Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"Whether There is a War going on 'OUT' THERE or Not, is of No Matter to Me. Be at Peace."

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The war is heating up. Somehow Chick-Filet backed off from donating any more money to The Salvation Army! Now... the slathering Huns of sexual excess are going after the Thanksgiving Day, Dallas Cowboy's game, where the Salvation Army traditionally launches their Christmas fund raising campaign. Some UK Bimbette, whom I have never heard of, has threatened not to sing at the game unless The Salvation Army is given its walking papers. Boo hoo!

I find a lot of larger Christian churches and charities to be questionable in their intent and the manner in which they disburse their giving. I do not find this to be true of The Salvation Army. They are GOOD PEOPLE. They are a credit to their mission and they HELP EVERYBODY, regardless of where they put their genitals and no matter how delusional their sexual fantasies may be in these times of Pandemic Gender Hallucination and the latest Frankenstein efforts to turn anyone into anything they might temporarily think they are, whether that be a man, a woman, a 7 year old girl or a transsexual flower pistil which, in fact, many of them already are. Flowers are complex forms of being and they got Stamens that are combines of filaments and anthers and they got Pistils that have their variant of an ovary and ALSO a stigma and a style. The result is that they can be wholly male, wholly female or USUALLY....... BOTH!!!

Flowers do not have the advantage, nor... as far as I know, the bizarre inclinations to surgically alter themselves at a whim, given that Lady Nature has given them the capacity to switch round all over the place without damage or censure. On the other hand, Human Beings have the capacity to be surgically altered and the result of that has been the highest suicide rate going, for any transition process that I know of. They live in gruesome regret when they don't kill themselves.

Given what I just said and given the MANY... MANY... MANY other examples of this war against Natural Harmony, Human Nature, Common Decency, Freedom of Speech and most importantly; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; not to overlook Human Dignity and Freedom of Personal Beliefs and Choice, where they do not impinge upon the same in another person's God Given right to be here and express similar aspects of what we have come to call 'individual rights'... given what I've already said, if this is a war against all that is right and good and reasonable, what are we supposed to do about it? Should we pick up a cudgel or some-such and leap into the fray? Sounds to me like another potential case of blind people gumming each other to death.

What we do is- in my estimation- seek a deeper communion with our own being and lead by example in all we think and say and do. Some part of me ALWAYS believed this but my behavior at times was not indicative of it. I was wild and reckless. I suppose it was a persona born of my fiery artistic nature; to put as romantic a spin on it as possible. I was consumed with the zest for living and I was not going to be constrained by any temporal authority whatsoever. As you can imagine, I ran afoul of the law for an extended period of time. None of that; the confinements and ancillary punishments, the very real dangers and threats against my life... moved me one wit. In that regard I am still as I was but I am more circumspect in my behavior (grin) of course and I am now left alone. Also, by this time, there is nothing I engage in anymore than runs contrary to any sane or sensible law. I have learned a few things after all. I added this in to give context to why I say what I say today.

Whether there is a war going on out there or not, is of no matter to me AND... I am inserting myself more personally into this posting than I usually do because of what I said about leading by example so... all that I am going to say is of a personal perspective and you can take it or leave it. It is the product of what I have learned and some of which... came at the cost of extreme suffering. I'd rather no other person goes through what I did... or puts themselves through what I have. That said, I will continue.

Whether a war is going on out there or not, is of no matter to me. There is ALWAYS A WAR GOING ON OUT THERE because a large portion of the people are at war with themselves and that makes perfect sense since, THEIR BODIES ARE COMPOSED OF 4 INIMICAL AND WARRING ELEMENTS! This is why there is such a remarkable book as The Bhagavad Gita, which I consider to be one of the more direct expressions of The Poetry of God and a composition of remarkable and enduring truth. Anyone who doesn't understand why the world is the way the world is should read it; if for no other reason than that. AND... anyone looking for a way out of this 'perception of endless conflict' should read it for that reason too, however, in that respect there is more than one holy book that can be referenced, such as the teachings of Jesus the Christ and Siddhartha Gautama.

No one can make war on someone who is at peace with themselves and no one can threaten or intimidate anyone who understands the truth in the following statements; “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” Let me insert some of my own poor contributions to the whole, 'the Devil works for God', 'the Devil is the way the wicked see God', 'no man who is his own master can be made into a slave' and 'just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can, doesn't mean it is.' I only include my own, which you have already seen before to again confirm why I say... 'Whether there is a war going on out there or not, is of no matter to me.'

