Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coca Cola, Max Keiser and the Prison Planet Killer Bumblebees

Dog Poet Transmitting........

I watched Max Keiser go nova on Alex Jones’ radio show a couple of days ago. I thought it was Max doing a mirror for Alex but Alex, who’s completely out of control, told Max that it was a ‘family show’. I didn’t even notice whatever it was that caused Alex to say that. I guess that means I don’t have a dirty mind, being as ‘there are no dirty words only dirty minds’.

Max Keiser; you can see that guy light himself up because he has to keep reminding himself that he was in that business. Max doesn’t have a dirty mind either. Max has an honest mind. I like listening to him so that I can hear integrity ring. I like Max Keiser. I like a few people I have mentioned before but I prefer to just stay shy of that kind of advertisement because not everyone that I like and admire may like me back. It wouldn’t change the way I feel about them.

Coca Cola boycott; I got out of the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Max was telling Alex that all you had to do was shut Coca Cola down to break the vampire system. Alex looked like angry bees were flying around his head and they were all wearing little blue6white yarmulkes. Max kind of noticed that Alex was distracted but that’s Alan’s job. Max has other things to do. So do I.

I got out of a near two year stretch in that place and the D.C Jail and Petersburg Reformatory Gladiator School, with my ass intact and my mind set right because I wasn’t crazy in the first place. Everyone else was. When I walked out on the streets, everybody looked more locked up than me, I wound up at the Coca Cola family’s house in Atlanta. Doctor John Pemberton’s house in Atlanta was a halfway house. I was a parolee. Because I was convicted of the Marijuana Tax Act for two ounces of pot that I didn’t even sell while riding with some people; one of them is now a congressman and I’m sure he would rather I don’t mention his name but that’s John also. It was another John, John Reed who was responsible for the mess but the story could take off in ten directions now or become a book so, let’s stay on point.

I lived in that halfway house for a few weeks and the parole officer was a mean sonofabitch like they got down south and they set me to mowing median lawns out at the airport until the job at the Atlanta Zoo came through. It did come through but I was long gone. I turned on the guy who ran the place to LSD. He just had to have it and it didn’t work for him but he let quite some time go by before he reported me missing. During the time I was there at the institution they let all kinds of crazy people loose who killed people and came back in while I was still there but they did not want to let me go because I was really dangerous, so they say. They have no idea. They still don’t.

On this site I have said many times that the way to take down the system is to stop supporting it. Max Keiser says the same thing. It’s interesting that he picks Coca Cola, ironic maybe, me being in that house. They had a two lane bowling alley in the basement and I have always been into most sports so I had some fun with that though it wasn’t operative.

Max is right. Take down Coca Cola and you can take down the whole thing. Of course, when they first made Coca Cola they used Coca leaves and cocaine was in it. There’s a whole story there. There’s another story where Coca Cola was killing people in South America; sorta like United Fruit. Cocaine, fruits and dead people; sounds like a Hollywood movie. My agent says I have to take a pass. But I did make it to Altamont near Livermore where the CIA stoked the crowd with bad acid. It was a good thing I had brought my own. The Gimmie Shelter move was a lie, just like that piece of shit article in the Village Voice. I saw the whole thing. I was one hundred meters from the stage. I can’t find out who Lawrence Livermore is. All I get is Livermore Laboratories.

If everybody stopped buying Coca Cola the system would collapse. I can’t tell you why I know this, I just do. Alex Jones looks funny swatting those invisible bumblebees. He’s just waiting for Max to go away. I don’t know why he had him on in the first place. Max isn’t kosher. Max is a rebel, wacko smart enough to live in France. I know France pretty well so I know what Max likes and I approve (grin).

I already boycott all Coca Cola products so I’m not going to be much use. You can. We should make it clear to everyone that every time you drink a Coca Cola product you are drinking Palestinian blood. Everyone should know that if you have an older car, you can pour Coca Cola on the battery connections to get rid of the corrosion. You can also use Heinz Ketchup to clean a restaurant fry slab; works every time both ways. It will also kill you, if you consume too much. It might take longer than cocaine but it is not nearly as much fun. I have snorted pure Madres de Christos Bolivian flake cocaine and I have had a recent taste of what passes for the real thing these days and I can tell you it is pretty much the difference between chromium steel and aluminum. I coulda used other comparisons but this one was generic.

