Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Times of the Season in Armageddonville

Dog Poet Transitioning.

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, one Tribe fueled issue is heating up and certain to turn into a culture war at some point, which is the intent. Those seeking to rule over those they consider expendable cattle, are tirelessly at work through their powerful media organs, sowing confusion and dividing the public into various camps of opposition toward each other. Sowing discord and puzzlin' you is the nature of a particular entitie's game and one of the chief weapons of his worshipful servants. There is a twofold thing that people are overlooking about the gay phenomena. One is the change in cosmic impulse, which is engineering a feminization of the basic dynamics, in respect of the return of the divine feminine principle, as an operative power. The long term intent is to bring about an awakening of various powers within humanity, as it transitions into a new state of being. However, the state of the culture is one of steep decline, so the manner in which this force is being expressed is as you see it. Any student of history, real history, has observed what appears and is extant during certain periods in the life of a culture. Cultures have seasons just like the general weather changes and you get things in The Fall that you don't get in The Spring. People can argue about this all they want but they are arguing against provable conditions that have repeated themselves in many cultures and in many times.

The gifts given to us by the alternative sexual community are significant. The problem arises when vested interests seek to legislate morality in opposition to the will of the majority. You're dealing with Satanists and their manner of celebrating the anti-life is through the intentional reversal of the Kundalini force, as well as the application of infernal magic via the reversed Kabala. The reason that members of certain 'positive' secret societies are required to take vows of silence to protect the traditions they receive, is because the dark side is always on the lookout to steal these secrets and reverse engineer them to their own fell purposes. This is how the reversed Kabala came into action in the first place by willful perversion of The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage, as well as the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sepher Zohar. These were not orginally Tribe traditions but came out of Chaldea, where the original flame alphabet, which they also acquired, came from.

These traditions go way back and have been seen in ancient Egypt, Sumer and further back into Atlantis. They were practiced by Plato in his school and in various climes and times. The looting of Tibet had less to do with taking the terrain than other things. The relentless wars of the Middle East are launched for reasons other than what most people imagine. All wars are magical wars and their purpose is the subversion of normal life and an assault on the secret places of the Earth. That will become much more apparent as time passes. They can't win, of course, but they can make quite a mess on their way out and they can take a lot of people with them and that's the point. It's a kind of body count harvesting. It's going in two directions but one has a less significant pull due to the tenor of the age. The options are there but the electro-magnetism of contemporary psycho-sexual force is powerful and effectively masked on different levels, which enhances the impact and renders ordinary defenses less potent than they might be. If you can't see it coming and you don't know what it is, well, there you have it, or rather, it has you.

The present impetus on the part of the predatory vermin, who are afflicting the greater population, is to reverse the natural order of things; to make abnormal normal and normal abnormal. This is how you get things like, “war is peace”, “freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is strength”. This is the purpose in the dumbing down, through a compromised education system and the deliberate trivialization of media and entertainment. This is where Twitter comes from. This is the purpose of reality TV and the elevation and celebration of ever more vacuous entertainment icons. This is all orchestrated, just as the economic situation is being manipulated, in order to funnel the young into military service.

The point behind taking over the publishing industry is to control the books resourced in academia, as well as to control viewpoints presented in both fiction and non fiction releases. The point of controlling the music and entertainment industries is to, over time, impact upon the minds and the emotions of a docile and receptive public. The control of the media has to do with controlling the flow of information and, more increasingly, manufacturing and fabricating the news, in locations other than where the imaginary events did not take place. This includes studio lots, created for the purpose of staged non happenings.

Over time, due to their control of the Central Banks and their ability to print money out of thin air, they have been able to buy these industries and the fealty of willing tools, who will serve at their pleasure in government, the courts and wherever certain influences are desirable to possess. This endless source of money, also allows them to defeat the campaigns and efforts of those who are less cooperative than they might wish for. Where a greater coercion is necessary, they further resort to intimidation, threats, blackmail; accomplished by staging sexual events and then videotaping them. They also employ murder, when it seems their only option, or even when they just want to make a statement to the rest of the tools. They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and any restraint. They are without mercy and there is nothing they will not resort to, to fulfill their agenda, which is collectively; the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of some large part of it. Nothing less than the raising of Hell on Earth will satisfy them and this is according to the design of the one they serve. They are the chosen employees of humanitie's primary enemy. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It provides a sexual and spiritually negative charge. This along with the spilling of blood, the ritualized, rape-torture and murder of children and a laundry list of other offenses, serves to wake “the very demons of the deep” and march them across the landscape in pursuit of Armageddon. Its a pretty simple program. It gets complex where the mind of the observer is confused by things like seemingly conflicting forces that are generated for that very purpose. It gets complex when you are confused.

