Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten Days to the London Scarelympics

Dog Poet Transitioning.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(5 days ago I was reading something, apparently, according to someone, I shouldn't have been. Suddenly my computer screen exploded into rapidly replicating porn images and then there was a single page, with no escape, from the Bundeskriminalamt saying that I had been viewing banned websites and I needed to pay them 100 Euro to get back on line. Helpfully, there was a drop down menu that offered me a fee of only 50 Euro, with no explanation. I'm assuming that meant; just in case you don't have 100 Euro. They pointed out that I could pay in different internet currencies. Of course, I couldn't get those internet currencies when I couldn't leave the page. Paypal wasn't one of them. It took me no time at all to realize that this was a scam. I rebooted, hoping to go into Ubuntu but that wasn't working. I tried to format my computer and just put a clean install on. That wasn't working.

I broke out my netbook to try to limp along until I could take my computer into the shop. Yesterday, shortly before I was to head for the computer store, I found a disk I had been looking for and next thing I knew I was up and running and far more smoothly than in the run up to this debacle. I figured I was just down for a few days and that was the sum of it. I lost a few things, of course, which I hadn't saved but since they were mostly creative things, they are easily replaced, even if I can't remember what they are. Whatever else is whatever else.)

The London Scarelympics begin on July 27. No doubt Michael Chertoff and a host of other Israeli, black souled luminaries, their rent boys and hired hookers, will be monitoring the event from various hotel room command centers, unless they are right in the MI6 office building and Scotland Yard. Since they run London and most of England and her colonies (via their control of the central banks and the money supply), that is no stretch of presumption. You'll note Michael Chertoff, the dual national, is still running his dual scam, whereby he alarms the public and then provides it with varieties of shit technology that will be used on this dumb as a rock congregation. Note the reaction of the crowd to the interruptions; they're toast. Observe this video as Mike-the Skull- Chertoff tells the lies designed to redirect public attention away from the Israeli criminals who did 9/11.

This video is put together by Tribe disinfo org, We are Change. They're like Loose Change. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the text concerning who is who and who runs what. Is this true? The names and associations certainly are and they never mention Israel and 9/11, so.....? What was a surprise to me was to see the name Webster Tarpley mentioned. I'll have to think about that, or at least do some research. The writer of the latest link likes to use the word 'Jews' over and over. I stay away from wholesaling any group, no matter even if the majority are culpable, based simply on personal experience... up to the moment. I am also subject to change and engaged in change, I just don't have an organization, nor want one.

Dark shit is definitely outworking. I had an appointment with the Israeli Occupied U.S. State Department consulate adjunct over here, in the banker controlled European states and I was getting antsier and antsier about going hundreds of miles, staying in a hotel and being pretty sure I didn't have everything I needed to get my passport renewed. I know I'm on the domestic US freedom fighter Watch for speaking the truth about the Israeli run, Nazi pandemic sweeping the globe. That's a given. I finally spoke to a robo-bitch at the consulate, where I had an appointment a week from today. She'd obviously had the government mandated Dick Cheney vaccine that is the result of splicing rabid Rottweiler genes with a strain taken from Caribbean zombie blood. She ungraciously informed me that if I came in to apply that meant I would still be waiting 3 weeks (without a passport) for them to mail it because “since the (Israeli officiated and engineered) 9/11 attacks, all passports are issued 'in the US' by the Israeli run Department of State, under the aegis of 'kill everyone' Clinton and then shipped abroad. Ten years ago when I got my last passport in Hawaii and had to wait two months until the day before I left, after having paid the extra money, for an expedited passport, I have not been inclined to go that route again.

Well, I can get a passport from another country and I am going to apply for asylum in Iceland in the meantime. I think I can meet the criteria and there is something I heard some months ago about journalists and Iceland so, I think that's worth looking into. In the meantime, I am in a country that will give me a passport if I just upgrade my language skills a skoch. Worst case... someone steals what I have, in a country to be named. I might develop a habit of leaving things on the dining table at restaurants and then we take it from there. Meanwhile, the whole world will surely change between now and December 20th. Whole identity kits of the soup to nuts variety are available on the Silk Road too; pricey but efficient. I wasn't relying on my operator to take care of everything. Of course, I am prevented from doing that in order to show me that I need to do that. It's consistent with so many of the unfortunate things I have had to endure to make all those points I don't get; Kali Yuga.