I’m not generic, Max Keiser is not generic but Alex Jones is and so is Coca Cola. It’s a generic expression of something you don’t need but you have to have and go looking for because sensation and not substance is the important thing which is how shit gets fucked up in the first place (language alert), I know, I always announce the alerts afterwards. That is because my alerts aren’t something you have to look out for unless I specifically say so, otherwise I have no idea. Dirty minds, dirty words, dirty money, dirty laundry; put them all together and you get fresh, sweet smelling sheets and clean money and remember all you have to do to get ‘sweat’ out of ‘sweet’ is to put an ‘s’ in the place of the ‘a’ before the ‘t’. What? A, T and T? “ta ta, let’s do lunch and I’ll kiss you in the mail. This is how they do it at the banks. It’s no surprise because that is how movies portray life.

What happened at Altamont was different than the movie and different than that lying sack of shit at the Village Voice said it was. What Alex alks about is the bypass around the truth and how to get there, but he does point out parts of the truth on the way to getting around it. That’s his job and it suits the personality that fits the job. Max and the others are in a different league and then there are people past them and past them too. All the way round and round it goes and it is a matter of degrees. You can make a scale of acceptable order vis a vis right and wrong on a scale of blindfolded, child rape, torture porn up to someone’s first kiss. It’s all a matter of degree; a parking ticket, a misdemeanor and your classes of felony up to capital crime. In life and at every level of it you have degrees in the world of revolving shades of gray. The ugly truth is that the people who won’t listen, still don’t listen and the people who are listening are still listening and nobody knows the score. That’s why we have an apocalypse because otherwise there would never be the chance for a lot of people. You will be forced to hear and see the truth.

Alex Jones can wave at the angry, yarmulke wearing bumblebees. They are torn between him and the cotton candy sticks in the hands of the kids over by the merry go round, cause the bees got more than one kind of business but... don’t get your hopes up. Reptiles don’t have emotion and love is an unknown tongue. That is a little erotic, a little psychotic, a little primer on the man behind her and the force of the killing drill. We came here not knowing and living and growing and Nature is something you can shape into almost you see.

Something is consuming you and feeding on you. Something is feeding you and then consuming you. Is it an alligator? Is it a crocodile or is it a banker? Maybe I am wrong. I learn my lessons from nature. Crocodiles don’t run banks/ but wait! There are banks on a river so... maybe... I don’t know. Certainly no banker would take his family on a vacation where crocodiles would eat them and even feed their own children to the crocodiles. I guess I am missing something but I will probably be okay tomorrow, just like the children except that they are much younger but I am much wiser and I’m glad I’m not them. How do you feel about that? It’s always somebody else, even when it is us because we don’t recognize ourselves. You see how it goes? Help is on the way.

End Transmission........

Maybe there is a radio show or maybe not. You know where the links are and I don’t have the time for them now.


Don Robertsin said...

"If everybody stopped buying Coca Cola the system would collapse."

This whole thing has already come down, collapsed, bought the farm, shit the bed and given up the ghost. It was trashed from the top down though.

No one need organize around the idea of killing it by boycotting Coca Cola.

People aren't buying colas anymore anyway, -I hope. It's all poisoned now.

We are living in an age where dope is ruling the White House. The Clinton's were massively cocaine, and Obama is totally heroin.

You'll never see a real picture of Barack shirtless, tracks! Tracks like its nobody's Jun-kie business, tracks.

That's why Rahm Emanuel wants to lord over Chicago. Heroin is king in Chicago. And Rahmie is going to try and become the first dope trillionaire on the backs of all the Chicago heroin addicts.

Keep throwing it out there. It's a joy to read. But be aware, you are making yourself awful conspicuous. Think artful dodge.

What people don't understand is that we are the primitive barbarians they taught us about in school.

And we are getting more primitive and more barbaric all the time.

Murder shouldn't just be legal to level the playing field.

You should be able to take a tax right-off for the ammo you purchase -if you use it to murder certain kinds of people, -like men and women, that sort of broad class of people.

Make your own list.

Believe me, they're making their lists, and we are all on their lists.

