Tuesday, November 01, 2022

"Down in The Sleep-Waters of Fata Morgana Land, It was The Usual Soap Opera, Death-by-Inches Sorta Thing."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The sanitation team called The Cleaner from Pulp Fiction and they went into the Pelosi- highly guarded- compound AND... they... sanitized... it. A wall-to-wall carpet cover-up team came in. The Fine Detail After-work Finishers came in with toothbrushes and went after the grout in the tile. Technicians from DARPA used an alien vacuum cleaner kind of tool to suck the glass that fell outside the house, back into the panes they came from, and made it look like nothing had happened to the glass, from... inside... the... house.

Folks... the squeeze is big-time on this one. Even the alternative press (the ones who are making money from their knight-on-a-white-charger thing) are toeing their side of the line. IT IS OBVIOUS that Pelosi brought the guy into the house... as he has done so many times before. The place is mobbed-up with security and high-tech warning systems. He also had a young boy in the car, that time he was pulled over for DUI.

People who have arrived at that house with court business and whatever, WHEN NONE OF THE RESIDENTS were... even... there... said that several security people appeared right off.

It's not a matter of whatever The Spin says on either side of this broken gyrocopter, consuming itself in flames on the Persian carpet. Pelosi has a long history of this sort of thing in SF. What it is a matter of is the HEAVY HAMMER of... silence peons! That is coming down on the heads of everyone who makes a living selling their version of the truth.

It's not even a matter of that, compared to what is really happening, which is that Mr. Apocalypse is loose and he's forcing people to out themselves FROM... THE... INSIDE. Yeah... The Steam is coming down on every head, and many heads cannot process the steam into positive change. Of course... that is the point of The Steam coming down on their heads in the first place.

Those who are among the high-and-mighty are getting the greatest attention from The Steam, and... they... can't... handle... it.

The Steam is a metaphor for The Force of Change, which is animating Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening to... begin... with... and then being further channeled through them into The Hive Mind. The Hive Mind had been previously in a holding pattern in The Dreamscape, streaming the usual... pedestrian... desire and appetite fare. You can become obese while you are asleep. Does my ass look fat in this dream?

Waking up is like coming up out of the water that you were formerly swimming around in, below... the... surface. That first gasp of air is a marvel! It's supercharged prana... with a side of manna... at The Shining-Sunlit Table of The Gods. Down in the sleep-waters of Fata Morgana Land, it was the usual soap opera, death-by-inches sorta thing. Now... why look at that! Immortality and all kinds of other comestibles are right out there where you can touch them.

In the waters below, you can find The Island of Massa Damnata. At the center of the island is one of those underwater volcanoes. They go off now and again, but no one can remember the last time, because that was all-she-wrote for the people keeping score, and writing down their version of The Affair.

Let's get back to coming up out of The Water OR... waking up; if you prefer. The whole playing field is changed. The training wheels are off. You can leave the slots and rails. You don't need to put gas in your car. You don't even need a car. You don't have to worry about speed limits or cops because everyone is watching where they are going, and everybody is going in the right direction... and... there is infinite space. All of this was already present and possible, but people had put self-limiters on themselves and were confined to the rat-mazes of The Personality.

If you have to ask God for Patience, he will give you something to be patient about. If you like to whine, the same law applies. If you want to be negative, well... that certainly puts you in control of your own weather. You'll get Joe Btfsplk to be your tour guide and traveling companion.

It's kind of like asking God to ruin your enemies and you don't know who your enemies are, even though you are lost in an endless hall of funhouse mirrors... you don't know who your enemy is. When you get out of The Water, the mediums of communication change. You hear things you never heard before and no longer hear all that static you were getting at regular intervals. Any discord that comes around... are only the raw materials that you weave your personal harmony out of.

