Saturday, October 22, 2016

The End of the World or the Birth of a Golden Age.

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Most readers probably don't know that I belong to a number of organizations. One of them is the Alien Sexual Surrogate Chlamydia Lepers of Western Nebraska or ASSCLOWN for short. I've never been in Nebraska but I don't see where that has anything to do with it. Yes... I said all I want to do is talk about the divine but one can lose their sense of humor along the way and we couldn't bear that here; we really couldn't. I apologize to those sensitive souls who've got some kind of Vegan spirituality and who believe that eating honey is stealing from the bees (seriously, they believe this) and ergo, believe that any form of scatological referencing or profanity or even any inference toward profanity is a big no no.

I've met illuminated spiritual masters with broken fingernails and dirt under them and who said the 'F' word now and again. One in particular that I remember was so far past anything I have gotten close to that he was and is beyond my comprehension. I should be careful what I say because I invariably wind up contradicting myself. I say all I want to do is talk about the divine and that is true and the next thing I know I am writing a paragraph like the first one above. Part of it is, I think, to demystify the whole mystery because for me it will always be a mystery unless it dissolves into love. True love is not something that lends itself to explanation. It cannot be explained. It can only be experienced and it does not reside within parameters of the reasonable or logical. It is why the most sane among us appear to be insane and why everyone else looks insane to them.

So it is that we will most likely ramble about from one unrelated subject to another. They are all related and sometimes antagonistic to one another on the surface, while harmoniously integrated below the surface. It is all one at a particular level and seemingly not one at all on another level. It is a conundrum and as has been said in many ways, a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in something else but... I can't remember at the moment (grin).

The election is about two weeks away and most certainly certain signal events will be taking place in the interim. There are a lot of theories out there, concerning a coming gotterdammerung-Armageddon-end of the world... birth of a golden age. Theories are piled upon theories but no one knows anything and those who know a portion of it, because they are engaged in causing it, don't know the consequences of their acts. They know what they intend but they do not know what might emerge and descend.

It is certain that the divine is the all in all and every separate part and what holds all of the parts together and what is apart... what is deep asleep and what is fully awake. It looks through our eyes and hears through our ears, all the while that we imagine we are doing the same. It is the witness of all our thoughts words and deeds, seen and registered through our own consciousness. It is forever and ever. It is eternally present and always has been and our evolving personalities move from life to life, in search of the perfection, of the arrival of the everlasting presence within. Of course, in many cases, in most cases, we are not in search of this, while we are in fact in search of this but do not know it.

Our days go by, filled with all the mundane pursuits of this material age. We don't notice ourselves changing and adapting to the world around us, which is always changing but, despite the appearances of the external, doesn't really change at all. It might change its clothes from day to day but the body concealed beneath it all is the same. The seasons come and go. We come in here bright eyed with wonder and sometimes gruesomely abused, due to whatever the lessons are that we have been sentenced here to learn and sometimes an easy ride is the worst thing that can happen because we acquire no depth whatsoever. We flit across the surface, ultimately knowing no more than we arrived here knowing and then only thinking that we know it.

With true concentration, every object and being will deliver up its innermost secrets to the penetrating eye. What do we find in this world? We find that the world and the forces of the world work to destroy our concentration or to place it upon pedestrian things devoid of meaning and value.

We hear that God loves us and we hear that God is love but for the most part these are merely statements barren of all the real profundity and impact of the term. God most assuredly loves us beyond our ability to comprehend it. Yet it is true and if one could realize this, even in part, one would be swimming in joy and bliss. To the degree that we can open our hearts and minds to the certitude of God's presence, to that degree we will come into possession of the understanding.

It just takes devotion and a consistency of aspiration. It takes being unrelenting in one's drive to the center of the source of all things. One can observe those who have succeeded in all of the endeavors that are here to be engaged in. All of these people apply similar expressions of devotion, consistency of aspiration and unrelenting drive. They are simply directing it to their own purposes. I see no upside to any of these things. Surely, one can attain to a more prosperous lifestyle and rub shoulders with important people, bask in the adulation of those who are haphazard in their efforts or just not motivated but... these are all temporary things and they will pass.

Yesterday the TV was on. I've been checking in here and there to see what is on these days. It has been decades since I have paid any attention to network, or even cable TV. So... last night I was watching something called Entertainment Tonight, or somesuch and while I was listening to some drivel about a particular Kardashian, I was swept up into a fugue state and my inner teacher said, “I want to show you something.” Suddenly I was in a space where I could feel this person at the point where they become aware of what they are and how they spent their life and a dreadful despair descended on me. It was truly frightening. It was empty and there was nothing that had any meaning and there was no avenue of hope to be found.

