Tuesday, February 14, 2023

"The Devil is The District Attorney in God's Courtroom of Perfect Justice. It is This... and It is... More Than This."

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Well... as this is Petri Dish... I guess I'll mention it. Most all entertainment media at this time is shit, and worse. The term 'shit', hardly seems to cover it. So... I am having to be more and more attentive about what I watch during the periods allotted. Fortunately... other countries are not so culturally ruined yet as ours is. If it was a medical condition, we would have Stage 4 cancer.

I do know that there are cases of people recovering from Stage 4, but... I suspect... the odds aren't great. I don't know. That's not an area I give any interest to... just saying. So... I thought I'd mention that I am looking forward to watching, “Cocaine Bear”.

It is... so they say, based on a true story about a drug plane going down in the wilderness with a load of cocaine. Bears are among the most omnivorous and eclectic eaters in The Wild. It makes sense that a bear might check it out and find a different kind of honey.

So the bear starts to behave like people do on coke, only it has sharp teeth and claws, and the brain power... not in excess of... a present-day urban cowboy. I wonder if they'll throw in a tranny as a love interest? Anyway... it has Ray Liotta, so it can't be a complete waste of time. He died last year. I guess this would be his swan song... except with a bear... on cocaine. I imagine there is a glorious opportunity for a Hunter Biden cameo, but... it's Hollywood and Hollywood is a dyslexic bowel movement in the wrong direction.

Now... I'll go back to talking about God and Lady Nature which is pretty much all that interests me at any time.

Religion is a form of entertainment. Its objective is also to hold your mind's attention on something that is being presented as something other than it is. There is also the cost of admission and some people spend far more on religion than they do on 'worldly' entertainments.

It's one of the ways that people process their fear of the unknown. It is said that the fear of God is the BEGINNING of Wisdom. People like to hedge their bets. The smart ones subscribe to Pascal's Wager. However...

God sees through all of that... though... you do get a certain spiritual profit from living according to the moral codes of the time; unless it's like now where there are none. Of course, in times like these, religion can be a big help to many. Regardless... you need to pay attention to the tilt of the minister's perspective, AND... the manner in which the gospel is shaped to the personal ends of whoever is running the magic show.

God is within. If they are teaching you that. That is good. God is also in every one of us. Hopefully, they are teaching that too, but you don't need a church made of hands to commune with The Lord of Heaven. The graceful chapels of Lady Nature await any who are so inclined to seek... after... direct... contact.

When seeking truth in books and traditions, one should be advised that what is sought can be found in neither. These instruments can indicate. They can point in a general direction, but Truth must be experienced. One achieves that by acquiring Wisdom and Higher Love. Truth is revealed by the union of Wisdom and Love. The Heart and Mind must come into unity to experience that which cannot be communicated in words or... through traditions and rituals.

“Be... not... deceived. Even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.”

They like to twist that around to say that The Devil impersonates an angel of light, and that may be, on occasion... true... but what it actually means is that The Devil works for God. Everyone works for God... like it or not... know it or not... willing or not... Regardless of the costume, everyone... no matter what they do... serves God in his greater plan, which extends far beyond what you may imagine at the moment.

The priest class likes to set up the good and evil dynamic; a devil as powerful as God... two antagonistic forces. Not the way it is... God is beyond good and evil and the creator of both, for the purpose of his entertainment and self-discovery, in... each... one... of... us. Think of it as an endless game... a replicating movie that screens forever... a dream... an illusion. It is what it is and not exactly any of those.

The Devil is The District Attorney in God's Courtroom of perfect justice. It is this and it is more than this. The priest class of Christianity is the same as all of the priest classes... with the exception of The Initiatic Brotherhood. They are all about the appearance of control. They are the door wardens of the temporal veil. They leave out the important parts that cause the whole thing to make sense, which otherwise... it does not.

It becomes a woo-woo fantasy creation of compromised imaginations... and it is perpetually beyond our reach, with the pie-in-the-sky... but we are made in the image of God... to be the embodiment of God. The Mission of The Christ was to demonstrate what we might all become if we... simply... wanted... it... more than anything else. Follow Christ, not The Christians. Step around those who are selling him in the marketplaces as some kind of bobble-headed snake charmer.

Christ is the embodiment of Higher Love and Sacrifice. Now he will come in a new presentation as the embodiment of Brotherhood. What you call Jesus Christ is simply the name and agenda he wore during the time when he was to be known as that. The names will change... the production will be different, THE... MESSAGE... WILL... BE... THE... SAME.

The scripture arrangement department leaves out the critical aspects of Karma and Reincarnation. God is a God of The Living. He has no involvement with the dead, and that is why one MUST attain while in the body or... one repeats the course until they do. One must reach that state of reliance and surrender... where there is no interference by YOU... in the process.

