Monday, June 11, 2012

Hopalong Cassidy and Mr. Silicone Skin at the Not OK Corral

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The joint is jumping as bombastic, needle-dicked ...and gigantic, blood-tick zeppelins, bounce off the aluminum confetti sky, like parade floats; desperate to fuck everything beneath them in the most painfully extended manner, while mindful of the possibility that, in their raging desire, for unholy forced congress, they might land on something hard and sharp themselves and simply drown the inhabitants in the volume of all of what they had previously sucked out of them.

You get your news where you can, even if you don't always like the people delivering it. What you will hear there, but which doesn't get completely said there, whether due to some previous, extended loyalty, fear or decorum, implies enough to convince you that that new twist on your usual breakfast, is just the latest version of the 'same old same old'. It may look different but it tastes the same. You don't hear much from me about Ron Paul here ...and that is for two reasons. One is that I hate to be the medium of disappointment for people who want to believe so hard, with all their might ...and who have worked and contributed, with all their might, to one more stalking horse, deal-maker, set into play to herd everyone a little further along into the Not O.K. Corral, where the guys in their workman overalls, wait with the captive bolt pistols, conveyor-hooks and of course, further on, are the guys on the sloping concrete floors, in the red-stained, knee length lab coats, with the big sharp knives. They're playing Ozzie Osborne, real loud, through the moisture proof speakers.

I never got on that train and when I saw it quietly slide off the main rails, onto a storage track, with all that cash, blood, sweat and tears that the terminally hopeful donated the last time around, I was seriously not inclined to ever get on that train further up the line. Now we see that same train has slipped into the switching yard again and has parked itself on another storage track. The extended version of the ongoing deception was that they were going to work the delegate end and, 'you had the idea' that might lead to a brokered convention and Hopalong Cassidy, now looking even older than Dick Clark does now, would ride that big white, stuffed stallion, right out on to the convention floor, as both tears and shredded Mylar, danced and twisted and fell in the light from the cycling color filters. Yeah baby, just like in the darkest times at the back end of The Hood, “everybody's gonna get well”.

Then you hear that they aren't going to challenge with the delegates, they're just going to use that, temporary mind fuck Viagra, to get your voices heard for about 15 minutes, or half an hour and then Mr Silicone Skin, will step out on to the dais, with his perfect hair and talk to you about this still great nation and what we can do if we all pull together, joined skin to skin, front to back, in a huge, way to close, conga line style some weird, human centipede state, of ugly sexual union, which, if you want to get colloquial about it, has something about 'being fucked' somewhere in whatever patois is going to be employed to get you to raise your fist and yell, “Hell, yeah! I can feel ya”! Well, I'll bet you can.

I've been smelling a rat in that particular grain silo for some time but I'm not in the full time business of pissing on every parade that goes by. I don't like this side of my job to begin with and I'm not alone with that. There are legions out there who would rather hear no news at all, unless it's good news and that pretty much means you'll be listening to the sounds of silence looping ...without foreseeable end, for the moment.

As predicted, what's taking place in the country as routine events, in terms of various sudden and inexplicable murders, continues to increase in pace and move inexorably to The Land of Epidemic. What this is all about, is a combination of pressure; pressure of all sorts and the last gasp of invisibly transmitting, citadels of darkness, as they get forced out into the open light. I know you want to be spared hearing about all of this but, trust me, the really ugly stuff doesn't make it into these venues. You want to go looking on your own, trust me, you'll find things you wish you hadn't gone looking for.

It must be getting close, I haven't seen a single mention about gay issues in almost two days. Sure, I probably missed them, but still, when that end of things gets quiet, shit is about to combust and that's not just because Old Scratch's usual method of contact with you is generally affected by the fact that his generating organ is inflamed, literally. It's not all bad news and, if truth be told, the real and true source of ALL FORCE, is simply setting the stage for public demonstration of the most dramatic kind. You need to think of the whole operation as an immense electrical circuitry, that routes to every animate form and remember that the current can be sent in any direction, at any time and shut on or off at any time. It comes down to what you really live for and what you really believe. That's the point of the operation in the first place and you'll see that in all the true technicolor that the universe is preparing to present, according to that very thing. You might well wonder why all the well informed didn't already know something like this, or why the Crass Media wants you to know stuff like this now. You might wonder and ponder and you might shit in one hand and wish in the other. You might hold fast and endure or you might be neck deep in manure and imagine what you're getting is a pricey mudpack in some exclusive uptown spa. It's your call. It always has been. Deception is a two way street.

You want hope. You want reassurance. You want comfort, sanctuary and security. All of that is there to be had, depending on where you think the location of residence might be. The whole point of all the ugly outside, is to force you to look inside, keeping in mind how the eyes, as an organ of sense, work in the first place. People say they want the truth, until you deliver it to them. Nothing possesses more eternal and inviolable conviction than the truth, for really good reasons ...but being able to stay there... being able to resist the siren call of all the things you want ...and understanding the futility of your efforts to possess any of them beyond the term limits given, well, that's something else. Uh huh, that's something else and there isn't a whole lot more to it than that.

I'm sure many of you have asked yourself; how can Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta be such total and consistent liars, devoid of conscience and empathy of any kind? How can Obama really be Howdy Doody on bad acid? How can the majority of the leaders of all ZATO countries be uniformly in lockstep, as bone deep, corruption bots, dedicated to fucking the largest majority of the public they were empowered to serve? How can The Tribe central banks, control everything these people do and all the people who work for them too? How can people who must know better, because we know better, tell the same, unchanging lies about the same things, every day, forever and ever amen? Those are good questions. If you don't already have the answers, then you've ignored them, whenever they were presented to you, because you also want your piece of the action and the only reason you might be having questions is that you're pissed off about not getting your end.

As comprehensively and totally as things seem to be what they are, they are not what they appear. The basic and essential point to the whole of it is to get you to believe in appearances because, if you do, you come under the power of whoever is manipulating them. It is not rocket surgery. It is what it is because it is not what it is and you are out of joint because you are out of place, because you are not you. If you were you, you would realize that not the total quantity of all evil known and unknown is anything compared to the power of the essential you. So what is it they do? They separate the essential you from the apparent you, thus rendering you powerless, based on the prevailing perspective of your heart and mind which, for whatever the reason was, bought into it.

Everything is okay if you are okay (not the same Thomas Harris ...but Buffalo Bill is certainly in there somewhere) and headed somewhere other than the Not OK Corral. You can't be okay if you're not you. You can't be okay, if your reliance for continuance, is upon forces whose intent is for you not to continue.

How many ways can you say the same thing and still have people convinced, or thinking you are talking about something else? Spend some time around here and you'll find out. The whole point of theme variation is about contact with original tone. All those notes come out of one note and so does everything you will ever encounter at any time and the power maintaining it, in order for you to catch on to it, always has more in reserve than will ever, ever be manifest. It's one of those cosmic truths. That particular sun never gets to mid-heaven. Consonantly, there is never a time that evil; given that you can identify it in the first place, ever gets into a position where it has the juice to do anything more than be one of the main items in a particular demonstration. Life itself- and the theater in which it is operative- are as they are for only one reason. That reason has retainers and associated states and conditions ...but it's really all about awareness and what you put it on.

(I'll bet you never thought this posting would wind up here, given the way it started out.)

End Transmission.......


Anaughty Mouser said...

Right on post - in every respect. Thank you.

tmcfall said...

Yes Visible, a very tasty finish to balance out the toxic entrance
Tom in Tempe Arizona

MiaBellezza said...

Viz, I can assure you, with this Paul event what it has done to me is bounced me back to reality. Do not presume to know what I know or don't know simply based on some things I have said in my weak delusional moments of hope in a savior. Keeping in mind I have not really discussed many other subjects. After all, as I have said, the spirituality part came last and what led me to it was something else.

.... and there it is for demonstration purposes that while I had moved past some external savior, I still held onto the old past delusion of Ron Paul being one, but didn't realize it.

However, I could also think that this stunt is the perfect launch pad for them to incite a revolution and so be it.

MiaBellezza said...

Maybe that hit to GaGa's head will knock that "alleged" dead walk-in Aunt outta her. Nay, it'll take more than that.

