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The Hasbara Hula and the Empire of Vice.

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'The Hasbara Hula and the Empire of Vice.'

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In these times, there are some morally bankrupt sleazes, as well as criminal and compromised journalists, whose sole purpose for being in the game, is to shill for the Israeli party line so, like I said, “there are some morally bankrupt sleazes, as well as criminal and compromised journalists“ and then... then there is Jeffrey Goldberg; Afghanistan War cheerleader, Iraq War cheerleader, Syrian and Iran War Cheerleader unapologetic, media power, so made a power by those who run the shop and hire only those who serve the interests of the propaganda mill. If you don't do the Hasbara Hula, you don't get on stage. Back when I was doing some of my controversial tunes, I found it hard to get a gig in a lot of clubs on Maui, “You make the tourist uncomfortable and angry. They want to hear Jimmy Buffet tunes and get drunk. They're not interested in that political shit. Get with the program”. Of course these statements were not entirely true, there were some number of people who appreciated what was getting said but... they lived there and so, were of lesser importance. Yes, that's one of the main participation sports that the tourist would engage in, getting drunk, possibly like Jimmy Buffet, who fell off his bar-stool six times and broke his leg six times (the last paragraph). They seem to have left out this broken leg multiple redux. I read that in Rolling Stone some years ago. Apparently he and Warren Buffet are not related as if often stated or inferred. They're just real tight buddies.

I suppose when you move in the rarefied atmosphere of the super rich, you tend to have super rich friends. Over time, this kind of a thing, living in an envelope, can lead to maladies like Bonoitis, which manifests as an irrepressible need to suck up to evil power junkies. If the money's right, I suppose most musicians would play anywhere. I wouldn't and I know there are others who wouldn't but many would.

We are not usually privy to the pornographic excesses of the super rich. Suffice to say, Louis the 14th has nothing on them. Truly ridiculous sums of money are spent on nothing more than demonstrations (to other rich people) of just how rich you are. I remember a couple of anecdotal reminiscences from the roaring '80s. During this time, the Saudis and some other Arabs migrated to Hollywood, at least for part of the time. They didn't know how things worked there, so they asked some insider what it was that people really enjoyed at parties. Apparently he told them cocaine. Well, they are very, very rich, so they started throwing these parties, where they would put out huge glass bowls of cocaine. I'm told it was a real circus, as many of the guests, not so surreptitiously would be scooping the coke into whatever container they could get their hands on, in order to take it home with them. These sheiks also had public hair painted on all of the nude statues at their Beverly Hills cribs. This is probably where Alex Jones got the idea for the Saudis controlling Hollywood. Of course, the Saudis are Tribe Members too (aren't they?) so, what difference does it make?

Also in the '80s when Reagan deregulated white collar crime and extended that , still operational, Carte Blanche to the mega-thieves, traders were making obscene amounts of money so... along with the cocaine, which made the whole stock exchange look like everyone had one of those sinus colds, the traders would take these two hour lunches, over at The Four Seasons and other select dining emporiums and order bottles of wine whose prices were significantly north of 20,000 dollars a bottle. Of course, there wasn't just the one bottle and the rationale was they did it because they could. Those were the days of “greed is good”. So are these days as well. They've extended the portfolio quite a bit since those halcyon (cue George Bush) days. These days, mass murder is also good, crushing The Middle Class is a fine sport, destroying the economies of entire nations is a kudos worthy enterprise and you can add any crime you can imagine because, one or more of these gay (the term gay is here used in respect of its former meaning) wags are most certainly engaged in them. When everything begins to go South, which is the opposite direction of the pricey wine, the ballrooms and bedrooms of the ruling elite, begin to take upon themselves the look, behavior and atmosphere of the courts of Nero and Caligula. Excess becomes something practiced for it's own sake. Perversity becomes something practiced, “because we can”. Since there are no restraints on the business practices of these privileged few; why should there be any constraints on their behavior and actions? It makes perfect sense that they, the privileged, should have a multipurpose, across all platforms, droit de seigneur, which applies to anything. When Madame La Guillotine comes calling, or simply an angry mob in a red haze of furious wrath, the usual protections will not apply. As has been seen a time or two in recent years, the soldiers lay down their weapons and watch. All manner of things fail. It's amazing what people can tear asunder with nothing more than the force of a collective, focused will and a few hands tools, accompanied by the usual Molotov cocktails and gadgets of revolution.