So, don't just sit there waiting to get bumped off. You will.

You only live once. That's why murder is so popular. You get rid of those people who should be done with it, -and they god damn STAY done with it.

I get so sick of people saying we should all work together.

That's what all these murderous creeps are selling to placate the masses -while they keep fully armed and shoot anyone who gets in their way.

The Clinton's and the Obama's have together killed so many people, they probably could not recollect half their victims.

And George W. Bush does not even know the names of 99% of his victims, including everyone murdered on 9-11.

Peace, love and tolerance?

How about, -you make me sick.

How about -instead- doing the world a favor and looking out for your own with some self-respecting pride.

Shoot first, and do not even bother to ask questions later.

This is the Night of the Living Dead everywhere in this world.

The end is not near, but god damn, things are not what anyone thinks they are.

Anonymous said...

Kept hearing Prince's "Dirty Mind" whilst reading this latest.

TY, Les.

Happy day, MV

PS: "repters" is the word the verifier is makin' me type in. Interesting.

Mark said...

The bumblebees are coming home to roost, and you can take that to the bank, baby. What we are witnessing now is unbridled fear, and you can see it in Alex Jones’ eyes. Broadcasting fear is his job, and he is paid very well. I used to get physically ill listening to that poor misguided soul until I understood what was going on.

Is it just me, or has the world gone stark-raving mad? As my brother once put it, the firehouse is burning down. Anyone ever read “Candide” by Voltaire? Candide, which means optimism, travels about a world gone mad with senseless, mind-numbing violence. In the end, the only answer he can find, which is no answer at all, is to go home and grow his garden. We should be so lucky.

The only answer I can find, at the risk of sounding trite, is love. Creation is love, as is procreation; conversely, destruction is hate, and hate is fear, and represents death. So here is the nature of the world in which we live, and Voltaire saw it long ago. Try to love someone with all your heart and see what happens. Go ahead, I dare you to try. It can still be done, even now, but there is a force loose upon the earth which despises love, and you will have your hands full keeping it out of the hands of the destroyers.

My step-daughter and her husband want to have children, but her father asked her why she would want to bring children into a world like this. I told her to go for it. Because it’s who we are and what we do. Life and death, love and fear, is a personal choice. But we must claim it in a conscious act of volition. We have the power to change the world, and love is the key.

a GrebBear said...

BullShit Don Robertsin !!

If you want to play judge, or answer the apocalypse with violence ... you're fucked !!
(see: already dead)

Sure its difficult to Love amidst so much bullshit and much worse ... its an ultimate test.

If you've made a 'list' ... Y-OUR name is at the top.
(see: "enemy of Y-OURself", -Dog Poet)
So take Y-OUR provocation and stick it up Y-OUR ASS !!

The only person WE need to hear lashing out at the TpTB, is the Dog Poet !!
(possible exceptions to this are the many amazing "high frequency" commentators to the Dog's posts)
His continued sharing and clarity ... are a gift to US All, to know another expression of OURselves, so well. If the Dog Poet needs to vent, to continue his personal exploration then so be it ... but, as for you D.R., Mr ... "Shoot first, and do not even bother to ask questions later." ... you have obviously not paid any attention to the message, you can't hear Y-OURself ??
... you are acting/speaking exactly the way 'they' want you to !!

Another great post Dog Poet. Thank You for Y-OUR push the past week ... the radio bits have been great too !! -)) I sincerely hope you feel appreciated. WE must be getting close to that campfire jam, will be something to experience ... in light of the tsunami dodging it will take to get there ))

I Love YOU ... All
(even you D.R., asleep and all)
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

Anonymous said...

Kickass post, Don Robertsin.

Not to defend Coca-cola, (I hear the mormons own it. They who may distribute evil, but not partake in it. Preferable for accountants and card dealers in Oy Vegas. Great shabbat goy.), but what neutralizes the battery acid is the sodium. Any Soda POP will do it. A tums dissolved in water will do it and it will neutralize all of your battery, if it gets in a crack in the housing. It happened to me, with my 65 plymouth satellite, 4 on the floor, 4 barrell 383 hemi and an iron tank.

Sorry,Les, but that really smacks of desperation. Bases neutralize acids. Bitters nor acids kill people necessarily. Sulfuric acid will kill you, but so will drain-o.

