Monday, July 01, 2013

Enjoy your Double Bloomburger on Hard Roll with Toe Cheese.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and then you learn something new. You see something that was going on right under your nose but you weren't aware of it because it was very well concealed and it was concealed through the process, routinely employed by those who control the press for that very reason. This changes the entire complexion of things and the way things look is not the way they are... apparently. Given that this is all true and... I have no reason to believe otherwise, Bloomberg turns out to be one of the nastiest and most treacherous snakes on Earth. I'm especially affected by this because I read most of the things given as an example in this article. Though I know the Zionist owned media is more corrupt than used toilet paper at a zombie prom, I presumed that ordinary reportage, concerning interactions between public figures, owned and operated by the Zionists, would be pretty much what I was reading. It turns out that members of the present administration are not as 100% in lockstep with The Prince of Darkness as formerly presumed. I haven't had a wakeup call like this in a very long time.

I'm having a certain amount of difficulty processing this information. This is off the charts. What Bloomberg and his orcs have done, is one of the most consciously evil things I have heard of in some time; given that the intent is to provoke war, leading to the deaths of many thousands of people. I was already aware that Bloomberg was a psychopathic reptile but... now I find he is ten times more vile than I imagined.

I haven't felt one hundred percent about V.T. for awhile; things that sometimes get said there don't ring true for me. Then I find that I can't remember what those things were (grin). That poses a certain existential dilemma, I guess. These days it's hard not to be in possession of at least one existential dilemma or crisis. One might be considered out of touch with modern society, lacking at least a few tics and twists. Otherwise you don't smell right to the other animals. Sometimes that will get you pecked to death. Sometimes it makes you invisible. Sometimes it makes you scary, without there being any obvious or concrete reason for it.

Regardless of digressions and speculations, recently shoehorned into the spaces here, as a kind of hamburger helper, the truth remains and sustains that Michael Bloomberg is a first class Grade AAA sonofabitch, without class or conscience. Only in times like these, times of deep and profound corruption, is some'thing' like this allowed to prosper, much less continue to draw breath.

I have experienced a sea change. As much as I have believed I was looking right at things and knowing I was seeing a lie, at all times, without respite, without relief, without the discomfiting appearance of the truth, rearing it's undesirable head, up into the fecal cotton candy-land of this flyblown wilderness, masquerading as a living environment, I have been missing things. Whatever it is, it's not conducive to children, plants and other, similar, living things; unless, of course, you are referring to children of nightmare and plants of darkness, into which no healing light will ever shine again. Okay, okay... maybe I'm being a little under the bottom here (as opposed to over the top, in case the reference escapes the reader). As I said, I'm experiencing a sea change in awareness.

I had formerly believed that all of these nogoodnicks were in the same barrel of rotten apples. Sure, some of them were there due to blackmail, baksheesh and bully boy submissions but... I assumed, willing or unwilling, they were on the same stroke-book stained pages, in the minimal text sections. If what I am reading from this V.T. article is true, all is not fairytale sweet in Blunderland. I haven't been this tripped out about reading something in a long time. Usually, I go, “uh huh...” or my eyes glaze over and I go on to the next tasty bit of regurgitated Pablum. Now, 'it seems', 'it seems' as if there is a hidden war going on. I hope so. We need war among the chief architects of war, more than we need just about anything I can think of, except for the blessed disappearance of all of them, tout de suite.

For a long time, I've had the suspicion that behind the scenes there is a percolating outrage going on, concerning treason, other high crimes and terrible offenses against Nature, humanity and beast. That gets shot down on a regular basis when I see things like the Oath Keepers, knuckling under to the ADL and Southern Poverty Scam Center over things like appearing at Freedompalooza. Where I would view censure from these Morlocks as a badge of honor, the rest of these clowns do the back peddling retraction dance, the moment these mass murder practitioners and apologists level criticism at them of any kind. What this means is that they are saying, “Yowsah Boss! Whatever you want to do is A-1 okay with us”. How does this match up with their pledge to defend The Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic? What it means, is that they are lying hypocrites and cowards. It means they will wilt at the first sign of opposition, from the very people they are sworn to protect the country against. They are traitors only in a smaller way that those they walk in fear of.

