Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crazy, Crazy for Feeling so Screwed, Blued and Tattooed.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(A reader was kind enough to point out Clif High's engagement with Yurts. I've long been a fan of them and intend one to be my temporary quarters, whenever I get wherever I am going. Given the advertising I've given them over the years, maybe they'll cut me a deal. Of course, one can also simply build their own.)

Speaking of Clif High, we are now on the cusp of his predictions about a global event, seeming to have to do with earth shaking and water moving. This is the far end of the window. We shall see what the next several days bring.

I bring this up, because of something I have been trying to point out over recent posts. The PTW are going increasingly more and more crazy and that is fitting because (Nietzsche) “those whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad”. Airhead extraordinaire (why don't you pull over to the curb and let some of that air out of your head, John) and law breaker par excellence (dealing with terrorists) John McCain, went to Syria to network with Al Qaeda Vadar. Those are the non existent patsies that took the fall for Israel's attack on the U.S. Since high ranking members of the CIA have admitted that Al Qaeda doesn't exist, why are they still being mentioned as some kind of mechanized, Wack a Mole (does not rhyme with Guacamole) ?

Crazy is operating at all levels of society. The Israeli hijacked police forces of the U.S. are really kicking into an overdrive of crazy and I suspect that little of this story is true, except that they killed her. Don't they have these devices that shoot a net over you, as well as bean bag guns? And... they say the stun gun, taser did not work on the lady, uh huh, you vicious, murdering thugs! Well the reason they don't use these non lethal items, even Banana Peel would have been fine, is because they wanted to kill her. They are now killing several people a day, that we hear about, in similar fashion for similar excuses.

Crazy is also threatening the entire planet. Crazy is operating under the Official Crazy Act of 2013, also know as The 'crazy as a shithouse rat' Act. See Section 27 of The Crazy Code, Items B&D. You might want to check out items S&M, while you're at it as well. How is this being carried out? Well, there are these police issue, vibrating butt plugs that send operational policy, up from the rectal brain, to the shit for brains sector, of the trepanned outhouse, in house. We all know that trepanning helps to ease the pressure, on those being forced to act against their absent will, in ways that no human being could countenance, luckily they are no longer human. Well, that's not lucky is it?

Crazy is going to town, actually traveling through the sewer pipes, in order to get turbo crazy to go into action. This is what happens when the disciples of The Golden Calf, find themselves between a rock and a hard-on. This has something to do with the Haldron Collider but I am not sure of the relationship. It does have something to do with sucking the gas back up from it's natural area of expulsion, into the brain pan, where it creates something similar to Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese. Don't forget the broccoli.

Crazy is The Daily Special, The Specialite De La (Free) Maison. I'll have the Albert Pike, Petite Morte Filet, with a side of Cervice Fecale and make sure Chuck Berry is playing while I dine. File that under strange but true. You can find variations on a theme here, as pioneering, final frontier types, attempt to go where no man has gone before ...and no surprise there. Individuals in search of some kind of epiphany, finally reached the last stop on their Exit to Brooklyn. I see them there, mere forms of shadow now, waiting dockside by the rusty freighter, that is going to take them to their next home, although it is also unlikely to leave the dock, given that it's been decommissioned, except for being fully operational to go nowhere in a hurry.

So, my point, if I have one, is that Crazy is the mindset of the moment, the approved state of awareness, being experienced by our trusted representatives, from various agencies in various locations. The State Department has changed it's name to the Lying in State Department. The Department of Defense has been changed to the Department of Offense. The House of Representatives has been changed to the Bughouse of Representatives. The Senate has been changed to the Insensate. Then there are the various agencies that are handled by The Cabinet and The President's Cabinet has been changed to The President's Closet and there's a chance that in some sort of Escher like conversion, the Cabinet is now in The Closet. All over the world, under cover of darkness, ancient darkness, politicians put in place by Satanists, use a particular variety of sexual preferences, as diversion front, in order to slip their real agenda through some backdoor (pun intended). There they can get to work, with the child grooming, rape and... murder, in which they passionately engage. Some of them eat them too. Of course they do. It goes with the territory that anything abhorrent to the celestial realm, must be practiced, in order to maximize the temporal power they wield. It's simple math, except that two and two do not add up to four, nor even 5, as you might expect ...but rather adds up to three, just like the three dollar bill. You could have asked Dave way back when but... “Dave's not here anymore, dude”.

So, how do they get their front men to carry out all of these crimes against humanity? They told them something but... we are not behind the velvet ropes. We don't know what they got told, except that, guaranteed, whatever they were told was a lie. In many cases, no lie is necessary ...because they have the video, the pictures, or other evidence, which is so sufficiently ghastly that they will do most anything to keep it from becoming public, since it is most decidedly pubic or not even; worst case scenario.

Obama's penchant for old white men is interesting. I can't see the associations that are the usual explanations for why he does it and what the attractions are, because, in that community, everyone and everything they do is pretty much equal by mutual consent and... 'they also serve who only got up and went', which is a paraphrase from some blind guy, who wasn't really blind. He was blind in one eye and simply could not see out of the other. There’s a difference, you see? I think I'm getting cute. We're looking to avoid that at all costs. I find getting blown by old white guys, to be right up there with masturbating with a hedgehog. It is not being implied here that the hedgehog is also masturbating. We're talking multitasking here. I don't know how the hedgehog feels about it. The hedgehog has no choice ...but he is capable of injecting his natural composition, into the unnatural mix, which makes for a prickly and unsettling experience, known as the Guantanamo Whippet.

