Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pointless Cartoon Sacrifice of the Military Dead

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Given my frustration with getting the TOR network to work for me and finding that the Silk Road is about as accessible as what I want to acquire there, I think I’ll just go ahead and write whatever post I was putting off for the day, since I’ve got to fill my time somehow (grin).)

I guess that false reality can be propped up and worried indefinitely. Like some kind of supernatural hangnail on the Energizer Bunny, it just grows on and on and on. Like all the robot soldiers dealing death from the skies and on the ground, with superior weapons that turn war into video game, where the victims don’t have shoulder pads or helmets and the aggressors can run around in full NFL gear. There’s no real down side to endless war when your object is attacking mostly defenseless people, living in tents and crumbling stone huts.

There’s a deep futility in what they do because it comes down to killing yourself over and over in another body, which you will certainly inhabit in another life. So that makes these robot soldiers like the Energizer Bunny that walks into a wall and then falls down and makes sideways circles, shooting in all directions, until the battery runs down and they slip into any one of the long line of lives, waiting for their appearance, as the object of their previous mendacity.

I always get that crawling sensation on my skin when I hear about the noble troops defending our freedoms, as if our freedoms were ever challenged by anyone but bankers and politicians, who send them out to die in place of themselves. I’ve been in the military, like everyone in my family. I grew up on military bases around the world. I know how soldiers talk and what they get up to. They’re like any other yahoo with a gun and a legal right to kill.

You get your parades every year, when the ones who defended our endangered freedoms, trot themselves out as symbols of something that all the politicians and bankers want the youth to hold in high regard, because there are more wars coming, because the bankers and politicians see something they want and can make more money out of. There’s no real need for war, except to enrich the ones who start them and don’t fight in them. We enshrine ignorance, dressed up as patriotism, surrounded by banners and bunting and attended by martial music that turns goose-stepping into a cash register fox trot, filled with the pomp and vanity of thundersticks, which make a ridiculous hyperbole out of an ever diminishing, time lapse cartoon of a stiff dick and its exaggerated potency. Later on they’ll be on a barstool somewhere telling each other lies about their glorious service to the realm; the realm of bankers and politicians and priests. As Diderot aptly put it, "Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”.

War is commercial enterprise and it’s got jack shit to do with anything else. Surely there are those who have no alternative but war. Those would be the disadvantaged warriors of the invaded lands, such as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. How many photo-ops do we need to see of psychopathic politicians, shaking the hands of Saddam and Khadaffi, prior to hunting them down and killing them, after the former understandings and business deals gave way to new arrangements where they became expendable, just like the soldiers they use to kill on their command? How many times do we need to see pictures of allied forces guarding the poppy fields that were destroyed by the Taliban? That’s the nature and purpose of war; right in your face and ignored by those taken in by the glory of their imagined sacrifices for a liberty they do not possess.

It’s a powerful institution of the deluded mind. It’s a recurrent and tawdry scene of drunken legionnaires, weeping over the memory of fallen comrades. These are the men who can’t put two and two together concerning 9/11. Seeing the truth makes a mockery out of everything they gave their lives and limbs for. It’s that intrinsic vanity of the male fetish for ribbons and metal stars. It’s a guy thing. It’s a dick thing. It’s a fucked up thing and the more fucked up it is the greater the rage of the one offended by language like this.

This is one of the mysteries of existence. It should and probably does dawn on the minds of many that they have been and are going the wrong way. However, their investment in all of the memories and paraphernalia of the past is too precious to let loose of for something as nebulous as clarity and truth. We are addicted to our myths, which we embellish with every passing year. We are noble and honorable and filled with sacrifice for country, kith and kin. Never let it be seen that it was all about our vanity, based on a primary deception as bankrupt as it is.

Peace is the province of women, that secondary appendage to the greater male realities beyond their comprehension. The wars of bankers are a rite of passage into manhood, that defining movement between, ‘young dumb and full of cum’ to ‘old, dumb and impotent’. They are the never ending descendents of Onan, spilling both blood and seed on barren ground. Something is birthed and born there, something like dragon’s teeth are sown to raise new zombie armies of the dead. They’re dreaming of the poetry of trench warfare on the Western Front and they will find their place and die there in the mud, among the rats and the lice and the cries of their fellows on the wire.