People get intimidated by the appearance of what they have to go through, in order to get to a desirable state. That is because they imagine the onus for accomplishment is on them. It doesn't work like that. It succeeds by permitting the intelligence that has done this thousands of times to do it again. It's like being and not being. As illustrated here on several occasions, because of the present state of the material world, people see things upside down and backwards, because their cameras have been fucked with from early times. Truly independent thinking is as rare as hen's teeth. By example, a realized being would not be affected by taking LSD. Their normal state would already be like that in the most pristine sense. I'm not stating an absolute here but... let's say in any number of cases this would be true.

The contemporary state of this poisoned world, automatically shuts down certain centers in the brain and inhibits the production and flow of certain, truly magical chemical combinations that have an extraordinary effect on the human organism. There are secretive organizations, who possess all sorts of knowledge concerning these things and my advice is to behave in such a way that you draw their attention. Conversely, you can behave in such a way that you attract the attention of the other organizations, who routinely monitor the universities, private and public schools and who employ a certain amount of the teachers and instructors that report back to these agencies. They are on the lookout in every area of public life for promising recruits. You get promised any number of things on your way in and then you are put in any number of compromising situations, in order to make you malleable to their will. The military takes a certain kind of individual and does all kinds of things to them. These organizations also keep abreast of the residents of penitentiaries and maximum security mental wards. They seek out true psychopaths and sociopaths for specialty work. The CIA and other black bag murder agencies that work for The Central Banks and the lord of the root of all evil, routinely employ sexual sadists and mental defectives of every stripe. It's no accident so many perverts and dickheads are in the pay of the TSA. These are the very people they want in those positions. All the bobbleheads, Nimrods and ambulatory hood ornaments, are where they are because Shit for Brains Central wants them there.

People who think they are more hip and aware than their fellows watch John Stewart, Bill Maher, Alex Jones and think Chomsky is an oracle and friend to the underdogs. Every one of these men work for The Central Banks. The actual alternative press is a rare bird. Actual soldiers in the real war for human liberation are very few, considering the prestige and the pay. Ignominy and pariah status are just a few of the perks that come with the territory. The payoff is on the back-end and of course (grin), they do it for the sheer joy of it. There's more to the whole dynamic but if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Okay then, my friends ...and those with other positions and perspectives. We've come to the end of another transmission and I'll see you at the next Origami, if there is one.

End Transition.......

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insiam said...

Should the majority of humanity get to read this post they would say that you are certifiably insane. However, I agree with it in full and to the letter. Am i sane ....

Anonymous said...

1% of it be real good...dah !

land of fruits & nuts....
.....dontcha just LUV IT ?

The University of California, birthplace of the 1960s campus Free Speech Movement, is now considering a proposal that would ban certain forms of speech as a result of a report on Jews and the Talmudia debate at its "Jewtopia" - schuls.

The July 39 report, issued by an advisory panel to UC President Mark Yudof, concluded that Jewish students sometimes face an extremely hostile environment at UC schools in the form of anti-Talmudia protests....

....being north of the mason dixon line in California is like a whole other country....Take a texas road trip...Swervin' in my Lane...R.E. Keene....

but seriously, upside cown and backwards as Normal...WTF ?

...the upside to affirmative action...think about it ...a "gay" midget black lesbian jew...who get's to decide your ....pick one.

laugh it up...if you got 'em. if they never were



Doug Pearson said...

I was just telling a friend that I think the loss of millions of jobs in the US is done on purpose to create a society where about the only jobs available are in the military. What better way to fill the coffers with cannon fodder than to make it the only game in town? Anywho, this is the first place I've seen it mentioned. I might just be catching up though, I'm kinda slow sometimes...

Peter of Lone Tree said...

An interesting aside to the three "magic" themes you have introduced is The Gnostics by Jacques Lacarreire.
The URL is

JerseyCynic said...

