Thursday, July 06, 2023

"The Material World... Made From 3 Disparate Forces... that Forever Interact to Bring Form and Motion Into Being."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“Storm Drain Silverfish was sitting in the bath listening to Rick Springfield's, (I wish that I was) ♫ Jessie's Girl ♫. Storm Drain was transgender (in their mind) and Jessie was her Oxy dealer and sexual surrogate, which... kind of made her Jessie's Girl in a ♫ part-time lover ♫ sort of way, but they-them was not entirely Jessie's Girl... Storm Drain wasn't even a girl so... we don't know what to call SD either.

Where did the name Storm Drain come from? Use your imagination. Storm Drain was the first (former) grandson and former scion of Alabaster Silverfish... of The New York Silverfish clan... who made their original money in garment bags; having branched into body bags after The Depression hit, they made a mint during the next war, and... are still going strong in the new 20s. Everything comes back around once it gets back around.”

No... that's another crime thriller that doesn't need writing. Yes... it's topical and timely, but... I have better things to do... like stare into space... as if transfixed by some mighty vision... that I might one day share with those getting muscle cramps... sitting before me and waiting. Well... as Rip Van Winkle used to say; “You snooze... you lose.” He's now the senior partner in the White House law firm of Winken... Blinken... and Nod (that's The Big Guy)

So! Are we going to have a meltdown in Ukraine or not? Is that enough? Have I fulfilled The Petri Dish necessities? Enough bad humor about things that weren't funny, to begin with? I wanted to get that out of the way before I got to the important things that don't grow in a Petri Dish.

You see. The only thing I can do... one person pushed to the margins. The Only thing I can do is use humor. If you laugh at The Devil he will run from you. The one thing The Devil cannot abide is... scorn. Except for Love, that is my only weapon... my only shield. I have to rely on my invisible friends to get me by and around the traps that are set within us, and activated by the enemy below... in our carnal nature.

In this world... everyone gets what they want, AND... they are either in the process of getting and enjoying it... or paying for it in order to do it again. A lot of priests and nuns are what they are by agreement for past excesses. People do time here. It's what they do to make payments on the times they had at another time.

If you want to dance with The Devil on the carnal plane, you need to provide a body for the demon who enjoys whatever that appetite or desire might be. Then someone has to clean up the mess. Guess who that is?

The World is aflame with Desire. Desire is the agent of God's Will. It brings about all that you see in its every permutation that is The Material World... made from 3 disparate forces that forever interact to bring form and motion into (and out of) being. People dream and their desire materializes what they were Mooning over. However... lacking Wisdom, and... especially lacking Divine Luminous Wisdom... they do not see... that what they think they want... is not what they want.

So... that accounts for the looks of disappointment on so many faces. You don't have to go looking for anything. It will all come looking for you. Even the idea that you are looking for something is not your own idea. It's a mystery is what it is and that is why loving God is the best response to any and every event and condition.

Here is the moral of every story... as it exemplifies the dancing fire... of endless wanting... of temporary personifications in a stage of constant change. Ashes to ashes (consumed by desire) and dust to dust as... the animating life force moves on... through ever more refined vehicles; best case scenario or... in continuous circles of a snake with its tail in its mouth; most likely scenario, or... a sinking lower and lower... on a reversed spiral... downward into darkness; also a possibility.

Sparks of life going round and round and round. Sparks of life on an upward spiral. Sparks of life on a downward spiral. Over the reach of incomprehensible time... where cultures rising and falling are numbered as the grains of sand on a never-ending beach... and forgotten but still resonating. The archetypes... the eternal symbols... create theatrical expressions of life this way, and life that way.

The archetypes change their appearance for The Purpose of Demonstration, but they are the same cosmic forces in different costumes, designed for each age, and we play the designated roles that tell the story for The Watcher and The Witness who is entertained by them. Every star in the sky was once a person in search of itself. Now... having discovered its essential being, it shines with its own self-generating light for the edification of those who pass beneath them.