Don't go around seeing evil here and there. See good in everything. By example- trends that seem alarming in the world may well be on their way to turning into something else. Also... the raging fanatics and bonafide lunatics, presently running the asylum, are in the process of killing themselves off. Nature CANNOT BE USURPED! Nature IS THE POWER OF GOD IN EXPRESSION. Nature is the whirling, dynamic, manifesting energy of existence; the active expression of the will of God. God... the supreme, is in a motionless eternity of being. God is in a ceaseless meditation, by the power of which, all things are maintained. God can also be in quite a few more than two places at once. God is also and will ALWAYS BE, beyond the comprehension of our minds. Accepting this is a real helpmate to the acquisition of UNDERSTANDING. By the grace of God... impersonal and beyond definition, he routinely manifests in a personal fashion and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ENTER INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, through his personal aspect. Some would argue otherwise. Let them. I only know what works for me.

God has appeared in many different costumes, according to the needs of the time and the culture in which he appears. These all come out of the Cosmic Wardrobe and it is one of the unfortunate truths of manifest existence that people tend to worship the costumes, rather than THE LIVING GOD, who expressed through them. They wear coffin bound glitter suits and hold up old bones and state that they have the power of God. This is not true. Saying this, has on occasions, cost many people their lives. God is a living and presently living being. Whatever he may have worn once upon a time can contain elements of wisdom and spiritual resources BUT one is FAR MORE ADVANTAGED to seek for AND FIND the LIVING GOD within. “The Kingdom is Heaven is within YOU.”

You don't have to look hither and yon. You don't have to contort yourself into all manner of postures and poses to get God's attention. God is already far more aware of you than you are of yourself. GOD IS WATCHING and you can't fool him. He knows your intentions and the deeper secrets of your heart, of which some amount is hidden from you. IF YOU are sincere and dedicated and DO NOT GIVE UP, you cannot fail to make contact with the indwelling almighty. YOU CANNOT FAIL!!! Books are an aid... meditation... prayer... these are all aids, but of far greater value is a surrendered and contrite heart.

There are some things God treasures more than others. This I have learned through observation of those who have ATTAINED TO DIRECT CONVERSATION WITH GOD. He highly treasures, humility, constancy and a heart given over completely to him, so... therefore, unswerving loyalty as well. This is why there is such a thing as The Greatest Commandment. Ponder this well. Why??? Why did this get said, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” What does this curious section imply- “And a second is like it.” What do you suppose that means?

I LOVE little clues and leadings. I have profited greatly from a certain kind of curiosity and I recommend acquiring it. God knows, right this moment, what you are up to. He has multitudes of ranks of angels who minister to and record the events of existence. Angels are extensions of God and whatever they see and hear, so does God. Right this moment, God is watching you. Cave Dei Videt!

I think we're done here (grin). MY DEAR FRIENDS... we do not know the hour of the coming of The Lord. This is why we are encouraged to be watchful and vigilant. Pray without ceasing to the limits of your ability and see what happens. Also... serve as you go, opportunities present themselves regularly but we often do not see them. IT IS REAL. This is a real thing. No more than that needs be said.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...

Thank you Visible One!

Nature CANNOT BE USURPED! Nature IS THE POWER OF GOD IN EXPRESSION. Nature is the whirling, dynamic, manifesting energy of existence; the active expression of the will of God. God... the supreme, is in a motionless eternity of being. God is in a ceaseless meditation, by the power of which, all things are maintained.


Which gives us a very useful corollary: Anyone who demands anyone else’s time/energy proves instantly that they are not, in their being, powered directly by the One, but is following their own limited persona OR the coaching of the Adversary, teaching by temptation.

Why has humanity carried so many empty temples of dead weight for so long, falsely believing that they are worth more than ordinary mortals?

Caring and nurturing others is a thing but anyone who hatches schemes to ride on the backs of others but who provide no value other than words, lies and a load to carry, should be discerned as frauds and thown off of our backs!

By the grace of God... impersonal and beyond definition, he routinely manifests in a personal fashion and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ENTER INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, through his personal aspect.

Here is where it gets up close and personal:
learning to discern the voice of our limitation from any implanted mind viruses trying to disempower by confusion and from the still small voice of the One!

Unless there is a timely action item to discharge (like: "duck!"), no voice which exhorts like a demon to any questionable precipitous action can be trusted.

The question the temporal consciousness may ask the impersonal One:

“What is me that is not just You?”

Beyond the impersonal purpose which the avatar master envisions for our life time, just what is our purpose, desire large enough to power it into the unique frequencies we bring to the Universal harmony?

