Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Trembling House of Cards is Beginning to Tumble

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All night long I was moving in an unusual dream. Parts of it were sublime and beautiful. They had to do with things in life that were also sublime and beautiful but hadn’t defined themselves to me as such. Other parts had to do with numbers and connections to the Madrid Train Station, London Tube and 911, Dark Nobility, Zio-engineered, false flag attacks on, or by, transportation mediums. Transportation mediums are critical to the façade because they translate into restricted movement by the world community. They translate into restrictive laws, which also translate into economic low jinks and deceptive perceptions of high profit, victim industries.

This all resulted in date numbers that contained a 9 with the advertisement of 10 where 9, as it normally does, precedes 10, with the inference of a day short and a dollar late. Dates didn’t and don’t sequentially add or decrease in incremental reduction and I wasn’t engaged in calculation, just watching. I’m not engaged in calculation at the moment either. That’s not my field. I’ve done some amount of in the way one plays around with these things but my motive is to keep the imminence in front of the mind of the reader.

The likelihood of massive cultural and geo-political change seems extreme between now and the end of November. I suspect even the densest will sense they are frogs in a slow boiling pot.

The residents of The Gulf of Mexico are experiencing terrible things across the board and little is being said about it in the, near exclusively Zionist controlled, media. This control of the media came about due to their control of the money system. If you can print the money, you can decide who gets it and you can decide how the economy will behave in respect of the lumpen proletariat, in their endless adjustments on the hamster wheel. Signs of global unrest are either presented as indifferent routines or not presented at all. It’s not just seeing through a glass darkly but also a funhouse mirror that shifts according to the needs and appetites of those ‘who think’ they are running the show. The flowering of the holocaust in the gulf is bordered by fields of poppies and poisonous nightshade.

The signs are pretty clear and demand scrutiny for those who are not natively inclined to playing blindman’s bluff on a busy interstate. In times of extreme materialism, you get certain predictable partnerships. They’re long term, temporary ‘hookups’ between qualities that have the capacity to amplify each other, like blindness and stupidity, greed and ignorance and so on and so forth. You can see these hookups in operation all around you in various circle jerks and cluster fucks, which have the appearance of seasonal celebrations among the natives.

There’s so much irony in the air that the trees are dripping with it and the landscape is drenched. Like a beautiful sunset on a remote desert mesa, it’s a pity there are so few around to appreciate it but... people don’t travel to places like that (outside or inside of themselves) to see things like that, especially when the irony includes them as a major player/example in its presentation. Minds like these view civilization as a spiraling improvement over native cultures, as if the one were a spiral toward a bright and beckoning future and the other a state of circular ignorance. The reverse is the truth (except for the manner of the spiral) and that is one reason that irony moves among us like The Invisible Man. It’s also hard to get out of the shit if you don’t see yourself as being in the shit to begin with. It’s hard to identify offensive smells if you think they are high end pheromones; like that ‘rolling in the road kill’ metaphor I refer to on occasion. It’s no wonder people wind up sleeping with the devil and screaming “Oh God” at the same time.

Awakening people have two dangers they have to be aware of; the vampire overlords ‘and’ the people around them.

One of my biggest wakeup calls of late has been the clear evidence that I have no idea of what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen or how it’s going to sort out. It appears that I, like many another, had some kind of a picture in my mind with a general impression of certain conditions in combination with basic human temperament; counter pointed by tarantellas being danced by ravenous super swine and quick moving bat weasels, whipping through a moonless night. I haven’t any real idea and the most critical point is always how it arranges itself around you. Things can be painful at a distance but they can be truly terrible up close.

One thing I remain confident about is that the predators and perpetrators of replicating evil are being exposed for a particular reason that has to do with the direction in which the director wants to move the movie or... you could just attribute it to a calculation of basic appetites inflamed by materialism and degrees of control or the lack of it. You have to toss in fear and you’ve got something better to be observed than to be engaged in.

Those manipulating the organs of information have achieved one thing in particular. They hired and keep employed only those who serve the system. This means that no matter how smart someone may be, if they are appearing in the mainstream media, something is compromising their message and that is anything from a broken moral compass to a preponderance of self interest, in conflict with the needs of those who consider what they have to say. It’s like being surrounded by retarded yes men because the truly useful aren’t going to sacrifice their being in order to follow you somewhere that you have no idea you are headed to. You can extrapolate all of that at your leisure, so long as leisure remains.