What does the charter of the Oath Keepers state? How do they rationalize these bold statements with their reflexive capitulation, the moment that a powerful cabal of monsters, looks at them cross-eyed? Does this not ring a bell in your belfry; given that you still have a bell in your belfry? You cannot serve the higher principles, if you bow your knee to the followers and practitioners of the lowest principles, who are also making war on every possible level against the country you claim to love and honor. This is only a portion of a nationwide, worldwide cognitive disconnect about what is staring all of us in the face. Yet! Look at my own confusion in the beginning of this post. I have to accept that many people simply do not see what is right in front of them because, actually, it is not right in front of them and... if it is, it is disguised as something else. We need to wake up.

It stands to reason that these twisted and poisonous snakes will destroy themselves, along with all of those who sold out to them, or were too stupid to ever make a connection between these acolytes of evil and their own unfortunate state. We KNOW that evil destroys itself. What we might not know is that evil comes into full bloom first. Evil raises the menacing specter of it's appearance of power in order to subdue our resistance to it. It is a specter though. It is an insubstantial wraith, whose only real power is its capacity to generate fear in you. It's hard to accept this, I know. It looks like some kind of enormous kraken whose tentacles stretch around the world. It's a shadow, pumped up to enormous proportions by a manipulation of the false light.

This is what happens in the latter days when all that was once meaningful has become nothing more than empty words, with no force or power in them. Liberty and Justice have become jokes. The country celebrated for its individuals freedoms has become a womb of tyranny. It has other offspring as well, like the kind of progeny you would get from Immaculata in Weaveworld.

The most powerful strategy of the anti-life pit dwellers, is slow and persistent, morphing change. What you would certainly notice over the course of a week or a month, you would not notice over the span of several years. Another feature of this well planned horror show, is the managed information sector. First something appears as a good idea (so they say). Then a chorus of parrots; members of the inner fraternity of shitmeisters and the compromised whores who serve them, begin an information assault from all sides about how very good an idea it is. They are supported by paid experts who lie on command, giving you scientific proof of what a good idea it is. Study groups and organizations of concerned citizens are formed, to add a greater public weight to the general belief of what a good idea it is. Finally you get a collection of law makers, whose sexcapade video tapes are safety tucked away in Mossad safes. They get together and formulate new legislation that turn into laws; laws you have to obey and follow. Across a very long course of time, one corporate theft-fest has been followed by one dumbing down after another, in every area of learning. In the meantime, ever greater latitude is extended to The Chosen (god forbid anyone should criticize them for what they do; certainly not the Oath Keepers) and those bankrupt souls who serve them.

Imagine stepping forth into the public eye and criticizing them. You are going up against powerful industries, whose bottom line is enhanced by all these deceits and depravities. Perhaps most people think that the epidemic of pedophilia and all sorts of other sexual pathologies, are simply an indication of pervasive weakness in a dumbed down public. Some might think that sexual attraction for children has something to do with revisiting one's youth and, at the same time, enjoying forbidden fruit in a culture of permissiveness, where the youth is already sexually active so... so what? The fact is that these appetites are being encouraged and manipulated by intention because one of the hallmarks of Satanism, is the ravishing and despoliation of innocence; the trodding underfoot of all that was once protected and sacred in saner times. It's all about the reversed cross, spitting on the host, reciting The Ten Commandments backwards (it's okay to laugh), doing everything contrary to what is generally accepted as good (not that it is).

The fashion industry is not just the fashion industry. None of these industries are what you think they are. Given what was said in the beginning of this posting, possibly nothing is what we think it is. We just don't know. We just don't know.

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Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫


Ray B. said...

