Wednesday, June 07, 2023

"Eternity is Your Companion and Love is Your Passport to The Countless Wonders that Stretch Beyond Measurement."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Culture is having its own season of Global Warming and it appears that T.S. Elliot was wrong. April is not the cruelest month, June is. Fortunately, it's a day short of 31. Still... it isn't February. It should be February. People might have to wear more clothes. There would be fewer wet t-shirt parties. People with steel rods through their quipment might find their solar-powered... Eldridge Cleaver warmers... to be less effective too.

You can sense it in the air. You can probably smell it too; ♫ the smell of death around you ♫ I'm no prophet on a mountaintop. I live in a desert anyway, but still, I don't have the credentials, but... one doesn't need a burning bush on their windowsill to see what's coming. If you see mangroves in the direction you are headed in, then you are soon to wind up in a swamp.

You could change direction, provided that you are not already surrounded by mangroves... with your outboard propeller tangled in something that smells real bad. If you can look behind you and see a thundering herd of degenerates... foaming at the mouth like some kind of 5-G Fentanyl zombie apocalypse... it might be hard to actually turnabout and go back the way you came.

Sometimes things just have to run their course.

The Purpose of Demonstration is not just a cool catchphrase. It is a literal descriptor of life. You get to see the workings out of specific courses of action. You do this and that happens. You do that and this happens. You start teaching prepubescent children about perverse sex acts... that they might not have engaged in over their whole life... and then you program it into their heads and I think... I'm just speculating here, but... I think... you're going to get a percentage of monkey-see... monkey-do outcomes.

And... there are accompanying millstones being fashioned for the necks of the pedo-pedagogues.

See... the idea is to use the same tactics they used to develop a hardcore block of borderline intellects... that will vote for anything that involves some kind of a nipple slip-wardrobe malfunction. With all the tools of Satanic Materialism at your disposal... it is not a difficult task to create a sizable demographic of people who cannot think above their stomachs; never mind the parts they can no longer see unless they are using one of those bomb squad, undercarriage mirrors.

When a goodly not-so-good portion of humanity has been reduced to the level of livestock, you can intuit with some degree of certainty that bad shit is going to happen to them, and possibly you too... if you are in the neighborhood.

When what is unnatural has been rendered government-sanctioned natural... when fat is the new thin... when darkness is the new light... when stupid is the new smart... when ugly is the new beautiful... when coarse is the new refined... when up is down and back is forth... there is something more than a possibility that everything is going to go very wrong... sooner than later.

For those who are still not clear about the use of the word 'thenssitiff'' in yesterday's post... imagine someone with a lisp saying the word... sensitive. I seem to have caused some confusion out there when more than one person brings it to my attention.

Well... ♫ battle lines are being drawn ♫ It seems we have another grand scale, Purpose of Demonstration coming to a head in the near future. The thing is... people with an agenda have an innate compulsion to push... and push.... and PUSH!

There's no point at which they are going to say they are satisfied; okay...that's far enough, AND... when you have hundreds of agendas stirring the waters of consciousness, and broadcasting them over every available medium without respite... you are going to get what is commonly known as... chaos and confusion.

It's a small group of people doing this... small by comparison with the rest of us... small even by comparison with all the splinter groups sucking the ox

ygen from the room. One man (if man he be) in Northern Kalifornia is responsible for much of the mayhem in that part of the state. That would be Scott Weiner.

One man is largely responsible for the chaos in Philadelphia. That would be Larry Krasner.

The same could be said for George Gascón... Kim Fox... Kim Gardner; the list is long. However... these are all monkeys. The organ grinder is George Soros. There are others, like Cari Tuna that you have probably never heard of.

The benediction for their efforts flows from The Satanic Pope. That honor is carried by whoever is the ruling Balrog from The Rothschild Coven. Even Soros is only one of their front-demons.

They have an army of public relations flacks... that stroke the image... their image and the image of what they do. Simply look at The World and the truth will be apparent because... by their works, ye shall know them.

“I'm not afraid of you. You're nothing but a pack of cards.”

They are The Infernal Royalty and major source of most of the suffering on Earth, IF... you take into consideration that everyone's suffering is self-generated... it might cause some wonderment as to what evil they actually cause. I'll give you a minute.

There is a war being waged. It is a spiritual war. The objective is The Human Soul. It is an ancient conflict that intensifies exponentially... every time Materialism gets to a certain level, like the level it is at now.