I realize now, on a personal level, that my own plans were being hindered and made difficult due to a matter of timing and not because they were being canceled for mysterious reasons. You are ultimately the protectorate or victim of what you believe in. The other factor is... is it real to begin with? That’s something you find out soon enough or too late to alter. You become wise or a statistic.

The hardest thing for people to grasp is that the whole charade is under control and not by those who keep giving the appearance that it is they are who are in control. In my dream last night, the most compelling feature was the serenity that came in and out of the other scenarios that were being screened. I felt as if I was being assured beyond anything I knew and I didn’t know anything. I suppose you could say it is like feeling really good and having a wonderful time without really knowing why.

Rich people are buying large amounts of physical gold. That can have certain consequences, since the far larger population of oppressed and starving poor will know where to find it. A great many of them work in the homes of these people and are related to a great many more of the same.

Powerful political and financial interests, who command large armies, seem unaware of how those armies can turn against them. They seem clueless about the dangers of employing bodyguards to protect them when those bodyguards can simply walk off with everything they have, or eliminate them and use that location as a defensible fortress. I suppose that’s just more irony. They don’t comprehend how the lambs of vengeance suckle at the teats of irony.

We’re on the rim finally. The rim is graded and wider than one might expect but... it’s a big mountain. It’s as big as the time it’s taken to climb it. There’s something over the edge of the rim, which is approaching in a multi dimensional manner. I suspect the view will be different, dependent on who is doing the viewing. It’s like the passengers on a high end roller coaster. Some of them are screaming in excitement and some of them are screaming in fear. It’s still the same roller coaster. It depends on what you believe in and it may very definitely depend on what believes in you.

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chuckyman said...

As Bill Hicks said, ‘it’s only a ride’. I have started to feel optimistic recently without knowing why. Thanks again for sharing Les.

Anonymous said...

Even though everything I read lately is supposed to be alarming, I am strangely calm.

I know that I will be ok, as will my family. I feel cloaked in peace.

I pray that humanity is protected from those who THINK they own and rule this planet.


Mark said...

From Mark

Yes, Les, the house of cards is beginning to tremble, and I say amen to that. We have been hearing about, reading about, and been force-fed the coming armageddon for how many centuries now? Ad nauseum. All I can say is, bring it on.

Because anything beats being stuck in groundhog day for thousands of years, and, as even doctors will admit, it will most likely get worse before it gets better. But I ask you, friends, what have we really got to lose? I smile when I say that.

gurnygob said...

“The signs are pretty clear”
There’s something moving in the background that’s for sure. I think we are all feeling it; we just can’t put our finger on it. I expect it’s not our concern in the sense that we are watching from ground level as the rollercoaster rounds the corner. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Just make sure to stand back when it veers off the tracks and crashes to the ground. Its tense viewing, we know its going to crash and we sort of hope that it crashes into an adjoining field somewhere out of harms way of the onlookers but the sad thing is these fuckers have fucked around with the gears so much that its going to cause a whole lot of shit for so many people on its way down. I suppose none of us are totally innocent and so, like you say “It depends on what you believe in and it may very definitely depend on what believes in you.”

Nice one Les.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather serve in Hell than rule in Heaven.

Visible said...

Hell has millions of rulers all at the mercy of each other and there is precious little mercy in Hell.

Heaven has many servants all celebrating the presence of the one in each other.

Anonymous said...

Just come back home from the bar. A little - maybe more - drunk. Nobody wants to know anything - usual shit. Glad your back, though you never said you were going anywhere.

I get around a lot and the general consensus is the same - you know what I mean.

I feel like joining the other side. Fuck the sheep. It's Darwinism at play. I'm off to Wal-Mart to get my shot. Yes, I want to join one side or the other.


bholanath said...

Here's a number for ya:
11/9/10 - ICE-9 cometh..

The moment of truth has arrived. CERN will attempt the first experiment that can extinguish Gaia (our Earth) on 11/9, 2010. This has never happened in history for years. It is indeed an event in a lifetime that we would prefer not to pass through.

Interesting article, bounds for madness.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Les,

A couple of nights ago I had a classic apocalyptic dream: watching from outer space as atomic bombs exploded in quick succession. Tehran got nuked (I thought, "Uh-oh!") then mushroom clouds sprang up all over the USA. Obviously not from Iran. If not from Russia, then whose nukes were those?

Since I never had nuke dreams before, not even during the Cold War, I couldn't help but wonder...