Vis: "Now, 'it seems', 'it seems' as if there is a hidden war going on."

If so, it could be a 'manifestation' of the de-paining work that has been going on. Unless you are truly a 'scorpion' and it is your nature (the crossing-the-river tale), most people who are human at the core don't like to do repugnant things. Warping of personality by pain-filled early lifetimes (particularly if the first few are all pain-filled) can lead into a 'dark turning' where there is an 'enjoyment' of pain. Once this pain-load has been returned to God, this form of behavior again becomes repulsive. Thus, rebellion in the ranks (even if it is only passive resistance, for some)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I’ve reached the point of when I see something, anything … trivial stuff, everyday stuff,… anything and everything; I wonder to myself, what is this REALLY. As far as the “worldly” goings on I have this visual in my head and it goes like this: I’m sitting in a theater and I’m in the first third of theater closest to the stage. The actors are cockroaches. Their antics leave you shaking your head in disbelief. However, after watching the performance for so long, you realize these actors are more vile than you first thought and it only continues to get worse from there. You want to leave the theater, but you can’t. You’ve cried and/or were horrified and grief stricken through act after act, scene after scene. Horrors you’ve never even imagined. Some of the other folks sitting around you morphed into cockroaches and joined the actors on stage. You’ve been obliged to sit through some gruesome scenes. Cockroach guts were flying through the theater. You’re disgusted. However, you’ve watched long enough to have some inkling of the ending. You’ve learned more about cockroach traits than you’ve ever wanted to know. You’ve seen them climb and crawl over each other clamoring for that big piece of cake. The stage is teeming with cockroaches now. You know you’re in for some really great horrors now. You’re wondering how bad it’s going to get and at the same time you’re relieved because you know the show is going into its final act and scenes. All the cake is gone. The cockroaches have been existing off their own and each other’s excrement the last few scenes. They now turn to cannibalism. It’s getting really messy. You know the show is almost over….. The concession stands are nearly empty. Toxic popcorn and liquid poison is offered there. The foyer is littered with bones and a noxious cloud hangs in the air. The balconies are empty. The lighting system is going haywire. The orchestra pit is littered with cockroach remains. Few musicians remain and they play off-key. There’s some movement in a corner behind the curtain. You already know what’s behind the curtain and others are discovering what’s behind the curtain. More and more theater attendees are venturing to that area. You know that there’s some correlation between the amount of people investigating what’s going on behind the curtain and the rush to the final act. Yep, the final act. What scene is it now? How many more to go?........
Thank you, Visible

Visible said...

What are the odds that two days after I posted the link that inspired that Smoking Mirrors posting that... something like this; ((how like The Tribe's own perpetually underhanded tactics) appears.

Please read the whole article carefully. It explains many successful agendas over previous decades. Look for textbook case phrases like this, "farthest margin of acceptability such as NAMBLA, [North American Man-Boy Love Association] must play no part at all in such a campaign".

One of the things I try to do when I am reading something for purposes other than entertainment is to pay attention. It is the same discipline I exercise when I eat. I chew my food thoroughly. Most people don't realize how very important a part of digestion this is. It is VERY important. The same applies mentally. If you eat information and carefully digest it, when it comes back to the surface mind, or when it integrates below the the level of self conscious awareness, it will be clear (as it needs to be) or more smoothly integrated (as it needs to be).

I'm posting this because it is my suspicion that we have reached a steeper arc in Mr. Apocalypse's Bell Curve.

I've noticed something about myself as well. I should have seen it long ago but I am only seeing it now. I did a video broadcast with James Jancik Saturday. Just like the last time I did this same thing, I did not sleep for 3 days and in order to stay alert for the show I was drinking a good deal of coffee. I don't usually drink coffee; once a week maybe. I drink tea. This also happened to me when I did the Red Ice Radio show. the result was that it made me hyper and seriously over emphatic. I did'nt even want to link to it but here it is anyway.-

I realize now that I know when these things are coming up and... unbeknownst to my conscious mind the subconscious sets the stage for something other than what I would like. Yet it doesn't happen when I do my own show and it doesn't happen on other shows, like with John Friend or Robert Phoenix. Now that I've put this together it is very likely to change, given that I am in possession of certain techniques.

