Thursday, September 07, 2023

"In My Mind is a Glowing Matrix, a Translucent Disco Ball, and a Central Core of Light that Illuminates It from Within."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had heard somewhere that birds are thoughts. I remember The Man on The Beach flying four birds across the sky on the invisible reins of his mind. That was right when he told me; “Everything's under control... take the reins!” I intuit that to mean... now... that he who controls his mind controls his world. It ties right in with; as a man thinketh... so is he.

All this connects to a meditation I memorized a long time ago where... toward the end... the speaker says; “Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?” In my mind is a glowing matrix... like a translucent disco ball. There is a central core of light that illuminates it from within.

The Light... that is at the core of this glittering ball... shines through every facet that covers the surface of the globe. On an actual disco ball... each of the facets is a mirror that reflects the lights that are directed at it. This is kind of like the way The World operates in its smoke-and-mirrors fashion. The sphere I am speaking of... is a glowing ball of consciousness that provides a habitation for Divine Luminous Wisdom.

This shining ball is like The Sun, but it is... in fact... The Spiritual Sun that shines through every star. Each of the facets is a realized soul that represents a specific quality or function of The Impersonal Conscious Light within The Globe. This globe is always expanding as new entities get lit up by the light going on in their hearts and minds. In this time of awakening... there is a greater number of us who are called to shine forth into the darkness of this world.

Outside the reach of this shining ball is the darkness of material existence that is lit by a false light. The Light within the sphere is formless. It gets its shape from that which it shines through. All through the course of this shining, there are facets that break away, and travel like a lightning bug into the darkness of space... where they shine as a newly born star... becoming a globe like the original, though much smaller, and also having facets of its own.

Those are the newly minted qualities of God that grew out of association with the effulgence of The Light of God... at The Central Core of Everything. Here... once again... is an image of the greatness of God. He shines in every facet of every sphere of light in the heavens. He is also the force of life in everything that lives... and which lives only for the purpose of discovering this.

Consonant with this are the levels of refinement that are each a world... a universe... unto themselves. There are also levels of degradation of The Light that go downward toward places of ever denser darkness and heat created by atmospheres of pressure.

We are situated between the two... here in Middle Earth. Our intentions that guide our actions lead us in one direction or another. Seldom does one go round and round the Mulberry bush, but... it does happen.

You live in several worlds at the same time, though this is not that apparent to those who are mesmerized in The Dream State. Your body... and the invisible schematic that holds it together... then the feelings and thoughts... they are each at their own level. The bottom is transformed from the top down, according to the principle of The Field and The Knower of The Field.

Above the mental plane are The Causal... The Buddhic... and The Atmic Planes. Physics names what it can identify or theorize. Metaphysics takes it from there. The tenets and truths of metaphysics come to us from those who have traveled to these locations. Illuminated souls all agree on what they have found there. Bullshit artists make a living from telling people what they want to hear.

I never listened to Joe Rogan. Something put me off, and this is the case for many that I simply go right by... without feeling the need for further investigation, and... every time I do engage in some investigation, I discover why I passed them by. Earlier... I saw Joe interviewing that sleazemeister of renown, Bill Maher; habitue of The Playboy Club and man-about-town, bon vivant, and chaser of upscale... nubile... tail and trim.

He could have nailed the man on his TDS and general peddling of sophistry and spec. He did not do this. Rogan is a lot like Alex Jones, and all the rest of the sensationalists who dangle some actual particle of truth, along with assorted half-truths, with the intention of getting you to believe they have the goods. Mostly what goods they have are to be found on their massive internet shopping zones.

I've studied the virtual markets of Infowars... and Natural News... Rense... and sundry... those big names that have claimed to be truthtellers. What they really do is run department stores. They get fat pretending to be what they are not... like all the rest of the cartoon characters that dance and sing to finance their lifestyles.