Looking back on human history so far, looks like all of "civilization" is built on a mountain of corpses watered with oceans of blood. What we are today is the end result of all that slaughter, going back to the extinction of the Neanderthals. How Darwinian then, that psychopaths rose to the top!

Mucho blessings, & carry on.

Quasi Queen of the Carizzo said...

I've been frantically feeling like I need to "get out."

My roommate just bugged out....back to New Orleans, I didn't think that was the best idea, but she says she wants to die happy. I get that.

So, when I sit down and really think about where "out" is. Heck if I can find it.

I guess I'll just hunker in my bunker. --Wish it was on a Mojave mesa.

smile-y edna

vw: gatch. I gatch your apocalypse right here, yo. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Les! and of course we have Summers, Emanuel, Ratner, and Orzag abandoning ship...hmmmm. Also see Clif High's recent take on "McCain's Death Camps USA" and "indefinite incarceration". My recent thoughts of suicide (which I periodically experience) have subsided. My acute sensitivity to inhumanity triggers despair at times. The water is indeed boiling...

Mark said...


As Andre Lenoge fondly observed,"Hell is repetition." Has it occurred to anyone that, if Hell actually exists, we are in it now? I believe we create our own private Hell by wishing for the wrong things. I am thinking of anonymous, whom I would ask, "Is this really your idea of fun, and do you fully understand what lies behind the door you are opening?"

Rebel 4E said...

Maybe the truth is that we all secretly hope and wish for apocalyptic,Earth-shattering armageddon like change...
Because the other option is the continuation of the psychopathically led, mind numbing, upside down, ass backward state of purgatory in which we find ourselves un-living now.

Sick Of It All!!


Anonymous said...

Being a small fan of astrophysics, I thought this simulated "big bang" was already accomplished with the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) at Brookhaven in 2003.

Two or three times this was halted, shut down for one reason or another.
Many scientists thought this might create "perturbations of the universe" while others feared the creation of a black hole.

"The big question is whether the planet will disappear in the twinkling of an eye."

The RHIC is still operating.

Google this:

The First Few Microseconds: Scientific American


Check out the RHIC at Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

les at 8:18 a.m.

Yes les, both Heaven and Hell are contained in this lower middle class world known as Earth.

Just as Heaven might be attained in Hell and vice versa.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ok guys,

The Hadron collider is not going to kill us all.

Mathematicians that don't even understand math, cannot possibly know how physics works. (Have they made a “black hole” yet? How about that “Higgs Boson”? )
These people have never read Kepler or Gődel, and still think math can describe the divine.
The fevered imaginations of the mental masturbatory fantasies of fools who think the universe is gravity driven don’t worry me at all.

“The invisible pink unicorns are gonna kill us all!”

The timing seems to indicate it will provoke a reaction though, so it might not be healthy to be standing too close when the planetary field decides to “balance” the localized one.

I know where you’re coming from smile-y edna, sometimes I wonder if I’m too close to that power plant just upwind…

Meow all!

wv: skerti - don't let the windi blow up yer' skerti! (sorry, I just couldn't resist)

try 2 wv: obenessi - Help me obenessi, you're my only hope!

Anonymous said...

Mark, who said anything about fun?

That said, I was referring to service to the Lord in Hell, which could very well result in mucho fun.
Perhaps I should have been more precise by as to service.

Odin's Raven said...

Intimations of change are coming not only to the crooks at the top, but also to the oppressive bureaucrats and the over-priveleged underclass. See

Anonymous said...

Good to see you post Les.

As I was reading the comments with their connections to some of the bizarre components of our life today,
I had a thought that to the Universe and the life it contains, Earth must appear as a not too savory trailer park.

It's certainly not a place to walk through at night, and all that is lacking is a visit from a tornado or a flood.

Odin's Raven said...

The next American excuse for war may involve Pakistan. See

" “U.S. officials say a successful terrorist strike against the West emanating from Pakistan could force the U.S. to take unilateral military action -- an outcome all parties are eager to avoid.” Such a strike would “force” the U.S. “to take unilateral military action”? Think about that for a moment. Amid a sudden drumbeat of announcements of possible strikes by Pakistani-based terrorist groups in Europe, there may, in fact, be a growing contingent of U.S. military and civilian officials so frustrated with the disastrous war in Afghanistan that they are ready to expand the war significantly in Pakistan, and are only awaiting the necessary excuse to do so."

chuckyman said...