I wish you and CHS would hit the road and "show people the way". It's about time we (bloggers) start talking instead of typing. I wish I could get our town to sponsor your visits -- workshops/worships -- whatever... community experiments -- communities within communities that wish to break from the status quo. Kinda like "give me a tax receipt -- if you're spending over 70% of all tax revenues on education, we're starting our own school(s) with our contributions"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Planet of the Apes only difference the "apes" are waring a yarmulke, and they have captured the mind of man.

Want to hear something wierd. I have had your site bookmarked for years and when I went to click on it it wasn't in my bookmarks. All my other bookmarks in that file were there. I rebookmarked it and it went back in. About ten minutes later I checked and it was gone. A while back I had a situation where the only way I could get into your site was to link from Truth Seeker. My bookmark didn't link and I couldn't get there with a search. Doesn't make much sence does it, well maybe it does. Could it be somebody doesn't like you.


Visible said...

How is this secret?

Anonymous said...

"In a mad world, only the mad are sane."
Akira Kurusowa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No tv, no radio, no media (I don't need anything like that garbage outside of myself for entertainment), no cell phone, no i-anything, free of conventional vanity (never bought cosmetics or designer clothes in my whole 50 odd years of life.) no social life (a strong schizoid streak makes that the only way to be), happily celibate, and knowing the truth about over-rated life vs. the mysterious (to those who don't know) not so over-rated whole of existence.

My life is MINE, and I'm here for the sake of my own experience and evolution, and anything that interferes with me or slows my down from getting from point A to point B is a nuisance I'd rather do without.

Imagine if the majority were like that? We'd be impossible to control.

Anonymous said...

Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not. ~ Jefferson

-- Dave, East Toast

JerseyCynic said...

PNAC - syria - check!

@2:22 wesley clark " 7 countries in 5 years – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran...."

Listen (do whaaa doo)....

Anonymous said...

At least it is nice to know the US isn't supplying lethal material to the Syrian freedom fighters. They would never to that.

Here is something mind boggling if you can understand the implications. I watched the print and it was unbelievable. It could take Knight out.


Anonymous said...

It isn't a secret but by pretending it is makes it appear as a hidden truth. Speaking of truth, when I click the link on your sidebar to get to the Truthseeker it takes me to a web domain that's for sale.

We reap what we sow, this harvest is gonna be interesting,(turn,turn,turn).

Tkanks visible and all,

Anonymous said...

This is pure common sense for those who want to see it.
Thanks, Kumpel !

Anonymous said...

Great piece.You impower others when you write about the why and hows of this place.Articles like that got me started on searching for the things mentioned.Great piece.Kauai

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how is it secret? The ol' bump into someone on purpose, then apologize profusely and all the while lifting their wallet type job/routine. I love it when "they" do those fake oops-sies. And I can't wait for the for real oops to come out of their mouths along with that giant sucking, swirling sound I hope accompanies their last oops as they're flushed right outta here. That's the oops I'm waiting for. I'm also thinking they'll have things so muddled up at that point, they won't even realize it's the for real oops and not just some contrived exercise they didn't get the memo on. Meanwhile it's the same ol' stuff; different day from them. You'd think those gettin' oops-sie-jobbed woulda figured it out by now.

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot. I was thinking this exact same thing, so it's nice to see someone else noticed it as well. thank you.

have you noticed the number of closet gays in command positions? nobody mentions it out loud.

W and Jeff Gannon. Plus Ari Fleisher, plus the fatboy, plus dick cheney and the many wo-men like billary, nancy, and almost all females in power, except for the former alaska gov'nor, who is constantly portrayed as a flake.....mainly bc she resembles a real woman.

so many...yet shame only on people like edwards face felonies for getting a woman PG.

nobody wonders about Michelle? she looks lesbian to is condi rice..sotomayer....elena kagan...the serious dyke in charge of "Homeland Security", the old ones like Janet Reno, do all the women on the S.C. who are recently appointed. I just found out that Roberts is gay. seems like scalia and alito make a nice couple...can't imagine either of them w a woman....thomas is a pervert, in a different way..but still a big one........ nice.

so, this must mean that all these people want out of the closet?

or do they? is this blackmail going to continue once everyone is gay?

Sim said...