Anyway, I apologize for seeming a little out of it. I'm taking a much closer look at my behavior patterns now because I think this explains a few other things too.

Be well.

Visible said...

Speaking of deception, this is obviously a staged event. This is what I mean by looking and watching carefully.

Today's song is a bio of an actual events.

Anonymous said...

Hi V,All

Long time no post. After my "pre-mature" kundalini blowout resulted in more than 4 "5150"'s I am much more stable now in a new locale.
I will soon be back in my beloved mountains...

V, your advice about saying "I don't know-endure the demonstrations" is magic. It works wonders. Thank You.

This 4th of July will be interesting. How much longer can the unaware USA subjects be-lie-ve in their free-dom?

I will be at a family reunion so I plan on being with the young ones as much as possible, they are the last'hope for great change' that is on our doorstep.

Love to all,
David Widner
aka-dw in Tahoe

Unknown said...

Hi Les, that link you posted, 'this is obviously a staged event', is a dead link, perhaps you can describe what it is about, I'm interested.

By the way, I don't watch much main stream news, nor read much in newspapers, and when I do, I see that most of the news is deception, or at least the framing of it is meant to promote some sort of agenda. Disinformation is all around. I think that at least 80% of the news is infected with major lies.

By the way, I really enjoyed your interview with John Friend.

Hare Krishna!

Visible said...

That's funny that youtube would have removed it. It was this blond haired surfer type, soap opera actor guy who happens upon a black guy with a broad brimmed face hiding hat. He walks up on the fellow and launches into a badly scripted screed about anti-Semites and what all. I shut it off after a few minutes. It was so badly done.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible - Bloomberg, in this case, as mentioned in the article to which you linked, is not a person (i.e., the mayor of New York), it's Bloomberg News. This might be important given the content of today's posting...

Visible said...

Uh huh and the fact that he owns Bloomberg News, that's unimportant?

Anonymous said...

Son-of-a-bitch he OWNS Bloomberg, now I see the point of your post. Going to have to sit down and let that one sink in for a while. Holy fuck...

Visible said...

Heh heh...

Anonymous said...

What gets me is the naivete of the henchmen who do the dirty work for these guys. Over and over they pull their false flag stunts, and then, the guys at the top start whacking the lower-level operatives who were involved. It happens over and over, and yet there is no shortage of applicants (or is that supplicants) for these positions. But then again, I suppose we're all doing the dirty work for them, if we know what's going on and say nothing. But then again, maybe it's a good thing if the expendables are expended. Because I don't think most of them are human anyway. But then again, maybe being a human is like being an amoeba on the ladder of consciousness. My head hurts now. I need some genetically modified pizza rolls and a nap...

neal said...

It is a hell of a thing when the synthetic becomes full of the Life. I remember when that worked out, just most everything being honest about what has been, what is, and the part that is invitation. I know that seems to be an agreement that did not stick, in this place, at least in the world of Man.

And if some would not make that deal, that would maybe be the part of the narrative wherein some travel, and change some minds, maybe just praying for enemies, and resisting the temptaion to be relevant.

Anonymous said...

Stoolberg is one of the most epic pieces of shit in the new Soviet, the USSA. That is no easy feat. Here are just a couple examples of his fullofshitness, he was using NYC taxpayer money to fund his mayors gone wild campaign, mayors against illegal guns. A couple of these mayors have been arrested for soliciting a homo prostitute and having an accident while drunk driving. Some other examples are his asinine comments about not stopping enough minorities in the stop and frisk program and the banning of sparklers for the upcoming worship the state holiday later on this week. He will continue until the rest of the world gets pissed enough and comes after the new Soviet, the USSA.

robert said...

