Thursday, December 13, 2018

Overcoming the Darkness and the Footsoldiers in the War Against Christmas.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! This is exclaimed in all caps as a victory dance over the footsoldiers in the WAR AGAINST CHRISTMAS. The airwaves are inundated with tawdry advertising. People are pushing through the crowds, Trampling one another, in search of a reasonable facsimile for the Love gone missing; the feeling of unity and the joy of sharing that you only find in the homes and towns where “the poor in spirit” congregate.

One does not need a church when their own being is an Adytum and when one inspired to walk in the footsteps of the master, does so and... finds that interior guidance that leads them toward the candle in the window, ♫long as I can see the light♫ that said, my Faith, Certitude and Determination remind me through my every day that,

♫ I Need More Light ♫

That said; A picture is surely worth a thousand words, even if most of them are not to be spoken in polite company. The next streaming imagery is best left unseen but it speaks to the presence of accelerating madness that spews like a geyser out of the murk of... perhaps, “blood will tell?” An apocalypse not only reveals the presence of a divine presence, behind all appearances, but it also reveals what happens “where there is no vision”. NOTHING taking place around you, or reflects upon you, unless you mirror the image of it. No power on Earth can hold sway over one who is 'not to be moved'. What is real, ALWAYS neutralizes and.... causes to vanish what is not real, just as the sun burns away the mists of morning. My dear friend, Vivasvan, presently resident in Lord Surya's seat presents to every discerning eye, the unshakable truth that the sun is the source of ALL manifest life on this planet. Ergo... the divine is the source of all spiritual life, concealed within the physical presentation of temporary existence. What you can see, proves the existence of what you cannot see. If you don't get this, you don't get it.

If you are motivated to believe in what is eternal, though it may be hidden from eyes that celebrate or... are blinded by what is profane... you see it everywhere, as the source of everything. It is our own minds that set the dividers between what anyone labels as Real or Unreal or as Good and Evil. These terms are ALWAYS in flux. What is true about anything that expresses or conceals truth is that the truth expressed or concealed continues, regardless of the mask laid over it. Adam means, 'namer of things'. We define, according to the parameters of our ignorance, or the clarity of our vision what anything is to us and therefore we define the world we live in and everything contained in it. Furthermore, we do not see what we see, outside of us. We see everything we see inside our heads. Think about it. You are not only your own prison or pasture of liberty, you are your own jailer or liberator.

Jail is constructed out of the materialized substance of our appetites and desires. Freedom is conferred by the fire of the spirit, which consumes every appearance of confinement, whatever it may be. There are many tales, in times past, about those imprisoned who simply disappeared from the place in which they were imprisoned. Many stories are told about Apollonius of Tyana. You can read about him for weeks to come and not run out of stories and claims about him. I do not speak to the truth of any writer who has written about him. Rather I compare in my mind the similarities presented by many writers. His life is often compared to that of Jesus Christ. I don't get into this kind of thing. I KNOW that that which lived and presented in both of them, also lives in me. It is up to me and the one who guides me- whether I am able to also demonstrate in whatever small way is made possible for me. It is not a competition. We are called to live as well as we are able and... as often as we can... permit the light within to shine forth from us, without our hindering the expression of it and which is the principal spiritual crime that one may observe in times of Material Darkness. ♫this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine♫

We have this life for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. We are all actors and we act out, according to what motivates, inspires and attracts us. In times of Material Darkness, what inspires most people is not a desirable influence. HOWEVER- we are presented with an incredible opportunity, because of THE DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY that exists for one who sincerely seeks to step out of the way of the inner light and allow it to flow without the usual opposition of the false self, while acting as a matador before the ambushes and assaults of the world. I call the latter; spiritual Feng Shui. Understanding Feng Shui Bagua is a personal and subjective thing and unless one applies it to the eternally trustworthy direction of the indwelling ineffable, one is confusing the everlasting with the confusion of the countless myriad of pretenders to the throne. Perfect humility is demonstrated again and again by one who has come to the unshakable conviction that there is ONLY ONE authority in all things and NEVER shall dispute of this arise in the one possessing it. Until one does possess this 'conferred and realized' humility one should maintain a relentless passion for its acquisition. At least that is my take... period.