This is the sort of thing that goes on here every day and doesn't have all that much to do with Richard Gere. It's the kind of thing that gets routinely overlooked, like Yurrasis Dragon in The Eiger, or the Loo (aptly named) Sanction. This hidden from view thing, is consistent with the fact that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. This is an altogether logical explanation, for why some doors are closed in the first place. What has any of this to do with Gerbil Soup? I'd don't know but you have probably tumbled to who you can ask.

What I think is that Obama hasn't got anything to do with blowing old white men, oops, pardon me, getting blown by old white men. It's a red herring. It's a blind ...because what Obama really engages in is far, far worse, as I discovered while talking to him in Italy, during those wild and crazy days, when I was hanging out with Wesak and Berlusconi. The further away in time it gets, the more fantastic it all seems. There are few things as disappointing as being straight and trying to make sense out of things that happened when you were high, really, really high. Mind parasites and Killer Moss from Outer Space, were only a couple of features that had to be dealt with.

Well, look at that, I managed to make it to the end of the posting without making any sense whatsoever. In truth, those catching all the inferences will know what I am talking about and why (maybe on the why). For everyone else, well, this is what happens when you get precious little sleep for 3 days and have to carefully watch every move you make, so as not to have one of those domestic accidents that are the cause of so many departures from this plane. It's understood that people pay less attention to things when they are in their homes and this is the same reason so many accidents take place within a mile from home and brings us to what Lao Tzu said, “Those who lose after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Accessories of the Darkness in the Devil's Playground.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This planet Earth, at this stage of progression, is The Devil's Playground. You don't have to believe in God or the Devil. Even if you do, the chances are good, in most cases, that you don't know what either of those mean anyway. All you have to believe in, is positive and negative forces ...and which is predominant in the time because that will certainly affect the effectiveness of whatever game plan you have cobbled together to get by. What this usually means, is that bad people prosper and good people suffer. Keep that thought clear in your head because it explains much, if you have managed to retain an operative level of understanding. Understanding is a very, very important part of the mental schematic of human awareness and that is why it counterpoints Wisdom at the highest horizontal polarity, on the Tree of Life. There are three things that I notice, which people undervalue and under-use. These are Understanding, Memory and the Creative Imagination. The other area, whose active plane is more on the self conscious level, is Attention concentration. It should come as no surprise that ADD and SSRI's proliferate in these times. It should also not come as a surprise that there is aluminum in the chemtrails (look up the effect of aluminum on life forms) and it should be no surprise, what is found in your water supply. This is all done intentionally. For some reason, some smaller amount of us are immune to these things, insofar as consciousness is affected at the level of perception. I suppose “wake the fuck up” can be terminally compromised, when you've been put into an induced coma; “Karma, neh”? (“Passage to India” reference).

I've said it many times and only those in deep shit for brains denial, or dumber than having something to compare it to... or those engaged in being an Accessory to the Darkness, would deny that madness is afoot in the heartlands and the hinterlands. Here's a good example. Be warned, unless you have a strong stomach, DO NOT click on this link. You have been warned. There was a time when there existed some standard of sanity. That time is no more. Incrementally the culture has been morphed to embrace more and more twisted examples of natural experiences and natural dynamics and conditions. This is being orchestrated by the same forces that are engaged in Zionist hegemony. I know there is that section of the public out there, even the alternative public, who likes to say, “Oh noooo, it's not them. It's the illuminatis, or the Free Masons, or the Jesuits or De Debbil. Anyone with a capacity for research can find out who founded the Illuminati and who corrupted the Free Masons. As for The Jesuits and De Debbil, you've got tandem conspirators to different intents and possibly similar ends and in the case of De Debbil, they are his offspring and chosen, so sure... you can accuse the source but one should not discount the employees and... the employees own most all of the media, entertainment, publishing and all kinds of things that make the 'morphing' happen. They are also the principle agents of war for profit, period. Period!!! The others, in association, are just their buttboys, production assistants and 'slaves in harness' chained by blackmail or coercion. Slice it how you like, it's doesn't change the composition of the pie. Dispute the angles and appearance all you like, the pie is still made out of what the pie is made out of. So, talking bout sanity and insanity, there are all sorts of expressions of the latter. At the high end of the Kingdom of Dumbshit, one should never discount the impact of hubris and the sense of privilege on one's capacity for ignorant and indefensible actions. Here is the sort of thing that a sense of entitlement, as well as a legal climate that would make the earlier robber barons blush ...and probably even embarrass The Pirates of the Barbary Coast, makes possible and... this is an every day affair.

Because the changes that have come upon us, have occurred in a progression of steps, we haven't noticed the extreme degree it has gotten to in every area of existence. It's complex, while being pincher-like and dovetailed. As the insidious march of nasty business has taken place, the technology of the devices of distraction, have kept pace with cellphones, video-games, porn, diverse media and media utensils. It's safe to say if they set a dinner table with these things you would definitely not know which fork to use. Of course you could always just grab any fork and compulsively stab it into your forehead until awareness strikes like some black adder off of a pantry shelf. Then again, you could just start stabbing yourself in the chest with it and screaming, “You're not making any fucking canoe out of me”. You'll need the joke that attends that punch line but some wag will no doubt put it in the comments section or... you 'could' find it... duh.

Israeli agents in Lebanon just launched another rocket, or mortar round, into an empty lot in Rothshillandia. Well, I guess that's understandable, they're under time constraints, given all the new weapons technology, being shipped around, to those they are trying to exterminate and have been visiting evil and genocidal force upon for so long. Israel is where the greatest hubris and sense of entitlement on the planet lives and lies to itself. They really believe you're all cattle and lesser life forms. Can you blame them? Can you blame them, when that is exactly how most of you behave? Hey, it's okay. You're the king in your castle. Who's to say there's anything wrong with sitting there with your dick in one hand and a can of Budweiser in the other? You do have to keep your balance (snicker).