Yes, Les!

We are in physical dimensionality to learn to discern between the illusion of matter (effect) and the truth of energy (cause) and our liberation, both physical and spiritual, depends upon distinguishing what is real and lasts over time from what is temporal and fades away in its season.

We who are actually making the effort to pierce the wallpaper into Reality may have stared too long at the face of the malevolent illusion, to the point where we buy the bluff!

Why do I say bluff? Because evil is always bluffing! That is the ONLY way it wins over time; get the victim of the con spinning, chasing their own tails, and they are lost…

When you have the right stuff, you do not bluff, you state and then act.
But when your entire con game depends upon the MEdiaMatrix, a monolithic illusion machine, running 24x7x365, to constantly befuddle your tax animals, your main tactics are:
•deceive without ceasing, including bluffing about your power, your intentions, and especially, your true (weak) nature
•divide and conquer, while presenting a “Mask of Unity” as the image of the Dark Lords
•seed agents provocateur among any nascent groups seeking freedom
•train the young to disrespect their parents, to spy on them and to betray them to the State
•stew all the peeps’ brains in fear waves, preventing the use of higher reasoning

Honor among thieves?
Unity among the evil doers?

Fear with coercive force can emboss an illusion of unity and morale among the slaves you use as trustees for the rest of the slaves, especially in prison or war zones (coming to a spectacle near you!)

But if you give your dirty operators the rope they need to (dis)function, there is plenty of room for side deals, betrayal and double-cross!

One key point, which will provide all the leverage needed to pry off all accumulated, rusty shackles, is that to be deceived, we must tacitly agree!

To be conned, we must participate in the con. The purer the mark’s motives (free of attachment to matter), the harder it is for the confidence men to maneuver the mark into voluntary cooperation!

All the soul-free hackers of the One, must roar with laughter, safely in their lairs, knowing that by a few simple sleight of hand/sleight of mind moves, all the tax animals imprison THEMSELVES in the their personalized MEdiaMatrix!

Like training an elephant to stay: while a baby, a chain or rope is attached to a leg and to a stake secure in the ground. As the elephant grows in size and habit to an adult, the elephant will stay placidly tethered to a stake which would instantly yield IF the bond was ever tested…

Apprehending Truth, perceivable by human consciousness, requires a SUBTRACTIVE process! It is not we don’t know that can hurt us but what we “know that ain’t so”!

Your mantra of, “ I don’t know”, is so powerful because then we bypass our accumulated perceptions (riddled with false concepts) in favor of being present in the Now and impressing a refreshed mind!

Our main task to liberate ourselves is to free our minds, to clear our mind’s eye of the mud which makes life seem dirty!

All of us raised in the room with the MEdiaMatrix, viewed yet not seen as the elephant in the room, have layers of sophisticated mind control implants to house clean. Mind control in this context being nothing more than programmed emotional triggers which cloud our reason and perception when words like “conspiracy theory” or “terrorist” are detected.

For a people living entirely in their mental simulations, abetted by an unprecedented electronic network (MEdiaMatrix on top of all the other co-opted media) to maintain the cult trance, it is trivial for the rule-makers to get people to chase their own tails, while the lusters among the elites (but I repeat myself!) chase THEIR tails!

Your friends and habitual contacts continually re-infect you with DIS-EMPOWERING memes. To create the mental clarity we will be needing, any moment now, requires a fastidious diligence which remains continually vigilant, pulling the thorns out of our paws and the daggers out of minds!

Rabbit said...

I'm actually a little surprised the Bloomberg thing surprised you Les. When I first read the piece by Gordon it was in Press TV and I was struck by the significance for sure, just as you were but I can't say any aspect of it surprised me. I'm so accustomed to the media lies I just assume everything r4eported as news in the Corpse Media is nothing except the daily pus they fill into the heads of the majority of people out there.