Later I was musing on Kanye West and wondering at the magnitude of his success, counterpointed by his utter lack of any talent whatsoever. I've looked at some of his lyrics and am dumbfounded by the exceptional banality and lack of any inspiration whatsoever. It was bad... much worse than I thought because I often can't tell what these people are saying and I usually leave wherever I am if such noise comes on, or turn it off if I can and I heard the other day that he was collaborating with Paul McCartney and I hear about him interacting with all sorts of people that I wouldn't imagine would give him the time of day and then it came into my mind how it is that he is able to be so prominent and successful with no talent at all. The inner voice then said, “they are here to lead humanity astray and so they are protected in their efforts and given a shine of fool's gold upon their persona that makes them glow in the eyes of the deluded.” It was said in such a way and accompanied by a following series of images that I clearly saw how this was so.

All of these impostors are here to lead humanity astray and there are powerful forces that assist them in this. It is magic and not good magic by any stretch of the imagination. They glitter and they slither and they suck in the hearts and minds of the unwary who never suspect what is taking place.

As I switched around the channels I could see again and again what was taking place and what the intention is. I am sure it has been there all along but my own eyes were veiled from the deeper meaning of it all. For some reason that particular veil has been removed and it is as clear as clear can be.

The power of these events on my mind was not insignificant and I can still feel the tremble of the echo of it all. It was unsettling to say the least and horrifying at times. I was fine and I knew this but experiencing some of it was... disturbing. Day by day... my friends... we come closer to whatever epiphany awaits us... each and every one.

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Brian Crossland said...

And the first shall be last...and the last first ? Fecking good one that.

Stefan Verstappen said...

Hi Les

Ha funny that Vegan spirituality. I encounter that all the time.

I teach my brand of Kung Fu to whoever finds me in the park by the lake on Thursday nights. I have a couple regulars that have been my students for more than 30 years, all older men now like me. Because I belong to a couple of groups, like the one you encountered in southern France, and Max Igans project,

I have some younger folk show up to class from time to time because they think I am spiritual teacher. They seldom come back twice. You see I am rough, I drink, I smoke a joint, a tell a bawdy tale, cuss some, and I occasionally channel Robin Williams.

Of course this is counter intuitive to what a true spiritual teacher would do. I know they expect some holier than thou, pretentious, humorless vegan Guru that spouts the kind of platitudes they see on facebook a hundred posts a day. They have a Hollywood understanding of spiritual growth.

I have traveled the world too looking for enlightenment and met plenty of those types of Gurus, and they were all con artists.

Enlightenment is tough work, you have to really sweat and get blisters on your hands and sometimes that means having a beer and yelling a cuss word from time to time. I get these young men that want to know the three magic words that will levitate them to Nirvana.

Instead, I'll try and teach them how to walk properly.

So yeah, not many come back. LOL

frosty said...

Les ... quick question here. Snord did a terrific reading of one of your texts - "Greetings to the one that dwells in me". I find myself playing this audio file repeatedly on some days. I and so very encouraged by it. Can you identify a link where I can see your original text ? Sending you waves.... I'm in New Zealand; this is a safer place than many others. You are welcome here.

Ray B. said...

Wow, Vis. Powerful post. The good side and the bad side of having a veil come off...

I don't know how 'literal' and how 'teaching' all your quotes were. Taking them literally, it looks like you are getting into the higher spaces where we all interconnect. Literally. It does get disturbing when one can 'feel' what is inside a person (below God level). Literally. No wonder that aspect is walled-off for most. And that develops a positive-feedback loop, where the more one accumulates pain, the less likely one is to truly feel - themselves or others...
Vis: "All of these impostors are here to lead humanity astray and there are powerful forces that assist them in this. It is magic and not good magic by any stretch of the imagination. They glitter and they slither and they suck in the hearts and minds of the unwary who never suspect what is taking place."

Ahh, magick. Light and dark. Everyone does it, whether from seen or unseen sources. It all comes down to the motivation. Are you more doing it to help everyone, or to help yourself? And, there really is no 'magick' anyway. It is our God-given power that is trying to come out. Natural as hair and teeth...