Dead Shamans and 'Bee' turning up. Coincidence?

MiaBellezza said...

Here's a really comprehensive article by Zero Hedge about how a new digital monetary system will OWN you, more than they already do and totally ... now this is right up my alley.

The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System.

Visible said...

Honestly MiaBellezza, I have no knowledge of you being a Ron Paul supporter. I know that might sound hard to believe but I have to process so many things in a day that most of it doesn't stay with me and since I mostly only ever have one thing in my mind I seldom ever let anything else stay in there for long anyway. Unless I am employing my mind in the act of doing some posting or some creative effort there isn't usually anything in it unless I am communicating with my teacher.

zepheri said...


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, sorry ... it appears synchronicity occurred again, simple as that. This is a real turning point for me regarding this Ron Paul deception.

By the way, Dick Clark is dead and Ron looks older than him you say? LOL

Great article BTW. I've read it 3 times so far.

JerseyCynic said...

Wow, just wow Les Visible. Listening to Noam Chomsky at the moment "live in the studio" -- a "rare Interview with NPR"

I guess it IS time to buckle-up!!

JerseyCynic said...

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

well the minute ron paul showed up on jay leno and got my mother (who is apolitical at best) all worked up about AMERICA any doubts i had about his agenda were confirmed.

personally i think he is/was a 'deep cover candidate' and not even that deep. they keep him 'toiling on for freedom' and popping his old head up now and then to establish credibility and when the core of voters who are absolutely outraged threaten to stir the pot a weeeeee bit too much...out pops ron paul to take the piss out of them by draining them financially and emotionally...and then he is 'sidelined' until the next 'people's revolt' needs to be deflated. i know it hurts....but.....that's life in the material realm.

there is self and there is Self....the door to which is opened by radical subjectivity...ask not who you are but WHAT you are. ask until the question melts.

off topic but riddle me this:

stephen ivens, prof. amy bishop and priscilla chan.

the tree of mind control grows not in brooklyn, but in ____________?

liz in l.a.

Unknown said...

This one hit home pretty hard but not in a bad way. I allowed myself to get on that train again and felt run over by it on Friday. With the help of your column I am returning to normal. Fool me twice, shame on me. So it goes.

But this time I think the last vestiges of desire to follow any "fearless leader" have been swept away. I do not need them. As stated by a character in one of my favorite books, "I am free, regardless of the rules that surround me."

Thanks for all that you do.

Odin's Raven said...

It seems that in addition to co-operating with Soviet 'tribesmen' to torture Germans, the British government tested diseases on it's own people:

Stella Blue said...
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Chinese Sneakers said...

Among the many fine points in this piece, i took away this one in particular:

" the eyes, as an organ of sense, work..."

i reckon it might be rewarding to go exploring further hereabouts.

Good stuff.

Very textured and nicely woven.

Much appreciated.

Now concentrate on that ending for your novel.

PS. Bret Easton Ellis is no big deal as a scribe; and, writers don't need to kill gratuitously just to prove themselves in their work.


lightandlongshadows said...

Good one.

Time to put on the parachute as this crazy train is running out of track, the engineer is a debt slaver who's running out of imagination. Cliff and blunt trauma ahead.

This personality overlay is a powerful delusion nevermind the group delusion in which "I" operate. Really amazing, or mesmerizing, your choice. Prism planet.

The light flickers as "I" can't take my finger off the switch. Hey kid!...this isn't a disco! Quit playing with the switch! :)

Take care all

Anonymous said...

Is Putin being played like a fiddle? Are the ziofreaks able to pull that off?


Anonymous said...

Well MiaB I had some hope attached to Ron Paul as well.. I mean when one is stranded on a desert Isle like F'in forever and hears that maybe a ship will be passing by, it is easy to get one's hopes up. I thought he was the real deal as much as anyone could be but again...who knows what for sure. I am still getting that I don't know anything. It doesn't matter anyway because one person is not going to be able to do anything to stem the tides of destruction that is Kali Yuga.
Vis, your posts are always welcome even when you have to say the same thing over again in many ways for it to sink in.
Best Wishes to all

gretchen said...

I went 3 times to the Paul CA campaign office in Venice to volunteer and did not go back because I did not like the people working there and had an uncomfortable feeling about the something I still can't put my finger on. Where did all these 20 somethings come from who were independently wealthy and did not have to work come from and how did they get anointed the position of running things there, claiming they weren't getting paid but volunteered 60-80 hours a week....they drove very nice cars too, lexus, audi's late models. I don't know, nor do I care anymore.
I will say I do think the Paul campaign is much more savvy than the rest think. It is well known the Republican committee in CA is broke and almost non-existent and the Paul-type people claim they have a plan that will go on for years to take over and reconstruct the Republican party to their philosophy, starting in California according to organizers in a meeting during my last visit said. I'm done volunteering my time. There are some things left for people who are made of something different than myself. I'm tired of getting pissed and spit on, and no one there to support or protect you while you are standing up for something you believe in.

Visible said...

Especially if you are listening to Noam Chomsky. You might want to lock the door too. No, not that the door! The other door.

F*ck the NWO said...

If we are already in a world war, where USrael/NATO are trying to take over the world - just like our history books say the third reich did, then I am part of the underground resisitence. I am born and live in the West but I am 100% anti-USrael/NATO because they are fascist war criminals guided by Rothschild zionists.

Visible said...

Things to do when you're rich. The people that protect them. and you might make note at links below the pages. There's a whole lot of nothing going on out there but that's for the people who are really into it.

Stella Blue said...
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Visible said...

Here's another great Noam Chomsky gatekeeper quote, "it doesn't matter who did 9/11". It doesn't matter, no, it doesn't matter. It matters a great deal to the people he works for that it continue not to matter.

Visible said...

This contains the better responses and the intro is spot on. You will note the massive push on the part of an organized collective to defend this fellow. He is indefensible.

Visible said...

You will note that video, very easy to hear has been 'removed by the user'. Sure.

Truthseeker said...

Noam Chumpsky is a garden variety gate-keeper and sayanim. I wouldn't believe a single word he says.

He loads up a few truth and justice quotes then plows straight on with the zionist agenda as a soft sell.

Yuck poo!

Visible said...

This is the second or third time that this same thing has happened in Chicago in recent times. And, of course, there's the outrageous ironic, cue Mellencamp.

Thomas said...


Praise The Creator! ;D

Stella Blue said...
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Rob in WI said...

Glad you revisited the Ron Paul issue. I was disillusioned in 2008, contributing money and time. Did the same in '92, with Ross Perot. Your post, and a couple of the comments, reinforce the decision I made in'08, never to get involved in national politics again. I've spent a little time talking with both Ron Paul and Ross Perot, and they're very personable and convincing on the surface. Ask a serious question, though, where an honest answer is expected, and their eyes kind of glaze over, and they enter evasion mode. The question has to be phrased carefully, as common questions are answered quickly and confidently with "stock answers". It makes the "conspiracy theory" of mind control programming seem quite viable. The usa system of "a dictatorship without a dictator", is a masterful population control design. That's why TPTB want to spread it worldwide. If presidents and legislatures don't follow orders, they're out, one way or another.
Be well all, Rob

Visible said...

Yes Stella, Chomsky is an odious, slinking reptile. He's got this huge zombie leftist following that is full bore at work in academia. They do serious mind seduction there the same way Tolle works a certain segment of the public mind.

Both of these similar spiritual and intellectual chain gangs ("Oh Lord I got 99") are most effectively confined by their presumption of being free thinkers. The fact is that they are slaves in need of a Massa Icon.

They think because they studied a little bit of this and a little bit of that that being able to understand what these people are saying puts them on some kind of a level above the rest of the population, which is taken in by even more transparent demagogues and liars.

If you love the truth then you're mostly going to spend your time in solitary... except for the visitations that are part of the payoff for not swimming with one school of fish or another and thinking you are actually independent.

The thing about the varieties of herd mind, once instinct isn't the overseer, is that it's really hard to detect unless you are innately capable of sacrificing your attachments and illusions on demand.