We now know after Assange's latest Syrian propaganda that he is a government implant working in one shape or fashion for Israel/CIA. We've pretty much known that all along, as well as his sexual escapades being arranged for a greater attraction to his faux Lord Byron persona and of course, the recent sophomoric stagecraft. He is to journalism what Andy Warhol was to art, even the resemblance is strangely ironic.

It gets more and more tedious, watching Chertoff and his Tribe member mafia dons waltzing through the corridors of usurped power. Death walks behind them, death walks in front of them and death walks on both sides of them. They are physical agents of indiscriminate and wide spread death. The gradual morphing of his features into those resembling Nosferatu is no coincidence. The similarity in his appearance and that of Olmert to a skull is also no coincidence. The state of the times and the players of record of the moment are no coincidence. There is a mysterious math that forbids anyone taking over the whole world and the usual, main cause of the failure of empire is overextension, attended by rampant internal corruption and a couple of ancillary features. You're seeing all of that now. It is hard to imagine how very quickly the balance of power can change and how very quickly the hunters can become prey... but it happens. It can happen in the twinkling of an eye.

It's five months before I need a new passport. There may be no country to issue a copy of what I have now and 'think' I need by the time that time passes. Anything could happen and there is this international citizen passport I've been hearing about as well. I don't have to play their games, all I need to do is toss my concerns into the ethers and wait for the resolution to precipitate down into this plane of action. I figure that's how I'll play it; take as it comes and not care one way or the other. I seem to have spent a lot of time caring and it didn't do me a whole lot of good. Certain things are important to me. They seem to be but I'm not entirely sure what they are. If I knew what they were essentially and intrinsically that might change the relationship. For the moment and times before times, I'm simply left with impressions and more than occasional contacts, with various things, both real and imaginary.

I've mentioned some loathsome creatures today but the list is long. I suspect there's a considerable list of good people and a much shorter list of good people with brains and talent and then that shortest of lists, which I will demur to name, since I'm still not sure what the considerations and qualifications are. I'm just sure there is such a list.

I've thought and speculated about many things for some length of time. I suppose it's a considerable time, according to a human life but a very short time according many other things. I've come to believe that we don't actually learn anything except for the purpose of performance across some distance of measured time. What we come to possess, to own, in place of temporary learning, descends on us, arises in us, appears somehow and exhibits itself through us. I'm convinced that there's another life that gets lived through all these chapters and installments and it's possible in any given life to awaken to all of them, the same way that it is possible to be completely conscious in any given moment... well beyond the partial and submerged consciousness of people, in various states of possession and compulsion, from the self absorption of a ship on the sea, indifferent to the possibilities of the ocean beneath, until it is made aware of them, to that of a fish, dreaming of independence and whipping about in controlled response to the group impulse of the school it's swimming in and never catching that irony either. Big predatory fish swim in that ocean and dream of their importance and untouchability and... they have some measure of that, until they can't swim anymore and all the fish they used to eat, eat them. We live in a relative universe. You've heard that before but the one thing people don't spend nearly enough attention, or focus on, is what is right in front of them and... were they able to do that, it's a short leap from an intense focus on appearances to what lies behind them. It seems to happen automatically for some reason. A great many things happen automatically but we insist on being the author of our destiny when we are anything but.

There's a point to all of this and I suppose one part of it is not to worry about the nasty customers among us. Their doom is sealed in a way they have little knowledge of. The ones who do, imagine that they will soon be living representatives of one of Milton's famous lines from Paradise Lost, attributed to a particular character. It doesn't quite work that way but, with the usual cosmic irony, one can't argue about it afterwards. It does, after all, bear 'some' resemblance to it.

End Transmission.......

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Doug Pearson said...

The many levels of awareness in life cannot be seen, understood or appreciated until our mental maturity and wisdom coincide with that plateau.

giov said...

Thank you, I sense the off-the cuff throw-away catch phrases implying an import that eludes most kinds of reading. I followed the parallel feelings to the words choking a little in my fuming over bureaucracy and the vaccinated snarly robo-bitches etc. But all the while you continue to sail above it all and I trust you will sail all the way to the lair of Shiva right on schedule. I wish I could fend off some readers who have no idea how their clamor for acceptable concrete info has nothing to do with it. I dare to assume that a little nonsense in a comment is one of those things that can happen.

est said...

i sat in a room for
a thousand days
looked at this screen
clicked thru this maze

looked out this window
the sky and the trees
thinking of mountains
deserts and seas

i hear a voice
calling my name
saying it's alright
i'm here again

then i walk out
in-to the night
alone and silent
the way i like

Anonymous said...

the passport dilemma/test is fascinating. it is so central to where you are 'at' in the material realm. you are currently in a turgid dance with the draconian 'force' that insists on controlling all aspects of human behavior. but as you idly allow the dance to play in the background, you are listening to the cosmic chorus warming up with a low, humming hallelujah................patience and awareness are powerful travel companions.

see you when you get there

liz in l.a.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a PressTV interview about how Zionist cartels are causing the world's economic problems:


“There is an intimate connection between the collapse of the financial system, both in the United States and worldwide, and US international policy and its manipulation by a class of hyper-wealthy Jewish Zionists,” Joachim Martillo said in an interview on Monday.