It's much too late to sort the tares from the wheat. Who would want such a micromanaging anal task as that? Judge them all by one law. Alex Jones is right not to indulge such an exercise in futility.

root word of 'tirathite' of 1 chr 2:55: loud speech. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You can look up Succathite and Shimeathite and Rechabite and Kenite, on your own, if you really care. The families of the scribes.

Anonymous said...

The ties that bind here, are that YHVH and his word are bullshit. The Eastern religion baals reduce him to some moon-god. Anything but a very definite creator here. Lose it in blurred vapidity. Sow the wind. Your funeral.

Visible said...

Lukiftian; I let you sneak through as anonymous just to let you know I know it's you but it won't happen again. You're not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at a can of Relentless energy drink, there are 2 treble hooks, as in fishing hooks, in amongst the writing.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr Visible, that you have mentioned this Congressman before(your drug bust cohort). I might be mistaken, but if he is the same one, his district is Westchester County. (out of respect for you and him I won't even mention the state let alone his last name)
His district includes my home town. **grin**
It is indeed a curious occurence because he, the Congressman is definately not a Zionist Jew. (this area is overwhelmingly Zionist Jewish at least on the surface)
I remember him running his campaign for Congress several years ago and him getting alot of media coverage about how Jackson Browne(read Dave McGowan's account of Browne's Military background) was supporting him. His opponent while not overtly a Zionist Jew was probably an organized crime candidate that just needed to be shut down by the globalist heavy weights because of the historical power weilded here by organized crime. Perhaps a real threat to the global elites.
My question is , why John as a Congressman form this area? Obviously his connection to you and your pot bust has been efficiently silenced by the really heavy weight PTB.
But John's presence here must be a sore thumb to the crazy organized crime hoodlums who have run this area for over half a century.
Anyway, small world.
Yipes, word verification **cowshi**

Anonymous said...

I am kind of a slow witted fellow, so it takes me a long time to digest certain things you say.

I was kind of startled when you suggested in your previous post that one Sheikh Hosein is a brilliant thinker. I have always felt uncomfortable with people who talk about Anti-Christ, Heaven and Hell, Devils and stuff like that. But since the suggestion was coming from you I have decided to check for myself who is this Sheikh Hosein. And when I checked and listened to a few of his lectures like this one :

A Mind-blowing lecture the dajjal (the Anti Christ) in Islam 7/9

I was startled even more - I could never have imagined that a Muslim cleric could make more sense than all political pundits put together. We truly live in the world shaped by the deceiver.

Pstonie said...

Drinking coca cola flat helped me finally kick the habit. It's like they found a way to mix oil and water. Then again, that's probably what they did.

And yes, WV is "facae". As in shit, re-branded.

Visible said...

Well done on all accounts

Anonymous said...

I like this Don Robertsin's spirit. Why don't you start the shooting, Don? Let us know as soon as you do, brave keyboard mojahedeen, and we'll follow suit. Deal?

sam said...

UC Radiation Laboratory, Livermore Branch, 1952
"Rad Lab", or just "the Lab" is what all us kids called it, growing up
then, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory LRL
then, Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory LLRL
then, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, LLL
and finally,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, LLNL
Not sure what it's called now

I've fond memories of the Family Days, when my father brought my sisters and I there. They stopped that in the 70's, I think.

Don R and AG Bear both great posts.
how about some(a lot) of both??

Kevenj said...

Excellent Les. I always had a gut feeling Max was on the level...even with a name like Kaiser. Huh.

Kevenj said...

Damn , that must have stirred up a hornet's nest somewhere.I remember seeing it..didn't have time to view it, but now it is GONE. even on You tube. Anyone have any luck w/that?

Anonymous said...

If you go to

You will see that Max Keiser personally posted your reflection. I hope you see it.

Max is excellent! Thanks for your reflection.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...


somewhere there was mention of parking meters - i see chicago has sold the rights to revenue for its parking meters for 75 years to a consortium arranged by morgan stanley and largely controlled by abu dhabi interests, oil rich sovereign funds. guess what, already hourly parking costs have increased, in some areas from 25 cents/hour to 1.20/hour and hours needing meterage extended. sold for 1.2b estimated true worth excess 5b! not connected, i know, but hell...........the rich get richer....

best of everything to you.