The Corpse Media doesn't have to be slick, nor even that consistent. It can even afford for some truth to get past the net. The main flock are so terribly empty and mindfucked that they are not ever waking up, until their arse is on fire, which is about the moment before they'll be ready to be eaten.

There are layers of control and I don't think there is any one level which has a unitary command but all is in conflict. At least two factions exist at the levl of our top secret societies, I expect this is intentional because their ideas include the concept of selection of the strongest. However beyond them I see in the shadows something stranger, and these seem to wield power over the top echelons of the darkest biggest human power. Yes ETs. I have had some close enough encounters to not be in any doubt and since they're not only here but quite prolific and continually "here", then I assume that at least some of them are in that layer of control/conspiracy. We're also not as helpless as we seem compared to some of them at first glance, ande without even having an inkling of why, it must be obvious. The reason they keep themselves hidden is just as with the more earthly kind of monster because full exposure would weaken their position somehow even to proving them to be weak and easily defeated after all.

Who knows what that layer of the onion entails, but it is there if barely seen. Yet there are probably many more before getting to the final level, which Is ee as God, or Allah. He is the end of the road for power, a creator within whose realm all things we perceive and all that we do not yet see exist and for whom the only mystery is how far each spark of consciousness will grow.

I am also only assuming He doesn't know that, since I can't see much point in our creation without at least one variable left.

Rabbit said...

I must tell this: I went to a focus group a few days ago with a dozen other people from all walks of life involved in what was supposed to be a discussion of people's opinions and concerns, it was set up by the Labour party obviously, who had just replaced Gillard with Rudd and who evidently have so little idea of what to do next, they figure focus groups by marketing companies will tell them. The problem was EVERY single person in that group, except me could ONLY talk about the half dozen basic topics the media feeds them about politics and all of them - immigration, economy, environment, etc - are beyond a national government's power to directly alter, they are all a result of foreign policy, which is the only thing our government could do to change those things. One by one they parrotted some media fed point of view, one side or the other of the official paradgim and each actually clearly believed in what they said. I simply responded to each issue in turn with a single sentence which rendered the whole subject to trash, leaving the group stunned into silence ewach time. Clearly seeing the utter falseness of the paradigm they were subject to at that moment, and yet incapable of formulating another thought on the subject, lost for words they were. It was crazy to watch. eg: There was a bit of debate beginning on "Global Warming" to which I responded with "no matter what the truth is, how exactly do you think paying a tax is going to change the climate?" The group was not stupid and realised the implications and knew they had nothing, so silence reigned and I repeated the only thing I said, which was that Bankers control the economy, they control our foreign policy which is where most of our money goes and where our trading partners are going, since nobody likes ot deal with people who make war. They also control our govewrnment. The only thing our government can do to settle the various problems we are seeing at home, is to make an indpeendent foreign policy where we are no longer subject to the Bankers whim and where all other problems become things we can now deal with using the abundant resources we have as a nation. The "Issues" these clueless dupes were spouting as their own opinions and thoughts were nothing more than the results of previous marketing research which had identified these as core issues which could be fed back to them as election promises. Carefully finetuning the words and emphasis, the parties just stick to the same grab bag of half a dozen safe subjects, making the game rules simple and economical for them and of course, ensuring NOTHING significant will ever enter the election cycle. They were like rats in a maze and not even bright enough to realise it.

The clown running the meeting soon started trying to cut me out when he saw my responses would again upset the apple cart and I ran out of patience. I took my leave with a firm statement along the above lines apologised for pissing in their punch bowl and left. The two girls in reception who heard the whole thing were beside themselves with joy and couldn't contain their excitment. They told me they agreed with everything I said and it was awesome to hear someone actually say that after they'd listened to hundreds of the same mindless responses as I'd been subject to. One of the girls reported after delivering some note to the "ring master" in charge, that the whole group was still sitting in silence two minutes later. Fuckwits!

That's your fucking public for you mate, dumber than a bag of rocks. The Media doesn't have to be slick, like pavlovs dogs the "public" keep on salivating even when the food doesn't come. So long as the bell rings for them.