He also pointed to the Zionist cartels’ grip over the Wall Street structure, saying, “We have these vast, essentially ethnic networks on Wall Street. They have been there for a long time.”

Here's an article about the people and institutions forming the real government of much of the world:


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, you're art is in fine form. Never a stone unturned. i can hear you yodelling in Iceland. i imagine they yodel there; why the heck not! And meeting and making new friends at the town watering hole and coffee shops. Besides they've got cooler air and cooler heads and the people aren't so dumb. Don't know about how spiritual they are, but i tend to believe they must be, due to certain perceived appearances, but i've read a lot of them believe in fairies and elves; maybe for tourism... Be sure to eat lots of Fish.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I came across this guy last night, worth a viewing for the novices (like me).
Jack Otto
on the Khazars at a 2008 Ron Paul jig (with a near empty audience)

he died soon after, I read, so he probably did manage a nibble into the side of the great white piranha.

at Jim Stones site, the forum, JS is active, says Enenews was set up by Arnie (trust me I'//m an expert) Gundsersen . (have to do some research) Arnie is not , AFAIKnow active there. JS touches on the wholesaling issue (comes out in favour of wholesaling).

and yes, should I drop all this and get more (or at all) in tune with the great tuning fork? can I pitch and chew ball at the same time?

computers: maybe try
Boot and nuke which ought to wipe the drive out before reinstalling (or using your full drive backup program).
Have to be an experienced computer enginneer, a nuclear engineer, a media expert, for the love of God. Hey, that last one sounds too easy. (thoughtfull/wishful) mmm!

Denny said...

Why the hell can't they put this whole "Olympic Games" bullshit to some really good use by sending off all those idiots who want to jump higher or run faster than anyone else, and replace them with banksters who could be fed to the lions instead..? At least then it'd justify the ludicrous fee for a ticket.

Jenny said...

you are an inspiration to me to always speak the truth....love you dude

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a couple of nice satirical images about the Olympics:


Anonymous said...

dude, you've been on your virtual leash ... just long enough! hate to see you all wound up, but love to hear you unwind.

your eye for detail gives some of us younguns some room for hope.(grin)

"israeli run nazi pandemic." good one. but you still got the ass for the burr in the - soon to be -totalitarian saddle. (that is to say, when the sacrificial ashes settle.)

pardon my french. your fore-bearance of such is only exceeded by your most excellent connection between thought and word.

(and don't call you dude!)

Anonymous said...

just think geography is too lazy a place to settle.

so sue me.

they don't call the dispossessed 'captains' of industry, for nuthin'.

(cue in w.r. grace lines.) or aristotle - where jackie ran for child protection services.

ok. 'nuff history.

Anonymous said...

like attracts, but i suspect we'd all just as soon you keep the job.

your description of the life within is unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the piece at ESPN about the Sexual Olympics behind the scenes at the real Olympics? The Games' organizers ordered 10,000 condoms for the athletes this year, due to the rutting and humping that goes on at the Olympic Village betwixt athletes of all shapes, sizes and flavors. No doubt, rap music can be heard in the background while these sheeptards "do there bidness". I'm not a prude by any stretch, but this article made me feel slightly nauseated after reading it. I guess it sickened me because it was full-frontal evidence that the Zio-Nazis have been massively successful at reducing most of us to humping dogs who get it on with any available open hole. Bread, circus and sex - that's all you have to give us and you can keep taking our freedoms away, no problem! You can check the article out right here (I'll never look at an Olympic "event" in quite the same way again) - http://espn.go.com/olympics/story/_/id/8133052/the-games-olympic-village-not-televised-espn-magazine

D_Man said...

Thanks for another post, Les.

And hey est- I like your poem.

Anonymous said...

"Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us
Jews, and that Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals,
must possess nothing."

~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1812

Rob in WI said...