Anonymous said...

Money is supposed to be the life blood of the economy, flowing from one venture to another.
The banks were meant to be the channel through which the money FLOWS, keeping it fresh, and not turning it into toxic sludge in a crocodile infested tributary, waiting to burst and poison the waters - analogy here with the Hungarian toxic sludge dam.
...Or being sucked dry to create mirages in the desert.. like the Colorado.

thelevelshift said...

Here's the first in a series of tracks that I've produced and will be releasing on to the net for free distribution.

Les, you will be featuring on upcoming tracks. Let me know if that causes an issue.

Any push welcome. Hoping for viral status and that it will appeal to a waking younger crowd.

It's the only thing I know how to do and all I've got to offer to assist in these challenging times.

I've got to tell my kids something when they ask what I did when everything went pear shaped.

You are my first port of call.

With much love.


(Can I post the same comment on the next Smoking Mirrors and Origami if there is one?)

Visible said...

I'm not good with cellphones. I don't want people to be able to call me anytime to begin with. But I need to use one now and I could use some help if anyone knows how to dothis i would appreciate it.

I just bought a HTC Touch Pro Raphael cellphone used on Ebay for about a hundred euro. It is a most expensive phone but older and does all kinds of things.

It has Windows Mobile on it and my German isn't all that good because I'm a right brain type. The phone is in German and I need it to become English. It has USB port so... any clues? I already tried to go to different places. The phone works perfectly. I should mention it is Vodaphone. Susanne is German but not savvy with the computer side.

I'm being messed with is the thing so if any readers know how I might just plug my phone into my computer and make the right things happen I would be grateful. I don't mind paying for whatever it is. I just want to fix it but it isn't cooperating (grin)

Pstonie said...

You'll have to do it on phone side, but the steps seem the same as PC windows:

How to Change the Language on a HTC Touch

Anonymous said...

Note to myself...

Never go begging at Don R's (and friends) house.

TheSparkle said...

Les, this probably won't help you, but one of my friends had a similar problem. His phone was a UK phone from a seller on Ebay and he wanted it to be US. The tech support person with his US cell company actually talked him through the process in a few minutes.

And, it's good to see you, Max Keiser and Rick Ackerman all on .......truly an apocalyptic sign. ;)

John C (UK) said...

change language in settings?

Erik said...

Hi Les,

I have been browsing the HTC manual for you, not easy to RTFM.

Looks like language is controlled/set via Windows mobile: Start>Einstellungen (grin).

Easiest way maybe is hard reset of phone to factory default settings

To perform a hard reset

1. Pull out the stylus.
2. With the device turned on, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons, then press the RESET button with the stylus tip.
3. Release the RESET button, but continue pressing the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons until you see this message on the screen:
This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer default. Press VolUp to restore manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel.
4. Release the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons, then press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or press any other button to cancel the reset.

Full English manual at:

Hope this helps.

WV: bisstl "es ist ein bisstl schwierig!" ;)

Visible said...


Thank you. That is what I needed, I think (grin). It's funny, personal things don't get discussed here usually and things like cellphone problems; how wack is that?

The Max Keiser people are probably going to have a first impression here that will not reflect into the reality.. heh heh

Anonymous said...


Have you given a thought to go Skype? It's an absolutely free and very convenient way to make a call from computer to computer. All you need is an internet connection. It allows you to make calls from computer to a mobile phone or land line phones as well for a small fee.

You can download Skype from here:

Visible said...


I have Skype and I don't use it (grin) because I am not called les visible for no reason. It is more that I am being messed with in critical circumstances, or I would not have put it in this context. It's not something deadly. It's crippling thing in a ringbearer sort of way. Things are going on that defy expression so what can you do? (grin)

The good guys win so it isn't more than an annoyance or a slither rattle just something to make music to.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:53+les
way cool for the heads up on this cat... eloquent, dead on target and beautifully stated.
I don't imbibe on paradigmatic vernacular and it's quite wonderful seeing a real teacher making "it" accessible to any who are willing to hear.
What is unusually disconcerting is the contrast between him and his "judeo-xtian" counterparts.
The buffoonery of so called "western spirituality" boggles the mind...even moreso that anyone takes it seriously.
rite on rite on

Anonymous said...