Well, I guess it goes with the territory, when people not only don't know the difference between a cowpie and a Sacher-torte but don't see any variable difference in the taste either. I've always maintained that people don't mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. We're past that limitation now, way past it. It all has to do with the sequence of steps from 'there' (now forgotten or incorrectly remembered due to insta-revision of history) to 'here'.

Now there is this feral abomination, Tribe Member, Adam Kokesh. I can't find the picture with him glaring like Clint Eastwood lite; two guns crossed across his wanna be Henry Rollin's neck but... that says it all. How anyone can be confused about the intent of this psychopathic viper is beyond me. One thing you can be sure of is, chances are, he won't be the one getting hurt but... ah if only, if only. Then there's Medea (or is that Medusa?) Benjamin, uh WTF? Is that yet another Tribe Member, heckling Obama in a 'made for dumbass TV' photo-op, where The Stepin Fetchit in Chief shows how understanding and generous he is about Free Speech? Course, if your not a flash frozen, microwave defrosted Chosen, I don't suggest you try the same thing, cause, that dog won't hunt. That dog will get euthanized.

Bad shit is in flight, planet wide, with no seat-belts, not just in Sweden and France, Indonesia and pretty much everywhere that government by usury is in operation, or some corporation wants something, under the ground that people are living on. In Chile and other places, corporation gold miners are transforming mountains into slag and pouring arsenic into the rivers and streams. Fuck em if they can't take a joke, right?

Sooner or later, it is to be hoped, those driven to mad violence, by despair, will say to themselves, “You know, it really is pretty stupid for me to take my aggression out on those in my environment, when all of my troubles are coming to me by banker fiat. All of my problems are being brought to me by robo-politicos, put into office, only, because they possessed the requisite venality and indifference to suffering caused, Hmmm... Hmmm”.

What a thing is critical mass... it too, comes by increments, until it looms upon the horizon in all directions. Are the fools propelling it to it's active state completely insane? As a matter of fact, yes, they are. They do not see that critical mass applies to them. They do not see beyond the black, smoking passion that compels them. They don't see. They're far too clever for that. Uh huh. What goes around comes around. You can fuck with most anything for a certain time, depending on what you are fucking with but, sooner or later, it goes through the chemical change that fucking with it brings. “I wonder what this button here is for”?

Every living thing is contained in a vibrating envelope of Karma, that resonates with something and is magnetized by something, or several somethings else; meaning it can inexorably draw you in or pull you apart. In scripture there is a reference to two men standing in a field and one being left and one being taken and other examples are also provided. This scriptural reference, is precisely due to this envelope. Children can see this envelope, up until the world divides on them. Animals can see it, some animals anyway. Plants are affected by the proximity of these envelopes, in various ways. Had you the eyes you would see the flame alphabet that is written into every manifest thing and vibrating.

It will be coming around the mountain when it comes.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Schmoo Nation and their Disneyland Jesus Christ.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

While I was in India, I read a vastly informative and entertaining novel by Michael Crichton called “Next”. Crichton was very good at what he did. He had the success and public reach to prove that; regardless of what other characteristics and features may also exist about him. I'm not well informed about those things, which may or may not have existed about him, outside the spectrum of his literary impact.

Now in a related matter we have CFR member Angelina Jolie, engaged in a strange affair concerning her mammaries. ♫Mammaries, from the corners of my mind, water colored absent mammaries that used to was or were♫ In the moment, these departed mammaries, are being held up in suspension, by some kind of metaphorical Playtex living bra. I don't like to discount the author of that latest link, just because of his questionable association with and support of, Alex 'Disinfo' Jones. He provides a lot of useful info. I can separate what people feel they have to do to stay upwardly mobile, from whatever good they may accomplish, irrespective of whatever compromises they feel they have to make. Heck, I'm not even allowed to sell out so... maybe I resent that (grin). Still, I do manage to live on less than anyone I know and even thrive, mostly because I don't want anything, unless it's some kind of pressing need, having to do with 'tools of the trade', liberally defined in terms of value added. Go ahead, figure that one out.

Things are not going well in the heartland of the empire, as far as the weather is concerned. I attribute this to the cognitive disconnect between Ozzie and Harriet, Disneyland Christianity and the uses that the propaganda is put to, in order to murder hundreds of thousands of people, in a kind of red herring, bloodbath extravaganza, whose point is to conceal the actual perpe-traitors of all the bad shit that Schmoo Nation is brainwashed into protecting. All of the problems of present time are being orchestrated by neo-con Zionists and their tail of the dog wagging political whores. I see I'm kind of torturing the English language today. That's fitting, given the collective tortures visited upon all of us, directly or indirectly, by the pandering consent of Schmoo Nation, on behalf of the real villains, which makes it so very possible for them to do all the things they do.

Nature is the mirror of the ineffable so, when the mirror gets all bent out of shape, you start to see some strange reflections that do not reflect what is ...but rather what it has been twisted into and... sooner or later, something powerful steps in to make readjustments to the mirror and... these readjustments are usually not in support of the dum de dum de dum interests of Schmoo Nation.

You can't follow someone like Jesus Christ, regardless of what you might believe about the historical end, and defile and distort all of the teachings upon which your religion is founded and expect resounding rounds of applause from wherever the associated Heaven is located. What you are going to hear are sustained ovations from The Pit, for doing such a fantastic job, pissing all over the tenets you profess to believe in. You cannot possibly be a follower of someone, if you are going in the diametrically opposite direction, can you? So... Nature is going to kick some Schmoo ass. That is going to intensify and intensify, until Schmoo Nation wakes up, or Schmoo Nation gets composted. Waking up would be great but the compost is also guaranteed to be mineral rich. It's win win, unless you're a Schmoo or a Teletubbie.♫Bang a gong, get it on♫ or... get gone.