You're back on line and get straight to the nutcutting. Impressive. The scams they've developed to suppress people, while trying (and often succeeding) to rip them off are appalling. You have 5 months left on a passport? Mine is 2 years expired, with little chance of renewal. It dosen't matter, since traveling is kind of like Luke's mama in the back of a pickup. Thanks for being a straight talking guide to seekers, and inspiration to "unknowers", such as we all really are. Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...


The same kind of computer virus hit my PC two weeks ago. It was a phony FBI warning page. Ransomeware is the new term for it.

I had to get a new computer.


Anonymous said...

Just a rant on the Moneypak virus or the “FBI ransom virus” (here in the States)

Bundeskriminalamt, American style – it’s a Cyber-scam people.
Coincidentally, I picked up this virus over the weekend. The following morning I turned the computer on, and the screen was basically the same as reported in this article except that it had a very official looking screen of the FBI (with authenticated logo), FBI.com, and references to buying a “Moneypak” from local low end retailers conveniently listed to transact the process. It was quite imposing.

It stated that I should pay 200 U.S. $$ to unlock my computer, and my computer would be unlocked within 48 hours. As a consequence of my payment, acknowledging that I’ve downloaded either copywrited videos or child pornography, I’ll be further processed (more like persecuted) for a number of years in prison and a large amount of money, blah, blah , blah.

Then, after reading it again, I saw many things wrong with it. The syntax was off. The American English vernacular was off. And the Constitution’s Art. 1, Section 8, clause 8 (which it referred to) has nothing to do with the purported crimes. Also, I personally never hear of Moneypak before.

I got on my other computer and read about this scam. It was well known.
It also dawned on me that, if my main computer is locked via my ISP, why are my other computers not responding to this FBI “report”? Meaning, they worked normally with all access to email. Realizing that this was a scam, and although no controls worked on my infected computer, I did a cold kill. (I pulled out the power cord.)

The reboot was okay. I ran a scumware check, then a virus check. If found some nasty scumware, but all is okay now.

As an American, I realize the FBI could care less about Americans. However, as their name was used, and if only to redeem credibility, why aren’t they looking for the parties that bespattered their name? It’s a non-issue item though, because we know the answer.

gretchen said...

Mercury just went into retrograde on the 14th, so the next 6 weeks should be interesting.

I had to update my passport and thought it was strange it came from Arkansas of all states, so I must be below their radar and not tagged for harassment. And as I mentioned a little while to you in an email about my graduate studies in Europe starting in the fall, the student visa went through quicker than normal and that has everything to do with that country, not the USSA. I truly hope not to come back and don't want to be here when the shit hits and I feel something is going to happen soon. I hope you have better luck with your passport issue. People have told me when I suggest getting rid of my USSA citizenship that I shouldn't. As time passes, I find less value in it.

sam said...

@Denny, LOL I'm still laughing. That's the best idea yet

uninformedLuddite said...

I had the same experience with a replicating series of popups that were all thumbnails of child pornography. After finally shutting down the last window an ad for 'evidence eliminator' popped up as a solution to stop the feds finding stuff on my computer that they shouldn't. I wouldn't go running down the repair shop with your computer as you never know what incriminating garbage may have found its way onto your computer.

brian boru said...

Hi Les, I was surprised to hear that you still have an American passport. I think I'd almost prefer to have a North Korean passport than one from the 'land of freedom and opportunity'. I used to have a green card when I lived there but never wanted their passport. I even got rid of the green card soon after I left. You'd do well to get an Islandic passport. Civilised people. American citizens are simply viewed as serfs by Chertoff and Co. An American passport doesn't even entitle you to avoid the routine humiliation at American airports. A friend of mine was on the Queen Mary 2 which sailed from the UK to New York a couple of weeks ago. He told me that the first thing that happened when they docked was that a troop of heavily armed, black-clad thugs from Homeland Security barged on board, intimidating everyone in sight. It was just to let the serfs know that they were now in the realm of Ming the Merciless and that they had better get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Les, if you want to research Tarpley, you can begin with what Bollyn said about him two years ago:

Another source of Jewish disinformation relating to 9/11 is the views of the professed ex-Jew and Christian convert, Israel Shamir. He maintains that it is a disservice to Arab Muslims to deprive them of the credit for 9/11. That despite the sort of material in Missing Links or spelled out on page you linked to at Zion Crime Factory.

Anonymous said...


apologies to dog poet & snippets & snappets , and some of the rest , take care,
keep inspiring

Anonymous said...

keep doing your thing dog poet

Anonymous said...

take care dog poet and the whole gang

Anonymous said...

"All I need to do is toss my concerns into the ethers and wait for the resolution to precipitate down into this plane of action"

Words of Wisdom, indeed, Mr Viz.

