Wednesday, October 11, 2023

"It's Whirlpools and Windstorms in The Mind... That Also Cause Them in The World Itself, and Throw Nature Out of Balance."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Israel's water table is going down. There is word of The US financing a pipeline from Paris to Tel Aviv to pump Evian Water for all of Israel's needs but... for the moment... that's only if Israel agrees because there are... no doubt... finer products on the market. UN officials were told that the sweetest water is that which is stolen from others who desperately need it, so... they're looking into that. They would know; wouldn't they?

This explains Satanic Banker Nation's ever-growing lust for Ukraine, which has plenty of water... some of the best soil, and... recently... lots fewer people. It's almost as if... nah... couldn't be; why, they'd never/

Then they could keep Israel for... like... a desert Disneyland for those who were victorious over those people that aren't there anymore. They seem to be real good at arranging for people not to be somewhere anymore. It's a gift! It's like they can't control it.

Everywhere that I have gone, all the news outlets that I thought might be the least worst of the lot, have now proven they are arse-kissing sycophants. Andy Ngo... who positioned himself as whatever the Hell that was, has now found a new groove in chasing down politicians who might be deserving of that trick they always use.

Israel decided... for reasons that haven't been made clear to me yet, to throw a random collection of people... who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... into a shit-show of carnage so that they could do a massive photo-op of the always put-upon, AND... as The World's greatest victims... terrorize the entire catamite world... and drive them slobbering and genuflecting to their doorstep; wanting to know if they can kiss it and make it better.

They did a little off-Broadway 9/11; nothing like the one they pulled on The United States... 20-some years ago BECAUSE they want America to attack the dastardly Iran who is getting stronger all the time. Besides which... they hate peace. They hate peace of any kind. It makes them jump around like they got red ants in their Kevlar underwear. They really... really... hate peace; and why is that? There's no money in it.

Now... they got Carte Rouge to eliminate the people they've been routinely eliminating already for a long time. You see? All you got to do is arrange for the controlled opposition to kill a few of The Dispensables and you get a wholesale wack-out of women... children... pets... next-door neighbors, and out-of-town guests in any way you please. Will they do it? Does Rothschild shit in St. Peter's Basilica? You... bet... they... will.

We see a major performance of The Grand Deception now before us. We see all those people who... yesterday... looked like they went this way... now going that way, and... all those people we thought stood for this... now sitting down for that; formerly spinning clockwise and now spinning counterclockwise. People are lining up around the block to find out what they can say... or do... to make those who have been torturing and murdering the defenseless for decades... feel better.

It's our way; the browbeaten... the bought-off... the ruined and disgraced... the living in deadly fear of... it's our way to fluff the pillows of our betters. It's our way to celebrate the ritual sacrifice of the most desperate people on the planet BECAUSE... otherwise... we might be next. What??? You didn't hear about The Killer Vaccines? Yeah... they make those too. They make ALL OF THEM!

Obviously, this is some kind of new end run to garner sympathy for their next action because it is now so dangerous for them there. Actually... they're running out of water. They're doing their usual thing; drain the landscape dry... suck the blood from every living thing, and... move on to the next location.

There are some bright spots but I do not know if they will continue; Tucker Carlson, and... strangely... Elon Musk is permitting a wide range of free speech and is also going against the narrative of The Deep Bloodsucking State.

There is... concurrently... a huge groundswell of Progressives under the big tent of Gay-Antifa-Marxism; tear it all down, and build it back Stupid and unequal... by being in charge of who decides who is equal. I'm glad to have anyone supporting Palestine, given the frenzy and fury being whipped up for its destruction, BUT... in some cases, the cure is worse than the terminal outcome.

Materialism cranks up Desire. Desire denied constant opportunities for satiation... leads to Frustration... which leads to Anger... which leads to violence and insanity, as you can see all around. What a sane and aware consciousness would do at this time is to wonder... watch... and consider what is going on while the headlights are all over this fabricated PR stunt of Israel and her Banker Oversight Committee.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with The Divine. I'll just include a small portion;

“I want you to remind The Reader, Visible, that though the appearance of great disorder and confusion is coming... even though this might seem like stating the obvious to some... this seeming gloom and doom is only weather. What is important is the shining reality behind it. I am that shining reality. I am unaffected by the passing weather. I am there before... during, and... after the weather.