This leads back to the paragraphs above. The more one is loaded-up with held-pain, the more one is in a self-induced 'bubble'. And, the more one is in a bubble, the more everyone-else is an Other. It is okay to do anything to an Other. Including magick...

So, I wonder if all-God has plans in mind to break this positive-feedback loop. Otherwise, it is 'downhill' for most. Magick and all...

I am leaning toward some kind of 'universal' happening, like a Third Eye collective-opening. The 'Book of Revelations' (not a fan) may have called this the opening of the Sixth Seal. Ironic, because most Chakra diagrams label the Third Eye as the Sixth Chakra. In my studies, the Third Eye, when working correctly, always transmits "We Are One." This is the ultimate basis for all the ESP-ish phenomena, including telepathy and (real) empathy.

Several science-fiction books have speculated on what might happen if typical (injured/programmed) humans had a full-blown psychic awakening. It ranges from 'instant forgiveness' of all by all, to a combination of self-judgment and judgment of others that leads to a worldwide near-extermination. Take your pick.

I have wondered whether the stress of this (s)election process might lead to some kind of 'trigger-switch' letting-go from all-God. (Implored by the populace knowing something is wrong, but not able to 'place' it.) Sad to say, I am more on the side of it happening...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
Aggressive truth
Houses of the Pious Portugals paedophile ring
20 establishment figures in elite paedophile ring

76 are politicians, both national and local figures, 43 are from the music industry, 135 from TV, film or radio and seven from the world of sport. 261 high-profile individuals – over allegations of child abuse in the past.
Britains Hidden Child Abuse
Child Abuse UK Care Homes
The Sicney Cooke Paedophile ring
RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER OF CHILDREN ON JERSEY ( Krichefski said to the child victim that he was "wicked and no-one really cares for you".) I fuking care.
The Roman Catholic abused children include boys and girls, some as young as 3 years old, with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14. Under the patronage of Christ. Personally stone him with stones.
This list can go in on and on and on.

The elite pedophile ring in England isn’t a myth unfortunately. In the 80’s we heard of a pedophile ring in Kincora Boys Home in Belfast created by the MI6. Shortly afterwards it was the orphanages in Wales. Then those of London, Scotland & finally Jimmy Saville went down. Today everything is done to cover up the biggest scandal of all: The implication of the royal family in this pedophile ring. So we’re going to talk about Satanism, pedophile crimes & a strange affair of a ceremony going wrong in the south of France.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
Jimmy Savile. Letting the fox into the hen house.
How is possible Cyril Smith was not taken to court when paedophilia allegations emerged in the 1960s because of concerns that other high-profile sex offenders would be exposed. In one Article he say it is untouchable. Who stands behind it?
Idiots believe in pagan magic. They believe that the child is required to get the magic power of the magician. In book The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin is wrote "For the first point: the day being come when it is necessary to perform the Prations, Prayers, and Convocations of Thy Guardian Angels, thou shalt have little Child, of the Age of six" Wisdom of Lord. Bullshit.
Instructions from the Psychonaut page 3 New Aeon Magic
"Science has brought us power and ideas but not the wisdom or reponsibility to handle them. The next great advance That humanity will make will be into the psychic domain. ..Science has not caused this, science is one of itd many side effects as are parallel explosions in art, music, and general creativity...A uniform has a futher function That of depersonalisation" No power and No knowledge just Tech. Bullshit. No magic, just a scam.

There is a view that Moloch, who sacrificed children, was in the form of a man with the head of a bull. ( Baphomet )
The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Say to the people of Israel, Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death. The people of the land shall stone him with stones. I myself will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given one of his children to Molech, to make my sanctuary unclean and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech, and do not put him to death, then I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people, him and all who follow him in whoring after Molech. They poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters,
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
and the land was polluted with blood. Thus they became unclean by their acts,
and played the whore in their deeds.

You know everything what happens in space. Why nobody stopped? In prison, people are locked up for marijuana possession. You shut the innocent people and psychopaths who believe that they are magicians give power over your future, your children and the future of our planet. I'm crazy? Do you? Why Everything is cover up? World-wide moral bankruptcy. I promise you only terror gorilla shatter the window. Rich awaits detailed investigation. Punishment is an eye for an eye. In this way I cut off evil from the earth. A little bit of you suffered. Children are sacred being. That is pure creation. Even though it scares me. So very advanced civilization. 21 age, the wonders of technology, and it led to the collapse of the planet.