You keep hittin that sucker right outta the park ;)

- Frankie

Smyrna said...

Get a French passport, Vis. France has external territories like New Caledonia, Tahiti in the Pacific or French Guiana and islands in the Caribbean. You could become a flesh and blood Kurtz, not just a cyber one.

Visible said...

Wow! That is interesting news. I had no idea so many people were being affected by the same scam. I should mention, in my case it hit my netbook too and simply formatting and any of the things I usually think of didn't work. I'm a sort of idiot savant when it comes to computers, the way I used to be able to fix my Dodge Dart or my Masda pickup on Maui. When you've had a lot of problems and not much money you discover things through metaphorical hunt and peck.

So, I also got a little help from a higher planes download that assisted me. Things even happened that don't usually happen; I know because I did something I've done a dozen times before and this time several things were different.

Yes, I am going to do one of those "Man without a country" things but not until I have a country. I'll do some kind of shout out at SM next time I write something there and become a case study on how something gets done. It finally occurred to me that I am used for the purpose of demonstration and that I was feeling all bent out of shape because I was not operating out of my rubber stamped persona. I foolishly keep thinking I have something to do and that's true but it's only one thing and that is to ask; put it out there and wait for directions. I guess that's two things.

I was going to have my video show happening by now but I just discovered that the Sandisk memory I ordered from Taiwan takes a month to arrive; typical.

Those of you who have written and not heard from me, Clarity, Gardener and others, please be patient. I had a lot of catching up to do and when you clean install an operating system you have to put all the stuff back that you use. In my case, that's a lot.

Origami incoming shortly; got to go make, early riser, Liselotte's coffee (one of the privileges of my present state). Speaking of coffee I guess we'll be having some, Gretchen, if you show up before December... After that visible is going to be in The Misty Mountains- in a good way. I'm saving up and using my brain to lighten up long held items; guitars etc that will make my financial passage easy. It will be something to have no concern other than what to eat and what to write about. Of course we'll have a book come out about that, a sort of walkabout India. I'm carefully studying what little I can bring and still have certain accesses. Do I bring a high end tablet with a portable keyboard, instead of a laptop and a lot of thumb drives? Do I actually buy that Washburn version of the Martin Backpacker? Do I get one of those pocket amps and put a pickup in the guitar? Can I find a small back pack that will carry it all? Surely I will stuff silk shirts (I already have) into it and not worry about ironing; one extra pair of jeans and occasionally beat the other on the rocks somewhere; a small notebook and pen; don't need books or all that extraneous stuff. I've been checking out all of these mom and pop guesthouses and a fellow could slip through that country on the cheap; depending on comfort level required... Well, I tossed all of this into the ethers so I will be hearing about it.

Visible said...

Just one of the things I found Seek and ye shall find.

I guess I'd better get over the Origami (grin).

Visible said...

French passport would require all kinds of hoops. I'm already able to get a high end countries passport automatically for certain reasons and only have to spend a month or so upgrading a couple of things. It should be a piece of cake. Meanwhile there are a couple of countries that know what's happening in US and, given the right entre will be budgeable; should that prove necessary. There's nothing the divine can't accomplish so, we're looking in different directions and handing the observations over.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an admission by a Jew about the Holohoax.


the gardener said...

So what site put this trash on your computers? Back in the old days-say 2004-lots of sites did the 'uncontrollable' pop ups which required the 'cold stop' (pulling the plug) treatment then a big dose of Search and Destroy treatment. I had it one time where I had to do a total OS clean out.

I hear things working on my computer without any visible actions taking place-like secret downloads or some crap.

Glad to see you back up top Vis... this is the New Moon in late Cancer... make good use of these extreme energies of the Cardinal T Square-they can be used for us v against us.

the gardener

Brian Crossland said...

Hi Vis, 30 years ago at school I had a blood sample taken for "The Icelandic Project"
To trace viking lineage. Agroup of vikings had settled the Isle of Man, refused to pay taxes to Norway, some left for Iceland, some to Cumbria where I live.
All of these places have a history of a peoples parliament, less than 2 hundred years ago a small group of men in this area refused to pay taxes to the king and government on the grounds of being "Freemen" they succeeded.
Now it seems Iceland alone is asserting their freedom against the Banksters. Karmic?
It was also Iceland that offered asylum to Bobby Fischer.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And here's another fun read on the topic of errant Judaism:

“The Jewish State”—What It Really Means and Why the Rest of the World Should be Terrified at the mere mention of it


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Dodge Dart. Did it have the push-button tranny,lol?