Unfortunately for The Cabbage Patch Cretins, they are caught in the maelstrom, between the Scylla and Charybdis of roiling ignorance, known as politics and religion. They are perpetual dupes of the one and acolytes of the non existent God that the atheists don't believe in on the other hand. This in no way is a statement on my part of there being no resident and abiding, cosmically conscious entity, in full regard of our each and every state and situation. I know for a fact there is, which I can demonstrably prove (and have done) that there is such an entity with a large (small by comparisons here and there) complement of associates, who work under the, 'made in Hong Kong' radar, of Schmoo Nation. That's neither here nor there... hmmm, now that is a very interesting thing to say, some kind of Zen overtones (undertones) going on there; a kind of Scarlet Pimpernel, spiritual thing; my kind of thing.

Unlike Schmoo Nation, I know it's not okay to kill people that the psychopaths, running your religions, say you should, just so you won't see that they are the ones doing all the bad shit; not like you would in any case, since your Jesus lives in your stomach or some other nearby location and your idea of gaining compliance is showing your fist. Fuck you... and fuck the fairy tale you rode in here on. Your day is no longer coming, Schmoo Nation, it's here. The day is here for you and your degenerate neo-con masters.

The dribbling Nitwityahoo, says that if Russia keeps giving Syria weapons to defend themselves against unprovoked acts of Israeli violence, it will mean war. It's not war already? I'm missing something? Let me see if I got this straight, if you don't lay down and let us kill you, we are going to kill you. That sound about right? Most of all of this dark shit is going on because of the rapid approach of the intensification zone of The Apocalypse. The demon worshiping, psycho trolls know all about this and it is their intention to manufacture as much malice as possible prior to. They also have this dumbass idea that if they can enslave and murder enough of everyone else, then maybe they can take over the whole world, even though no one ever has, or ever will. Good luck with that. You're not as smart as you think you are and that... that is always a bad mindset to have in any case. Everything you acquired temporary control over, was given to you for the purpose of demonstration so that you can learn you control nothing. All your ethnic cleansings and genocides have been permitted for a reason. You're in big trouble, hosanna hey!!!

Now, one of the world's numero uno Satanic industries, is on it's way to lasting ignominious defeats. I'm talking about Monsanto- My Satan. How are they spending their time? Oh, this looks credible! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm definitely laughing, we'll hold off on the tears for the moment. It would be a good idea if someone looked into the social associations of head Satanic honcho, Hugh Grant. Who's he hang out with? The time has come for an army of trackers, to begin to surreptitiously dog the footsteps of people like this. The time has come for names to be named, in politics, religion, academia and all those government agencies where policy gets set.

We're given to understand now that although the White House knew about the IRS clusterfuck awhile ago, Obama was never told about it. Sure, that makes sense. The people entrusted with keeping you updated, made the executive decision not to tell you about things that are a serious part of your job description. One has only to spend a few excruciating moments, listening to the press secretary fluffer-flack for the Liar in Chief, to see what it's like when someone a mile wide and an inch deep, sets about trying to extricate himself from all the shit he had no excuse for stepping in. Where did this Zio-Stooge robot come from? No one at Harvard seems able to remember him. He's got weird social security cards and unavailable informations, making him the dubious progeny of questionable heritage.

We live in a world of the moment, so divorced from reality that when reality does attempt to present itself, an angry mob stones it to death. Incapable of believing in what is real, people are driven to believe in anything they can latch on to that will sell them some kind of Herbal Life formula, absent the herbs. That means that dancing chickens like Obama can talk about 'change you can believe in' because.. let's face it, you'll believe anything you're told. You're just going to play follow the leader while your clueless leader, leads you out into the trackless desert, where you can all march around in circles, while the vultures fly in circles overheard. You might be bone deep stupid but the vultures are not. The soul eating Zio-Ogres are circling too. It's a Bad Day at Black Rock for the Nation of Schmoos.

There go the ranks of drummer boys. There go the flags whipping from the guidons. There go the canon fodder, Schmoos marching behind, chests bursting with pride, incapable of embarrassment, incapable of thought, chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” Here comes Homeland Security like wild west rustlers with ropes and branding irons. I love the smell of cottage cheese asses being branded in the morning! When they're not marching and getting branded, they're slouched on the couch in the winking blue light of their television God, listening to their false prophets and getting misinformed ...and digging it like they were getting waterboarded with mother's milk, which you can be sure is not coming from Angelina Jolie, while righteous cancer cures are ignored and those who make them public get slandered or dead. Cancer is a fucking business, you morons.

Alright Visible, take a deep breath, it can't be long now. Maybe the really bad stuff will hold off until you can get wherever it is you're supposed to be, along with whomever else is meant to show up. It doesn't matter that much, truth be told. Sanctuary is everywhere that the open and loving heart resides.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Viral Denial, When the Revolution Come.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Day follows day and the relentless and aggressive march of ignorance continues. Rank after rank of cinderblock heads, bobbing Nodwells and cynical outriders moving in lockstep, on and on; the slow motion waltz of mesmerized mutants continues. Have they always been like this? In elder days one could understand, perhaps, when there was no real media 9to set the course of collective delusion) and information traveled by proclamation and rumor, with most of the intel in the hands of the organized church. Today there is no real excuse except for perpetual dupedom and cowardice seeking approval and a pat on the head from the blood swilling undead.