Hi Odin. Gee whiz what are the odds that someone in the region will attack Amerikuns. Keep an eye on Baluchistan- the bit that borders Iran.

As dreadful as this may sound but such an action is irrelevant in the long run - unless you happen to live there that is. I’m a self confessed war watcher. These are the plans of the demons and the possessed.

Les has the insight of spirituality but I come from a different background (still looking mind you Les). The war is won and they don’t know it yet but the real fighting has yet to start.

3% of the population (5% at most) of the continental US actively took part in the US War of Independence. We have at least that folks in many parts of the world. Many of us are passionately blogging our hearts out but we are not alone and not all the sheep are asleep.

Courage and faith is all we need for those of us that are locked into the physical realm. Even when we stand alone we can and will inspire more. A beautiful soul sent me a link today and I hope you enjoy.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about an episode in American financial history which should remind us that BP and Monsanto are not the only, and maybe not the worst corporations deserving execration.

Odin's Raven said...

Hello Chuckyman. Thanks for the reference. I've noticed your comments on several blogs that I also read. I'm sceptical about Hollywood style happy endings and the actions of a few enabling the rest of us to live unchanged and happily ever after. Rather than inevitably unsuccessful violent confrontations with the powers-that-be, I think Les and other sages are right to recommend that we cultivate our own inner gardens.

Anonymous said...

When "they"--the new people in power after the apocalypse--form a new government, tell them not to let a patriarchal form of government develop, or it will be the same dang thing all over again for the next 6000 years.
Please let each ethnic group form the kind of government or lack thereof as it pleases. Make a rule that there will be strict keeping to one's own nation.

Then we might have real peace and fairness.

ChewyBees said...

Les, I'm going to try and get a little deeper than I usually comment on your excellent words. I always read all of the comments after reading a post, as that is the best method of gauging the temperment of the reading masses.

On this post, I see more people relating to bad or catastrophic dreams than I have seen before (though that's just my observation in my reality). Regardless, I encourage anyone that is having dreams that are in the least bit based on anything but normality or love, to upon waking command with the authority of yourself as the representative of God all spirits that are there for any reason but love and light to immediately and permanently forever exit your home, the minds of you and your family, your neighborhood, and wherever else you may deem compromised. Shine the light of your soul as a child of God outward as far as you can expand with your mind as the creator representative of the creator.

If it sounds far fetched, then try changing your perspective of faith from church to yourself. Why do you need a middleman to determine your relationship to God? A: you don't. Grape juice and cookie doesn't make a holy spirit, and if you want it, your are as holy as anyone on the planet through love. You also have to act it. Acting it means 2 very simple premises: Love God with all your heart mind and soul (by loving yourself with all your heart mind and soul) and then love your neighbor as yourself. As taught by Christ, all the commandments hang on these premises.

Thanks Les for letting me continually piggy-back onto your postings...

estebanfolsom said...

i read that cern stuff for an hour or two

i have concluded that there is no way humans can possibly collapse space or black hole us out of here or whatever
we can though poison
ourselves chemically
and radio-logically

it's those nukes
that threaten us all
[that monsanto shit, too]

a thousand years from now
[if we are here]

'what the fuck
were we thinking ?'

Anonymous said...

I don't comment very much as it takes days for something to really sink in and then there is already a new post up. So I'm usually behind. Story of my life, but it does have it's advantages too.

The part about the bodyguards and the staff knowing where the rich peoples gold is made me smile. Reminds me of this:

I know from others who post here that they're slowly growing impatient, the waiting game is almost unbearable. I feel the same. There is that niggling feeling, which simply won't go away, no matter what I do. And it's not just the waiting, it's also the feeling of being powerless, but I do find solace in the fact that, from experience, when waiting endlessly for buses, planes, people, the waiting is forgotten when the time comes.

Thanks for your work, Les.
William Freeman

wv: Satabbio - after falling into a drug induced state of satabbio, I woke up to find everyone gone. Maybe I dreamt them all along.

chuckyman said...

I agree Odin with the need to tend to our spiritual salvation. I viewed the article as a parable. Doing the ‘right thing’ is often a dark and lonely path but it is still the only path to follow. Even a single candle can dispel the dark and light the way. It’s just a thought (grin)

Anonymous said...

Les - I recently discovered you and the rest of the wonderful people who post on your blog - It has taken me a long time to discover others of similar mind. You are unifying and creating oneness-of- mind amongst those of us who care. WE MUST APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT THE NEGATIVE FORCES IN THIS WORLD WILL INEVITABLY CREATE RECIPROCAL POSITIVITY. Your efforts, amongst others, are the manifestation of this. Thank You and please continue doing what you are doing. Leo Eight Johannesburg South Africa.