I myself was a Falcon man. I had around 5 of them (2 were stationm wagons). Always paid $300 and always sold for $300. Ahh, to be 18 again.


Visible said...

Mine was a convertible. I paid 200 dollars for it and it had 22,000 miles on it.

katz said...

I used to post on AOL, right after 911..on message boards.
After it got infultrated by zionazis, I moved to MySpace. I then posted on their 911 bulletin boards. This guy, Odin's Raven, was there, along with a woman who insisted that 911 was done by Jesuits. She had a group of followers including the above Raven person. I laughed at their premise about Jesuit. I insisted that zionazis did the evil crime that day in September. They attacked me by posting pictures of my daughter and insinuating that they knew where I lived and would do something to me. I didn't know what, but I was used to threats, as the AOL board was full of real live mossad, whom I got to know by arguing with them, and continually refusing to budge that Mossad did the Towers. Those guys threatened to cut off my head, and the main guy who said that was a guy who called himself MrNiceGuy. He told me on IM that he was one of the diamond sellers...from Israel..forgot their real names, but when I googled them, it turned out that they were that rich and that big a deal in zionazi world.

anyway, when I went to myspace, this guy odin's raven was one of the guys who supported this moronic woman. I also forgot her name, but never forgot his. He, single handedly ruined the 911 message boards with his garbage. I tell you this so you will know that this guy is most likely an agent of zionazis.

I don't expect you to publish this. I just want you to know so you can watch his posts. he is always a fountain of disinformation.

I notice he keeps posting links on your blogs.

Visible said...

Imagine what I must think, knowing your extreme combustibility and having encountered Odin's Raven for years and my curiosity concerning your own genetics and intentions. It becomes problematic and a puzzlement for me. Your showing up in an agreeable frame of mind given the vitriol I have received in the past makes me understandably wary.

Anonymous said...

False flag attack on a bus carrying Israli toursts in Bulgaria. They're pinninbg it on Iran, of course. It has all the hallmarks of a typical Mossad operation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks all,
It's the 199th day of the year with 166 to go, also the day I was C Sectioned in here 52 years ago. Feeling the energy and better than I did half this life ago. Now to put it to good use...

If 66 is 99 I don't mind,

Anonymous said...

You know, if I were going to look for a board that hadn't been deliberately set up or totally co-opted by disinfo agents, I think I'd try an AOL message board first. (Grin.) You can't avoid DRONE's. No way to do it. (Disinformation Robots Obfuscating News Everywhere.) They're paid to try and keep a lid on the truth, which is like being paid to piss directly into a high-speed fan and avoid getting wet. I once pointed out on a message board years ago that it was impossible to keep a lid on the truth. Sure, you can manage to keep most things from most people for a long, long time. But eventually, as the lies pile up and the body count mounts, the lid is going to blow clean off the sucker. I went on a hike today in Phoenix AZ (a nice, balmy 106 degrees), and saw some interesting things along the way. The first one was a sign at a shopping mall. It read, "No Loitering, No Stopping, No Smoking" - and the city ordinance number was posted beneath it. Apparently you can go to the slammer in Phoenix now for smoking a cigarette in the mall of a parking lot. Nice. The second one was a sign that read, "Neighborhood Watch Identification Operation in Progress". Apparently this is a Nazi SS-type deal where anyone can be asked, "Your papers, please." (I found out by talking to a local at a bar the other night that you can, and will, be arrested, if you walk through a private parking lot and don't intend to do business at the establishment in question.) I thought that was cute, as well. Then I walked into a convenience store and saw two jackbooted paramilitary policemen standing by a rack of candy, eyeballing a young woman who was working behind the counter. One of the cops said, "Yeah, she's workin'. Check her out." The other cop grunted in affirmation. The woman looked petrified and had no interest in them. The cops were dressed like they were going to battle in a remake of the movie, Robocop, seriously. So then, when I got back to my hotel, I notice a fake palm tree providing "cover" for a death tower (cell phone transmitter) in the parking lot. Sweet. One other interesting note - the entire freeway system here is lined with surveillance video cameras and surrounded by peripheral storm fencing with high-sloped, concrete embankments that looks like something out of a Kafka novel. Which gets back to my point about trying to keep a lid on the truth. No matter how many regulations you put in place, no matter how many fences you put up, no matter how many assassins you place on the street wearing police uniforms, the truth comes out in direct proportion to the sheer voluminousness of the regulations imposed...in other words, the tighter they squeeze, the faster they bring about their own destruction. It's comical, in a way, to think that a handful of billionaires believes that it can blatantly try to wipe out most of the people on the planet and put the rest in prison, and the public is not going to catch on eventually, and take exception to what is going on, and seek retribution. But oh well. Every Kali Yuga...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Crust of Ignorance and the Jesus Bunny.

est said...

happy b-day niijii
i'm still 25 myself

Anonymous said...

yeah, best to walkabout lightly, the razor's edge.

and those would have been 'maui cruisers', n'est-ce pas?

geobro said...

for your world passport go to www.worldservice.org we are all citizens of the world .hope you do not end up in jewish autonomous oblast thats a dirty little secret shhh

Peaches said...