Disinfo is a growth industry but then so is cancer. One of the big cap guns is Mr. Smarmy himself, Bill Maher. As a card carrying Tribe member, Bill is at the workbench, fashioning sculptures from compressed bullshit, for the edification and entertainment of the terminally befuddled (be sure to read the comments section- stand, ro sit, transfixed in awe at the viral denial ...and be sure to add your take). I remember the Billster making an aside one time to a panelist sitting next to him where he said something to the effect of “they say it's the moneychangers who are the problem and you know who they mean when they say moneychangers”. We can safely assume he is here talking about his Ashe-NAZI cousins who, usually, with few exceptions, swell the ranks of the moneychangers, money printers, money junkies, economy destroyers, warmakers for profit and, I could go on and on, like the eternal sea, which is always the sea, except when it is the pending rain or streams and rivers, returning to the sea.. As it was, so it is, theft and prevarication without end.

There are logistical concerns, when one is engaged in drafting the architecture of wider war in The Middle East. As the parrots squawk and the chipmunks talk, the vampire bankers plot and scheme; “How can we accomplish this evil dream”? “How do we 'getter done'”? “How do we destroy all that is good and possible, in order to triumph in a wasteland that is ours alone”? “Is this lettuce crisp? Where is my cellphone”?

Along with the startling emergence of a myriad of bizarre sexual expressions, as well as the looming approach of cannibalism, there is the specter of a pandemic, suicide epidemic. Those of us versed in certain tantric perspectives about existence are aware of the fact that nearly everything has a sexual connotation; not as Freud expressed it. Most of his theories only applied to Tribe behaviorisms. In any case, when things begin to go very wrong in human affairs and interactions, it is a given that sexual dysfunction and perversity will be The Daily Special at Chez Merde.

We need revolution because revolution is change and we need change, oh yes, precious, we needs it. Will no one free of us of these butt-munching bankers?. I can solve the economic crisis in a heartsbeat. Get thee to Iceland, my son... Ricardo, beat the drum, let them know the revolution come.

When the revolution come
I won’t need this gun
We get down to the one-
Thing that is missing

The ability to have a good time
and to love one another

No more hustle with the muscle

When the revolution come

Love will shine in living color
Cop some cool threads
And some cheap thrills
That don’t get expensive with the passage of time

Wind it out to kingdom come
And back again
There will be nothing in the way
...of the way
Of getting things done

When the revolution come

Too much blood spilled to no avail
Starlight shines from a bottomless pail
In a Mobius bend

There is...
there is...
there is no end
To what will get done

When the revolution come

Politics swells the hot air confusion
Too much
too much
“too much confusion”

We have an inflexible resolve
The borders will dissolve
The ocean of life will be skimmed of the scum

When the revolution come

Nothing unchanged
It all gets transformed
The Will....,
and be done

beat the drum
Let them know the revolution come

We are the living product of the dreams we had
Only was it our thinking that
made the moment bad

No other cause will do
But to see what is causing you
And visualize the certainty
of what you see being the destiny
That comes true

When the revolution come

Walk on
as simple as we can
Nothing to it
A higher mind has got the plan
And we only...
See it thru

Everything gets behind you then


beat the drum

Let them know the revolution come

It is the fuel you burn in the rage to live
It is what makes your dreams come true
It is the moment in front of
And surrounding you

Grab it
Hold it
Stick out your thumb

You be riding smooth
When the revolution come

There is no way
There is no way you can fail
The less you do, the better

IT- already has -IT together

And it is
advising you

Hang up on your mind
Get an unlisted number
What counts can reach you
What counts has done away

With symbols, numbers and gongs

Figure it out
You don’t need no tools
It doesn’t break down
Or need repair

What doesn’t work won’t make it there

Life and strength
Shine from the sun
Power as well
the will to be done


beat the drum

Let them know the revolution come

The wheel must turn
And time must bend
Revolution after revolution
Without end

What never was is gone
What is in fact...
moving on

And staying still

Always behind us until
We need the hum

To let them know the revolution come

You will never go out of style
You will not walk in single file
To the showers or the chair
All that is behind us somewhere

What you do emerges from
And through
That mirror image
You imagine must be you

This is not too good
too good
too good to be true

(If you please)

Beat the drum

Inform them that
the revolution come

Boom de boom de boom de dum
And then some

Round and round the imaginary clock
Some kind of belt to hold your pants up

Thou shalt,
thou shalt
not for what and whom?

Skeletons dance
And dead men cum


On my command

All rise

All rise

While the revolution come

Awake sleeper
This bitter dream is done
Oh yes!!!
These rainbow rivers run

The revolution come….
The revolution come….

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Darkness at Noon and the Light of the Dawn.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can find the evidence piecemeal all over the place, or you can find your cogent and precise synopsis right here. It should be clear to anyone paying attention, what is going on around us. The problem is a general lack of curiosity, bookended by a cognitive dissonance, that makes it difficult to comprehend the obvious, or which insures an unwillingness to want to. It should all make sense now but; what are you going to do about it? What is anyone going to do about it?

It's not like the government has to abide by the constitution or any of the laws of the land that used to exist in one fashion or another. They pay no attention to any of this when they are harassing ordinary citizens so... they could quite easily swoop in and round up all of these creatures. They know who they are. They know where they are. Obviously they don't want to.

I've maintained all along that Israel is nothing more than a sovereign state, created for the sole purpose of the performance of international crime, without the fear of repercussions. There is no difference between the Israeli government, the Rothschild banking syndicate and the Russian Mafia. One's an employee, one's an operational sector and one's a money machine, handling all ends of currency processing and creation.

