Friday, June 23, 2023

"Those Who Will Hear Will Hear, and Those Who Will Not Hear Will be Informed by Other Means. So It has Always Been."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Navy knew those people on The Fisher-Price submarine were dead a couple of hours after they went down to the sediment of The World's biggest bathtub. One of The World's biggest egotists of all time, James Cameron; also known as The King of The World... who spends all his time underwater; he knew they were dead too... or at least he wants us to know this, which is why he went out of his way to brag about it after the fact.

Why... was The World not informed at the time? A major shitstorm of media hysteria ensued... taking up most of a week... toying with public emotions over the hope that there was hope. Ah! I see. It was a distraction from The Hunter Biden Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free scam. You can expect more and more of this sort of thing now that Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening have been given the power to wake up the populations by... any... means... necessary.

Yes... the force of awakening has just been increased many-fold. This is one of the reasons that Pride went belly up this year. It is why the Communist insurgency is being confronted on the grass-roots level. It is why middle school children are rebelling against the sexual programming.

I need to ask the reader a question. Feel free to take a few moments to reflect on the matter before ignoring it altogether. (grin) If there is an ever-rising number of real genders... how come you can only be changed from a man into a simulated woman... or from a woman to a simulated man? Shouldn't you be able to change into any of these other genders as well? Does this verify that it's all mental illness? Yes... we already knew that.

Boy! Am I glad I don't live in Michigan. Fascist Girl... Ice Queen Whitmer... the present governor and high priestess of election fraud, and present incarnation of Elizabeth Bathory... now wants to put you in jail for hurting the feelings of the protected classes of the mentally ill.

Absurdity piles upon absurdity. Sooner or later some larger breaking point is reached. Sooner or later large numbers of crazy people are going to be acting out in public places. Oops! Right... that's already going on. Sorry.

Sooner or later something even worse is going to happen. That's what I meant to say. The good news... if you don't live there... is that this will mostly be happening in the coastal states, except on The East Coast where The Zombie Virus has already crossed over the borders inland to other states.

The conservative buffer that exists in The West runs to the east of the coastal states. The conservative buffer in The East runs to the South... or it used to. It's been overrun all the way to Florida now, and that's only because the parents of the people behind all the social turmoil everywhere else... live there.

The conditions we are presently seeing in most urban and suburban zones cannot prevail for any length of time. The infrastructure has become so compromised that it cannot contain the outrages against Nature... external AND internal. Externally life-threatening conditions are inevitably going to manifest to an even greater degree. Internally... once madness reaches a specific temperature... it can no longer be contained.

I was speaking with my mentor earlier... through the medium of The Sun, and he told me that this was not meant to continue into an agonizing distance without respite. The pushback we are presently seeing is an indication of a much greater reaction everywhere. Sanity... relatively speaking... will be restored at some point. HOWEVER... however... certain dramatic incidents are meant to take place so that a telling lesson can be written upon human consciousness.

It is unfortunate, but... unavoidable... because some people simply will not respond to anything but greater force. They are too committed and too invested by now and... for them to lose... is to lose everything. This they cannot abide, although... as coming events will prove... this they will abide regardless.

When you look past the surface hype of the latest Kennedy to grab the issues that trouble most people but which The Catamite Media will not address, you see yet more of the endless opportunism of the political gamers. None of these people are the answer. They are all owned by the banks.

My mentor continued to say that a series of tragic events are needed to wake people up. The time for stroking the shoulder of the dreamers and gently awakening them is past. More serious efforts are now required. The American political machines on all sides are owned by the corporations and the corporations are indentured to the banks. We live in a follow-the-money world.

This is the thing with Materialism. The more it occupies the human mind... the more The Divine is pushed aside... and the more sex becomes the medium of worship and celebration. As it continues... those so affected and mesmerized by its presence... devolve into a bestial state. They lose the ability to read and write and figure. They lose the capacity for objective thought. They lose the faculty of Reason.

When a culture is rising... certain conditions exist that are similar to what was present during the founding of this nation. All cultures... when they are rising... exist for one of two reasons; as a vehicle for the demonstration of creative expression and human potential... or... as an object lesson for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Whenever a protagonist exists... there will be an antagonist. Heaven enjoys the demonstration of The Spirit over Matter. The sword... be it literal or metaphorical... is a symbol of The Spirit INFORMING Matter. It is all theater in which cosmic dances are choreographed and performed to educate humanity... over the long... evolutionary... haul.

The spiritual objective of existence is to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This is accomplished against seemingly impossible odds, BUT... it is aided by changing generations... by the dynamics of a new age... and by the infusion of divine force from within.

