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The One in the Middle is Definitely Bin Laden

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I had pain taking a piss (I thought) so I went to the doctor and he told me that I have something that has been showing up a lot these days due to the alien contact and he had just the ticket. I could have had an injection that would have required two strong men to hold me down over a table while he stuck a needle into my kidney, because it is intensely painful and then it would stop in a week or so or I could just go to the Pharmacy and get the prescription and it would take a couple days. I was torn on which route to go, so I had a nervous breakdown instead and that appears to have cured it, even though it took 9 men to hold me down and I didn’t even get the shot.

They’re calling this thing, Jim Carrey syndrome, because when you look at these microbes under the microscope they have a face just like Jim Carrey in The Mask. These microbes are very interesting. They line up on the glass slide and create a circle, feet to the center of about ten of them and other shapes as well. No two are alike, like a snowflake and they get so thick that you can hardly see through them. Apparently this has been the cause of the masses not being able to perceive what is actually happening to them.

This reminds me of a story about the early efforts they were making to counteract the effect of this alien infestation, piss pain syndrome. One of the earlier pioneers had used a combination of remote viewing, combined with hypnotic regression and came to believe that one possible method of protection was to have the patient receive a tattoo vaccination of Paul McCartney on one thigh and John Lennon on the other.. One woman I know who was still having problems afterwards came to me and after hoisting up her skirt, asked me if these tattoos did indeed resemble Paul and John. I was a bit in my cups at the time but as I can remember I told her that I wasn’t all that sure that they did but that the fellow in the middle was definitely Willie Nelson. She hasn’t spoken to me since, although I don’t see how a bad tattoo job could possibly be my fault. I don’t do Tattoo but then again, I’m not gay or into midgets either so...

There are all these new methods out right now, dealing with this alien thing. Some of them come from Torchwood I think and some of them come from Deadwood from what I can see of the effectiveness level. I mean, the hard time at the pissoir is only the beginning. After that one develops severe neo-con tendencies, become indifferent to the pain and suffering of others and actually seeks it out. Following that, the prostate, or female version of it, swells up like a balloon and limbs start to fall off of the body. At the moment there’s only a fifty percent recovery rate and thankfully I am in that group as the first signs of remission are evident and that is a general nervous breakdown, followed by massive serendipity of sequential life events.

The massive serendipity is a real puzzle for me. I don’t see how being cured of an infection starts to affect karmic activity but for some reason it does. I hope that feature stays around for awhile. It is even affecting the weather and the days here have been as wonderful as any I have ever seen in a long time.

I know there are some good things that come with the alien incursion because they are somehow tied in with the transitioning. It’s too bad that a certain class of alien and human had not enough restraint to forgo sexual congress with each other; however they managed it, because the affected humans can then transmit it to other humans simply by shared toilet seats and the handling of food, whichever comes first. Those infected by direct sexual contact have no recourse to vaccinations, strong men with needles or the pharmacological pulvers. They’re toast and not very appetizing toast by any stretch.

The piss pain syndrome is not the only ailment to come out of these interactive engagements. There is another more pernicious condition that has been affecting political, financial and social leaders where they begin to believe all sorts of nonsense like the recent news that Bin Laden has just been killed. It appears that this particular malady has made its way into the American middle class without missing a beat and is paid proof to the certainty that a lot of people are going to miss The Transition by a distance equal to that between Chicago and Chiang Kai Shek.

This alien plague seems to be relative to the inverse dactyliomancy of the middle finger extended into a mirror followed by a labefactation of brain matter into a pachynsis soup that vibrates like Jello on the hood of a Krupp V-Cat D8R. The vibration eventually transforms the brain matter into a sacchariferous lump of something Owsley might have green-smeared some of his LSD on, if he were a Guinness challenged man but Owsley is gone now to that big acid trip in the sky and we’re not going to be getting any more of what we haven’t been able to get for thirty years anyway. My tangoreceptors still go off the charts every time I hear his name.

The epidemic wapenshaw that is now likely to emerge due to the long dead, suddenly fresh-corpsed, habromaniac presence of Bin Laden is something I don’t want to see but will see none the less, as the hakenkreuz headed media demonstrates it’s aversion to fallibilism in thought and canters off like a butt ugly, reality TV show producer who doesn’t know the difference between a bahuvrihi and a kamelaukion.

The most pernicious of the viruses that are afflicting the human race is the one that causes the infected to believe that there’s a cure for Zionism just as soon as we run out of Palestinians. It now appears that Zionism is nothing more than a reaction by nanocephalous psychopaths to the presence of Palestinians anywhere on the planet. Of course it is worse if they happen to be in Palestine but we have recently heard that the presence of a Palestinian anywhere on the planet is a certain sign that another part of Israel has suddenly been discovered and needs to be reclaimed. This is somehow connected to Goy-mania, where the presence of anyone who is not Israeli is a mandate to plunder, main, mutilate and kill. It could be a good thing that some things never change but it probably isn’t.

Every day they are discovering new alien/human, cross breeding of bad microbe interaction. Without knowing what is what anymore we are left with something like a macaronic quadragesimarian that still leaves us with 325 days of not knowing what the fuck is going on.

The bad aliens that are obviously living inside the head of Obama (rhymes with Osama) and everyone who works for him have come up with a tandem election strategy whereby the snowflake, alien water ballet is destined to close out the general view of anything outside of it forever and ever amen. Good bye transition and hello doloriferous ever and ever again. I can’t get my head around any of it but I do wish I had the terminator gene and I could get my hands around it, tightly.

The world is the world is the world and one can truly never go broke underestimating human stupidity. How anyone could believe that Bin Laden was still alive or that it wasn’t actually him in the middle instead of Willie Nelson is beyond me. I’m just going to have to whip out my Tandava suit and get ready to close the curtains because the show definitely must not go on. Everything is so full of shit at this point that it’s become religious and everything in it is either shit or dossal paper for the modern art wipe for the benefit of posterity or your posterior, whichever applies.

I wish I could be the bearer of good news but all the good news I have is already known to the people who are not a part of this sad spectacle and I’m running out of ways and motivation to preach to the choir. That must mean that the end really is near and it can’t come soon enough for me. I’ll close with saying that it is true that pornography is very difficult to define but you do know it when you see it because I am seeing it now. I am definitely seeing it now.

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