I don't know Paul Pelosi, BUT... I know the type. I've never been a fan of hypocrisy so... I set it up so that I could be and do whatever, AND... NEVER... HAVE... TO... WORRY... ABOUT... IT because I wasn't passing myself off as a high mucky-muck. I didn't have one of those professions where codes of conduct/rules of behavior come into play, and you have to watch yourself BECAUSE... the other people with their own insidious hypocrisies can hide them better than you did, and then deflect the negative censure on to you.

I did have a code though. I have tried to live by it, AND... I'll tell you what; it's no easy thing in a world that is ubiquitously, criminally corrupt. Fortunately... I tumbled to the heart of the matter, and that was the need to scour myself of whatever it was that set me off about others. That's a hard... hard... situation. We are MOSTLY averse to self-inquiry... when it reveals conditions and qualities that we don't like to be reminded of.

Now... I don't care if P. Pelosi intends to have sex with the entire male population of San Francisco. I'm amazed at the stamina of his perversity. He's at an age when most people should be (BUT... seldom are) routinely cognizant of their imminent departure. I would think... most especially in his case, with what he's left behind him... on his course to this moment... that he would be more mindful, BUT... The Divine has been clear about his part in the matter, and he regularly hardens the hearts of those he intends to introduce to The Purpose of Demonstration.

One REALLY has to throw themselves on the altar of God's Mercy and seek that epiphany moment of IN-sight-by-grace.

The criminals are running hog-wild at this time. It's because of Material Culture. That's a powerful whirlpool! Mr. Apocalypse is coming for all of them; The Pelosi Crime Family, The Biden Crime Family, The International Satanic Order of Soros and Co, The Corrupt European, Aristocrat Overlords, and The Israeli, International Crime Syndicate. There are a whole lot of factions; all of them seeking preeminence. They have committed grievous crimes against Humanity. The Heavenly Posse is on the way.

You are going to start seeing the most amazing events, where worldwide celebrities start going down like dominoes. We've already seen some amount of this, increasingly... in present times, BUT what's coming is like... nothing... you've... seen... before. Some of it is going to be really funny, and you might... momentarily... find yourself laughing about it... until you realize what a tragedy it is.

Get ready for The Big Clown Car Pile-Up of The Changing of The Age. You're going to see all kinds of people running hard, and nowhere... because they are chasing themselves by proxy. Oh! You are going to see and hear such things! You're also going to feel all manner of wonderful emotions on the off-chance that you open yourself up to them. It is coming in waves, and... in some cases, it is going to pass right overhead, IF... you... don't... rise... to... meet... it.

It will be... pretty much as Dickens once said; “the best of times and the worst of times,” depending on what you are looking for and what your intentions are. The Personality is no match for The Impersonal. This is why the outcome of Armageddon is never in doubt. The battle is over before it even starts. If you win the internal battle (through surrender to The Higher Self) the external battle will never be a problem for you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This LV drug fix is gonna last me all week. Until Saturday, anyway. Long shift is gonna make me forget everything, but hey. Only one day a week now, thank the gods. Oh man, what a post. NOSTRILS TO THE ENDS OF THE NOSE-IVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Franz said...

The Cleaner for Pelosi? Great!

My bet is that there's a whole crew... 24/7... ready, with nose plugs and oxygen masks, day and night, for only the top 5 or six democrat plops. Nobody for the repugnicans. Who cares about all the little boys who call Lindsey Graham "Lady G"? They are so open about these things in the District of Cornholia that I know a bug exterminator who closed up shop and moved to the swamps of Florida. A better class of pests, as she put it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I Think It's Best if You Can Get Out of Town BEFORE People Realize You Did Something Nice for Them."

Chinese Sneakers said...

Super important share here: "I did have a code though. I have tried to live by it, AND... I'll tell you what; it's no easy thing in a world that is ubiquitously, criminally corrupt. Fortunately... I tumbled to the heart of the matter, and that was the need to scour myself of whatever it was that set me off about others. That's a hard... hard... situation. We are MOSTLY averse to self-inquiry... when it reveals conditions and qualities that we don't like to be reminded of."

Thanks for putting this experience into words which are both succinct and profound.




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