“It is not the phenomena that hold any importance. It is less real than what projects it, and what projects it is still less real than I, and though all of it may originate as a result of me, it is not me. Those who think it so... do this at great cost to themselves. It can be likened to boarding a leaking ship or living in a poorly constructed house. It is depending on that which is not sound. It is believing in what is not real.”

Materialism draws the attention outward. One might say that if you are not paying attention... it can tip you forward and put you off balance. The nature of Materialism is imbalance. Materialism causes disorder. It is a welter of competing attractions. It's whirlpools and windstorms in The Mind that cause them in The World itself. It throws Nature out of balance. It disturbs the affairs of Humanity and other living things, and... it can't last.

People are glutted with images, spilling out of disordered mirrors... in which the false self primps and admires itself. It's a world of Photoshopped selfies and stupid pet tricks. It's countless people LITERALLY dying for a larger share of The World's attention, and... there is NOTHING so fickle as The World's Attention! Serious heartbreak for the superficial... lies directly ahead.

Israel's days are numbered. You could say that Israel did it to itself. A specialized Hell awaits each soul that has joined with criminal associates to plunder the well-being of others through scams like Climate Change... The WEF... Killer Vaccines... sexual fascism... Marxist stalking horses, and HIV-peek-a-boo lookalikes; pornography magnates... Satanic scientists, and every twisted perspective in search of ever new ways to make The World uglier and more dangerous.

Think of Materialism as something like a massive pinball machine... of countless holes and slots... that catch the balls, and run out of sight... to places unseen... below the flashing lights of The World above. It is a far-reaching hotland underneath, with nightmare horizons, and the continuous sounds of enormous machines in operation further below. No matter how far you can go... space is always compressed. The air is thick and hard to breathe. It's what you get the deeper in you go.

There are other worlds, but it takes putting one's attention on them to set the wheels of transport in motion. The higher worlds of The Shining Self await every intrepid soul who is prepared to walk them with the necessary credentials. Passport control is everywhere, and... your passage is assured by the quality of your being. Love and Unity are recognized by the angels who direct the traffic. Anyone who can play by the rules is welcome.

If you can't play by the rules you get to come back here. If you manage your course By Way of Deception, deception is exactly what you will find. Life is a mirror. You get what you see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Beautiful. Nostrils to the sky!

Al said...

How does one group go about entrapping all the players and try to rule the world, perhaps they create organizational compartments to do the job, could take centuries even millennia to do. We could name them CCP,CIA, Mossad, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, MI6,KGB,Antifa,BLM, Epstein island..

Maybe they won't notice it's been the same gang since we hide behind all walks of life and go by many names, never our own Khazarian heritage or the stealers of names and home lands.

That's all just make believe but I think it would make for a good tv show, perhaps billions of people would watch it everyday.

Be well Amigo

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

WOW1 Mike Rivero himself posted you from Truth Seeker:

"Now You Get to See The Level of Control They Have Over Perception by The Hive Mind. You Do Not See What God is Up To.
I was warned while this false flag was taking place. I was warned to stay away from The Media. Mostly I have, but… I noticed in going to Breitbart… Revolver… Gateway Pundit, and others… that I either regularly visit or which appear before me… that there is no truth in The Media. They are all liars. They are all under The Thumb.

I do not especially like any of them. I have seen the hand of The Slaver of Minds upon all media for some time. The only place I find any element of Truth now is at Truthseeker and certain bloggers, all the rest are fecal nuggets in a steaming bag of shit.

Not a word did I see in the last couple of days about Israel’s terrible evils visited upon the native residents of Palestine in any media.. mainstream or alternative. King Leopold had nothing on the Israelis. Once again, because it is so comprehensive, I again insert Kevin Barrett’s article from Truthseeker. Please note the graphic with the caption; “one shot two kills,” with cross-hairs over the target of a pregnant woman. This vastly predates the set-up engagement of a couple of days ago.

The targeting of Palestinians by The IDF… the vicious and routine cruelties of The Settlers. The list is long indeed, any effort to itemize would diminish the scale of the atrocities. They are in the millions now. The Vietnam Wall is said to be impressive because of its size… indicating the level of loss. This would be more like The Great Wall of China."

Posted on:
Oct 11 13:13

Nice if he put you back on WRH, but that's probably a pipe dream.

Visible said...

He doesn't like me to mention God.

Anonymous said...

No way around it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It's Like The French Revolution All Over Again, with The Same Corrupt Marquises and Their Stables of Painted Children."

standard issue said...

The massive pinball machine sounds like hell.
Comrade Karl wanted this for the world.
I wonder what tribe he was from. (wink)



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