Saturday, October 22, 2016

The End of the World or the Birth of a Golden Age.

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Most readers probably don't know that I belong to a number of organizations. One of them is the Alien Sexual Surrogate Chlamydia Lepers of Western Nebraska or ASSCLOWN for short. I've never been in Nebraska but I don't see where that has anything to do with it. Yes... I said all I want to do is talk about the divine but one can lose their sense of humor along the way and we couldn't bear that here; we really couldn't. I apologize to those sensitive souls who've got some kind of Vegan spirituality and who believe that eating honey is stealing from the bees (seriously, they believe this) and ergo, believe that any form of scatological referencing or profanity or even any inference toward profanity is a big no no.

I've met illuminated spiritual masters with broken fingernails and dirt under them and who said the 'F' word now and again. One in particular that I remember was so far past anything I have gotten close to that he was and is beyond my comprehension. I should be careful what I say because I invariably wind up contradicting myself. I say all I want to do is talk about the divine and that is true and the next thing I know I am writing a paragraph like the first one above. Part of it is, I think, to demystify the whole mystery because for me it will always be a mystery unless it dissolves into love. True love is not something that lends itself to explanation. It cannot be explained. It can only be experienced and it does not reside within parameters of the reasonable or logical. It is why the most sane among us appear to be insane and why everyone else looks insane to them.

So it is that we will most likely ramble about from one unrelated subject to another. They are all related and sometimes antagonistic to one another on the surface, while harmoniously integrated below the surface. It is all one at a particular level and seemingly not one at all on another level. It is a conundrum and as has been said in many ways, a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in something else but... I can't remember at the moment (grin).

The election is about two weeks away and most certainly certain signal events will be taking place in the interim. There are a lot of theories out there, concerning a coming gotterdammerung-Armageddon-end of the world... birth of a golden age. Theories are piled upon theories but no one knows anything and those who know a portion of it, because they are engaged in causing it, don't know the consequences of their acts. They know what they intend but they do not know what might emerge and descend.

It is certain that the divine is the all in all and every separate part and what holds all of the parts together and what is apart... what is deep asleep and what is fully awake. It looks through our eyes and hears through our ears, all the while that we imagine we are doing the same. It is the witness of all our thoughts words and deeds, seen and registered through our own consciousness. It is forever and ever. It is eternally present and always has been and our evolving personalities move from life to life, in search of the perfection, of the arrival of the everlasting presence within. Of course, in many cases, in most cases, we are not in search of this, while we are in fact in search of this but do not know it.

Our days go by, filled with all the mundane pursuits of this material age. We don't notice ourselves changing and adapting to the world around us, which is always changing but, despite the appearances of the external, doesn't really change at all. It might change its clothes from day to day but the body concealed beneath it all is the same. The seasons come and go. We come in here bright eyed with wonder and sometimes gruesomely abused, due to whatever the lessons are that we have been sentenced here to learn and sometimes an easy ride is the worst thing that can happen because we acquire no depth whatsoever. We flit across the surface, ultimately knowing no more than we arrived here knowing and then only thinking that we know it.

With true concentration, every object and being will deliver up its innermost secrets to the penetrating eye. What do we find in this world? We find that the world and the forces of the world work to destroy our concentration or to place it upon pedestrian things devoid of meaning and value.

We hear that God loves us and we hear that God is love but for the most part these are merely statements barren of all the real profundity and impact of the term. God most assuredly loves us beyond our ability to comprehend it. Yet it is true and if one could realize this, even in part, one would be swimming in joy and bliss. To the degree that we can open our hearts and minds to the certitude of God's presence, to that degree we will come into possession of the understanding.

It just takes devotion and a consistency of aspiration. It takes being unrelenting in one's drive to the center of the source of all things. One can observe those who have succeeded in all of the endeavors that are here to be engaged in. All of these people apply similar expressions of devotion, consistency of aspiration and unrelenting drive. They are simply directing it to their own purposes. I see no upside to any of these things. Surely, one can attain to a more prosperous lifestyle and rub shoulders with important people, bask in the adulation of those who are haphazard in their efforts or just not motivated but... these are all temporary things and they will pass.

Yesterday the TV was on. I've been checking in here and there to see what is on these days. It has been decades since I have paid any attention to network, or even cable TV. So... last night I was watching something called Entertainment Tonight, or somesuch and while I was listening to some drivel about a particular Kardashian, I was swept up into a fugue state and my inner teacher said, “I want to show you something.” Suddenly I was in a space where I could feel this person at the point where they become aware of what they are and how they spent their life and a dreadful despair descended on me. It was truly frightening. It was empty and there was nothing that had any meaning and there was no avenue of hope to be found.

Later I was musing on Kanye West and wondering at the magnitude of his success, counterpointed by his utter lack of any talent whatsoever. I've looked at some of his lyrics and am dumbfounded by the exceptional banality and lack of any inspiration whatsoever. It was bad... much worse than I thought because I often can't tell what these people are saying and I usually leave wherever I am if such noise comes on, or turn it off if I can and I heard the other day that he was collaborating with Paul McCartney and I hear about him interacting with all sorts of people that I wouldn't imagine would give him the time of day and then it came into my mind how it is that he is able to be so prominent and successful with no talent at all. The inner voice then said, “they are here to lead humanity astray and so they are protected in their efforts and given a shine of fool's gold upon their persona that makes them glow in the eyes of the deluded.” It was said in such a way and accompanied by a following series of images that I clearly saw how this was so.

All of these impostors are here to lead humanity astray and there are powerful forces that assist them in this. It is magic and not good magic by any stretch of the imagination. They glitter and they slither and they suck in the hearts and minds of the unwary who never suspect what is taking place.

As I switched around the channels I could see again and again what was taking place and what the intention is. I am sure it has been there all along but my own eyes were veiled from the deeper meaning of it all. For some reason that particular veil has been removed and it is as clear as clear can be.

The power of these events on my mind was not insignificant and I can still feel the tremble of the echo of it all. It was unsettling to say the least and horrifying at times. I was fine and I knew this but experiencing some of it was... disturbing. Day by day... my friends... we come closer to whatever epiphany awaits us... each and every one.

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