Hi, Very deep indeed.

How about your reflexion on Mark Glen, Jeff Rense and Henry Makow.

Thank you and Best wishes!

Scissortale said...

The plan that Albert Pike told about long ago has worked. Christianity and Islam [believers in the same God] are now attempting to destroy each other, and then the bad guys will have it - at least for a short time. Unfortunately, more good souls than ever will be sacrificed as the burnt offerings, this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

It's been a while, I think you wrote something that irritated me. So what huh? anyway I didn't stop reading you, only commenting. I have a friend that I really don't know well, but there is an underlying feeling I get when talking to him. I just found out from another person that my friend's father has been a vetenarian for 20 years. At that news it all came together;) Anyway glad to see you're still at it and, if it wasn't for us being in different countries I could introduce you to my friend, he seems to share a great deal in common with you.
Rich in the back woods of Pa

Visible said...

I have a problem with being able to post a thing at makow site vis a vis mark glen so I am just saying we should see common beliefs and surrender to each other if we can. I know it is hard to do. You can imagine the cost for me so meld or not

Anonymous said...

And we can't forget Sherman's Way-Back machine:

"Savvy sorts, when they ran short of Drano, knew to pour Coca-Cola down their home plumbing. The acids in Coke cleared the plumbing almost as good as the high-priced hardware store stuff..."

"Feeding on lush revenue of Coke ads, the press whores are not about to run news items or documentaries pointing out the reportedly close link between The Coca-Cola Company, covert operations of the American CIA, and the criminal cartel.

"A key player, reportedly combining covert operations and the soda pop, was Roberto Goizueta. A Cuban, he started with the firm at their Havana offices in 1954. From 1980 to about the time of his death in 1997, Goizueta was at the helm of the spy-pop witches brew, operating in most every place on the globe. Through stock options he became a billionaire.

"Goizueta's father was a Cuban sugar plantation dictator. Cuba was the major source of cane sugar used in the cola drink. Because of the ferment for change, needed was a new front man in Cuba. Batista, and the mafia, and the wealthy criminal families sucking the sugar blood out of Cuba, had overplayed their hand.

"So the American CIA, with the help of their reputed Atlanta-based adjunct, The Coca-Cola Company, installed their darling, Fidel Castro, a popular hero. When, like Frankenstein's monster, he turned against his creators, they plotted to overthrow Castro and assassinate him. It was 1961 and it was called the Bay of Pigs operation.

"The Coca-Cola Company and other old-time imperial firms having an entrenched interest to have Cuba as a puppet colony, participated with CIA. Aiding them was Claire Boothe Luce, wife of the boss of the Time-Life Magazine empire. With the American CIA actually since 1959, through his espionage front, Zapata Petroleum, was George Herbert Walker Bush. He aided as well the aborted mission. One of the attempted invasion vessels was named after Bush's operations.

"Out of official government office was Richard Milhous Nixon. In 1961, he was the overlord for the planned invasion. Blamed for the aborted invasion planned actually by President Eisenhower, President John F. Kennedy said as a punishment, he would scatter the CIA to the wind. CIA boss Allen Dulles, sacked by JFK, called him a "traitor". Some say the JFK threats against CIA led to the plot to assassinate him..."

Visible said...

Rich in the back woods of Pa

irritation is what causes the oyster to produce the pearl or it's just irritation. I don't know. Are you rich? Or somebody named rich?

I wish I knew what we were talking about.

lobster said...

There are real solutions available: take a look at some of the solutions being suggested at:

1. Ban on foreclosures until the crisis is over using a Homeowners and Bank Protection Act.
2. Use Article 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to legally & lawfully remove Obama as President.
3. Restore the Glass-Steagall Act – this puts the entire system through bankruptcy reorganization – saves Main Street from the Wall Street money addicts & hedge fund hyenas, puts them in prison too.
4. Pepper the planet with 6,000 high flux density nuclear power plants.
5. Build 25,000 miles of high speed magnetic levitation train tracks to move goods and people around the U.S. power by nuclear power.
6. Recycle used nuclear fuel (96% can be reused, another 2% into medical isotopes).
7. Build a land bridge from Alaska to Russia. Russian’s are ready to go on this one, mean’s we can move material and people across the world using no petroleum – trains would be powered by nuclear power. Mean’s an end to the British shipping and petrol empires.
8. NWAPA - North American Water and Power Alliance. Will turn the deserts green, reforest North America, feed the world, ten’s of millions of people will be emplyed in productive science driven high wage careers.