Many grow tired of the effort... are easily distracted by shiny shit... and glitter dust... sprinkled through the filters of The Mind. It takes the exceptional soul to see it through, but the gifts one gains are beyond the telling.

These are all good things to remember when you go about in The World. It is critical to know that it is all a magic show and that love... gives one the vision to see through it. Via the transformation and channeling of the sexual force... one receives the piercing eagle's sight that sees through the deception of appearances.

There is a reason that many yogis see the female aspect as The Divine Mother. She becomes every woman who comes into view, as a representation of her in the mind of the aspirant. I have always been deeply romantic because Love is the rushing blood of the poet. That intoxication can take one to many strange places. I prefer now the company of The Divine Mother; also given that she is the gate of both Life and Death. Coming to terms with her is one of the keys to immortality.

You have to get her permission to live forever, so... be VERY careful of how you treat her in any form. Remember also that as long as you are... compelled... to be here, it will be she that births you, and into what sort of conditions would that be? Rightly do they say... “Payback is a bitch.” One might keep in mind not to refer to her in that context... lest you run into her in that context; savvy?

I have always loved her and tried to celebrate her in every manner, BUT... there is a specific process by which one comes to Wisdom and Higher Love and it very much involves The Divine Mother. It is she that greets you in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara.

There are invisible spirits that guard EVERYTHING that is worth having, and this is above... as... so... below. You don't snatch it from the display case. It must be conferred on you. It must be earned. You can't get around divine protections by any trick of The Mind.

What could anyone POSSIBLY be doing that is more important than getting right with The Invisible World by getting right with The Divine Mother and the ineffable? They are one and the same thing playing two parts in an eternal dance of creation.

So I look at The Sun without and within. I look at The Divine Mother as that which gives expression... shape... and dimension to The Living Light... on the never-ending plane of manifestation, and also in ways that language does not reach. The Universe entire... operates according to the principle that it takes two to tango. Mind how you go.

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Someone said that some of my links were gross. Yes, that is so, BUT... things in the mirror are closer than they appear.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty, and another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY.

There is another thing about having become a bit more detached from it all. One becomes a tad less neurotic. More pragmatic in some instances in ways that people in general can't understand. I'VE ALREADY GOT ONE NOSTRIL IN THE NEXT WORLD, I'M JUST PASSIN' THROUGH, THIS AIN'T MY PROBLEM, AND I'M GONNA EITHER AVOID IT OR DEAL WITH IT AS EFFICIENTLY AND QUICKLY AS I CAN, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT IT'S CONSIDERED ANTISOCIAL. WATCH ME!!!!!!!!!!! Or not.

M - said...

Recently, we have watched some excellent documentaries and movies on both Netflix and Amazon Prime. None of them were ever "advertised" on TV, but we know what we like and perform searches accordingly.

Netflix-produced documentaries:
My Octopus Teacher
Cat People (this is a series and is NOT what you would expect from its title)
Fantastic Fungi

Netflix-distributed movie:
The Pale Blue Eye

Amazon-distributed movie:
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

They are all wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.

Anonymous said...

yea that The Pale Blue Eye movie about Edgar Allen Poe and starring Christian Bale was pretty damn good. One of the few decent films made recently.

Anonymous said...

The true story of Cocaine bear is documented in The Bluegrass Conspiracy. He's a side story and died from the overdose. Probably thinking he was the greatest bear ever.

Another great post Visible!


Anonymous said...

On the subject of films I have to recommend the peanut butter falcon, we might be about biased as our littlest has down syndrome but we found it was just a nice film which seems fewer and far between these days.
Thanks as ever for the posts visible.

oengus said...

your caution over blind worship of divine mother is noted, and appreciated, thank you
it somewhat addresses my concerns re referring to almighty as 'he', though i still will certainly put 'she' as more appropriate, with 'it' better still

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"You can See The Struggles that Evil Engages In. Before The Winds of Heaven Blow Them to Hell... and Gone."

0 said...

Between two potentials is how Change is had. Between pillar and post is how people are driven. Curiously, Rarely do they try to understand Why. There must be variance for iterations of forms to be-come.

There, where ones state loses motion by willful domination of self, one recedes to a place of neutrality where desire is limited and owned, versus desire owning the individual who mumbles "its just how I am".

From a neutral center can things be seen for what they are along with potential consequences of having acted in such fashion, without necessarily taking the physical action. I wonder if heart and mind have to be-come in phase thru ones own efforts for a neutral center to even become a potential idea in such a ones mind?

Good stuff Viz! Guess we'll see what shakes out on 2/21 from Russia.... with love? evidently putins having a all channel broadcast on that day due some other inferred action supposedly happening on the 23/24th. May the nukes find the deserving and be a blessing to they who labored Rightly.




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