Here is the unanswerable question; “How can my sacrifice have been meaningless”? They can’t get their heads around it and they won’t. Their essential vanity will not permit it. It is better to be dead than to admit that you were wrong and that you died for the profit of bankers and their paid for politicians.

It comes down to an age of darkness. Little can be done in an age of darkness except to demure and endure. You cannot argue with the darkness or the darkness of the minds in which is resides. You can only live as an example for the few who can see the value in it and under the scorn of the many who cannot. It is better to live in the quiet apart, so long as there is an apart to be found. The wise run for the hills in these times. They know it is a part of the process, a great outworking of a collective darkness in search of light.

The truth is everywhere to be seen but cannot be observed by a mind in darkness. The truth is simple and self evident but impossible to discover when it is cloaked and veiled by ignorance and appetite. There is no real danger or difficulty except what we carry with us on our way. Every portion of ourselves is magnetized to the conditions and attractions through which we pass. You carry it all with you until you lay it down. Until you do, you have made war on Nature and every plant, insect, animal and invisible force is aware of what you are. Once you have freed yourself of the need to make war on your fellows, by whatever means you employ, in whatever field of conflict you operate in, Nature immediately knows and claims you for her own. She is the active and radiant expression of the stillness upon which she rests.

How long this will continue, I do not know. Perhaps it goes on forever in places, while the light of understanding dawns somewhere else. There’s no way of knowing how comprehensive and pervasive it will be until it arrives. For those of us in relentless anticipation, we wait and endure.

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kikz said...
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Sim said...

Another great post Visible, thank you.

Re the TOR network: I wouldn't bother. Even my "identity" is not worth stealing, and I got zero funds for internet fraudsters to fleece me out of. And as far as the TPTB /TPTW are concerned, I positively want them to know that I think that they are a shower of crooked c*nts.

Thank you again, Sim

IP address

Thomas said...

Thank you Les, for telling it like it is. Even if you talk to bufoonish soldiers, many of the things you say in anger at the sleeping masses apply to me, in varying degrees at varying times. Funny how quickly my new-found "truths" can be shown to be just new-found delusions :)

my new mantra is: "I know nothing, I understand nothing, and I am nothing." Like you have said, before the murky and dirty waters are poured out of the cup, it cannot be filled by the Light and Truth of the Divine.

thank you, thank you.

Love to All :)

DaveS said...


Visible said...

I've been doing that a lot lately and I looked directly at the title before I posted it. It's something in the air I think. Well, I'm headed for the sauna and maybe I can sweat it out



I'm trying to order something off of the Silk Road website that you can only get through via TOR. It has nothing to do with identity and I'm not even concerned about anonymity. I don't even care. I just want to order something.

Anonymous said...

If I had the talent to assemble the truth as you have I would. Never have my feelings flowed from me as when reading this piece. I wait too Les. I wait too.

Origen the heretic said...

"They’re like any other yahoo with a gun and a legal right to kill." You mean like our USrael cops?

I haven't commented here in quite a while, but I haven't missed any of your posts on any of your blogs. This particular post is something very well said that has long been needed to be said. If I was dictator of AmeriKa, this post along with Gen. Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket" would be required reading for membership in the American Legion and the VFW.

Rev. John

Richard said...

As has been the norm your essays, or rantings as some may categorize them, are stimulus for reflection. Gratitude arises spontaneously.
' To bear the unpleasant manifestations of others ' seems to be path.
However there is unpleasant and then there is aggressive, perhaps born from the 'young, dumb and full of cum', the 'cum' causing the desires to expand, including the ones instilled by the female of the species
from various generations of the ancestors, and the desire to procreate.
So the 'young' will take of itself with time, 'dumb' is matter of karma, and the third leg ( grin ) of this triad is matter of practice of an internal nature. After all 'seminary' is where one is supposed to learn how to handle the semen for spiritual purposes, although as many Irish and indigenous children in Canada and other places will attest otherwise.
Or perhaps they are dual purpose places of learning, the other being ' onanary ', where people such as Marcial Maciel attended.
Are not the titles, medals, and stripes symbols to attract the female, do not the ladies 'love a man in uniform' ?
While others strive to make an impression , with their uniforms, some that have a collar about the neck with the little white patch, or hats of the fisherman,' I strive to be a glorious infant suckling on the tit of the Universe'

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the sweetness of the morning dew.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Shiva / Shakti Tango is on.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Preparation is a finer, more intense and valuable action than is the job itself.