I like what poster Doug Pearson has said.
btw Jon Lord (Mr Hammond) from Deep Purple died a few days ago.

Sorry checking in late and I apologize if this was already mentioned.

One of the best bands ever.


Rob in WI said...

Dodge Darts and Mazda (pre Ford) pickups. A couple of my favorite vehicles. Brings back fond, (needed) memories. Thanks, Rob

Long John said...

I have lived and traveled across the length and breadth of India more than most. By foot, and by rail. Through the mountains of the Humalayas, across the valleys and plains, into the cities, and amongst the yogis, sages, sacred shrines and ashrams. I know how to move in and through and about that land, and I know what you do and do not need to bring and carry.

You have my email address, so I suggest you email me and I can give you some extremely useful and valuable tips that will save you from much trial and tribulation. Otherwise, no doubt, you will end up having to learn it the long hard way. If there's anything that I know abiut India, its how to live and move about with ease in that world. Its pretty simple and easy - but only if you know how. However, you are't likely know how, especially if one has never been there before. I can tell exactly how to go about it, which will allow you to move and flow through India like magic. Or, you can learn by means of difficult trial and error, and end up unecessarily wasting a great deal of time and energy and trouble. I can tell you exactly what you should take (carry) with you, and also what not to take.

Steve said...

Hey Vis,

Back pack looks pretty snazzy, but that's about where it stops in it's usefulness. Unless maybe if you do a lot of plane travel.
A pack of that size in my opinion doesn't need wheels as they are quite small and light. With a spine of your strength the wheels just take up valuable space and shift the load carrying function of the pack so as it sticks way out from your back and acts as a counter lever, which is fine for the lobby to an awaiting taxi, but if you want to do a long trek would soon become uncomfortable. You could get a close fitting pack of the same volume which would be lighter, more comfortable and cheaper. I just purchased a Camel Back of ebay for 60 bucks, it's about 40 liters and has a 1 1/2 liter water bladder with hose, loads of compartments all well set out.
Another thought I have on this is, traveling through a poor country you are best to have a pack that looks a bit beet up. A new pack with wheels and attachments screams there are valuable items inside increasing your risk of being robbed.
Just some thoughts

Long John
I imaging there are a few around here making there way to India, me for one hopefully. I would appreciate any thoughts you have on making the journey easier to be posted here.


est said...

india is a long way to go
to find the answer
within your own heart

i'll be taking nothing
and will return
with the same

Visible said...

Hmmm... Well, gee John, before others most assuredly chime in here on you syntax and ominous portents, repeated for emphasis, ignoring for the moment, your sweeping proclamations of expertise, let me mention that I have some number of friends who have journeyed to India multiple times and also been to extreme rural AND remote India (sometimes they would be the same and sometimes there's no one there to define it as rural; it would just be landscape empty of human life).

I'm going to assume- and you can correct me if I err- that it has been 30 years at a minimum since you've been there.

I'm going there as a guest of someone for a couple of weeks. After that I will visit a native born Indian who owns a home in Cochin, Kerala and may stay in the area for some little while. After that I am going to a small town in Goa to a specific location where I will be hosted by specific people. Following that I was going to Rishikesh, again to a place where I have associations. I wasn't actually planning on going anywhere else; hiking into dense jungle, fording wild and hungry rivers or any of the varieties of real life adventure land that is to be had. That could happen but then I would be with someone I was sent to meet.

However, none of this is relevant. I do have the advantage of having been in primitive and certainly dangerous locations already many times. I've also been in dangerous confinements which have attuned me somewhat to the movements of others around me. I've never had my things stolen yet. I left my suitcase in a cab once and my bag at a concert ground. The contents were returned, the bag was not.

I wasn't actually going to just trip off over hill and dale, blithely caring not where the winds of possibility might take me. I have several native residents that I have been in touch with for years there and one of them I regularly get together with over here and spend quite a lot of time talking with, often about India.