Jay Leno's long lost brother, the one who isn't funny, has got a passel of nasty, invisible creatures crawling all around the nape of his neck. I imagine his discomfort is pretty extreme. His Israeli masters have obviously put some serious juju on his ass. I can't imagine what he got up to, 'something stupid' (cue Nancy Sinatra) no doubt; one of those 'act in haste and repent at your leisure' things. It's apparent he got one of those Tel Aviv Ass Torpedoes, where the sun don't shine. There's nothing quite like a time lapse, Tribe suppository, to assist in the construction and application of one's professional and official policy.

We know it's end game time because... for decades the hidden controllers remained out of sight. They worked their various leverages to get what they wanted but face time was more generally accorded to the stooges carrying out their will. Now they've come out of the closet and don't care one way or the other, whether anyone knows what tiresome and evil shits they really are. This is an example of extreme over confidence and endemic of the outrageous hubris that goes before the majority of epic falls. The key to enduring success from the control room is to be neither seen nor heard except through one's chosen mouthpieces. This way, however it shakes out, the mouthpieces get the blame in any case and the boy's in the back can just continue with their games of death and disorder. Once you expose yourself, as the minds behind the oppressions being suffered by the masses, it's not going to be too terribly long before a groundswell of resentment and anger begin to form into reactionary forces. This is, in fact, taking place this very minute at locations world wide. Governments are on shaky ground and their methods of dealing with the people, are just the sort of brutality to further incense the crowds of enraged citizenry.

A good portion of the people now know that it is the Central Banks and their affiliates, who are behind the majority of the mischief on this planet. Together with Wall Street and the multinationals, attended by the political and media whores, you have got the whole of it right there. Of course, the runaway intelligence agencies, are running their own rogue operations because... every area of government is insanely driven, toward greater expansion and a larger portion of the public funds. They are like starving hyenas tearing at an enormous corpse. The table manners are horrific but... I suppose so is the conversation. To themselves they appear the very model of decorum. They're looking into the mirrors at The Overlook Hotel. They don't see the viscous drool, hanging from the corners of their mouths. They don't see what they don't want to see, making it possible for them to see things that are not there.

Every morning, Jeffrey Goldberg and other earwigs like himself, get up and saunter out into their day. They see themselves as powerful voices for the Empire of Vice, which they support. They see themselves as gleaming knights riding off to joust with the enemy, which in their case would be Truth, Justice and their various relatives. They do not see themselves as the paunchy and disheveled bottom feeders that they truly are. Their 'gone nova' egos will not allow such a reflection to appear in the mirrors at The Overlook Hotel. Like Judith Miller, Jeffrey has never met a lie too outrageous for him to tell with a straight face. I cannot believe he believes his own bullshit but... stranger things have and will exist(ed) on this planet now and again.

In closing, I'd like to give honorary nods to a couple of Gatekeepers, who've been more prominently visible of late. Maybe they're getting their second wind, after their similar comments about 9/11. They would be Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky. Let us never forget the base hypocrisies and crimes against human intelligence of these two sold out whores. Let us remember, when we see them on the dais, getting some award for courage or truth in journalism, for taking certain posturing stands, on one fabricated position or another.. let us not forget what feckless cowards these two men are and will continue to be, prostituting themselves for a small sliver of fame and monetary reward. They are contemptible, beyond the power of mere words to define. They are in a no class, class, among far too many others who, will say anything in the pursuit of self interest.

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I will be out of town as of this afternoon and until Sunday evening, however, a radio show should be up this Sunday evening and Sim will be here to address your needs, should he consider them worthy of his time (grin).


Smyrna said...

Longest night/shorstest day now Vis. Planet is tilting back tomorrow. Yee-haw!

Visible said...

Right Smyma... I was forgetting that you guys are on the flipside. Your own is coming and mine is going. sigh. Heh heh... follow-up... buildup.....
♫Anticipation is making me wait♫ The pursuit is the point. "I'm fine right here", says Mr. Stationary, "I shall pursue myself within".

Visible said...

Now here's a little something that ties right into what I've also been saying about people losing their minds, not knowing who is who and with most unpredictable results. We are going to see more and more of this kind of thing. Yeah, seven to ten rounds should do it. Yep, Mr. Apocalypse be walking.

Visible said...

In keeping with the pursuit of the truth, I post this explanation from PETA. Could be I have wronged them

David Fiske

Dear Les,
I remember your damming of Peta so I wrote them and got this reply. It might be of interest to you.