Zoner said...

Awfully dang interesting times to be sure. Quite relieved to have had some grace bringing the removal of a certain lingering doubt.

There is no doubt, thus no fear, and further, a deep serene calm that is only interrupted by the reminder of the need to surrender to the process. Stand aside. Get out of the freaking way. All good. So grateful for being given this reprieve. The Ancestors and allies really came through this time.

Vikings on the tube tomorrow. As always, mute the drivel and get lost in the spectacle for a while. Then back to the changing leaves, ever-cooler mornings brought on by an ever-lower arc taken by my best friend in the sky, and keep surfing this apocalypse.


Frog said...

Thank you Visible, that was wonderful post.

The concept of God being Love is amazingly crucial. Agape. This forms the core of the Bible, both new and Old Testament, and seems the most thoroughly ignored.

Visible said...

There is the text to Hare Krishna.


Zoner! What a pleasure to see you around. I don't see enough of you.

BCii said...

Seeing the dark is a mighty challenge, do we judge our Self for it or forgive the Dreamer who dreamed it up in an unconscious state?

The things I've seen about the character I seem to inhabit would eat me alive if I acquisced to be their victim. Succumbing to Judgment is the spiral of death; only Love can salvage the soul while using seen-through, felt-through ego patterns as fuel.

The layers of rebellion go deep. The Turning is no small feat. It all comes down to which god or God we surrender to. The discernment is a matter of plumbing our own depths and resting only upon that which engenders abiding peace.

Anonymous said...

Kanye West - I laughed out loud at that one !
Cheers, Les - I Love You Too Much ! ! !

Anonymous said...

"Greetings to the one that dwells in me"

Zoner said...

Thank you for the kind greeting my friend.

My visibility may have lessened, but know that I am always near fully present.

Anonymous said...

If you are at all sensitive and awake, you will be horrified by both network and cable television. I have had to leave the room while visiting people who watch the Kartrashians and reality T.V. Watching it feels like having sh*t shoveled on top of me.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the "Birth of a Golden Age" - I think this essay is important:

If true, it goes a long way to explaining the extreme and universal hatred the corporate media has for Putin/Russia - they are terrified.

(Roger Nelson's experiment in global consciousness has been running since around 2000, I believe, and he's had some interesting findings.)


servant of the servant of Sri Sri Radha Krsna said...

Say, Sing, Chant the HARE KRSNA maha-mantra:


Chant Loudly, Softly, or even Silently.

Simply chant the HARE KRSNA maha-mantra, and thus enjoy transcendental happiness and transcendental consciousness... Krsna Consciousness.

The HARE KRSNA maha-mantra is non-different from the Supreme Godhead Bhagavan Sri Krsna.

One can chant HARE KRSNA at anytime and in anyplace, or even all-the-time and in all places. There are no conditions nor any limitations when chanting the glorious HARE KRSNA maha-mantra.

Those who chant the HARE KRSNA maha-mantra are actually regarded as already liberated, already situated upon the transcendental or spiritual plane, which is beyond the material realm of birth and death (time) ignorance and suffering.


Anonymous said...

a lot of things just come to me but this has been most persistent.

1. The quote that those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

2. A Mobius strip looks like a number 8 but on it's side.

3. The number eight is supremely important to the el-ites.

4 The symbol for infinity looks like an eight/Mobius strip on it's side.

5. A Mobius strip flips inside out upon its junction

6. Inside out or last is first and first is last.

7. If you step off the Mobius you become an "observer non- participant"

8. You become observer or "cloud of witnesses"...non- participants.

9. "Come out from among them and be ye separate"...has a whole new meaning with

10. The wise man sees the trouble and basically steps aside because it always does
the same thing ( Mobius continuum)

11. TPTP are depending on us not seeing this game so it can continue ad infinitum.

12. Just step aside and it falls apart.

13. You win...they lose.

14. New beginning.

15. They keep telling us and we never listen.

16. Pay attention and get off the carousel pony that never will give you a golden
ring, let alone a brass one.

17. Sit in the audience and watch the theater crash

18. Eat popcorn and laugh....please!!!!

19. Watch the monkeys fuck themselves into oblivion. Not pretty but hey it's the

20. Share your popcorn with Jesus and all the avatars that said " See..we told you
so! And Thanks for finally listening"

21. Start loving.

22. The Beginning

Kazz said...

Thank you for posting that article John (Monday, October 24, 2016 2:43:00 AM)

I found it fascinating.