Rabbit said...

I almost forgot something from the above example with the focus group.

Early on we were asked from whence we got our news. Now most listed TV or even *sigh* specific channels of the TV. 'Channel 9' Some mentioned the newspaper (we have ONE in Perth) and a truck driver said the radio. A couple mentioned the internet. I was the only one who said something like "I have learned to rely on a few 'news nexus' type sites online who direct much of my news seeking to various news sources all over the world, and that often has me researching further about a subject. I find whenever I look at the TV, Radio or Newspapers it is like gazing upon a fantasy world or some sort of bubble disconnected from reality"

This was early one when we had just introduced ourselves and it was the first time everyone kind of shuffled a bit and looked a I think it was because as with most things I said, many found themselves nodding along in agreement as I built the logical base, only to realise too late the place that thinking had now brought them to, was alien and strange. Hence the blank stares.

Clearly the ones who listed more than one source or who said Australian Broadcasting Corporation (better rep than the commercials here) or internet presumed to be better informed going by the air of smugness they presented with their answer, yet it was quickly obvious they were all simply MSM consumers.

That is terrible to think of. Not only was I the only dissenter from the carefully staged half dozen pointless talking points and selection of standard opinion A or standard opinion B in my group of a dozen, but according to the girls in the office, out of hundreds they had seen.


Oh God I felt so disgusted and lonely.

When I stood up to go, the ring master after failing to get me to stay, said I should collect my envelope with the $70 they'd promised everyone to attend, on the way out. My last words were: "I didn't come here for the money" and I swear everyone in that group looked as stunned by that revelation as anything else I'd said earlier.

What the fuck?

I need new words to mean something stupider and more pointless and valueless to itself to describe what I feel about people sometimes.

mike m said...

Hey Vis,122112 seems to be picking up steam? LOL!!!

galen said...

This radio vid with James did not need to be qualified; it is laden with pearls, the glistening kind, and delivered with great heart. One can only urge, Have more coffee, a lot more, if its yield be epiphany such as this.

If only Poncho could come on the new journey. I cannot fathom how this will be endured.



Anonymous said...

i've had a sense that the fuckers at the top are fighting each other - have been for some time now - this Snowden caper is an aspect of this - the fallout is going to be an avalanche at some point. Also - Visible - why is there so little coverage or outrage from the CATHOLIC CHURCH at one of their own having his head hacked off ? Not a peep !

Cassandra said...

Rabbit, your comments were welcome ammo for me in dealing with the sleepy sheepies around me.

Feeling disgusted and lonely is nothing new, which is why I refer to myself as Cassandra. Seems the gods blessed me with foresight but doomed me to be disbelieved by all around me.

Much courage to all here.

Anonymous said...


That's why we're on this page right now with Vis and all of us.

I get the silence at work, at family gatherings, at the store, etc.; even the "sister" principal and everyone in the office at the catholic school - when I speak a simple truth - they're stunned into silence and either they walk away or I do.

It's deafening. I'm into silence and serenity, but sheesh!


Ray B. said...

rabbit, I 'enjoyed' your focus group rabble-rousing (literally!). I agree about the safe talking-points the media usually allows. One of my favorite 'hmmm' moments occurred during the campaigning leading up to Barak Obama's 'selection' as Democratic nominee.

Obama was on a 'town meeting' stage in Pennsylvania. He had delivered his speech, and was taking questions from the audience. A little old lady raised her hand, and Obama selected her. Then, this wonderful woman asked something like, "Should the Federal Reserve be allowed to charge us interest for just printing our money?" Obama literally reeled back, like someone had handed him a snake. Then, composing himself, he obfuscated like mad.

The above visceral reaction (and the response) told me that Obama was familiar with the issue, and provided impeccable evidence that he was likely 'enfolded' before his rise...