I used to tell all the ministers and ministers to be..

"the firing squad is good enough for me"

They rarely if ever, agreed.

I must be making progress..

Anonymous said...

I guess that is why the the troops of modern war keep getting younger and younger. They lack wisdom and compassion.

Grwon on video games full of violence and non-realities. they don't even live in this world.

Bravo on the post!

On a more somber note. It is time to pic your situation. Crate your communjhity and hunker down. The storm is coming and we will meet on the other side as the new day dawns. Yes, we truly are going to enter a dark and choatic time ahead. Community! is the key.

As we will awaken on the sunny new day, where thre will the smell of battles fought in the air. As we take stock of a new world, look for old loved ones and friends. yes a time when commitments will be made (like, never again) but as the cycle passes again, it will.

There is repitition and there is reincarnation. So shall we learn.

Living in the illision of the past it is projected forward while a new reality is painted around us.

Having eyes does not mean you can see. Having ears does not make one capable of hearing. It is what happens inside with the signals which detrmies if one can see and hear.

The true seeing and hearing happens in the heart.


Strum said...

A truly beautiful piece Les.

an age of darkness indeed

demure and endure we do.

sums up exactly what I have been going through here, as you always do.

"It is better to live in the quiet apart, so long as there is an apart to be found. "

feel myself very lucky to have an apart where I am.

regarding another place to host your music, I've been looking around a bit and found this >

has some good advice and heaps of links.
It's a bit of a lottery which site you pick I guess, maybe try a few.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this is the best post I have seen from Les Visible in at least a week or so, though they have all been good.

But this message hits home and can be understood well even by those who don't normally peruse this site. There is a plain and simple truth in these words, easily recognized by those even remotely in touch with Spirit.

Growing up as a young male in the US during the 1970s, my instincts were very strong. I knew to avoid military service at all costs. But I was lucky because it was easier for me to do than it had been or would be for other generations.

This was right after forced conscription ended in the US and some time before the more recent and obscene era of war profiteering-dressed up-as-faux-patriotism had begun. As a result, joining the military for the alleged purpose of "defending freedom" was not in vogue and since this was also in the wake of Vietnam, all things military were not yet cool again.

Regardless, it should be obvious by now that the permanently poverty stricken souls in Third World lands do not present a threat to anyone's freedom, so even now it should not be regarded as the "honorable" thing to do when one chooses to take arms.

Oddly enough, back in the 70s the military sold itself to the youth of America as the best way for those less privileged to get a "good job" or to train for a technical career, NOT as a means to defending freedom or much of anything else for that matter. It was sanitized and repackaged as a job training program. And of course, joining the Navy was not just a job, it was an "adventure" according to all of the advertising.

But lo and behold, whether it is defending freedom or it is training for a so-called lucrative career in the civilian world, it is really all the same, yet another aspect of the same economic imprisonment imposed upon the masses by the bankster elite. Until one turns away from the entire process one cannot begin taking the path to knowing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible.

Young, dumb and full of cum.
Women love a man in uniform.

No man wants to hear or admit to himself he has been used by international bankers and politicians.

I wonder what the servicemen think of Profiles i Evil member Henry Kissinger's statement: Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

Maybe if they knew what their 'leaders' thought of them they would think twice before offering to die in the name of profits and power.

I respect those who have served but deep down I also feel sorry for them. Killing, except in direct self defense of self or loved ones, I believe scars the psyche permanently.

Peace, Mouser

Tom Lowe said...

In resonance to the day's theme presented, here is what the Ogre really thinks of military people:

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

As all of you know, the above is a well known guote by Henry Kissinger.

kevin said...

Greetings Les

This might shed some light(pun intended) on the purpose of this 3D illusory existense. Watch the video first then go to the blog.


Visible said...


I can't find my keys.

Anonymous said...

yep that old false reality eating away at humanity all day everyday,killing ruining lives and basicly causing mass sickness everywhere,,,,,

deep respects.... neil

L.L.O. said...