We can only hope.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
pierre said...
I was shaving yesterday and thinking about the Holy Ghost (not deeply I have not got to that.. yet) and cut my lower lip.
bled like a pig, and I suppose the bits off my tongue from the bruxism cater for the body part.(Blasphemy).
or a hint to grow a beard?

Lauren Moret reckons the elites (ancient Iranian bloodline with various mutations incl blonde or redheaded) want Putin as the NWO Silk Road (CHina, Russia, BRICS more generally) Czar with a US/Nippon go down.
might pay to look at another revolutionary period and BS arising...

Anonymous said...

Miles Mathis is an spook operation. A 15 man team with an endless supply of unmitigated bullshit. Steer clear.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@anonymouse 5:02am
perhaps he was a psi cultist, but he also declared this and delineated it from those more sinister.. my only problem , this week, is his pi=4 BS. I take it for what it seems to be, how can I do otherwise, and where is the unmitigated pure truth (except the legend of Jesus, who isn't here as such to grill). Heck Bob Hope was a 50 man team, Shakespeare more than one man is worth, Elvis never whistleblowed.
rhetorical question, what if we, the sheep, did to them, the wolves, what they do to us (who does one trust?)

Free To Be said...

Hi Vis, what you said regarding the entertainment tonight piece on karsashian reminded me of something. One day after looking on Kim's Instagram to see what it was about I had a terrible dream, a nightmare. Funny, why would looking at pictures of someone and their fashionable lifestyle bring about such a dark dream, especially for someone like me who rarely has nightmares. But the hollowness of that you examined pierced directly into my sub-conscious mind. the depths of shallowness are a deep and murky river.

take care

Anonymous said...

Karen (Monday, October 24, 2016 8:16:00 AM) – thanks.

BTW, I think the “Nooscope” mentioned in the article is a red herring, designed to portray Anton Vaino and Putin as deluded or insane. Much more important, if true, is the possibility that Vaino and Putin take seriously Roger Nelson’s long term study of collective consciousness. His study seeks to establish an effect of the consciousness of a large number of people on a physical system, as referenced in the article:

Here is a summary of the project’s results to date:

If someone having Putin’s leadership ability and influence is taking the concept of the Noosphere seriously, I believe it is a matter of great significance…


Anonymous said...

John at 1:54

The same tactic is being employed by the powers-that-wish-they-were to align Trump with Alex Jones. As soon as Trump started talking about rigged elections he was relegated by the ziomedia to the tinfoil-lined bin.


Kazz said...

Dear John,

I thought you mind find the following links pertinent. I believe the light is returning and humanity is going to experience a blessed time on earth that has not been experienced for over 10,000 years. I can’t believe what a blessing it is to be here at this time to experience such a magnanimous occurrence.

Luv Kazz

rudy sanchez said...

My presumption is man will survive these hazardous times. Life must continue for God to continue to exist. And God needs man to express God. The golden age must be expressed as a witness to God. All your dreams will come true. What ever they may be? You have to decide. It is your life to live.

"Stranger in a strange land" This is definitely a strange world. Luckily, I can recognize certain people by what they say.

yes, You are definitely onto something so please continue to express yourself.

Visible said...

God bless you my friend. The golden age will be a certain reality as the avatar awakens in our hearts.

Kazz said...

Hesiod’s Iron Age describes humans living an existence of toil and misery. Children dishonour their parents, brothers fight with each other and social contracts are forgotten. During this age might makes right and bad men use lies so others don’t know what scoundrels they are. Humans no longer feel shame or indignation at wrongdoing. Contact is lost with the Divine so there is no help against evil. Sounds a lot like today!

According to a 1962 article in the Science News-Letter, Dr. Lloyd Ohlin stated, “...TV is the most direct and massive influence in the history of communication because it enters into the homes of millions every day.” (Neville, T., 1962)

Pictures can bring about social change, report aspects of culture which are not verbally conveyed successfully, and free us from constraints imposed by one’s way of thought. Television exposure has become so common that it is a ‘given’ or ‘constant’ in moulding the perception of reality. A semiotic analysis reveals television programmes are constructed according to particular sign systems. Signs are paradigmatic and combined into a syntagm to connote particular illusions.