There are serious and enduring reasons for the Dark Night of the Soul and the Dweller on the Threshold, as well as any and all of the wardens and guardians of the various stations of being and what is required for passage onward. People will talk real glib about these things but they don't want to hear about them; if that makes sense.

There may not appear to be solid connections between all of these things but that's what happens when your only possibility for transmission is talking between the lines.

Visible said...


I much appreciate what you said, though I'm only an employee. You write very well yourself and it was a pleasure to post it. It may not get noticed right off but it will.

Unfortunately I cannot describe what you ask in effective detail but I can answer it in short. This hero would have full possession of the qualities of the Divine and that's all that's needed.

A being who has this conferred on them by dint of having passed through what was necessary to achieve them, will have also become one deserving of their possession. That says it all, though it still leaves one wishing for greater elaboration. But hey! Like the song says, "That's life".

Anonymous said...

"...message is clear : Moscow is ready for world war..."

" ... spokesman of the Strategic Missile Troops of the Russian Federation ... confirmed the test of a Topol (nuke-ICBM), launched from a silo near the Caspian Sea, but has not confirmed that of the Bulava (nuke-ICBM) from a submarine in the Mediterranean. But the firing was observed from all over the Near East, Israel and Armenia and there is no other known armament that leaves similar tracings in the sky.
The message is clear : Moscow is ready for world war if NATO and the GCC do not comply with the international obligations as defined in the Annan Plan and persist in aiding terrorism...."

Anonymous said...

from our most challenging dreams we awake only at the last. (we have that to look forward to.)

still think you shoulda been a comedian.(grin)

Visible said...

Think I should have been a comedian? Well won't you be surprised that a lot of that got taped and will be showing up soon as some kind of retrospective that never made it's way here until now. I could have been and am pretty much anything you could ask and wouldn't say so if I couldn't prove it but... you got to go for the larger harvest. In the end it is about souls, not this backend dumpster side behind the Chinese restaurant lifetime. What fool would chose to be a comedian in the same time zone as George Carlin, especially considering who is the grandest fool of all; given the permission we get? "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom".

brokenbeat said...


"Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World" just arrived and I'm easing into it, savoring and absorbing the morsels -- quite a different read from "The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World". I wrapped that up last night; thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the truths expressed throughout.

Take care,

John V.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (movie review mode)

i hadnt heard of it before, but Kubricks 1999 Eyes Wide Shut (Cruise/Kidman) got it's foot in the door with half an RSVP with the wrong crowd. Kubrick died not long after. I hope he got half way to heaven to consider the Full Monty. you won't get the full Monty from RP and he has always failed my litmus test of not backing up basic welfare.

why would they be happy to promote Orwell's imaginary trash bin? quantum computers I think are on the job decrypting traffic, including retrospectives on what they are storing now in the data houses (just about everything). * it might depend on the algorithms and what QC's can practically achieve, I don't know for sure). than there's the never ending catchup of how much QC's can encrypt vs decrypt, though the general populace doesnt have QCs, advantage State .

but the main point that even evil is a subsidiary of the Divine, who is good, brings much comfort and promotes understanding without cynicism. thanks for that.

Rob in WI said...

Before the comments run out, I want to take a shot at Chomsky, too. He presents himself as a high in the sky scholar, while just being another zionist shill. My favorite is spokesman Stephan Hawking, who is the perfect spokesman; He can't talk, but the BS in his (zionist promoted) books has corrupted a generation or two into believing this is a matter/energy experience, rather than a spiritual one. Does matter/energy exist? Who better than the renowned S. Hawking to explain it. Oh.. sorry, he can't talk.

MiaBellezza said...

Transit of Venus across the Sun 2012
Crop Circle at Woodborough Hill on June 9th, 2012 with detailed analysis including spiritual.

We are at stage 3 based on this crop circle.

"It is the stage in which humankind becomes the conscious intermediary between Heaven and Earth, between the spiritual and material. A 15th century Islamic symbol, the Gateway of Wisdom, “represents the spiritual gateway that leads to the soul and to ultimate truth and wisdom”."

Visible said...

Stephen Hawkings, I'll probably catch shit for this but the observation I often make about him is that the reason he's all bent out of shape like he is, is because he had to get into that shape to see things the way he does. I really don't want to sound cruel and that's a terrible condition but it's what I hear inside about him. I get instant reads nearly all the time on just about anyone or anything and it averages out at about 99% later on when I become more informed.

The Divine is real and anyone making any kind of slick departures or Byzantine convolutions of intellectual self promoting garbage otherwise is full of shit and operating as a faith killer. The reason so many self important people won't accept what, to me, is patently obvious is because they don't want anything greater to supplant their idolatry of themselves. Good luck with the end result on all that.

Sorry for coming off a little all knowing here, cause I definitely am not but woe unto those who mislead others. In the Bible mention is made about a millstone around the neck. Well, the Bible and every other holy book covers all of this ground and no matter how they've edited and annotated and messed with any of them, the truth can still be found.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible and all. It's just another rigged game no longer of interest, even when you think you win you lose.

"I think the subject which will be of most importance politically
is Mass Psychology... Its importance has been enormously increased
by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Although this
science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to
the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know
how its convictions are generated."
--Bertrand Russel

And this is what has happened to music.

Best to all,

Erica said...

Thank you again Vis-as you constantly point out,evil is never the ultimate victor,and appearances are intentionally deceptive.
This morning I had the unhappy task of taking Muffin,the last of my daughter's pet rats,to the vet to be 'put to sleep'. Have buried her near her sisters Daisy and Rebecca - hope they are now happily frolicking together in rodent heaven.
The sun is in and out between the clouds-the bees(lots of them)are busy at work on the blackcurrant blossom-Life goes on.Just feeling very sad at the moment.

Denny said...


I had to laugh when I read an article by that twisted little creep Hawkin in the Daily Mail, wherein he actually claimed that it's most probable that a whole fleet of alien mother ships are encircling the Earth right now preparing to make an attack. It's unbelievable what these sickly little creeps can get away with.

He's of the same ilk as "God Delusion" Dawkins, "DNA" Watson and "Straw Dogs" Gray.

siamsiam said...

Those that believed all that Paul Paul bullshit are naive fuckwits - simple. lambs to the slaughter. Lemmings. Pied piper fodder. etc etc etc

Made me fucking puke every time i read some sheepwit (new word:) promoting them as some saviors in waiting.

Money bomb Money bomb - lah lah fucking lah. Give me your money you dumb fucks.

I think thats it so i will now read the comments.

PS if i have offended anyone that has previously posted here in support of the Paul's - tuff shit. Wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...


I traded in believing for thinking. It helps in being an active participant, when I feel like it.

Good job Mr. Visible

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Oliver, who passed away in 1994 (suicide). He was a retired Professor of Classics at U. Chicago.

During the Second Jew War to Exterminate Goyim, he was an intell analyst in Washington, DC. It was here that he realized who was behind it all. Later he tried to expose them, but it went nowhere because of media limitations.

Now you can read him:

This is straight scholarship from the old school. I recommend his work.

Peace and power,

Dave, on the East Toast.

Steve said...

For those seeking Love of God.

An introduction to Bhakti Yoga.

"The Bhagavata: Its Philosophy, Its Ethics, and Its Theology"

By Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur

This probably fits better over at Origami or at Hare Krishna Steam of consciousness? Oh well...


Anonymous said...

Vis, your last comment regarding Hawkings was right on. I sometimes get confused with all the shit swirling around and because I dislike chaos I am always trying to reconcile certain things. Your last comment summed it up as far as those things go. THANK YOU
I love being able to clear my mind of some things.

Visible said...

See, even though the people here appreciate what I had to say and at Facebook several people said it was the best thing I'd ever written and they obviously haven't been in the archives, almost none of my usual sources who post me did so.

Hawkins, Chomsky, Dawkins and more people than i have time to list are full of shit. One of the things i regret (not really serious) is that I didn't get a chance to be one on one with them, psychedelics included and watch their bowels turn to water; just like a few years ago when I said I would welcome Dick Cheney and Bush in a room alone and they could each have a knife. Didn't even get a visit from the Zio assassins that protect them.

Of course, I'm not talking about violence, just force and the economical distribution of it. Not once have I been in a physical conflict where my opponent did not hurt themselves.