I understand the draw of the young to war. There is something primal about it. But to fight today is for all the wrong reasons. Arjun our military is not.
There is an interesting book called 'On Killing: The psychological effects of learning to kill' which goes into detail on the parallels of killing and sex. The male traits of power and dominance are graphically demonstrated by the image of holding a machine gun and "spraying" your will over others.
It's too bad. Really sad. I spent 8 years as a firefighter and I worked with lots of vets, mostly Marines. They look and talk like everyone else but there seemed to be something missing. I'm sure a lot of us here know what it is.
I would love for them to be able to wake up and fully come to terms with what they had done and who for but it would most likely shatter their minds with guilt. So I just think to myself "Poor bastards. May you find peace in the next life."

Anonymous said...

I suppose these tyrants will do anything to keep the emotional body locked down,anything they can get away with....

nice post mr visible

Anonymous said...

Another Magisterial minderbinder, Les. It truly is amazing how many bedizened young men and a scarily growing number of young women allow themselves to get swept up into the hoopla stirred up by the military recruitment system in a tight segue with highschool harrys and harriets hoopshots and hailmary passes via those long rides for victory on the orange buses to higher and higher levels of programmed perversity where basic sexual and/or erotic urges are transmogrified into worship of Moloch as part of the great deathculture of Thanatos.

Leading the cavalcade of lies for the machinations of the karmic meatgrinder is the art of semantics. That's another of those "big" words with relatively simple meaning. Semantics being the basis of all propaganda as so well understood by George Orwell in his masterpiece 1984. "War is Peace". "Ignorance is Strength". On and on it goes. The year before Orwell's work, the U.$. government made some changes to the semantic sensurround of its military establishment. The AirFarce was spun outta the forehead of Zeus in that the old Army Air Corps got a new name, new colors and independent status. No longer the War Department (Army) and the Department of the Navy (also the Marine Corpse).

Big new Noose: The Department of Defense. In the face of Stalin, Mao and the "Red Hordes" the Defense Department did make some kinda sense. if you found yourself in thrall to the rhetoric of the Cold War. But with the dissolution of the USSR upon the fall of the Berlin Wall and all that in '89, the Commie veil was torn off the Defense Department. No more function or purpose ~ so it would have had seemed.

But with the mask off, new enemies would have to be conjured up and along comes the paramount threat from the Island of Grenada (about the size of Manhattan and with about the population of Manhattan, Kansas) and the attendant Amerikkkan invasion. Thence the PNAC Yidsters and their projected threat from, as they call em, the "Mudslimes". Slimers, all right: The Zionists and their profiteering buddies in the WarDefense Industry ~ all bowing and scraping to their real bosses, the Rothschilds and their bankster consortium.

Think about the power of semantics for a moment by comparing their term "The Defense Industry" and the "Department of Defense" to the one i prefer: The WarDefense Industry and the Department of WarProfits. After all, as Les points out, what is war for but to engender massive profits for the piratical banksters and the myriad corporations and governments under their operative control. Also, there is the minor matter of occult blood sacrifices for Moloch, the ruling deity for these human beasts.

So whenever you hear about "defense" and the "defense industry" remember that there is a better term than Malcom Moos' (via Eisenhower's) "Military Industrial Complex". Too much of a mouthful. Big wordish. Think WarDefense Industry.

After all, it is all about defending war and the profits and profiteers of war. Who knows, maybe the term might even be subconsciously apprehended by some member of the American Legion or the VFW. Not much hope there. I know. But the enemies of humanity use semantics as a weapon all the time in their war against the rest of us. In war of all types you simply need to throw away the rulebook. The only rule in war is to win. First step to victory is to change the terms of the debate.

In the beginning was the word and the word is:


D. Nighels said...

Karma presupposes a mechanism whereby over several lifetimes selves are rewarded/punished for former deeds they rarely recall and presumably could not have avoided as it was their Karma to sample whatever it was they were up to at the time.

Visible said...

transmogrification and transmogrify are two of my homeboys when I go out on the town as the letter V, in my mind of course.

Rob in WI said...