(I also noted how Barak and Hillary 'disappeared' for a time, possibly [ahem] into the Bilderburg meeting conveniently nearby.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit - Yea!!!! You go Rabbit! and Diane - you're right; that's why we find ourselves on this page. We gain sustenance here -- recharge our energy to continue.

I feel frustrated as well at times when you give it all you've got in an attempt to awaken those around us. I remind myself that results aren't instantaneous when you plant seeds. I guess it's hardest on those more awake in the beginning. I also try and remind myself that those same frustrations can be lessons for me. Like examining my weaknesses with emotional control; where I can improve, why do I allow myself to be depressed over it, why am I equating a meeting with a "closed" mine with defeat, etc. -- All encapsulated in the learning process.

Love to all, Serena

ltravail said...

Frankly, after reading this particular posting (first on "truthseeker") I could hardly believe that it was written by the Viz...especially after the brilliant Smoking Mirrors posting of a couple days ago. Doesn't even seem to measure up stylistically...more along the lines of the incoherencies and sloppy inconsistencies of a typical G. Duff (the "inspiration" for this posting?) diatribe. I was stunned. My reaction: "they" finally got (or got to) Viz, too - RIP. But hey, what the f**k do I know. The only sure thing in this world now is a great sporting competition (like the NBA finals). So let me go turn on ESPN and get caught up on the latest scores and top ten plays of the day (oh, and the Aaron Hernandez spectacle). Everything else just makes my brain hurt and it just ain't worth the dissonance.

Visible said...

Well Itravail, I'm long past being surprised at people showing up as if they've been around for a long time, prepping the scene for the inevitable knife stab. I'm used to it and am infinitely gratified that I know in my heart of hearts that I owe no one here anything and don't really care if anyone likes it or not. I only have to please myself and acquit myself in the eyes of my sponsor.

I am amazed though at your capacity to be competent concerning elements of style while writing like a Philly street banger. I guess when you know it all you can dress anyway you like. Kind of like how rich kids have designer holes in their jeans

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. You're a dumbass. Yes indeed.


Rabbit said...

@ ltravail, I truly sympathise with your plight, you poor thing. How aweful to have paid as much as you have for the singing dancing monkey and you find out he doesn't dance or sing in tune every time. I think you should demand a refund.

Les, how dare you dissappoint your fans with second rate singing and dancing. Bad monkey. Not to mention how your style is as bad as Gordon's even and neither of you come even close to William Wordsworth, how dare you!

I think it will serve you right if ltravail prefers to get her/his/its literary erudition elsewhere.

May I suggest to ltravail you soothe your wounded soul with Robert Browning's poetry, Lewis Carrols style and Charles Dickens' narration.

I agree Les isn't up to any of them some days.

Visible said...

There are lots of other places the readers can go where no doubt the quality and erudition never waver.

Anonymous said...

I have not commented for a long time and I read all your blogs Vis, and All comments.
So, I have to say Rabbit hit it out of the park...Home Run

Just try to remember when dealing with others, most of us here are so far ahead of the majority of people on a SPIRITUAL level that it's easy to get frustrated.


Not that we are any better than anyone else, we are just more Spiritually advanced.

I use the analogy of I'm just dealing with the Caveman mentality people.


Oh, Ray B... I'm a 26 on your scale.

walking hawk

Skepticfrog said...

Correctly: Je travail; Vous, 'le (ou la?) critique du jour', show up here, puts in his/her half cents' worth, when he/she paid zero admission.
A critique - even with zero admission paid - is appropriate only, if the content is factually incorrect, or if false conclusions are made. However, free admission(!) doesn't bestow the slightest right on anyone to criticize style or form.

Je Travail, it is YOU, who is out of line and order here. Stylistic comments are appropriate only, if you paid your fare to Visible in real currency (Euros are preferred I believe).

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It's the American Way; not to Go, C'est Terrible

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Neal said - "It is a hell of a thing when the synthetic becomes full of the Life"

One Hell of a line.

One Hell of a comment, Neal.



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