Unknown said...

I have often wondered about the integrity of some of the people I read regularly.... but oddly Max Keiser was never one of them, so thanks Les for cementing my beliefs. He's a good guy.. with integrity IMO.

There was a teevee show here in Scotland a while back... in one skit they used to say... good guy, good guy, good guy... wank! I'm happy to see Max as one of the good guys.

Maybe you wrote it before, (yeah it was you) *thinks* or I read it somewhere else, but I've not read Alex Jones for a good while.... he totally avoids some areas which makes me suspicious... maybe he's a half'n'half good guy/wank? Like you mentioned there's a good smack of truth in his reporting/website.

I often read/listen/watch Gerald Celente.... the jury is still out but he looks like a good guy...

Thanks for posting

wv:locurs (swear words, but not the really bad ones)


Anonymous said...

Henry Makow is at the top of my "Never read anything by these Jews" list. I have made an exception to the rule this time and read that article about the "fight" between Jeff Rense and Mark Glenn. The reading has only confirmed how solid my rule is.

I agree with one statement in that article though where Makow declares: "WE ARE A FAMILY". Absolutely. Henry, Jeff, and Mark are a family. And they act, play, and "fight" as a family - a Jewish family.

Bryon Roberts said...

It took me a long time to figure out Alex Jones. He is the real deal.

Those who try to demonize him are wasting their time: gnats to a giant.

Alex was the real man. When others did hit pieces on him (such as painting him up as the Joker), he just kept on with his work: spreading the truth. He was too busy to fight back.

Yes. He gets angry. He cries. He is is real.

He also gives credit to God and to Jesus. That is real.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

Alex's bees are dying thanks to GMO crops, but Im sure he'll find a new problem to fight and scream about. I love the guy myself, "Im not your slave," bullhorn thing is pretty cool. Still we can see and learn from all things before us, and those not yelling last longer in the mind? The soft voice of love a.

Max is correct, if we start with a soft drink we can move on to bigger things. Baby steps, one choice leads to news ones and soon the snowball affect. Question is, how do you instill this over and over. Buddha said, the right mind, open and enthusiastic to the changes and struggle. Say thanks for this world and its coke dealers, but say no thanks Ill pass.

@Don - You have more than one life silly. Even if you cant see your past or future path, dont you see the other lives and souls before you?

One thing that seems pretty clear to me, life and love dont end. I may end my days on too much coke, but the wheel wont stop. As this wheel never asked for your acts and energy, to turn, so you dont ask for the love thats always with you.

Yes Les they feed on us, but till we go hungry, we feed off them too. Comfort, light, and the seen world are thier tools, bait. Walk into the darkness, take only what you have been givin my our mother, and the feeders wont try, theyll know youre not hungery and you can make all the coke you want without them.

Love Your Life

Mouser said...

Thank you for the post Les.

What's in cola?

1. Phosphoric acid is a clear, colorless, odorless, extremely sour tasting liquid with a high viscosity (a thick liquid).

2. Phosphoric acid is used as an acidifying agent to give colas their sour flavor to cover up the 17 cubes of pure white sugar in every 500 ml bottle.

3. Due to the use of phosphoric acid, cola is a actually more acid than lemon juice or vinegar. The acidity acts to mask the vast amount of sugar.

4. Phosphoric acid also goes by E338, orthophosphoric acid, and phosphoric(V) acid.

5. Food-grade phosphoric acid is a mass-produced chemical, available cheaply and in large quantities.

6. Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal.

7. Besides beeing diabetogenic, phosphoric acid has been linked to lower bone density in some epidemiological studies, including a discussion in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

8. Aside from the risk of osteoporosis, Cola consumption has also been linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.

9. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group not affiliated with the food industry, a small fraction of the phosphate in the American diet actually comes from additives in colas and other soft drinks.