We are given this life, as we have been given all of our previously lived segments, as a perpetual opportunity to REALIZE what is and what is not. Only one thing is real and everything else is an imperfect reflection; an ever descending and darkening splendor that fades as all things fade before the endless and eternal shining of The Lord of Light. In two weeks- give or take-we have a chance to celebrate the birth of this light, into the manifest vale of tears- into the valley of the shadow- and pray and strive and believe that this birth shall take place within us; within the dark manger of our unawakened being. The promise of this exists for perpetuity. Try to remember that all the work is done by the tireless source of all force and power. Our only task is not to oppose it and to prepare a place for the one who prepares the place, by vacating that place, our false self has usurped.

Celebrate the birth of the light, regardless of whether someone got the date wrong. Celebrate it with conviction and certitude; the whole drama was created in order to get YOUR attention. Creation itself and everything in it was made manifest for you. You are 'the crown of creation'. You have to live it. It is as simply accomplished as stepping away and letting what is, consume what is not.

Do not concern yourself with the positions taken by the countless sects and schisms. Cease from arguing with anyone about it. No argument is equal to the task except silence. Christ is a station, not a person. Jesus was and is the person. Christ is a station that others have attained to since. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

It is not we who do these works. It is the spirit of the divine who does them through us and is the only one who ever will. The world is going mad. It is intensifying in its madness because materialism and insanity are the same, in the sense that one is the parent of the other. It is the sure and certain offspring of its source. It is a 'widening gyre'. It is a center that cannot hold. It is also a demonstration of what happens when something else happens. It does not matter what happens in the world. As has been often said, here and many another place in many ways; a single candle will banish the darkness in the room in which it is lit. The darkness retreats before it and always will. The fervor of a dedicated spirit increases the power of light which is resident within it. The aura of the one hosting the light expands and expands. This has been seen by any of us who have been in the presence of one demonstrating it. The one demonstrating it is doing so in order to inspire you to do the same.

This Christmas, celebrate the birth of the light, which manifests in the darkness of the mind and serves to illuminate it with all the blessings of the one who came here to prove, the human spirit's capacity to overcome death and every limitation we may presently believe exists and which the source of all things has already proven in every heart awakened to the truth of it.

♫was blind but now I see♫

End Transmission.......

♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS back atcha. Merry Yule, too.

Nostrils up X 5!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omnipotent Deity of All Creativity and Creation curses a fig tree that is completely natural to be out of season.

Visible said...

anonymous; you and Hannibal Lecter should be real happy together.

Anayghty Mouser said...


Merry Christmas

Alan Homcy said...


Yes. Yes. And yes. You speak truth, and you speak it beautifully. Thank you for sharing yourself...always. You have been inspiring me for over a decade. Your words are food for my soul. And would love to talk Browns and Baker Mayfield with you.

Alan from Cleveland

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your love and wise words.
Every day I am grateful for you.

This is one of the only other people I read consistently.


Visible said...

Hah hah... Just a month or so ago I began the transition from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield. I will remain with Tom for what time remains to him but Baker is my next vicarious vessel. He's the real article; amazing!!! For the moment I have two favorites.

Anonymous said...

"...The darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining."
1 John 2:8

Merry Christmas to all, and I do mean all. Sinners and Saints, Rishis, thieves, those who suffer in poverty or riches, those who cry out in prisons of concrete and barbed wire, or in bondage of desire and materialism.
All are made in God's image and all can liberated.
- The olde begger, not yet new and improved.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

In the Times of the Tyranny of the Squeaky Wheel Minorities, the Truth Will Triumph.

Visible said...

LTPTB- you will have to be more precise. I can't find it. I tend to screw up like this on occasion regardless of my painstaking efforts otherwise (grin).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Post number nine, hot link doesn't take you to 'Times of Tyranny'. It takes you to 'Crocodile Tears' post.

Visible said...

LTPTB; I REALLY appreciate you telling me this... but since new Smoking Mirrors goes up in a couple of hours and I am inundated with work it will simply get lost in the archives unless the elf sees it.

Carry on... I am trying to but I now have a rather large writing contract and the new book so... I will 'try' to carry on.



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