Most readers here probably don't know, unless you go back aways that I grew up in Japan for my first five years and one of the people I met was morihei ueshiba. Small caps just like he likes it.

My father the time was head of the military police in Japan and the master came by and gave a demonstration at our military base.

Keep in mind that he was an old man at the time, weighed less than a hundred pounds and I doubt he was 5 feet tall. I saw him do things that are riveted in my mind and keep in mind that at this age he could pull a tree 6 inches in diameter out of the ground. Anyway who wants to know his backstory and why he got into the martial arts in the first place need only do the research. There's a fucking story for you.

I know tons of stories like this about remarkable people. My life is nothing more than the influence of such people on me. If people would only study and look harder they would see what they are capable by the tremendous example of others who have gone before. Read about the man who founded the Bahai faith and I got many more.

I was and am nothing compared to my heroes. I struggle every day just to not fuck up more than I already have and I know in ways I don't even have to say what my influence is and shortly will be. God is incomprehensible and his ways, her ways, utterly mysterious. Understand awe. Understand it.

I can prove that the man called Jesus Christ never existed. I take the trouble to really, really study but... any fool who thinks he wasn't here is a fool indeed and I am speaking as one who does not follow that particular path because of the corruption and though I have met Buddhas and near all of the Hindu gods in person, I've never met Jesus Christ but I have more faith in him than any Christian I ever met. His words ring! Anyone who is not on the floor in total obeisance simply for what he said, much less what I KNOW he did is a fool ten times over.

I haven't read the new testament in decades but I can quote from it extensively and do, simply because of the impact of the words on my soul. Go see what Yogananda and others had to say about him.

I lived with an archbishop on a mountain as a young man, he used to hang out with the Vanderbilts and all sorts of atrocious scum. Dylan, Jagger, all sort of people came to visit him. Dylan's wife Sarah used to come up there to pray (strange world indeed). I only bring him up to mention Gibran.


Visible said...

He told me once that Gibran used to come and visit him. He said he was a very good man but he drank too much wine. Go read what Gibran has to say about Jesus Christ. Fuck that, look at what some of those who followed him went through and accomplished. I doubt few of you know that much about St. Francis or have read the works of Augustine and many, many others that I have read and their bios too. Do the research for Christ's sake, pun intended. And I'm not even a Christian.

If you don't get that god is significantly and consciously involved in even the smallest detail in your life then what hope is there for you in this darkest of times?

If you can't see what fine hand is behind those Buddhist sand paintings and the intricacies all over the place. If you don't marvel at Titian and Raphael and numerous others. If those huge empty cathedrals that they have lost the ability to duplicate now and the agony and suffering of construction do not convince you of something then, what hope is there for you.

I am basically a nobody and all I know about in my life is my failures but at least I know what I was after and that hasn't changed since I was a small boy. God doesn't grant you shit unless you give a shit. Our pitiful temporary lives compared to the stretch of the cosmos? Give me a break.

The powerful and great men and women of this time, according to who? They are mere cyphers and whether it i Lewis Carrol or Aleistar Crowley they are all still a pack of cards. So Carrol was a pedophile for drawing pictures of pubescent girls that everyone who denies it would do most anything to get their hands on? Man I hate hypocrisy. Nothing stinks up the joint like hypocrisy.

Pretty girls in flower at that age before they get all fucked up and turn into the nightmares every has to live with? Yeah...truth and how did they get fucked up...yeah truth again. I like true beauty wherever I see it and no one can call me any names except reckless and unrestrained to the taste of those who metaphorically suck the dicks of those they occasionally get around to talking shit about out of their hearing. I'm not like that. On even or uneven ground I will face all of them and their armies and every horse they rode in on, keeping in mind that their horses don't like them


Visible said...

yes, I didn't go back and edit any of this. I'm pretty outraged at the moment about why it takes people so long to catch on to what is staring them in the face, feeding them, protecting them, even when they don't deserve it and never mindful of the Biblical quote about not being able to change a thing but prancing about like some lord of the universe.

There is only one; Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim whatever. There is one. Please go and read about RamaKrishna the great Kali devotee from well more than a century ago. He went into every major religion, experienced enlightenment in each one and proclaimed all of them the same. this was a man who could not read or write. Read what his biographer 'M' had to say about him.

I'm taking the time to say these things, half assed as usual because I'm about to get what's coming to me shortly and I might not get the chance to say it quite like this and as effectively for those paying attention. Wake the fuck up! I don't have to worry about it, some of you do.

There are geometrical and otherwise mathematical truths that have been staring you, the human race, in the face for a long time. I could bring up the Pythagorean triangle. I could hold forth on the pyramids and the Sphinx. I was born on the day of The Sphinx 22 august when the lion meets the virgin.

I know a lot of you give a shit and there is no better moment than when, for reasons that aren't clear, the rest of them aren't passing through here.

Even Alan from Perth, young as he is, tried and now he's on track. You got a personal problem of any kind? On my own personal authority and on my head too... go into Nature and eat nothing for a week and just drink water and pray without ceasing, if you fall down and must sleep, wake to the same and God will come. Obviously I am living proof and I would not steer you wrong.

It's tiresome for me to spend every fucking minute of my day worrying about whether it works for you or not and stretching myself beyond the boundaries of endurance. Anyone who has visited me knows I am just what you think or you wouldn't keep visiting me and the only times things have fucked up with the readership was when publishing and money was on the line. Even a borderline intellect can get this.

Don't come back at me as if this were some farewell speech from the bow. I'll be here long past those concerned about my health; physical or mental. This is just to say that things are about to change and the same easy access is not what it used to be. If there are not clues enough here then you got a window to ask but it is closing soon, as far as specific personal attention goes.

Sorry about the typos, shit happens. Pay attention. It might soother you that I can't even remember what I just wrote but be assured it is authentic down to the last jot and tittle.

Could say more bit will save that for individual problems, so far as they actually exist.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, are you done now? you too siamsiam?

Denny said...


Re: Bahai Faith...

I attended a Bahai meeting not so long ago, and I have to say that those present were among the nicest people I've ever met. And even more remarkable were all the children present. They were so unusually communicative not only among themselves but even with all the adults. Yet what amazed me the most was that not one of those children was wired up or had any type of mobile phone or electronic gadget in their possession for the entire time I was there. Now that HAS to be a miracle.

Meanwhile, every single teenage girl in my neighbourhood out taking their dogs for a walk have the dog lead in one hand, their mobile gadgets in the other and earphones wedged into their ears. They are all completely oblivious of the dog walking next to them. It's now probably only a question of time before the dogs are wired up too...

est said...

"go into Nature and eat nothing for a week and just drink water and pray without ceasing"

i was thinking
this very thing
just yesterday

i know it is what
i need to do

i keep waiting
for this play i'm in
to wind out

then my life
can begin again

from the place
of silence

then the tune
then the dance

Anonymous said...

We have this thing called the 'Great American Think-Off' up here in the woods. Finalists have included teachers, a gambler, a fisherman, a surgeon, a priest, a sex therapist, a Zen Buddhist beekeeper, a research biochemist, a stay-at-home dad, a licensed nuclear operator, a high school cheerleader and an Eagle Scout.

Sorry me can't link yet.
Anyhoo, thought the 'evil' argument was quite good.
Shane??, never mind.

Hammer on,

the gardener said...

Glad I checked on you Vis to see what you've written before I set off on my mission today.

kind of a '1999' day feeling for me today. Prince kind of 1999.

"sky was all purple there were people running everywhere..." kind of 1999.

No matter the consistency of Ron Paul's record, no matter his history... my take on him was that 'no one-not of them-could literally stand to be in the same room with the other venture jackals' which this man has indeed done for like THIRTY YEARS. Lots of shit has flowed down the open sewers of DC during those 30+ years this man has been in office.

YUCK! all those sould fuckers in one room! Breathing in -outgassing out.

THEN he joins the party with his SON being in politics too! Tapped to be the living profit's boy's second in command? wth?

It is pretty obvious the way that nepotism rules this country. Between the 2nd/3rd/4th generation sould souls working this country dry and the dual citizens in all the high places and mormons filling in all the undersides of cupboards and counters like the roaches they are... HAHAHAHAHAHAH

LAUGH INSTEAD OF SCREAM! what a pasty bunch of lying scum weasels on board the Titanic of countries.