From the cultural perspective, there are certain conditions you can see appearing and they are all indicators of the pending destruction of the culture. Of course, when things go off course, when things go very wrong, they stay wrong and they get more wrong. I liken it to stretching a rubber band. It stretches only so far and then it either breaks or snaps back into itself. This is what happens when cosmic readjustment takes place. Lao Tzu says something about stretching a bow too far and then repenting of the pull. He pretty much applies to anything you can run into and... we should remember, he eventually got on a water buffalo and rode off into the sunset, terminally discouraged about the state of human affairs.

Here is a glimpse into the future that gives some idea of what the great and innovative minds among us are up to. One needs to keep in mind that we only see the much smaller portion of those ideas and intentions that are on the drawing boards at this time. All kinds of insane shit is being draw up, dressed up and eventually packaged for consumption for the endless ranks of guinea pigs who inhabit this sphere.

Every day I wake up and am reminded of the sort of world I live in these days. I don't actually live 'in' that world but I do live on the outskirts and am reminded of a conversation, that I think took place between Gandalf and one or more of the hobbits; "Alas through him the Enemy has learned that the One has been found again. He knows where Isildur fell. He knows where Gollum found his ring. He knows that it is a Great Ring, for it gave long life. He knows that it is not one of the Three, for they have never been lost, and they endure no evil. He knows that it is not one of the Seven, or the Nine, for they are accounted for. He knows that it is the One. And he has at last heard, I think, of _hobbits_ and the _Shire._ 'The Shire – he may be seeking for it now, if he has not already found out where it lies. Indeed, Frodo, I fear that he may even think that the long- unnoticed name of _Baggins_ has become important."

Without question, something has to be done about the international gangsters. The most effective thing would be for various governments to collaborate and send in an elite military force, to administer a little cease and desist. At the same time, the nations of the world should join together in a collective boycott of the state of Israel and all things Israeli. They should be rendered into a self contained pariah state. Really, it's only a matter of time before they get around to wiping everyone else out, except for those they would want to keep as drones and slaves. This adventure is in progress at this very moment. You don't want to see it? That makes little difference. It sees you.

The main nexus of evil has all sorts of corrupt little elves to do its bidding. Consider the picture of this fine specimen. If you've got some rudimentary understanding of Phrenology (we do), you might note various features of this clown. One is reminded of Animal Farm, as one gazes on the porcine visage of this public servant. These willing traitors, working in tandem with resident evil, are everywhere to be seen. Invariably they work for the banks. Eventually certain conditions come down upon people without warning and they are left to their own devices, whether they survive the situation or not.

For myself, I believe, given my own experience of various things that have taken place in this life, that it's all programmed and possessed of a selection of scenarios that outwork one way or another, depending on the actions and intents of the players. It's like that old saying that 'you bring the evil with you' and that there is no evil except the evil that you carry. I don't suppose that is exactly true. I think it is more like the evil that is within you, resonates with the evil external and that sets up a sort of dichotomy, where certain results are pretty much guaranteed to take place, due to the action of the one upon the other and whatever reactions might follow. It could also be a kind of gestalt, where you are at the mercy of the world that contains you, dependent on your perceptions of it. Gestalt might not usually be applied in this manner but my poetic license is still good till the end of the year so, take your complaints to the commission.

It brings it all home when you see the debonair, Tony Blair, in a comradely arm over the shoulder embrace with Jimmy Savile. It makes it quite clear when you consider that this fiend was in action for decades with no repercussions. He had to die before anything was made of it. Obviously, he was a high ranking member in the UK Satanic cabal. Only a fool goes about their business, uncaring of the sinister forces engaged in the environment. When you wonder why public servants do the odious, venal and anti-human things they do, you need to consider who is pulling their strings from the shadows and... as always, it comes down to, 'follow the money' and 'cui bono'.

You're left with two positions, two main positions from which to view everything that is taking place. You believe it is all random, survival of the fittest, Darwinian horseshit, about which you can do nothing, except look out for number one or... you believe the whole drama has been set up for the purpose of demonstration and is in fact, under control at all times ...and moving inexorably toward the climax and conclusion. Climax and Conclusion are probably both the same thing, unless you're some kind of romantic and believe in sensitive aftercare (grin). These days that kind of thing might wind up being time consuming and, as we all know, 'time is money', honey.

As we near the end of this posting and as we approach 2,000 postings, I have to devolve onward into the usual, hearty reassurances that somehow, inexplicably and by truly mysterious means, this is all for our own good and further edification. We don't go through anything we don't have to go through and we only go through things, in order to come to a realization about whatever it was that led us into any of it and what that portends for whatever course we find ourselves on afterwards.

If one opts for the nihilistic, no exit, existentialist viewpoint, or any of the other negative perspectives, one is left at the mercy of a seemingly mechanistic universe. If one otherwise embraces the concept that the Earth is a living organism, fully aware of our presence upon it and that all the forces of good are waiting by our side, to assist, protect and guide us ...well, that's a different architecture altogether. One might say that "we live in a world of our own creation" and our destiny is set accordingly. Which of these paths or perspectives is most attractive to you? Surely, the random, anything goes, moral relativism POV is very useful to the amoral dreams of the self involved. There you can justify anything. On the other hand, with the antithetical perspective, you have to change continuously to meet a higher standard. You have to lose pieces of what you formerly believed was yourself but which was only ballast and anchors in a world of illusion. You have to be willing to depart from the things that break your heart, even though it might feel like you are going in reverse most of the time.

