Wednesday, March 15, 2023

"The Flat Earth Movers at The Demolition Derby Were Plowed Under so God Left Them a Rose on the Grave of Their Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They came out from under a rock somewhere and are dancing like stick-figure Meth-heads in their torn underwear. They pay no mind to the rest of The World that pays no mind to them. Except when they trip in front of your car... while screaming at invisible creatures from another dimension; “Do... you... know... who... I... are?” They burn incandescent for a minute or two, then fizzle out like a cigarette butt in a can of beer.

They drive Flat-Earth movers at The Demolition Derby, where they plow themselves under & God leaves a rose on the grave of their mind. Is it because so many people have collectively become so dumb that they think they can turn the clock back to the day before Pythagoras, and... no one will notice? When college grads can no longer find the rest of The World on a map, they might be right.

Then again... their world might be flat. Mine... is... not.

You see certain financial and political forces... that are trying to regress humanity back to the primitive tribal mindset, with their tattoos and nose rings.. their pierced privates... writhing by the firelight of bad-drumming circles; calling out Lovecraftian rhythms to their poisoned bloodstreams... dreaming of the halcyon days of human sacrifice; soothsayers dismembering children and reading their entrails, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF The WEF butt bandits, who are liking them to be as dumb as they come so that they can get away with whatever they please.

Is it any less soul-killing to be spending their hours in skyscraper towers, and juggling numbers in the hope that possibly... just maybe... it will all add up to enough to pay off their indentured enslavement to the company store? That's not even their real bondage. Their real bondage is to all the nasty habits they picked up trying to forget what they have to go through to afford them.

Yesterday... in honor of the flat Earth junkies, someone said that Space isn't real either. I told them that neither is Matter. Matter's just energy that woke up and had to pee and it can't find the bathroom. Then there is a period of reasoning it out, and an emergency decision gets made. Then the peeing takes place and it turns back into Matter... until it has to pee again... it's a creeping somnambulism thing. This is where Karma comes from.

So it takes countless forms... shape shifting... appearing to be and then not being; a sort of "to pee or not to pee, is that the question?" You'll understand it better once you see Schrodinger's cat in the litter box. Then... the answer to your own personal existence will be explained when the cat does or does not disappear. Your problem is not being in two places at once. It's being all over the place with no filing system for the multiple personalities you have to create in order to stay ahead of The Game.

Lying to yourself is a full-time job.

It's a slick treadmill on a conveyor belt to nowhere. Sooner or later you run out of juice and... Will. You can't keep pace, so you fall into the cracks in the moving sidewalk, and it's old home week for you and the hungry shadows like that guy at the end of Ghost, and... all along you were hoping he would take Whoopie with him. Now it requires a forklift to get her from her chair on The View to the VIP room at Golden Corral.

She's still living off the residuals from her Whoopie Cushion shares.

The Flat Earth goofball theory is just part of the whole raging dementia thing... going full tilt through imaginary genders and holes to stick your oar in so you can row somebody's boat. See... the people behind this garbage KNOW about The Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse... though they might not name it like I do. They know the gig is up and an accounting is coming and they are... full tilt... trying to stay ahead of the posse... the villagers... and the headsman.

They know all that fake history nonsense they came up with... to cover what they did in Russia just previously is... all... about... to... come... out. If The Awakening don't get them then the algorithms will. They built the engines of their own destruction. They didn't know it at the time... but now...The Potato Famine and The Holodomor... The Armenian Massacre... 9/11... The Scamdemic and The Killer Vaccines are all going to turn into liver-eating Pterodactyls that will MATERIALIZE as the hungry offspring of their own runaway imaginations, turned to blood-curdling fear.

So what they do now is to create all these straw-man fictions they're gonna blame on you, in the hope that the misdirection will create enough red herrings for them to escape into the foliage... only the foliage has red eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

Every race has been enslaved. Every race has been abused by the races that preceded it; who owned The Slave Ships? This is one of the reasons they hid the living realities of Karma and Reincarnation so that they could manipulate our perception of The Past... control our perception of The Present... and generate our perception of The Future to favor their ambitions.