It is of course... both far more complex and more simple than this, BUT... it is what I have seen on my way through here... to shining worlds beyond description that I know to be real... far more real than this one is. This is a World of Flesh dreaming and Desire... inflaming the flesh with the excitement of anticipated contact.

There is no Past or Future. They are how The Mind compartmentalizes the passage of its mortality from dream to dream in a looping blur to The Moon and back; when seen with The Eyes of Eternity. You are attached and involved or... you are detached and uninvolved... even while you seem to participate in the human condition. It is service... without the expectation of return. This alone takes you out of the Pain-Pleasure dance.

Selfless Service is the finest expression of the art of self-defense. If you give it away... every day... all that comes back on you will be... freedom from attachment to results.

“Drain... Storm Drain... both shaken and stirred.” “So... tell me punk. Do you feel lucky?” Ah, the names we give for the roles we play. The identities that roll out of The Lords of Destiny's 3-D printer. “The Lord dwells in the heart of all creatures and whirls them round upon the wheel of Maya. Run to him for refuge with all your strength, and peace profound will be yours through His Grace.”

Like toys attached to a mechanism, he spins us through time and space. All our little identities... our temporary faces... living and dying in pursuit of terrestrial ambitions... for Power... Fame... Name... Appetite and Sensation... Desire (like Love) is an Eternal Flame. Not until it is changed to Aspiration can we expect surcease and release. Until then... what goes up must come down. What goes around must come around, and the wreckage from The Storm washes down The Drain.

Sexual Perversity is the human equivalent of guttering Nature... washing down through the portals at the sides of the street. It is the manifest evidence of decadence in the fall of a culture. It is a confusion in the masses... who have lost their way... following the lures to Wolf Trap Cathedral... but... The Good Shepherd knows his own.

As the contemporary poets, Hall and Oates said;

♫ Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough
But we're gonna make it
Starting all over as friends is gonna be rough, on us
But we gotta face it
We lost what we had, that's why it hurt so bad.
It set us back a thousand years.
We're gonna make it up, though it's gonna be rough
To erase all the hurt and tears ♫

That's what happens... you know? Men build empires. Women keep score and take scalps. Children play with toys and break them or lose interest. It's always gotta be something new. Then the empires fall. The scalps turn to dust. The children grow old and the bodies grow cold; back and forth... in and out... up and down... around and around.

Storm Drain follows the bouncing lingam with the hook in it... comes back as the real thing and discovers it was the mockery it wanted in the first place. Well... there's always next time. Corfu will sink beneath the waves, hopefully at a family reunion... and it will be the 4th of July for everyone else.

Hunter will get his coke back. If they wanted to know whose coke it was... all they have to do is field test everyone who's been in and out. The traces will still be there. It's like the time of Nero. So... if Obama was Caligula... and Biden is Nero... who was Claudius? Heh heh... just fooling around.

HOWEVER... one way or another... certain players follow along through all the convolutions of ironic happenstance, and... reoccurrence... that make existence the tightly wrapped and mysterious thing that it is; a riddle... wrapped in a mystery... wrapped in an enigma.

Hopefully, this was not too much of a Byzantium... wrapped in a labyrinth... traveled by a Wiffenpoof; get a grip, Visible... get a grip.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

You know, I've wondered at the same statement here:

"Every star in the sky was once a person in search of itself."

I wondered if perhaps once one becomes Realized/Whole, if one then becomes a centering Galaxy of stars instead.

Every Sphere has an axis of alignment and a plane of division, with inflows on the axis and outflows on the equator and diffuse flows in between in either direction depending on which facets of self still are actuated and if none are left then only the sphere itself as the centering object of consciousness.

And thats not accounting for stars and galaxies in the universe that are outside the narrow spectrum banding of what we call visible light. Imagine whats there beyond those sense limiting blinders! Course one has to actually use their senses to become aware that they limit as much as they enable, perhaps more.

My patience for this drawn out series of engineered events has worn thin. I am hoping that keys with the rest of the decent humanity on this orb. Its time for accountability to prevent the Revolution.