When doing something just to fill your time, you've come out with a masterpiece. Being young and impressionable in the 50's, I got sucked in by the propaganda to see war as a noble and glorious adventure. This propaganda fed to children is the first step in the execution of the military perversion. Seems many who go on to experience it never realize that "War is a Racket", as Smedly Butler wrote. Should be required reading for adolescents.
Today I live with the shame that rather than going to prison as a draft resister, I drank the koolaid, and got a first hand lesson. Guess it was necessary....

Anonymous said...

transmogrify sounds like a pretty smart word lord visibles,sort of half hippy half philosopher,may have to try and get that in a poem one day,it would need other long looking words to keep it company though I thinks,,,today I am on a three lettered word day,am feeling pretty beat up by my own delusion and the argument I had with my girlfriend earlier induced by my non communication and severe stupidity....

anyway smiles to everyone...neil

Anonymous said...

Once you have freed yourself of the need to make war on your fellows, by whatever means you employ, in whatever field of conflict you operate in, Nature immediately knows and claims you for her own.

While the regular appearance of your articles and comments is usually more important to me than the actual message, like being together with friends, this was probably the most beautiful sentence I have read in a long long time. A kind of truth that if it weren't true I'd actively want to wish into existence whatever the consequences.


Anonymous said...

My intuition tells me this woman Lindauer is a deliberate plant who has learned her "story" inside out like a soapbox opera. The story is so rehearsed it is made real through her not unlike a perfectly portrayed character on TV or in film.

Acting is what politicians do. Look at professional Regan - he didn't even have to change modalities.

Lindauer comes out of nowhere with a self published book supporting the highjackings and planes.

You know what - the were no planes anywhere. That is the first time I ever thought that so strongly. Therefore there were no highjackings. Therefore there was nothing for NORAD to shoot down.

In her recent 90 minute speech on the 10th anniverary of 9/11 Lindauer repeatedly states "highjacking", "planes". The lady doth protest too much.

Rivero needs to drop planes as do Dawson, Lawson, and a host of other 'truthers' because there is no more evidence that there were planes anywhere than that 6 million died in gas chambers. Yes I know the association just drawn.

I've been fence sitting about planes for several years and Lindauer's evaisive answers while staing she worked for the CIA have clinched it for me.

There were no planes. Yes controlled demolitions x3, video fakery, maybe a missle at the pentagon - but no planes anywhere.

Listen to the questions from the audience and to Lindauer's evaisive responses.

No planes.

Anonymous said...

Correct link on Susan Lindauer:

Anonymous said...

Why does truth hurt so much? Why are lies our convenient crutch?
One never needs to ponder such, those who do are out of touch.
War families and families of war victims, are probably similar to each other.
Upon meeting each other, you may find that you were killed by a person that could have been a friend.
The end is justifiable by the means? Necessity is the mother of all killing machines.
It's in the war family genes.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. From a spiritual perspective, this is a war to enslave the whole world and their souls. The world is big. Over thousands of years, Lucifer has been slowly conquering the world little by little. The little wars between dictators will end up with the antichrist ruling. Plan is almost accomplished.

neal said...

Planes, no planes. Both correct. The ones that did this are allied to a dark entity that uses physical shape-shifting and psychic deception as a matter of course. At least for the season given.

Zionists need lots of innocent blood to fuel these kind of in your face hauntings, these kind of delusions never come cheap.

I wouldn't believe it either, if not for showing up and trying to monkeywrench while inside, on purpose.

I learned about staring, and rabbit holes, and video that won't stay still, and was rather ejected after the diagnosis of refusal to be hypnotized. Participating in a nuclear protest in uniform, all on the evening news, probably helped.

You are trying to describe a golden calf, and insisting what was recorded was a real thing. There are just the facts that are evident, and the rest sounds like arguing about the nature of the beast. That could be combined, but the ones that have no issues with that process, seem to be out in these hills, and don't exactly come across as people, for now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was quite a read for me tonight/ this morning. Muchas gracias, señor Visible. I have been moved.

I met a young man, about five months ago, who had served in the British army (something to do with communications). He told me that upon arriving in Iraq, pumped with adrenaline, he hit the ground running, only to find "no real resistance"...

The armed forces and Police force seem to be the only guaranteed jobs these days. Quite deliberate I imagine.