We got Oprah and The Rock. She's worth 2.5 billion (that's 2500 million). He's worth 800 million. They put up 10 million dollars between them for those who got burned out by DEW on Maui. If you look up chump change in the dictionary they are given dishonorable mention.

How can they not see the implications of how they have exposed themselves to The World? Everyone else sees... except for the ten thousand people who actually sent them money. Offal could have taken the amount needed out of her petty cash.

Why am I bringing this up after the way I opened the post? It is to... once again... highlight Mr. Apocalypse. It is he who is forcing the clueless elite to embarrass themselves in all the ways that we are seeing; Bill Gates buying a hundred million dollars of Bud Light stock and working to bury 70,000,000 trees. COVID... the official Olympic virus of election theft is back on the menu.

The list is large and... if you don't know by now who is on that list there is no point in me listing them again.

The road to infamy is lined with the super-rich beating dead horses by the side of the road. The level of absurdity is astonishing, and... there is a direct connection between the increasing impoverishment of The Middle Class and the obscene wealth of The Vampire Coven. Something very similar was happening in pre-revolutionary France. It... presently... is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, as someone said about that period and which now applies to this period.

I guess they are expecting different results.

I am far wealthier and much more free than any of these people. I answer to no one but God. They are held prisoner in The Court of Public Opinion and have to answer to The Devil Himself. You might say they don't care what people think about them. You would be wrong.

They have no control over that because the collective wrath of a great many separated minds brought into a state of unity by their contempt and hatred of these people is not something they can avoid. It is a force of a certain power that acts upon them all. Meanwhile... there are invisible harpies that give them no peace.

Have you not wondered why powerful individuals apologize for offending the mentally ill? These people are surrounded by bodyguards and their images are protected by powerful PR firms. The presence of so many bodyguards tells you how it really is for them.

They are captives of their own ambitions... appetites... and ignorance... outworking as destiny... for The Purpose of Demonstration. They are on rails... moving inexorably to that place they have constructed by their actions.

I am bringing this up because all of this is about to go into hyperdrive. There is no way for them to continue to contain the fallout AND control the narrative at the same time. It can't be done, and it was arranged that way by a wiser mind long ago. Watch now, The Greatest Show on Earth, where everyone gets what they thought they wanted... where everyone gets paid in the coin of recompense.

There are Saturn returns of an individual kind, and... there is Saturn returning on a collective scale. We are about to see both of them... big time.

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Letgoist said...

In regards to the poverty sumulation event detailed in the links. In Australia we have something similar called CEO Sleepout. Its where CEOs of companies spend a night sleeping on the street to raise money and awareness for the homeless. I donated 50 buks to a former CEO of mine only to find out after the event that he spent the night on a matress in a sleeping bag on the balcony of his luxury unit/condo. True story

M - said...

Wikispooks lists Pornhub as one of 269 companies who are supporting Black Lives Matter.

I guess that should surprise nobody.

Anonymous said...

Letgoist, most charity organizations spend only 5% of donations on their cause, the other 95% goes into the pockets of the leaders. They will have to repay all of that money for thousands of lifetimes, money they have illegally stolen from people under false pretenses. God will not forgive them for that.

0 said...

Same as it ever was... pass the popcorn, and leave a dentists card. :P

Chop Chop.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


robert said...

The Light... that is at the core of this glittering ball... shines through every facet that covers the surface of the globe. On an actual disco ball... each of the facets is a mirror that reflects the lights that are directed at it. This is kind of like the way The World operates in its smoke-and-mirrors fashion. The sphere I am speaking of... is a glowing ball of consciousness that provides a habitation for Divine Luminous Wisdom.

One of many brilliant facets in this post!

Reading the physiognomy of the created universe, feeling one face at a time

Oh, pray that the people are ready for the ride that cannot be stopped by human won't power or any activity from the passive aggressive dark attitude!

Gracias Visible brother!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Further You Depart from God... The Further Away God Appears to Be, Even if in Reality God is Still no Further Away."



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