I've also been offered a wealth of sage advice from a long time reader here who has been there 7 times and for pretty good periods, who offered me the benefits of his experiences though not as if I were his idiot son and he were my far superior, all knowing and excruciatingly overbearing father who despised his offspring.

I've also got the benefits of endless travelogues, India blogs, Lonely Planet and other real life stories from countless individuals and... one thing about me, I do serious research on things like this but.... none of that is important.

I trust God to see to my affairs and I know God has COMPLETE control over my affairs and if God wants me safe and sound and... most of the time that is the case, then I will be and if God wants me reduced to extremity, then, regardless of the best advice and armed body guards even, it will happen.


Visible said...

My going to India is no accident and that, in respect of my Kundalini episodes, will allow for a degree of recognition, at the right times and in the right places in the one place where that is pro forma guaranteed. I don't say this with any degree of self importance or exclusivity, that also is noted by God and adjusted by God. God is in control of everything. Things only get temporarily astray when I presume.

But the bottom line is that I rely on the divine for my needs, or I do my best to. I really don't think I will fail at this or die of thirst in a wide desert if I don't immediately seek you out for instructions. I don't mean to be harsh here but your tone was pretty offensive. That's nothing new. I've seen you a total of about 3 days in a span of almost exactly forty years. Then there was that unfortunate 'behind the scenes' thing a couple of years ago that did not leave me in the most trusting state.

I suspect I will be okay and I may never get there. A lot can happen between now and then but, if I do, I actually have an on the ground network and names as well and a pretty good support net should something unfortunate happen and usually that is not the case.

Unfortunate things do happen but they are of a different order and usually have to do with the fear of unfortunate things happening while unfortunate things do not happen.

Visible said...

My friend Shasha pointed this out to me about Chertoff (he's a bit of a scholar)

Chertoff, chertov, is it fitting then that the root of the surname is Chert (черт). Copy and paste the russian word into google image search, or the dictionary. No 50euro charge, trust me, free for you. [:)] ok here's a wikipedia link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chort (the difference in spelling the "e" and the "o" are irrelevant in this case. )

Visible said...

I was invited there Est. I was also told that I would be weeks before it happened. I could have gone there many times over the years and never did for precisely the reason you mention.

Capn' That particular pack was meant as a joke. I have no intention of spending 350 Euro on a pack and would probably defer to PacSafe if I were going to go that route. I do have to carry some computer device and a few items. I am very much intending to travel light but I am also not intending to make the trip with nothing but a dhoti and a begging bowl. I expect the whole thing to be interactive and for a book to come out of it. Of course, my intentions are of no importance in that respect and I am about 100% certain there is more going on here than what I presently am aware of and I am aware of more than I am saying. We'll see. That's always the safe mindset and response. Like I said, a lot can change between now and then but the whole thing has been rearranged without my input and also happens to begin in exactly the place I was intending to go, if I ever did and a mere hundred kilometers from the home of my friend who lives there.

Anonymous said...

les visible - soon to be - 'cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown.'

not such a stretch.(grin)

sounds like my kinda fun! trust is all we got, good to take it out for a spin every once in a while.

Steve said...

Ha ha, didn't think it suited you.

Very interesting journey you are taking us all on here V, I don't just mean India.

What will be the culmination of it all I wonder?

Whatever it is...

I hope I get to see it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Lights, Smoking Mirrors and Misdirection.

Visible said...

I guess I have to be more direct sometimes. I forget to include (grin) but even then; does that transmit the idea? I'm often kidding or, more precisely half serious.

Then again, some here probably think I am too direct too often. People should ALWAYS keep in mind that there is often more going on than appears and that there is often history, back stories and all sorts of reasons for why I might respond a certain way. It is never, never because of a bad hair day. That does not enter into what I do. That I deal with in private.

Anonymous said...

cap'n spadgett said;

whatever it is ... i hope i get to see it!

careful what you wish for ...
not! just (half) kidding.

whirling from one to the other. wake up on the sufi side of the bed this morning?

slippin' beauties ought to be chiming in soon. be leavin' you to your bidness, now. thanks for letting me prattle.

gretchen said...

I'd love to have coffee, and will be there beginning of September, exactly when will be determined the next few days when I accumulate enough money to finally purchase a plane ticket. I'll send you an email.

Steve said...


Yeah I woke in the middle of the night with a fear of what I had said (grin)

But fuck it, weather it be guns and fire, or songs and water, It's going to be glorious and I would like to be a part of that very, very rare opportunity.



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