Thanks again,

Kray Z8 said...

Your statements:

"There's no real need for war, except to enrich the ones who start them and don't fight in them."


"War is commercial enterprise and it's got jack shit to do with anything else."

sum it up nicely. Amen, amen, and AMEN.

Every generation of my family for as long as there has been a republic has had at least one and sometimes several members serve in the armed forces. I took my turn as a Marine during the Reagan era. We were always proud that we "gave back" something for our "freedom". In some ways it has been a hard road getting to the realization that it was true service to a false ideal, but my hitch in the Corps was what started waking me up to the fact that our system is founded upon and maintained by monstrous lies. The belly of the beast, and all that. Probably in no other arena are the methods of propaganda and conditioning so powerful. They have to be in order to convince people to willingly kill and/or die. This is what makes the travesty of it so profound. Traditionally, the segment of our population most able and willing to confront and rebel against established authority are the ones sent elsewhere to kill and die. This is not coincidence. It's part and parcel of why tptw have such a sense of infallabilty; Problem, Reaction, Solution, etc. It will bite them in the ass soon enough, though, because no one makes a worse enemy than a badly-used ally. The spectre of millions of angry, disillusioned vetrans should give them pause, but I doubt if it will. Just another demonstration on the way.

Les, you may be preaching to the choir on this one, but it's still good to have reinforcement(pun intended!). Thanks, and please keep it up. Thanks to all the Friends too, for their most worthy responses.

Peace, Love, Strength,


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

TOR browser bundle.

wv: antsil (a repeat?). patiently, waiting on the sil. (and a premature HURRAH! HURRAH! - go marching one by one...).

Anonymous said...

Kray Z 8: Your statement about disillusioned veterans got me to reflecting on this rumor coming outta Florida. Seems there are a bunch of homeless Iraq and Afghan vets who have taken to camping together. They have come to realize that as well as their physical wounds and PTSD, many of them have come to the conclusion that they are also suffering from Depleted Uranium poisoning. This little bunch of vets has taken to calling themselves the Zombies.

Imagine the chaos that could come down from a group of dying young men who gave their all for what they thought was a righteous cause and now realize that they got rode hard and left wet by the side of the freeway. Imagine all the mansions around Palm Beach and Miami Beach. Imagine what could happen on the part of a highly trained and combat skilled group of guys who are totally pissed and feel they have nothing left to lose.

Let us hope that love fills their hearts and that they chose more peaceful resolutions instead of fantasizing on revenge. Recovering warriors for peace. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

'Le Roi de coeur' seraient d'accord.

Anonymous said...

Here's what happens when one defies Israel:
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
(cue M.Jackson soundtrack)

1. Belize recognizes Palestine Borders
(September 9, 2011)

2. El Salvador recognizes Palestine as independent state
(August 25, 2011)

3. US adds Belize, El Salvador to ‘major’ drug producing, transit countries
(September 15, 2011)

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has added Belize and El Salvador to the U.S. list of “major” drug producing and transit countries.
Wayne Madsen Report
(September September 16, 2011)

Israel is the Grand Patron/ Rothschild boardgame/ street gang. The CFR runs election coverage in the U.S. and the Rothschild City of London controls IT...Break free and take a 8 lb. sledge hammer to your TV as soon as possible. Feel the freedom.

Anonymous said...

Janus and Cybele - the gods who hold the keys to heaven and earth

Anonymous said...

S.Lendman states Abbas will NOT petition the general assembly after the scurity council (because of USA) vetos the Palestinian request for statehood.

That would make Abbas a traitor to the Palestinian people.

Abbas: Go to the world via the general assembly of the UN with the genuine request for Palestinian statehood.

Anything less is treason against his own people.

Then again, S.Lendman may be a disinformist.

Give Palestinians statehood so that the world can help to stop the genocide by Israelis.

paraphrased from Kevin Boyle said...

"...the man who led the US moon landings project, Werner Von Braun, predicted...that our 'final enemy', the 'aliens', will make an appearance...Von Braun listed the sequence of 'enemies'.....'after the Soviets there will be terrorism then aliens and it will all be lies.'"