We are living under a tyranny of youth from a generation of vipers, who... know nothing about themselves and feel free to lecture others without knowledge or restraint. Cease to respect your elders and you won't live long enough to become one... but, I guess we are seeing that, aren't we?

How come beads of water on a flat surface are curved? How come the sky is a dome? Do we live in a snow globe? You might think so... shortly, only the snow is more likely to be volumes of ash traveling on those wind currents that CIRCLE the planet.

If the Earth is flat... and nothing is stationary in space, so that we are moving through it at appreciable speed, how come the oceans don't wash back and forth over the land? Most importantly... what's on the other side where The Sun never shines?

I know these questions are stupid. I created them to match the level of Stupid found in The Flat Earth bullshit.

All these things are connected; the gender tortures... the fake science... the inability to distinguish fantasy from reality... the porn and the video games. It's the latter-day... Old Testament judgment hour of Materialism twisting in its death-rattle pratfalls like Bush on a Segway.

Now the banks are failing and the sirens are calling and you don't see any of it until it's right on top of you because you haven't been paying attention in the first place. Now Kalifornia is flooding, and... that's ♫ only the beginning ♫

Whatcha gonna do? Is science going to save you? Science is now blocking The Sun on most days, due to skywriting chemtrails... where the carbon output of the planes... completely offsets whatever the chemtrails are supposed to protect us from. It's... not... about... that.

It's not about ANYTHING that they tell you it's about.

Can you not see a cosmic pattern here? Look at the pandemic insanities encouraged by those who are trying to keep the villagers from stringing them up. Look at the horrible entertainment... the terrible soundtracks for the day-to-day... the rising prices in The Land of Plenty... the poisons in the food, the water, and the air. Look at the migrating hordes in search of The Great Cheeseburger in The Sky.

I could go on and on here... listing all the notes coming due... and the invisible leg-breakers, waiting in the wings... the mop-up crew of battlefield ghouls, but... why? None of it troubles me, and the people it should trouble aren't even paying attention, and... they will kill you if you point it out to them.

I KNOW that The Divine has it all under control, and all the appearances of life being out-of-control are... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Lessons are required learning now. Those who refuse them will have them delivered in a more palpable and telling fashion, and... if they still refuse to learn? Oh my... oh my.

Massive... globe-shaking transformations are closer than you think. They hope to hide their evils from the eye of The Sun... but The Angels of The Sun are everywhere. How are they going to fight what they cannot see? Let... there... be... light!

End Transformation.......

Rest in Peace; Bobby Caldwell.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant, from beginning to end.

A Shining Light...thank you, Visible!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Let's see what happens in Mid-April. I don't know anything, but who knows? This is a great time to live for the next world and not this POS.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

"We are living under a tyranny of youth from a generation of vipers, who... know nothing about themselves and feel free to lecture others without knowledge or restraint. "

The baby boomers have been blaming us genX and millennials for everything wrong in the world since we were still in strollers. Apparently we millennials also caused 9-11 too even tho we were only like 14 years old at the time.

Why won't the boomers just be honest and say openly that they think their children are a burden and that boomers are too selfish of a generation to handle the responsibility of parenthood? At least that would be honest.

Visible said...

You know... when people respond to something like that... in that fashion... anonymously... when the statement was not directed at them personally... and... as it was intended was not directed at an entire demographic... One can assume... with authority... that there is a there there, which explains the anonymity. One can also assume that's not what they are anonymously incensed at. And to bring in 9/11 which ANYONE who has studied the matter KNOWS by now was a joint operation between Israel and compromised intelligence services... indicates an ignorance of the subject that is near impossible to believe... so... maybe you might want to ponder that... and ponder what else your commentary revealed to me. Happy trails.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible…..your are truly brilliant……at least in my mind!