It's always been a solitary road for the true seeker. It might seem to be more populated at different points, as people come on to the path, only to drop off at some further point, or right around the corner, as the case may be. Very few people continue onward, regardless of their solitary status and the trials and tests that are part and parcel of this narrow, narrow track. It also follows that their companions and associations of any given moment, will also fall away, whenever circumstances and conditions become something undesirable for them. It takes a truly hardy soul to continue and also not take any of it personally. Of course, you might do, for a brief time ...but eventually you resolve that hallucination and just let it go, along with everything else because, just like the sign says outside of the department store, “everything must go”. Yes, my friends, everything not intrinsic must go. Better to let it go, irrespective of the temporary agony ...than to have it ripped from you, as it surely will be.


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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Blood Ticks, Lampreys and the Running of the Beasts.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Upwind of the darkness is a good place to be. This makes for some interesting philosophical speculation, given that the darkness is coming from upwind, though, keeping in mind, if you are downwind, then you are in the path of approaching darkness but... being upwind of the darkness, does that put you in league with it? Then again, if you are upwind of the darkness,does that mean you are the source of it downwind? My presumed, 'informed view', is that the darkness comes from within, so... it might be that the darkness is all down wind from you, wherever you are standing, if you have darkness within. Just about anywhere, you are downwind of Israel these days.

Today is supposed to be the big DDOS attack day. As is the case with me, more and more these days, I'm in favor of any and all blows against the empire. Anything that frustrates the plans for world domination by the Zionists or Satanists (same people) is okay with me. One has to understand that you are dealing with life forms of the order of ticks, lampreys and vampire bats. The nature of a tick is to suck the blood out of the host body, until it literally cannot hold anymore blood and then, apparently, glutted and bloated, it falls to the ground. This is not the only subtraction a tick, or Central Banker, or Zionist psychopath makes to the whole of your well being. Some amount of them also carry diseases that they inject into the host body; not content with draining away a portion of your life force, they also seek to sicken and kill you. These are lovely creatures, are they not? These are the kinds of creatures that compose the majority of Israelis, all Zionists, all central bankers, most politicians, media owners, media figures and representatives from many areas of industry.

To see the clarity of the culpability, you only need to watch this. It says it all. It is irrefutable and it tells you the nature and intentions of the beasts. The beasts have a long range game plan. The result of this, the end game, is you in a concentration camp, dead, or worse than dead. They put Bush in office for the purpose of 9/11. They put Obama in office for the foundation of a police state and war around the globe. This tells you all you need to know about Uncle Tom Obama, the Stepin Fetchit president and how he got into the White House in the first place. This tells you about the hubris and arrogance of the crocodile swine, who have seen that the necessary laws were in place for these vermin to prosper at your expense. This tells you all you need to know about their management of the information, as they go about their vile and predatory activities. This tells you about their intention to kill off the larger number of you who, for the most part, are too stupid to live in any case.

Recently, Howdy Doody, Obama went to some college to caution students about listening to conspiracy theories, or, as I like to call it, 'the truth about current and recent events'. He made a curious statement about some who are attempting to 'gum up the works'. This statement can be interpreted in various ways. The way I choose to interpret it is that it is a reference to some who are working in government and related areas, who are doing things that are messing with the system and it brings me to a suggestion for all of you working in sensitive locations and who are in a position to strike a blow for freedom. There are all kinds of exceptional mistakes you can make that retard the efforts of these blood soaked clowns from the Circus of Hades. If enough people start to make creative mistakes, the system won't function. It also won't function if a good portion of the workers simply step away from their jobs and consoles; walk out of their cubicles, or just do their jobs wrong.

A covert war is being waged against whistle-blowers and the time has come for a Whistle-blower web page. We need a well publicized location, where everyone who knows anything can come and present their evidence, anonymously or otherwise. I will be glad to host such things here and also to see that they are distributed to larger sites where they will reach a larger audience.

The crocodile swine are powerful 'in appearance' at the moment, due to the contemporary power of materialism. It isn't because they are smarter, or more hard working. It is because their insatiable appetites and drive for acquisition, is so much greater than anyone else's AND they are devoid of conscience. They have no moral inhibitors upon what they will do to achieve their ends. This also links them up to the demonic mind, via the relentless performance of evil behaviors, blood sacrifices and... whatever it takes to get what they want.

Nature has been pretty quiet lately but that is going to end soon because evil cannot be allowed to prosper indefinitely. It goes against the natural order of things. These kinds of nasty doings never achieve their final goals. They always fall short, due to mysterious forces that they are not aware of, or indifferent to. They believe their own bullshit in other words.

Many people wonder these days what they should do. Should they go proactive? Should they go away? Should they huddle down and wait for the storm of shrieking wraiths to fly by overhead? Should they howl their bootless cries against deaf Heaven? Well... it's not that Heaven is deaf, it's more the outcome of one's approach and the level of one's certitude. The rarefied realms are not a Disney construct based on fairy tales and natively disposed to the fulfillment of general self interest. That is an area that is handled by the other side which, these days, is often mistaken for it's opposite number.

One can have a firmer grip on their optimism, as well as a more harmonic passage, when they viscerally accept that 'everything is under control' and taking place 'for the purposes of demonstration'. This can be difficult for those lacking the vision to persevere, when uniformed law enforcement thugs are shooting unarmed civilians right and left in the land of the stupid and the home of the slave.

Huge mega-churches, similar to Chicago and Kansas City stockyards, are thriving across the landscape. These are massive centers of propaganda, where the preachers and administrative heads, answer directly to their Israeli and Zionist masters. Just as the borderline intellects of the Great American Schmoo Brigade, believe all of the lying garbage they hear on the Zionist media, they believe all of the crap their religious leaders feed them. They are fools and unless they cease being fools, they will get a fool's reward.