I'll do a reread on your works Vis before I hit the green trails and byways called my life.

I am constantly imploring that the 'light be shined down on all those who cause harm to others as their way of being'. It works.

RE: Reich and orgone. It works too. I'm hooked up to the Universal grid-have some great stories to tell about 'that' but spiritual discretion is of the utmost need in times like these.

Read Mathew Fox for his '7 day diet' and also about 'spiritual discretion'.

the gardener back to gardening (and chemtrail busting too)

PS I love you man!

Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

....and we won't even mention string theory.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brokenbeat said...


Thanks, Spadge for the link and reminding me of the stream.

Thanks, Vis for reminding me of the stream and the archives.

Thanks, Homer for the wisdom you post here and there.

I am overwhelmed. Humbled. The answer appears so simple -- devotion. I pray for the blessings and grace to have the means, will and perserverance to be a devotee.


preacher said...

Yeah, I got some from Salt Lake City labeled: "Latter Saint Days"...

Denny said...

Stella Blue...

You mean.... We ARE about to be attacked by aliens from their motherships encircling the Earth, and that Professor Hawkin was only trying to warn us...?! Gosh! What have I done!

Ahem...Dear Professor Hawkin, sorry for calling you a twisted little creep. I notice that your wonderfully inspiring "A Brief History of Time" is right up there in every bookshop of the world alongside all those other great enlightening tomes, such as "The God Delusion" by Professor DAWKins and "The Sexual Exploits of Serial Killers Fred and Rosemary West" (which, incidently, I noticed was the most worn out of all books on sale in the Heathrow Airport bookstore due to the sheer amount of people having taken a peek at it - one doesn't need to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure out what's on most people's minds). You're obviously a jolly decent chap after all and I'm sure your only wish is to bring more love and light into this dismal black hole of a world of ours. Sorry to have gotten you mixed up with any of those other authors out there who make a fat living writing a load of academic and atheistic crap. Keep up the good work and may God ble... Erm...and may those "aliens out there in their motherships" bless you, my son.

Visible said...

Jesus Stella, you actually read or listened to that. I'm impressed.

I never liked Ron Paul but I did say some nice things about him cause I know people want to believe in someone and I never forget that you never really know but I didn't buy into him in the beginning but I was willing to go along with it. However, when he dropped out the last time after taking millions and millions of dollars from people who couldn't afford it and when I saw the Zio-fuck he put in charge of his campaign well. My biggest problem is that I pay attention. It's a bad habit you get when the first thing you remember in life is your father hitting you in the head or anywhere else with anything he could pick up when his fists wouldn't do the job.

One of the first things I remember. barely able to walk yet was when one of the Japanese maids brought me into the room and I had shit in my diaper and he let me have it for that.

Let me put it this way, you grow up in a military family and it is understood that you will get disciplined but even the other military guys were put off by the way my father treated me. Sometimes I bled through my clothes by being whipped with extension cords but that was when no one said anything.

I understood guns from the time I was a child. I knew how they worked and where they were. I could have taken any of them and blown him away. It never occurred to me, even in my darkest hour.

Then there was prison with seriously fucked up black guys because the prisons I was in at the time they were a large majority of the population and bad shit was routine. Fuck! death was a blessing and I can see, trust me, I have eyes in the back of my head and except for a couple of one on one skirmishes in my favor no one touched me.

My point is that you get this instinct for what is true and what is not. You just kind of smell how it is and so far that has proven to be the case. Now and then I'm wrong, for the purpose of demonstration but that's just so I don't get the idea that I actually know anything, cause I don't.

Those angry rants about Big Leroy and other strange shit, I was there. I have one significant advantage in this game of life. I have gone toe to toe, or didn't have to, with some of the darkest most deranged fuckers you can imagine and have mostly finessed it because I know what bad guys are made of and that is only because I was their punching bag through my whole childhood.

I know a lot of you are afraid of one thing or the other, insecure about this or that; why doesn't god answer my prayers. Why does he put me through this shit. Consider yourself lucky. Count your lucky stars you are not cruising like the indifferent celebrities and seemingly advantaged creatures of this bleak time in our long haul. If God is messing with you that means he/she love you. "Those whom the lord loves, he chastens". A far, far better person than I said that. tried in the fire and turned to gold... believe it. In the crucible of torment the stone is made. No quote marks attend that, they are my own.

People come and go here. There's only one reason anyone stays around here and only one reason they leave. They stay because it is a desert and they leave because of some mirage, usually having to do with self importance. If there is one thing I would caution you to rid yourself of it is that.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's like a play within a play ! Les 's comment about Chompsky was worth a post on it's own .

And this nugget could be a classic :

"Not once have I been in a physical conflict where my opponent did not hurt themselves."

That's ace .

Anyway , this line :

" If people would only study and look harder they would see what they are capable by the tremendous example of others who have gone before. "

Is a great example of why we are saturated with such soggy , synthetic and contemptible " heroes "

Its ..James Corden being hailed as a great actor ...its.." Carrot Top " , it's ....young black british footballers being dragged around Aushwitcz to stare at "jews shoes" ,oblivious to any " bad thing " that may have happened to their forebears ..


brokenbeat said...

Vis, it seems you've been through it in a BIG way. It must all have been for a good reason, character-building or some such tempering. I know you based a lot of 'Darkening' on your experiences, but I had hoped, for your sake, that you used your imagination for the extreme stuff. No doubt you did, but perhaps less than I thought after reading just now of more of your history. I count my blessings -- just adjusting the hammock as Homer would say. Not to say I haven't had my travails, but... Still, I don't think I'm getting the pass on testing, it just is of a different type. I have every opportunity -- if I don't avail myself, I have no excuses and no one to blame but myself.

Glad you made (are making) it through the gauntlet.



Rob in WI said...

Do you really know so much about arithmetic that you feel qualified to judge us? I suppose you subscribe to Time magazines' assessment of Einstein as "the brain of the 20th century". Einstein is as big a fraud as Hawking, and the fraudulent promotion of them will eventually be exposed; hopefully in our lifetimes. I can make an equation that PROVES, mathematically, that when your car hits a butterfly, both the car and the butterfly achieve relative motionless. Einstein and Hawking do/did that sort of thing. Does that have anything to do with "reality", in daily life? Sorry, sorry, enough ranting. Be well, Rob

Visible said...


I don't often do this, in fact, I have never done this, so, there must be a reason, a good reason for me to say these things. Part of it is the letters I am being bombarded with and just what I see and hear.

I have left you with all the footprints you will ever need. I have left you with the assurance in most cases that what the primary subject under discussion is, actually exists but... you know that. God doesn't fuck around. It also means that God is having sex with all of us all all of the time. It's up to us if that is good sex or bad sex. Anyone of the people like me, if that is the right word, could fix that for you, man or woman in one day... but that is not our forte.

Keep on keeping on and you will surely meet the same as I. There's no power, prestige, money, access to private parts involved here. Everyone of us could have that at our leisure and don't care about it unless it's useful. When I say us, that means more than one but we are territorially specific in our task and job descriptions. Yes Virginia, there is a hierarchy. And I am just an employee. I do what I am told which is more than I can say for most of whom I meet.

Some things don't see fair and just when you are about to get what you think you want... heh heh.

Well, pilgrims, I don't want to stay up all night long going over the same landscape. There's a very good reason that google maps does what it does and I do what I do and the following profits accordingly, according to whether you get that or not. What did the greatest teacher of this cycle say? "My treasure/kingdom is not here". Believe it.

This is the time of fools and foolishness. Not one of you reading these words can say that you are not being affected in 'some area'.

It should be a foregone conclusion by now that I have the authority to write what you are reading and do it well enough to get your attention and that... would be the 'operative' word. Surely you know, whether left or right brain... whether you can compute or imagine... how the numbers or images line up. The good news, in the words of one of my real heroes, Stevie Wonder is, "don't you worry about a thing". The bad news is if you don't get that; or should I bring up what Meher Baba said; cue the guy who said "don't worry be happy", sure I know his name and if I didn't I could just look it up. The bad news is... well, I'm not the punisher, I'm the warning.

