Wisdom?

Mine is.

Does your altar contain the means and method for Immortality and God-Consciousness?

Mine does.

Is your altar free and flowing to all... be they as wicked as demons or as pure as saints?

Mine is.

Is your altar free of all cant and dogmatism, and... is its message eternally simple... ever unchanging, and crystal clear?

Mine is.

We... are... Solar Powered, all of our power to express comes from The Sun. To understand your destination, you... must... understand... your... origin.

God's eye and his mercy be upon you in the coming year and ever after.

End Transmission.......

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