Monday, June 12, 2023

"What Materialism Does is... it Captures Your Attention. Then it Lies to You. It Tells You What You Want to Hear."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Georgie Soros ♫ got the news today (oh boy...) one more unlucky man that went away ♫ Remember the end scene in Ghost? Yeah... it's going to be about a thousand times worse, ♫ cause now we know how many trolls it takes to fill The Albert Hall. You... did... not... turn... me... on ♫ My apologies to The Beatles for that. A little birdie told me a whole lot of people are going to be going away soon, even if they remain... like an echo... in human form.

The Big Clock is ticking. The Personality Doomsday clock is ticking and soon Robert DeNiro... and all those other shuffling cards and sundry... will no longer be with The Screen Actors Guild.

All those politicians... the movers and shakers in The WEF... The Globalists... The Climate Change hucksters... The Warmongers... The Ass Bandits and Child Molesters... the celebrity mouthpieces and talking heads that went along with the program, and did all those commercials for sanctioned murder and mayhem... routinely replaced by the next wave of high-table diners.

They'll wake up somewhere else... as someone else... with no memory of before... just a lot of suffering they caused themselves with nothing else to show for it. Often... the next life can be pretty painful when you were famous in the one before, and did nothing helpful with it.

Unless it rings the bell in the higher halls of light... it has no meaning. Everything down here is musical chairs with The Cactus Man. Most people... literally... waste their lives. They are uninformed of the divine promises embedded in material existence, and become a wind-up toy for their appetites and desires. Eventually, the wind-up will wind down.

It is a metaphysical fact that hides out of sight... that people come back here countless times in search of something that cannot be found external to them. I just said that the other day... didn't I? Well... it's not something that stops being true in the short term... or the long term... or ever. It simply is.

All the suffering that goes on down here... has something to do with not being able to find what you are looking for, due to not knowing what it is in the first place. Until you can find someone who can tell you what that is... you are walking blind.

People get angry... frightened... frustrated and sundry. These emotions are like stomach acids that eat through the lining until the protective barrier is lost. Yes... it is exactly like that.

What Materialism does is... capture your attention. Then it lies to you. It tells you what you want to hear about all the things that seem to exist beyond your reach. All these things are composed of dream-stuff, also called mind-stuff. It's the stuff that everything is made out of. It is what... seems... to... be. It is not what is. You cannot see what is... unless the eyes above your eyes are opened.

There is another sense that sits on top of each of your material senses. It is activated by the wheel of force which is associated with it. The yogis call them chakras. The Western Tradition calls them interior stars... or planets. They are a living part of you that is caused to remain dormant... due to Materialism.

It takes considerable effort to open them, and that is not recommended because it can make you crazy. It is advised that you use indirect methods like... symbols... images... sounds... that connect to archetypes and cause them to vibrate. This generates a resonance. Maintaining that resonance is key. It is why a guide... a teacher... a wayshower... is so necessary.

They've been there before. They are like a pilot... a chauffeur... a ship's captain. They know what this dial here is for. They have all the necessary instruments and they know what the readings indicate. Sometimes you get handed over to the next guy at the different stages or stations of your journey. It is all the same guy, but... this makes it interesting and mysterious. People seem to like that sort of thing.

There is a mysterious chamber. I was told in altered states that it was between the paws of The Sphinx, but now I suspect that maybe you get your coordinates by standing between the paws of The Sphinx. In this chamber is some critical information about events that are soon to occur. Someone hid this information in various locations around The World, but we don't find it until the time is right.

Similar information is hidden within us as well, but... you have to know how to access it. You have to know what submerged location within yourself it is located in. Then you need to know what will attract its attention and set off the homing device.

This is one of the reasons that Meditation is stressed as a necessity in the search for a greater ease of being. It is one of the means of locating submerged treasures. If you can't be bothered... you won't be bothered. Do not imagine that many of the people who are able to cruise through life are also blessed. It could well mean God has no interest in them because they have no interest in him. Those whom God loves... he chastens. He prunes them. Sometimes severely.

Being put through a lot of shit does not always mean bad karma. It can mean God has taken an interest in you. I was put through an extraordinary amount of shit. I've only mentioned a small portion of it here. What's the point? Nobody likes a whiner and I have no reason to whine or regret... given where the suffering has since brought me to. If I hadn't struggled and resisted so much, I might not have suffered nearly so much, but... I... didn't... know... any... better.

Well... I've been told it was unavoidable. The way I took up the mountain was the severe route. It has benefits and drawbacks, but... if you can endure it... the degree of difficulty leads to bigger payoffs... (grin) seriously. Some prefer the scenic route... switchbacks, and riding round the mountain with her when she comes... when she gets around to it. I had some idea of what waited ahead, so... yeah, I was in more of a hurry.

Being in a hurry didn't get me there much faster than the tortoise but... it felt like it... heh heh. Of course, I'm not there-there yet, but I can see the lights of the city. I'm not headed for the city... however... it is a necessary stop. I like the borderlands, and... you do have a choice of locales. Some people like crowds. I do not.

I'm not after Nirvana. That seems a little selfish to me. I like the service end of it. I like being helpful. I'd do it for nothing all day long. It is what floats my boat. I like the idea of being a servant. I don't like where thinking about being anything else can take you; except being a friend. That I want too. One day I serve God. The next day I pal around with him, which is another kind of service. I let God handle The Details.

I heard a lot about The Details in my meditation this morning. You know how you can hear something a thousand times but it just didn't get through to the part of you that gets it? That is how it has been for me and The Details. The Details are not my affair. That's God's department. My job... my only job... is letting God handle The Details;

“Then why not have done with your foolish,
anxious striving to be that which you are now,
always were, and always will be,
in supreme fullness and perfection?
Why not then let go completely and let Me,
your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness,
letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.

Beloved, if you abide thus in Me,
and let this My Word abide in you,
everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass,
in blessed richness and abundance.”

That sums it up for me. That's the ticket. I get it. I really get it! What the heck was wrong with me for so long? Ah well... water under the bridge my lad.

All those celebrities of the brief hour... creatures of Time, while the sand runs through the hourglass. Tortured souls... tormented by Vanity and her ugly sisters. The rich... and the powerful... tormented in their fashion as it applies to the theme. One gets to be royalty by playing the chambermaid... the courtiers and courtesans... the footman and the fool. It's a long haul... and then you're right back at the end of the line again. Think I'm imagining it... making it up? Think again.

I don't care who you are. It is a rare thing when good health comes with the package... or peace of mind... or freedom from fear... or true love... or clarity... wisdom... or truth. Those are to be found on another cruise line. It's a smaller boat on a different ocean... with a different captain and crew.

People insist on fooling themselves. They only see the brochures. They don't read the fine print. They'll cross that bridge when they come to it... if the bridge is still there. Some parts of our being are below the waterline. It's a whole other amusement park, and... it's crowded... it's hot and noisy... and... it's got no lifeboats.

At some point The World hits a kind of critical mass... a critical domino falls and sets off a chain reaction across many levels of dominoes... running in every direction. Well... no one plays dominoes like God. God plays every game there is better than anyone else ever has. It's something to keep in mind when you're playing games.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Do you perform kundalini shaktipats? Could we have an initiation?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

WOW! You not only hit this one outta the field, youi hit it off the planet with this post. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY IN THIS NOSE-FORSAKEN REALM!

M - said...

This morning I drew The World.

Synchronicities abound.

Visible said...


Not so far as I know.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"How is it That They Seek so Desperately to Transform Themselves into Fossilized Dung Dipped into A Candied Glitter Shell?"



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