Visible said...

Look, I was just about to go to bed but apparently I can't. Leave Stella Blue alone. She is one of the most righteous people, along with Clarity and Captain Spadgett, Homer, fuck it, now I will have to pay for leaving people off of the guest list.

Everyone of you is not critically informed about certain things. Just cause any of us are so smart that we know some things that others of us do not does not make you king or queen of the realm. One thing I know about Stella; cue Marlon Brando is that she's a decent fucking person and it is my mistake I didn't get the chance to meet her when she was hanging out with all of those assholes because I would have felt it one of the privileges of my life to have rocked her world. I didn't get to do that and it saddens me.

She's an idiot savant, she thinks on her feet. She didn't know about Chomsky and others. That is perfectly fine because, USUALLY we are kind about that. USUALLY we recognize that we have our own limitations.

One of the things I will regret is that I didn't meet her when it counted, but I got my job and I do it. Or do I have to bring Jesus into the picture about the mote and beam.

Fuck! I didn't sleep last night and you know, before any of you showed up, I was 24/7 on your behalf and I always will be. You can think I'm just one more of those clever assholes who made you into one or you can take me at my prolific non stop production every day as you see it appear in front of you. I don't really care. But it would be a much more poorer blog without Stella and all the rest of you and who gives a flying fuck if she doesn't know this or that. I can guarantee you that once she does find out she's right there. Stella doesn't' argue with the truth. And though i have never bedded her I can tell you that she's a whole lot better than the poor masturbation dreams of those who got what they deserved.

Being uninformed is not the same thing as being ignorant or stupid or in denial. And she is probably only the first part of that. I regret not having met her when I could have done something about it; not saying I still can't but.... it's all different now and if it isn't Ganesha for me, then it is Saraswati. That particular web no longer applies

Be gentle... be understanding and if you have not seen the film "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart, see it and follow the advice about the lead character when it come to, 'Pleasant and clever". Lots of corporations like the Hard Rock people make logos about themselves but they are not what they say they are. Some of us actually are that and Stella surely is one. I really need to sleep now.

Anonymous said...

That jives with Jer 2 that I read last night and with other things that have been said here today.

The broken cisterns. Hawking, Dawkins, Chomsky, Einstein are all broken cisterns. People put their life giving water into those dead ends. They voluntarily stick their heads up black holes. There's no bigger group of conformists than on college camuses. In wiser times, the sages spotted the one with promise. Nowadays, you need a pencil and a predisposition for obedience. Sycophancy and token gestures to their lies will get you there, wherever THAT is..

I fully expect Mr. Apocalypse to make it glaringly obvious that they have put their water in broken cisterns and their heads up black holes. Taken to their limits, do you know how ridiculous those theories get?

When science can "prove" a coming ice age, in the 70's, and "prove" global warming 20 years later, there is something awfully wrong with science. I smell a canaanite in the temple.

Broken cisterns. Slop those peole down. They are no authority.

Anonymous said...

You weekend pointy heads need to get back in your labs, and don't take Einstein and Hawking with you.

There ain't gonna be no new Tesla's walking out of any college.

Visible said...

I guess I will not sleep tonight, pay careful attention to what that last anonymous poster just said. I have no idea about this but for some reason he sounds like an Englishman, for whatever it is worth having been part of the trinity until one of us got drunk and drowned in the faces in the lake but at least now you have Frankenstein. Trust me on this, life wasn't always shit. Even in Kali Yuga we got to play good parts and have fun. Imagine around the fireside with the best human wine that God has in his 'cellar'.

Okay, I have to stop doing this. Some people stop because they can't walk anymore and I stop because I can't even sit anymore and I am still going to go out with the dogs so... is there a God? Fucking A there is. If you have any problem in your life it is only because that hasn't made the impression on you that it has on me and seriously, those far better than me.

I'm not keeping at this because I'm ripped, I wish I was. I'm keeping at it because the due date is now a bad date., Truly, seriously, wake up now. I'm dual use. I will be in Hell with you too but I won't be able to do anything about it. On the OTHER HAND...

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richie (Dana) said...

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Matthew 7:7-8

I am listening Visible,


Richie (Dana) said...

It is funny how your life seems easier to decipher from the future.
I came across Saving Grace on Amazon and started watching again after all these years.
The very first epsisode I think of Visible and make the connection. That was 2007 and I did not find Visible for 3 more years, but wow there are things going on there.

Of course it all depends on your view of things right?

Visible, you taught me to Love the Divine and make him first in everything and for that I am eternally grateful. You Sir, are one sweet guy and I really appreciate everything you have done for me.


BTW...I think we are past the point of convincing or converting others. It now just goes the way it is was always going to be. Excellent job my friend.

onething said...

I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake but I'm not quite getting what Paul is supposed to have done, betrayal wise. Rand I never liked.

Hawking I think hates God because he's mad about his condition. It would be so much better for our culture if we believed in reincarnation and didn't take the bad things in one life quite so seriously.

Anonymous said...

"Russia Reportedly Preparing 2 Divisions, and a Spetsnaz Brigade (meaning from 15k up to 50k fighters) for Deployment to Syria;

Mini-Goebbels Ben Rhodes of Obama White House Runs Colossal Black Propaganda Op to Assist NATO Coup (perhaps, starting June 15, Friday - these demons are going to take over all TV, all radio, likely internet, in region and broadcast fake crisis news stories into Syria and surrounding);

(the filthy, vile, zio-orge is enabling and ordering this crime and on past Monday publicly announced this future event--->) Massacre of Alawites and Christians Looms;

Cass Sunstein Destabilizes Vatican (by conjuring a "vatican banking crisis" to appear on cue) to Muzzle Protest (of the criminal actions of ZATO)"

more here (yep, the guy is some kind of disinfo-gatekeeper, but the info he's putting out on these events is accurate):

the global zio-orge is absolutely out-of-control insane (acting out its cosmic demonstration purpose) and Russia is not backing down, so far ... hmmmm (i'm into the desert for long term now)

Anaughty Mouser said...

"The process of destabilization that was to open the path for legal military intervention by the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) has failed. Removing its mask, the United States has publicly announced the possibility of attacking Syria without the approval of the (UN) Security Council, as it also did in Kosovo. Washington must be pretending not to have noticed that the Russia of Vladimir Putin is not that of Boris Yeltsin. After being assured of Chinese (military) support, Moscow literally fired two warning shots in the direction of Washington."

"The continuing violations of international law by NATO and the GCC threaten to unleash a global conflict."

"In the days following his inauguration, Mr. Putin reviewed the Russian military industrial sector, his armed forces and his treaty alliance system. [1] He pursued this course of action while choosing to draw in Syria a line in the sand that must not be crossed. For Putin, NATO’s invasion of Libya was equivalent to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Third Reich and that of Syria, should it occur, would be comparable to the invasion of Poland that started WWII."

This shit is getting really real. If one steps back away from the corporate media propaganda of Assad 'genociding his own people' as USrael/NATO's excuse to attack Syria, it can be seen that Syria is Poland, and USrael/NATO is the Third Reich.

History bears the fact the every power which has tried to take over and control the whole world has been defeated.

Zionist Rothschilds' USrael/NATO is going to get their proverbial ass handed to them on a platter by Russia and China.

There will be no new world order controlled by the international zionist banksters.

Shiva Shaki Tango is on.

Ray B. said...

A catch-up. Sorry, Vis, if it is out of place. I wanted John V. to have a chance to actually see it...

brokenbeat / John V.

Back on the last PD, you asked me (sorry it has taken so long to reply):

"I've read somewhere ... that our souls are thought to be the connection structure to the super-conscious mind, God if you will, and that our divine spirit is incarnated in flesh now but eventually returns to source by means of the soul. Our true selves, our essence, of each incarnation is expressed from our higher-self. Where do souls fit into this ontology? Are they a vehicle for spirit between us here and our higher-self? And per your understanding, what is the hierarchy and structures between the higher-self and All That Is?"