There is a concerted effort by the true powers that be, Rothschild and his cronies, also dubbed the illuminati, to completely rule the world.

They are doing it through the control of money with governments and armies as only a support function.

Their prima facia goal is to implement a single world wide currency which they issue and control.

Once in place, no one one earth will be able to buy a even a loaf of bread without kowtowing to the illuminati electronic financial and social control grid.

i.e. If you oppose the system you will literally be starved to dearth.

Anonymous said...

good zen gardner article on truth seeker today,about the keeper of the keys to heaven and hell,the roman god of janus,

janus I suppose being the energetic centre that leads to either emotional strife or emotional heaven,which all of us are under.....

even more proof that the illuminata psychopaths see detachment as detachment from heart,or there emotional body....hmmm stupid thing to do,I would be reckonings....

I see the heart as the container of the universal or multiversal essence which to me is love which is the holder of all compassion and all of them other magical beautiful things that make life life....

illuminata psycho monsters are trying to conquer everything outwardly without having first conquered themselves...

by my reckonings that will only lead to the destruction of themselves....

I know just about everybody knows this already,and I am sorry I am not very good at explaining things....

that I suppose is why we have our lord visibles and bho and everybody else each with a particular energy that goes to explain the completely ridiculous absurd situation that we are in as a species....what one of us may miss another will have full knowledge of....

we are life,and life is not life if we have detached from our emotional body...

please correct me if I am wrong

anyway love you peoples,,,neil

Denny said...

Anonymous 1:11 00 AM

There are no antichrists and no lucifers and no demons other than what each or any one of us projects in our own head when not in a state of "grace" or "love".

"If you meet a Buddha on the path, kill him".

This applies to antichrists, lucifers and demons too.

As for "mission accomplished"...

"They have no power other than what is given to them from above".

PS: Meanwhile a large Norwegian passenger liner "spontaneously combusts" off the coast of Norway and so it goes on...

kikz said...

somebody's probably mentioned this vid on 9/11 in 5mins..

but i only found out this morn, the guy has a website, in which all of the excerpts frm the commission report are source linked:)

this is... the official story :)


Visible said...

A new Origami-

When in the Course of Human Events.

Anonymous said...

Very nice article, right on the money. But . . .

"Peace is the province of women, that secondary appendage to the greater male realities beyond their comprehension."

For the most part, that's right. But if you take a look at the majority of women in DC, starting with the warmongering, dominatrix dyke Hitlery Clinton, you may scratch your head.

Denny said...

Neil 12:49 00 PM

"please correct me if I am wrong"...

All present and correct, sir!

Anonymous said...

Recruiting officers used to have to pay the 'queens shilling' to the recruits, usually when they were too drunk to know what they were doing. Then it was the threat of being incarcerated that forced recruits to sign up. Now it is the profile of the recruit that's important, narcissism and lack of conscience is what is required for a modern soldier. Ask any recruiting officer and they will tell you that they look for men and women who present 'in their own image'.

Visible said...

A new Ssssssssssssmoking Mirrors-

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Bonking in the Box Seats.

Antonietta ferrari said...

This is what will happen very soon to USA
The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

Anonymous said...

The question remains why everyone in the USSA is in the military, or wants to be? If they are not IN, then its their friends or family members (sometimes ALL) that are IN.

Since Murika won WWII ALL BY ITSELF, war has become big business, and now the ONLY business, in the USSA.

Murikans are an immature and unsophisticated people. They do not have a lengthy or "glorious" history.

To compensate, the "Murikan as SAVIOR in WWII" myth was created. And they've been making it up ever since; a history full of sound & fury, signifying nothing.

USSA invasions are real however. The need to reinforce the myth is all consuming.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les, Havent posted in a while but always read your stuff, which is always excellent.

Check this out, even before this article I heard about Jewish college students selling sperm to spermbanks. I know a chick who got a kid this way, but she said the guy was a college student whose ethnicity was German. Looking at her son, I told her the guy was definitely a Jewish German, and then I read this article.

Is there something afoot here. Some of these guys have up to 400 kids. And is this really about tuition money or is it something else. Usually these things surface in a David Mamet production or a movie, like The Kids are Alright by Lisa Cholodenko.

Do you think something is up with this stuff?

Rothco Military said...

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