This war is ALLOWED to continue until critical mass is reached. This is the cauldron of testing and refining to see who is to be made fit to move on, and who is to be melted down and recast. Those that are made fit are those who are permitting it. Those who are to be melted down and recast are those resisting it.

In some cases, this resistance is conscious. In most cases it is unconscious. That is where Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening come in. It is their job... as the archetypal Astaire/Rogers dancers... at this time... to awaken the inner coryphée... Nataraja... whathaveyou... within The Willing. The more saturate The Hive Mind is with Materialism... the fewer the resonant dancers.

Consider that a wind is blowing from Heaven. This wind will either lift you up or blow you away. It will fill your sails or... it will sink you. Rather... it will be you making that choice. It matters not who you appease in the temporal sense... nor what you accomplish in a worldly sense. That is just dust in the process of settling. It matters if you get Heaven's attention. That is all that matters.

Negotiating the terrain here can be difficult at times. All you have to do is not pay attention and it will be brought to your attention. It is a common problem as to who it is you should serve. There are seeming benefits and liabilities in each case... depending on what you hold dear. In one case it is all benefits and no liabilities if your values are in order. Otherwise... you have only the temporary appearance of benefit, and that is the main liability.

Everyone gets what they want. That's how it works here, and everyone incurs debts... that's how it works here. Every so often... The Sun King comes to town and pays the bills come due, and the bills for The Coming Age. That is... if you accept his mercy. His blood is the currency that fuels continued existence. This is to the purpose of giving you another chance... and yet another chance... and yet more chances still.

May the roses bloom upon your cross means... may higher love flower in your heart. May you achieve freedom from The Personality and its instrument... The Mind. Then... Eternity is your companion and love is your passport to the countless wonders that stretch beyond measurement... for those who give themselves away in every moment... for those who find service... being useful... the source of a never-ending joy and peace in the light-suffused heavens within.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"Evil has to be chosen."

All of THEM seem to be Tribal members in one way or another, don't they?

BTW, is that Wiener as in "wiener" (aka weenie) or "whiner" matter, they are interchangeable here.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Permitting it. Ayuh! MY LIFE IS MY PROBLEM, YOUR LIFE IS YOUR PROBLEM, AND DON'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MY PROBLEM! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU BEING HERE, SO I DON'T 'OWE' YOU SHOITE! As for that purpose of demonstration, (I see a daemon-stration in thar.) uh, that does make for a learning experience. I was such an ignoramus in mine younger years, I could almost laugh at some of my former priorities, obsessions, and blindness. If only I knew then what I know now. Or maybe it's better I didn't. For the sake of Karmic Points, and the current statistical paradise I live in that I can't appreciate because I know too much. . .and too little.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Devil is The Separated Mind... Dancing Outside The State of Resonating Unity, Where Every Conflict is Resolved."

Missing Munich said...

Another one out of the ballpark (I guess that's what they say here...). You're postings get better and more insightful (for beginners like me) by the minute. Yet there seem to be less and less comments?? I for one appreciated every single post and look forward to each day's opportunity of learning.

Greetings all around, love to all!!

Missing Munich (who booked a flight home in November hoping that it'll actually will happen.....)

Visible said...

Yeah... Someone recently told me that no one comments here anymore for reasons having to do with him being pissed off. I told him what I hear more than anything else, and have been hearing, primarily in emails. People just don't know what to say. They probably already said something nice once or twice and then it gets to be like mailing it in. I go by the number of visitors which runs about 3 to 6 thousand visits a post. It stays consistent. It used to be ten times as much but I left the big sites or was told I wasn't wanted because I talked about God too much.

I still get 15 comments sometimes and there have been days I get only two. Doesn't matter. It's not why I do it.

Yeah... travel... with the Ukraine thing and the vaccine Nazis, I guess it's problematic now. I no longer see all kinds of people because of related matters.

I hope you get to do it. I know how much you like it there.

Todd Ethier said...

Damn excellent AGAIN , Les ! I TRY to spread links to you around , but since you are considered A "bad-boy" by some ,I have to get trickery. And I think we both know your work ain't for everybody ! chuckle... I tend to catch your work over at Truthseeker , so I ain't around here (your Blogs) much . Regards and THANK YOU for years of your time ! Todd

Visible said...

Thank you, Todd. I remember your name from years past.



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