Modern mainstream culture is best understood by Rojek’s ‘ideology of the common man’, which sees the political system legitimised, and business and industry sustained, through the commodification of celebrities. Actors, who Rojek dubs ‘celeactors’, are often designed to embody stereotypes and prejudices in popular culture to play fictional characters, and feed the everyday world with standards that unify and cement culture. Celeactors promote ‘commodity fetishism’, that is a process where economic goods are turned into something desirable. Structuralist, Herbert Marcuse, used the term ‘repressive desublimation’ to describe this process, where information is produced by media to encourage people to prescribe to a degraded version of humanity.

Boěthius uses sociologist Stanley Cohen’s ‘moral panic’ to illustrate how various youth cultures, usually proletarian, have their behaviour exaggerated, often in fallacious ways by the media, to create a social reaction to perceived deviant behaviour in an attempt to control young adults, even though their behaviour may not be deviant. Proletarian deviants/terrorists/drug users etc. are used as public scapegoats by the government to deflect developing resentments towards capitalism. This can best be understood by Becker’s ‘labelling theory’, which describes how the label ‘deviant’ is often applied to people who have not broken any rules, or to behaviour that is not deviant, while others who are deviant are not labelled as such.

(Part 1)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who finally said something about the long winded and boring Karen Norman. When I see her name, I just breeze by the large volume of blah blah. I used to read all the comments but I just can't put myself through her ego centric posts.
Sometimes she says reasonable things but there is so much ego blah blah. I also feel embarrassed for her. Probably not much point to say this. She will take it personally and...but I had to say something. She just dominates this nice space and it's really boring and lame.

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

Contrary to the natural process of evolution described by Hegel, a system Weber refers to as ‘bureaucratic authority’ uses a rational of intellectually analysable rules to maintain order in mainstream society. Crime and deviance, when deciphered, are values and conflicts of culture that use criminal trials as a boundary-maintaining device, to reinforce the desired behaviour. Punishment is utilised by the state to control the people. In early 1900 opiate use by the middle class and elite was seen as unfortunate, not morally depraved, while alcohol use by the lower strata was regarded deviant. This same inconsistency can be seen in the ‘Temperance Movement’ in 18th century England, where the aristocracy and wealthy classes were able to indulge in distilled liquor, but the poor were not awarded the same right.

In short, the elite use illusions to control the collective consciousness so they can live off humanity like parasites.

References -
Becker, Howard (1963), ‘Deviance and the Response of Others (extract)’, in The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism. Glencoe: Free Press. Pp. 8-14
Boěthius, U. (1995) ‘Youth, the Media and Moral Panics,’ in Youth culture in Late Modernity, London: Sage Publications. pp. 39-44
Neville, T. (1962) ‘TV Good Life Spurs Delinquency,’ in The Science News-Letter, 81:23. pp. 362-363. JSTOR [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 8 January 2010)
Rojek, C. (2001), ‘Celebrity and Celetoids,’ in Celebrity, London: Reaktion Books. pp. 9-49
Weber, M. (1978), ‘Charismatic Authority’, in Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology. Berkley: University of California Press. Pp. 241-245

Anonymous said...

I love this place so I am sorry to say this. Please can this Karen write MUCH less please. I am sure there are many who wish this.

Anonymous said...

mr. vis,

hope all is well. May I quote you,”I apologize to those sensitive souls who've got some kind of Vegan spirituality and who believe that eating honey is stealing from the bees (seriously, they believe this) and ergo, believe that any form of scatological referencing or profanity or even any inference toward profanity is a big no no.

 (skă-tŏl′ə-jē, skə-)
n. pl. sca·tol·o·gies
1. The study of fecal excrement, as in medicine, paleontology, or biology. Also called coprology.
2. Obscene language or literature, especially that dealing pruriently or humorously with excrement and excretory functions.

(ˌskætəˈlɒdʒɪkəl) or less commonly
1. characterized by obscenity or preoccupation with obscenity, esp in the form of references to excrement
2. (Pathology) of or relating to the scientific study of excrement

not that I believe preoccupation with obscenity, esp in the form of references to excrement is necessarily healthy, did not the master say “it is not what comes out of thy mouth that defiles , you it is what comes out of the heart.”

word’s are just word’s, for instance F*CK is something most like to do, it is just a word, but if I call you a f*cking fu*k that is not nice. It is not the word, it is the intent of the heart!

Another example: Sh*t, crap, poo doo, dung fesses, excrement all words to express stinky stuff! But if I call you a dung beetle would you take offense ? Dung beetles are sacred in Egypt and they feed there young with camel dung, all good but if I call you a piece of dung that may not be nice. It is all in the intent!