Anon @ 18:57

Thanks for the heads up re the Truthseeker link - now fixed...

Also, which went down with all hands a week or so back has now resurfaced - so Visible's full radio archive is again now available.

Anonymous said...

Well, I really don't care one way or another about gayness, gaity, being or looking or acting gay, having gay tendencies, the suffering of gays, or the discrimination against gays. If you wanted to be different, or you were 'born that way,' then more power to you as far as I am concerned, but grant me the same self-governing dignity to be an uncolorful, straight heterosexual if you don't fucking mind. Don't point a prissy little finger in my face and call me homophobic, like I am an uninitiated victim of the Body Snatchers just waiting for my wake-up sleep. If you want to celebrate your gayness, like you were granted a special dispensation because of it, then you are about as fucked up as the Sunday church-going crowd who celebrate their faith in the Easter Bunny and give 10% of their income to Santa Claus. Militant gays are the most repulsive subhuman species on the planet, right up there with militant Christians or militant materialists.

People really sicken me anymore. I am not talking HALF or even MOST people. I am talking about 99% of them. They are energy sucking vampires who prey on those whose auras exude the mysterious qualities of honor, integrity, dignity, hard work, sacrifice, and the self-respect that they never, for one minute in their miserable lives, had. I thought I knew exactly who to avoid and how to avoid them. Hell, I have spent years building walls to keep these predators out and away from me. I avoid most people like they are the plague. Now, the contagious effects of predatory materialism has struck family members. Just when I thought I was safe. My next move is to construct an impenetrable 10 foot wall around this acreage, snatch myself up a newborn cougar out of a nearby den, hand-raise and bottle-feed him, teach him to be fiercely loyal to me alone, set him loose on the property, then post a sign on my brick wall that reads "Want a Piece of Me? You may enter, but first, Consult with the Kitty."

Sorry for the attitude, Visible. Please sign me anonymous this time

Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it...

Eustace Mullins once said that it took the Rothschilds 20 years to get the "Civil War" started...

and now the vermin in Tel Aviv being paid agents for the Nation Wrecking crew who control the Gold...produce thes secrets... Tel Aviv

whatever was covered...will be uncovered...

MercedMarie said...

"There are secretive organizations, who possess all sorts of knowledge concerning these things and my advice is to behave in such a way that you draw their attention."

Been working on/relaxing into this for a long time, regardless of the "prestige and pay" involved. Much takes place at a deep, invisible level. Somehow I hope these organizations take notice, for those of us holding the space could sure use some further knowledge.

peace and love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for your works Visible!

speaking of secrets

which of these two people is the real James Holmes?

respects to all beings!

Visible said...

This is one of my very favorite people.

Anonymous said...

Les, during the final days, I only hope people will have the ability to know right from wrong, instead of sitting like stupid cattle waiting for the task master to zap them into line, will simply be given true insight and say, "no more" as loud as they freak'n can. They will go out into the real world, they will grab the soothe sayers in their thousand dollar suits and dresses paid for by their locale masonic MSM , drag them out them onto the sidewalk and let them and their's know that they for the most part are mindless drones.


Visible said...

Like I said about the 'les' thing. It's self generating and I don't really care anyway, call me Jack or Jill, I'm just here to serve.

est said...

this brought to mind
you my friend

and all the pack here
running with you

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Vis- I really like this post which isn't unusual but I just had a conversation with a teen about the military and why it is an unethical choice. His sib was arrested and given the choice jail (for nothing jail worthy) or the army. She took the army and I don't blame her all things considered .The push to make it the only option is growing stronger by the month. Thanks for validating, for me, my feelings on the subject.
Peter of Lone Tree-you've come again with something I've been searching for. Thank you
Love to push those buttons-you live the life I think would be most condusive to higher learning. My only attachment is my kids and there is no detatching. I'm with you on the rest of it, vanity, physical or social is wasted energy. I appreciate your perspective.
Dave-turn that frown upside down
peace out

Rob in WI said...