If you are attached to and dependent on the machine, the machine owns you. It owns your fear and your loyalty and even though the intention of the machine is to bankrupt you, kill you and make you homeless, if you remain alive, you are still more willing to give fealty to the machine, rather than to your own liberty of thought and action. So long as your appetites and self interest hold the upper hand in your motivational core, you will be rewarded accordingly.

I think that's enough for the moment.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Something that Crawled out There and Died.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know I've said it all before. Still it rises in my mind nearly daily... I do not have to summon it. It appears in the middle of my road like a great big bloated and stinking corpse. It's bloated and stinking because it has been rotting for some time. It is the capacity of the American public and portions of other cultures here and there where the rot has also taken hold, to accept and believe total, transparent lies, which, it would seem to me, by this time have the overwhelming support and backing of many another total and transparent lie. There has been more than a decade of total and transparent lies. Some of these lies are outrageous. They resemble the tall tales of earlier times; legends about Paul Bunyans and all kinds of other happy horseshit. These tales are more crazy and insane than the most imaginative UFO hallucinations.

The image of totally duped and deluded dumbasses chanting “USA, USA, USA”, fills me with horror. How can they not know, given all of the things that have happened over more than the last decade? We can go back to the first World Trade Center bombing, we've got Waco and Ruby Ridge. We've got Oklahoma City and the Murrah Building. There's the Israeli inspired destruction of the World Trade Center and attendant damages in other locations in the same time frame. We've got the terrible devastation of the incredible shrinking Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, now Syria. There's a collective cost of millions of lives, lost and or displaced. It goes on and on, in all its gruesome, loathsome ugliness. Most all of it comes down to bankers who have made their profits in the most hideous ways; men like Rockefeller, The Rothschild and other Tribe centric banking families, George Soros, the Koch Brothers, that gambling goblin, Sheldon Adelson. In the background, are all those players in the vast Tribe conspiracy against the human race, which they are not members of, men like Lauder and Bronfman and a host of other players all devoted to massive thefts and oppressions of the rest of us.

I haven't been to the mainland U.S. In 17 years. I have no idea what it is like on the streets these days. I get a view through the internet and I hear from people who are there and the news is uniformly bad. Most of the people I hear from are going through all kinds of changes. There has long been the specter of a Summer of Rage that sooner or later is set to emerge in many places. Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy are all tinderboxes and certainly America is, as well as the UK. So much is dancing on a cliff's edge. The money men and bankers are completely possessed by the big demons of Greed and various twisted desires that have put them in the territory of the damned.

I am seriously perplexed and mystified by the hypnotic trance that so many, many people are in. Often, in the course of history, different generations replace the ones that came before them and there is a general trend of consciousness that pervades through that generation and answers the call of the times. Often the call is nothing more than some artifice of the bankers, or sordid and pornographic patriotism that is whipped up to send waves of canon fodder into bloody trenches, scorpion infested wildernesses and hot, humid jungles, filled with all kinds of dangers. Lives are ended or destroyed. Those orchestrating these conflicts care nothing at all about the ones they send to their doom. They are some kind of alien species. It's altogether possible that they are in various states of possession by infernal entities. That would explain a lot. It explains how they can do things that no one with a conscience would even consider.

I have to say that this mystery, which puzzles me by the day, has been something I cannot solve or understand. The country of America is falling apart. There is extremity and want in all directions. There is a rising police state, composed of ruthless thugs, who operate on orders from a shitty little country in the Middle East, that has hijacked and corrupted every semblance of law and order. The rich have become obscenely rich and the poor have become obscenely poor. The Middle Class, the glue that holds any culture and country together has all but disappeared. There are a host of glaring, screaming evidences that demand recognition and attention. They don't get much of any of that; “USA, USA, USA”!

Reports are coming out of The Gulf of Mexico that there are very few residents beneath the water. The dreadful toll of this worst environmental disaster that America has ever seen, goes on apace. It is worse than we have been told and it is worse than we know. The Queen of England apparently has a major investment in BP, through a variety of shell companies, interlocking directorships and all types of subterfuge laden efforts, that conceal things from the general public. Crime is the name of the game these days. There are no rules any longer. There is the appearance of rules for those not privileged with the power to break them any time they like. There is the force of selective law and selective prosecution that is in place to constrain and inhibit the operations of entrepreneurs, who are not members of the club. As we look back over the long course of history, we can see that there have always been evil people doing dastardly things, among the unwitting and inattentive. These days there is a bumper crop of them.

There's some kind of rampant contagion of different viruses. There's the fixated, self interest virus. There’s the dumber than a rock virus. There's the bizarre, religious obsession virus. There's the pathological, sexual virus that mutates into more and more deranged forms of expression as people's contact with their essential nature all but disappears. There are a whole lot of viruses, courtesy of this Day of the Triffids, courtesy of this Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I don't know what to make of it. I look at it all in awe, as if it can't be happening but it is happening and there are only so many of us who are tuned in to the absurdity of it all. The rest of the population are trapped in some strange holding pattern.

Years have gone by. Months go by. The hours rotate around the clock. Nothing changes except to get worse. There isn't anything that I can see to do beyond what I am doing. Is Nature going to flame in varieties of outrage because it can no longer stand the presence of that bloated and stinking carcass at the intersection on Main Street? Will the hand of the invisible finally make its long awaited appearance and strike down the malefactors wherever they are? Will some tsunami of awakening, sweep up into the hearts and minds of the formerly, comatose public. 'We shall see or perhaps we shall not see', seems to be the mantra of the moment.

I've run out of things to say. I have called attention to conditions. I've said my piece for the day. Now it's your turn. I don't think anyone has any more detailed answers to the big question, that so far, none of us seem able to answer. We'll just have to see what's up around the bend. Sooner or later, something will be.

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