Is that 2cent’s worth?

from KY.

Visible said...

tOM! Great to hear from you! Wondering what you were up to. I can still taste JJ's enchiladas (grin)! Love all around out there in the real boonies. We had a great visit.

Shallel said...

Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.
– Adyashanti

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Thank you for being such a wonderful host.

I wish to apologise from the bottom of my heart to everyone for being so long winded, and it seems ego centric in my communications, especially you Vis. No matter how hard I try I mess things up. I just pray that my behaviour has not in any way brought disrepute on Jesus Christ, because my inability to be a better person has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, it is just who I AM.

I have enjoyed my journey here with all of you very much and I am so sorry I made it painful for the rest of you. It was never my intention. I am a very passionate person, and I am afraid I have let my passion get the better of me.

I feel I have forced you all to endure enough so blessedly for all of you I will not post here again. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank all those here who have made this journey so enjoyable. Thank you for looking past my long list of faults and humouring me by tolerating me for so long.

Love always Kazz

Visible said...

That is unnecessary and also counter intuitive and counter productive. I just posted a long comment at one of the other blogs. Origami? Mirrors? Can't remember (grin). All or nothing at all is not the informed response; just observe through self inquiry and it will all right itself in no time at all. I've been in this situation more times than I can remember and certainly (to my distress) in a more spectacular fashion. Life is an instructional process. Sometimes people are completely off the wall about what they say and only want to hurt me. I can pick up on this most all the time when it happens. However, even when I know they are most likely wrong I still pay attention and seek to correct it even if it does not exist.

Ray B. said...

Karen/Kazz, I was not one of the 'go away' posters. You have made several wonderful posts here, usually when you were talking personally about yourself and your life-experiences. Those were great.

I did find myself skipping-over the religious-cant Bible quotations and the Admiralty Law details...

When you were talking - i.e., in your heart - you were enthralling. When in your head, so to speak, not so much.

I can tell you have many personal stories. Let them out...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(pen name is Brackets Pierre)
Karen, I do read your comments (and hope you continue here paste your last comment to read this one) though I have used the Power of the Page Down Button more recently as you have, IMO, gone on a tad bit much in volume. quality is fine though.
some history of this blog comments at which Vis (newbies and inattentives please note, this is his first name, like the Chinese except for Bruce Lee) has tolerated me (and I trust appreciated at times)..
Vis made a comment a number of years ago (6?) "your comments only prove that you are insane" (cue Billy Joel) , as often he does comment sideways, not naming the recipient, I took this personally, said perhaps I should not comment, nothing came through from that and I lurked (sulked?) (for better or worse) hereabouts for 2 years..I crawled back though.
One lass here back then , Clarity, also went on a bit, I commented "Clarity, do you have an evil twin sister called Brevity".... ho ho.
I do think myself if I am going to go on too much, I should get my own blog. I could copy and paste Schaff's Christianity History every which way to a year of Sundays.
non-anonymous coward (and google signup avoider).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kazz, you are one HELL of a chick. Tougher and more intelligent than most people with knowledge that would no longer be disseminated on a well read blog that appreciates you. Hope you're bluffing. You would be quite a loss. And besides both of us being on the same side of history, in other ways we are as different as night and day, but you are appreciated as I sense other posters will verifry after me.

Anonymous said...

Just tweak it a bit Karen, that's all. It wouldn't be the same here without you. We're all searching for much pretty much the same thing, that's why we ended up at this place that Visible built. You can be a force of nature sometimes, often in a good way. Gentle surf at high is more fun and than a tsunami.


Anonymous said...

Then Bill added...

Now now, Karen. Pouting and self flagellation are narcissistic too. If you ever met people from the internet, in person, you find out that you filled them in with your imagination. You do it and they do it to you. So, there's always that degree of babble going on. It is what it is. Don't let it be your whole world. Lighten up a little.

I think you're FUNNY! You're rascally. I like that quality in a middle aged mother of 5, a housewife, and rebel outlaw inscrutable to the last! So, if you should ever find yourself in the penalty box for your rascalliness, I'll post my email and you can rant on ME.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Be Careful what You Wish for in this Cesspool of Manufactured Darkness.

Visible said...

In anticipation of my being busy all day tomorrow (with personal things- grin) here is Chapter Two of The Way to the Kingdom.

Enjoy (I hope)



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