This is a great post. In the first paragraph, you state, "return of the feminine principle, as an operative power". The change of age, which is taking place, but too slowly for many, will restore the masculine/feminine balance. Our problem is equating mas../fem.. with physical gender. Both principles are needed for the creation to stabilize, all of us are a combination of these basic essences. The current "radicalization", will be sorted out, as the Divine integrates our understanding. The metaphysical marriage has nothing to do with gender.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Roberta Flak ♫killing me softly....♫ (hehe)

I've had a quite bit of the Anon 8:39 cynicism - everybody's F*cked, cue Deep Purple "No No No"
(Do we love each other?) etc. in the last week, but it also applies to judgements of whatever comes out of my mouth (or keyboard). in that context I wonder how Jesus (if he was so good) tolerated people at all. gets down to Judgments vs Hopes and what the big game is all about.

thank you, Mr Les, for all that you do here.

Anonymous said...

Collect rainwater on your own property and you're a criminal. Photograph a cop killing someone and you're a criminal. Put a gun in your hands, and give you an Army uniform, and ship you overseas to kill innocent women and children, and you're a hero. I think I've got it now. "I got my mind right, boss..."

Anonymous said...

Nailed it as always Les. Working on keeping my vibration on the high(and light) side in these dark times...we need all the light warriors we can get(please forgive the new-ag ey sound of that) because the dark side seems to be kicking ass..but I know they lose in the end.

I just want their end to come sooner. Like, now...

david griffith said...

thanks - that was great AND I ended up laughing.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yes, I see Armageddonville everywhere now. The monkeys of liberation are hobnobbing with the Waiters of the Apocalypse. Whither thou goest, so goest the Grey Goose. Verily, I come to thee. Yea, thought I walk through the Valley of Fucktards, I will fear no weevil. All men.

Anonymous said...

The weather is the planet evolving. Hopefully humanity evolves and throws off the control freaks. Speaking of weather we have had less than 1 inch of rain in almost three months here. The grass is a gold/yellow color. Along the local walking path some trees leaves are already down. Going to Sack-n-Save is like going to Nieman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue now. Yellow whore presstitutes in the lamestream media can prattle on about recoveries and those evil rich people but the economy speaks for itself. Carry on V. Hope the weather isn't all fuxored where you are at. Good on ya mate.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guldur said...

Salute Les!
(aargh!, sorry I forgot to call you Vis or Visible again, have to get used to it yet, cause Les sounded quite pleasant to me - in czech language it means forest).
I must say, you got me with this latest post of yours (as is the case with probably all ones of your recent production).
To quote a little:

"They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and any restraint. They are without mercy and there is nothing they will not resort to, to fulfill their agenda, which is collectively; the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of some large part of it. Nothing less than the raising of Hell on Earth will satisfy them and this is according to the design of the one they serve. They are the chosen employees of humanitie's primary enemy. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It provides a sexual and spiritually negative charge. This along with the spilling of blood, the ritualized, rape-torture and murder of children and a laundry list of other offenses, serves to wake “the very demons of the deep” and march them across the landscape in pursuit of Armageddon. Its a pretty simple program. It gets complex where the mind of the observer is confused by things like seemingly conflicting forces that are generated for that very purpose. It gets complex when you are confused."
"That is because they imagine the onus for accomplishment is on them. It doesn't work like that. It succeeds by permitting the intelligence that has done this thousands of times to do it again." (yeah, the ring of truth inside...)

All my inner rings of deep truth ranged with alarm and I could only silently nod and fully agree - this I had known/felt from childhood - and that this world cannot continue this way it is set (although I did not know exactly why at those innocent times).
This recent Petri Dish seems to me to be almost an adept to Origami due to its content - I mean as the above qouted deals with the magical/metaphysical/quantum fractal (or vise versa) functioning of this world in essence. Or I could possibly say chemical/physical/mathematical, doesn´t matter - I think you will understand what I mean. But for me - the sorting of your blogs does not matter, because all deal with the same main thing - only viewed from different tangles...
Yeah - all in all, as above so below and so on - don´t know why I felt the urgency to post this as I post only very rarely usually, so probably there is some importancy in that - but which I DO know is that mainly I write you to THANK you for your words and feel gratitude to you and the divine that IT (he/she - makes no sense) leads me to cross all the useful and entertaining ruminations you offer.
Be well, ALL the best to you.
With kind regards

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

The United States of Dumbass opens a Can of Whoop-Ass.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Not Thirsty for Kirsty and other Things.

mark said...

Have posted this link on other blogs - has timeless revelance with some great quotes at end of article.



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