I guess we'll see what shakes out.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Storm Drain. Ayuh, another great name fer a crotch droppin'. If I were rich and masochistic enough, I may have adopted one and called it Lab Test. Why? Because that's what it would be. . .in a good way. I'd leave instructions for its care and tutoring, and check up on its progress once or twice a month. When it turned 20, I might even talk to it.

Not gonna happen. I ain't livin' another life to make it happen. To a lesser extent, it's already been done. Just ask Bobby Fischer or Billy J. Sidis. I think it may have worked for Hypatia until she was allegedly flayed, and whatever else was done to kill her. I can't wait to meet her. . .on the Otherside, of course. Bein a Schrodinger's Nose, in a way I'm already halfway there; but I eagerly await for the rest of me to get there, and I'm doing as little as possible for this world. Seems like a lot of China is with me there, with the LAY DOWN FLAT and LET IT ROT movements. I'm under the impression the philosophies are spreading in the u.s. too.

Great post.


0 said...

"a riddle... wrapped in a mystery... wrapped in an enigma." ... blown out the universes ass end into iterative forms for they who can, to grasp understanding. :)

That one has a beginning, one will have an End, but they who be-come coherent while in form, the End may not be the same as the End the generic complacent tumble to. Just cuz theres an End does not make it THE end.

Cheers Viz!

Andy said...


As the sun rizes to its zennith at high noon and begines its journey to dusk, so is it the the exact momement every King first sits on His Thone, He begines his decent from it.

Best of luck as a 0. I went by that handle/ symbol for many many years. It taught me much. I hope the same for you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"God is Sleeping in All of Us... in The Kunda Pool Where The Kundalini Sleeps... at The Base of The Spine..."

Andy said...

Since that experiance Vis, i have often wondered if Buda had a butterfly with him, when he fojnd nirvana sitting under a tree.

Quite the ponder and an experiance i will treasure for remainder of my mortal life.

Thanks again Vis. I apreciate you.

0 said...

Thanks for the comment Andy! The 0 wasn't really intentional, I had to create a new blogger id as the one I had used before, bellerian1, had been censored to much to be used any longer. Now the ID is fawkdemclowns, but the name is just 0 on that ID.

I do think of myself as Nobody tho, and then catch myself saying stuff like Nobody Cares. Ironic really.

The other thing to consider is that if that thrones terrestrial, yeap it would see a morning and evening, but if that throne is be-coming whole a-part from the iteration of form, it would be more like becoming a sun/son which sees no morning or evening as it shines regardless of the position of Other bodies relative to itself. In that context, the evolution of the type or perhaps Spectrum of light emitted by such a one would only ever expand to my mind. Ones no longer divided in self pretending parts good and parts bad, but rather sees it all rightly as being Whole and capable of acting as harmony requires in the now. Just a different stick to measure by I suppose.

Take it easy!
Gene/Bellerian1/0/DeezNuts(disqusId) :) A rose by any other name... huh.

Andy said...

Nobody is perfect.
0 is the shape of the stone that slew the giant that made all men tremble in fear and cursed the living God It is the stone that laid in the river, that many passed by without consideration until one day, a young man from the field picked it up, used to change his life forever.

To most people it means nothing. It is the foolishness that God uses to confound the wise of this world.

It is the symbol of destiny.

Did you know the Myan Symbol of the Eye, is the number 0? The greek word for zero is cypher. A cypher unlocks what is hidden in plane site.

It doesnt matter how you came upon it. You picked it up. Now, What you do with it, is entirely up to you.

The rest, you will have to discover yourself. Or cast it back on the ground and go about your life as you see fit. The choice is yours.

Visible said...

Is that your final word or does this go on and on?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear Les for yet another wondrous and resonating post.
Love is in the air.

Anonymous said...

"Selfless Service is the finest expression of the art of self-defense. If you give it away... every day... all that comes back on you will be... freedom from attachment to results."'s easy to help others when you want nothing in return. Much love to you my friend
Justin V



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