After all human desire is frustrated by failure into the limbo of inertia, what service can we be motivated to perform from a temple empty of all but basic survival instincts?

Just as the human body constantly sorts through matter to identify which cells are dead weight and which are still part of us, so our mental identification MUST outgrow all human limitations of consciousness, leaving ONLY what is eternal and logical for all time.

We seek the Source code level of understanding, where the logic of the senses is not violated but transcended with a higher logic, an order to the Universe which is generated by the Creator NOT pieced together using our dented and demented perception.

Like riding a bicycle, we can only learn by committing to go through the experience, all the way to successfully balancing ourselves, all along our way.

Visible said...

Thank you Robert for your valuable input. I am grateful that you care enough to keep coming by and grace me with your eloquence. I know I can always count on you and Ray and LPTB to come around and say... something... heh heh. God bless you!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I personally have nothing left vested in this place, but I must say I find it annoying that my contract isn't up. I wouldn't exactly call that 'at peace', but I do have a 'what ever' 'tude about what happens to this place. I am getting even by not participating in life unless I have no choice. I do go to my job, shop, and all that; but every discretionary moment is spent in front of this compooter, so I can support this vile system as little as possible. I figure the best revenge is to simply not be there. I consider myself retired from life. After all, I can't think of anything else I want to accomplish; not that past so called 'accomplishments' are really that important.

Great post, as always. Well, I think you had two posts that were kinda 'meh', but I wouldn't have missed them for the world. I remember one of them being focused on football, which I care not for; and I can't remember the other one.

Also, as far as being reckless goes; as you recently mentioned, when I was a younger brat; I think I woulda given you a run for your money. But I was only caught once when I decided to cross an overpass on the handrail. This was in the 1980s, and the 'government extortionist' just told me to get down and not do it again. Dayam, and I only had about 10 metres to go. One that still has me laughing, was when I gave some crotch dropping my camera which I used to never be without, and had him take a picture of me on top of a utility pole. Seconds after I hit the ground, a black and white drove by. I wasn't seen, and I busted up royally.

I better shut up now. My list is a mile long, and there's statutes of limitations that may not exist for this or that. ;O)

Then again, so what? The newly discovered 'Rusty Cage' (Ben Steele) leaves me in the dust with his past knife games. (I also can't compete with the lyrics he comes up with. I swear, the man is a Nosehair on steroids.) Oh yes. And the crazy free runners jumping across tops of buildings and the insane skateboards? I passed on that, though in my early 20's I musta jumped over every garbage can and park bench in town that was there. I started doing that in high school, on campus. I probably drove the faculty nuts, and never listened to them when they told me not to run on campus, amongst other things. (I used to be addicted to running.)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh! I forgot to mention my most awesome move ever. Running under a utility truck as it was pulling out of a petrol station. A PG & E sausage casing on the other side of that truck chuckled at my move, but I was running like Hell in case anyone decided to come after me. No time for comments.

Yes, I was a nutter and a show off.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an inspired column. Thanks!

I tend to view the world like the chakra system. (Akin to Vis' floors of a building.) The part below the heart chakra is individualistic. It is me and you. From the heart chakra on up, it gets more and more universal. It is me as you. Some people dwell entirely 'below'. A few, like true saints, dwell entirely 'above'.

Seen this way, it seems like yet another manifestation of duality: Individuality vs Oneness. Order vs Chaos. Light vs Dark. Male vs Female. Etc. Currently, I am trying to float between the levels, letting Higher Self determine the needed responses. Maybe, there is a 'breakthrough' to non-duality in a non-opposition stance.

One teacher made a very pertinent observation (paraphrased): Do not declare that anything/anyone is not part of God. That triggers the universe to move to prove that to be untrue...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Diane said...

'just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can, doesn't mean it is.'

My favorite...I say this to people when it relates, but few think it through.

You and your readers have truly been an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

I read all of your postings, Les. I don't often comment simply because I don't feel like I have anything to contribute, as Lincoln said "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

By the way, I see you read Zero Hedge. You may have seen some of my comments there, my "avatar" there is a turquoise square with the letters "EE" in it. I've been there a long time now.

Elliott E.

Visible said...

Thank you Elliot, I'll look for that in the future. Zero Hedge has ALWAYS been at the top of my list of site with intelligence and integrity. Few that were there once are still there. Speaking personally, I'd really appreciate your commentary here, given the acumen I assume you possess, since you are a fan of that site.

Visible said...

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