I have admired your work for years, as have many around the world…..
You are a blessing to us all……onelove

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Loving every word because it lifts the veil of unknowing
Between us and the great ones and God. The dark ones did hide the laws
If karma and reincarnation. They did murder the millions of Russians and Irish,Armenians and more.
But we live forever and their time is of ending has come. Because in the end, we all have to measure up
To being God or ... be not .
Thank you for your love of the sun and wisdom.

Love , Annie

Visible said...

Thank you. You are very kind (both of you). I almost never respond to these kinds of comments.
It is not because they are unappreciated. I hope the readers always know how much I do appreciate getting positive commentary. However, I know, beyond a doubt, who is responsible for any appreciation that comes my way. I hope the reader knows that I pass those comments on to the one who is responsible, and that one will answer in his own way.

I will continue to seldom respond, but I will silently acknowledge and extend my thanks. I hope that is clear. Sincere thoughts and feelings will ALWAYS be more powerful than words. God bless you.

Ty said...

Still haven't lost your sense of humor Vis, laughed my gallstones out reading this.

Hey nothing can prepare you for this, please check this out.

Love ty

Phillip Thompson said...

Never could understand the flat earth thing. Just take a handful of water and throw it into the air--it makes spheres. Same thing with the planets in space.

Good one today, Les. I'll pass it around to people and never hear from them.

Have you read Cormac McCarthy's latest, The Passenger? Something tells me you will really enjoy it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up

"Push-me and Pull-u Dance with The Fallen Stars... That Shine in The Oil Slick Wash of The Glittering Asphalt Night."

Anonymous said...

I glad to know you still believe there is a God. I often wonder about people who say that but never understand the first chapter of the Book. It’s comforting to know you believe that the sun, moon and the stars both fixed and wandering were created after dry land was brought forth out of the water to be called earth. I believe it says after trees and fruit also if I’m not mistaken. Let’s be consistent with days of creation taught to the tribes of Israel. It’s good to know you understand like Muslims and Jews there is no trinity of people. That the Christ is God manifest in the vessel of flesh to be seen of angels, preached to the Gentiles, believed on in the world and received up into glory.
Remember it’s only the devils that tremble at the one God and those that are children of the devil.

Have a great day!

PS. You know it’s odd you would choose the “do no evil” Google as the auto sign in. They missed that boat with their actions years ago in my opinion. Above all else, don’t let yourself be deceived.

bholanath said...

Daily, happy to see you still killin it. Hope you're well.
- bholanath

Visible said...


Great to hear from you. Oddly enough, I was just thinking of you only a couple of days ago. Heh heh... well, you know as well as I what comes from this.

If you are still in a western state, please do come and be my guest when you have a few days. it would be splendid to see you.

Visible said...

I do not see evil in things when it is possible for me to still The Reactive Mind. What Google does or does not do has nothing to do with me. I am sitting on the lotus, not swimming in the swamp.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, your post script had me howling in laughter;
“(Earth really is special, according to the science end of Gender Stupid Physics. Everything else in space is round... except (5/4 drum-roll...) Earth!” Hahaahaaa

Another thing i often wonder is if any of these nobs have ever flown in a plane. Seriously, you can see the curvature out the flippin’ window, for petesakes. But no, some gay triber takes some science and mixes in a little hypnotic pixie dust, and voila! The Erf is flat after all! These FEffers are all over the place too and they’re always derailing actual discussions on comment boards, often when the subject matter has nada / zip / zilch to do with their sacred cow. They’re like the flies and mosquitoes hairnets of the interwebs.

At first, they had a lot of peeple going their direction, and i’ve noticed that falling off of late, which is good, but for the past few years with all the “End Times” chatter, they’ve glommed onto the Christian Bible fundies with their torn undies and weaved that into the “narrative”. Weird. What’s the most besetting is many who are producing good content & research have been poisoned with the tribe’s pixie dust, tainting their good work. Very sad.

Oh well. At least it’s good for a larf once in a while.

Thank God for all your good work and you too, Mr. Visible!




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