Unknown said...

Hi Les,

All the weird stuff gets worse as the pressure builds from the coming, as-yet-invisible really amazing good stuff.

2000 years ago, this dude showed up. He said :be compassionate: He showed that compassion is the only way to break through the third-dimension trap we are in.

All the bad shit going on is the pathetic attempt by those who have power in this dimension to cling tooth and claw to that power.

The attempt is pathetic because 1) 3-D is so yesterday, and 2)power in this realm is an illusion- we all have a 32-oz Big Gulp of suffering to drink in 3-D, whether we want to or not, power or no power. My guess is power takes the ordinary Big Gulp ad supper-sizes it- who wants that?

But 3-D is almost over- this is the final test- who will exercise compassion when the pressure is on to be completely selfish and give in to survival-mode?

As 3-D diminishes, as multi-D pressure silently increases, 3-D power holders become ever-more fearful. They start killing people and blowing things up. They start putting people in cages. They deny everyone's humanity, including their own.

It will be intense, but short, the transition period. If a 3-D addict imposes his 3-D suffering on me, I only hope I will feel sorry for him/her, and do something kind for that unfortunate person in return.

My Big Gulp is ready at my side- I don't drink it very often. It looks mostly full, and there isn't much ice, but I anticipate a certain joy when the 3-D police force me to slurp it down... when it's empty, I get to move on to better things.

Mr. Loch

Rabbit said...

Something big is coming down the pipeline very bloody fast as far as my spidy senses tell it. I detect an almost chaotic feel in the air, people everywhere in no doubt, we can talk to each other and agree something has got to give, random people in my work day, I deal with public in a relaxed sales setting and raise these things with people all the time, because its my business and I can. There is general agreement but most also state simply that they intend to keep their heads down and ignore everything as long as they can. Useful.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, i woke up this morning to read this. I'm at a loss.
Is this what will ignite it?
is this what it will take for people to wake up. I'm at a loss.
i'm not thrilled about AJ but i didn't have the calmness of mind to look for another link.
Love, Debs.

kikz said...

...beginning to tumble..

and i hope this helps.. it should've gone into comments on the previous post.. but i'd not found it yet..

...there oughta be a list...

well, here it is.

Frog said...

Regarding your dream, check out a slide show on the Telegraph. It's called Operation Blackjack...

Funny story for MSM to run.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les

Could one get a mixed message about the wrongs being acted apon us and the real wonder that will come from it.

Assailed by afflictions, we discover Dharma
And find the way to liberation. Thank you, evil forces!

When sorrows invade the mind, we discover Dharma
And find lasting happiness. Thank you, sorrows!

Through harm caused by spirits we discover Dharma
And find fearlessness. Thank you, ghosts and demons!

Through people's hate we discover Dharma
And find benefits and happiness. Thank you, those who hate us!

Through cruel adversity, we discover Dharma
And find the unchanging way. Thank you, adversity!

Through being impelled to by others, we discover Dharma
And find the essential meaning. Thank you, all who drive us on!

We dedicate our merit to you all, to repay your kindness.

Gyalwa Longchenpa, source:

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

wv: swine

no shit

Origen the heretic said...


Thanks for the link to Blackjack. These assholes are REALLY in your face now, and they obviously don't give a shit anymore. Successful war against China, Syria, and Iran? Perhaps the latter two with a nuclear first strike but I don't think China will go down, and they didn't mention Russia which at this point, I consider a wild card. Are you ready for the false flags? I feel very confident that some version of Blackjack is in the not to distant future.


UnFreakinBelievable. And in the "Live free or die" state too.


I've still got Chicago 10/10/10. And you might as well throw some good 'shrooms n onions on my black olives with extra cheese.

Rev. John

Anonymous said... Hello Vis, Just like the dark side to shuck and jive us with global warming and then throw us a new ice age curve ball...One Love Terrance

John C (UK) said...

re: the Blackjack slideshow

This was out last year and there were loads of 'clues' in it, such as hexidecimal code when translated said “this is not simply entertainment”.

A long thread is here David Icke Forum

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up.

Anonymous said...

I guess there is room for optimism Chucky as it can't get much more ridiculous.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Vampire Bankers host the Invisible Siren Chorus.



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