(Vis rolls his eyes... grin)

Understanding that I am a beginner in these realms, the following are my current views:

I am probably unusual in that I see such a vast amount of 'vertical' space between earthly incarnation and all-God (except for the immanent aspect). Most folks think of just three vertical spaces - body, soul, and all-God. I have visited more than a dozen, and there are probably hundreds or more. This has given me a different, 'long' view of the 'other side' and the soul's place within it.

I had a long experience back around 1988 which illustrated how we worked our way down here. It started with some earlier 'me' (as perhaps my Higher Self) in some higher space or plane. I had been there long enough to become the equivalent of 'bored'. I could sense something going on 'below' me, which intrigued me. There was a 'desire' to know more. Somehow, I went through some kind of gate or shift, and ended up in this next-lower plane (which pre-existed my entrance).

I then had a set of behaviors that proved true through subsequent 'descents'. First, I realized that I was 'diminished' in some way, and stared back at where I had come from (for quite a while) in a kind of wistful longing for what 'was'. Next, that feeling faded, and I took stock of my current surroundings. Finally, I gave myself over to experiencing what this 'new' plane of existence had to offer (with the old, higher plane fading into abstract memories).

After some long 'time', I fulfilled what could be experienced in the current 'plane'. As before, I began to 'hear' another, deeper 'song'. Eventually, another downwards shift took place - again, based on the desire to know or experience 'more'. The same set of behaviors then followed.

I went through several 'shifts' (don't remember the exact number, now), and eventually ended up 'here' on the earth plane. I believe that this is the 'bottom' layer, as I am definitely 'done' here and do not hear the 'siren song' of any deeper layer.

The most important things I got out of the above were the many 'layers' existing, and how each was reached through desire. (I am using "desire" in a positive, life-affirming sense here, not as a preachy, derogatory, religious term.)


Ray B. said...


Now, how this relates to the soul: I have a sense of the soul only in the last 'drop'. It was not there (and unneeded) in any of the previous 'planes'. Somehow, it was created for humans to drop down 'here' - the last level. My current sense is that the soul 'primes' who we 'are' in a given incarnation in order to jump-start certain experiences. As Vis has said several times, death is a way for us to 'escape' when we are blocked (or self-blocked) from moving to our next set of needed experiences. In other words, if you were 'fluid' enough, you might experience Everything the soul 'needs' in one lifetime and perhaps Ascend out of here permanently. (Ultimately, using my earlier 'root' analogy, it might be possible to be conscious everywhere on the 'root' at once...)

My sense is that a soul 'grows' a body. The chakras are 'put in' later (from the soul) as control mechanisms. They 'pull out' a short time before the soul separates from the body at bodily death. (An aside: I once saw a 'fey'-acting lady who had two complete sets of chakras. Really weird. I was young and naive enough not to do any further investigating.)

To sum up, I want to emphasize that - just on the 'plane' including the soul - there is a vast amount of vertical 'distance' both above and below the soul. For instance, Elves and Stone Circle Entities both exist above the soul within this plane. And, there is all the 'work-up' from shaman to saint to sage and finally to different 'grades' of ascension - all below the soul. It is a big 'world'.

(By the way, I am 'allowing' that the soul may - repeat "may" - not be a positive thing. I am 'paranoid' enough to also *consider* that it may have been created [or modified] by those of the 'farmer' ilk. I have 're-integrated' many split-off past lives that have useful 'tools' and 'knowings'. How convenient that, with enough 'splits', we end up with a Darwinian, meat-bag view of ourselves. I wonder who would benefit from that? Just musing...)

I hope this helps (grin). And thanks for all your insightful postings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis.
You said "People come and go here. There's only one reason anyone stays around here and only one reason they leave. They stay because it is a desert and they leave because of some mirage…"

Well, I come here because it is an oasis in the desert of my life. You always have the right words to wrap my thoughts in.
If you could be reduced to a Google algorithm, you would be worth billions in the new field of prescient advertising - plopping the commercial in front of the eyes nanoseconds prior to the brain reaching a desire, on it's own, only to find the immediate answer in the ad.

Not sure I got the thought out quite the way I think it, but that is par for my course.

I'm glad you spent some energy on the Ron Paul thing.
I am lazy and gullible, having been thru the 2008 thing, I ascribed the fiasco to TPTB.
This time around, with organizers and phone banks and lots of campaign literature, the stage was set for the real deal - at least for a while.
The volunteers were great to meet and mix with.
Real people with lives and kids and dreams for a better system than what we have.
But, I ignored the little signs.
Why did my contributions to the 2008 campaign not show up on the Open Secrets website?
They had other contributions to other candidates I'd made, but all those RP MoneyBombs I hit - nada.

Those organizers who came into town from somewhere, not staying at any central hotel but out in the jewish suburb.

And why did I start getting fraudulent charges on the credit card I used for this campaign's contributions?

Well, I did what I did.

So many times I thought on your words that this is all for the purpose of demonstration. Thru the caucus and the local and state conventions, thru all the crap that comes with politics - I told friends that I felt as if I should have been wearing a haz-mat suit to attend the events.

Well, it's over.

You know, I do not feel bad or cheated or hurt or betrayed, although I guess I could whip those feeling up for a good old pity party.
No, I'm just glad that it is over, and now I
can move on to whatever is next on my sealed to me agenda.

I am grateful for all the incredible avenues and boulevards of thought that your words have built and paved for me.
Thanks too to all the contributors who pour so much of their hearts into the mix.

Anonymous said...

"I will be in Hell with you too but I won't be able to do anything about it."

I beg to differ. You Visible are not going to Hell.

'Whoever accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior will not perish but will have everlasting life.'

If I misunderstood your meaning, if you meant the coming Hell on earth a.k.a. WWIII, I apologise.

Visible said...

Well Syria (keeping in mind who Jesus was), was part of the point; action entral.

onething; I hope everyone got what you said about taking one particular lifetime at a certain value. I could elaborate on that but it is much more effective when it happens in one's own mind, should there be suc an animal.

Ah yeah, Elsewhere.. how did that go? never realizing how badly I wanted to be elsewhere where, it is. There goes that solitary raven. Anecdotaly, I have ravens around all the time here.

Be well, don't sleep with too many fishes; cue the godfather.

Erica said...

Hi Vis-Hope you have managed to get some sleep.Was going to avoid coming back here so soon,not wanting to become annoying-but had to comment on your latest discourse.I'm sure I speak for a lot of us here when I say that we truly appreciate your efforts on our behalf-and understand the score.
Just don't think that we are all capable of your extent of devotion to the divine.Much as I appreciate your advice to go into nature,and fast,I have a son and four small creatures who depend on me.Spiritual awakening is a painful process that I believe we each have to work on at our own speed-too much reality can drive you batshit crazy!
In the last nine months I've stopped watching ziovision and started eating less,and healthier,food-which hopefully is having positive results-have managed to shed a lot of surplus weight and there's less programming going into my head.
However,I have to function day to day in the matrix.I'm trying to do the best I can under the constant onslaught of difficult emotions-so if I don't make it through the coming shitstorm it won't be for lack of effort-just,as you say,for purposes of demonstration.Lets keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

There is another scenario playing in the background of my mind. One where this third world war is being fomented by the Rothschilds who plan to build a single currency, one world order out of the ashes of WWIII. If the City of London and the Knesset survive unscaithed from the coming global onslaught, it will be very telling.

Rothschild mother:
'If my sons did not want a war, there would be no wars.'

If the bear and the panda don't nuke Dimona in the frackas, they will indeed reveal themselves to be (unknowing) pets of the house of Rothschild.

Hegelian divide and conquer:


REACTION: The world wants peace.

SOLUTION: One world government with one world currency which is fractionally gold backed and created, issued and controlled by zionist Rothschild and the international banksters.

Oh yeah, in case you missed it, in the final result we the 99% end up as slaves/serfs to the 1% creating the money, ownng the corporations and the new world government.

zepheri said...

The best thing about downhill is how the speed builds as time and space seem to narrow holding everything upright until the final conclusion.

JerseyCynic said...

Thank you, Les Visible. I was fooled by Chomsky. I should have realized long ago when I would constantly ask myself "why is no one listening to this guy -- he really seems to know what the REAL deal is?" Nice to see the majority of npr commenters have come to similar conclusions.