It is a long-reaching plan that involves many lifetimes of struggle. It is something that is sometimes achieved in particular individuals who bring it into being within them... and create an oasis here and there in the desert... filled with the wreckage... of human ambition.

There will be some number of these as The Avatar increases his influence into the material sphere. Never forget that The Earth is a sacred vessel. This... those who despoil it come to understand... through their failed efforts to entirely subdue and subjugate it.

At the moment... the force of Materialism seems overwhelming. It is a time of billionaires and extreme gratuitous excesses. It is the time when even the common folk live better than the kings and queens of yore. It is a time of hedonism and sybaritic depravity. It is a time of Babylon Rising... and this nearly always happens when Materialism reaches a certain stage... in defiance of our spiritual nature. Once it has pushed its way past the boundaries of what is acceptable to Heaven... Heaven responds.

There is little anyone can do to avert the course of destruction that so many have set their minds upon. Unfortunately... for many... only trauma; The Spirit INFORMING Matter... has any lasting effect on those who press onward into the dark flaming core of endless wanting. The way does not lie in that direction. Neither peace nor love... nor fulfillment can be found there. Wanting leads ONLY to more wanting. There is no joy in things. There is no freedom in stuff.

Those crying that “the bridge is out,” are voices lost at the margins. Jeremiah may have been right, but his exhortations changed nothing... except to make sure he had a hard time of it, and... boy, did he have a hard time of it.

They called Gandalf... Stormcrow in Rohan. The Truth is often bad news. People don't want to hear it. There is no real satisfaction to be gained in... I told you so.

Those who will hear will hear, and those who will not hear will be informed by other means. So it has always been. So it will always be... in Times of Material Darkness. Better times are coming, but worse times wait between here and there. Oh... the sorrow that lives in the hearts of those... who can see the masses that are led astray... and can do nothing but pray for them.

Materialism makes you dull and stupid. It makes you hungry all the time... for sensations that leave you wanting. Sooner or later anger comes to rail at the emptiness inside, and... who is to blame for that? Already the barbarians are loose in the cities, and those who encourage and support them... laugh from their sanctuaries of straw. They dream of taking over, while something else has already taken over in their hearts and minds.

This is the fate of those who have led humanity astray... who profiteer from human weakness and ignorance. They find themselves enslaved by a harsh taskmaster who will not let them go until the last farthing has been paid.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

a guy named Jared Kimble had written a book where he described the process of fully reaching nonduality, oneness with God, thru either self realisation or thru devotional sentiment. The interesting thing is, he describes the ultimate state clearly, how the ego self, separate mind simply vanishes and then God is living thru the individual.

He has an ability where he can transfer a fire energy into you, either from the top of the head, or the heart. He also mentions the Right Heart is where God is resurrected in you.

Visible said...

I scrolled through it until I ran into the Bubba Free John Adi Da stuff. Being quite familiar with that individual, I went back to what I had previously been doing.

Visible said...

And for those who may want more insight=

AND... a whole bunch more insight=

I'm not passing any judgment here. I do measure according to, "By their works ye shall know them." What I can say is... it's not for me.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sometimes people choose to become none of the above, as far as gender goes. Get everything removed, and replaced by nothing. I have yet to hear about somebody wanting to be a hermaphrodite. Maybe they'll be reborn. . .er. . .hatched as a snail in the next life?

Or maybe not:

"According to current market prices, a kilogram of top-quality snail caviar will run you anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 a kilogram."

Isn't that sumthin' ya always wanted to know? I can't even remember what thought made me look up if snail eggs are edible. I'm not sure I even want to.


Visible said...

I've never even heard of snail caviar before. I thought caviar only came from fish. That's not really one of my areas of attraction. I've had caviar. It didn't do anything for me. I prefer anchovies as far as that goes, and pickled herring that I seldom ever have cause I always forget about it.

TotoFromOz said...

Gretch the Wretch better be careful what she says then. We're not in Kansas anymore babe:)

Garlin said...

LV! Just read from analysts far smarter than I that the Prigozhin Kabuki smoked out the coup plans of the demonic hegemonic AINO under Joey Buttplugs.
Brilliant as the beer commercial says and I love the compare and contrast of our perfumed princess generals with Armageddon Surovikin sitting there with suppressed SMG telling Prigo to stand down.
If things go well the CPUSA (D) will be crushed and the Long March derailed just as the train with contaminants in Wyoming Saturday.
Roy Scheider has left the building but it's showtime for the bigger distraction that will be needed.
Interesting times and the Skinny Pop is on sale at the Sack-N-Save.

Visible said...

I always look at what they are not saying. The Western Press is especially full of shit.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Evil Can Never Prevail. It is a Temporary Departure from Righteousness for The Purpose of Demonstration."



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