Cool in Eastern Ontario but a heat wave in Alaska. Sign of the times?


I thank you for letting me send you this information and help to clear up any misconception and misunderstanding about PETA euthanasia practices. The numbers that are reported are accurate because we report those number directly to the Virginia Dept of Agriculture. However, the reasoning and details that are floating out there are lies. The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is largely behind these false allegations that have been floating around for years, and the CCF is ironically backed by those companies we aim to change. In fact, The CCF is a lobbying company created by Phillip Morris but now owned and operated by fast food restaurants and their suppliers. Feel free to look it up so you can verify these things for yourself.

That article from the Huffington Post was written by Nathan Winograd. This group and Nathan Winograd’s group has been misconstruing our work for years. We do not run a traditional shelter here in Norfolk, VA; any adoptable animals we get go directly to local shelters so they are put in the best situation to be adopted by loving people. The majority of the animals we get must be euthanized due to serious illness or because they are denied admittance by local shelters due to over-aggressiveness and lack of social skills (because they’ve lived their entire lives tied in the backyard deprived of love and compassion). We’ve found that most local shelters have a certain criteria that must be passed for these animals or they will not accept them. Also, some local shelters will not accept these animals that need to be put down because it will increase their euthanasia numbers and they don’t want that. However, we do not turn our backs on animals regardless of the situation. We do everything we can to stop animal suffering, and in these cases, the best way to stop their suffering is to allow them to pass away in the most humane way possible.

Furthermore, we offer no-to-low cost euthanasia for pet owners in the surrounding area. Many people do not have the $300+ to put their pets down once the time comes. It’s a tough decision to make for all pet owners, but it’s a decision that most pet owners cannot avoid. I had a dog of 12+ years that could no longer see and was struggling on a daily basis to stay strong. My family and I, thanks to PETA, were able to put him out of his misery, humanely, for a very affordable rate. These situations are included in our euthanasia numbers, but conveniently the CCF and others fails to mention that.

I want to stress that we do not run a typical shelter here. We do not bring adoptable animals here and we are not a shelter that people bring adoptable animals to. Any adoptable animal we receive or rescue are taken directly to an open admission, high traffic shelter in the area to have the best chance at being adopted into a forever home.

All of our euthanasia records are made public and we do not try to hide them. We take great pride in our life-saving efforts and take offense to the CCF’s falsifications and, in some cases, outright lies about our work. No animal lover likes the thought of euthanasia, so we completely understand your anger about this issue. I hope I have explained our side of the story effectively and helped to shed some light on the matter. Below are some relevant links that you may find useful. Please let me know if you would still like to cancel your monthly donation after reading this information.

Center for Consumer Freedom:

CCF and why it attacks PETA:

PETA Saves:

Visible said...

Yes, there really are some very strange things going on.

The links in the article are very important to the awareness that some amount of the readers might aspire to, in terms of their own circumstance.

I consider situational awareness to be one of the most critical possessions one must acquire.

Alan Jong said...


I know about the excesses you're talking about, people either learn to rein it in on their own, or they get lost in the fantasy, and the facade does not keep up with them. They become unable to meet there own expectations, or what they believe are the expectations others place on them. I lived with a Tribe member for a while, who was at one time an exec at one of the casinos here, He was responsible for a certain department that also spent millions of dollars on a casinos opening, and used some of that money to comp out his friends with all sorts of things, for him that job meant everything.

I had met him after the fact, but when he was in that position he took it for all he could with no regrets. He had cabinets filled with all sorts of lalique crystal, and high end stuff, that was purchased by that casino to give away to guest, and all sorts of pricy things, enough to fill a storage room. In fact he over spent by a figure close to 8 million dollars, and some of that was on his excesses, before they canned him, and then he had no problem finding another position doing almost the same thing, in the same department for a different casino, because of the fact he was a tribe member. That is clout in this world, and that is just the way it is.
Anyway having been with somebody of that tribe, your characterization of them is just that a caricature. He accepted Me as I was, a smoker and recreational drug user, even though he didn't do those things, and was clean cut. He was old fashion, but he drank a lot. Anyway, as far as I know the whole time we where together our relationship was monogamous, he was atheist, and so was I at the time. The only thing different about him from anyone else I've ever lived with or dated was his Mother was one of his closest friends, they could talk about anything, I've never met anyone that close to their Mother, and I don't think that is such a bad thing. He was as American as anyone else I've met, except for that distinction of identity. The other thing about him too, was he wasn't any of the stereotypes often attributed to so called Tribe Members.