10) So your reason for not drinking Coke and other "soft" drinks should not only be the pathologically high sugar content, it should also be because of the artificial additive phosphoric acid itself.


Anonymous said...

A five year old (and up) could and should realize these "soft drinks" are basically carbonated water and corn syrup. Isn't that enough?

I mean, c'mon now, drinking that crap is a very bad habit.
One of many bad habits people inflict upon themselves.

I realize there's advertising, peer pressures, etc. but sooner or later people have to help themselves (good habit) if they truly desire to be individuals.

Nobody but you is pouring that crap down your throat or stuffing yourselves with rat's asses hot dogs and so many other vile things which aid and abet crude behavior and anti social thought.

In all seriousness, just say no, don't do it!

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

It's all a Matter of Degrees.

Anonymous said...

coke with the government
in mossad styled hats
tailored in obstacles
terrors out back
with taxes and murder
monsanto type food
modified geneticly
sterile type moods
death cult zombie's
led by vampire smiles
the change in their pocket
turns the truth and defiles
corporate interest
sit with greed and scheme's
playing havoc with the mind
of the peoples common dream.


the proprietor said...

Really, we should boycott all of Big Food. But it is a process. There is no magic bullet that will fell the world system. Stop buying Coca-Cola, the same capital will just shift to Pepsi, to sugary-watery juice drinks, to whatever takes Coke's place.

Jones-bashing is the biggest sport in town, and I can understand to some degree. Skepticism is a must in the hall of mirrors that is this world. After all, Jones himself tells you not to trust leaders, not to follow him, and to use your own mind and be your own leader. These are pervasive themes of his, in fact. So it’s okay to question his or anybody’s authority or integrity. But not to make up complete bullshit about him, like that he’s secretly Jewish or controlled by evil rabbis and shit like that.

Jones frustrates me sometimes that he doesn’t go deeper into Israel, Zionism, particularly wrt 9/11. But look at it from the perspective of long-term strategy, not instant gratification. His thing is, if you expose the methods, the M.O. of evil, you will recognize it in any guise, whatever the nationality or religion. Then you don’t have to deal with the “anti-semitism” albatross—telling the truth is hard enough without having to do it from under that blanket of censorship. He is smuggling the truth out, however, in forms that they can’t claim to be victimized by it, and they can’t attack without looking like the freedom-hating bastards that they are.

Thinks outside the cage.

the proprietor said...

Really, we should boycott all of Big Food. But it is a process. There is no magic bullet that will fell the world system. Stop buying Coca-Cola, the same capital will just shift to Pepsi, to sugary-watery juice drinks, to whatever takes Coke's place.

Jones-bashing is the biggest sport in town, and I can understand to some degree. Skepticism is a must in the hall of mirrors that is this world. After all, Jones himself tells you not to trust leaders, not to follow him, and to use your own mind and be your own leader. These are pervasive themes of his, in fact. So it’s okay to question his or anybody’s authority or integrity. But not to make up complete bullshit about him, like that he’s secretly Jewish or controlled by evil rabbis and shit like that.

Jones frustrates me sometimes that he doesn’t go deeper into Israel, Zionism, particularly wrt 9/11. But look at it from the perspective of long-term strategy, not instant gratification. His thing is, if you expose the methods, the M.O. of evil, you will recognize it in any guise, whatever the nationality or religion. Then you don’t have to deal with the “anti-semitism” albatross—telling the truth is hard enough without having to do it from under that blanket of censorship. He is smuggling the truth out, however, in forms that they can’t claim to be victimized by it, and they can’t attack without looking like the freedom-hating bastards that they are.

Think outside the cage.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible,
Strange strange things are happening here in Congressman "JOhn's" district.
In the last week, I have had two recorded announcements via my land line account. Both, requesting I vote for Congressman John's opponent.
Sit down while I tell you who these two recorded announcemets were from. First, it was the gay, Zionist, organized crime cheftain, Ed Koch, former mayor of NYC. Just now, I had my second phone call, a recording of gay, Zionist, former mayor of NYC, Rudi Guliani!!
Both, are enthusiastic supporters of uS Military (Jackson Browne's boy) Congressman John's, rival opposition.



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