Your post today-- and all comments -- has been quite the learning experience for me. I do believe I'll have another read. (I just finished watching the gardner's link from the last post about psychotropic drugs and Big Pharma -- now everything is starting to make sense. )

Sending you good vibrations, as always...

Anonymous said...


It's fair to sat that your prison stay was not anything like this:

brokenbeat said...

Ray B.,

Thanks for getting back to me on that and elaborating so eloquently as expected. It was helpful -- I was wondering how you had the soul placed so much higher than us here, even shamans, saints and sages, but see you do perceive it as a construct (possibly nefariously artificial) to serve as a vehicle between is here and a next higher level between us here and our higher self (and presumably that vehicle could be put into an imperceptable large radius u-turn back here for more milking).


Thanks for allowing us our monkey-mind musings. None of this really matters if we allow and foster the growth of the awareness of the presence of the Divine spark within (an integral part of us) and the Divine throughout (of which we are a part).

The answer, which you have said every which way, is to seek and live in the presence of the Lord (cue Blind Faith), rely utterly on His/Her protection, strive to express the divine attributes, love Him/Her with all one's heart, give up trying to understand the ineffable, lose the ego's notion of self-importance and instead devote one's self in service in alignment with God's will and not be a slave to the whims of one's personal will which is subject to to the distracting and alluring false appearances of the world.

Somehow when I try to say it, it comes put complicated and intellectualized. I try to state it sucinctly in one sentence and it runs on... I know it's simple in principle, but there are these nuances, it seems...

Perhaps it isn't complicated, just complex. The total reality is more than we can get our head around, but we don't need to understand it to do our part. I'll get there. Strike that -- I am getting there!


John V.

Terrance said...

Hello...Visible....there is no doubt about the great spirit and the connection we all have through the web of life!.....self importance blocks the energy of the great one!.... Thank you!

JerseyCynic said...

well said, John V

LIFE is really quite simple. It's the people that complicate and screw it up.

Visible said...

Anon 5:53

Judicial Inc, which is what it was called for years is the foremost repository of all the bad shit that the....uh...uh the....uh...never mind ever did. A first class archivist and researcher, the like of which we may never see again. He could certainly be the chief witness for the prosecution at the court of all time. His pictorial travelogue about what was going on in Berlin Cabaret society is something else.

Nobody on on the internet does it like this guy does. He feels to me like God's district attorney.

For some reason, I believe he doesn't like me. I tried to contact him and tell him what I thought of his work but no go.

There are these two guys, one of them has a first, last and middle name and then the other guy just first and last I think. For some reason I can't remember either of their names; Michael? Bradford? Smith? something something they're well known anti-tribe guys. One of them asked me to be on their radio show and the other listed me as a neanderthal. You can find that on Google. Somehow they are somewhat connected so maybe that is it.

I didn't go on the radio show because one of my main linkmeisters told me not to. Who knows. One of them has connections to Rothschild cause it is all six degrees of separation from Will Smith eating Kevin's Bacon.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Ray, I'm sorry if I haven't answered you yet. This is the 3rd night I haven't slept but I am confident I will shortly. There's so much to do and just not enough time. The moment I stop doing all the things I'm doing to get something done all these other things need doing, well, i know I signed on for it so obviously I can handle it. My apologies all around for not being able to respond and hand out whatever answers I may or may not have.

Be strong.

Patrick V1.2 said...

Thanks Vis I love you to brother. You are so kind. I'm not afraid anymore brother. I wish I was. I could be a victim that would be so easy.

Clarity said...

Dear All,

I got behind-very busy time of year, and got beat up on by the family twice in the past few days (truther, conspiracy nut = bad). A few overdue comments, and some replies (I don’t remember where they’re from, so apologies if they belong somewhere else).

RP-disappointing.To those who knew long ago, good for you, and I do mean that. If you want to put him down, fine. But please be a little kinder in slamming people here who believed in him. We’re all on the same path, and there are enough forces against truth and good that we really don’t need to be putting each other down for not knowing something. Everyone’s journey, everyone’s timeline, is different. We discover at different rates and in a different order.

Rob in WI, your apology is accepted and appreciated. I am curious, though, to know what the 1/2 hour + comment said... (grin) You made valid points and I will try to keep them in mind.

John (brokenbeat), I enjoy reading your posts. You display intelligence without being arrogant. Your writing is very respectful and shows you to be genuine, humble, and sincere, not just in your zeal for learning but as you seek the Divine, and in living your life as a decent human being. You inspire me.

MiaBellezza, I liked that Zero Hedge link-saved and shared.

Dave, I looked around a little at that site - some interesting things to read there. I’ve gotta tell you I like your name - not just that it’s clever, but I’m on the East Toast too. I don’t like my toast burnt, but things are starting to heat up and this one hits a little too close to home:

Massapequa To Fine Homeowners For Not Mowing Lawns

On Monday, the village board of Massapequa Park, on Long Island, voted to pass a law that will charge steep fines for messy yards, WCBS 880 reports. This “failure to mow” fee could cost homeowners up to $1,000. Repeat incidents could mean a $10,000 fine, according to WCBS.


Clarity said...


Cap’n Spadgett, thanks for the Bhakti Yoga link. I had some things bookmarked, but you gave me that kick in the butt by making it so easy - went to it, started reading...

Mouser, I love your last four lines. Thems is fighting words!

Anonymous @ 9:23 - Beautiful and well-said...

This was interesting:

Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

It included: "emergency plan" to intern and deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character of the state. and this, the highlight of the article: They say rounding up members of a different racial group and holding them in camps for deportation may invite allusions to the Nazi Holocaust, however unfair such comparisons may be, and betrays Jewish values.

and this...

Singer Lauryn Hill tells about the
control, manipulation, and exploitation in the music industry.

“For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground. I did this in order to build a community of people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda.”
Good for her if she’s trying to get away from the system and spread the truth.

Visible, your mention of me was very kind, but undeserved. I know there are so many other names that belong on the guest list - too many to list. I honestly don’t feel I should be mentioned together with the other names. They are in a different league.

I love you, and I appreciate everything that you do. Please get some sleep...


Denny said...

Stella Blue:

Re: Steven Hawkin..

When I used the word "twisted" and "sick", I was not referring to the learned professor's physical condition but specifically to his intellectual condition. Just a simple misunderstanding. As for your stunningly gorgeous niece, well she might have a few harsh lessons to learn in life.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Kali Yuga, Poets and... I don't know.

Visible said...

Message received Dave. I will attend to that now. Thank you my brother.

brokenbeat said...

The Gardener,

Please be careful with your 'unsanctioned' energy experiments. It's my understanding that any significant use is easily detected and dealt with. Discretion prevents me from elaborating, but I did some research decades ago and discovered published material then (and there's scores more available now, neatly cataloged online) about techniques, theories, devices. Not much converted effort can allow one to stumble upon methods even with no prior knowledge (and institutional knowledge might actually be a hinderence). I decided to avoid the fate of many before that altruistically or not pursued that path. It's not the knowledge or discovery that has been supressed, it is the implementation, certainly widespread, but also in isolated instances. This might be playing a role in your harassment. Please be prudent.

With loving concern,


brokenbeat said...


Thanks for being so you! {^_^}



brokenbeat said...


Thank you for the kind words -- they are much appreciated. I likewise enjoy your posts... the insights, the links, the tone and delivery. And I am inspired by your "taking it to the streets" with your family, students and colleagues.

I know that isn't easy and you open yourself up to derision and maybe worse with your teaching career. Please use discretion in that setting. You might be doing the right thing and have a receptive audience, but kids can become evangelists and if their parent's or the admin's cherished notions are threatened, you might be as well, or at least your post and the ability to do any good at all.

At the least you can teach them to think critically for themselves and question authority without directly challenging consensus viewpoints. I've had teachers that did that and that was in pre-Orwellian times; some sensitive topics were touched on, but there are so many more hot topics now.



Aelios Kalypso said...

Someone thimks Paul has one last chance to stand against the beast:

Anonymous said...

As far as the Kennedy assassination and the Killing of the Divine King theory goes, many of you will find this quite interesting -



Joseph Brenner

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