Israel is different beast altogether, it rightfully deserves the onslaught of rebuke it receives from all quarters, You just make it more interesting.

I am one of the Gays that reads your blogs, and the reason why is you've got talent to keep an otherwise boring subject entertaining, it has to do with delivery of content, plus the fact you share a spiritual dimension to an otherwise dismal outlook.

Be Well,

Visible said...

You do not want to miss this. Bwahahahahahahah!!!!

Farmer said...

I love listening to you read what you have wrote. So much more information, personality, inflection, nuances, etc.

Text is nice, but the Human voice wins every time.

Visible said...

Well, I have probably broken my comments record today. I guess that will happen sometimes but this kind of thing keeps coming up. I keep seeing interesting things as I wait for Susanne to go through her interminable sequences of getting it together. I've been ready to go for hours but... my relationship with life is not the same as hers.

There sure is a lot of energy swirling around. I feel like I'm on the wire myself.

If you have never seen that fantastic French documentary about the guy who walked the wire between the World Trade Center buildings, you should. People do incredible things. I am no fan of heights myself; keeping in mind being almost all fire and air, with no Earth, save for the cusp and one lonely water tag with Moon in Cancer. I suspect there are reasons. Hot air? heh heh

Visible said...

Hi Farmer. I think about you a lot. Sorry I never got around to a visit. New worlds now beckon.

Henry said...

Dohn vex almost on the equator, we look for two equinoxes and differing interplays from the 'solsticios' north or south. What with a runaway HAARP mistake, csusing mass-misery globally at any moment on the planet, it makes this weather even more indefinable

Anonymous said...

Government stenographer presstitute whores aren't worth a pile of rainbow fewmets. You can at least use the frottels for fertilization. A government shill whore has no useful purpose or application.

Anonymous said...

You know the sauds probably are a member of the tribe if you trace it back far enough. Bwahaha! is right mcafee is the most worthless POS anti-virus ever, a hacker's best friend. Did ya see the article at WRH about a shipping vessel breaking apart and sinking that was carrying arms for the "rebels" in Syria. The feel good story of the day it had me laughing at loud.

kenny said...

Yes, the Saudis are Tribe Members too. Wahhabism, Talmudism, two sides of the same perverted coin.

"Bonoitis"...that seems to be going around these days.

The PETA response seems reasonable. They appear to be in a difficult situation. For many years until he retired, a local vet would euthanize a really bad off dog for $20 or less. He also encouraged you to hold your dog in one last hug of love as he passed on. Talk about sad and emotional.

Citizen Elle said...

MAN on WIRE is the name of that film. What an impassioned artist. THAT type of spirit is enviable.
Somewhere I have a picture of him with my uncle (who I’ve yet to meet) that had scaled the south WTC bldg. in ’78(?) which landed him in trouble & in the GB of world records.

Your previous thumbs up for KUMARE was right on - potent & superb.
Just saw the film GASLAND – recommend it... more evidence THERE IS NO SAVING AMERICA and for a unique perspective of the sovereign desperation of so many trapped on the sinking US ship of fools, see CATFISH (incl. a poignant bonus feature).

Today is solstice. May the energies nourish our highest light for the good of all beings, everywhere. Many blessings shall we remember – AHROOOO!

Oh yeah, and Visible, I continue to be VERY grateful that you are still doin yo thang, honey. Ya hear?

below the surface

Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy midsummer or as we say in Sweden: Glad midsommar!

bee wrangler said...

vis- i loved reading this one.. and all of the comments!
i went down to a remote riverside property to begin a new apiary out there. with my kids beside me and a new friend as well we put our bees on his land. last night loading em up by moonlight- and today, at dawn setting em in the shade. nice to see that a wild place like this still is here & as the cool breeze blew through the trees i thought... it is a perfect day for this new begining for these bees. Life is beautiful when you know how to look at it- happy summer to all!-jen

Anonymous said...

Good column, this one. Concise. I wanted to recommend a movie I just saw. It's called "Melancholia" and it is about the behavior of 2 sisters anticipating doomsday via a planetary collision. You will either love it or hate it. I found it totally engrossing and disturbing. It seemed to me to resonate with the political/cultural goings on these days.

Health and prosperity to all.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

On the Cusp of Irrevocable Change.



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